imagineering the dream

Donghyuck: I promise I won’t roast you for a whole week

Mark: yay (´。• ω •。`)

*1 hour later*


Sometimes you fail, and sometimes it is embarrassing and painful and hard and difficult. But it does not mean that you cannot succeed again and triumph in beautiful, wonderful ways. Just because it did not work out this time doesn’t mean it won’t work out later - sometimes in ways you never could have even imagined. Working towards your dreams is still worth it. I promise. 


Everyday texts with Mark

City of love: Jaemin


The wait was finally over. You had anticipating this day for the last couple of months. You had spent weeks finalising your outfits and packing list and saved up for months before hand. You absolutely could not wait for any of it, except for waking up at 3am to get to the airport. You knew your school would book the cheapest flights as this amazing trip they offered to Paris seemed to good to be true.

You stood in the cold airport surrounded by your classmates counting down the minutes till you would board the plane. Your best friend was rambling on about how she wanted to meet cute European boys but you were more excited to see the city itself, the Paris skyline at night was said to be the most magical and romantic of them all.

The plane journey and so forth was all a blur but soon the sky had become dark and the city lights twinkled like stars on the horizon. It was nightfall and all the students had been sent to their rooms in the shabby little hotel to get some sleep for the long day of sight seeing that would happen the next day. You couldn’t sleep, no matter how hard you tried, the glowing windows and lights from the city hypnotised and called you, begging for you to come closer. You could resist it. You heard your best friends heavy breathing next to you, assuring you she was in a deep sleep, before shoving your slippers on and sliding out the door.

You crept out on to the hallway looking for a door that led to the roof. After tiptoeing around you saw a heavy door with a green sign saying roof on. You quickly and quietly as you could snuck through the door and up to the roof. The cold night air hit you, causing thousand of goosebumps to arise on your bare arms and legs, which were not covered by your thin pyjamas. The rooftop was simple a few large potted plants and a wooden bench. You could hear the traffic and general buzz of the nightlife in the distance as you sat down on the small bench. You gazed longingly at the sparkling city, the gold Eiffel Tower standing proudly among the buildings. You heard the door that lead up to the roof swing open and your heart dropped, thinking it was a teacher come to drag you back downstairs.

“Oh Y/N your here,” you heard a familiar face say. Jaemin. He was a close classmate of yours, although you did not see much of him as he was constantly surrounded by girls or his friends, he was considers your grades heartthrob, and you couldn’t deny it you too were slightly attracted to him.

“Yeah I guess I couldn’t sleep and the city lights looked so pretty I wanted to get a better view” you explained as he took a seat next to you on the bench.

“Paris is really something right, I’ve always wanted to come here” he said as he watched you gaze over the city. You were interested in the dazzling lights and how they contrasted the dark, night sky, but he was more interested in you.

“It’s so beautiful” you sighed before wrapping your arms around yourself. “Oh Y/N you’re shivering ,here” he said while offering you his coat.

“No it’s fine, if you take it off you’ll be cold” you insisted.

“Yah as a man I can’t let girls like you shiver out in the cold,” he said making you try hide your giggles at his comment.

“Hey what do you mean girls like me?” “You know, pretty girls” he said suddenly focusing all his attention on his lap “Ah fine I’ll take it” you said thanking god it was night and your intense blush was hidden, “but what about you?”

“If you’re so worried about me you can just hug me and share your body heat” he said and you could just tell he had his trademark cheeky grin on. You put on his coat, which was slightly big on you but warm and cozy inside, and wrapped your arms around him. You felt him lean his head on your shoulder and wrap his arms around your waist. The conversation died out and you were left in a comfortable silence. “Yah Y/N this may sound strange but since we’re already hugging, I need you to kiss me” “ what!” You exclaimed shocked at his suggestion.

“It’s on my bucket list, to kiss someone in Paris, it’s the city of love you know,”

“Uh, I —” you began considering it before you were cut off by jaemin placing his hands on your cheeks and pressing his lips against yours. You let out a small squeal of shock before giving in, as after all your lips were cold from the harsh winds and his were warm and soft. You both gradually pulled away, both flustered and blushing. He laughed before saying “this is great I can finally tick two things off my bucket list”

“Two?” You asked confused, “Yeah, kiss someone in Paris and get with Y/N” he revealed causing you to smack his arm. “You should have such things on your bucket list” you said trying not to laugh. “It’s always been a dream of mine since 6th grade how could it not be on my bucket list,” he said before standing up and grabbing your hand and leading you to the door “let’s go, it’s getting too cold up here” he said before pecking your lips one more time. I guess Paris is truly the city of love.


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Bad Dreams [a Barry Allen imagine]

Request: Tyler wakes Barry up, reader is currently pregnant with Joey, and Tyler says that he had a bad dream about not being strong enough to protect his brother and Barry just comforts him and tells him stories about the times he saved reader and how he pulled through and just fluff

a/n: omg this is so cute i cannot bless daddy!barry i need more

Check out my family chart; request, come up with lil blurbs :)

You look over at Barry, smiling as he flips a page. His glasses set at the end of his upturned nose, glow of the bedside light shadowing his messy chestnut hair. After a few seconds of staring, his green eyes shift towards you. “What?” he grins, closing the book on his index finger and setting it in between his legs.

“Nothing… you’re just so handsome.” you sigh, resting your hand on his bare chest. He blushes, pale freckled cheeks turning a lovely shade of pink, and leans down to kiss you. His hand cups your tiny bump of a stomach, lips puckering around yours, drawing you in closer. A knock interrupts the sweet kiss and you pull back. “Ty?” you ask, eyebrows furrowing together.

The door slowly pushes open, revealing the lanky eleven year old boy in a pair of bright red basketball shorts and a tank top. He sniffles, scratching behind his ear, moving his light brown bangs in the process. “Bud, shouldn’t you be in bed?” Barry questions, removing his thick rimmed glasses to rub his eyes. “It’s like 12:30, man.” he grumbles, yawning slightly.

Tyler bites his lower lip, tentatively stepping into the bedroom, toes curling in the carpet. When he draws closer, you notice tears in his sea colored eyes and frown. “I…I had a bad dream, dad.” he admits quietly, nose scrunching underneath his glasses. “I didn’t wanna be alone.” he pulls on the end of his baggy white tank top, eyes focused on the ground.

Barry peers at you, lips parted and you sigh, fixing yourself on the bed to make some room. The speedster yanks the comforter off his legs, scooting over and adjusting his navy boxers. “Come here, slugger.” he pats the mattress; Tyler climbs on the bed, almost falling over on his knobby knees. Barry gasps when the eleven year old lays on top of his chest, still sniffling. Pouting, he gazes at you. “Aw, Ty, do you wanna talk about it? That helps, yanno; talking…” he coos, rubbing his son’s shoulder.

Feeling your fingers card through his medium length brown hair, Tyler sighs into his dad’s strong chest. “It was about the new baby.” he says softly. Barry frowns, shooting you a concerned expression. “I… I couldn’t protect them, dad… They were screaming and I…” he cries, fingers curling on Barry’s chest.

“Hey, hey, hey.” the speedster rushes out, picking up his son’s  head from his chest. His lips make a little popping noise when he sees the tears. “I understand what you mean. I had those same dreams when I started dating mom.” he whispers, brushing back Tyler’s bed hair. “I’d wake up in the middle of the night, screaming.” You nod, muttering ‘he did’. “I always thought I would be too late, yanno?” he shrugs, scrunching his nose. “But I always saved her, didn’t I?” Tyler sucks in a breath, nodding. “Don’t worry about your little brother, okay? He’s not gonna be in any trouble that you need to worry about, alright, bud?” Barry comforts, drying his son’s cheeks.

Tyler sniffles, crinkling his brown eyebrows, bright cloudy blue eyes staring at his dad. “Wait, little brother? I’m gonna have a little brother?!” he presses, voice laced in excitement. One thought goes through Barry’s mind, shit; he smiles at you awkwardly. “It’s a boy?!” Tyler turns to you, knees digging into Barry’s thigh, making him let out a painful groan.

Grinning, you take your son’s hand, guiding it to your light blue tank top. “Ty, meet Joey.”

Dream:  Part 1

Pairing:  Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings:  Mildly graphic, Swearing

Key:  As always, (Y/N) is your name.

Author’s Note:  Soooo this took me crazy long to rewrite, so hopefully you like it!  This is based off of one of my favorite songs, you can listen to it here:  Dream by Imagine Dragons.  Enjoy!

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Dream:  Part 1

In the dark / And I’m right on the middle mark / I’m just in the tier of everything that rides below the surface

It was close. It was so close.  You pushed your chair to another desk to triple check that the cameras were still disabled, and turned your mic back on.

“You guys have under a minute left.  It’d be nice if you could, ya know, hurry it up?”  You insisted, frantically looking through the map of the facility for the exit points and agents roaming.

“(Y/N) I already told you this would take more than five minutes.  You need to disable full security, or something just, make it work.”  Tony responded, fiddling with the high-tech lock in front of him.  You could tell he was on edge, but then again, so was everyone else.  You weren’t even supposed to help the team, as per request of Fury.  However, Tony knew your weakness full well, and being, well, Tony, he decided to use it against you.  

You just had a bad habit of getting lost in dreams, especially ones containing a certain super soldier.  You hoped Steve felt the same way, but you never really knew.  Tony did, though.

He wasn’t always justified by his motives of using members of the team, but it didn’t matter to him.  As long as it worked and he got what he wanted.  Well, it definitely worked.  So, here you were.  

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