I dont understand how can anybody ship gilxalice. They are my brotp and i think their relationship is beautiful now. A romance between them can ruin their character. They are my notp and brotp tbh
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All That Matters// Sammy Wilkinson. Part 12


Nate dropped me off and I walked (well limped) into the house and up the stairs. Thank god that no one was in the bathroom, I muttered to myself as I got in to it and opened the cabinet door pulling out the first aid kit. I took it with me to my bedroom where I set it on my bed before changing into a pair of pajama shorts so I could clean it better. It was still bleeding a little and it thankfully wasn’t as bad as it seemed at first. I grabbed an alcohol wipe and cleaned it, making me shut my eyes super tight and almost bawl. When it was all cleaned and free of rocks and gross blood, I put a huge bandage on it and laid back on my bed. My hand found my pocket and pulled out my phone. Sam had called a bunch but I didn’t know because I was too busy assuming I was going to die. My thumb hovered over his number and I pressed it. It dialed a couple times before he answered.

“Addy I’ve been so worried!” He yelled into the phone and even though I was no longer angry, I still felt like crying.

“I’m fine” I lied, I wasn’t actually fine. I was a fucking mess.

“No you’re not. I’m coming over” he said before hanging up and leaving me to stare at the phone in my hand. My face hurt from crying so I rolled over and faced the side that looked out my window. I still had a couple tears rolling down my cheek from the weird burn in my knee but other than that, I was okay. I knew I wanted Sam to be a constant in my life and the only way I could get that was by forgiving him even though he was being dumb. I really loved this kid and that meant forgiving him. That meant staying around even when things turned to shit. I planned on being there for however long he wanted me to be there. I turned on some music and continued to sit looking out the window. Soon I saw Sam’s car pull into my driveway and him get out of the car. 

“Hey” Sam said when he got into my room. I rolled around to face him and gave him a fake ass smile.

“Hey” I whispered sitting up and crossing my legs.

“I’m sorry ” I cried into his arms. He rubbed my back softly before speaking again.

“You have nothing to be sorry about. I would’ve punched someone if they did that to you. I should’ve put you first. She just confuses me” he sighed sitting down and staring into my eyes. His eyes were puffy and red like mine which meant he was either high or had cried.

“I know and it’s okay” I said, placing my hand on his cheek and pulling him to me so I could kiss him.

“You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me” he whispered into my ear as he hugged me again. We stayed hugging for about ten minutes and he kept apologizing which made me feel a lot better because I knew he cared.

“So what happened to your knee?” He asked, making me laugh.

“I ate shit and literally bled everywhere, Nate had to drive me home” I laughed harder making him laugh.

“He saved you?” Sam asked with a funny expression.

“I wouldn’t call it saving, I think he used the term let’s get your clumsy ass home before you bleed to death” I giggled and pushed a loose hair behind my ear.

“I love that sound” Sam got serious, grabbing my hand and began to softly draw patterns on it. He sat back on the headboard and pulled me into his arms so I was laying diagonal and facing the window. His arms were tightly wrapped around my waist and I ran my finger over his hand softly. I love you, I thought to myself but didn’t have the courage to say it. This had been the calmest part of the day and it made all of the things happen today seem like distant memories from a year ago.

“Skate said she broke your heart” I said before I even realized I did. I could feel Sam tighten but he relaxed again.

“Yeah she did” he admitted. I turned to face him and his beautiful hazel eyes. He wasn’t smiling but he wasn’t frowning either.

“What happened?” I asked even though I didn’t know he would tell me. It was probably a hard thing to talk about.

“I was in love with her and she was in love with my best friend. I gave her everything and she gave him everything” He answered, looking outside at the rainy sky. His face hadn’t changed but I could tell by the way his eyes dulled that just the thought of what happened to him ruined him forever. I sat up and turned so I was facing him even though he wasn’t looking at me. I grabbed his hand and gave my best smile.

“I will never hurt you like she did” I said, leaning closer to him. He faced me and gave me a small smile. “I promise” I whispered before kissing him gently almost as if I could break him.

“I trust you” He whispered burying his face into my shoulder.

It had been three very stressful days since the day I spent with Sam. We had talked of course but I’d been so busy the only times I could see him were at school and sometimes when he showed up at midnight. Finals were this week and I had been cramping in as much study time as humanly possible. I’ve been locked up in my room reading textbook after textbook. I rolled up the sleeves of my sweater and piled all my hair into a ponytail so I could concentrate harder on the chemistry book in front of me. My eyes burned and my head was filled with random things that I wouldn’t even remember by Friday. I was about to continue when my phone vibrated from next to me. I grabbed it and answered it.

“Hello?” I said and waited for Sam to tell me what was going on.

“Let me in. I have news” He practically screamed into the phone before hanging up. I sighed and set my phone down before standing up and walking down the stairs. I could see Sam’s silhouette in the small window on the door. I smiled before looking at myself in the mirror that was next to the door. All of my hair was in a ponytail and had pieces sticking out everywhere, My makeup was smeared from the long day and all the studying. I was wearing a mossy green knit sweater and a pair of black spandex shorts and I couldn’t describe myself with another word but homeless. I sighed and opened the door, revealing my excited boyfriend who was practically jumping up and down.

He walked through and grabbed my hand pulling me up the stairs to my bedroom where he shut the door. I sat on the bed as he walked over to my IHome and plugged his phone into it, pressing play on the song.  I sat and listened as the words started to play and I really liked it. I had never heard the artists before but I was going to have to start listening to them. The song ended and Sam looked at me waiting for me to tell him what I thought.

“That was really good Sam! Who is that?” I asked, standing up and walking over to him.

“Its me! well and Skate. We wrote a bunch of songs and people actually like them” He sounded thrilled, like won the lottery type of thrilled. I smiled and felt extremely proud.

“I’m so proud of you guys” I smiled, getting pulled into a tight hug. Sam pulled away before playing the song again. We both started dancing around the rooms like complete idiots. The song had played a whole bunch and it even started to play his other songs too. Sam stood next to me and ran his hands down my arm and pulled me closer to him. He pressed his forehead down to mine and gave me a smile.

“I love you” He said, taking me completely by surprise. Of course I had fallen in love with him too but I was surprised he actually said it. Before I met Sam he wasn’t the ‘commitment’ type. He was sleeping around and not caring about anyones feeling but his own. Then we happened and since then he hadn’t done anything disloyal. He was all about me as much as I was about him. There were no other girls and I knew he meant what he said.

“I love you too” I say as I kiss him causing us both to fall over onto the floor. We both giggled even though hitting the floor hurt like a mother.

“You’re blushing” He teased, poking my cheek and making it get more red.

“I bet I am, but the thing is dear Samuel, you are too” I giggled. Sam jumped and started tickling me super hard making me snort laugh. He stopped and started laughing super hard and began to roll on the floor. His laugh was contagious because before I knew it, I was crying because I was laughing so hard. That’s pretty much how the next hour went, us coming up with stupid inside jokes and laughing so hard our sides hurt.

Seriously? Is this a thing now? Why are antis always doing this? 

I saw this is the Skyeward tag a while back, and now in the Maleo tag. Like when did Ward EVER rape Skye? 

When did MALIA ever rape anybody? There is nothing wrong with Stalia, not in this way. She never did anything wrong. She and Stiles are two consenting members of a relationship. What, are you afraid Stalia’s ruining your precious ship?  Why even bring Maleo into this unless you’re threatened by this ship too?

Do you even understand the concept of rape? That’s seriously what I need to know when people pull this argument out of thin air.

People need better arguments, more logical ones, and stuff they can actually back up with hardcore proof.

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