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I would like to interrupt all of your dashes for a moment for something personal. Today is my best friend, Kayla’s birthday, and I would like to say a few words. 

Dearest Kayla, I don’t know whether you will see this before school (because you wake up at disgustingly early times) or after. Either way, happy birthday my darling! You’re finally 16, thank god; although I don’t think I trust you anywhere near moving vehicles. Anyways, today is a day to celebrate you. There is so much that is perfect about you, that I don’t know where to start. I know you don’t believe it sometimes but you are beautiful. 

You are so important, don’t forget that. And you are strong. So so strong, and I would be lost without your love and support. You always know when I need to goof around, when I need to have a clever conversation, and when I need a shoulder to cry on (like tuesday in the garden for example). 

I wasn’t gonna do this, but hey we’re on tumblr so why not? Honestly Kayla, you’re the Hermione to my Harry. 

The Joey to my Darren. 

The Bones to my Kirk.

The Doctor to my Amy. 

The Frodo to my Sam. 

The Han to my Luke. 

The Cas/Misha to my Sam/Jared. 

So here’s to you Kayla. And I hope you have a fantastic day. Because

I haven’t told any of you about my dad yet have I? Well this will be an interesting couple of minutes. 

Basically all the things you need to know about my father:

  • he’s 6,3
  • he’s a birder
  • he wood-carves
  • he taught himself the guitar
  • he plays the recorder for no apparent reason at midnight
  • for all of my childhood he called my best friend Princess Naboo
  • he has this sort of fellowship which included all of my friends and once in a while he will kick one of them out
  • him and his friends go on “Old Bastard Weekends” and call themselves the Flaming Cowboys. I’m actually not kidding.
  • once he learned the Hobbit theme on the penny whistle just so that he could play it when Kayla came over
  • he likes books about boats. A lot. 
  • he’s recently started to have one way conversations with my stuffed bear
  • he’s currently dancing to bollywood music downstairs in preparation for his long awaited bollywood party