Masterlist as of 06/04/17

Darry Curtis:

1. Buying a Dog With Darry - Headcanons

2. My Angel - Imagine

Two-Bit Mathews

1. Ditching for the Day - Imagine

Dally Winston

1. Twizzlers - Imagine

2. Twizzlers (Pt 2) - Imagine

3. Dally and Mrs. Curtis’ Relationship - Headcanons

4. Dally and His Mom’s Relationship - Headcanons

5. The Bad Trip - Imagine

6. The Bad Trip (Pt 2) - Imagine

7. The Worst Kind of Crush - Imagine

8. The Worst Kind of Crush (Pt 2) - Imagine

9. Dally Being Jealous and Overprotective - Headcanons

10. Confessions - Imagine

Steve Randle

1. Doctor’s Appointment - Imagine

2. The Ex Problem - Imagine

Soda Curtis

1. “Nice to meet you. I’m your future husband” - Imagine from this prompt list

2. The Provider - Imagine

3. Date with Soda at the Carnival - Headcanons

Johnny Cade

1. “Smoking is bad for you, ya know” - Imagine from this prompt list

2. Surprise Party - Imagine

Pony Curtis

1. Dating Pony - Headcanons

2. “I like your dimples” - Imagine from this prompt list

3. Someone Like You - Imagine

Whole Gang/More Than One Person

1. Cuddling with the Gang - Preferences (whole gang)

2. Cuddling with the Gang - Headcanons (whole gang)

3. Being Steve’s Sister and Dating Soda - Headcanons (Steve x Soda)

4. Pregnancy and The Gang Being New Dads - Preference (whole gang)

5. The Gang Finding Out You’re Depressed - Preferences (whole gang)

6. The Gang Hears a Mean Rumor About You - Headcanons (whole gang)

7. Love Triangle - Imagine (Dally x Soda)

8. Confident - Imagine (Steve x Soda)

9. The Choice - Imagine (Two-Bit x Dally x Pony)

Masterlist as of 08/26/17

I hope all of the links work and this is organized perfectly, because I spent a large chunk of time on this Masterlist! Also, requests will be open soon and I would love to see more requests for less popular members of the gang (namely Darry, Two-Bit, and Steve), the Shepard family, Outsiders girls, and even Socs! I love every single one of you guys and I really hope you all enjoy this! 

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