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Hyundai Card’s Library Project

The three projects are facilities dedicated to the members of the HYUNDAI CARD, in Seoul, South Korea. Each library an oasis in the city with a different theme: travel, design and music.

  • Music Library + Understage in Hannam-dong by Ga.A Architects (images 01-04)
  • Design Library in Gahoe-dong by One O One Architects (images 05-07)
  • Travel Library in Cheongdam-dong by Wonderwall (images 08-10)

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((under readmore is some real time gifs of a jotaro from sketch to shading! it’s not quite a tutorial i guess bc he is,, in summary a guy with strong eyebrows, jawline, hair hat, cheekbones and sharp eyes that you will get better at drawing after a few times… referencing canon will help a lot)) 

((thanks! I’m not sure, it depends on the dude, I start all my drawings with a circle for the head and keep adding and removing stuff until it looks like the guy? reference if it looks weird, doing art studies of ppl will build up good image library to base off shapes on)) 

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fliegend-nilpferd  asked:

For this class of mine we are supposed to design a theoretical restaurant. I was the only person to decide to base theirs out of an existing location. It's a historical theater where i live in anchorage Alaska. It's been closed for years. Called the 4th avenue theater. I can't find many good photos of the inside but I'm told it's art deco interior was gorgeous. I was wondering if you could explain art deco a bit more, because I don't seem to be able to pick up the general feel it gives people.

You are right, there are a very limited number of images from the Fourth Avenue Theatre in Anchorage, Anchorage, AK (included in this post are a number of images from the Library of Congress).

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Opening in April: “Octavia E. Butler: Telling My Stories”

“Octavia E. Butler: Telling My Stories” will be a new exhibition looking at the life and work of acclaimed author Octavia E. Butler (1947–2006), whose literary archive came to The Huntington in 2008. The show will put on view around 100 items from the collection—including journal entries, photographs, and first editions of her books.

The exhibition will be on view April 8–Aug. 7, 2017, in the West Hall of the Library.

Miriam Berkley, photograph of Octavia E. Butler, 1998. The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens.

Octavia E. Butler, notes on writing, “Tell stories filled with facts…” ca. 1970-1995. The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens.


Plates from Vol. 2 of Fantaisies Florales by Jean Pilters, published in the first decade of the 20th century in Jersey City, New Jersey by H.C. Perleberg

Many of these flower studies were not done by Pilters but by his colleagues. Plates 3, 5, and 9 are copies of plates from Die Pflanze in Kunst und Gewerbe by Anton Seder, published in two volumes in Vienna by Gerlach and Schenck (1886 and 1889).

This volume is in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Watson Library. These images are my own personal scans of the book.

Jesus, the kid next to her was shaking like a leaf. Thea leaned her back against the wall and tried to go to her happy place, but the images in her brain library kept getting knocked around because of what’s-his-face shaking the bench at a frequency that was honestly impressive.

“Hey kid,” she spat. “Hold still for a second, will you?”

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He doesn’t look like a CEO—he looks like a bad boy from the wrong side of town.

This is on me, guys, but all I can picture is:

I think I may have to take a break to sporfle indelicately into my tea.