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Nostalgia - Jughead Jones Imagine

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gender neutral pronouns || 1047 words

Betty shook with sorrow, tears falling freely down her face. (Y/N) placed a comforting hand on her back, stroking soothing circles. Her sobs echoed throughout the Cooper household, luckily Betty’s parents were still at work.

“Have you ever loved someone, with your whole heart, but you know that they will never love you back?” Betty whimpered, referring to Archie. However, one person, in particular, came into (Y/N)’s mind…Jughead Jones. They had been best friends for many years, both having similar interests and ambitions. (Y/N) had loved him for years, but never once said anything, in fear of him not feeling the same.

“Betty, there will be someone out there for you. Archie, he doesn’t deserve you.” (Y/N) smoothed down Betty’s hair as she put her head on their shoulder. “He’ll realise that soon enough.” (Y/N) smiled, trying to lighten the dull and depressing mood. Thinking about Jughead wasn’t making things any better either.

“It’s just hard, (Y/N). I’ve loved him for years, and to just have that, that connection, gone. It’s too much at once.” Betty sighed, not realising that her words, also reflected (Y/N)’s circumstances. (Y/N) swallowed hard, their chest tightening, palms beginning to sweat as they thought of Jughead. Repressed feelings, ones that they thought would never take hold as much as it did, all falling down at once. At that moment Kevin burst through the door, holding blankets and ice cream.

“I came prepared.” He smiled, sitting down next to Betty.

“Listen, Betty, if you don’t mind, I’m going to head off. It’s getting late and I don’t want my parents worried.” (Y/N) rambled on, causing a small smile to appear on Betty’s face.

“It’s fine. Thank you, for being here.” And with that, (Y/N) left, they left before the tears could fall, before those walls came crumbling down. They went to the only place they could think of, a place that only they and Jughead knew of. The treehouse, behind both of their houses, the place where the two would play for hours on end, imagining different worlds and realities. If only it were like that now.

Sitting down in the rickety lodge, (Y/N) scanned the shelves, mounted with comics, small figurines, battered and broke, but what caught their eye, was the small photo in a brown, scratched frame. It was of Jughead and (Y/N), they were a few years younger from what they were now, holding each other close, smiling so brightly that the corners of their eyes lifted. It had been awhile since they had taken a photo together, and awhile since either of them smiled like that.

(Y/N) caressed the photo with the tips of their fingers, reminiscing in the memories of “the glory days” they had called it. Basking in the nostalgia in the small rotting treehouse. (Y/N) had only closed their eyes for a moment, when footsteps echoed through the lodge and soon, climbed in Jughead.

“Juggie?” (Y/N) questioned as they wiped the tears from their eyes quickly. Jughead sat down next to them, looking at the photo.

“What’s wrong, (Y/N)? I saw you climb up here from my bedroom window.” Jughead looked over to his house quickly from the small window, before turning back to (Y/N).

“How did you know something was wrong?” They asked, clutching the frame tighter. Jughead sighed, looking into (Y/N)’s (E/C) eyes.

“We haven’t been in here since we were what? Ten?” This caused (Y/N) to frown, looking back down at the photo of them in their teenage years.

“Then what’s this doing in here.” They showed Jug the photo, his face going slightly pale. “Juggie, why is this in here?” They asked again. Jughead closed his eyes, head falling back against the wood.

“That’s my favourite photo of us. We look so happy, I-I didn’t want to forget it. I thought up here, It’d be safe.” Jughead looked down at it, smiling slightly.

“Why were you up here, (Y/N)?” He asked gently. (Y/N) sighed.

“Have you ever loved someone, with your whole heart, but you know that they will never love you back?” (Y/N) repeated Betty’s words, looking daringly at Jug for a second. “You know that, if you were to do something about it, it would put your whole friendship in jeopardy.” Jughead frowned this time, looking out the small window at the tender sunlight.

“Yes.” He mumbled, so quiet, that (Y/N) almost missed it. This caused them to freeze,who could it possibly be? both thought. “For awhile now actually.” Jughead grabbed the photo from (Y/N)’s grasp holding it close. “I kept this photo, to remind me, remind me of the moment it happened.” Pulling out the photo from its frame, Jughead held it up to the fading light. At the back of the paper was a date, the day the photo was taken, and the words “Nostalgia-” written scruffily.

“Wait, Jug what are you-what are you saying?” (Y/N) was far beyond confused, turning more to look at him. Jug put the photo down, meeting their gaze.

“As cheesy and as gross as it sounds, you. You’re the only thing I’ve ever had that’s worth anything to me. The only thing, that I can live for. I-I” The words caught in his throat, (Y/N) took this as their moment, and slowly pressed their lips against his. Jughead froze for a second, before returning the kiss, wrapping his arms around (Y/N)’s waist. (Y/N) moved their hands to his neck, gripping the dark locks exposed at the back of his head. Pulling away a few moments later, Jughead pressed his forehead against (Y/N)’s.

“I’m in love with you, Jughead Jones.” (Y/N) whispered, both of them breaking out into a smile. A smile just like the one in the photo.

“As I am with you, (Y/N) (L/N).” He mumbled, pressing another soft kiss to their lips, both of them wrapped in their own world. A sentimental moment, of fantasy, becoming reality.

Nostalgia (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

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Prompt: I’m a sucker for the sad romance of the 1940s. Bucky was on top of the world back then and now he’s broken, lonely, trying. He cracked a few smiles in CACW. I would love it if you could do a fic about Bucky using a coping mechanism of going to see a photography collection about the 40s and meeting reader, who he catches smiling at a photo that he was trying hard not to smile at. He decides to practice his charm, see if he still has it? Xo

A/N: This was too cute to handle. Nostalgic Bucky and a cute girl. These are the asks that make my life. After ‘Tenderly’ yesterday and now this..? I’m dying over here. I hope you enjoy, mysterious anon who left this prompt :) 

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BUFFYVERSE + Aesthetic / SHIPS + Aesthetic: Buffy & Dawn (for drusillathekiller & anon)  

but imagine luke stepping onto the millenium falcon for the first time in so long.

imagine him finding himself at the edge of the island after rey gently asks if he wants to see it, staring up at the tattered ship that had once marked the beginning of his own journey. imagine nostalgia threatening to lock his knees and keep him from stepping forward at first.

imagine chewie being a welcome sight, drawing out a smile that falls instantly once luke realizes that he’d been half-expecting han to pop out of the compartments, wrench in hand. imagine rey staying quiet in the face of his resignation, watching patiently as he runs his hand over the hologame board.

“i never told him,” he would start, a little regretful and a whole lot scared, but rey’s look would say it all–she understands.

imagine later, when they’re back outside, she sits beside him and looks out at the ocean.

imagine her mourning with him.

The grass is green. - CH

The grass is green, summer is in full swing and when you look out of your window, the streets are filled. You watch the world go by and see families enjoying the sun, you watch couples old and young fall more and more in love yet you stay the same. Glued to your bedroom floor, standing and thinking about the jobs you need to do, when you are going to finally clean out the spare room or the laundry that needs to be collected. Your mind wanders to the new TV show you had promised yourself to start or the books sitting downstairs which beg to be read. Plans, ideas and dreams fill your head, new memories constantly evolving and memories that are fading day by day.

He’s gone. It hits you again, this time worse than it ever has. Like a wave and in that moment you wish the waves would drag you under.

Shouting. It’s all you can remember, the heated arguments and harsh words which brought you to an end. “Calum’s gone” you whisper, as if saying it out loud might help you accept it.

In these moments you swear you can still feel him, his scent, his laughter, and the way you two would be at peace when around each other. Sometimes no words needed, just the silence speaking instead. But the silences became longer, the distance became too much. Too many missed calls, too many texts to say you loved each other but couldn’t speak tonight. Too many tears and forgotten kisses.

And in that moment, home doesn’t feel like home anymore, nothing does. Your skin feels foreign and the place where you sleep is haunted by his touch. There used to be a comfort of his clothes in your wardrobe or the name in your phone that would listen when you needed and arms which you thought would always be yours.

You are trapped, stuck again in your time zone of nostalgia and this time you think you may never escape. The thought of him feels foreign, the idea of tracing his tattoos whilst in bed feels like a dream. His laugh rings through your head, pleading for you to remember. You can’t remember how you got here, how you went from so in love to strangers. It’s too much. Deep breaths you try tell yourself. Deep Breaths.

The grass is green, summer is in full swing and when you look out of your window there is nothing but the past staring straight back. The ten minutes you allowed yourself to think about him is up, you’re going to breathe in and out and walk away. You’re going to be fine. You have to be.

When I was in year six I did literally lose sleep over the thought that they wouldn’t resolve the plastic beach story and 2D was going to be left with the whale forever, so you can’t imagine my joy and nostalgia when DoYaThing video came out, and they were all chilling in a house.

artless-commerce  asked:

what are ur ocs' favourite songs?

Aw I missed seeing this thats so sweet to ask haha I’ll just do a couple

ShooshThis along with old monster movie soundtracks

Judas: Judas lmao but in all serious he does like stuff like Lady Gaga

Foxtrot: The most obscure vaporwave track you could imagine

Nostalgia: While Sticks and Stones is both fitting and something I can see her listening too, her favourite song is probably something like Dramophone

I would kill for LK to do a Let’s Play featuring Melvin and Ryou. No doubt those two dorks gaming would be hilarious and awkward af.

the guitarist

some songs that remind me of the guy from that band

//brain stew - green day//if these sheets were the states - all time low//BFFF - bowling for soup//so long soldier - all time low//a really cool dance song - bowling for soup//Josie - blink 182//lifestyles of the rich and famous - good charlotte//kiss me - ed sheeran//rockstar - a great big world//the rock show - blink 182//goodnight moon - go radio//don’t stay - linking park//little things - good charlotte//nicotine - panic! at the disco//jersey - mayday parade//five colours in her hair - mcfly//James Dean and Audrey Hepburn - sleeping with sirens//party in USA - miley cyrus//you’re gonna go far kid - the offspring//somebody that i used to know - mayday parade//another girl another planet - blink 182//fuckin perfect - p!nk//everything has changed - taylor swift//you found me - the fray//basket case - green day//la la lainey - forever the sickest kids//photograph - ed sheeran//if it means a lot to you - a day to remember//


Imagine Person A rediscovering a song that they haven’t heard since they learned about Person B’s feelings. They get intense flashbacks.