Harry as a boyfriend:

- He’d be really affectionate, like he’d love having his hand on the small of your back, or when you’re sitting down together, he’ll put a hand on your thigh, something small but just enough

- FLOWERS, he’d buy you a ton of flowers, for no reason at all. Even if he was in another city/country, he’d still send you flowers somehow

- THE C U T E S T nicknames, more often than not, it’ll be something like: sunshine, angel, lovebug, kitten, etc etc haha

- he’d get a tattoo for u, not your name but something small that’s deeply personal to you and him, and he’d try to hide it for a while until it healed but you’d see it in passing and he’d get all sappy aND SWEET ABT IT OMG

- Wearing his shirts or his shoes (which are a lil big on u) and he’d find it SO cute like he’d be laying in bed waiting for you to get out of your shower and you’d come out wearing one of his dumb lil floral shirts and he’d be s h o o k, he’d think you look so cute and he’d keep telling you how sweet you are and how cute you are!!!! ahhh

#389 - Morning Sex*

Harry: Your hands were tucked under your pillow as you slowly started to pull out of your deep sleep. The curtains were preventing most of the light from entering your bedroom, making it easier for your eyes to adjust after being closed for so long. When you rolled over, you rolled into Harry, automatically grinning. He was so beautiful. Your arm went and draped over his chest as you shuffled closer, pressing your lips against his cheek. His light stubble tickled your lip as you pulled back. Harry shifted under the blankets and brought one hand up to rest over your arms. When he turned his head, you pressed your lips against his. He didn’t hesitate to kiss back, the kiss being soft and slow to start. As it progressed, neither of you were ready to pull away. Just for a brief second maybe to catch a little bit of air before it turned into so much more than a morning kiss. The hotter things became, the more eager the both of you were. The hand that had been resting on his chest slowly slid down to his stomach, proceeding even further to the waistband of his sweats. He pulled back from the kiss for a moment, a sly smirk on his face. You shook your head and pressed your lips back against him slowly slipping the tips of your fingers under the waistband. As soon as your hand was under the material and resting against his pelvis, he sunk his teeth into your lower lip and inhaled deeply. You pulled your head back but his teeth remained dug into the flesh. You dropped your hand and wrapped your fingers around the base of his erection. With a quiet sigh, Harry let you go and his head fell back into the pillow he was resting on. You started to move your hand up slowly, twisting it around his shaft slowly. If he hadn’t been completely hard now, he was now. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes as you remained propped up next to him. Your hand began to go faster, twisting and squeezing his length. Harry lifted his hips up and groaned slightly, grabbing your wrist that was down his sweats, moving with you. You smirked to yourself and stilled your hand at his tip for a moment, dragging your thumb across his head and gathering some of his pre-cum up on your finger. Harry was moaning softly as you worked him, his eyes closed as he lost himself in the pleasure. “Ugh… fuck…” he grunted in a deep, gravelly voice, his hips lifting off of the bed slowly. Your mouth parted as you listened to him grunt and moan under your touch, your hand going quickly, up and down, pumping him and getting him closer and closer to his climax. Harry let out a gasp and his stomach tensed up, every muscle becoming a lot more prominent. The vein in his neck jutted out and his jaw clenched before his release hit and liquids flew from his tip, staining the material of his sweats. “Fuck…” he hissed out, putting a hand over his forehead and shaking his head back and forth against the pillow. You retrieved your hand and rolled over him to grab a tissue box from his night table, wiping your fingers a bit before getting up off of the bed. “Good morning…” you giggled before disappearing in the bathroom to wash your hands. You turned to turn the water on for a shower before peeking your head out of the bathroom, looking at him. “I’m gonna have a shower if you care to join me baby…”

Liam: The night before had been so busy with meetings at work and dealing with clients who had absolutely no filter, so when you got home, the only thing on your mind was bed and the fact that you would get to sleep in the next morning. You were so grateful. You had made sure your alarms were off and the curtains were closed as you got into bed, your long shirt and underwear letting you feel the soft sheets wrapped around your legs. You weren’t sure at what point in the evening you had kicked them off, but when the morning came around and Liam awoke, hit trapped his bottom lip between his teeth. Sitting up in bed, Liam reached out to run his hand over the back of your thigh as you slept on your stomach, your legs slightly apart. You were hugging the pillow to you and were in a peaceful slumber as Liam pushed himself up on his knees and carefully crawled over so he was kneeling between your legs. His hands ran up the back of your thighs, massaging the skin and pushing your t-shirt up slightly so it was around your stomach, at least the back of it was anyways. He bit his lip, knowing you wanted to sleep in, but it was already quarter past 11. Liam bit his lip and reached forwards, grabbing the waistband of your panties, starting to pull them down slowly, having a bit of trouble for a moment considering you were laying on your stomach. He did manage however, to get them down to your knees and that was good enough for him. Licking his lips, he adjusted himself on his stomach, right in front of what he enjoyed so much. Pushing your thighs apart so he could press his face closer, he put his hands on your bum and jutted his tongue out. The wet skin pressed against your slit, breaking the fleshy barrier with little force. Your clit was still hidden, not in full view as it would be if you were on your back, but that didn’t mean Liam didn’t know how to get to it, no. He had done this before and was ready to do whatever he could to make your morning wonderful. His tongue slithered along the shape of your flower his face getting extremely close to you. You were still asleep, but the deepness of it was questionable now. As his tongue slid back and forth along your slit, Liam used his free hands to pull you apart slightly. You being flat on your stomach wasn’t working as well as he had hoped though, so instead of pulling you apart he used his hands to grab your hips and lift you up a little bit so he could get under. You were coming to a bit more now and when you felt his hands lifting your hips, you did so subconsciously. It was a lot smoother sailing from there. You could feel the breath from his nose beating against your back side as he began to engulf your heat in his mouth. He was sucking the skin and managed to slip a hand under, working your little clit while his tongue focused on your hole. Your grip around the pillow tightened slightly and your breathing was getting heavier. You inhaled deeply and Liam was practically making out with your core, your wetness making it easier for him to suck and delve in. Small sounds were beginning to leave your mouth and you started moving your hips slightly, picking them up a bit more and grinding into his face. Whimpering out quietly, Liam pulled back and ran his hands over your bum, kissing each side. “Just gettin’ ya warmed up my love…”

Niall: You woke up fairly early in the morning when Niall grabbed onto your waist. He pressed himself up against your back, his arm over your stomach holding onto you securely. You could feel it though, pressing against your thigh as he held you close, the obvious erection in his shorts. You took a deep breath and ran a hand over your tired eyes, unable to ignore it. “Niall…” you whispered, keeping your eyes closed. “Mmm…” he replied, rocking his hips forwards. You bit your lip and grabbed onto his hand. “Babe…” he murmured next to your ear. Your cheeks were heating up. His morning drawl was something you never got tired of hearing. Biting your lip, you purposely pressed your bum back into him and his fingers tightened around your hand. He shook your hand off slightly and his disappeared under the covers. You could feel his fingers pulling on the waistband of your shorts so you reached down and helped him push them down. There was a brief moment where his hands weren’t on you, but when you felt his uncovered lower half against yours, you smirked. Niall had to pull away for a moment, grabbing a condom from the drawer on his bedside table. Once it was slipped on, his arms were around you tightly. You reached back under the blankets and grabbed his length, guiding it to your entrance. It took a moment for you to get him there comfortably. You hitched your leg up slightly, giving him some room. Once he was lined up, Niall took control. Slowly, he ushered his hips forwards and pushed himself into you. Your hands went over his arms and you inhaled deeply, closing your eyes. Niall’s lips pressed to your shoulder slightly parted. He continued to press into you while one of his hands trailed down your stomach before reaching down between your legs. As he began to rock his hips, you let out a gasp as he took your clit between his pointer finger and his thumb. Despite being in a sleepy haze, he still knew how to take care of his girl. Rolling the little ball of nerves between his guitar-calloused fingers, Niall kissed across your shoulder blade, his kisses open-mouthed and lazy. They still managed to shoot goosebumps down your spine though. You lifted your leg a little more and pulled it back slightly to rest your calf on his hip. He was going to put his hand on your thigh to keep your legs apart, but as soon as he stopped working your clit, you whined out in disapproval. You could feel his lips curl into a grin against your skin, and his hand went back to toying the bundle of nerves. You sighed out contently and bit down on your bottom lip, whimpering slightly and pressing your hips back even more. Both of you were breathing heavily. You pressed your hands against your breasts, palming them together and pinching at the nipples, bringing you closer to your edge. Niall moaned quietly, dropping his forehead against your shoulder blades as his thrusts became more and more sloppy. His breathing was staggered and the way his fingers moved between your legs was becoming rougher and quicker. He was close to his edge and he was getting you there. You were so close. You needed him to just keep doing what he was doing for another minute. Just another minute. You ended up finding your orgasm first, the waves of pleasure rushing through you. Niall hit his shortly after you, his body shaking against yours.

Louis: You were exhausted when you got out of the shower, these early morning shifts draining most of your energy out of you. They were going to be switched up pretty quick, but you had to tough it out for just a couple more weeks. When you came downstairs, Louis stood shirtless in the kitchen, coffee brewing and bread in the toaster. He let out a yawn and turned to face you, smiling and holding an arm out for you. You stepped into his embrace and took a deep breath, resting your head against his shoulder. “You’re so stressed…” he murmured, dragging his hand across your shoulders. “And the day hasn’t even started,” you chuckled slightly, closing your eyes. “Hey,” he murmured and you opened your eyes again. You were greeted with a kiss against your lips, a slow and gentle one. You lifted your hand gently and pressed your palm against his cheek. He pulled away with a light smack, but you shook your head and pressed your lips against his again. There was something destressing about having him so close to you. Louis forgot about the food for a moment and turned so he was facing you, his arms wrapping around you tightly. You moved your lips against his slowly and deeply, trying to pull him closer. Louis smirked and turned you so you were pressed against the counter. You leaned back and wrapped your arms tightly around his neck, sucking on his bottom lip slowly. Louis’ hands trailed down your back and he grabbed your bum slightly, his fingers denting the material of your work slacks. One of his hands started to trail around to your front, his fingers fiddling with the button and zipper but you grabbed his wrist. “I have to go soon…” you whispered against his lips. “It’ll be quick… just to help you relax…” he murmured, moulding his lips against yours again. You melted into him and felt his hand creep down the front of your pants, cupping your special place over your panties. He pushed them to the side and ran two fingers slowly along your slit, stimulating your clit enough to get you wet. When you were lubricated enough, Louis slowly, slowly pushed his middle finger up into you, causing your lips to part against his and a gasp leave your mouth. His lips curled up against yours slightly as he retracted that finger completely before coming back with two of them, carefully pushing them back. You quietly moaned and pulled your lips from his, leaning yourself back over the counter and spreading your legs apart. Louis bit his lip and slowly began pumping his two fingers in and out… in and out. Pursing your lips together, you took a deep breath and pushed some hair out of your face before resting your hand on your forehead. Eventually, he pressed his thumb against your clit and began curling his fingers up inside of you, making a little come here motion. You smiled slightly, letting out a deep breath before looking down and gripping the edge of the counter. Louis ducked his head slightly and pressed himself against you, attaching your lips once more. You were barely able to kiss back, distracted and focused on his hand between your legs. Your breathing began to pick up and they became a little more vocal than they had been. Whimpering softly, the orgasm wasn’t extremely powerful, but when you relaxed against him, your legs were shaking. “Hopefully that can help you relax today…” Louis murmured, kissing the side of your head.

Zayn: You woke up that morning, hearing heavy breathing coming from the other side of the bed. In your tired state, you lifted your hands and rubbed over your eyes before turning your head on your pillow to look over at Zayn. His eyebrows were furrowed and his skin was slightly shiny as a thin layer of seat beaded up on the surface. Under the blankets, a little lower, there was steady movement. You furrowed your eyebrows for a moment, but came to realize what was going on and pushed the blankets back. Your cheeks heated up immediately when it clicked. You hadn’t known Zayn to have chronic wet dreams, but on the rare occasion it happened. You sat up and wondered if you should do anything, if you should help. “Ugh…” he groaned, his voice no more than a whisper. “Fuck…” You bit your lip and closed your eyes, squeezing your thighs together. You reached out and grabbed Zayn’s hand, pulling it from around his length and replacing it with yours, looking down at your boyfriend. His eyebrows raised as you mimicked his pumping movements and his breathy moans became more vocal. He was already so worked up, it made you wonder how long this… dream of his had been going on. Pre-cum was oozing from his tip as you moved your hand quickly so you reacted, leaning over him and wrapping your lips around just the tip. Zayn’s eyes opened slightly, not that you noticed until you felt his hands on the back of your head. Pulling your head back, you looked over at him and bit your lip. He was actually awake now, his reactions being a lot more real. “Fuck…” he grunted again, thrusting his hips up into the bed, the muscles in his thighs and bum tightening up. You giggled softly and leaned back over him, using both your hand and your mouth to get him closer. The lower half of his shaft was being worked by your hand, twisting and pumping it with the same pace your mouth was. You hated deep throat, but that didn’t mean oral was out of the question. His moans of pleasure were getting louder and louder as his climax approached. You kept your movements steady and let Zayn guide you with his hands for a little while, closing your eyes and breathing through your nose. When his hands pulled back, so did your mouth. You let out a deep breath and began pumping him firmly, keeping a tight grip around his length. Zayn was gripping the pillow on other side of his head, the light layer of sweat over him a lot denser now. There was some dark hair stuck to his forehead as you wiped your mouth with the back of your free hand, turning your attention back to getting him off. It wasn’t long now. When he hit his high, the white liquid spurted out onto his stomach and chest, his body tight. You pulled back and smirked to yourself, grabbing him a couple of tissues, waiting for him to be done so he could clean himself up. As he started coming down, his hands loosened the grip on the pillow and eventually they dropped to his sides. His chest rose and fell heavily as he tried catching his breath. He rolled his head over and looked at you, gratefully taking the tissues and sitting himself up slightly as you pulled the blanket over his lower half. “Feel better?” you asked, unable to hold back a yawn. “Mhm…” he nodded, leaning over towards you and kissing your cheek. “You’re welcome,” you said, teasing slightly and he chuckled slightly. “Thanks babe… very much.”

Why this me


beautiful boy

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*buying harry’s rolling stone issue*

cashier: i heard he like put out solo stuff.

me: haha yeah! it’s pretty good.

cashier: maybe i’ll have to take him seriously.

me: *internally* bitch, you best respect my mother fucking man. do you even know who you’re talking to? that man is the sunshine of my existence. you don’t deserve his silky smooth voice in your life. how dare you? who do you even think you are. you got my eye twitching. my palms are sweating. you’re lucky we’re in a public place or i’d whoop your little ass.

me: haha yeah.

me expressing my love and support for harry and his music when no one asked: