Okay but can you imagine what it would’ve been like if Jackie hadn’t come to the concert with them…..

they would’ve been singing along to all the songs like they were, and having a good time being the nerds they are, all happy and shit, and then they wouldve like. sat down and looked around and noticed that literally everyone around them are kissing someone

imagine how awkward they would’ve felt

like……listen i know im being total starco garbage right now but can you just. imagine the starco things that would’ve happened….


Titmouse 5 Second Day 2017 - 3. CHEAPEST CHILDREN’S CARTOON

(Turn up the volume!) Imagine the cheapest possible Children’s Cartoon. Strip away the pretense of a world, of characters, of plot. The simplest visuals, a smoothly shifting gradient, with inoffensive static images flitting on and off screen, gently whispering positive reinforcement… with some light indoctrination. 

You know, basically a normal kid’s show. 

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lol @ Kara in the gym... like she can lift a million-ton spacecraft free of earths gravity. Nothing she can rack onto a barbell is gonna be a challenge. Imagine her doing some olympic-level lift with enough weight to bend the bar... with horrible technique

omg imagine all those watching cringing at how bad her technique it.. you know when you watch something and just know something is going to go wrong.. that’s what they’re all thinking except that it works and they don’t get how she does it.. already imagining all the possible scenarios how she can hurt herself it  just doesn’t happen.. instead they’re all just staring at a  happily smiling woman who is better than every single one of them.. 

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i think markus and magnus would also find it funny that their names are pretty similar. "hi I'm markus burnsides. i mean, magnus velafi. i mean FUCK"

markus sitting on magnus’s shoulders: our name is marknus velasides and we are more powerful than you can possibly imagine 

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Lyatt fluff/ one shots? <3

We are happy to say we just uploaded content into the fluff tag! So here is some one shots! :D

We Make It Up As We Go by LivingInSmilesIsBetter | R: T | W: 2205 | 2/?

A collection of stand-alone stories, mostly fillers, fix-its, and some break it mores.

Moments In Time by MadalineGrace | R: T | W: 5110 | 5/?

A collection of one-shots based on the show. Mostly hurt/comfort stories centered around Wyatt. Some will be episode tags others will up to the imagination. ***POSSIBLE SPOILERS***

Come And Go by Deadlyrainbows | R: G | W: 1658 | 1/1

Alternate ending for Timeless 1x13, Karma Chameleon. Wyatt and Rufus are back in the Lifeboat after trying to save Jessica, but what will they do if it didn’t work?

admin izzy here, dropping in to spread some love on all you angels. this rp has been a dream of mine for a while, & i’m so grateful to have such wonderful members !  seriously, you all make the whole thing worthwhile. that being said, there have been some issues regarding members feeling left out & unwelcome, and while i can’t imagine any of you possibly making anyone feel like that intentionally, i think it still needs to be addressed. the whole point of this rp is to branch yourselves out & let your creative juices flow. the main appreciates all of your feedback, so if you ever do find yourself feeling like that ( or even just down in general, let me love on you, okay ), never hesitate to let us know. let’s all keep welcoming each other with opens arms & make this a positive rp experience !

on a lighter note, i’m feeling an ic game night tomorrow night. that’s right, folks ! board game online, cards against humanity, epicmafia — whatever y’all want. if anyone is interested &/or available, give this post a like & i will be sure to set that up ! anyway, thank you for reading this, & happy thursday !

why isn’t teacher/teacher more popular???????????????? i mean
  • the nice one who everybody loves with the grumpy and strict one that the students hate and the students wonder?????????how what the fuck
  • but later (not in school environment maybe by accident) the students (a group of them) see that the strict one isn’t really that strict and they love their partner
  • or the cool married teachers that talk about each other and everyone loves like one of them comes late to class and is like “sorry i’m late guys mx. [partner] is really sick and i wanted to be sure everything is alright”
  •  and the students spend 5 minutes fussing over the other teacher and asking questions about their wellbeing “ARE THEY DYING” “No Joey they’ve just caught a cold” [and trying to make this one forget about their class”
  • or two teachers that EVERYBODY ships like the students are trying to get them together
  • “Soo, Mx. A, Mx. B will have a concert tomorrow for the school and they need all the help and they asked me to tell you….so you can tell other students” “Mx. B didn’t tell me anything about it” “oh it was like, last moment thing you know. they didn’t have time. and like, they really need help.”
  • And the teacher is like “Thanks Johnson” and trying to be really cool but REALLY BEING NOT COOL OMG WHERE’S THE SQUAD OF DUCKLINGS TO HAVE AN EXCUSE TO GO AND HELP
  • and like other teachers shipping them too
  • “Mx. A you know about the prom. There’s a rule that the teachers must have some partners too” [dunno if it already is something like this, it is not in my country] “I did not know about this rule.” “Oh it’s very recent. So, you know, teachers are never alone and can be protected in case it’s necessary. I also heard that Mx. B has no partner.”
  • Like, science/maths teachers with art/languages teacher. Or stuff like this.
  • Talking about their subject passionately and the other not understanding shit but loving it anyway because they’re so fucking cute.
  • Like here is your impossible love
  • Teachers of the same subject in different schools fighting in competitions and shit
  • Or teachers of the same subject talking passionately about their course. and praising each other.
  • Teachers talking about their students, the bad ones and the cool ones
  • LGBT teachers standing up for LGBT students and offering them support and helping them feel more at ease in this clusterfuck of school
  • OTP 1 teacher/teacher and OTP 2 student/student
  • OTP 2 being so thankful that OTP 1 exists. OTP 1 giving advice to OTP 2.
  • Grading stuff together. Bringing each other food/beverages. Helping each other through all the stuff.
  • AND
  • SO
  • MUCH
  • MORE


  • “hey darling, how about you teach me some things? I promise to be good.”
  • “i thought you went through high-school once. Weren’t you taught my subject?”
  • seriously tho all that stuff that is at teacher/student can be sort of roleplay for teacher/teacher (and be less creepy)

Whose bad end is this again?

aka thoughts that keep me up at 2am if we had his ROUTE


You are the “tragedy”, Jon.