Daddy (Ashton smut) DAY 27!

Summary/Request: idk man just can you do like a really dom!ashton smut like bdsm stuff maybe??? like there doesn’t even have to be a plot line just smut

Word Count: 1.8k

Warnings: This is heavy smut! (BDSM)

A/N: You can tell what this is just by the title… I’m a dirty girl.. This is the final Ashton smut from Smutty September :(

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“You had one rule…”

Ashton’s voice, stern and unwavering, cuts through the air like a knife. It makes you shiver, a thrill of adrenaline warming your skin.

His heavy footsteps work their way across the carpet, hazel eyes tracing outlines across every curve of your body. The mattress resting beneath you seems to lose some of its comfort as you shift to the side, nerves spreading into the toxic mix of emotions flaring through your body.

“I-I’m sorry,” You mutter, wringing your moistened palms together. With the way his face curls into an expression of distaste, you know you’ve said the wrong thing.

“Excuse me?” He asks, crossing his arms. Ashton’s standing in front of you so you’re forced to keep your neck tilted in an attempt to maintain the crucial eye contact you crave so deeply. 

“I’m sorry, daddy,” You breathe, teeth curling over your bottom lip as you watch Ashton tense, his demeanour toughening further. 

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Imagine: Giving birth to Draco’s child. He holds your hand, and whispers soft nothings into your ear. [x] [xobviously, this is set after hogwarts when draco and the reader are older

Draco: Are you okay, my love?
Y/N: No! I’m going into labour, Draco! *sighs* This is all your fault!
Draco: *holds your hand* *smiles* I know it is, love, but you’ve got to calm down. Can you do that?
Y/N: I can try… *starts slowly breathing in and out* Draco, I’m nervous…
Draco: Everything’s going to be fine. I promise.

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Bucky Barnes: Early Relationship Headcanons.

This is my first time doing something like this and it all sounds so cliche but please enjoy.

  • For the first few months he is so fucking careful whenever he is around you. 
  • Like for the first 3 months he won’t even touch you with his metal arm hes so afraid that he’ll accidentally hurt you. And even when he does become comfortable with doing it its still only a rare occurrence. 
  • Hell for the first month he was adamant to touch you at all, it would take you nearly half an hour of persuading just to get him to hold your hand.
  • Also don’t expect much PDA either in most situations. The only time hes likely to show you any affection in a public place is if hes jealous. 
  • If anyone talks to you or looks at you in a way he believs is flirty with he is over by your side in a matter of seconds, grabbing you by the waist to pull you as close as possible before passionately kissing you until the person annoying him walks away.
  • Every night before he goes off on a mission you can bet he showers your whole body in kisses, wanting you to remember the feeling of his lips just in case something goes wrong.
  • Date nights are often filled with catching Bucky up with everything he’s missed over the last 70 years, Disney, Star Wars and Jurassic Park quickly becoming some of his favourites. 
  • Make out sessions don’t happen often but when they do they are magical. The kind that leave you breathless and constantly craving more, as if your entire life depends on satisfying this hunger inside you that an only be fulfilled by bearing your heart and soul out to the man holding you tightly in his arms while drowning you in so much affection that you didn’t think was possible.
“Night ride” - Stiles Stilinski

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(not my gif)

REQUEST: (Y/N) and Stiles take a night time drive in his jeep together and stop on a side of the road over looking the lights on the buildings and talk about forever.

(Y/N) and Stiles have been friends since he invited her to his 6th birthday party and threw pièces of cake at other kids. This is why it has always been just the two of them, the other kids never really liked (Y/N) and Stiles, they were considered as weirdos - not that (Y/N) and Stiles cared, they liked being together, they didn’t need other friends.
Then Scott came along and they became the golden trio. The three of them were inseparable, even now, at the age of 18.
But now things were about to change, high school years were over and they were all going to go to different college, and even if they made a promise to always be friends, they were about to take different paths now and none of them were ready to say goodbye.

(Y/N) was slumped on the couch with a huge jar of ice cream on her lap. She was pretending to watch TV but she was actually drowning in her own thoughts. Then, her phone started ringing. She picked it up from the table and answered it.
“Hello?” (Y/N) said, turning off the TV.
“Hey there, armadillo. What’s up?” Stiles asked enthusiastic.
“Not much.” (Y/N) replied while she was eating ice cream.
“Is something wrong?”
“What do you mean?” (Y/N) frowned.
“You haven’t really talked to me today. Are you okay?” Stiles asked slightly concerned. (Y/N) didn’t answer right away, she was thinking, it seems like it’s all she’s been doing lately, thinking, overthinking.
“(Y/N)? What’s wrong?” Stiles asked again, a bit more concerned now.
“I just had a really bad day, that’s all.” (Y/N) said, quickly emptying the jar of ice cream.
“Is it because of Matt?” Stiles asked, referring to (Y/N)’s recent boyfriend.
“OK, get dressed. I’ll be at your house in 5 minutes.”
“Stiles, I don’t want to talk about it, I just think I’m gonna go to bed, you know.” (Y/N) declared.
“Fine, we don’t have to talk about it, we don’t have to talk about anything, but you still need to get dressed.” Stiles insisted.
“We’re just going for a ride. Come on (Y/N), you love taking night time rides.”
“Fine.” (Y/N) rolled her eyes. “But you better bring lots of ice cream or you’ll be driving around on your own.”
“Girl, get to know me already.” Stiles replied with a chuckle.
(Y/N) smiled and hung up the phone.

Ten minutes later, (Y/N) and Stiles were going on their night time adventure aka driving around the neighborhood.
“I remember telling you to get dressed. I have a pretty good memory and I remember very specifically saying ‘get dressed’.” Stiles said, highlighting the last words of his sentence.
“I am dressed.” (Y/N) said, lacking enthusiasm.
“You’re wearing your pyjamas.” Stiles said, paying attention to the road.
“Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t realise I had to put on a very fancy dress to sit in your old jeep all night.” (Y/N) said sarcastically.
“OK, first of all, my jeep isn’t old and second of all, my jeep is fancier than any dress you could ever wear.” Stiles said, defending his beloved car.
“Matt cheated on me.” (Y/N) suddenly said.
Stiles looked at his best friend very quickly before resting his eyes back on the road.
“And with Lexie by the way, which, you know, is the worse decision he could make because she slept with every guy at school so she probably gave him some kind of sexual disease.” (Y/N) explained.
“(Y/N), I’m so sorry.” Stiles said softly.
“Thanks. But I’m okay. I actually feel sorry for him, the poor guy thought he could be Lexie’s boyfriend, but everyone knows that bitch doesn’t date, she only sleeps with guys, get their hopes up and then ignore them like they never even existed.” (Y/N) said as she took a bite of a chocolate bar. “So you know what he did then? He came back to me, begging me to forgive him. That guy’s a joke!”
“Do you want me to break his nose?” Stiles joked.
“What do you think I did when he came back to my house after I found out that the bastard cheated on me?” (Y/N) said as she raised an eyebrow.
“You broke his nose?” Stiles asked, shocked.
“He broke my heart!” (Y/N) replied as if breaking this guy’s nose was a normal and obvious thing to do.

Stiles and (Y/N) looked at each other for a second and burst laughing. Then, Stiles parked on the side of the road and looked at his best friend.
“I can’t believe you broke his nose! I wish I was there to see his face.” Stiles laughed.
“Well, I didn’t mean to, I just punched him a bit too hard, I guess. But hell, I don’t regret it.” (Y/N) laughed too.
(Y/N) and Stiles then got out of the car to admire the view. They could see the whole town from where they were standing.
“So, are you okay?” Stiles asked.
“I’m fine. Thank you for doing this for me by the way, I feel a lot better already.” (Y/N) smiled at her best friend.
“Anytime.” Stiles smiled back.

“Stiles?” (Y/N) said, looking at the lights on the buildings in front of her.
“Promise me we’ll get to do this again, even if we don’t go to the same college.”
Stiles looked at (Y/N) who was still looking at the buildings.
“(Y/N).” He said.
“Look at me.” Stiles said softly. (Y/N) looked at him and he immediately locked his eyes on hers.
“No matter where I am, of who I’m with, or what I’m doing, you’re always going to be my best friend, my favourite person in the world, the girl wearing Star Wars pyjamas and eating ice cream in my front seat.” (Y/N) chuckled. “And that’s never gonna change. I don’t know what’s gonna happen in the future, but I know one thing, whenever you’re having a bad day, I’ll be parked right outside your door, with a full tank and a tone of ice cream.”
Suddenly, (Y/N) felt like bursting into tears. She was so thanksful to have Stiles in her life, because he made life so much better.
“I don’t care if you live hundreds of miles away from me (Y/N), you’re stuck with me for a hell of a long time. I’m not going anywhere.”
(Y/N) threw herself into her best friend’s arms who held her as if he was afraid she might slip away from him.
“Neither am I.” (Y/N) whispered. “It’s you and me against the rest of the world, remember?”
“How could I forget?” Stiles said, smiling.

(Y/N) and Stiles stayed up all night, driving around town, eating tones of ice cream and laughing heartily until sunrise.


For @isamaegreenleaf…I love 40s Bucky. Enjoy!

“G’afternoon Bucky,” Y/N chirped happily.
“Afternoon, Y/N,” he replied with a smirk, taking off his hat in greeting, “How are you today, doll?”
Y/N blushed slightly. “Not as good as it would be back in Brooklyn, but I’ll somehow manage.”
Bucky arched a brow. “Oh? And how’s that?”
Y/N sent a flirtatious gaze his way. “A certain sergeant helps.”

The grin that took over Bucky’s face was stunning. Y/N shifted her gaze to her feet. She fluttered her eyes before speaking again.

“Anyway, I have to get back to the patients,” she stated, “I’m glad I was able to see you, Bucky.”
He nodded. “Hopefully, I’ll see you later as well.”

She gave his cheek a friendly peck before reentering the medical tent. Y/N only left the tent once all of her patients had been tended to. Even then she was hesitant. It wasn’t until one of her closest friends, Peggy came up to her, that she even thought about taking a break.

“Y/N, you mustn’t push yourself so hard,” she teased, “Your patients will be here tomorrow.”
She smirked for a moment. “I just want to make sure everything is in order.”
“For the seventh time tonight? Y/N, please. You need to relax for awhile,” she paused before arching a brow, “I hear a certain sergeant is at the bar tonight.”

Y/N rolled her eyes before smiling at Peggy. The woman knew all too well how much the nurse liked Bucky. She constantly encouraged her to go for it, despite being in a war. Y/N let out a sigh.

“Alright. I suppose I can go for a little bit.”

The two stayed longer than a little bit. Peggy and Y/N stuck with each other while some soldiers hooted and hollered. The two of you rolled your eyes at the immature men. At one point, Peggy left to use the facilities, leaving Y/N alone.

The nurse bobbed her head slightly to the tune of the song playing. She thought about how she had yet to see Bucky. She sipped her drink just as she noticed someone sit next to her. In curiosity, she glanced over. The man was clearly buzzing on some alcohol.

“You seem lonely,” he stated with a smirk, “Thought I could cheer you up.”
“There’s no need,” she replied.
“Oh come on,” he groaned, “We could have a little fun, dance, find someplace private.”

Y/N pulled away as the man tried to get as close to her face as possible. Suddenly, the man was jerked backwards. The nurse turned to feel an immediate sense of relief.

“The lady said ‘no’, soldier,” Bucky stated firmly, “I suggest you respect her.”
“Look, we were just talking, James-”
“Sergeant Barnes, private,” he corrected with an icy glare, “And it seemed she wasn’t interested. Now, if you don’t go and walk that buzz off, you’ll have more than a hangover in the morning.”

The two men glared at each other. Eventually, the drunk private backed down. He loudly complained as he left the bar. It took Bucky all he had not to deck the soldier for his horrid behavior. Y/N is a lady and deserves to be treated as such. He turned to face her with a smile.

“Are you alright, princess?” he cooed.
She nodded. “Yes, thank you Bucky. I don’t know how I would’ve gotten out of that one.”
“Don’t worry. He won’t bother you anymore.”

Bucky reiterated his statement by gently pecking her knuckles. She blushed slightly. He began to stand, still holding her hand. He beamed at her.

“C’mon doll. Let’s have a dance,” he paused, “but only if you’d like.”
She nodded. “I’d love nothing more.”

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Request : Dick Grayson imagines please!! Can I have one based on the prompt: Person A: Did it hurt? Person B: *rolls eyes* Let me guess, when I fell from Heaven Person A: No Person B: What? Person A: *grins* Did it hurt when you fell for me


Dick mindlessly played with your hair as the both of you sat comfortably beside each other on the couch of your shared apartment.

You smiled at the feeling, and continued to flip through the pages of your book, not bothered at all by whatever T.V. show Dick was watching.

“Y/N?” He suddenly spoke up, catching your attention. You made a sound of acknowledgement, signally that you were listening. “Guess what today is.”

You looked up from your book, and raised a curious eyebrow at him. “Tuesday.” You said, not getting what he meant.

He rolled his eyes, “Well I know that, smart aleck, but what happened on this day so many years ago?”

“It’s not your birthday, that’s for sure, or else you would’ve called up the boys, Bruce, and Alfred by now to remind them about it. It’s either that or dropping by Wayne manor to smother them with hugs because you know they won’t be able to fight back.” You replied, laughing amusingly as the image of Dick squishing Damian’s cheeks popped into your head.

Everyone, but your husband, of course, never looked forward to his birthday. It didn’t have anything to do with why they were celebrating it, but rather how they were forced to celebrate it.

“It’s the only time I get to show them some affection without getting beaten up afterwards!” Dick defended himself, which only made you laugh harder.

“Or in Damian’s case—slicing you with his sword.” You corrected, shaking your head with a grin on your face

Dick shrugged, “They all have different ways of dealing with my hugs. Jason usually threatens to shoot me, Tim just brings you up, Cass would always knee me in my gut, Stephanie breaks my nose, Barbara runs over my toes with her wheelchair, Alfred never hugs back, and Bruce is so fucking awkward!”

“My poor baby,” You cooed jokingly, caressing his high cheekbones.

“You got that right.” He huffed before pointing a finger at you with a stern expression. “Don’t change the subject, missy; how dare you forget what day it is!”

“Okay, drama queen,” You snickered, rolling your eyes and closing the book to give him your undivided attention, “give me a hint.”

Dick bit his lip, trying to figure out a way to tell you what he wanted to tell you without actually telling you. You couldn’t help but think he looked absolutely adorable.

He suddenly snapped his finger and gazed at your excitedly, practically jumping out of his seat. “Did it hurt?” He asked, smirking.

You rolled your eyes and scoffed, “Let me guess, when I fell from Heaven?” You replied, dryly.

Dick shook his head, his smirk still intact. “No.”

You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion, “Then what?”

“Did it hurt when you fell for me.” He finished, seemingly quite proud of himself for being able to make that up in a matter of seconds.

A incredulous laugh escaped from you as soon as he finished speaking. “You cocky bastard.” You said, shoving him gently.

“Did you get it though?” Dick questioned, his blue eyes sparkling with happiness.

You smiled softly, “Happy 5th anniversary of our first ‘I love you’, Dick Grayson.”


Surprise Puppy

Chris Evans:

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Chris is your best friend and you absolutely adore his adorable puppy Dodger. When Chris was gone for even a few hours he would have you drop by his house to watch over him or he would drop Dodger off at yours. You love Dodger like he was your own and always greeted him before you would even greet Chris which he found hilarious. After months of seeing you love on him so much Chris decided to buy you your own puppy for your friendaversary. He had asked you to go over to his house and waited until you were down the road before placing your new puppy out on the yard. He knew that you would immediately get drawn to the puppy so that was how he gave you y/p/n (your/puppies/name).

Sebastian Stan:

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You had been going to animal shelters to volunteer and see all the puppies because they were your favorite animals. It had just been another day at the shelter when you noticed a new puppy who kept to himself and wouldn’t play with the other animals. You were automatically drawn to the puppy who you later named ‘Buck’ which is inspired by your favorite character that Seb has portrayed so far in his career. Buck was available for you to adopt and take home that day so without even thinking about it you agreed and brought him home to Sebastian. You knew that Sebastian would be accepting of you bringing a puppy home but you also knew that it would be a major shock to him. You arrived at your shared home and let Buck roam around before running off to find Seb and show him the adorable puppy.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson:

Originally posted by kaiyathegsd

Aaron knew that you often got lonely when he was off shooting movies so he decided to surprise you with a puppy the morning he had to leave in order to start the shooting of his latest project. He picked up the puppy early in the morning and placed her gently on the bed beside you as you slept and gently woke you up to greet the new puppy who was very interested in your hair and face. You couldn’t help but laugh and give the puppy kisses and cuddles before doing the same to Aaron and dragging him back into the bed for a few hours before he sadly had to leave for the airport.

Chris Hemsworth:

Originally posted by wearehighonlife

Chris was your older cousin and probably your favorite family member ever. He was always there for you even if he couldn’t physically be there which you greatly appreciated. You knew that you most likely wouldn’t be seeing him there for Christmas as he would be with his own family in Australia but you knew that you could expect a present from him gently placed under the tree. What you didn’t expect though was a small crate with a tiny puppy barking from inside it. You rushed towards the crate and saw that it was for you and from your cousin Chris and his wife Elsa. You squealed and took the puppy gently in your arms before video calling them and thanking them profusely before asking them how they got the puppy for you.

Tom Hiddleston:

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Tom knew that you loved dogs and have always wanted to get one of your own so he thought that buying one for your 3 year anniversary would be the best time and gift. He surprised you by placing him in your lap as you read over your script for your next role. You looked up at Tom with a surprised look and reached out to hug the puppy with the brightest smile you’ve ever had. Thanking Tom over and over again you pulled him down beside you and placed your new puppy between the two of you before putting your script away and playing with her for the rest of the day.

Tom Holland:

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Tom knew that you wanted to get a puppy every since you were a child so he thought that buying you one for your birthday would be a good idea. He had surprised you with the puppy when he picked you up for a birthday breakfast. He held the puppy in his arms while he waited for you to open the door and let the two of you in. You were so happy and ended up skipping breakfast to play with the little puppy all morning instead.

what type of relationship you and Shawn would have based off of your favorite Illuminate song

non-requested// so i was in the shower and i came up with this preference type of thing, and it’s like what you and Shawn would be like in a relationship based off of your personal favorite Illuminate song!

author’s note// this is unique and this is finna get LIT i’m so hype for this i’m so creative. some are based off the songs, some aren’t because almost all of the songs are break up songs and idk its a relationship imagine? so yeah, they are somewhat connected to the song!!

WARNING: I know i said i will never write trigger warning imagines, and this is NOT a trigger warning imagine, but there are a couple of tiny vague things that may be slightly triggering, like in one a bad boyfriend is mentioned and in another one previous mental issues are mentioned. nothing serious, but please if that stuff triggers you don’t read!!!!!!! I DONT WANT TO TRIGGER YOU AND IF ITS TOO TRIGGERING ILL TAKE IT DOWN

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Boys finding out MC's a boy!

I actually have quite a few guy friends playing the game! Seeing as its a girl targeted game they use She pronouns.
Thought it’d be nice if they found out its a guy!

Zen: actually starts questioning life. He loves you but youre a guy? Like really likes you but youre a dude? In the end he just puts it aside hes always said personality matters more!
Yoosung: Hes a little hesitant at first but once he realizes that youre the same either way he doesn’t see why not. After all hes already pre-dating you.
Jumin: worried the rumors might be true. Because now theyll really be true.
Luciel: (its hinted he’s Bi so) honestly couldn’t care. Feels bad for thinking he was a girl when he saw them thru the cameras