fall with luke would be so cozy and cute like you guys would secretly buy matching sweaters to wear around the house and your evenings would consist of sipping steaming tea whilst gazing out the window at the bright leaves or drizzling rain and when you went out for walks, his long fingers would subconsciously find their way to yours and your guys’ noses would be red and he’d place small kisses on the tip of yours as you let out a soft giggle and wow i want to spend autumn with lukey :((((


“You’ve obviously never ditched school before, have you?”

You glanced over your shoulder, on the alert for your teacher. She hadn’t entered the room yet, so you turned back to Dean and whispered, “No, I haven’t. I tried once, but got as far as the edge of the school grounds before feeling too guilty and turning back. ” You blushed at your confession, scared it was too revealing.

Yet, Dean gave you his easy-going grin and spared you a laugh of ridicule. You felt the heat on your face cool slightly.

He leaned closer to you, whispering, “What you should really feel guilty about is wasting a perfectly sunny day by cooping yourself up here with Shakespeare.” He glanced down at your copy of “Romeo and Juliet” before returning his gaze to you.

You bit your lip in thought as you stared at the window behind him. It really was a beautiful day. You didn’t have any tests that day either, now that you thought about it. Meeting Dean’s hazel gaze again, you knew your answer.

You asked, “Can we grab a burger?”

Dean’s smile grew. “Absolutely.”

Taking Dean’s hand, you pulled him towards the door. “Let’s go then.” Riding on the adrenaline of rebellion, you winked and added, “Before Shakespeare catches on.”

Lucky Me

Pairing: Isaac Lahey x Reader

Request: Oh my god. A Future Au and it involves Single Daddy Isaac with his 5 year old son. He is signing him up for kindergarten and y/n is his teacher and his son develops a strong attachment to Ms. Y/N. So one day Isaac gets a call from the school and his son had gotten into a fight and he had to go pick him up and he walks in on Y/N snuggling his son and running her fingers through his curls, cooing him and comforting him and s/n calls her “mommy” and Isaac falls in love and fluff. I’m crying

Requested by: Anonymous

AUTHOR’S NOTE: THIS IS BY FAR MY LONGEST IMAGINE OVER 3,000 WORDS. This was the cutest request ever (: I hope it’s fluffy enough and every thing you’ve wanted. I LOVED LOVED LOVED writing this. I hope you like it. Enjoy loves xx

Today was Kindergarten enrollment day, a day where parents came into school and signed their kids up for kindergarten. You were a kindergarten teacher so it was mandatory for you to be there. You weren’t assigned any kids yet but the Principal wanted the teachers to be there so the parents can get to know them a little bit before the school year starts.

You were nervous, you were the type of person to get nervous over the little things but this was a big thing. You were going to meet some parents today and you had to make a great impression. It’s one thing to make a good impression on little kids… but their parents? It’s a different story!

You arrived at your school a few minutes early, you sat at a table with two other kindergarten teachers and waited for parents to come and sign their kids up. “Hi, I’m Miss. Y/L/N” you said, greeting all the parents. You made sure to smile and be polite to everyone. It was almost the end of the day, only 30 minutes left until you got to go home. So far it all went well, the parents all seemed to be really nice, which made you relax. There’s nothing worse than a mean parent! You were able to tame your nerves and focus on interacting with these parents, it seemed like they liked you. Or at least you hoped so.

There was only 5 more minutes left of enrollment, “Thank goodness, I’m exhausted” you thought to yourself. You sat there, waiting for more parents. A parent comes strolling in at the last minute. You looked up at him and instantly had butterflies, you became nervous again and you felt overwhelmed. Not to sound unprofessional, but he was a total babe. “He’s wife must be lucky” you thought.

“Hi, can I help you?” one of the other teacher’s asked him. He gave a nice little grin, “Hi, I’m Isaac Lahey. I’m enrolling my 5 year old son, Wyatt, into Kindergarten. I’m really nervous” Mr. Lahey was telling everyone. “Is he your first child?” you asked him. “Yes, he’s my first and only child” Mr. Lahey replied. You couldn’t help but smile at him, you looked at his hand for a wedding ring, but his finger was ring less. You were casually staring at Mr. Lahey, his curly hair, charming smile, his pearly whites, “Oh snap out of it Y/N!” you thought, “He’s probably married.”

Isaac Lahey had officially enrolled his son into kindergarten. “When will we know who he has for a teacher?” Mr. Lahey asked the Principal. Next week, we will send you a letter with his teacher’s name and then there will be a date on the letter for ‘Meet Your Teacher Day’” he replied. “Okay” Mr. Lahey said, he looked awkward and overwhelmed, “If you have any questions, feel free to call us or email us” you suggested to Mr. Lahey when you walked out to your car. “Thank you, that’s very helpful” he said. “What’s your name?” he asked you. “Y/N Y/L/N” you answered. “Nice to meet you, I’m Isaac Lahey” he told you again. “Nice to meet you too Mr. Lahey” you responded. “Call me Isaac” said Isaac. You gave him a nod and a little smile, he looked back at you with a wide grin.

“Dang he’s cute” you said to yourself once you got into your car.


It took you a few weeks to put together your kindergarten room, you wanted it to be kid friendly, educational and most importantly fun! You were extremely excited for “Meet Your Teacher Day’ you would be able to meet all of your new students, get to know them and their parents. This was your favorite day out of the year. It only was from 11 (am) to 2 (pm) so it gave the parents enough time to schedule it in.

This year you had 11 kids in your class, which wasn’t too much to handle… you hope. Teaching kindergarteners was so much fun, they were still innocent and cute but you were able to help build their education and that was really rewarding for you. Between 11 AM and 12 PM you had met with 7 different kids and their parents. You quickly began to realize who the sweet ones are, and who the mischievous ones are. Between 12 and 1 PM you met with 3 more kids and their parents, it was all going swimmingly. All the parents you had were really nice and kind, which would make your job much simpler. The kids seemed to love your room, which was a bonus. And many seemed to like you as well, double the bonus! It was 1:30 now, and you waited for your last child. You looked at your list and saw the name: Wyatt Lahey. This was the son of Mr. Lahey, the one you thought was really cute and charming. You instantly started to get nervous, you had butterflies in your stomach. You tried your best to remain calm, you didn’t want to look like a goof. You sat in your room, waiting for him to show up.

2:00 rolled around and he still didn’t show up. All the other teachers were leaving but you were going to stay a few minutes more, just in case he showed up.

It was 2:10 and there was a knock at your classroom door, “Hello?” they said. You opened the door and the curly haired, handsome guy was standing there with his son. “Hi” you greeted them. “I’m Y/N Y/L/N” you said. “I’m so so so so sorry we’re late” Isaac said apologetically, he seemed to be out of breath. “It’s no problem, come in, take a seat” you replied. “Come on bud, let’s sit down” Isaac said to his son. “This is Wyatt, Wyatt, say hi” said Isaac. Wyatt seemed quiet, but he couldn’t stop smiling at you. “Hi, Wyatt. I’m Miss. Y/L/N. I’m going to be your teacher” you said to the little boy. He was so stinkin cute, he had short, curly dirty blonde hair, piercing blue eyes and his daddy’s smile. “I’m really sorry we’re late. I had to leave work early, pick him up from daycare and then drive here quickly, even though we were still late” Isaac told you, he seemed to be panicking a little bit. “It’s okay, next time don’t rush. I’ll be here!” you comforted him. You told Mr. Lahey and his son the speech you told every parent, each year. You discussed the curriculum, your goals for the school year and all that jazz.

After talking to Mr. Lahey and Wyatt for almost 30 minutes, you began to wrap it up. “Is there anything that I should be aware of?” you asked Wyatt’s dad. He thought for a moment, “Actually… I’m a single father, which is part of the reason why I’m always late to things” he confessed. “He’s single!” you shouted in your mind. “Wyatt can be really quiet, so I tend to be overprotective of him, I don’t know what’s going on in that little mind of his” said Isaac. You looked over at the cute little 5 year old, “He’s a cutie” you told Isaac. “Thanks” Isaac replied, looking at his son and smiling proudly. You caught yourself staring intently at Isaac, there was something about this man that made you feel all giddy inside, yes he was extremely attractive, but there was something else about him.

“If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call or email me. Here’s my number and email” you said, writing down all your information on a piece of paper for him. Now that you know he’s single, it made you feel bad, you could tell he was struggling yet trying to be the best father he could be, it was adorable. “Bye Wyatt, I’ll see you in a few weeks” you said to him. Wyatt ran up to you and hugged your leg, “Awe, thanks bud” you told him. Isaac was grinning from ear to ear, “I’m glad he likes you!” he said. “Me too” you replied. “Alright buddy, time to go” Isaac said to Wyatt. He wouldn’t let go of your leg, “Bud, time to go!” Isaac said again. You thought this was the cutest thing ever. Isaac came over and pulled Wyatt off of your leg, “Sorry about that” Isaac said to you. “Don’t worry about it!” you responded. You and Isaac met eyes and stared at each other for a minute without realizing you guys were staring into each other’s eyes. You felt something when you looked into his eyes, warmth, happiness, love, you don’t know. “I…I’ll see you in a few weeks” you broke the silence. “Bye Miss Y/L/N, see you soon” said little Wyatt. “See you” Isaac said.

“This is going to be an amazing year” you told yourself, you just knew it.


“Hi Wyatt!” you said as you greeted the awfully cheery boy, “Hi Mr. Lahey, are you ready for the first day?” you asked Isaac. “Please, call me Isaac and no, I’m not ready at all” he responded. “He will be okay, I promise” you told Isaac. “It’s not him I’m worried about” Isaac confessed to you. You put your hand on Isaac’s shoulder and gave him a little rub, you didn’t mean to do it so you pulled away right after. He gave you a cheeky smile. Wyatt came up to you and gave you a hug, “He couldn’t stop talking about you” Isaac said to you. “Really?” you asked. “Yeah, he’s really excited to be in school. I’ve never seen him so happy” you heard Isaac quietly say. “Alright buddy, Daddy’s got to go” Isaac said to Wyatt. Isaac’s voice was cracking and he looked like he wanted to cry, which made you want to cry because it was seriously so adorable. Wyatt gave Isaac a big bear hug and told him he would be good for you. “If anything happens, please call me” Isaac said, giving you his number. “Will do” you replied. “Bye Wyatt, I love you” Isaac told him. You put your arm on Wyatt’s shoulder and waved goodbye to Isaac with him. “See you soon Mr. Lahey” you said. Isaac mouthed, “Isaac” to you. You chuckled, he was so sweet.

The first day of Kindergarten was a blast. They all paid attention to you and really wanted to be a part of everything. You kept an extra close on Wyatt, who had a really great day. He seemed to be shy all around the other kids, but not when he was near you. He was your little helper.

A few weeks into the new school year, you could tell that Wyatt really took a liking towards you. He was your little helper, he passed out crayons, picked up toys, helped his friends out, he was your little assistant! When you dropped off your kids at gym class or art class, Wyatt always had a hard time leaving you. He would hold onto your leg and beg to stay with you. A few times you went back to your classroom and cried because you felt terrible.


This was the moment you always dreaded, calling a parent in for a conference. This was never a good thing, there were parent/teacher conferences to discuss grades and their child’s performance but every once in a while you had to call a parent and for a bad reason.

You picked up your phone and dialed a parent’s number, it rang and rang, you almost hung up but they answered at the last minute, “Hello?” the parent asked. “Hi, Mr. Lahey? This is Miss. Y/L/N, Wyatt’s teacher. I was calling to ask if you could come in at the end of the school day” you said. “What happened? Is Wyatt alright?” Isaac asked, starting to get paranoid. “He’s fine, he’s all good. It’s just that he got into some trouble so I need to speak with you face to face” you told Isaac. “I will be right there” he said and hung up.

By the time Mr. Lahey came to talk to you, all the other kids were gone. Wyatt was sitting on your lap coloring, you were stroking his curly hair, trying to calm him down. After the fight he had become really quiet and started to cry, he knew exactly what he did and you could tell he regretted it. “Wyatt, it’s okay. I’m not mad at you and neither will your Daddy” you comforted him. “Shhh, its okay” you told him over and over again. “Wyatt?” Isaac said as he came running into your classroom. “DADDY!” Wyatt yelled, running over to Isaac. “What did he do?” Isaac asked you, you asked him to sit down. “I called you in because Wyatt seemed to have started a fight today” you said. “A fight?” Isaac asked. “Yes, a fight. He tackled another kid to the ground” you replied. Isaac looked at Wyatt, “Why?” he asked his son. “Because Trey went over and hugged Miss. Y/L/N and only I can do that” Wyatt confessed. This was the first time hearing this, so you were just as shocked as Isaac. “That was why you tackled him to the ground?” you asked Wyatt. “Yes” he replied. You got onto Wyatt’s level and looked at him, “You didn’t have to tackle him to the ground, you’ll always be my little helper” you told Wyatt and then pat his head. “You’re Miss. Y/L/N’s little helper?” Isaac asked Wyatt. Wyatt was happy again and shook his head yes with a huge grin on his face. “The best little helper” you added. “I’m so sorry he started a fight” Isaac said to you. “It’s okay, if I would have known it was for that reason, I wouldn’t have called you in” you admitted. “No, it’s okay. I’m glad you did” he replied. You looked at the handsome man and smiled like a dork, you could feel your cheeks getting red and now you were embarrassed. “Lucky me” you heard Isaac whisper. The two of you chatted for a few minutes, about everything, Wyatt, school, you. You had a little crush on Isaac but after talking to him and getting to know his personality, it turned into a huge crush. You tried not to, but you kept flirting with him and he was flirting back. “We’re lucky to have you as his teacher” said Isaac. “No, lucky me” you responded in a flirtatious tone. You looked at the time, “Oh no, I better get home and start my plans for tomorrow’s lesson” you told the two of them. “Sorry we stayed so long” he apologized. “I didn’t mind” you admitted. Isaac took Wyatt and started walking towards the door, “Say bye to Miss. Y/L/N” Isaac ordered to Wyatt. “Bye mommy!” he replied. Your mouth fell open and you didn’t know what to say. Isaac stopped in his tracks, his face got beat red and then he smiled, “See you tomorrow” he said.

“Did that just happen? Did one of your kids call you mommy? Now you were paranoid and panicking, what would Isaac think. Now he must think I’m a freak” you said to yourself.

You dreaded the next morning, you would see Isaac when he dropped Wyatt off. It was still early, the kids wouldn’t be arriving for another 20 or so minutes. There was a knock at your door. You opened it and there was Isaac and Wyatt. “Can I talk to you?” Isaac asked you. “Of course, Wyatt why don’t you go play” you told the eager boy. He ran into your room and took out some toys. “I am so sorry about last night, I can’t believe he said that” you said to Isaac. “There’s no reason to apologize. I’m sorry he said that” Isaac told you. “He really likes you… and so do I” Isaac confessed. Your mouth dropped again, “What?” you asked. “I like you, since the first day we met. I knew there was something about you that I liked.”

You were still in complete shock. “Oh boy, I shouldn’t have said anything” Isaac started saying to himself. You grabbed his hand, “I like you too” you confessed to him. “Really? Because I didn’t think you liked me back at all, I feel like a complete fool around you, I’m embarrassing and I talk to much when I’m nervous and” you stopped Isaac in the middle of his ramble and kissed him softly on the lips. You pulled away soon after, “That was inappropriate of me” you told him. Now you felt like the idiot. You got nervous and shaky and you ruined things. Isaac grabbed your arm, “Please stop freaking out, I liked it” he admitted. “Is Miss. Y/L/N going to be my new mommy?” Wyatt came up to you and asked his dad.

“I think she could be” he said. Once again your mouth dropped. “We just met and this is too soon but I love you. I love the way you smile when you’re nervous, I love the way you talk to my son, I love the way he loves you. I like how you push your hair behind your back when you’re frustrated, I love the look on your face when I come into the room. I love you. I know this is crazy and we hardly know each other but I’m completely in love with you and I feel like I’ve known you my whole entire life” Isaac said, confessing his true feelings for you.
“I ruined it, didn’t I?” he asked once you didn’t say anything for a few minutes. “I guess we’re both crazy because I love you too and I feel the same way about you” you replied. “Lucky me” was all Isaac could say back.


Imagine: Getting flustered when you accidentally walk in on Dean shirtless, and stammering out that he’s sexy, when he asks what you’re staring at. [x]

Y/N: *walks into Dean’s room* Dean, I just- *sees Dean shirtless* *pauses* Dean- I’m so sorry- I’ll just- I’ll just go.
Dean: Woah, you don’t have to leave so soon.
Y/N: No, it’s fine- Really- I’ll just leave you to- To do whatever you were doing before. *staring at Dean*
Dean: *smirks* What are you staring at, Sweet Heart?
Y/N: I wasn’t… I just- You’re very… uh…
Dean: Attractive?
Y/N: …Sexy.
Dean: Really? *smirks* You think I’m sexy?
Y/N: All right, don’t inflate your ego too big. Yes, I think you’re sexy. Can we get over it?
Dean: If it’s an consolation, I think you’re very sexy too.

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Requested By: niniluvcastiel


“Oh, is that how we’re going to play this game, Dean?" 

"Considering who your dad is, I’d say you’re the one who’s playing games.” Sam said tautly, as he stepped in between you and the door.

You exchanged your gaze between the brothers, resisting the urge to grab the dagger hidden in your boot. This conversation wasn’t going as you wanted it to. “Are you two really so stupid as to not accept my help, knowing the connections I have?”

Dean glanced at Sam, then at you. He asked hesitantly, “What kind of help are you offering?”

You smiled wickedly. “Information mostly. It’ll assist with the little pest problem I hear you’re having.”

Sam nodded his head at the door Castiel exited out of. “I think we’re fine with help, thanks.”

You cocked your head slightly. “Your pet won’t offer up the option I am, I assure you.”

Dean gave you a once-over. “Why are you so sure?”

Your smile melted into a smirk. “Because it involves going against my father.”

The look shared between the brothers made your smirk grow. Your dagger seemed to sear your skin, itching to be used. If your plan continued to go swimmingly, you knew soon enough you’d be able to satisfy its craving for Winchester blood.

Don't Forget Me Again (Luke Hemmings Imagine) - Part 1

It’s been a year since Luke has spoken to me, and 2 years since he’s seen me. If he saw me again I’m sure he’d be surprised. I’m no longer the girl with low-hanging trousers, baggy shirts, trainers and messy hair. I’ve changed, and maybe even for the better. Now my hair is always neat and stylish, I’ve opened myself to wear what everyone else would consider more fashionable. Skirts, dresses, heels, sandals, boots, makeup, jewellery, the whole lot. I have to admit, looking back at my old-self and comparing it to the new me I feel a bit more self-confident. I loved the way I looked before, I still love it but dressing like this has changed the way people perceive me. I used to be seen as the tomboy who was super friendly and was always found with the boys, now I’m still that super friendly girl but people have labelled me as ‘popular’ and ‘queen bee of the year’. It’s my first year in college and I already have this title. Over the summer holidays I had worked on myself. A lot of attention came my way on the first day of college, both male and female. I was friends with all these people earlier, but they never took much notice. One change can affect everything else, and I finally understood that. It’s been months into school, and everything involving Luke had drifted away. He never seemed to cross my mind anymore.

“(Y/N), I was wondering if after classes you wanna go get coffee or something?” Oliver shyly asks. “I can’t today, I would but I’m going out with the girls tonight.” I apologetically smile. “Oh, it’s cool.” He mumbles, clearly feeling a bit down I turned down his offer. “Hey, I’m sure the girls wouldn’t mind if you and the lads tagged along.” I invite. “Are you sure?” “I mean, the ones that girls are cool with. Our usual group.” I smile. “Yeah, thank you. I’ll see you tonight.” Walking away forgetting that he doesn’t even know what we’re doing makes me laugh, Oliver’s a sweet guy and maybe he’s my chance at having a relationship. “Oliver!” I call after. Turning around, he stops. “You don’t know the plans.” I giggle as he walks back to me, embarrassed by his forgetfulness. “Eager one.” “Well, when it’s a girl like you who wouldn’t be.” “Thank you.” I smile before giving him the details for tonight. “You have Lauren’s number just ask her for mine and she’ll give you it.” “I will, see ya later babe- (Y/N). Fuck.” He mumbles. “It’s okay,. I’ll see you later, got to get to class.” I smile. “I’ve got a free period, I’ll see you later. Bye.” He smiles, the two of us making our ways to our destinations.

On my way to the next class I’m stopped by Evan, one of Luke’s old friends, it wasn’t long till Evan and I quickly became friends after Luke left. “Hey princess, who was that?” He interrogates. The two of us walking down the hallway to the same class together, sitting next to one another, implying I must tell him now unless I want to be interrogated for the full lesson. “That’s Oliver, he’s a friend.” I smile. “Like a date?” “Kind of, we’re going out as a group tonight.” “So you’re over Luke?” He quietly questions. I hadn’t thought about that or about him. Was I over Luke or had I just forgotten him? Honestly, what’s the difference? “Who knows and who cares? I’m allowed to do whatever I want, with whoever I want.” I smile. “Yeah, power to bullshit.” He jokes fist pumping the hair. “Ha ha, aren’t you funny?” Sarcasm dripping off every word. “You still care about him, and you may not know it but you do.” He half smiles. “Moving on, plans for the upcoming holidays?” I quickly divert the conversation, avoiding to talk about my feelings for Luke that could most likely still be present.


“(Y/N) please just wear the LBD. Your ass and tits look great in the dress.” My best friend Lauren whines. “I agree, wear something special, you never wear that dress anyways.” Bryana, my other best friend, agrees. “Why though? I want to wear the red one.” I whine. “You wore that on my birthday.” Lauren argues. “And don’t even pull out the blue one that you wore on mine.” Bryana inputs, destroying the idea of backup dress. “I don’t want to wear the other ones, they’re either long or casual.” “Then wear the black one!” They both exclaim. “Ugh, fine.” I groan, agreeing to wear it. Stripping myself of my tank top and skinny jeans, I throw them into a corner. “Look at how sexy she is.” Lauren groans as if she’s jealous. “Says you, Mrs. Photogenic.” I joke. “(Y/N), your body is perfect shush.” They compliment, I’m not the skinniest but I’m fine with that. I have no shame in my body, I look great in most things I wear. Slipping the tight dress on, I adjust into the dress and I realise the girls were right. I do look great in it. “Didn’t we tell you?” Bryana laughs. “You did, and thank you for that.” I smile before turning to the mirror and beginning on my make up and hair.


“You look great!” Oliver compliments over the blaring music. “Thank you, you look good yourself.” I grin taking a sip of my drink. “Wanna go dance?” He offers. “Sure, everyone else is.” I accept as we join the rest of our group on the dance floor. Just in that moment, my favourite song comes on and I feel a surge of energy run through me. I loved this song first time I heard it, and never have I not danced to it. “(Y/N) it’s your song!” One of my friends cheers. Dancing wildly to the song, Oliver grabs hold of my hips and presses his body against mine. Moving our bodies together to the song, I feel myself get a little dizzy and stumbling forward, he stops me from falling over. “Woah there, few too many.” He smiles. “Maybe I should sit.” I suggest. “Maybe I should join you.” He grins. Moving over to the bar, we sit in the stools as he orders a water for me. “Thank you. I’m a lightweight, I’m so sorry.” I hiccup. “Don’t worry, it’s cute.” “How’s it cute?” “You make anything cute.” “You’re so sweet.” I slur. “I know you’re drunk but can I take this opportunity to kiss you?” “I’m not drunk, I’m very tipsy. But yes you can.” I respond, cupping his face and leaning in. Kissing him hard, I pull away resting my hand again his cheek.

Hours go by, Oliver and I have flirted non-stop and we’ve shared a couple kisses since our first. The booze wearing off slightly each time as I drink more and more water, as well as laying off the alcohol. Him and I have a lot of the same interests which is great, maybe him and I could start something once we get to know each other even better. “It’s 10. I need to go home, I have a speech to do tomorrow.” He sighs. “It’s okay, you’ll do great. You always do.” I assure. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” He smiles giving me a quick kiss before walking away. “Bye.” I smile. I don’t have feelings for him, but I must admit I’m deeply infatuated by him. He’s an attractive guy emotionally and physically, I want to like him but I’m being held back.

“Hey watch where you’re going?” I grumble as a guy almost my height barges into me, clearly in a rush. “Sorry man.” He quickly apologises. “It’s cool, no worries.” I shake it off. “Not been here in a long time.” Calum sighs. “I know, pretty awesome to be back.” Michael inputs. “I’m gonna go get a drink.” I inform making my way to the bar. The boys making their own ways to wherever they want, interacting with various people. Catching a glimpse of a really gorgeous girl, I make my way over to her. “Hey.” I smile.

“Luke…” I say under my breath. “So you’re a fan?” He cockily smiles, his hand trailing up and down my thigh. 'Fan’? Who does this bastard think he is, and who does he think I am. Pushing his hand away from me, I stand up and try move away from him but he doesn’t hesitate to stop me. “Babe, where you going?” He smirks pulling me nearer him, our chests pressed against one another. “Do you even fucking remember me?” I scoff. “Have we already…” Taking time to realise what he’s implying, I’m shocked by his response. “No, we haven’t fucked.” Staring into my eyes, long and hard, his jaw slightly dropping. “Fuck, (Y/N)…” He mutters. “Oh now you know me? What gave it away?” I hiss. “Your eyes, I didn’t recognise you, seriously. You’ve changed so much.” He lets go of me, and looks me up and down. “You’re…” I raise my eyebrow and fold my arms over my chest waiting for his answer. “Hotter than before.” He smiles. “Like I said 'things change’.” “So how have-” “2 years without seeing me, 1 year without talking to me?” Implying I want answers, how dare he show up out of nowhere and not even recognise the person who’s been there for him since they were kids. “(Y/N), I’m sorry. But a lot has happened, things have changed a lot and I’ve not had time with tour and all this.” “There’s a thing called a phone, social media, reaching out, putting effort.” I exclaim. “You’ve changed all social media, and I lost all my contacts.” “Your family still talks to me.” “Oh… I never considered that.” “No shit.” “Let me make it up to you, let me take you out for a coffee or something.” He apologetically. “Go fuck yourself.” I spit before walking to the dance floor, grabbing Bryana and Lauren to leave with me. “(Y/N) what the hell, I just met someone.” “I was having fun!” “Luke’s back.” I blurt out, tears beginning to stream down my face. They look at each other as if they had predicted this would happen. The two of them taking me into their arms and comforting me. He’s back. After all this time, he’s finally back.


Imagine: Loki writing poetry for you. [x]

Y/N: Loki! Loki, are you in here? *finds Loki in the library* Hey, there you are. What are you doing?
Loki: I… I’m writing.
Y/N: You are? I didn’t know you were a writer. Can I read your work?
Loki: Of course. *smiles* *hands poem over* 
Y/N: *reads poem* It’s good, it’s really good. *pauses* Loki… Who’s… who’s it about?
Loki: You.
Y/N: *smiles* Who knew the God of Mischief wrote poetry? *kisses him on the cheek* Thank you.

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