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Ever just stop and think about what it would feel like to meet Tom Holland and having him take one look at you and instantly fall in love with you because I do, every…single…day!

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˗ˏˋtrying to confess to donghyuck, but he likes ningningˎˊ˗

idol(s) ˗ˏˋlee jeno and lee donghyuck of nct dream, ft. ningning of smrookiesˎˊ˗

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hey everybody it’s been awhile! i’ve got my account from glitching, and i’m posting again!! love and missed ya’ll very much!

Love Bouquet {Flowershop! Haechan}
  • Pairing: Haechan X Reader
  • Request: “hello!! can you do a haechan flower shop au please?”
  • Genre: Fluff; Flowershop! AU; College! AU; Bulleted Scenario
  • Word Count: 1727
  • Summary: Who knew your old high school crush would be helping you pass your floral design class in college?

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finger guns of love

Pairing: kim dongyoung x reader

Summary: “Pew, pew, I’m shooting you with my finger guns of love.”

“Please don’t fool around, I’m cooking.”

“Well, when you tell me I can’t do something, I have to do it now. It looks like I’ll be fooling around while you’re trying to cook.”

Dongyoung glances at me and sighs, shaking his head before turning back to his cooking. I wrap my arms around him and peek under his arm, making it go up. He looks at me, scoffs and shyly puts his arm around me. I smirk, tightening my grip around him.

“Tsundere,” I tease, poking his nose.

“Am not, now shush. I’m cooking.”

“But I’m bored.”

“Well that’s unfortunate.”


“Then go do something, I’m making food for you right now just like you begged me to.”

“Love you,” I wink and give him a mischievous smile. He rolls his eyes, a small smile tugging at his lips.

“Yeah, yeah. Whatever,” He mumbles and leans towards me to give me a kiss on the forehead. My cheeks redden as I pout at him.

“Say it back!”

“I love you too, now go entertain yourself.”

“Ay, ay captain!” I salute him before dashing from under his arm and into the living room. I roam around, finding nothing to entertain myself with and coming back to the kitchen. Dongyoung doesn’t turn around, only focusing on making the food.

“Couldn’t find anything to do, huh?”

“Nope,” I sigh, placing my chin on top of my arms that are sprawl over the table. He hums, leaving me be. I let out a small whine, curling my fingers into guns. I close one eye and lazily aim for a spot on the wall. “Pew, pew.”

“What was that?”

“Mm,” I hum and wave it off, silently telling him it was nothing to worry about. I aim for the wall again, readying my finger guns. “Pew, pew.”

“What are you doing?”

“Pew, pew.”

This catches Dongyoung’s attention as he stops doing whatever he was in the middle of and turns to me. He raises an eyebrow and I aim for him, closing an eye. “Pew, pew.”

“Finger guns, really?” He gives me a look and sighs, shaking his head.

I grin and nod. “Pew, pew.”

“You’re like a child.”

I giggle and run to him, wrapping my arms around his arm. Dongyoung stares at me, then averts his attention back to cooking.

“Since you’re over here, you can help me.”

“Pew, pew,” I shoot at him. He sighs, not letting it phase him. I smirk, making it my mission to fire at him with my finger guns until he gets mad. It shouldn’t take long for that to happen though.

“Pass me the salt.”

“Pew, pew.”

“Seriously, pass it.”

“Pew, pew.”


“Pew, pew.”

Dongyoung lets out a frustrated sigh and I giggle.

“Do you want food or not?”

I nod.

“Then, give me the salt.”

“Pew, pew.”

“Fine, I’ll get it myself,” He mumbles, walking to where it was with me still holding onto his arm. He grabs it and continues cooking. “Mm, now it looks like I need the pepper. Can you-”

He turns to me and was about to ask for me to get it when he remembers. He instantly closes his mouth and walks to get it himself. I smirk.

“Pew, pew,” I tease, poking my finger into his cheek repeatedly. He stays still, letting it happen and pretending it didn’t phase him at all. I know it does though from his eyebrows furrowing together whenever my finger touches his cheek. “Are you getting mad, Dongyoung?”

“Finally, you talk normal again,” He mumbles, quickly turning to me before he loses the chance. “Can you mix this? I have to-”

“Pew, pew.”

Dongyoung stares blankly at me and I snicker. He shakes his head and mixes it together, sneaking glances at me. I smirk, placing a kiss on his cheek.

“Pew, pew.”

“Okay, I’m going to try one more time. Y/N, will you please pass me anything that you see right now.”

“I can pass on your question.” I say as we stare at each other. A smirk makes it onto my lips as I curl my fingers into a gun again. “Pew, pew.”


“Pew, pew.”

“I’m breaking up with you,” He says and begins to walk away. My eyes widen and I whine, reaching for his wrist. I grab hold of it and tug him back to me.

“Aw, no! Come on, I was joking! Don’t be mad!”

Dongyoung sighs and comes back to me. “Will you talk normal then?”

I nod and pout, using my puppy dog eyes on him.

“Stop,” He says and puts his hand on my face, slightly pushing me away. I laugh, pushing back against his hand. A smile makes its way onto his lips as I wrap my arms around him. “You’re so silly.”

“I know, but you love me.”

“I do.”

“Hey, guess what?”


“Pew, pew!” I exclaim, aiming for his heart. He does nothing for a moment before finally going along and falling back, clutching his shirt into his hands. Dongyoung groans, acting his heart out.

“I’ve been shot by your finger guns of love.”

When he says this, I burst out laughing. He lets out a laugh as a shade of red runs across his cheeks in embarrassment. I grin stupidly wide at him as I see his expression. He sticks his tongue out at me and crosses his arms.

“You are the greatest human being, Kim Dongyoung,” I giggle, clinging onto him as I try to catch my breath. He chuckles, holding me upright.

“I know, what can I say?” He smirks before curling his fingers into guns. He aims for me and I squeal, squirming around in his arms. “My turn to get you with my finger guns of love. Prepare to be showered with all my love!”

“You dork!” I laugh, breaking out from his grip and running off. He chuckles, running after me.

“Take my love!”


The rest of the night was spent chasing and blasting each other with our finger guns of love.


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  • he’s the clingiest boyfriend ever
  • he’d literally always be glued to you
  • you’d be getting random hugs and kisses from him time to time
  • he basically never lets go of you
  • when you think of leaving his presence he’d follow you
  • “where are you going, (Y/N)”?
  • he’d always want to be with you most of the time
  • that’s why he takes you out
  • he plans a lot of activities the two of you can do
  • taking a walk, going to the park, buying ice cream
  • it’s the little things he enjoys doing with you
  • things are more fun when you’re around
  • as a boyfriend he’s also quite protective
  • when he’d notice someone bothering you or irritating you
  • he’d have a serious talk with them and make sure they leave you alone
  • you’re very important to him
  • so he wouldn’t like anyone being mean to you
  • if you’d ever feel sad or a little down
  • he’d be there ready to listen your feelings and help you out
  • “it’s okay (Y/N), you know i’m here for you”
  • he’s someone you can really count on
  • and you’re easily able to trust him
  • he loves cuddles!!
  • he’d be wrapping himself around you until you feel his warmth
  • you’d be getting kisses from him onto your cheek
  • his lips would be gentle, tender and soft
  • you’d love how innocent his kisses would be
  • he basically never exaggerates or forces the way he moves his lips
  • it would all be pure and kind
  • the two of you would compliment each other very well
  • it’s like he was made for you
  • his atmosphere perfectly matches yours
  • he’d make you laugh a lot
  • his cute dolphin laugh would be so adorable
  • you’d love to hear it from time to time
  • he might be a little clingy but it’s only because he loves you
  • and he wants to be in your presence all the time
  • you make him happy and make him feel safe
  • that’s why he easily stays by your side
  • you’ve build a place in his heart
  • and that encourages him to keep you with him
  • “(Y/N), i won’t let go”
  • the both of you would grow stronger and stronger
  • and become an ever more powerful couple
  • as you stay with each other for a long time


“Ante Meridiem” is a fanfic series for nct in game format. For more information, refer to the “Title Screen” (introductory / master post).

  • cast ≫ reader (gender neutral), nct
  • genre ≫ suspense, horror, angst
  • word count ≫ 1.7k
  • warnings ≫ none


THE TIME IS: AM, 12:15

What will you do?





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Conclusion to my first short story of “Imagine Weyoun choosing you as his soulmate”, as well as the continuation and initially inspired by @trekmystarsImagine Weyoun being into worshipping the reader in bed”.

Your eyes were closed, and you found yourself far gone, floating in space in zero-g, travelling to another galaxy at warp speed and stars passing you by. This phase felt like a state of lucid dreaming. Yet all the while you perceived how Weyoun sustained the strong telepathic link between the two of you. His telepathy was truly powerful and finalized the mental bonding. This joining went way deeper than love and attraction, it was finding your soulmate and lifelong loyalty. Bit by bit, you awoke from this dream state and opened your eyes to look at him.

Suddenly, you sensed how Weyoun could read your thoughts and you his without even touching one another, it was surreal and so alien. “We are now one, in body and soul,” he then stated rather matter-of-factly, and you sensed that this final step had clearly taken a great deal of energy out of him.

You caressed his handsome face, deliberately avoiding touching his sensitive ears this time as then, out of the blue, Weyoun smiled at you tenderly for the first time. You were caught off-guard by his sudden display of kindness and smiled back at him, reveling in this joyous union.

One of the worst things about being a kpop fan is when you start school and all of a sudden you have to pretend like you want to socialize all the time and care about your school work but in reality I’m just waiting for comebacks, photo shoots, and anything else that will kill me