Difficult Love Confessions

Anonymous asked: “Do you have any confession prompts where the person confessing is really bad with words or is known to regularly insult the other?”

1. “There’s-I should-I should say something. I know I’m… Me… But I like you. A lot.”

2. “Look, I like being around you. i like when you’re happy. I… I like your face.”

3. “This isn’t easy for me. I’ve never… Not like this. But. You matter you me. A lot.”

4. “If you got hurt… It’d hurt me. And not just ‘cause I’d jump in front of whatever was gonna hurt you.”

5. “I know, I don’t always act like it, but you’re… Special. In a good way.”

6. “If I tell you I… You know… Care about you… Would you laugh at me?”

7. “Your face is nice, but you’re more nice. I want to be around you a lot. And your face.” 

8. “I didn’t mean it like that. I was trying to… Tease you. That’s what you do, right? When you have… Feelings?”

~Some of these ended up sounding a little like Daily Odd Compliments. Oh Well. I hope they help!~

Waking up Exo with a blowjob

Could you please do how Exo would react to you trying to wake them up by giving them a blowjob? I live for your blog haha ❤️ thank you xx

omg thanks bub! Please enjoy ;)


Suho: What the fuck is happening in my pants…

Baekhyun: *speechless for once*

Chanyeol: What the fuck?! Is she?? Omg she is

D.O: She knows me too well…

Kai: *cancels plans*

Sehun: Is she doing what I think she’s doing??? Oh yeah Sehun

Xiumin: What do I do?… god she’s good….

Lay: I’m going to marry her

Chen: Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!

Tao: Is this???? Hell yeah baby!!

WWE confession by anonymous

WWE is really going downhill. They drag out everything, turn people heel/face with no explanation, give shitty endings to most of the feuds, treat their best Superstars & Divas like shit, slut shame the Divas, use their personal lives in storylines for no reason, gave Brock the Championship yet he’s never there, repeat storylines, and push their great new talent to the back so the ones who have been there for a long time can stay on top. If it wasn’t for Dean, Bray, Roman, Seth, Naomi and a few others I would of stopped watching a long time ago.”

Roman Reigns confession by anonymous

Lots of people already hate Roman, how the fuck does WWE think pointing out the fact he’s related to The Wild Samoans, The Rock, Umaga, The Usos, Rikishi, Yokozuna, and many other great wrestlers is going to make people like him?! It’s just made more people hate him and think he’s only getting these opportunities because of his family.”

Nick Jonas SMUT Imagine For Ashley by Ashtan (mysillycookielove)

A/N: Wrote this while listening to his song Chains. All I could think Is omg yes this is perfect for this imagine. Hahah anyway I hope this turns out good since I’m writing this at 9:38 at night. I will be working on more imagines on my blog sometime soon so you can good look at that.Any who outfit link below.



(Ashley’s P.O.V)

Standing off to the side watching him made my heart swells. It felt like yesterday that I was fangirling over him. Now I’m dating the one and only Nick Jonas. We have been dating for two years. I was at his first show since he went astray from his brothers.

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Dean Ambrose SMUT Imagine for Lolita by May (mockingmay)

“Dean?” I asked, coming up behind him.

His back tensed and I automatically reached out to comfort him. His back relaxed slightly at my touch, but I could still see the tension there.

“Lolita,” was all he said.

My heart tightened at the sadness I heard hidden in his angry tone.

“I heard about Seth—“

He turned around and the crazed look in his eyes made me take a step back.

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band confession by anonymous

How true of a fan you are should not be judged by how long you were in the fandom, your age, where you’re from, or who your favorite member of the band is. As long as you’re dedicated to that band, that’s all that matters.”

Ariana Grande, Perrie Edwards, Jesy Nelson, Becky G, Cher Lloyd, and Demi Lovato confession by anonymous

People hate on celebrities for the dumbest reason. Ariana gets hate for wearing her hair the same way. Perrie gets hate for who she’s engaged to. Jesy gets hate for outlining her lips & having curves. Becky gets hate for liking the gap between her teeth. Cher gets hate for naturally being very thin. Demi gets hate for helping others with self harm & mental problems. It’s so stupid and pathetic.”

Riker Lynch SMUT Imagine For Megan by Ashtan (mysillycookielove)

Ashtan: I am going to be posting a lot of imagines in the past few days so you guys have a variety of imagines to view. I will be posting all these imagines for the simple reason I do not have any idea when the next time I will be able to post. I basically share a computer with my sisters and they are older than me so I can’t fight them for it without me wanting to literally beat them down. Hehe so yea. Link for the outfit will be below. I hope you enjoy this. (:

SMUT WARNING: If you are not comfortable reading smut then pass over this.


(Megan’s P.O.V)

I refused to going to this party. My very close friend Rydell invited me to go the R5 celebration party. I would love to but the fact I knew that Riker would be there made me say no. Every time I’m in arms reach of him he does anything and everything to humiliate me. Last time I got near him he dropped a snake in my bathroom while I was bathing. Even though he is a total asshole to me, I can not deny the fact that I’m madly in love with this jerk. Even though I didn’t want to have anything to do with him I was heading over to the party in just some of my casual clothing. I walked in feeling slightly upset by the fact Riker placed a girl in his lap and was talking to few others. I brushed it off heading straight for Rocky. I tried to distance myself from Riker the whole time I was there.

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Little Mix and 5 Seconds of Summer confession by anonymous

Little Mix and 5 Seconds of Summer are some of the very few celebrities who actually do what they do because they love it and love making the fans happy. Both groups always ask fans want they’d like to see and hear and do everything they can to make the fans happy. You can easily tell they are very humble and could care less about the fame and money.”

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