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nct dream and their fashion sense

Mark: dresses well, fr he ends up looking like one of those guys from highschool musical

Renjun: wears whatever, doesn’t care, as long as he’s comfortable he don’t give two s****

Jeno: like Renjun also wears comfortable clothes, just less colourful, hoodies, greys, blacks

Haechan: wears whatever the f*** he wants, doesn’t give two s**** either, but matches clothes together well

Chenle: anime shirts, merch clothes, whatever looks cool tbh

Jaemin: wears brand names, dresses in sporty, comfortable clothes, pays attention to how he dresses

Jisung: wears all black because he’s ‘old’ and 'cool’

The pros and cons of dating NCT's Ten


Anon: Hi!! I absolutely loved the post about pros and cons when dating NCT 127, it was amazing! Funny thing that what you wrote about Jaehyun (my bias) it sounded like you were writing about me lol.. I would love if you could do Ten as well since he’s my other bias… Obvs I know he’s not in 127, but if you ever had the time, i’d love to read about him as well 💕💕 if you don’t have the time/want to, then ofc thats okay 😊🌼 love your blog!!!

Anon: for the pros and cons post with NCT 127 (which i absolutely loved so u kno i hadda hit u wit dis), is it possible that you can do it for ten? thank you in advance!!

Sorry if this is crap, I feel like this is a different style to my NCT 127 and I don’t like it😂🤧fuck it lmao. If you want more units or members, please do ask!

You can find NCT 127’s version here!

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  • Family man - Ten clearly has a very big heart for his family and is very grateful and thankful for them. He’d always be calling his mum up to chat and gossip, be messaging his sister throughout the day about random crap or send photos to his dad of his food and things he’s bought. He’s probably a big mama boy too and has been brought up well, with an innate respect for women and chivalrousness. He’d know exactly how to treat a woman (or man!) right and be so helpful and patient with you if you were on your period/going through rough times/stressed. He’d love you to spend time with his family and to spend time with yours too; it’d be good quality bonding time and a side to him that was soft and fluffy. Loving your family means appreciating them and appreciating the value of the relationships you have created through that bond. It’s easier for him to value other people, you especially, and what they bring to his life because he’s had the same group of people bringing wonderful things to him since he was all young and tiny. He’d have seen the grave effects his human relationships have had on his life, and therefore he values all of his friendships and relationships
  • Your biggest supporter and #1 fan - Ten would be your biggest and only hype man in your life. He’d always be encouraging and supporting your decisions and opportunities, pushing you out your comfort zone a little just to show you what possibilities are available for you. He’d visibly very encouraging too, always being positive, cheering and showing you affection whenever you succeeded in something. It’d be embarrassing for his partner/you, but really, you’d appreciate it enormously. I guess being an idol would make him more hardworking and independent than the average person, so he’d always be trying to use this to help you. Although he’d be supportive and encouraging of his partner, he’d still be realistic and realise that sometimes things aren’t going to go to plan and things might fall through. Bearing that in mind all the time, he’d also not be intimidated or leave you if hard times were in store. For Ten, being with someone you love that much, doesn’t mean that you’re only there for the good moments in their life; you’re there for the tough times too, where your relationship is at breaking point and you’re at your lowest. Even then, he’d be so incredibly patient and understanding, helping you get through it slowly and at whatever pace you wanted. I think that’d be a very special quality of Ten in comparison to the other members. The other might get scared or worried if things started to get tough and possibly distant themselves subconsciously; but that wouldn’t be the case with Ten. 
  • Lively - I don’t think there’d ever be a dull moment with Ten. And depending on the person he was dating, he’d always be able to find something to please and entertain his S/O. He’d never push them into doing something that was unlike them or scared them; rather he’d pick activities and dates that suited their hobbies and interests perfectly. Even if it wasn’t something he was fond of or maybe have never usually liked, he’d always try taking an interest in it just so he could be able to enjoy it with them. He’d be so enthusiastic about it too, his heart warming to see the love of his life getting excited and having fun. His contagious animation would catch on to you quickly, regardless of how quiet or loud. Within months of dating, they’d be become more extroverted and probably more optimistic too, a lot of smiling and liking a bit of adventure in their lives. Ten would be a positive influence on their life and wouldn’t be overly-excitable or lively that it could get tiring. He’d know his limits, and yours, and wouldn’t even try pushing them. He’d know that there’d be moments where it’d be better to just calm down. And he’d know how his partner was feeling towards his liveliness (e.g. he’d stop if he could tell he was winding them up) He wouldn’t be unpredictable and out of control with it, but he’d still be spontaneous and charming with his excitement. 


  • Too easy-going - Although Ten would be quite animated and involved in a relationship, there’d be times where he’d literally abandon it and put no effort into it. Sometimes, he’d be far too relaxed about things, not bothering to patch up little arguments or reconcile with you after a misunderstanding. He just wouldn’t put the effort into the relationship; he’d lack the enthusiasm to even try. Thinking things would just “sort themselves out” or “it’s not that big of a deal”. It’s really hurt your feelings and doubt his love for you when he was like this. He’d be like another person, who didn’t care about anyone else and would only react if there was something in it for him. He’d be able to go days after an argument without talking to you or go days after an argument acting like he hadn’t just told you that he “doesn’t care if you leave or not”. During arguments and heated discussions, he wouldn’t even bother looking at you or showing any sign that he was listening, remaining seated on his bed, just browsing clothes stores on his phone. His voice would be calm and soft, but would have this tone that sounded patronising and as if he was intentionally trying to wind you up. If you stormed out or started crying or packing a suitcase, he would even look up at one. He wouldn’t try to stop you. He would call after you. He wouldn’t try getting you back. Only after weeks of being apart, would he finally come to his senses and try to win you back. This side of Ten would be rare, maybe only occurring once or twice for every year of your relationship; but the effects and consequence of it would be dramatic and pretty damn serious.
  • Oblivious to signs and hints - Another painfully irritating characteristic of Ten, would be how oblivious and clueless he’d be to your hints and signs. For some reason, he’d be an expert at noticing you were upset or disheartened by something concerning friends or family, but whenever it came to things about him or maybe things like stress or work, he’d be utterly clueless. If you wanted affection or skin ship, he wouldn’t understand why you were clinging on to him for dear life, playing with his hair and trying to lace fingers with him. He’d brush your hands away hastily, trying to get on with whatever he was doing. If you were in the mood if u get what i mean lmfao, he’d literally have no clue or realisation that you wanted him unless you blatantly said “hey, let’s have sex”, otherwise you’d be left deprived. If you were mad at him, on the other hand, or stressed, he wouldn’t realise that you were giving the cold shoulder or silent treatment. He wouldn’t be doing it to wind you up, he just genuinely would be unaware of your anger towards him. Attempting to smother and cuddle you, he wouldn’t be disheartened by your groans and heavy sighs, your complaints and moans at him. Eventually, you would end up snapping at him, physically pushing him away from you and telling him to leave. Because of his laid-back nature though (as mentioned above), it wouldn’t end up in a fight but things would be tense between you and it’d be very awkward. Likewise, if you were trying to play a prank on someone or jokingly lie about something, giving Ten a hopeful look as if to say “please play along”, he’d completely misinterpret your singals and accidentally tell the person what you were doing lmao.
  • A people magnet - Like Johnny, and Jaehyun I guess too in fact, Ten would just naturally attract a lot of people and attention to him. He could walk into a room and people would instantaneously gravitate towards him. It’d depend on his partner about how annoying this would be to them (in general) If they were the kind to be laid-back and chill like him, not really caring about a lot of people around you, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal; maybe if he was to completely ignore, would you begin to get annoyed. If they were the type to get a little jealous or self-conscious about the amount of people near you, it could start some little arguments and then feeling very low and self-conscious (which Ten would hate, and would hate himself because of too) Normally, Ten attracting this amount of attention wouldn’t be a problem; yeah, it could be annoying or irritating at first, but over time you’d just learn to grin and bear it. There could, however, be times or moments where Ten could be inconsiderate about the attention and basically wind you up about it as a result. In front of you, he could be off flirting with someone else, touching their arm or playing with their hair, your hands on his biceps trying to pull him away just being impetuously pushed away. He would sometimes just ignore your calls or texts, be late (or not even turn up) to dates, pick other people over you without even thinking twice. His ignorance and insensitivity towards you would be the most common reason as to why you’d have fights and arguments. There’d be phases where these fights would be very often, and your relationship would be pushed to breaking point; and then phases where him acting like this wouldn’t ever occur. It’d be a bit odd honestly; you’d never be sure whether he was just obvious to the effects or his actions, or whether he was intentionally doing this to upset you. 
When you’re a trainee at SM and are dating Jeno

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i need more jeno in my life this boy is obviously hiding from me ;-; BTW i really hope i understood “rookies show” right here ><

Words: 1002

Fluff it’s kinda mild but it’s there, don’t worry

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You rubbed your slightly sweaty palms against your thighs, trying to keep yourself calm. You had been working your ass off to be where you were today. Now that the day to finally properly introduce yourself to the audience had come, you were feeling like you would collapse before even getting on stage.

NCT was still growing with units debuting and making comebacks here and there but the agency had decided that they wanted to debut a new girl group. They wanted to promote the group before they debut and that’s how you ended up where you were now: in the waiting room before going on stage. It was the day for your first SM Rookies show. The other members of the Rookies were getting ready for the show by practicing the dance moves and singing their parts.

In the corner of the small waiting room that was currently full of people sat the only person you knew could help you calm down. Even looking at his relaxed expression made you feel a bit better - though you did still feel like you were going to faint.

It was your boyfriend, Jeno. He was very relaxed since he was experienced. He was hosting the show with a few other NCT members.

I wonder if I’ll ever get to the point where he is now…

Quietly, you stood up and exited the room to go clear your thoughts. It was too noisy in the waiting room for you to think about anything else other than how nervous you were.

You didn’t know where you wanted to go so you just walked in circles for a bit until you found a quiet spot at the end of a hallway. It was so far from the hall where the show was going to be held that you didn’t hear the loud cheers and chattering that you had heard when you were in the waiting room.

I can do this… I’ll blow their minds…

You tried to tell yourself to calm down but you couldn’t help glancing at the clock that had been hung on the wall next to you every ten seconds. You felt your hands shake a little and the strength in your legs was slowly fading away and was being replaced by shaking.

I have to do this right… I worked for years to get here…

Your breathing was somewhat shaky and your stomach was hurting. You had never felt so nervous before. The feeling was almost overwhelming.

“Here you are,” you heard a familiar voice and turned around to be greeted by Donghyuck who was smiling mischievously. “Nervous much?”

You were close with the younger members of NCT, especially the members of NCT Dream. It had all happened while you were a trainee. You just naturally became friends little by little. You had thought it would be impossible to get close to your seniors thanks to their super busy schedules but somehow you had managed to befriend them. Somewhere along the way you and Jeno had developed feelings for each other and ended up dating despite both of you being busy.

“It’s easy for you to say,” you mumbled. “You’re already used to this kind of situations…”

“It was nerve-wracking for me too at first but you’ll feel really good when you get on stage, I promise,” Donghyuck smiled.

You couldn’t even force a smile for him so you just looked at him. “I guess so…”

“Jeno wanted to talk to you,” he said and walked past you after giving your shoulder a quick pat.

“Okay…” you mumbled and looked at how he walked away, looking relaxed as ever.

You decided to return to the waiting room to chat with the others. You couldn’t though, as you met Jeno on the way back and was stopped by him.

“Where did you go?” he asked, curious. “I was looking for you.”

“Sorry,” you apologized. “I just felt like I had to go clear my thoughts somewhere quiet.”

He quietly looked at you for a bit. “Are you really nervous?”

You nodded. “I feel like I’m going to lose my mind before I can even get on stage.”

“Are you feeling unwell?”

“Uh huh,” you said. “My stomach ache is quite strong and I feel a bit nauseous.”

There was a brief silence. “Don’t worry,” he said giving you and encouraging smile. “We’re all going to be there with you - the girls and the rest of my members.”

“I know but… I don’t know, I just feel like something is going to go wrong,” you said, feeling anxious.

“You’ll do great,” he said with a tone that comforted you.

“You think so?”

He nodded with a wide smile. “And so what if you make a small mistake? You’re just a rookie, I’m sure the audience will understand.”

You bit your lip, trying to keep calm. “And what if they don’t… like me?”

“I’m sure they will,” he said, came closer to you, put his arms around your waist and pressed a gentle kiss on your forehead. “Who wouldn’t like you?” he asked and looked at you with a loving smile.

You couldn’t help smiling at his sweetness. “They aren’t you, Jeno.”

“I bet they wish they were,” he said with a smug smile and pulled you in for a hug.

You stayed quiet for a bit. “And what if I like faint or stage or something?”

“You can’t,” he said softly. “You could get hurt. You won’t faint if you just remember to breathe. Everything will be okay.”

You smiled and hugged him a little tighter. “Thanks for trying to make me feel better.”

He loosened his arms around you to look at you. “Did I succeed?” he asked.

You nodded, noticing your legs had regained some strength and that you felt a lot more relaxed. “I’m feeling a lot better already.”

He smiled and gave your lips a gentle peck. “I’ll be right by your side, supporting you.”

“I know,” you smiled.

Live Stream ♡ Christian Yu

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“Ah.. Y/N, Y/N, Y/N.. what a gorgeous girl.”

Christian was live streaming once again and I was currently at a shoot getting my necessities together before leaving. I received the Instagram notification and decided to see what my soon to be man had to offer. 

A lot of people figured we were together because of what we post via Instagram, and Twitter. We were just two individuals obviously in love with each other but too afraid to take action. We acted like a couple, that’s for sure. I met Christian when Dabin was searching for a certain someone for his ‘RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW’ music video, and he just so happened to be paired up with my very best friend. 

“Who is Y/N?” Christian repeated from a fan who commented.

“She’s a friend of mine. Such an appealing girl.. ridiculously stunning, and over all just a great catch.”

You’d have to be stupid to not realize how intrigued he was. Not a day goes by of him not expressing his genuine feelings to poor little Dabin about you.

“I’ve hung out with her plenty of times, and not a second goes by where I’m not completely fantasized by her damn beauty of a smile. I swear she’s got to be Santa’s little present to me or something,” Christian grinned before placing his chin on his balanced fist. 

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Entangled - Part 1

Genre: A mix

Chracters: Yuta, Jaehyun and Reader (ft. other NCT members)

Word Count: 700+

A/N: This series will be really long as I’m still writing it and I’m not even half way through. Don’t be surprised if I discontinue it at some of time.

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Not all angels reside in heaven
Some walk the earth
Just like you

University was finally here. After twelve long years of school you were finally in the university of your dreams, and what made it better was that your best friend, Jaehyun would be with you through it all.

As you walked into campus you took a deep breath, ready to start a new year, a new life, a new journey. Jaehyun smiled at you as you approached him at the entrance, his newly bleached hair falling over his eyes.

“Let’s go?” asked Jaehyun while swinging his arm around your shoulder, “Yes!” You replied, your excitement getting the best of you. He couldn’t help but let out a low chuckle as you dragged him along to your first session. As both of you were sports majors, you had almost every class with him except for a few here and there.

The two of you talked about the weekend and your roommates as you walked together to the lecture hall. Stopping at the entrance to the hall, your eyes roamed the room, looking for a place to sit, but instead landed on a familiar brown haired boy, you wished to never see the likes of. “Fuck,” you muttered under your breath, but Jaehyun could hear you perfectly and so scanned the room to see what caused you to swear.

It wasn’t long before his eyes locked with those of the brown haired boy, who on seeing Jaehyun looked to his right, only to have a genuine smile grow on his face when he saw you standing beside him.

“C'mon Y/N, it won’t be that bad,“ said Jaehyun, while he placed his hand on your back and guided you to one of the seats at the back.

No sooner had you taken your first few steps, like a baby learning how to walk that you tripped over your feet and almost fell face first. Thankfully, and as cliché as it may sound, Jaehyun caught you at the right moment, swiftly wrapping his arm around your waist and pulling you back up.

Your face flushed deep red when you found yourself face to face with his perfect facial structure. It wasn’t like you had a crush on Jaehyun, it was just the fact that you hadn’t ever been this close to him despite your strong relationship.

Minutes after this small incident you pulled away from him and continued your gait to the back row.

“Careful there sweetheart, you don’t want your ugly face to get any worse.”

You heard the shrewd comment coming from the person you detested the most, and had to restrain yourself from yelling.

‘It’s a waste of time arguing with him, so don’t’ you told yourself, but didn’t forget to whisper ‘asshole’ just so he knew you weren’t some naïve girl he could push around once again.

“That’s all you can say? Surely four years of torment would have taught you more, or are you still the same stupid little nerdy girl who cried about everything?”

Some how this boy knew how to reach your last nerve within the span of 0.5 seconds, and you were not going to let him have a repeat of high school, “Listen here Yuta, I-” but you were cut off by your best friends calming gesture, when he wrapped his arm around your waist, whispering, “he’s not worth your time,” as he guided you away from what could have caused you your first college disaster.

Sighing you rested your head against his shoulder as he led you to the back row, whispering cringey jokes to calm you down.

But maybe if you had just turned around for a split second to look at Yuta, you would have seen the cold stare he gave Jaehyun as he planted light kisses against your head while leading you away from him. Maybe you would have known just how much he despised seeing Jaehyun brighten up your day by just standing beside you.

It wasn’t that he hated Jaehyun, or you for that matter, he just hated the fact that Jaehyun got to do all the things he’d ever imagined himself doing with you from the time he laid eyes on you, back in first grade when he saw you sitting on the swing, laughing as you swung away from the ground while the wind played with your hair, making Yuta believe in angels.

I apologise if it sounds very cliché. I’m trying very hard to not make it cliché.


..waking from a long and terrible nightmare.


markhyuck speaking English is quite possibly the cutest thing ever && maRKS WHISPERING IN THE BEGINNING GOT ME SHOOK