Imagine Isak goes to Even's house and Even's mom or dad answers the door.

Isak: Hi.. um is Even here.
Even’s mom/dad: Sorry Even’s not well at the moment um..
Isak: Isak
Even’s mom/dad: Isak? The Isak? Even has been talking about you none stop! Come in. *Literally drag’s Isak inside* He’s in his room hopefully seeing you can lighting his mood up! *Pushes Isak inside Even’s room.*

He breathes out and climbs into Even’s bed and hugs him from behind.

Isak: Sorry. Man of my life.


Imagine - you’re Carl’s girlfriend who was taken by Negan during the line up because he wanted ‘something fresh’. Carl knew it wouldn’t be easy getting you back, but he was willing to try anything, so when Negan takes him back to Alexandria, only to find you in the passengers seat he feels a great sense of relief. Things get heated between the pair of you and Negan catches you in the act. Oops.

Warnings - swearing, violence, angst, slight smut, teasing and slight bullying from Negan.

“Why are you here?” you whisper to your boyfriend as he clambers into the truck, sitting at your side, you assess his face for any damage, but he seemed clean.

Carl smiles slightly at your worry and lightly squeezes your hand without Negan seeing, “I had to find you,” he decided not to tell you the details, how he killed two of Negan’s men before being apprehended, he wouldn’t dare tell you how Negan made him show his eye.

In the corner of your eye you see it, something you’ve only ever seen once, you reach your hand up to tilt his head to face you when you’re stopped, “Ah, ah, ah Princess, don’t touch him, you’re mine, remember?” your arm drops to your side but you don’t take your eyes away from Carl, you know he’s not telling you something.

Negan dragged you from the line up, he had hopes of making you one of his wives but he knew you had too much fire to be cooped up in a room all day, so instead, you were his favourite person, he lusted after you whenever you were around. To him, he’d rather have you over anyone else, he would constantly ask you to marry him but you’d always politely refuse his offer. Part of it was because you enjoyed the game, but the rest of you belonged to Carl, and that’s how it was always supposed to be.

The journey was spent in silence on your part, of course Negan would make the odd remark about something along the road, but other than that you could say you were comfortable, even if it was a lie.

Soon enough, the truck rolled to a stop before a set of familiar gates, “Y/N, take him home, I’ll be there soon, I’m going to have a look around,” he leaves a lingering kiss on your forehead before he saunters off into the distance.

Carl looks to you, “Come on then,” you tell him flatly as you head towards his house in Alexandria, “You shouldn’t have gone looking for me, Carl,” you tell him, tucking a strand of your H/C hair behind your ear nervously.

“What was I supposed to do? Leave you there?” he asks you as he walks by your side.

Turning to look at him, you give him sad eyes, “Yes, you were,” you jog up the porch steps and let yourself in, noticing Olivia in the kitchen, “Negan will be wanting you, think he’s by the armoury somewhere, I’ve got this,” you tell the woman who nods slowly before scurrying off.

With a sigh you look around your former home, you used to live with Carl before Negan took you away. Rick loved you, even if you were a couple years older than Carl, but no one ever said anything about it.

Carl wraps his arms around you, pressing his soft lips to your neck before moving up to your sweet spot, making you moan softly, “Carl-”

“Don’t” he mumbles against your skin, “Just let us have this moment, it might be the last,” your knees go weak as you face him, forcing your lips together roughly, your fingers tangle in his dark waves as he backs you up into the counter, encasing you between his arms before he lifts you onto the counter.

Carl smirks on your lips as he removes your shorts slowly, teasing you when he drops them to the floor and palms your dripping cunt which is ready, waiting for him, he takes your shirt off and kisses down your chest, biting at you hard nipples through the thin fabric of your bra. Your back arches as he slips a finger inside of you, reaching to that spot before curling slightly before thrusting his finger into you. Not once does he take his eyes off of you, his blue orbs finding your own as his free hand roams your curves, like he’s willing himself to remember every detail about you, “Carl, please,” you whisper, he nods with a smile and kisses you hard again, you unbuckle his pants and let them fall to the floor as he removes his finger from your core, leaving you cold and yearning for something bigger.

Your boyfriend gasps, throwing his head back as you grab his hard cock through his boxers, he’d forgotten how good it felt to have your fingers wrapped around him. Slowly, you push his boxers down, grabbing his full length, spreading his precum over the tip as he rolls his hips in and out of your grip desperately, his lips closed over yours, his hands knitted in your hair as it almost becomes unbearable for him to cope with.

In one swift motion, you open your legs wide and positioned him at your entrance, he buries his head into the crook of you neck as he slowly pushes into you, welcoming the familiar warmth and tightness which he loved so dearly. Carl allows you to adjust before thrusting into you faster and harder, so hard you have to grip the sides of the counter for support as he leans on you, his lips leaving sloppy kisses across your collarbone, “Oh Carl,” you moan loudly as your hands dig into his back, whilst you buck your hips to meet his hard thrusts, the sound of your skin slapping filling the air as well as your mixed moans.

Carl pulls away looking into your eyes, “Let go, baby,” he kisses your lips softly as he fucks you harder, your stomach tightens as he fucks you in the spot where you need him the most.

“And what the fuck is going on here?” You eyes grow wide as Carl freezes inside of you, you look to the doorway and see Negan stood there, his eyes scream fury as he takes in the scene before him.

Carl removes himself from you, pulling his pants back up before handing you your shirt and shorts, which you slip on quickly, “Negan-”

“Shut it, Y/N,” he snaps at you, making you nod and take a step back as he stalks over to Carl, “That’s my girl, god, do you know how much I want her? How much I need her to be mine, but the second I turn my back she’s on your cock, maybe you’re the problem, kid, maybe you have to go in order to make her a bit more submissive, hm?”

You knew what that meant, “Negan, stop this, please,” you sob, he looks at you and his eyes soften for a moment before growing hard again.

“I won’t allow this,” he tells you with apologetic eyes as he shoves Carl to his knees, raising Lucille over his head.

Your next actions come from impulse, “Negan!” You shout and he freezes to look at you, Carl does the same, begging you not to be stupid, you take a step forward and another when you realise he won’t hurt you, all until you’re stood between them. Negan looks down at you, waiting, you run your hands down his chests before his gaze, “Let him live, let him live and I’ll marry you, I’ll submit, just don’t hurt him.”

“Y/N, no-”

Carl is silenced when Negan points Lucille at him, not taking his eyes of you, searching for lies on your features, “Alright, doll, he’s spared,” Negan wraps an arm around your waist, licking his lips as he does so, claiming your lips roughly, “Looks like we’ve got a wedding to plan, isn’t that right, baby girl?”

Hello darlings!

Sorry if this is really crap! I’ve been writing and eating pizza at the same time so I don’t know where my focus has been. This was a request but I feel like doing a part two where Negan takes the reader back to the sanctuary and tells everyone how he found her with Carl? Basically humiliating her?

Let me know if you fancy it!


Cold Nights and Comforting Cuddles

Pairings: Newt Scamander x Reader
Notes: I’m like freezing right now, so I thought it appropriate to make something kinda fluffy and sweet.
Warnings: Nothing really, just fluff.
Word Count:533

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“I-I just don’t see h-how it got this c-cold so quickly.” You shivered, rubbing your hands together before you reached blindly for a box of matches on the countertop.

“Here.” Newts gentle voice called out from behind you, and suddenly a veil of warmth was placed over you. Looking down at your shoulders, you saw a glimpse of that soft, thick fabric that you knew so well to be Newts very own jacket. Giving him a small nod, you turned back to your task at hand, quickly lighting three candles and placing them on the table and counter. Once that once finished, and you had some sense of sight in the darkened room, you turned back to Newt, a grateful smile on your lips.

“T-thanks.” You nodded thankfully at him again, but even though the jacket did relieve some of the coldness clouded around your flat, goosebumps still littered your skin. The frosty air nipped sharply at your skin and nose, turning it a light hue of pink as you stood there.

“It’s no problem.” Newts hands found themselves resting on your shoulders, soothingly rubbing up and down your arms to get the blood circulating again before he pulled you into a warming hug. “I’ve managed to light a fire in the other room. We could go in there, it would probably be a more lot warmer.”

You quickly nodded in agreement at his statement, and wrapping your own arms tightly around his waist, you both shuffled into the living room. “Here we go.” Mumbled Newt, briefly removing his arms from around your shivering body to fall on to the couch. You shortly followed behind him, nuzzling deep into his side as he threw an arm around your shoulders again to pull you deeper into his embrace.

“W-why did the power h-have to go out?” You grumbled, burying your face into Newts shoulder as you pulled his jacket over the two of you. “A-and it had to b-be during the winter time.” Newt chuckled a bit at this, rubbing your shoulders again as he leaned his head gently against yours.

“Who knows.” He replied shortly, pressing his face into your hair and sucking in a short breath to inhale the comforting scent. “Are you feeling any warmer?” He asked, shuffling just a bit in his spot to get more comfortable, and pulling you with him.

The two of you were still situated in front of the fireplace, the blazing heat glowing in front of you. Your legs had wounded up in Newts lap, while your were leaning comfortably against his chest, trying to bathe in his warmth. With his arms wrapped around you and his head resting against your own, you two were the perfect mass of warm tangled blankets and jackets.

“Yeah.” You nodded in reply, titling your head to smile up at him as he looked back down to you shortly to return the smile. “Thank you, Newt.”

Leaning down just a bit, Newts lips grazed your temple gently in a sweet kiss. “Don’t worry.” His voice echoed quietly in your ears, sounding almost like a whisper. “I’ll be here for you, always.”

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Warning: Star Wars mentioned, Mental illness, References.

You were new and you hated it.

It wasn’t like the others wanted to know you, they didn’t pry or ask many question. It was their presence that disturbed you. Normally, you were a calm person, smilling and talking and laughing but since you joined the avengers you had to be more frequently around the avengers tower, and with that isolating yourself from your friends and family.

The avengers were not your friends and they frightened you. Everyone of them was strong or smart, or both, so you sat quietly at meetings beside them and nodded or shook your head, from time to time you even said your opinion, stuttering it out. 

After the current meeting, you stayed and breathed in and out. You’d gotten bad anxiety.. 

“Hey, [Y/N].” Instantly you recognized Steve’s voice and looked up at him. He sat down beside you, a respectable gap between you two. “I just… I just saw you sitting all by yourself. Don’t you want to come with us? Natasha and I are going to grab coffee?”

You tried to smile. Really, you did your best. Steve was polite and nice, you liked him, so you nodded slightly, hoping you wouldn’t annoy him and that he meant what he had asked. You were not ready to be left alone after a few minutes because of your weirdness.

“I was like you.” Steve said suddenly and you raised your eyebrow. “Before I turned to his.” Pointing at him, he continued with a smal, gentle smile. “I was skinny and tiny compared to the others, and I had asthma. I just wanted to help others. Sometimes I got so low that my best friend had to help me up, but I never gave up.” 

You wanted to tell him that it wasn’t only your body that bothered you, but also your mental health. However, you didn’t correct him. “But you’re all that now. I’m still not physically strong enough.” 

“You don’t have to be. While I have muscles, you have certainly more brains than I. Also, I have to say, after I’ve read your files I was pretty impressed. Tony called you a Jedi.” 

You chuckled. “I’m not a Jedi.”

“Then I hope you’re not a Sith Lord.”

“Darth [Y/N] sounds nice, tho.” You smiled at Steve. “We probably should go. I bet Natasha is waiting.” 

Loyalties (4)

Loyalties Part 4

Pairing:  Y/N (Rick’s daughter)/Negan

Words: 2869

Summary: the reader takes a great risk that might cost her everything


The look in your father’s eyes as he watched you leave haunted you all the way back home to the Sanctuary. The conflict inside of you felt like a barbed wire wrapped around your throat, tightening its grip by the second. You couldn’t stop thinking about the words your brother had thrown at you or the feeling of Judith in your arms and seeing her smile innocently.

You couldn’t quite ignore the heavy ache in your chest and you couldn’t ignore what it meant either; longing, longing for your family. All you desperately wanted was for your father told hold you in his arms and tell you he was proud of you. Except, you didn’t know if that would ever happen. The only way that could happen was for you to betray the man who’d saved your life, protected you, loved you. The man you loved.

And maybe it should’ve been crystal clear, but you genuinely didn’t know on whose side you’d find yourself on if push came to shove. More than it already had, that is.

The first thing you did when you got back to your room was to find a bottle of liquor and take one good, long swig from it. Negan was outside working some issues over with some men, so you silently went about getting ready for bed.

When Negan returned to the room, his heavy boots against the floor marking his arrival, you were standing in front of the mirror brushing out your hair, clad in nothing but underwear and Negan’s shirt that swallowed up your frame.

Negan leaned against the doorframe and made a deep hum of satisfaction. “Damn, if that isn’t my favorite fucking thing to walk into after a long, productive day.”

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Requested by @mireiapotter

Request:  Can you do an imagine of joker and his little sister (the reader)?

Warning: Language and the Joker. 

A/N: I didn’t know where to go with it, so I went with the flow. I think I’ll do more of Joker x Sister!Reader.  

“Where is she?” 

“In her room, Sir.” The henchman stuttered out, looking down as the Joker stepped foward with his cane. “She… she’s very angry, Sir.” 

“Ow, is she sulking again?” The Joker chuckled and rolled his eyes, before dissmissing his henchman and making his way over to your room.

He didn’t knock before he barged in. 

“[Y/N].” His voice was calm and stoic, the way he always talked with you after you had a bad fight. 

“What do you want, J.?” You sat on your bed and skimmed through your favourite magazine. 

“You have work to do.”

You looked up in disbelieve and anger, and narrowed your eyes. “Oh, so you came to say I should go back to work… and no apologize from your side?” You huffed as you saw no remorse in his eyes. “What a pity I’m not in the mood to do your filthy work.” 

“Don’t be stubborn.” Blah blah blah blaah, you thought and giggled silently to yourself. “You had it coming.”

You stood up and made your way over to him, fixing his eyes with yours. 

“Listen up, gangsta boy. I’m a grown up woman and I can do whatever I want, and if I want to do my own missions, I’ll do them.” You shoved him hard and yelled: “You had no right to kill my men!” 

“They wanted to kill you after the heist.” You looked into his cold eyes and shook your head. Your brother knew damn well that you were no child anymore.

“I told you, ain’t no man can put me in a grave. And ain’t no grave can hold my fucking body down.” You sighed, tried to calm yourself down with almost no success. “Just say it. Just say that you care for your little baby sister.”

“I never said it otherwise.”

“But you never confirmed it. Maybe I should leave you, J. How often did you let me down? How often did I almost got caught by the bat because of you? Or the near-death-experiences? And now, you’re trying to keep me safe…”

“All this useless chit chat-”

“Fuck you.” You cursed and turned around, getting a huge bag from under the bed, before starting emptying your wardrobe. There was no use to reason with your brother, he always got his way and he always made you to forgive him. “I’m leaving you. And I’m taking the purple Lamborghini with me!”

“Don’t you dare!” Your brother grabbed your arm painfully. “You cannot leave me. I’m the only one you have.” 

“But I’m not the only one you have!” Yelling back, you pulled your arm out of his grip. “You have Harley. Control her, I bet she likes it.”

You stormed out of the room, leaving the Joker angry and speechless.

anonymous asked:

Mc gets into a car accident and suffers from severe brain damage and mentally reverts back to a child like state how would the RFA+Saeran react and how to they try and take care of her

(Pre-reaction info) At the hospital, the doctors tell them that you may have suffered from severe brain damage from the impact on your head, but there’s no telling how it will affect you.And at the hospital, you were being really quiet and not talking, so there was no way to know what had happened to you yet. They agree to take you home and watch over you as you recover from the accident.


  • Yoosung wasn’t quite prepared for what it would entail, although he really hoped he would be
  • You were the kind of kid who would take the pots and pans and make them into drums, so Yoosung finds out
  • “What are you doing??” He says, hopelessly confused
  • “Playing!” You squeal, pounding the spoons on the pots. It makes a horrible clatter
  • What in the world is he supposed to do??
  • He calls Seven for backup “Seven, she’s acting like a kid, I don’t know what to do, what do grown up kids do??”
  • “Yoosung, you’re a grown up kid”
  • He’s not wrong
  • “Hey MC, what’cha up to?”
  • You were playing house. You had a pot on the stove with water in it
  • “You wanna play a different game?” Yoosung points you over to his games reluctantly “those are big kid games”
  • “You only get to play them if you’re good though” which means cleaning up
  • You pout, but you really wanna play the “big kid games”
  • So you do
  • Yoosung manages to keep you entertained this way till you’re better and come back to your memory
  • Good thing he can cook or you guys would be screwed


  • Jaehee was honestly prepared for anything
  • It’s not that she expected you to act like a kid
  • But she surprisingly has toys. She says they’re from the kid who lives nearby, who she used to watch before she got super busy. thanks Jumin
  • You play with the dolls she has, while she makes you chicken noodle soup
  • Chicken noodle soup becomes your main diet
  • Apparently you were a very picky child
  • Chicken noodle soup is your only diet
  • Jaehee makes sure you eat some veggies too or else she threatens to send you to your room
  • She also gets a lot of hot chocolate for you, and kool-aid
  • You are so psyched about the kool-aid
  • You must’ve worshiped it as a kid
  • It’s like your lifeline (that and chicken noodle soup)
  • Not that Jaehee’s making a fuss
  • It’s easier for her to take care of you that way
  • She gets her neighbors to watch over you when she’s busy, giving them the simple instructions to keep you away from crayons and to feed you chicken noodle soup and kool-aid. They’re surprisingly good at watching over you she knows who she’ll go to when she needs a baby sitter one day


  • Zen is super loving and comforting to you. And you think he’s your dad
  • “Dad, why’re you kissing me so much??”
  • He’s so confused??
  • “Dad?” Uhhmmm “What do you mean MC?”
  • “I wanna play a game” and you run off into the bedroom
  • He follows you in and finds a board game out on the bed. Where did that come from??
  • “Let’s play!”
  • He gets the picture that you’re kid-like, and then he starts taking care of you like you really are a kid. He plays board games with you and takes you to the park to swing on the swings, and he makes PB&J for you like how you remember it everyone thinks you’re just doing really cute couple stuff
  • He won’t let you eat cereal with chocolate syrup and whipped cream though
  • No MC
  • It’s not good for you
  • He kissed your boo-boos though (that big cut on your head wasn’t because you tripped on the sidewalk MC, it was from the accident but he wouldn’t tell you that, he doesn’t wanna confuse poor little kid you)
  • When you get better he keeps bragging to you that he was such a good dad to you
  • You gotta agree he’d make a good dad though


  • Jumin is sure he can take care of you this boy has no idea how to take care of you
  • It couldn’t be that hard, right? omg Jumin stop lying to yourself
  • He thought so until you got home, when you bounded into the house and started coloring on the walls
  • And chasing Elizabeth the III around
  • And just overall making a complete mess
  • You gotta give him credit
  • He tried cried
  • Jaehee came to the rescue and became your personal babysitter
  • She calmed you down and got you some toys
  • And said you can’t play with the cat unless you’re nice and gentle with her. Which means no brushing her fur backwards or Jumin might flip out more
  • She left it to Jumin then to take care of you 
  • He awkwardly joined you playing with the dolls Jaehee brought
  • When you gave him a hug, and said thank you, he kind of melted
  • You said it in such a little girl voice
  • And it made him really want a little girl one day


  • Seven is actually psyched when he finds out you’re all kid like
  • He enlists you into the “super-secret-special-club-of-not-pranking-but-pulling-“nice”-tricks-on-people-who-deserve-it”
  • You are agent 606
  • Your first mission is to pet the pretty cat’s fur backwards (he says it looks better that way)
  • Your second mission is to hide the game remotes he gives you (he says you’re gonna play hide and seek with Yoosung)
  • He says you’re really good at completing your missions, and he’s really proud!
  • Candy is your reward!
  • You are a little kid in a candy shop
  • Seven this isn’t a good idea you’re gonna make the poor girl sick
  • You do get sick that wasn’t your best idea Seven
  • He keeps you in bed and feeds you chicken noodle soup and pop until you get better
  • He finds out keeping you inside and letting you play a DS all day is actually really good and you don’t get sick. He challenges you to pokemon matches all the time and purposely loses
  • When you get better, you help Yoosung find his remotes again
  • And you kiss Seven ‘cause he wasn’t too bad at taking care of you
  • But you do avoid eating candy for a while


  • He doesn’t know what to do
  • He thought you would maybe have a little memory loss 
  • But you’re a kid??
  • What do you do with kids??
  • How do you take care of them??
  • He didn’t have the best example
  • Seven comes and helps, ‘cause Saeran is reeeaalllllllllly at a loss
  • He gets out some cards and teaches you some card games
  • Kid-you doesn’t want to sit still, but Seven promises you candy if you sit still
  • You and Saeran are honestly both helpless little beings
  • Seven feels like he’s taking care of two kids
  • He feeds you both chicken noodle soup and gives you both crayons and paper. You draw pictures of sun shine and rainbows, Saeran draws some of… well, it’s actually just red scribbles
  • Seven doesn’t leave til you’re better
  • When you are better, Saeran is sooooo relieved. You give him a kiss for helping you out while you were out of it
  • although you all know Seven did all the work

~Sunflower (: