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Intrusive Thoughts Witch Tip

So, if you’re like me, maybe you have trouble sleeping at night because right when you lay down your mind just starts rolling with conversations that aren’t important. I know that this is quite normal, but on my worse nights this becomes intrusive thoughts - those that are unpleasant, harmful or frightening. I have a specific phobia, and when I can’t sleep my mind directs all of its attention to this, which causes anxiety attacks and insomnia.

To help deal with this I’ve used a pretty simple visualization routine.

✨ Pick your fav fictional character

✨Imagine them in your mind’s eye fighting off/yelling at/etc. your intrusive thoughts

✨Choose or create a specific “powerful” attack to seal the thoughts away and imagine your character using it

✨When you start to feel thoughts creeping back in remind yourself they are gone and visualize your character fending them off.

For example, my personal choice is Arturia Pendragon from the Fate series.
Her signature move is to raise Excalibur to the heavens and rain down a white light of power that banishes all evil. When I start to feel my mind wandering I repeat to myself “it is gone” and keep the image of Arturia in my mind a little longer until I fall asleep.

You can think of this as a very minor summoning of a guardian as well, and I find that after a few times of doing this your thought form can act on its own as it knows the routine.

Perhaps this idea can help someone else :)

sooO i saw a “imagine how your fav character would look after staying awake for 48hrs” post and i was like HAHA i bet anders does that constantly at the clinic… helping refugees with a smile on his face…even though he is so tired he is almost passing out…. my poor heart cannot take it

donottouchmeyoumuggle  asked:

Let's go with a classic... Imagine it's a Sky High AU lol Your fav characters having superpowers... Which superpowers would they had (if they had any)?

yeeet!!!! actually i started thinking about this already lol i just had this thought after i watched sky high a few weeks ago and it was like “hinata…but really fast. like dash from the incredibles.” so let’s see…i’ll pick my faves from haikyuu! (theres a lot lol)

hinata shouyou - fast. he go fast
kageyama tobio - freeze powers
tsukishima kei - x-ray vision
nishinoya yuu - animal communication and instincts (cat-like reflexes, sight of an eagle, hearing of a bat, sense of smell like a bloodhound, and sometimes his fangs come out and he forgets about them lol)
azumane asahi - plants, he can control the plants
sugawara koushi - weather manipulation
sawamura daichi - he can jump really high. like mario
oikawa tooru - electromagnetic and sound wave manipulation (can control intensity/volume/frequency of light and sound)
iwaizumi hajime - strong
kyoutani kentarou - turns into dogs, wolves, anything in the canis genus
kuroo tetsurou - turns into cats, big cats, any cat you can think of
kozume kenma - technopath
haiba lev - stretchy limbs
bokuto koutarou - he can fly
akaashi keiji - telekinesis
aone takanobu - he turns into a giant
futakuchi kenji - he glows
ushijima wakatoshi - mind control (but only one person at a time)
tendou satori - fire powers

wow i thought that was gonna be harder than it was lol but here you go!! thank you!! @donottouchmeyoumuggle

imagine being grrm. imagine writing so many years on such a huge series and developing all the characters and making everything so amazing and having this huge fanbase. imagine your story being made into a tv show and being able to tell your fanbase that itll be made into a show. imagine your fanbase growing and everything is beautiful and you see your own characters on screen. and then imagine the writers changing everything whitewashing your characters erasing your favs killing ur favs screwing everything and everyone and making them all ooc and destroying everything you worked so hard on and you trusted these little shits. you trusted them. imagine d&d whispering “the lannisters send their regards” to you before they betray you and show you what game of thrones season 5 is going to be like. imagine how grrm must felt like.

Imagine your fav character getting shrunk and crawling into food such as a muffin or piece of cake and eating the entire thing from the inside out, until they’re so fat and glutted and round that they can’t move until it’s digested Then moving onto other food items and stuffing their fat faces until they become too fat and huge to move anymore

Imagine your fav character has been gaining weight recently, it started slow at first but recently has been gaining at a rapid rate. Fav isn’t a very active person as it is, they usually spend their time online in front if a laptop/computer snacking unknowingly as the brows, all on their own favourite computer chair.

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Imagine the Haikyuu!! characters in yukatas. Imagine your fav ships ogling each other cuz they look fab in yukatas.

Bonus: Hinata and Nishinoya being all bouncy and their yukata’s slip off and their bfs drool.

Bonus bonus: Oikawa being a tease and purposely letting his yukata slightly slip off to reveal his shoulders.

Bonus bonus bonus: Tanaka and Nishinoya trying to impress an impassive Kiyoko

imagine your fav character somehow had a spell put on them so they’re stuck as a 6 year old for a whole week, and you have to take care of them.