I can’t say hello to you risking another goodbye - Harry Styles One-Shot

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It started by the little things, you just didn’t know when.

Maybe it was when you woke up to find an empty place next to you for the fifth day straight, or maybe it was when you saw him post a picture on Instagram after two weeks without knowing anything about him.

Either way, you started missing him.

You missed the way he smiled at you in the morning right after waking up, you missed the he would dance while cooking and you missed his voice echoing through the house.

It was pathetic how much you missed his laugh and his stupid jokes. It truly was, but even so, you still couldn’t stop the aching in your heart every time you thought about him.

You two had done it before, being away from each other. He was always traveling with the band and you were left to wait at home. However, it was different back then, because no matter how hard it was to be away from him, you knew he would come back.

This time he wouldn’t.

Things had been going wrong for quite some time in your relationship, but you brushed it off. You thought it was only a phase and you two would go back to what you guys were before, perfect.

You were wrong.

It was no secret that Harry enjoyed spending time in LA, even when he wasn’t there for work. There was something about that city that made his eyes glow in happiness. Maybe it was the way it was always sunny or how the city had certain glamour in it. You didn’t know what it was, but something about LA made Harry lose track of time and forget about you.

At first, it didn’t bother you. He would always come back from tour so tired and stressed that you thought him spending time in LA before going home was good. This way, he could relax and when he came back, you two would have an amazing time together.

The problem was that his time in LA started to grow. At first, it was a couple of days, then he started to spend two to three weeks there and suddenly,  you found yourself waiting to share only a week with him because he had spent the rest of his time off on the other side of the world.

You tried not telling him how much it made you upset.

You really did.

However, when you spend a whole year bottling your emotions and frustrations, something is bound to go wrong.

“What do you mean you are going back to touring already?” you had asked, sadness laced in each word. “You just here two days ago, Harry! I barely saw you!” you exclaimed, frustrated.

“Well, I’m sorry, (Y/N). It’s not like I can do anything about it.” He didn’t sound sorry at all, in reality, he sounded like he was fed up. “This is my job! You knew I would have to travel a lot when we started dating, so don’t act like this is news for you.” He stated, sighing. “Besides, you saw me for two whole days. Isn’t that enough? We don’t have to be together all the time!”

In that moment, he was so set on yelling at you and making you see things from his perspective that he didn’t even notice when you started crying. Not that you think he would care.

“Of course it’s not enough, Harry!” you yelled, trying to keep yourself from breaking down. “I spent four whole months without seeing you and you want me to think that two days can make up for that amount of time? Because it can’t!” your voice cracked at the end, but he looked so angry that you doubted he noticed.

“I actually found two days perfect, guess it’s your problem then.” He spat, making your eyes open wide and a sob leave your throat.

“What the fuck happened to you?” you yelled, taking him by surprise. “You went from being the best boyfriend in the world who wanted to spend as much time as you could with me to being an asshole! And you know what? I shouldn’t even be surprised by this whole situation! I knew it was coming, I knew it from the day you told me you were going to start spending more time in LA than in London! But being the amazing girlfriend I always have been, I told you it was okay as long as I got to see you for at least a whole week and you know what you said? You said ‘Of course, love. I don’t think I could go so long without seeing you’!” you felt like something had finally snapped inside you and you had this urge to throw in his face everything. “You also told me a week wasn’t good enough, so how dare you stand here and say to me that two days is more than enough? How can you? How?” you were sounding desperate and you knew it, but you also didn’t care.

“Maybe I finally realized that I don’t love you as much as I did!” he screamed, eyes going wide when he realized what he had said. “(Y/N)…” he tried.

“Get out!” you yelled. “Get out! I want you out of here, Harry! Out!” you were sobbing and shoving him towards the door.

He tried to get you to stop, he tried to apologize for what he had said and he tried to tell he didn’t mean it. However, you had spent too many nights wondering why he preferred LA over you to not believe when he said he didn’t love you anymore.

Eventually he left, leaving you alone in the apartment.

It took you seconds to fall to the ground on your knees and break down, and when you did, you couldn’t stop.

You were a mess.

For the next days, you refused to get out of the apartment and you ignored Harry at all costs. You were just glad he knew better than coming to see you.

That was how you found yourself, two months later, in a new apartment and missing him much more than when you knew he was on the other side of the world no wanting to come back.

You had moved out in order to move on, but it hadn’t worked out quite the way you wanted and now all you wished was to be able to walk around the place which held so many good memories.

Harry had been in town for a few days, you had saw it on twitter, and you had yet to make up your mind on either call him or just ignore it.

It made you wonder, the whole situation, if he missed you as you missed him. You liked to think he did. You liked to think that he was up until morning thinking about you and you hoped he regretted what he had done. Because you did.

You regretted not being enough and you regretted ever believing you two would last forever. However, what you regretted the most was ignoring all the signs that showed you how much he didn’t love you anymore.

A small of you still wanted to believe he didn’t mean it. He had tried to reach you so many times that it was impossible he didn’t love you anymore, but you wouldn’t know because you had ignored him every single time and now you were sure he thought you hated him.

You wish you did.

Unfortunately, you didn’t. All you did was miss him and love him more every day, in hopes that one day these feelings would go away.

You wanted him.

However, when it came to deciding on either to call him or not, you couldn’t help but think that maybe this was for the best that you didn’t. Because the truth was that you couldn’t say hello to him risking another goodbye, it would be the end of you if you did.

So when Harry was in town and you didn’t call him, you hoped for him to know one thing:

You almost did.


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1D Preference-He Asks You Out But....

Requested by my lovely fromlondon–withlove (I hope you like it!)


Your best friend has a thing for Harry Styles. Your cousin has a thing for Harry Styles. Your Aunt has a thing for Harry Styles. Hell, even your Granny might have a thing for Harry Styles! Sure the guy is cute but you don’t see what the big deal is. Imagine the horror on your face when your best friend brandishes the 1D tickets in your face, squealing with delight. “WE EVEN GOT BACKSTAGE PASSES!!!!” she yells and you look away in embarrassment because she just HAD to tell you while you were at work as a cashier at a grocery store. So here you are at the 1D concert meeting the guys. You realize they’re very nice…they have to be. Other than that, you disconnect from the world and play games on your phone. Everyone around you was squealing or screaming or flailing their arms. You couldn’t take it so you went to sit in a corner away from the chaos. You pull out your phone from your pocket and you continue playing games. Suddenly a shadow appears above you and you look up. The one and only Harry Styles is watching you, an amused look on his face. “Not a fan are you?”

“Meh,” you say and look back to your screen. Harry raises an eyebrow and he sits beside you. You inch away from him to give him space and he gives you a look. “You know, I don’t bite.”

“I know. I just like my space,” you say evenly. You continue to play your game. It was one of those ‘kitchen’ games where you cook and bake online. It was the only time you could actually bake without burning the house down. “You know, I used to be a baker.”

“Really?” you look up to see Harry smiling at you. You give him a slight smile in return then you look back to your phone. He frowns at you. “Why aren’t you…?”

“Starstruck?” you ask and he nods. You sigh and you close your phone case. “Because you’re a human being, just like me. Just like everyone else. Why should I treat you differently from anyone else?” you ask. Harry stares at you as you start to stand up. “What’s your name?” he asks, standing up as well. “Y/N,” you say and you start to leave. “Hey Y/N, you wanna maybe…I dunno…hang out sometime?” he asks. You raise an eyebrow. “Aren’t popstars suppose to be busy? Besides, I can’t. I have stuff to do.”

“Just one date,” he says, blocking your path. You glare at him. “I’m sorry. I can’t. It was nice to meet you Mr. Styles but I have to leave. I have work tomorrow.”You nudge him out of the way and head to the exist, shaking your head. The nerve of some people. You end up hearing about how your friend spent time talking to the other guys and you zoned out, thinking about other things. The next day, you were happy because it was a weekday so the only customers in the day were old people that needed one or two items. You’re reading a book at the cashier when the door opens and you see Harry walking towards you with a bouquet of flowers. At first it doesn’t register to you because you have to do a double-take. “What the-”

“Please Y/N. Just one date. That’s all I ask. I’ve never met someone as level-headed as you,” he admits as he gives you the flowers. You take the flowers, rolling your eyes. “I’m sorry Harry but I can’t. I don’t date celebrities.”

“But you said so yourself, celebrities are people too,” he says slowly, displaying his dimples. He leans against the counter while an elderly lady goes up to pay for her cans of soup. “Here let me help you,” Harry says as he helps her to load all the soup onto the conveyer belt. The elderly lady pinches his cheeks. “You’re such a sweet lad,” she gushes. Harry gives you a look. “Can you please tell this to her,” he says. “She won’t give me a chance to show her I’m a nice guy.”

“Oh deary you should give this nice young man a chance! They don’t make them like him nowadays,” she says, giving you a pleading look. Harry matches her, his bright green eyes pleading with you. You sigh. “Fine, one date but after that I want you to quit stalking me.”

“Trust me Y/N. One date and you’ll never want to leave me,” he promises, flashing his dimples again. You roll your eyes, thinking about what you got yourself into.


You’re a dancer that teaches kids how to dance on weekends. You’re anxious because today is the dance tournament and your kids were nervous. You bite back your own nerves and you gather them around you. “Remember, dance like there’s nobody watching. Don’t think, just move your body. I am so proud of all of you today. No matter what happens, ice cream is on me,” you say and they scream. You gather them into a group hug then you usher them to their places while you head up to the wings to watch. “That was an inspiring speech,” a voice says behind you, making you jump. You look up and gasp. “Oh wow, you’re Liam Payne! Hi!” you say. Liam smiles at you. “Hi there. I just want to say that I’ll be rooting for your group to win. Most coaches are hard on their group but you actually care.”

“Well…it’s just a competition and I know they’re already nervous. Whatever happens, happens,” you say simply. Liam smiles at you again. “I like you. We should hang out some time,” he says. You freeze. You’re a dancer and you hope to be a professional choreographer and the last thing you need is a scandal…with Liam Payne of all people. “Look, you seem really nice…but I can’t,” you say honestly. Liam gives you an incredulous look. “Wow…I haven’t been rejected in a while,” he murmurs to himself. He looks at you, as though assessing how serious you are. Just then your group comes back. “DID YOU SEE US? DID YOU?” they all called out and you’re shocked. “W-what? You performed already? What?” you stutter. You glare at Liam, who has the decency to look ashamed. “Wow, thanks a lot. Because of you I couldn’t-nevermind,” you say as you push past him. Liam jogs after you. “I’m so sorry love. Let me make it up to you.”

“No thanks. And my name is Y/N,” you say. Liam stands in front of you, not allowing you to pass. “Please Y/N. I’m so so sorry. I didn’t mean for this to happen,” he says sincerely. You take in his pout and his big brown eyes and you sigh. “Fine, it’s okay. Can I go now?”

“Not until you agree to go out with me,” he says. You give him a skeptical look. “Why is this so important to you?” you ask. Liam shrugs. “You seem like a nice person. I don’t get to meet nice people everyday,” he says sincerely. You cross your hands over your chest and ponder for a moment. One date can’t hurt right? “Okay fine, what time?”


You’re friends with one of Louis’s cousins since you were kids but you never really talked to Louis. The two of you grew up seeing each other but not really knowing each other. You were okay with that because from what you hear, Louis is a party animal and the two of you couldn’t have been more different. It shocks you when Louis comes and sits beside you, a smirk on his face. “So Y/N right? Wanna go out?” he asks. You give him a look. “Uh…no?”


“No,” you say. Louis looks at you with shock while his group of friends laugh at him. You knew he was dared to do this. All you want to do is study in peace. “I said no, can you leave now?” you ask irritably. Louis inches nearer to you, taking you in. “Well why not?” he asks. You take off your glasses and glare at him. “Well for one thing, you smoke. You drink. I heard a rumour that’s you’re gay and I know your friends asked you to do this as a dare so can you please leave me alone?” you ask. Louis turns to face his friends, giving some sort of signal to them. You roll your eyes and continue to scan your notes. Louis gets up to leave and you sigh with relief. However, he gets up to sit in front of you. You look up at him. “What now?” you ask, gritting your teeth. Louis places his hands on his chin. “You’re different Y/N.”

“Thanks…you can go now,” you say, waving him away. Louis chuckles. “Oh, I’m not going away love. Now you HAVE to go on a date with me,” he says simply. You look up at him. “I just told you no. Why won’t you take it for an answer and leave me alone?” you ask.

“Because you’re sitting here by yourself instead of hanging out with those lovely ladies that are swooning over me,” he says simply. You know Louis is famous. All more reason to stay away from him. “Look, I have a test coming up. I need to study for it. Please leave me alone,” you beg. Louis just stares at you, making you frustrated. “What will it take to make you leave me alone?”

“One date Y/N. I promise it’ll be one you’ll remember,” he says. You sigh. “Okay fine. One date. But it’ll have to be after my test.”

“Fine with me, looking forward to it,” he whispers and kisses your cheek, making you blush.


“Go on a date with me,” Niall says. You shake your head. You knew Niall for a few years, before he got famous. You knew Niall wasn’t accustomed to girls fawning over him but you got the feeling that Niall wanted to ask you out because he was lonely and you weren’t into that. “Niall, I don’t want to go out with you. Do you even have the time?” you ask. Niall shrugs and he tries to put his arm around you but you move away, scrunching up your nose. “Please Y/N? Just one date. I’ll treat you like the princess!” he says. You just give him a look. “Try again Horan. You just want to go on a date with me so that you’re not lonely.”

“Or maybe I want to go on a date with you because you’re the only girl that sees me as Niall and not Niall from one direction,” he says. Your eyes widen, taking in Niall’s sudden dark mood. Niall is usually the happy one. You feel a bit guilty for making him feel like this. “I’m sorry you feel like this Niall but I can’t. You’re famous. I won’t be able to see you. Our relationship won’t work out,” you say. Niall grabs your hand and kisses your fingers. “Believe me, I’m willing to make it work. Just one date. I promise…if you don’t feel the same I’ll leave you alone,” he whispers. You smile slightly. “Okay fine. One date.”


Weddings are a time for celebration and drama. You love all the bright fabric and makeup that comes with it and you decide to let loose, dancing and having fun with the rest of them. Your favorite cousin is getting married and she jokes that she’s getting married into a ‘gorgeous family.’ You know her husband to be is related to Zayn Malik so in a way, she is right. You see Zayn all the time at the functions, surrounded by his gorgeous clan. You feel his eyes on you constantly so it’s no surprise when his cousin comes up to you with the line ‘Hey, so my cousin…he’s a famous singer you know and he wanted to know you wanted to date-” you stopped him right there and sent him on his merry way. You’ve met guys like Zayn already. Your heart was broken by guys like Zayn. There’s no way you’re going back there. You’re sitting on the front porch minding your business when you hear the floorboard creak. You look up to see Zayn staring down at you, an unreadable expression on his face. “Y/N right?”

“That’s me,” you say cautiously. He sits down beside you and you straighten your back, slightly tense.  “Look, sorry for what my cousin said. He was joking,” he says. You just nod. “M’okay…” you say. There’s a moment of silence. “Well why not?” he asks, breaking the silence.

“Why not what?”

“Why not go on a date with me?” he asks curiously. You chuckle nervously. “I’m just one of many girls Zayn. I don’t think it should matter that I don’t like you in that way,” you say, looking at him sideways. Zayn shrugs. “I suppose not,” he murmurs. He looks over at you and you look away, suddenly interested in a spider that was crawling towards you. You jerk up, the hairs at the back of your neck standing up. You jump and slide away from the spider on instinct. Two hands grab your shoulder and you wince as Zayn chuckles quietly. “Typical girl,” he says, raising his hand to swipe at it but you stop him, holding his wrist. “Don’t kill it,” you plead. you stand up to go back into the house as Zayn calls out to you. “Why not?”

“Just because you’re afraid of something doesn’t mean you can’t give it a chance to prove itself. It might not be so bad,” you say and leave. You thought it might be the end of that but you’re surprised when Zayn starts coming up to you more often to talk. You find yourself looking forward to those talks, no matter how short they are. One day the two of you are sitting in the park. It’s a breezy day and you tuck the strands of hair behind your ears. “So Y/N, this is like our first date yeah?”

“What? Noooo!” you exclaim. Zayn raises an eyebrow at you. “Am I really that bad?”

“No! You’re a nice guy. It’s just that…”

“What?” he asks, leaning towards you. You feel yourself tense up and you gulp. “I’m not ready. I just got out of a relationship-”

“And he broke your heart,” Zayn completes your sentence, sighing. You look away, squinting at the setting sun. “I should get back. I don’t want anyone to worry.” You stand up to leave but Zayn grabs your wrist. “I’m sorry that some idiot broke your heart. I won’t do that to you Y/N. You’re smart and beautiful and I promise to treat you right,” he says sincerely. You avoid looking into his eyes, knowing that he’ll hypnotize you.  He tilts your head so that you’re looking into his eyes and you find yourself captivated by the flecks of gold and green in his eyes. Your breath catches and you can’t look away. Zayn caresses your cheek gently. “One chance. Let me prove that I’m not like the others. I only need one chance,” he whispers. You close your eyes and nod, cursing yourself in your head for being so weak. “Fine. One date. That’s all I can offer,” you say, your eyes still closed. Zayn releases you and you open your eyes to see Zayn smiling down at you. “Thank you Y/N, I promise you won’t regret it.”

“I’m already regretting it,” you mumble and you turn to leave but you feel his fingers on your wrist again. You gasp as he pulls you towards him, his hands resting on your waist. “What now?” you groan. You feel as though your heart and mind can’t take the stress. Zayn looks down at you and you almost pray that he would just do something when he pinches your nose, taking you by surprise. He laughs at your stupefied expression and puts his arm around you. “I can’t let my girl walk home alone. What would people say?”

“I’m not your girl!”

“Not yet, but you will be,” Zayn says, winking at you and you roll your eyes. This date will be…interesting for sure. You just don’t know how much interesting you could take.

Part 2 will be posted tomorrow :)

I'm Sorry. (Harry Styles) #4

The next day, for some known reason, I was excited to go back to school, which rarely happens. I was happy. Really happy. I could spit rainbows and give bear hugs to anyone and everyone. Choosing my school outfit for the day, I took a shower first and then brushed my teeth. After putting my clothes on and brushing my hair into a high messy bun, I put on some lip gloss and some eyeliner, and then I painted my nails. I was crappy at painting my nails, but this time they actually looked okay. So I just left them that way and grabbed my backpack, heading downstairs where mom, dad and Keith were already having breakfast. Since I wanted to get to school early, I just took my pancake, grabbed it like a taco, poured myself some apple juice, kissed both of my parents goodbye, ruffled Keith’s hair, and made my way out the door, not before hearing my dad say, “Someone’s in a good mood this morning”

I was, I truly was. You don’t know how happy and relieved I am that Harry and I were talking again. After they left the house, I gave him my new number, since he had the old one, back when I used to have a crappy phone. I got a new one only a few months ago, and my number changed. I didn’t really expected him to text me, but he did. Thirty minutes later after he left. And we kept texting until I got sleepy and told him I was going to bed. When we said goodnight to each other, I found it hard to go to sleep, because I still couldn’t believe Harry was speaking to me. Was looking at me in the eye. Was smiling at me. Was being goofy with me. I missed all of that and I’m glad I’m getting it back slowly.


Hopping out of my car, I checked the parking lot and looked for Harry’s car. I know, I seemed like a stalker, but I just wanted to see him again. And to hug him.

Finally, I spotted it, and I smiled automatically while I made my way inside. I saw my friends sitting on our usual spot, which was under a tree that was located a few feet away from the library. We chose the spot because we like to read, a lot. Comics, YA books, Manga, Horror novels, you name it. The librarian knew this, and she let us borrow a few books every now and then so we could read them, because she trusts that we’ll give them back. We’re actually planning to start a Library/Reading Club. We know we’re not the most popular kids in school, but we do know that there are a lot of students that love to read like us.

“Hey there, Candy Cane” Emily smiled as she saw me approaching them.

I smiled even bigger. “Hey there, Honey Bunny”

“Someone seems happy to be at school” Joseph said, smirking.

“Oh, you know… It’s Friday, so I’m feeling good” I shrugged.

“Right,” Louis rolled his eyes. “You wanna know what I think? I think our friend Henley here had sex”

My eyes widened. “LOUIS!!”

“What?,” he raised his hands in defense. “I was just guessing!”

“Well stop it, you’re horrible at guessing!” I said, glaring at him.

“I know!,” Ray said, raising his hand like a little kid. “I think Henley and Harry were talking”

I couldn’t stop the smile that formed in my face, again. “Ray guessed it, then” Ray said, looking proud.

“Oh, I get it,” Niall interfered. “So Henley ditched us for Harry last night?”

“No, no, I didn’t ‘ditch you’, guys,” I shook my head. “Mom simply prepared dinner for Anne and her family, they came over, they stayed for a while, I thought it was gonna be horrible, but… Harry ended up being amazing”

“And you say you’re not in love with him” Amy muttered quietly.

“What was that?”


“Hey guys, let’s change the subject,” Valerie said, a book in her hands. “I really, really, really, really wanna go out tonight”

“Yeah, let’s go to the movies, since we couldn’t go yesterday,” Emily said, smirking at me. “So Henley, you tell your mom that Emily said no guests tonight”

I rolled my eyes. “Sure, whatever”

“Umm… I can’t go out tonight” Amy said.

We all looked at her. “Uh, yeah you can” Louis said.

“No, It’s just that… there’s a new episode of Sherlock tonight and I don’t wanna miss it”

Niall, Louis and Joseph groaned. “You’ve gotta be kidding me” Niall said.

“Leave her alone, jerks,” I said. “Amy, I’ll record it tonight. You can come over to my house and we’ll watch it together”

“Sounds good!” She said, grinning.

“No way, a slumber party?,” Emily asked. “Then, I’ll go too!”

“Me three, I’m not gonna stay behind, you bitches!” Valerie added.

I chuckled. “Alright, but I gotta ask mom”

Whilst they nodded, Ray nudged me in the ribs, making me jump. I was extremely ticklish. “Look who’s walking around here” he said.

When I looked to where he was discreetly pointing at, I saw Harry, and my heart started to beat faster. He was surrounded by his usual group of friends, and they were all talking and laughing as they walked. Between laughs, his eyes landed on our direction. My heart started to beat even more faster than before. Not able to control my excitement, I smiled big and waved at him. Of course, I expected him to wave back… but he didn’t. He just stared at us for like 2 seconds and then he just looked away, joining the others in the conversation. Feeling my stomach drop, in a bad way, I slowly lowered my hand, my smile vanishing. The others saw it, as well. I heard Emily gasp. I saw Valerie giving him a glare, even though he was almost out of sight. “Oh my God,” Louis muttered. “What a fucking bitch”

“I thought you were on speaking terms?” Emily said, looking at me.

“Yeah… I did too”

“You know what we should do?,” Joseph said. “We should put some mud inside his backpack”

“Or maybe we could throw some of the school’s lunch on his head,” Niall suggested. “I heard we’re having mashed potatoes with vegetables, meat loaf, and apple sauce today”

“Or maybe we could just throw him from a cliff, nobody has to know!” Amy said.

“Alright, stop it!,” I said, all of them quieting down. Staring at them, I said, “If you wanna put something inside his backpack, put a dead fish in it. If you wanna throw some food at him, I suggest oatmeal. And if you wanna throw him from a high place, I suggest the Everest”

Valerie placed an arm around my shoulders. “Just forget about him, Henley. If he doesn’t wanna be friends with us, then he’s missing it”

“Yeah, we’re like so cool” Ray said in a dumb girl’s accent.

“Oh my God, yeah, like, totally!” Amy said, mocking the same accent.

“Yeah, like, literally, I can’t” Emily kept going.

“Like, did you see his shirt?,” Niall said. “Like, so not cool. Hashtag, loser!”

“Oh em Gee, like, he was so not fetch!,” Louis said. “And, like, where’s my Starbucks drink?”

And then, we just started to laugh, hard. I felt better by the time the bell rang, because I still had real friends who care about each other and never turn their backs on anyone.


On lunchtime, I decided to head to the library and do some homework the History teacher assigned, just so I didn’t have to do it when I got home. Since Valerie was in an Art Club meeting, Joseph and Ray were in a Robotics Club meeting as well, Niall and Louis were having lunch, and Amy went off to use a library computer, I came here, where there was almost no one around. So I didn’t waste any time on finishing this homework.

Man, did I hate History class. I had to answer some questions with a book the treacher gave us. A really heavy book. And I was already getting really bored and tired by answering the questions, but I didn’t want to get stuck in my room doing this shit. There were 30 questions, thank you very much.

“Hey” a voice said as the person approached my table.

Confused as to why someone was talking to me, I slowly looked up, staring at Harry as he stood there smiling. “Uh…” Why was he talking to me now? “Hi?”

“What are you doing?” He asked, taking a seat in front of me.

I gave him a blank look. “Harry, what are you doing here?”

He shrugged. “I came to talk to you. Is there a problem with that?”

“I…” Why didn’t I know how to answer him? “Y-you were… Harry when I waved at you, you ignored me, as if you didn’t know me. And now you’re here because you wanna talk to me?”

“Well yeah,” he said. “I mean, I’m sorry I ignored you, I wanted to go say hi to you and the others, I did! But I was just…”

He didn’t even have to finish the sentence. It had already hit me. “Oh,” was all I said, my blood starting to boil. I gripped my pencil harder. “I get it. So, you didn’t say hi to us because you were with your FRIENDS!”

His eyes grew wide. “No! Henley, It’s not like that!”

“Oh, I think it is,” I said, laughing bitterly. “You wanna be friends with us, but you don’t wanna ruin your popular football player reputation! You don’t want the whole school to know that you’re friends with The Losers! That’s it, isn’t it?”


“You don’t want your stupid little friends to laugh at you and kick you off the team, and you don’t wanna go back to being unknown! Wow, Harry, that is just great!”

“You don’t get it,” he said. “The guys, they’re… they can be pretty hard on people. I just didn’t want them to be hard on you guys and start insulting you”

I shook my head, feeling disgust towards him. “You can cut it with the bullshit, Harry, they’re not here”

“I’m not lying, okay? Look, Henley, I’m sorry. I know I’m not being a good friend right now” he said, running a hand through his hair.

“You’re not,” I said, standing up and picking up my stuff. “But, you know what? I’ll make it easier for you. You don’t want to be seen talking to us? Then don’t talk to us at all”

“For God’s sake, Henley, why are you being so difficult?!” He almost shouted as I walked past him.

I turned back to him, glaring at him. “I’m not. You’re just being a dumbass”

And before I could leave, I heard him say some really hurtful words. “Fine! It’s not like I need you, anyways!”

I didn’t look back at him. I stood still for a moment, but I regained some little strength and pushed the door open, not even waiting for Amy to finish. I knew something for sure…

It was official that Harry was one of the biggest assholes in the school.

Preference #87 Camping


 One night, while the Irish man beside you tossed and turned, crumpling white sheets beneath him. He couldn’t sleep, and neither could you. So being the spontaneous couple you two were, you sat up the bed and suggested you drive off to the woods and go camping. Niall was more than excited as the two of you threw in clothes in your huge duffle bag. When you were finished, he grabbed your hand and guitar in another. Ni led you to the garage of his large home and took a flashlight, lighter, sleeping bag, tent, and map and whatnot from the white cabinet. “ready, princess?” he questioned excitedly, like a kid on Christmas day. You nodded, laughing at your boyfriend’s silliness. As you took off in Greg’s hideous white pickup truck, both of you belted out Buble’s lyrics that blasted from the car’s speakers. When you reached the mountains, realizing it was too dark to drive, Niall decided to stop and park along the side. “Let’s stay here for a while. Wouldn’t wanna crash this gem of Greg’s” he spoke with that thick Irish accent only he can pull off. An idea popped into your head and you quickly made your way to the backseat, grabbed a sleeping bag and left the front.
“Babe, what'cha doing?” Niall asked curiously as you climbed the back of the pickup truck and arranged the romantic setting.
You ignored him and and simply lied down the red, comfy sleeping bag. You patted on the space beside you, signaling him to lie next to you. Niall furrowed his eyebrows but agreed anyway. It took him a few minutes to get settled, and finally you rested your head on his chest. You peacefully listening to the rhythm of his heartbeat. His chest vibrated as he hummed the lyrics of “Chasing Cars”. God, it was a beautiful moment to forget the world. You lied flat on your back to gaze at star-filled sky. It was breathtaking how it twinkled the way Niall’s eyes glistened in the dark. Niall quietly hummed the tune of “Yellow” by Coldplay in your ear. If there was only an option to pause life for a while you would’ve; there was nothing more precious than having a silent moment with Niall, under the star-filled sky in the middle of God knows where.


 Growing up in the city, you’ve never gone camping. You told Liam about this and soon enough, he decided to take you camping. You agreed to the idea right away, not realizing it was difficult. Reaching the site by the late afternoon, Liam started preparing supper for the two of you right away while you set up the blue tent by the corner. You groaned once again as the cold metal stroked your face. “Ouch!” you exclaimed in pain. Liam was quick to drop everything and run over to you. He laughed as he realized what had just happened. “Y/N, you could’ve asked me for help y'know?” Liam said. “Well, I didn’t want to bother you, and I wanted to-” You said sighing in frustration. “I wanted to prove to you I’m not one of those posh girls in the city, that I can do this on my own.”
“First of all, I love and accept you as you. And second, it’s just a tent. Now c'mon, let’s set this baby up!” he reassured as he pulled you up and helped you set the tent. After minutes of assembling, he stopped briefly and stared at him dreamily. Noticing you, he asked,“What’s up, sweets? Am I doing it wrong?”
“Nothing. you know- just- thank you.”
“For what?” he questioned.
“For everything. From the love, support and everything you provide. And for this, for taking me out camping and being extremely patient with me and giving me a new experience I don’t really know how you handle me because-” Liam interrupted you, knowing where your speech was leading. “I love you, okay? Don’t ever think like that again,” and with that he embraced your frame tightly as the cold breeze blew filling the air with nothing but love.


You heard grunts and groans falling from your boyfriend’s lips, who slowly trekked behind you, struggling with his belongings.
“Are we there yet, Y/N?!” he whined.
“Almost, love!” you answered. And soon enough the long hike was over and the end of the trail revealed a gorgeous crystal-clear lake. You grasped you backpack and stood there in aw while beside you, Louis collapsed on the ground with all of his things falling over him. “Oh, finally! God, I thought I wasn’t gonna make it. Do you realize how far you made me hike, woman?” he asked sassily. Before you could say a word, he removed the bag that hung on your shoulders, swept you off your feet swiftly and violently threw you in the cold water. He removed his shirt and followed in quickly. You gasped for air and exclaimed, “Why’d you do that, you idiot? I could’ve drowned!”
“Well, babe. That’s what you get for making me walk so much. Now, how would you like to take all your sweaty clothes off and let’s go skinny dipping, eh?” Louis suggested and just winked at you. You stuck your tongue out at him, deciding that you couldn’t be mad at this cheeky guy.


Being very used to camping outdoors, Harry and you had no trouble setting up your bright orange tent and creating a fire. When the sun vanished, leaving only a dark, star-filled sky, you sat on a log facing the flame, roasting the white mallows. Harry sat beside you putting them in graham crackers, making s’mores. He stopped briefly and wrapped his muscular arms around you, planting a sweet kiss on your cheek then placed his head heavily on your shoulder and whispered, “You know, babe, we can do this once in a while if you’d like. Just to get away from the city and all. It’s quite nice to spend time with you without all the cameras following us around.”
“That would be perfect, hun,” you replied back. And with that, you spent the evening cuddled up to each other, whispering sweet nothings and munching on s’mores.

Written with the amazing help of: miss-manila

Soundtrack Series - Midnight Memories - Through The Dark

Harry: You know why he is calling. He wants to know absolutely everything that was said between you and his girlfriend. He obviously knew the story that he got from her would differ from the one he would get from you, hence the call. This is an inquiry, not a check in. “Hi,” you answer softly. You haven’t talked to him in weeks; you don’t know how this is going to go. “How have you been?” He asks, and you try not to laugh. If only you could truthfully tell him how you have been. Telling him the real story would only send him into a fit of worry, the last thing he needs. “I’ve been fine.” Lying was better in this instance. “So I heard you ran into someone the other day,” he begins, and you’re sure he could have opened up the topic better than that. “I guess you could say that,” you reply, not wanting to relive the day for him. “What does that mean?” “That means she’s the one that came up to me and initiated the conversation. You know I would rather fall into a well than willingly talk to that girl.” He laughs, and you feel your heart skip a few beats. You’ve missed that sound. “Play nice,” he insists, and you roll your eyes. Silence falls; you know the question is going to come. “So are you going to ask me what we talked about, or what?” He laughs, yet again, at your urgency to get this conversation over with. “Well I was going to ease into it, but since you are ready to spill, go for it.” “Yeah, whatever.” He’s never wanted to ease into anything with you ever, what makes him think that you would believe he’s ready to start now? “We didn’t really talk about anything. She asked me how I had been and then invited me out to a show. She had been talking about what a great time she’s been having so far and all the rest of it I tuned out.” “Of course you did,” he counters. “Well what else do you expect from me, Harry?” Just saying his name makes your heart flutter once again. “Nothing less,” he insists. “Good, because that’s all the talking I ever plan on doing with her. The next time she decides to show up I’m walking away.” “I’ve missed your honesty,” he reveals with a slight chuckle. “Yeah, well, sometimes it’s necessary.” “Honesty is always necessary,” he begins. “And I wish you would have taken that into consideration when I asked you how you had been.” Caught. You knew better than to think you were going to get away with that tale. “Harry, you didn’t call to ask me about how I’ve been anyways. It didn’t matter what my answer was.” You hear him sigh in frustration. It had been a while since you had brought that out of him. “When are you going to get it?” He questions. “Get what?” “That I haven’t gone anywhere. That I’m still always going to be here for you. (Y/N), I would do anything for you, and I know you know that. I know you know that you can call me whenever you need to. I am always going to answer. I can tell by the tone of your voice that you’ve been sad and I hope to God you haven’t been like this long. I’m here for you, (Y/N), I’m always going to be here.” His words are comforting, but it’s the simple fact that he is telling you all of this over the phone, instead of face to face, that prevents you from believing him like he wants.   

Liam: The knock at the door brings you back from your intense online shopping. The seasons were changing and it was time to stock up. You set your laptop on the coffee table and make your way to the door. You open it to find no one on the other side. Looking down though, you see a large vase full of gorgeous purple and pink flowers. You step out onto the porch and bend down to pick it up, taking a look to see if anyone was around. You hold the bouquet up, searching for a card. You find the card, but also notice a key tied around the neck of the vase. You bring the arrangement inside, sitting it down on the kitchen counter before opening the card. ‘I think it’s time for me to really start taking care of you. This key is to our front door – if you’ll accept it.’ You stand in shock at the offer from your doorstep gift. Another knock comes and you jump slightly with shock. You hurry over and open up the door. “So what do you say?” Mark inquires with a wide smile. “You want me to move in with you?” You question still in shock. “Yes,” he answers simply, stepping into the house and wrapping his arms around you. “Don’t get me wrong, this is a nice place. But I really think it’s time we have a place of our own. And your parents are nice, they always have been, but I just really want us to have somewhere to call home.” He is right. You are for sure old enough to not be living in the addition of your parent’s house. No, they never bother you, but it is just the fact that you know you are still technically living with them that makes Mark’s offer sound even better. “So what do you say?” He inquires yet again, still not having an answer from you. “Yes, yes, of course,” you say, wrapping your arms around his neck and pressing your lips to his. “I just want to be able to fully show you that I am committed to taking care of you and I think this is a great next step for us.” You nod in agreement, still not being able to say much as the shock still consumes you. You give him one more tight hug before pulling away. He can still read the surprise on your face and laughs at your expense. “When do you think you are going to actually be able to speak?” He questions and you push on his chest but he only laughs more. “Shut it!” You whine, trying not to smile. “I’ve just never had anyone ask me to move in with them, well except for Liam, but I didn’t end up actually living with him and- ” “(Y/N)?” “Yeah,” you say, looking back up at him. Your eyes had drifted away from his as you had begun to think about that time in your life. Mark presses a soft kiss to your lips, and your eyes slowly shut. “Shut it,” he says gently against your lips. You laugh softly and open your eyes up only to stare into his. Your life with Mark is in motion. Moving in together is a massive step in a relationship, a make or break step. You are ready though. You have confidence in your relationship and this seems like the clear option when thinking about moving forward. Mark says he wants to be the one to take care of you, that he wants to show you that he is taking everything between the two of you as serious as possible. You’ve never had anything like this before. Relationships have always turned out to be a sort of joke for you. Nothing serious ever came your way, that is until now.

Niall: “I saw you in the papers the other day.” You knew this was coming; you had been preparing your speech for him for days now as you waited for him to call. “Hope I looked good,” you joke, hoping to keep the mood of this conversation light. You have no idea what to expect from him. “Oh yeah, you looked great. What was the occasion? It looked like you were out with just a guy or something.” You could tell he was trying his best not to start assuming anything and for that you were very thankful. “Yeah, he’s a client. I am working on renovating a space of his and the only time he could meet me that night was around dinner time so we just decided to go out and discuss the project instead of being cooped up in an office.” You weren’t lying to him. Although what you had just explained to him would look different to anyone that had witnessed it a few days ago; he wasn’t there so you could tell him what he needed to know and leave the unwanted details out. “What kind of space are you working on for him?” Niall asks, still not assuming the worst out of your interaction with Stephen. “He has a flat that he is wanting fully remodeled,” you explain. “A flat?  I thought you didn’t do residential projects anymore?” His tone was starting to sound a bit suspicious, but you had the perfect answer to keep him at bay. “Yeah, I thought so too, but he is a regular client of Kati’s, and she gave me the assignment personally because she trusted my judgment. She also knew I wouldn’t do anything to scare him off or make him stop coming back in the future. Apparently he’s got big money invested in a lot of the businesses Kati operates with.” Problem solved. “Sounds like a pretty important client.” “Oh yeah, for sure.” “Is she going to give you any more residential properties after this?” “I’m not sure. I don’t think so. I just think I got this one simply because she was too busy with the four or so major projects she has going on at the moment.” “You would think she would find someone else for him, and use your commercial knowledge for her projects.” “Yeah, you would think so,” you reply, agreeing with him would help ease any worry he thought he had about the situation. “How are the shows?” You ask, quickly shifting the conversation. “They’re going great. Wish you could be here. I feel like I’m going to have to do something big and elaborate for when you do actually get to see a show.” “Why is that?” “I guess to show you how much I love you,” he answers as if he isn’t sure. “Well that’s silly. I’m always going to know how much you love me.” “Yeah, but it’s just nice to be able to show you, you know?” “Niall, you don’t have to do anything special. We’re on the same page with all of this. I know you love me, and you know I love you.” “Yeah, I know. Hey I’ve got to get to soundcheck, I’ll talk to you later, okay?” “Alright, have fun! Tell the other boys I said ‘Hi’.” “I will. I love you.” “And I love you.” At that you hang up and get back to the paperwork on the table in front of you. You smile at the thought of Niall wanting to do something elaborate for you the next time you go to a show. But what didn’t cross your mind, and what won’t be crossing your mind is how you had shot that idea down because you were too busy with Stephen in the back of your thoughts.

Louis: It was a short stay, but one you definitely needed. The train station isn’t busy which means the two of you can walk through without any hassle. His hand is tightly squeezed around yours, and you wish you never had to let it go. You don’t want to go back to the sadness. You had been surrounded by happiness and laughter all week, something you hadn’t heard in weeks. He stops beside you, and you weren’t even aware you had reached the train. “Keep that smile on, okay?” He encourages. You nod, even though your mind immediately goes back to the night that you had fallen apart in front of him, sobbing as he held you close to him. It had been an emotional week, one you were so happy to spend with him. “You’ve got everything, yeah?” He inquires, looking down at the bags on your shoulders. “Yeah, I think so,” you answer softly. Why is leaving so hard? He won’t even be that far away from you, yet you feel like you’re about to catch a flight across the world. “I’ve got to get back to the venue, but text me or leave me a voicemail when you get back home, okay?” You nod as your eyes fall. “Hey,” he begins softly, and you slowly look back up at him. “It’s going to get easier,” he insists but you aren’t sure how. This feels like torture. It amazes you how quickly the tables between the two of you have turned. It wasn’t that long ago that you would be the one giving the positive speech and telling him that everything is going to be alright. Now you’re the one acting hopeless. He opens his arms, and you step into them, pressing yourself tightly into his chest as you feel his arms wrap around you one final time. He lets you go and steps back, allowing the space between you to do the talking, telling you it’s time to get on the train. “I love you,” he says with a smile. You try your best to force a smile of your own, anything to show him that you are strong enough to handle this. “I love you too.” He leans forward, pressing a kiss to your lips before pulling back, making the space between you larger. He is easing you into this. You don’t want to turn from him but you know that it is necessary. You face the train and before stepping onto it you look over your shoulder to see Louis taking more steps backwards, still facing you though. He nods, and you step onto the train. You are officially going back home, and it hurts. You shouldn’t be feeling like this. You just spent the last week feeling complete. The problem was that those feelings only confirmed that on the road with Louis is where you belong. You don’t belong cooped up in a house succumb to depression. Your family would tell you otherwise, your brother for sure. No one in that house understood the effect they were having on you. You never showed your face. Didn’t they realize that? The answer is obviously no, because the moment you mentioned leaving you were immediately deemed the heartless one. No one had said that, but you felt it through their looks as you walked out the door. You are returning now, and you’re sure they will be glad about that. No one in this situation should get the chance to escape it and have time to recuperate, not while there are still others in the house suffering. Your thoughts are running ramped as the train begins to pull out of the station. What you would give to be able to jump off now, run after Louis, and tell him you never want to leave his side. It would be just like the movies, picture perfect. Your picture perfect life with Louis had come crashing down the morning you received that phone call from your mother. It has all been a nightmare since then.   

Preference #154 Runaway

Requested by:  energylouis

Liam- Fed up with the screams and insults coming from the living room as they usually did, you finally gathered the courage to leave. You packed up your suitcase and some snacks you had in your room calling Liam to let him know you were moving out. “Hold on, I’m coming to help you out,” he didn’t question your actions, he was there five minutes later supporting you and helping you move on. “I have a guest room. You can stay there and make it your own, if you want. If not, I’ll help you look for apartments in the morning.” He always had your best interest which was something new you hadn’t yet experienced. 

Niall- “If you don’t like it here, feel free to leave.” your stepmom told you for the hundredth time so you took her up on the offer. No longer would you be forced to be civil with the woman who changed your dad. You were leaving. “Niall, do you still have that free couch I could use?” he immediately said yes and you packed part of your stuff ready to sleep in Niall’s house. “Stay here for as long as you need. I don’t mind company, especially yours,” you chuckled and hugged him as a thanks for being a great friend.

Harry- “Run away?” you whispered sharply. “Shh! Yes! Come with me just for tonight Y/N. Let’s have an adventure.” How could you say no to a spontaneous nightly elopement? “Let me put my shoes on.” his face was plastered with a huge smile and you made your way out. You had to admit watching a midnight movie, riding bikes and eating froyo was a genius plan but what wasn’t as much was when you got lost between streets neither of you had ever gone too since they looked sketchy. “Don’t you fret, I’ve got Siri here.” you laughed for hours and finally got home again. “Not bad huh?” “Shut up, Harry.”

Zayn- It was in the middle of the night that Zayn found you roaming the streets of your neighborhood unsure of where to go, what to do and what the future would have in store for you. “Come here babe,” Zayn held his arms open for you to jump in and for the first time in months you felt like he was your home. Sure, you were lost, didn’t know if you had a family anymore but Zayn’s arm held that comfort that let you know he would take care of you and help you find your path in life.

Louis- “In four miles make a left on..” the GPS was not being cooperative. You were in the middle of a forest-like area with no turns to make. “Who’d have thought that the hardest part of leaving home would be this damn GPS,” you giggled playing with the air passing through your fingers, “I know love, I’m sorry. We’ll wing it. We always do.” So you turned off the machine and drove off to the nearest city until you could find a place that suited the both of you.

#Thirty-Eight - Surprise Vacation

| Louis |

Lima, Peru

Louis and I have the same kind of preference when it comes to vacations. We like to go to NYC or Paris, busy cities. I don’t know why but we’ve never really had a vacation where it’s quiet or even on the beach. This time isn’t different, I surprised Louis and told him I planned a trip to Peru. He was honest, saying that he didn’t expect to go to Peru of all places. But he really loved it, he told me each day how amazing it was.

“It’s mind bottling to look at, at night.” Louis mentioned as we walked around at night.

“When I was looking at places to vacation I saw pictures of it at night and instantly knew you’d love it.”

“You did an amazing job picking darlin’.”

“Why thank you baby.” he kissed my hand, swinging it a little.

He had been so stressed lately he not only deserved it but I thought we needed some time. He was actually sleeping soundly at night and not waking up during the night and lying there awake. It wasn’t quite where we stayed, the whole time the city was busy. But I think it wasn’t because of the noise but because of everything going on he was much calmer.

| Zayn |

Wellington, New Zealand

I was speechless, absolutely speechless. Zayn and I went to go visit a friend in Australia for their wedding and it ends up we’re not going home just yet. I didn’t expect it or know about it whatsoever. I was ready to get home and get back to work when we went to a different gate. I tried to reason with Zayn that we were at the wrong gate but then he showed me the tickets and I couldn’t believe it. I really thought it was a joke at first, didn’t believe it could be true. I’ve probably only been to my home country, Australia and England {sorry if your home country is either of those two!}.

It was a rather short flight, much shorter than the one to Australia. As we were landing there was so much green I just stared. Living in the city, you don’t see this a whole lot, let alone get to enjoy it. It took much less than it has at other airports to get off the plane and get our luggage. Afterwards we went to this bungalow thing near the beach and I was completely off the moon. It was the most beautiful place - beach I had ever been. Clear water, it smelled wonderful, much cleaner and just unexplainable.

It was one of the best vacations I had ever had. I would have never been able to think of this or surprise someone like this. I guess now that I know about it, I’ll have to do the same to Zayn. I already have some ideas and now I just can’t wait till he isn’t expecting it.

| Harry |

Cannes, France

I’ve been to France more times than I can count. In school I learned French and always knew I’d go to France many times in my lifetime. Harry has accompanied me a few times, seeing how excited I get and how I think every little thing is amazing. The same kind of feeling I got moving to London. So for christmas, the one holiday that I’m not allowed to surprise him with trips, he takes me to my favorite country.

You could say that I expected it but I’m not really sure if I did. “What do you think? Christmas in Cannes?”

“Well I have had enough with the snow for one year. It will also we snowing when we get back.” I pretended to contemplate if I wanted to go. He smiled, scowling at me at the same time.

“I know you wanna go.”

We did end up going and it was amazing. I still managed to surprise him with things to do in Cannes and outside of Cannes and with presents of course. We never really had Christmas outside of London together but the city was decorated and it felt so magical. It must have been Harry planned it when I didn’t I don’t even know how many times I thanked him.

| Niall |

Lugano, Switzerland

This would be our second anniversary of being married. I wanted to ask Niall if he had anything planned but it would spoil my plan. I was planning to surprise him with a trip to Lugano. I’ve been there with my sister (brother, family, cousin, ect.) but he’s never been there. I’ve shown him tons of pictures and videos I took there and he always mentions that’s where he wants our next holiday to be. I don’t think he has any idea that I’m planning this either, if he does maybe he’ll act surprised for me. I would ask but what if he has no idea at all?

That morning I woke up at my usual time, before Niall and got ready in some comfy clothes for the plane. I went and woke Niall up, telling him I had a surprise and that he needed to pack for it. I made him believe we were going to Ireland and I think he seemed a little down about it. Though when we got to the airport in the gate, he lit up. He kept asking me if I was serious and that he couldn’t believe I planned all this without his nosey self knowing.

“So the whole Ireland thing was a joke?” he asked before they called for boarding.

“Sure was, had to get you to pack somehow.” I laughed, kissing his cheek and leaning on his shoulder as we sat.

“I was sad for a second, wondering why we’d go to Ireland on our anniversary.” he chuckled, his accent adorable as always.

“Awh, I’m sorry.”

“Happy Anniversary.” we both said at the same time.

| Liam |

Cairns, Australia

Yeah, sure we’ve both been to Australia a million times. On work, vacation, ect, but it seemed so much more special this time. Liam told me about the trip about a month ahead as a birthday present for me. I told him it was perfect and that I couldn’t wait to go. I planned what I would wear, take and everything inbetween. This is why he originally wanted to surprise me because he knew I’d do this. He also told me that he just couldn’t wait.

You’re probably wondering what he actually surprised me with. We were tanning outside one afternoon, taking a break from everything we were doing when he did. He proposed to me, I mean when I tell people this story they usually expect it. It’s so adorable, cheesy and romantic in my eyes. Liam did it perfectly for me and I even started crying when he did.

“So you liked it?” he asked that night before we fell asleep

“Are you kidding me?” It was absolutely amazing. Wouldn’t want it to be any other way.”

“I was going to do it at the airport but I thought against it.”

“I would have been embarrassed but still been as happy.” I kissed his lips softly, wondering how on earth this came to be.