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Polar Opposites - Leonard Snart

- Y/n = Your Name

- Y/L/N = Your Last Name

Prompt- “ Can you do a leonard snart x reader?” -anon” // “Hi! Can you do one with Leonard Snart where the reader is part of the legends and they are secretly dating. The team goes off on a mission without Leo and the reader gets kidnapped. Leo starts freaking out and gets ready to go after her and gets ready to go after her even though Rip tells him not to but then she ended up saving herself and shows up. As soon as Leo sees her, he goes over and kisses her and Everyone is really surprised because she is so sweet & kind.” -anon


Word count - 662


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One Chance~ Tyler Bate Imagine

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There was only one thing you came into this business to do, is be the best and be on top. You were known in this business as the women who doesn’t take shit from other people. The women that took risks and took chances. You never imagined yourself to like someone in this company. 

Relationships weren’t your friends, you were always focused on what you wanted to do since you were a little girl. Wrestle. Making your way into the WWE, into NXT and making your way around to have a chance at the title. You ran into Asuka in the ring, but not for the title, you’d give anything to have a go at the table. 

Recently, your attention was elsewhere as the UK Champion, Tyler Bate made his way into the business. He had caught your eye, but it was merely nothing. Men went and go in your life, your best friends in the company was Ember Moon. Since she came onto the roster, she went under your wing and the two of you traveled together and train together. She was the only one you trusted around here. 

“ Do you see that? Y/N, I see why Hunter has picked her to be on this roster” you heard one day, Trent Seven talking about you to the other two. One being one of them was Tyler Bate. 

The other was Pete Dunne, he was more ruthless, more hardcore you could say. The three of them turned their heads as they see you talking to Ember. Tyler couldn’t take his eyes off of you, not only were you beautiful but you were a hard catch. He has been trying to get your attention since he got here. 

“ She’s not a piece of cake that you can grasp” Hunter had told him once told him.

“ She’s trouble in the men’s department” Regal added, that was right that you were. You’re head was set on winning, having the title around your waist even if it meant not making friends but enemies. 

Something changed over the past week, you would stare at the boy that had dirty blonde hair, the beautiful eyes, he was muscular, had the accent, had a mustache and he looked so good today thought. 

 You wondered what was it exactly that caught your attention. He came into the Performance Center, ready for work out. You couldn’t help but look at him, he made his way over to you as you were watching others in the ring.

“ You okay?” he asks, you brought your head out of the clouds.
“ I’m good. What are you doing today?” you motion around the Performance Center. 

He’s been here for a while, he usually would practice some moves in the ring before working out around the Center.

“ Something different” he looks at you, your heart jumps as you see him bite on his bottom lip before releasing it. You coughed turning back to watching Ember practicing.

 You had to held back from blushing in front of him. He smelled really good too, if you put your arm down, it might brush against him and then maybe you’d feel goosebumps or a shiver. 

As it was your turned, Tyler watched you in the ring. He thought you were like an angel flying around. He wanted you. Tyler tried so hard to get your attention but somehow you only brushed him off or answered him simply in small words. It was like something changed, the two of you had a conversation, kinda and now it was different. Had he done something wrong? Of course, he thinks like that because he likes you. He thinks right away it’s his fault for making you push him away. 

Tyler begins to send you anonymous letters leaving them on your bag for you to find. It was sweet, what he did. You knew it was him. Catching him from time to time trying to put them in your bag. You didn’t comfort him because you need to focus on your matches. 

You just didn’t do relationship, you did not believe in falling in love anymore. Tyler then began to leave you a rose every time. He would send Pete or Trent to talk to you, to ask you how you felt about them. To only have Pete or Trent tell him that you avoided the question. Of course, Tyler saw the looks before that you sent him. He saw a change in your eyes.

“ I’m telling you, she likes me” 

“ I don’t know, she barley talks about wanting to be in a relationship. Just ask Ember, she always talks to Y/N”

So he did, he asked Ember if you ever thought about dating someone in the same business as you. 

Sadly, Ember didn’t really know as well since you don’t talk about that with her. It’s not that you didn’t want to, it just you have been through so much in the past, that you didn’t want to hurt again. Not like you had been. 

Tonight you were getting ready for a big match, well a number one contenders match. It was you, Ember and Liv Morgan. Ember and you kept your friendship outside the ring, in the ring you two weren’t friends. 

As the match was going, an unexpected surprise came down the ring. Tyler wanted to come down to the ring to support you, to have your back and cheer you one. But you noticed him, this was not part of the story line, he wasn’t suppose to be here. 

“ Get out of here!” you yelled, pointing to the ramp. He shook his head, “ I’m here to cheer you on. I know you can do this” he says. But before you could blink, Ember has rolled you into a pin, pinning you for the win. She won the number one contender spot to face Asuka. 

“ Are you kidding me!?” you yelled, eyes wide slamming your hands on the mat. This wasn’t happening. Tyler who stood by ring side, grabbed onto his head, eyes wide as well. He just cost you the match. You turned your gaze to him, gritting your teeth. 

You get out of the ring, pointing a finger at him.

“ Stay out of my way Bate, you don’t belong here!” you shouted, storming to the back.

 Backstage, you kept throwing things around being angry. More at yourself, for looking at Tyler when he came out. He wasn’t suppose to be there. He cost you the match, you screamed throwing chairs around.

“ I’m sorry” you heard from behind you. Turning around, you come face to face with Tyler.

“ Your’e sorry? Are you fucking with me? The hell where you doing out there? I didn’t need you to come out there and ruin this for me!” 

“ I know, I know but listen I was only doing this because you never really paid attention to me. I want a chance with you, once. Costing you the match was a way to get your attention” 

“ well you got my attention and not for a good reason” you took a step towards him, your hand in a fist. 

He put his hands up, taking a step back . 

“ All I want is one date with you, if you don’t like it. I will stop and never talk to again” 

“ A date? Why? With me?  Are you sure?” 

“ Yes, a date with you. Why? Because you deserve to have someone make you happy. You push people away when they try to be close to you. You’re a beautiful women who deserves someone in her life that would do anything to make her day. You deserve so much with that special someone, I want to be able to make you smile and laugh. I want to be able to be the reason for your happiness. Give me a chance to be the man that you need”  

You stood there thinking to yourself. Is this what you really want? A guy like Tyler Bate, he was cute and was bold enough to ask you out. No one else tried to, they don’t have the balls to like he does. 

“ Alright, once chance” 

“ Thank you” he smiles opening his arms, “ hug?” 

“ I’m still pissed at you for costing me my match, we’ll see if the date goes well then you will get a hug or possibly something more” 

A wide smile spread across his lips. He looked like the cutest thing you have ever seen.

Lovesick (Jungkook, OC) Scenario

OC- Ahri 

“I don’t think that’s such a good idea, Jimin.” Ahri said.

Her friend Jimin had phoned her unexpectedly this morning, asking her if she could come over to their dorm. He said it was urgent and Ahri wondered if she should be worried or not. 

“It’s really important, Ahri. Please?” The boy pleaded. 

“Why?” She sighed sadly. At normal circumstances, Ahri wouldn’t have asked why. She would have grabbed any opportunity or jumped at any excuse to be able to visit them in their dorm. But today was different. Maybe it’s because she’s currently in the middle of a fight with Jimin’s band mate–and boyfriend, Jungkook. 

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anonymous asked:

I still feel bad for P!Eli in LiB because she's so insecure about her relationship with Honoka on account of the fact that Honoka obviously loves Umi more than anyone in the world. Being with Honoka is a poisoned chalice of sorts in that yes she gets to be with the girl she loves, but she also has the constant reminder in the form of Umi that she'll never be #1 in Honoka's heart. While that does sound kind of silly, imagine being in a relationship where your partner loves someone more than you.

You do make a good point about that. I think that’s kind of what Eli was feeling in the last chapter where she was talking to Maki. Like it was easy for Honoka for her to…not be there in a way (obviously it wasn’t easy for Honoka but Eli couldn’t help but worry about that and feel kind of bitter about the fact that Umi didn’t have to go anywhere, you know?). 

I feel like it’s probably just a niggling insecurity though. She knows Honoka would choose Umi over her but at the same time she knows that neither Honoka nor Umi would actually shut her out of their relationship. So in a sense, she uses that to make herself feel kind of…more secure? If that make sense. She reassures herself with that, almost. 

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Aaron sweetie you haven't been here very long so let me tell you a thing. This is something all larries know but don't say and it's yeah. Sad. Harry loves attention and he doesn't like being in the band. If it wasn't for lou he would left a long time ago because he's one of those people who likes it when its all about him. Don't attack people for recognizing his true colors yeah. We support him because we love lou but

If I had even a fraction of common sense I’d block you and move on with my evening, but alas, here I am, yet again, having to deal with the torrent of stupidity that people feel necessary to pour into my inbox on a daily basis.

First of all, just off the top of my head, fuck you. Fuck you for speaking on behalf of a group of people most of whom would undoubtedly think you’re full of shit. I may not have been here long enough to qualify as a human being that you don’t speak to like they’re seven years old, but I’ve interacted with a fair few Larries, and, in news that may come as a shock to you, none of them hate Harry.

Second of all, congratulations, you’ve proven yourself to be a despicable human being. You clearly have some personal issues regarding Harry (which frankly you should probably work on somewhere that isn’t my inbox), but to perpetuate them as if they’re fact and as if they’re part of some sort of hidden mass opinion is ludicrous nonsense - it’s also doing a grave disservice to the hoards of Larries who support both Harry and Louis.

As it happens, I am tired of people who have so little comprehension of what an adult relationship looks like that they twist Louis and Harry into an unceasing competition. Who’s stunting harder? Who has it worse? Who wants to be in the band more? Who has the most recognition? It’s boring and redundant. Do you truly believe that either one of them needs you to defend them against the person they’re in love with?

It is fine to have a favourite member of the band, but when you have to tear down other members in order to worship your fave, you’re doing it wrong. Especially when the member who’s character you’re assassinating is in a long term relationship with the one you adore.  

Furthermore, don’t come into my inbox with a plate of piping hot cowshit, expecting me to eat it and say, “thanks very much for bringing me roast chicken.” As you so condescendingly pointed out, I haven’t been here long, but I know that your message is total rubbish. Anyone who was paying even the slightest attention over the last six years would know full well that every word of your message is garbage, founded in nothing but petty speculation and fan fantasy. 

Lastly, it’s interesting to me that despite clearly being a fan of Louis’, you think so little of him that you imagine he’d be in a relationship with someone who, by your account, is objectively awful. What a strange world you live in, you miserable fool. 

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Why do you like Shishio so much? Not intended to be an insulting ask, I also ship Shizume c: I was just curious

Why do I like Shishio so much. I sat down and really thought this through.

I’ll put this under a read more because it’s going to turn into a pretty long reply with plenty of personal anecdotes.

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