Preference #28: Sleepy Kisses
Harry: You didn’t want to wake him, you really, really didn’t. But Liam had texted you earlier this morning with a polite request to rouse Harry from his slumber and send him on his merry way to the recording studio, where he and the boys would probably be until late tonight, so you didn’t have much of a choice as you gently carded your fingers through his thick hair.
“Harry, babe,” you said softly, and his eyes fluttered behind his eyelids as his breathing hitched to let you know he was awake. “You gotta wake up now, the boys are waiting on you at the studio.” Harry groaned and nuzzled farther down into his pillow, the sheets slipping down to reveal his bare back. You leaned over him then, your hands sliding over the smooth expanse of his skin, your lips pressing to his collar. He took a deep breath as he rolled over, his eyes blinking sleepily up at you.
“Morning,” he rumbled, his lips quirking into a smile. He stretched lazily and sighed, tugging you down to sprawl out over his chest. “Haven’t gotten my kiss yet, so I see no reason to get up.” With a bubble of laughter, you leaned forward and pressed your lips to his.

Louis: You weren’t quite used to the crazy time changes yet, and it showed in the way you sagged into his arms as soon as the car doors shut. Your eyes weren’t as bright and peppy as they usually were, instead a dull, sleepy color, and you didn’t bounce around as much as you usually did, opting just to offer a lethargic smile to anything he said. So, as soon as you pulled up to the hotel and Louis noticed you were fast asleep beside him, he gently picked you up from your seat (with a little help from the other boys at the start) and carried you to your shared room, tucking you safely into your bed.
“Love you,” you murmured softly as he moved from your side to get ready to join you under the sheets. He grinned sweetly and crawled to your side, wrapping his arms around your waist. Louis squeezed you tightly fora moment, tugging you into his chest before craning his neck forward to steal a few sloppy, sweet kisses to your lips, tracing shapes into your skin and lulling you to sleep with whispers of his affection.

Niall: Ninety-five percent of the time, drunk Niall was a hyperactive, mischievous Niall. But that other five percent, that was your favorite Niall, if you were honest. He was slow paced and torpid, all dopey smiles and slow bats of his eyelashes whenever you looked at him. This was the Niall you got to see at one of his mate’s (you didn’t remember his name at this point, to be honest) birthday party, and you’d be lying if you didn’t love the way he leaned his head on your shoulder lazily and twisted a piece of your hair around his index finger.
“Yer hair’s nice, all soft an’ pretty,” he breathed into your neck, his lips brushing your collar bone and causing your to shiver. “Yer all soft an’ pretty, my pretty girl, my soft pretty girl.” You stifled a laugh and squeaked a bit when Niall began to leave wet, open-mouthed kisses on your neck, his fingers fisting in the fabric of your sweater.
“C’mon, sleepy boy, let’s go home,” you said, pulling him to his feet and rolling your eyes fondly when he left another kiss on the back of your palm. Drunk, slightly sleepy Niall was definitely one of your favorites.

Liam: Everyone knows he’s a big teddy bear. It’s extremely obvious, and you knew the fans would have a field day if they saw how cuddly he was at the moment, curled into your side with his arm like a vice around your waist and his head resting heavily on your chest as you both drifted in and out of sleep. Liam loved relaxed days like this, when he could just snuggle right up to you and have you card your hair through his short hair, telling him how much you loved him among other little spouts of affection.
“Why’d you stop?” He rasped, not turning his face to you, content to just lay with your hands at least touching him. He tended to be a bit needy, too, but you wouldn’t ever complain, knowing that you loved this time hair as much as he did. You chuckled and dipped your head down to drop a few pecks into his hair, your hand resuming stroking his back.
“Sorry, sorry.”

Zayn: Another long day of recording the new album had gone by, and Zayn happily stepped through the door of your home, his nose breathing in the aroma of whatever you were cooking for dinner. Tossing his coat on to the back of the couch, he shuffled into the kitchen, a drowsy smile quirking up his lips.
“‘Lo, beautiful,” he said, kissing your cheek before grasping your waist and turning you so he could drop to his knees before you, his hands smoothing over your well-rounded belly. “Hullo, baby girl, it’s your Daddy.” His sleepy smile brightened to a mega-watt smile as he felt his daughter’s foot press against the side of your belly. Zayn hummed happily and rained a fresh shower of kisses down onto your bump, laughing when you squirmed a bit, claiming that his affections ‘tickled’. He rolled his eyes and kisses you again before stifling a yawn and collapsing into the couch with you for a much needed nap.

-sighs into the sunset-

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How You Meet

First Date

How He Asks You To Be His Girlfriend

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Preference #42 - You have a bad day and he cheers you up


Harry (Your POV) – You squealed loudly, attracting the attention of the entire library, “no, no, no, no, no!” you muttered as you desperately tried to dry the chocolate milk you had just spilled all over your laptop. “Shit,” you hit the laptops power switch over and over again but nothing was happening. You had been over halfway through a really important essay that was due the next day and you had just lost all of it. Not only that, but all your research was on your laptop as well. “Fuck,” you groaned as you ran your hands through your hair. You stood up and walked out into the hallway so you could phone Harry. 

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#7 Mumma's boy


"Princess , don’t worry. We will be fine. Go enjoy." he said. And now not even an hour since you left home , he is calling you back. You gave birth to the cutest baby boy just 6 months ago. Life has changed a lot since then , for both of you. Less sleep , more work. Niall believed you needed a break , which you did. But that was not possible. You know Niall very well and you know that he wouldn’t be able to take incharge of everything. "Princess , he is asking for you and he doesn’t stop crying." Niall says in the phone , worry evident in his voice. The thought of your little bundle of joy crying for you pained your heart , making you leave the lunch you were having with your friends and rush home. "Sshh baby , Mumma’s here" you say taking him from your husband , rubbing his back consoling him. He gripped your shirt’s collar tight , not wanting to let you go anywhere now. You hushed him in a moment and soon he was in deep sleep. "I’d do everything. Don’t worry." you turned to Niall mocking him , trying to hide your smile. "What can I do princess , he is a mumma’s boy." "That he is." you say kissing the top of your son’s head.


Your phone beeped for what seemed the 100th time. You were out for lunch with Anne and Harry was continuously disturbing you two by either texting you or his mum with the silliest of stuff. Basically , he was just upset you two left him alone at home and went out for a girl’s day. “Has he been like this always?” you question while replying to his message. “Ever since he learnt to talk.” she sighs. You let out a chuckle. “But atleast I have you to divide it with” you laugh. You look at Anne to find her staring straight into your eyes. She looked as if she was going to cry. “Anne , are you okay?” you asked worried. “Yeah” she smiled slightly. “You know , when you and Harry started dating , I was so worried. I mean you two were serious from such a young age. I just , I thought I lost my baby boy. He just grew up so fast. And please Y/N , don’t get me wrong. I love you and you are just perfect for my baby. Its just , when your son falls in love , he no longer remains yours.” She sniffles causing you to feel a bit sad. You reach out for her hand across the table and give it an assuring squeeze. “Oh please Anne. Don’t talk rubbish. We both know Harry is still his Mumma’s boy.” You make her smile and is already planning a special mother-son day for Harry and Anne tomorrow , in your mind.


Louis and his mum shared a very special bond. He was the apple of her eye. No matter how big he had grown , he would always be her little boobear. Sure , Louis had four younger sisters , but he still was her one and only little boy. But that situation changed. He no longer was the only Mumma’s boy in the house. He has a younger brother , with whom he has to share his mum. “You know I sometimes feel jealous of him. He is so lucky. I mean I’d give anything to become that small again and to be held by mum.” he whispered to you , eyes never leaving the sight of his mom singing his baby brother to sleep. 


"And he is going to be just like his father , sweet , calm , funny , intelligent." you stare at the ceiling unable to fall asleep. Today you and Liam got to know the gender of your baby. A baby boy. Can you believe it! To say that you were excited , was an understatement. You couldn’t stop talking about what all you would do for him , how would he look like? , what would he like? Thinking about your little bundle of joy made you forget about your back pains and cold feet , and Liam wanted nothing but that. "And he would have your brown eyes. Trust me Li , he surely would be a mini you. I am so gonna be left out." you frowned and turned to face Liam. He kissed your pout. "A mini me? Well then he probably would be loving you so so much. You would be his favourite person in the whole world." his hands were subconciously rubbing your 5 month bump. "He would listen to everything you say , do anything to make you happy. He would be such a mumma’s boy." You grinned wide , eyes closed. "Baby , I am gonna be the one who would be left out."


(A/N: Y/S/N :- your son’s name)

"No not that! I don’t think mumma would like that one." he says , dismissing Zayn’s choice of earings. "Can you show us something which is simple yet classy , just like my mum?" he cutely asks the lady in charge. Your husband and 7 year old son were secretly shopping some jewellery for your coming birthday. Y/S/N had walked to Zayn a few days ago with the money he had saved to buy earings for you. Obviously that money was not enough , but Zayn did not have the heart to tell his son and took him to the jewellery store the first free day he got. "Wow!!" he exclaimed when he saw the next set shown by her. "Dad!" he excitedly showed it to his dad. He loved it. He knew that you would love it too. This was exactly your taste. Y/S/N did look like Zayn but his personality , it was totally like yours. He whispered to the lady to take the money his son gives and tell him that is enough and he would secretly give his card to them for the remaining amount. "Mum would be so proud I got these for her." your son says admiring the beautifully wrapped present. "I am sure she would , my little mumma’s boy." Zayn says , ruffling his hair and kissing his forehead.

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Preference #104 Sports

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Liam- ”You’ve never played baseball?” you asked Liam in disbelief. Laughing he shook his head and started coming up with some excuse as to why he never got the chance to play it. “Well, I know it’s just us two but I can be the pitcher and you’ll be the batter,” he couldn’t believe how serious you were about all this but he followed your instructions and guidance once you were in your backyard. Liam missed the first throw, but hit every single one after that, “Who knew you’d have a natural talent for this?” you were impressed and proud. “I’ve got the best coach who also happens to be my fiancee’,” he knew how to get to you.

Harry- Coming out of his room, you looked Harry up and down, raising an eyebrow questioning why he had swimming trunks on. “I was gonna go swim,” you nodded and resumed your movie, “Hey, how about you come with me? We could challenge one another.” Thinking about it, you haven’t been swimming in more than a year so you quickly went to your room and changed into a bathing suit. Harry tried his best to suppress his smile and walked out with sunblock in hand. The beach was mostly empty so swimming felt more comfortable. Harry also attempted to do some team acrobatics that didn’t turn out too well.

Niall- Lately Niall was really into playing tennis, you thought it might be because he wanted to impress his professional friend. “Babe, I can’t play on my own, wanna help me practice?” you thought it was great how much he cared to better himself at the sport so of course you’d help him out. You started out rough, but eventually got better and noticed improvements on your body. “You think I’m ready?” he asked you a few weeks later, “Yes, I do.” After helping him out, tennis became a weekly work out for you two.

Zayn- Both of you weren’t really into sports but to keep in shape, you occasionally went to the local gym and played basketball against one another. Of course he’d have an advantage over you since he was considerably taller, but sometimes, you won too and you would never let him forget it. You would boast all day, and amused him to no end. He thought it was hot how intense you got for one simple game and the result to that was often you two going home, sweaty and not even bothering to shower since a more demanding and less competitive exercise would take place.

Louis- Your boyfriend was impossibly agile, and fast when it came to soccer. Many times he’d ask you to come watch his practices and all you could focus on was how much passion he had for the sport. One day, you came down from the bleachers and approached him on the field, stealing the ball and running to score on the opposite goal. Wearing sandals, wasn’t probably the best thing for playing soccer but somehow you managed. Louis ran to you and lifted you off the ground, spinning you around making you giggle and beg him to put you down, “That’s not fair, I was going to win!” you laughed, messing his hair, “I’m sure you were babe.” 

Before He Leaves For Work (1D Preference)

Harry: The bed feels colder. Harry must already be up and he must be getting ready for work. I walk into the kitchen and I see the tall curly haired boy making breakfast for both of us. “Morning babe.” He says facing me, showing his deep dimples. “Hey, breakfast smells amazing” I say pecking a kiss on his cheek. “Well, my princess must have a royal breakfast.” “Well, I’m not a princess. So no royalty is needed.” He stops cooking and hugs me from behind. “Well in my eyes you’re a princess! The most beautiful princess I’ve ever laid eyes on to be exact.” He continues to call me his princess, I continue to hesitate I’m not. However he wins in the end. “I love my beautiful princess so much” “I love you my handsome prince even more.” He begins to spin me around the kitchen as if we’re ballroom dancing. He completely forgets about the food, but we’re caught up in the moment we can’t even think about eating.

Liam: Today they’re shooting the video for ‘Night Changes’. Liam’s really excited because it’s their first video separately filmed, it’s something different. Before he leaves, he comes into the room and he jumps in for a quick cuddle. “I want you stay! I want your cuddles!” I say like a child. “Aww, I know. But I’ve got to work, sorry. You’ll get all the cuddles you want when I get home.” He says cheering me up a bit. We lay in bed for a few minutes, it’s all comfortable and warm but he then stands up and I feel the coldness run past skin. “Sorry, gotta go now babe. I love you though” “I love you too, have fun filming! Good luck.” I say grinning ear to ear before he pulls me in for a kiss.

Louis: “Babe, I’ve got to go to work now, but I’ll see you later tonight yeah?” He says almost as if he’s in a hurry. “When are you going to take a day off? You’re always in a rush to work, can’t you just take a break once?” I sadly say. “Yeah, but you understand how it is don’t you? I’m sorry, I’ll make it up to you as soon as possible.” “Sure, I love you Lou, have fun.” He looks at the smile on my face but doesn’t believe it’s true. “Cmon, I know that smile isn’t real. Let me see your real smile, he even more beautiful one.” I blush but I don’t smile how he wants me to. “Do I have to make you smile?” He says with a smirk. I raise my eyebrow daring him. He accepts my challenge and begins tickling me and kissing me all over the face. I can’t help but smile, he’s the best thing I have. I’m to ticklish to contain my laughter. “Stop! Stop! Ok! You win!” I say trying my hardest to stop laughing without succeeding. “Aw, what a beautiful smile for a beautiful girl” he says kissing me before he leaves. “Bye babe.” “Bye.” I finally say

Niall: All the kids are asleep, they don’t have to wake up till later. Niall and I are awake though. Every morning he goes into each of their rooms and kisses them goodbye without waking them. I’m still in bed, I don’t feel like getting up today. I’m asleep, but not completely. I can still hear and feel everything. I hear him come in, he kisses me lightly. “You’re so beautiful, I don’t know what I’d do without you.” He says softly. “I love you so much.” He kisses me again, this time I kiss him back. “I’m sorry, did I wake you up angel?” He asks. “No, I’m only half asleep baby, it’s okay. Have a good day at work, I love you.” I say tiredly. I can hear the happiness in his voice, I know he’s smiling. “Thanks darling, have a good day. Love you, see you tonight.” Then I feel that’s he’s gone and I hear the door closing.

Zayn: Zayn isn’t here, he normally is still home before I wake up. Although I realise why he’s not here this time. Its almost noon. He leaves earlier. I walk into the kitchen and I go straight to the fridge. There’s a note stuck to it. It said: ‘Since you were asleep I didn’t want to wake you up. You looked so at ease and cute, I could’ve stayed, I wanted to but I had to work. But I want you to know I left you breakfast in the fridge. Also I love you so much and I don’t know who I’d be without you - Zayn xx PS - One more time… I love you beautiful xx’ Zayn is the best thing that ever happened to me. I open the fridge and the breakfast he left me is heart shaped sandwiches. I felt butterflies in my stomach, I don’t know why. It wasn’t because I was nervous, I was absolutely overwhelmed. For the rest of the day he was all I could think about.