Preference #102 He Spoils You

“Y/N” Niall called out as you heard the sound of the front door close. You got up from bed and walked out of your room, skipping down the stairs. Your boyfriend hanging up his hat and coat as you made your way over to him. “Hey babe,” you chirp, going over to give him a kiss on the cheek. He grins at you and plants a soft kiss on your lips. “I have big news.” he grinned excitedly, taking your hand, and leading you towards the sofa. You both sit down as Niall continues to grin at you.
“What is it?” You laugh, feeling curious and a bit anxious, to find out what the big news is. “You’re going to love this, I just know it!” “Niall, get on with it! I want to know!”,you were starting to lose your patience. “So you know how I was at that award show last week?” Niall questioned, waiting for you to nod before he continued on with the announcement. You nodded your head, remembering the event he had gone to. “Well, I bumped into Maroon Five and guess who got you front row seats and backstage passes for next week?” Niall questions with a giddy smile on his face. Your eyes widen and you couldn’t believe it.
“Shut up,” You whisper, not quite believing him yet.
“I’m being serious,” He cackles and you tackle him into a hug. Maroon Five had always been one of your favorite bands and you had only seen them in concert once. “You’re the best boyfriend in the world.” You beam, tightening your grip on him. “I know.” He laughs, kissing your cheek.

“Are you having fun?” Liam asked you as you walked hand-in-hand around Disney World, his family close behind as well.
“I’m having so much fun, thanks for taking me out, Li.” You smiled up at Liam and gave his hand a small squeeze.
“Well, I’m glad you let me bring you. You need a break from all the studying you’ve been doing,”,you nod, agreeing with your boyfriend. You had a final exam in just a couple weeks and you’d been studying like crazy the past week. Liam saw how stressed you were becoming and decided it was time for a break. He bought tickets for you and his family to visit Florida for a small holiday.
The 7 of you were walking around the theme park, when Liam pulled you into one of the small gift shops. You laugh at Liam’s excitement as he stood in front of the wall covered in a mass array of stuffed animals and other souvenirs. You had always loved the fact that Liam was just a big kid at heart. “Babe, look!” Liam exclaimed, picking up a necklace with Mickey on one half and Minnie on the other. A small crack separating the two pieces. “One piece for you and one piece for me.” Liam spoke, but you shake your head. You were never too keen on Liam buying you things, even if the things weren’t expensive, you still didn’t like the idea of him spending money on you. “Liam what did I tell you about buying me things?” You sigh, giving him a look. Liam only gives you his signature puppy dog look in return; the one you can never say no to. It takes a few minutes before you’re finally giving in. Liam quickly buys it along with other little knick knacks, and you two are on your way. “I don’t like when you buy me things. It makes me feel bad.” You sigh once more, tugging your bottom lip in between your teeth. “But I like buying you things. I just want to show you how much I love you” Liam says, wrapping his arm around your shoulders. You give him a small smile and don’t argue with him because you know he’ll still go against your orders.

“Hm, what about this?” You ask Louis, holding up the beautiful lace dress. Louis nods and smiles widely. You really didn’t like when Louis bought you things or spent money on you but that was when you both had just started dating. Now, that you guys had been together almost three years, it was something you had grown more accustomed to. You weren’t into Louis for his money and in no way were you just “using him”,but fans thought differently, calling you a gold digger as well as a slew of other words. The reason you didn’t protest Louis buying you things nowadays was because there was no use. No matter how many times you would tell him no, he’d eventually get his way.  
“Babe,” Louis called out and you turned to see him holding up a skin tight, black leather dress in his hands. A wide grin apparent on his face, but all you do is shake your head. Louis keeps the dress in his hands anyway and walks over to you, handing you the dress. You take it and decide you’ll let Louis have his way.
“Is that all?” The cashier politely asks and you both nod. Once Louis pays, you two leave the store.
“Thank you babe,” You beam, kissing him on the cheek.
“Is that the only kind of thank you I’m going to get?” He raises his eyebrow and shoots you a smirk, you just roll your eyes.
“We’ll see when we get home.” Is all you say before making your way to the car.

“Happy birthday!” Your co-worker exclaimed and you immediately try to quiet her down, giving her the evil eye. Today was your 21st birthday, but to you it was just like any other day. You never liked to celebrate your birthday as a kid, so why start now? “What?” She gives you a questioning look but you just shake your head and get to work which means doing loads of paperwork. Work went by exceptionally fast which surprised you because usually it’s slow-going. Your boss let you go home early and you felt a bit relieved. When you arrived back home, you parked in your driveway next to Harry’s car and climbed out. You walk towards the door and unlock it with your key.

“Hey baby,” Harry smiles, coming towards you. He bends down and plants a soft kiss on your lips. You give him a small smile, as he takes your purse and coat from your hands. “I have a big surprise for you.” Harry announced and you rolled your eyes. “Harry…” You trail off, but he shushes you. He grabs your hand and leads you to the kitchen, your jaw dropping at the sight. The lights are off, but there are a few candles lit. There’s two glasses and a bottle of wine sitting on the kitchen table along with two plates that showcased a delicious looking dinner. A small birthday cake was on the counter as well. You thought that was all, until you felt something cold being placed on your chest. You look down and see a diamond necklace being set around your neck. Harry finally clasps it and rubs your shoulders, planting a soft kisses on your neck. “Harry,” You whisper, feeling a bit emotional because no one had ever done anything like this before. “Happy birthday, love. You deserve this and so much more. I love you so, so much.” He whispers and you turn around, planting your lips on his. All you could think about was how lucky you were to have someone as thoughtful as Harry.

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#3 - How he wakes you up

Niall – It had been a long night of studying for you last night, and although Niall knew you needed the sleep, it was almost time for you to leave for your exam. He pushed himself away from the doorframe and walked around the bed to your side and knelt in front of you. Niall kissed you softly on the forehead and tucked the strands of hair that were lying over your face behind your ear. He spoke your name quietly at first, then got a bit louder with each time he had to repeat it. As your eyes fluttered open, he smiled a bid you a good morning.  As soon as he could tell you were coherent, he told you breakfast was ready, and that you had about an hour until your exam started. You thanked him and he placed a soft kiss on your lips before walking out of the room.

Liam – Liam had woken up long before you did, lately you’ve been so tired from work. He had decided to let you sleep for a while, but soon started making breakfast and placing the plates on a tray. He carried it carefully up the stairs trying not to spill an ounce of the coffee he had filled the cup with. As he entered through the door, he sang your name and softly as he could. You groaned from exhaustion but turned to look at him anyway. Once your eyes lay on the tray of perfectly prepared food, you sat straight up. Liam set the tray on your lap and kissed your temple. You looked at the perfectly cooked pancakes and eggs with two strips of bacon lying on the side of the plate and smiled. It wasn’t until you tasted the coffee that you started laughing, it had the perfect amount of cream and sugar in it, you couldn’t believe he knew you that well.

Louis – Louis’ eyes fluttered open as the sunlight poured into your bedroom. He didn’t intend on staying the night, but one thing led to the other and he was there all night. Not like it was an issue to stay the night, you lived alone. He tried to wait until you woke up, but soon he became bored, and hungry. He shook you a bit while saying your name, then shook you a bit harder, and when that didn’t work his placed his feet on your back and pushed you right off the edge of the bed. You landed on the ground with a loud ‘thump.’ You grabbed the back of your head and groaned in pain, but as you looked up you saw Louis leaning over the side, smiling. Before you could say anything to him, he bid you a good morning, and quickly informed you he was hungry. You laughed and rubbed your head before pulling him down the stairs to cook him some breakfast.

Harry – Last night was the first night Harry had been home in the longest time. The entire night was spent in the bedroom. You were asleep on your stomach and the covers only pulled up to your waist. As Harry began to wake up, he looked over at you to see if you were awake yet. When he noticed you weren’t, he rolled closer to you and drew his finger lightly down your spine, causing goose bumps to rise all over your skin. You grinned as you began to wake up, but not enough to open your eyes. Harry, not seeing any response, began peppering kisses all over your shoulders and down your back. With a giggle, you rolled over and wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling his lips to yours. After you pulled away, he smirked and went for your neck, but not before whispering a raspy ‘good morning’ in your ear.

Masterlist (Updated)

Harry :

1. All Night Long
2. Love From The Past
3. Move In With Me
4. Look On The Bright Side
5. Soundless World
6. We’ll be alright (Requested)
7. My favorite scientist (Requested)
8. Who you are (Requested)
9. Darcy (Requested)
10. Gina’s imagine (Requested)
11. Me and You
12. Dancing In The Rain (Requested)
13. It’s just a dream (Requested)
14. Bailey’s Imagine (Requested)
15. Red Carpet (Requested)

Niall :

1. Vacation : part 1 part 2
2. Don’t Waste Your Time On Me : part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4
3. Artist
4. Tell Me You Love Me
5. Win a date with (Y/N)  (Requested)
6. Cute Morning With Niall (Requested)
7. “ I found him Ni
8. The Way It Should Be : part 1 part 2
9. Baby Horan (Requested)

Some old stuff that I found:

1. Imagine - Zayn (Anna’s story)
2. This happens when you ask Ana to write you a blurb in the middle of the night

If you date one member of 5sos you have to accept the fact that your going to have to parent the other three. Constantly yell at them to stop sexually touching each other, scold them for consuming 10 pounds of vegimite per day, and for the sake of Calums future children keep him from mooning the entire human race goddammit.