A dedicated dog has been seen pushing his disabled owner to work in Luoyang, in central China’s Henan Province. Each day Lao Ma, who is paralysed from the waist down, pulls himself to work as a shoe repairman using a homemade ‘wheelchair’ and his hands. However, when the terrain gets steep he receives some extra help from his pet dog Da Huang who helps to push him up the slope

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Du Fan prepares to feed approximately 300 dogs he homes in a shelter in Wuhan city, China. Every day he feeds and cares for the animals at his adoption base, from where he has re-homed over 3,000 animals since opening in 2006. Unfortunately, because his shelter enjoys such a good reputation, local people keep sending stray animals there and Du is reported to be struggling to cope. According to Du, the shelter costs 30,000 yuan (£3,200) per month to run.

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Haohan Bridge. Shiniuzhai National Geopark. Hunan Province. China. photos: chinatours & Jiao Zi / Imaginechina AP

The bridge, which is designed to sway in the wind, stretches almost 1,000 feet - that’s about the length of three football fields - across a canyon in Pingjiang county, with transparent plexiglass sections offering a spectacular view of the valley floor 600 feet below. (source: nbcnews)

3-year-old Chinese boy swims with white whale in east China

Yang Yang, 3, kisses a 5-year-old white whale in the water at Qingdao Polar Ocean World in Qingdao city, east Chinas Shandong province 2 June 2006. Yang Yang began to learn swimming when he was less than one year old. He can perform breast stroke, butterfly stroke, backstroke and even rolling in the water as white whales do. Yang Yang was trained to swim with a white whale by trainers at Qingdao Polar Ocean World for several days and now he can swim with the white whale at will in the water.

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Qingdao, Shandong, China

The Rainbow Mountains in the Guansu province of China are one of the natural wonders of the world. Why are they rainbow? It’s because of the oxidizing of the minerals that are deposited in the mountain’s sandstone. The red is oxidized iron (think rust), the yellow is oxidized limonite and goethite, and the green and blues are due to chlorite or iron silicate clays. (📷:

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A toal of 23 giant panda cubs have been born this year at the Giant Panda Conservation and Research Centres in China and abroad. The babies include 16 born at the Bifengxia Base, four in the Wolong Base, one in Guangdong, one in the United States and one in Malaysia…
A total of 13 giant panda cubs born this year appeared together including six pairs of twin pandas
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