imagine you tell someone to stop doing something

NCT 127 Reaction to their band member flirting with their girlfriend

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“Yo” At first he’d play it off as a joke even though it annoyed him. If the member continued he would tell them in front of everyone to stop, telling everyone it was making him upset. 


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“Sorry, bye.” He would embarrass the member in front of everyone, “Do you like her or something?” He would keep his arm around you, just in case someone tried anything again. 


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He would not be able put up with that, going straight to the member and telling them to stop and that you two were together. He would then come back and whine until you flirted with him. 


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“Aw that’s cute” He honestly wouldn’t care. He knows that you love him and he wouldn’t be jealous. However, if the member was annoying you he wouldn’t let them away with it. 


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He would feel a bit worried about you falling for the other member but once he realized you guys were joking around he was back to himself again, hugging and cuddling you until you had to yank him off. 


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“Why would he text you this?” He would laugh about it and text them back to leave you alone and that they were a weirdo. You would both laugh it off and go back to your usual routine of cuddles before bed. 


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*laughing at ridiculous pick up line* He would make a joke out of it and kiss you in front of everyone, “Back off, she’s mine.” 


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He would be a bit uncomfortable but as soon as you asked the other member to stop and held his hand, he would be okay again. “I was worried for a second.”


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*texting them a paragraph in with all the korean curse words he knows* “They shouldn’t be texting you, just ignore it* He would kiss you and offer to take you out somewhere, “I can show you what real flirting is.” 

Janeli and Megan

It’s snowing which is how she knows her lover is lying to her. Janeli is the only one who sees the flakes falling from the coffee shop ceiling, the only one who feels the bite of their chill on her skin, the only one who can see the way they fade away to nothing just a moment before they hit the ground.

She wraps the scarf around her neck more tightly, lets the hand-knitted wool turn her skin red, and taps her nails on the table.

Megan looks back at her with soft eyes, hands wrapped loosely around her tea (non-caffeinated). She looks like she’s telling the truth, calm and collected as she always is, but she’s not.

Janeli realizes that Megan doesn’t know that lie detecting is one of her skills. She can’t imagine how she doesn’t know–unless she thinks she’s doing something to stop Janeli from telling. She sniffs the air and smells magic–ozone and licorice, not her scent. She feels a curl of jealousy, of something dark and possessive, of something not human stirring in her DNA. Megan had gone to someone else for a glamor. Someone else had laid magic on her. Megan is hers in the only way a lover can belong to you. Intimately. Without restrictions or bars or–


“You don’t love me anymore,” Janeli repeats. Her voice is flat.

Megan meets her eyes evenly, body still loose. “I don’t.”

The snow begins to fall faster, small flecks of white swirling around them.

Janeli leans back and crosses her arms over her chest. The words hurt, of course they do, but they’re a lie. Why? “So you want to break up.”

“I do,” Megan says. Her eyes flick to the right, over Janeli’s shoulder, and then back again. As if she’d wanted to scan the room, but couldn’t. As if she was still hiding things from Janeli. “It’s what’s best for us.”

And the snow blinks out of existence.

Best? Janeli thinks with disbelief. She hides the curl of her lip in her coffee cup and very carefully keeps her baser nature locked down inside. How could she believe it’s best?

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The Definition of Overkill

Prompt: "I was chilling in my room when you knocked on my window asking me if I could come kill a spider for you. I LIVE ON THE FIFTH FLOOR HOW WAS THE WINDOW A GOOD IDEA TO YOU.“

Neil’s not shy about admitting that he’s afraid of a lot of things.

When you’ve lived the life he has, when every waking moment for a decade and a half has been run, hide, stay alive, it’s a reasonable thing. If you’re afraid, you’re careful, and if you’re careful you survive. But, in general, Neil’s fears are pretty logical. He’s afraid of knives, enclosed spaces, fire, his father, his father’s people, the people his father was working for-

More recently, Neil is afraid of dashboard lighters, being tied down, having his legs damaged- He’s afraid of people seeing his scars and asking questions, and he’s afraid of being real. All in all, pretty reasonable things.

Neil is not afraid of spiders. If when he was six or seven he’d scream at the sight of them, it was surely beaten out of him. If when he was fourteen or fifteen he complained about spiders crawling in his clothes, it was surely drilled into his head that there were worse things in the world, like his father, like his mother’s anger-

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I am really confused, mad, distressed, etc… Y'all who are hating on William for coming back, or Julie for writing him coming back into the script, look at yourselves. I mean I am not here to save the world or show you that I am 100%  better than you, but I mean… Do you even listen to yourselves sometimes? I am not saying it’s all of you, but who will be offended by this, it is probably about you. So I am not even sorry for making you mad, because that is what you are doing ever since this whole thing blew up. First of all;

1. This is Julie’s series, she can do whatever she wants to do with it. She can change, write her scrip anyway she wishes to do so.  So those who were commenting on her IG photos, or saying awful stuff about her just because William came back, excuse you, leave because that is immature as hell. Try to be in her place, rn. Imagine yourself making something like SKAM, witting and working on the script for ages, hours, days, months. And you feel good about it, everybody else does. You do your thing, you have your OWN ideas which you don’t want to let go, because you came up with them. And then, people start mocking you, telling you ugly shits to you face because you didn’t do what they wanted or expected you to do so. How would you feel if someone started telling you to stop with whatever you are doing or showing it up to you face, that what you have created is basically a bunch of crap. Because some of you treat Julie like that. As a piece of something that is here to please you. And you are all wrong, she is not here to please you. She is creating this story for you to follow as it is. Some of you started a 3rd world war because William came back. Well omg, he did, accept that and move on. Some of us did.

2. Also you are running around, yelling that this is SANA’s season. This should be about Sana, it all should be about Sana. But we have too much Noora in it. It’s always about Noora, never about Sana. Bla bla bla… But if there would be Even or Isak, you wouldn’t complain, would you? For sure, some of you wouldn’t. Because all you want to see two guys, having love scenes on the screen. If it would be you, you would be okay with them having more screen time than Sana, because it’s Isak and Even, right? And that is also really awful. Because you want them, but if it’s not them, suddenly it’s Sana again. But it was never Sana for you anyway, because you wanted them. What is better about Isak and Even than Noora and William? They are both in love, they have their problems to solve. But let’s not forget about Sana, who’s this season belongs to. So sorry that you didn’t get Even’s season, but I think some of us are okay with it. And for those who are not, well be touched for the rest of your life, because you ain’t getting one more season, just so you are pleased.

3. William and Noora were really important characters in season two, I know. I also know it’s Julie’s favorite ship in the series. Once again, be in her place. You have written a great OTP you just fell in love with. But there were some problems why you couldn’t finish up their storyline as you wished. So for sure, you would like to finish it, whatever it takes. We all would do that, I would for 100%. I would like to see my OTP happy in love, so does Julie, obviously. Some people are happy for Noorhelm to be back together, I am happy too. So you all should take a chill pill because your hate won’t change the course of the season, anyways. And it’s just childish what some people have written. Seriously.

4. Evak and Noorhelm. Pararels. Do I need to say more? It’s yes Evak for everything, but no for everything when it comes to Noorhelm or Noora.

I think this would be it. Peace out~

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Morning Tea

In which Evfra bonds with an alien over breakfast beverages…sort of.

Evfra glared at the steaming mug of aromatic, herbal tea that sat upon is desk as if it had personally done him wrong. It had been the same strange routine every morning for the past month that had begun when he’d arrived in Resistance Headquarters early one morning to find said beverage awaiting him. Truthfully, he’d been confused at first. His steely, blue gaze had swept carefully over those present in the room as he tried to pick out the guilty party. One of the techs must have sensed his unspoken question as she’d pointed across the room, singling out the only non-angaran in their midst. The alien in question carried on with its duties, seemingly oblivious to the grievous injury they’d wrought upon his person with a simple gesture.

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BTS reaction to you wearing a small top with a big cleavage and all the other guys are looking at you

Jimin: ‘’Ok, you’re going to change this instant.’’ Like hell would he ever let someone look at you at that. He may hesitate before saying this not wanting to sound like he wants to control you. the look in his eyes is saying that he’s as interested in that small top as the other guys though

Namjoon: ‘’At least they understand they’ll never see anything more than that.’’ The guys will probably back off as soon as they notice the hand resting on your shoulder and the smirk on his face.

Taehyung: Would probably take him a while to notice. And when he does…’’Wiser decision next time, maybe?’’-’’Says a guy who’s enjoying as much…’’

Jin: ‘’Get into that shop.’’ That’s one of the rare times you see Jin annoyed. ‘’Why are you looking at me like that? You’re getting a new shirt!’’

Hoseok: Stares at every single one of them. ‘’Do I look intimidating, jagi? Could I be part of F4?’’

Suga: ‘’Do they really think they have a chance?’’ Unamused Yoongi is unamused. ‘’And what exectly are you wearing in front of someone other than me?’’

Jungkook: Spends more time thinking about what he should do than actually doing something. ‘’Should I make them stop somehow? Or should I tell her to change? Will she be mad if I do that?!’’ bunny is troubled

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Can you write a unicorn baby's birthday fic! Something really sad and angsty!!

Hey! Sorry for the delay. I try to work on these as quickly as I can, while also writing multi-chapters and non-fandom work. Anyway, I hope you like it! Thank you for the prompt!

“The Dream”

AO3    FFN

 “Play with me,” she hears a tiny voice call. “Play with me,” he says, more demanding. She has a feeling of unease, of not knowing the future, of not knowing her location, but she also feels a tug on her heart. It’s dragging her forward, making her feet have a mind of their own. She pushes through the foggy landscape, trying (and failing) to clear her senses. “Come play with me.” She waves her right hand in front of her, trying to disperse the fog. “Pleeeeease,” she hears the boy sing.

When she takes a few steps forward, she can finally see where she’s been led to. It’s a small clearing, circular and surrounded by trees. The inside is filled with flowers and low grasses, the colors bright and spring-like. The trees are lively, but behind them the fog is dark and swirling. It’s a sanctuary inside of hell. “Please play with me,” the young boy says, materializing by her side.

She startles at his presence and needs a second to catch her breath. Her heartbeat returns to normal soon enough and she smiles as the boy tugging her hand. He pulls her to the center where he finds a baseball. “Play catch with me?” She nods, backing up as he does the same. When he finally turns to throw the ball, facing her head-on for the first time, she freezes, her blood turning cold.

She takes a wavering breath as her eyes begin to water. She doesn’t want to let the tears fall. Because it’s him. It’s her son. Her beautiful baby boy, her unicorn. He looks so much like Ryan and it stings her heart. Two people she had loved are now gone and here all at once. It’s a bit much to handle.

She’s so lost in her thoughts that she completely misses the ball thrown her way. The boy frowns. “Are you playing?”

She shakes herself from her thoughts and nods. She turns to pick up the ball, about to throw it back, when the image begins to disappear. She’s turning her head left and right, keeping her eyes open despite the sting. She can’t let this go. Not so soon: she’s not ready.

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Not Anymore (Foxxay).

Misty had always been the sweetest person Cordelia knew; She would always help everyone and couldn’t even stand at the thought of hurting someone or something in any way. But, the Headmistress could see the cold way the Cajun treated her husband; Hank was never the one to show much love to Cordelia, she used to talk to him and try to understand what was going on, but after arguing so many times over how Delia was so sensitive since everything was okay, the witch just gave up and started to tolerate her marriage; The Supreme didn’t know why she was still with him, but the idea of actually ending their relationship seemed like something impossible; He was everything she had, besides from her new student who seemed to instantly connect to her since the first time they had talked.

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everytime i try explaining to people why i left you i just keep repeating the same thing, that i didn’t want you, that we weren’t going anywhere, that i was tired of kissing and fucking you. but holy fuck i lie through my teeth, i left you because i’ve never loved someone like i love you, it’s not a sick obsession, i dont stop my world to love you, i dont cry every night but when im doing something i imagine you being there doing it with me or when im scared i think of what you would say to me if i called you but i never pick up the phone or when i have good news it almost seems useless because i cant share it with you. i left you because i was too scared to tell you that everytime i said you’re my best friend i really meant i love you and everytime i got mad or jealous was because i wanted you to be mine but i guess i felt like you’d never be mine because why would someone as perfect as you ever want me. i wanted to give you the world but i felt like even if i did you still would never love me and she would still be prettier and i’d still just be your best friend. i didnt fuck you i made love to you and maybe for you i was just another number but to me you made me feel important like i was different and somehow better. every single time someone called me fat i remember how you loved every single roll on my body and everytime someone called me hot i remember how you’d call me beautiful with that fucking smile on your face fuck what im trying to say is when you say i left you, i didnt leave you i was just tired of falling asleep crying because i wanted you next to me and i was tired of having to pretend i never loved you. i cover up everything with my 15 year old boyfriend because it’s easier that way, since i met you i forgot what he even looks like. people ask me how i got over him and i say it took time but honestly it was that night we were coming home from our first night at that motel and i remember when we were driving back and i looked out the window and for the first time i felt love for someone and thats how i knew id probably love you forever but i was never going to let you kill me like he did, i was not going to be weak enough for you to take control of me so i put up a wall just incase you decided to leave so i wouldnt be as hurt as the first time around. i left you for the simple reason that i love you and i didnt want to tell you because i was scared of how you’d react and fuck i didnt want to hear you say you didnt love me back or maybe you did but you didnt want to tell me i dont fucking know. just know i never left you i was trying to say i love you so fucking much in the most fucked up way. i was scared i was so fucking scared of losing you and getting hurt that i left because when i knew how much love i had for you i didnt want to lose you so i thought if you lost me it wouldnt hurt as much. but im the one who lost the most i lost the one guy i’ll probably always love.
—  one year ago today
INFINITE REACTION: To they realising they love you - part 3 (Where they confess to you)

You can find the others parts here:

Part 1: (XX)

Part 2: (XX)


He probably would find a way ‘Infinite style’ to declare, so he’d hear love letter while sang softly and when the music was over would say “Lately when I listen this music or singing, I always remember you …”

“Oppa, you’re so cute!”

“I’m not cute, I fell in love with you, Y/N…”


“Well… I love you, you know?”

“I love you too, oppa! You’re the best friend that a person can have!”

“But I don’t want be only a friend for your!”

“What does that mean?”

“Do you wanna be my girlfriend?”


“That’s right, that’s right…” He would think, trying to keep calm “Y/N-AH! Please, come here?”

“You won’t run away from me again?” When you stopped in front of him, he’d breathe heavily and say, not letting you speak anything.

“Ok! I need to tell you something! I love you, I really love you and I can’t stop think about you or imagine you in my arms and I couldn’t stand another minute without telling you this!”


“Any idea, baby?”

“Anyo! Is someone I know?”

“Maybe…” He would say still trying don’t say anything directly.

“Tell me! Perhaps I can help you, oppa!”

“You will help me if you feel the same…” He’d whisper as low as possible, and start making hints about his feelings until he couldn’t stand your lack of understanding.

“She is you, Y/N!”


“Are you thinking about your crush?”

“This is the moment…” Trying to smile, he’d look at you thinking what was the best way to confess to you. “I’m thinking about many things, Y/N…”

“And this special person? You could tell who is… I promise that I’ll save this in a secret”

“If I tell you, it won’t be a secret anymore…”

“But, oppa! I’ll keep it just between us…”

“You don’t understand me… If I tell you, the person who I Iove will know about everything!”


“I’ve been thinking a lot about you, Y/N…”

“Thinking about me?” With only an affirmative gesture of his head, you would understand all. “I’ve been thinking about you too, oppa…”

“Really?” He isn’t good with words, so you would need learn to read his mind, but being you, he would let the things be easier for you.


“Because is the truth, I love you!” He’d say naturally “And you, Y/N-ah… Do you love me too?”

You are making me fall even more in this wonderful world that is Infinite

ADM Cherry helped so much, I love her <33

~ADM Misso

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Fanfiction Life

When you can’t find a story that fits what you need

When you can’t remember if something was canon or just too much fanfiction

When someone tries to tell you fanfiction isn’t as good or not real

When you finish reading a work in progress

When you find the fic that you lost

When the fic your reading takes an unexpected turn

When you realise how much time you’ve spent on fanfiction 

When someone tells you to stop reading fanfiction and do something productive

When the fic you’’re reading portrays the character you love 100% how you imagine them

Trying to explain something that happened in the fic you read to someone who doesn’t read fanfiction

When you come across an abbreviation that you don’t know

A moment of peace among the chaos, and a conversation about how things might have turned out.

Keyleth swings her legs aimlessly off the table. “What do you think you’d be doing?”

Next to her, Kashaw leans back on his hands. “What d’you mean?”

“If you weren’t here. If you could do anything at all. If you didn’t have any of your divine magic. What would you do?”

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Good and Bad - Jacob Frye x Reader

A/N: Recently I received two requests for fics that had Jacob comforting the reader during times of sadness. I had a chat with a mutual today who was feeling pretty down so I wanted to write this. I hope this brings you and anyone else who needs it some kind of comfort :)

Sometimes we don’t know why we get sad and that’s okay…and Jacob understands <33

Words: 1,159
Warnings: None

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#3 - Ask Me Out (Harry Styles One Shot)

Okay, I want to thank you guys for the amazing support my last two one shots got! Thank you so much! 

This is a new one.

Word Count - 1,286

Harry Styles One Shot : Summary - High school drama has its perks and these two make the best of it. 

You can do this, you can do this…I repeated it like a mantra over and over again in my head, the entire walk from the computer room to the ground. You have no reason to be nervous, you’ve nothing to lose. Okay, maybe you do but, it can’t get worse that how it already is. I kept my pace fast not trying to think too much about it. I just had to go and say it. There he was, sitting with his entire gang. He always is, Maddy. You’ll have to say it in front of them. C’mon what is the worse that could happen? – Except for being embarrassed the entire school year. No. No. You’re walking up to him and saying it. I oscillated twice near the tree before walking up to the gang.

They were, I don’t know, doesn’t every high school have a popular group? I walked up to him, who was sitting in between two girls, laughing. I stood in the centre and called out, “Harry?” Everyone looked up. Fuck.

His green eyes met mine, which were covered in my newly bought frames (pretty cool, actually). “What?” He replied. Why was his voice so deep and husky? Deep and husky laid with confusion because, I called out.

“Oh.” Shit. He raised his eyebrows, asking me to go on. “Nothing,” I ran out of there as fast as possible. Ran as fast as possible before collapsing on the other side of the field behind the little hut we called store room. “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Now, they’re going to make fun of me for not speaking up and running away!” I screamed. I wanted to suddenly cry. How could I be such an idiot! Fucking hell! Now, I’ll never get the chance again. I sat on the ground, hitting my head against my hand, before I had to leave the school premises. Head bowed, I walked towards my house. I hate this. I hate my life! I’m going to be made fun off now! Teenagers! Always looking for new reasons to laugh at and entertain themselves. Where the fuck did I get the guts to actually up to him, in the first place?

“Do you know you talk to yourself?” A car stopped next to me. “Or that you curse a lot?” It was him. Why was he talking to me? Because you ran away, idiot. I didn’t reply. No. No words. I just stood there, like a statue. “Can I drop you home?” He asked. No reply. I was staring at him like a dud. “Are you not going to reply?” He said, smiling a bit. He was having fun, that bastard. “Jesus. Say something. Or just get in!” He laughed a bit, running his fingers through his hair. Mine were the same length. “Get in!” He now, shouted. Something snapped and I opened the front door and sat down, looking straight forward, sitting completely stiff and erect. Cautious. He looked at me and frowned, I did the same. “Belt,” I swear, I had never worn the belt so fast, in my life.

After a little while of driving in his car, not talking of course - I mean, why will I talk now? Idiot. “Are you going to tell me directions to your house?” he raised as arms in question. I did. “Now you talk.” He laughed. “What was that back in the field?” He asked, looking at me, while I looked straight ahead, looking at the empty road. Do you remember my position? “Mute again, I see,” He huffed. “You’re Maddy, right?” He looked at me while I looked at him. “Why are you pouting? We have Economics, together?”


“Oh yeah, sorry. So…did you have anything important to say? You ran away quite fast too. Are you in the track team, or something?” He looked at me.


“No? Alright. Umm…so, are you going to tell me or stay shut the whole ride. Or is it something to be said in front of all my friends?” He laughed.

“You know what, stop laughing! Do you realise the amount of guts required to come up to you in school? It’s like bloody going to up to your mother to let you do drugs! Can you imagine the amount!” What am I saying? Drugs?And you, you have to sit there between the prettiest girls in school laughing and, if someone comes up to you- replying with a what? A fucking what? Who does that!”

“I’m sorry…” He whispered, a bit nervously, not that I heard him.

“I mean, all I wanted to come and say to you was that I like you! I always have, you know! Secretly! But, this is our last year! I definitely won’t see you again, and I wanted to say the one thing I’ve wanted to say from the last five years! Who cares what anybody thinks, right?! But, you’ve to raise those fucking gorgeous eyebrows with a why-is-she-talking-to-me look? How can somebody say anything!” He just stared into my face stopping in front of my house. “And now, I’ll be made fun of because of this thing, I wanted to tell you. I wasn’t expecting much in return, you know. I just wanted too…” I just realised by rambling session in Harry Styles’ car. “And I did…fuck.”

“Yeah, you did…” He whispered.

“Okay, umm…I’m going to go. Thank you for the ride.” I got out of his car in full speed and ran to my door but, he called out.

“So, this is it then?” He shouted a bit.

“Huh,” I said, innocently.

“What huh? You run away from me at school. Have hardly ever had a conversation with me. And, I give you a ride back home and you profess your last five year love to me and stop?” He got out his car and leaned against it, shutting the door. He looked so beautiful in his clack jeans and blue plaid shirt. Snap out of it.


“What? Ask me out.” He said, like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“Don’t make fun of me.” I said, frowning.

“You don’t make fun of me. At least ask me out. What am I going to do with your rambling confession?”

“Are you serious?” I asked, a bit confused now. He shrugged his shoulders. “Okay then…” I walked up to him and stood right in front, looking up (he is tall). “Harry Styles…”

“Yes,” He said, smiling cheekily showing off both his dimples.

“Don’t smile.”

“Hey…That’s not nice.” He frowned.

“Harry Styles,” He stood up straight. “I discovered this amazing cafe, the other day…the sad part is that, I don’t want to go alone and since, you seem to be a nice company, I’d like to ask you to come with me…”

“Nice. Very romantic.” He said, sarcastically. “By the way, I’m not a nice company - I’m a fucking awesome company.”

I smirked.

“And, I accept your invitation to go to this amazing cafe.”

“Okay.” I nodded.

“Okay.” He nodded.

“Tomorrow at 7?” I kept nodding.

“Yeah okay, tomorrow at 7” So did he.

“Bye then,” I said, turning away and walking off before, he pulled me by my hand, then, wrapped his arm around my waist and attached his lips to mine. I swear my heart fluttered.

“By the way, I’ve been crushing since the last two years.” He whispered against my lips.


“We can discuss this in detail at your awesome cafe,” He said, pulling away and opening his car door. “You’ll pick me up?”

“I own a Moped. You don’t mind, do you?” I asked.



“Alright.” He said, getting inside and driving off.


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Breakfast at Tiffany's - Jack Howard Imagine

“I’m popping out for a bit, okay sweetie?” I vaguely remember Jack whispering that to me in what seemed like the early hours of the morning. I stumbled out of bed to the window, I pushed back the curtians in one big swoop to reveal the New York skykine. The goldern rays piereced through the tall, strong skyscraper’s. I began to get ready for the day ahead still with the curtains completly open because at this moment I didn’t care about anything or anyone except spending a beautiful day with Jack.

*ding* I grabbed my phone before it vibrated off the bed side table, it was a message from Jack “Meet me outside tiffanys, let’s relive the movie!” I was practically bouncing off the walls once I read the message, straight away I did my make up more Aubry Hepburn-ly grabbed my bag and off I went, to meet Jack at Tiffany’s.

As I approached the overly ginormous store, I saw quite a few couples smiling and sharing bagels. Out of my eye I saw Jack with his arms in the air waving, trying to get my attention. I immediately ran towards him, he spread his arms out as I ran into them, he hugged me tight. We both leant against the wall of Tiffany’s, Jack picked up the brown paper bag that was at his feet. “Toasted plain bagel with cream cheese” I grabbed the bagel out of his hand “you know me so well Mr Howard.” For the next 20 minutes we ate our bagels and sipped our coffee as I rested my head on Jack’s shoulder as we watched the world go by, couples that had the same idea of us came and went we just stood there taking it all in. After 20 minutes we started playing one of my favourite games, what’s their story? I chose a business man who was jogging down the street but stopped when he got to the crossing and waited for the green man with a smile on his face. “See that business man there Jack okay this is his story, he’s running to work because he’s late yes?” “Yes Y/N” “but he’s smiling yes? And waiting at the crossing” “yes” “he’s running to work because this morning as he was just about to leave his little boy ran out of the house with no shoes on just to give him another kiss and tell him to have a good day at work! He is smiling because of that and he stopped at the crossing because right now in his life he’s happy and it isn’t worth maybe him hurting himself just to get to work on time!” “Y/N I love your imagination and I love you.”

“I love you too Jacky, okay your go!” “Wait Y/N let me do something else first” Jack knelt down on one knee “what are you doing jack?” “Y/N your the love of my life, I’ve never met someone so alike but so different to me, I love teaching you new things and you doing the same to me, watching great movies with you that you’ve never seen, you trying to explain why (your favourite TV show) is the best thing ever made other than my videos of course. Y/N I knew from the moment I kissed you that I wanted to be able to kiss you all the time and call you mine, so Y/N will you marry me so I can kiss you for the rest of our lives?” Jack pulled out a pale blue box and opened it gently to reveal the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen but if I’m honest it could of been a haribo gummy ring and I wouldn’t care. I placed my hands on the sides of his face and kissed him, it felt like the first time we kissed, the start of something new. “Yes Jack yes of course I’ll marry you” “really Y/N?” “Yes fucking really Jack.”

Jack slid the gorgeous ring on to my finger and picked me up and span me around. As he gently popped me back on to the ground, we were greeted with a round of applause from all the couples around Tiffany’s, I smiled as I leant into Jack’s chest. “Okay my go, you see that skateboarder over there Y/N?”

Hope you enjoyed it! I take requests so message me if you would like an imagine. Lots more Jack Howard imagines to come! Liv.

Starting right now, this moment, I am asking you to become the Buddha. I am asking you to take your stand, to stand absolutely firm in your intention to awaken to the Truth of your Self.

This is what the Buddha did. He didn’t say, ‘I’ll try.’ He didn’t say, 'I hope I’ll find the Truth.’ He didn’t say, 'I’ll do my best.’ He didn’t say, 'If not in this lifetime, then maybe next lifetime.’ He came to the point where he didn’t look for anyone else to tell him the Truth or show him the Truth. He came to the point where he took it all on himself. He sat alone under the Bodhi Tree and vowed never to give up until the Truth be realized.

The power of this very simple, yet unshakable intention and absolute stand to be liberated in this lifetime propelled him to awaken to the simple fact that he and all beings are liberated—that all beings are freedom itself. Pure awakeness.

The Buddha was no different from you. No different. That is why he serves as a good model, because he was as you are now. So don’t worship the Buddha. Don’t put him on a pedestal. Don’t even look up to him. Become him. Have the same intentions, take the same stand. Be the Buddha now! Put an end to all delaying, to all excuses, to all bowing down to saintly figures of the past or present. Stand up!

You are the Buddha! You are freedom itself! Stop dreaming your dream! Stop pretending that you are in bondage—stop telling yourself that lie! Stop pretending to be someone, or something! You are no one, you are no-thing! You are not this body or this mind. This body and mind exist within who and what you are. You are pure consciousness, already free, awake, and liberated. Stand up and walk out of your dream. I am here to say that you can do this.

Step out of the dream of your concepts and ideas. Step out of the dream of what you imagine enlightenment to be. Step out of the dream of who you think you are. Step out of the dream of everything you have ever known. Step out of your dream of being a deluded person. Stop telling yourself those lies and dreaming those dreams. Step out of all of that. You can do it. Nothing is holding you back. There are no requirements and no prerequisites to awaken. There is nothing to be done, nothing to think, nowhere to go.

Just stop all dreaming. Stop all doing. Stop all excuses. Just stop and be still. Effortlessly be still. Grace will do the rest.

At each and every moment from here on out, have the intention to directly experience Truth, your true liberated Self. Don’t think about the Truth—directly return to your experience here, now, moment to moment. Experience Truth. Experience your Self. Dive into your experience. Your experience! Your experience of hearing, of seeing, of tasting, of breathing, of your heart beating, of your feet touching the floor, of the birds, of the wind.

Experience the vastness of who you are. Experience the freedom of who you are. You are the Buddha—experience that. You are the Buddha.
—  Adyashanti
11:54 pm

How do you see yourself? A question I stopped really paying attention to, getting so caught up in the million things going on in life, I didn’t realize how obvious the answer was right in front of me.  Loosing motivation to do anything, valuing myself on others opinions, never feeling happy or confident in myself or anything I was doing.  I’ve discovered something.  The way we see ourselves is directly connected to not only our quality of life, but our perspective on everything.  You could have all the most beautiful things in the world and still feel miserable, all the while, someone with nearly nothing could be happier than you could ever imagine.  How does that happen? It’s when we fill voids with things, and start seeing ourselves through the eyes of the chaos.  We’ve got to stop telling ourselves that we’re ugly, not good enough, annoying, unimportant, and everything else we beat ourselves down with.  Start realizing that just because someone else was rude to us, or was out to make us feel stupid or below them, that it’s a them problem.  Because in life, no matter how much we may have to lean on other people at times, what it’s always going to boil down to is the relationship between you and yourself.  That doesn’t mean you have to be completely self-reliant or become so numb and cold so that you feel you never need anyone else.  It’s about the balance of knowing you’re strong all the while knowing you’re human.  That it’s okay to not know what the heck is going on.  It’s okay that you’re still finding yourself.  It’s okay to be kind to other people and stop seeing one another as competition.  It’s okay to walk alone at times or to have bad days. It’s okay that some people may not like you or agree with you and it’s okay that you’re still learning and making mistakes along the way.  We aren’t the things we tell ourselves when we’re at our lowest point.  We are so much more.  And it’s when we start believing in ourselves and stop waiting for others to put value in what we are that we truly start living.  When we start dreaming bigger and achieving more all the while happy with what we already have.  We stop letting our fears control our lives and the people and things we’re surrounded by control our moods.  We focus on the things we have instead of don’t have, and we work towards the things we want instead of settling for no or never.  And we finally start seeing ourselves for all the things we are instead of the the things we’re not.
So how do you see yourself?  Because if you start there, and really begin to love yourself, and take care of yourself both mentally and physically, that is where the domino effect of everything else in your life will begin.

How to Survive a Horror Movie

1. Don’t walk around saying “Hello?” like the killer is going to reply “Yeah I’m in the kitchen want a sandwich?”

2. If someone says “Oh yeah, that’s the house where Old Man Jenkins was murdered” then its to move

3. If your friends gets bitten by  zombie and says “Maybe I won’t turn into one,” kill him. Better safe than sorry

4. Upstairs? Bad idea. Outside? Don’t go there. Phone? Never works. Gun? Don’t drop it. Car? Won’t start. Neighbors? Never home. Police? Always die.

5. If something licks your hand in the darkness, it’s not your dog, you dog is dead

6. Stay away from places like Amityville, Haddonfield, Camp Crystal Lake, Elm Street, and the entire state of Maine

7. If you’re running around naked, you might as well just murder yourself

8. If you are annoying or a wise-ass, you will die first

9. If you are a hot blond girl, you will die before the annoying guy

10. If you open he door and there is a man standing there holding an axe, he didn’t come to chop firewood

11. Never go to the toilet alone. If need be, poop your pants it’s much safer

12. If you ever see a clown RUN. That clown isn’t hanging around to make you some balloon animals

13. Leave slow of clumsy friends behind. Every man for himself. Somebody’s got to live to tell the story

14. Don’t split up and look or clues, everything you learned from Scooby do was wrong

15. You know that creepy clown statue upstairs, it isn’t a statue

16. Never say “I’ll be right back” because you wont

17. When you’re walking around a spooky old house, at least try turning the lights on

18. If you’re running from the killer, you’re going to trip and fall down at least twice.

19. If you trip and fall, don’t lay there with the ‘Ow it hurts’ face, get up and continue running.

20. On a stormy night, you will find an open winder that you were sure was locked. It didn’t magically unlock itself

21. Whatever you do, remember that the killer will never forget what you did last summer

22. If you’re pointing the gun at the killer don’t say “if you move I will shoot” just shoot him

23. Just lay down on the floor and pretend to be dead. Hey it works with bears.

24. Never back out of one room into another without looking it will be behind you

25. If you see something moving, hit it with a baseball bat… even if it turns out to be a friend. Swing first ask questions later

26. Listen to the advice of the people who are yelling at the screen

27. Don’t trot around the house shouting, “is anyone there?” of course there is

28. Never take a shower. Killers love showers. Anyway sweaty people are slippery and harder to catch

29. If you’re a girl get a boyfriend. He will be horribly murdered in front of you, but at least you will live

30. If you hear weird noises, don’t go and investigate. You aren’t Dora the Explorer

31. Stay out of the library. It’s one of the worst places to hide. Seriously, it’s like a labyrinth of getting murdered. Do you realize how easy it is for a killer to hide behind a bookcase.

32. If you’ve beaten the killer into a bloody pulp and you’re sure he must be dead, take the opportunity to dismember, burn, eat, blow up or otherwise destroy him

33. If somebody claims that there’s nothing wrong, something is horribly horribly wrong

34. If you’re asked to babysit during a storm on Halloween of Friday the 13th or during a full moon, just say ‘Sorry can’t do”

35. Don’t pick up hitchhikers and don’t hitchhike. If you do both, then the worst case scenario is you could end up picking yourself up and murdering yourself

36. If one of your friends is injured. Leave him behind. Even if it’s just a skinned knee. That qualifies as an injury, Leave them

37. If your friend gets shot, don’t under any circumstances, do CPR. This will make them die faster

38. Always have your keys at the ready. You don’t want to be fumbling in your bag going “Oh where are they. I’m sure I have them somewhere” while the killer closes in

39. Drips are never good. If you hear a dripping sound, its blood. Likewise if you hear a clang, it’s a meat cleaver, and if you hear a thunk, it’s a head

40. If there is a scary legend, believe it. It is real. It doesn’t matter if the legend says the killer has an onion for a head or a bear trap for a mouth. Its real and its coming for you

41. if someone says “it’s just the wind guys. Everything’s fine. Stop overreacting” you should reply “Yeah well I hope I won’t overreact when you’re dead and stuffed underneath the floorboards.

42. Avoid screaming, crying, whispering, panting, wheezing, or breathing heavily when you’re trying to hide. Killers aren’t deaf.

43. Never bend down to spit out your toothpaste. When you come back up, there’ll be someone standing behind you in the mirror

44. Don’t go to places with weird names like Terror Lake, Hell Hollow, Devil’s Den, Screamer Ville, Skull Valley, Dead Man’s Crossing, Spook Hill, Ghost Creek, Bloody Springs, or Slaughter Beach

45. Never go downstairs to check out a strange noise especially not in your underwear

46. If your friends go to check out a strange noise and don’t return, don’t go looking for them. Just make new friends

47. If your son starts telling you “I see dead people” put him up for adoption

48. If you’re babysitting a kid and they tell you they saw someone scary at the window tell them to stand at the window and wave while you go and hide

49. If you’re running from zombies and your friend trips, don’t worry. Leave them and say ‘I will see you again when you’re a zombie’

50. DO NOT hide where you obviously can be SEEN, LIKE BEHIND A LAMP

51. This is the 21st Century. You have a cell phone. Call for help

52. If you’re black, stay away from white people. They’re too curious, always checking out noises and getting killed

53. Have a fat friend. They will come in useful. If you run into the killer, you can use them as a human shield

54. When you hear the music change to ‘eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh…. Ah, ah, ah, ah,” you’re as good as dead

55. If you and your friends are running from the killer, trip up your friends. You can always make new friends, but there’s only one you

56. If you are babysitting and the phone rings, don’t answer it. Just go home and let the kids fend for themselves

57. Always check the back seat of your car. 9 out of 10 times the killer will be crouched there going ‘Aw dude you caught me’

58. If you come to a deserted town, it’s deserted for a good reason. Take the hint and stay away

59. If you’re not sure who’s the killer and who’s an innocent person, shoot them all and let God sort it out

60. If you see something mutating, don’t just stand there with your OMFG face and wait for it to finish mutating. Kill it with fire and get the hell outta there.

61. I’m a leader not a follower… but if we’re going into a haunted house… you’re going first

62. If some idiot in the group says ‘Let’s split up” tell him ‘OK you go that way and the rest of us will go this way’

63. Never under any circumstances run upstairs if you are being chase. Once you get upstairs there’s nowhere left to go

64. If you’re hiding from the killer, put your phone on silent

65. Make sure the killer is truly dead. If the killer isn’t dead they will keep coming back like team rocket

66. OK, under the bed is not a real hiding spot. What self-respecting killer WOULDN’T check under the bed

67. If your BEST FRIEND FOREVER trips and falls and screams ‘Don’t leave me’ change their friendship status to BEST FRIEND FOR NEVER

68. If you find your friend stabbed 78 times and lying in a pool of blood don’t go OMG what happened, you KNOW what happened

69. The killer never dies the first time. Wait until he moves, and then kill him again

70. When you’re driving at night and you hit someone, don’t stop to see if they’re OK

71. Hide in the fridge. Killers don’t get hungry and stop for munchies during a murder spree

72. Never look behind you while running away. When you look back, the killer will be right in front of you.

73. Make sure your car has a full tank of gas, and your cell phone is fully charged

74. Whenever a puppet or a doll turns to you and says let’s play, it doesn’t really want to play

75. If you knock on the door of a creepy old house and it opens by itself, don’t go inside

76. If objects in your house become possessed and start attacking you, don’t run into the kitchen. That’s where the knives are

77. Don’t stop at a gas station and ask the creepy old man for directions. He isn’t going to help you

78. After you shoot the killer, don’t drop your gun

79. If someone hands you a videotape and says ‘If you watch this you will die in 7 days’ don’t break out the popcorn

80. If you see something weird, tell someone. Don’t just go ‘Oh I must be imagining things’

81. There is a killer in town and the police have asked us to give you the following safety tips. Stay in well-lit areas; do not travel alone whenever possible. This aren’t hard tasks

82. Never get into a car. It will not start, break down, run out of gas, or you will lose the keys. Either way the killer is in the back seat

83. if a policeman arrives, don’t get your hopes up. He will be killed just before he reaches you.

84. Find a good hiding place and STAY THERE. If the killer can’t see of hear you. WHY WOULD YOU MOVE?

85. If yo are buying a house and the real estate agent is all like ‘well yeah, full disclosure, there were some murders that happened here’ buy a different house

86. if you hear something creepy in the distance, like a dog’s yelp cut off mid bark, don’t investigate. The killer is there, and your dog is dead

87. Never attempt to pull of the killer’s mask. You will not like what you see

88. Never assume the killer is dead. Shoot him, stab him, chop off his arms, legs and head, then burn the pieces and put them out with holy water. If possible, rocket his charred remains into space. Even then he probably won’t be dead

89. If you have any history of mental illness, you will discover at the end of the movie that you were the killer all along

90. If the walls of your house bleed, do not attempt and exorcism. Move very very far away. Because there’s blood on your walls. Blood. On your walls. Your walls are bleeding

91. Never kiss your boyfriend or girlfriend. Smooching couples are a magnet for deranged serial killers

92. Never yell things like ‘It’s over now’ or ‘We made it’. That guarantees that it’s not over and you won’t make it

93. If you spot a weird dude in your garden holding chainsaw, he is not there to trim your hedges

94. Don’t get drunk or do drugs. Escaping from a kill is much harder when you’re stumbling around and singing to yourself

95. If you’re going on vacation. Google the name of the area. If the first five search results are news stories about Missing Persons, take a holiday somewhere else

96. Don’t go outside just because you hear a noise. That’s like coming out and saying ‘Here I am I’m ready to be murdered now’

97. Protect yourself. Find a weapon. Gun, knife, chainsaw= weapons. Umbrella, mop, lamp + not weapons

98. Don’t drink alcohol or do drugs. Killers in horror movies have an extra-special hatred of drunk or stoned teenagers

99. If your Dad goes insane and starts hacking down your bedroom door with an axe, don’t try to reason with him. Jump out the window

100. If you hear a scary noise and find out it’s just the cat, the next noise you hear won’t be just the cat

101. If one of your arms or legs gets chopped off, don’t let it get you down. Later on, you may be able to replace it with a chainsaw or machine gun

102. Don’t sacrifice yourself to save someone else. Usually the person you saved will die anyway

103. If you see someone in a mask, don’t assume it’s just one of your friends playing a prank on you

104. If your parents murdered a serial killer years ago the killer will return to murder you. Strangely he will leave your parents alone

105. If your girlfriend is a hot cheerleader, dump her for the weird chick nobody likes. Weird chicks never die and the cheerleader always does

106. A good strategy is to say ‘No. Kill me instead’. That way the killer will leave you alone and murder everybody else. Reversed psychology

107. Don’t make friends with rednecks or hillbillies unless you want to be down on all fours, squealing like a pig

108. Never make a plan, because your plan will take into account everything that could possibly happen, except for the one thing that actually happens

109. If you throw away a doll and come home to find it waiting for you, immediately leave the country. There is no other way to get rid of it

110. If the calls are coming from inside the house, get outside the house

111. When you find a strange weapon, immediately grab it. Later on, this will be the only weapon capable of killing the monster

112. If you are shooting at a monster with a big gun and it has no effect, don’t take out a smaller gun and start shooting

113.If a girl with long black hair starts crawling out of your TV, hit the OFF button on the remote before she gets all the way out.

114. If you’re being chased by a kill and you meet one of your friends and they ask ‘what’s wrong’ don’t stop to explain just shout ‘Cantsoptotalkkillerchasingmeseeyoulater’ as you pass by

115. If all else fails, make friends with the villain and help him kill everyone else. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em

The type of girls they'd date

Requested by majestic-calum :)



I think Ash could be such a fucking tease it would drive any girl insane so she’d have to be able to put him in his place and take over for a bit. I think he’d also like a girl who could make him smile when he’s in one of his moods and cheer him up when he missed home and Lauren and Harry. I think Ashton would find it really attractive if she had some sort of talent, especially musically (but you know, I’ll hope it’s not a must because I am talentless *weep*).


I think it would be nice if Luke was with a really confident and outspoken person because he could probably learn off her how to act around people he’d just met and not be shy and awkward. She’d also have to be a little weird so that they could just make annoying noises together but she’d definitely also have another side to her which was quiet and chilled out because I think Luke would quite like just sitting and cuddling with someone (whilst watching Mean Girls obvs).


I think as long as she could play and cuddle with Michael, then you’d both be set. He’s just so cuddly and cute and soft and aww that he could probably make the most untouchy person want to snuggle up to him though. Michael himself said he would like someone he could do nothing with and still have fun so I can imagine him being with someone really relaxed because you just know Michael lays doing nothing when he’s not on stage.


I don’t know why, I can just imagine Calum with someone really feisty that could surprise him a lot. (Cheeky.) She’d probably make all the guys laugh a lot and be a really open person. She’d probably even embarrass Cal with stuff she said and make him blush before telling him to stop being such a prude or something. She’d be a party girl as well and she’d just dance with him all the time aha.


Sorry if this is shit lol

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anonymous asked:

Miss Sully I have a suggestion to your Uniform AU. You don't have to draw anything if you don't want, it is just something I thought it would be sweet. What I imagined is that, one day, little Amelia will hurt little Matthew for real. Like, make him cry and stuff. And THEM would be a cute moment for her stop bulling him. (I'm sorry, I just can't imagine Amelia being a bully forever). I'm sorry to bother you >.<

Funny you should mention that. She does hurt Matthew. It’s part of the climax in Amelia’s and Matthew’s story.  It goes something like this. 

(After being pushed down roughly during a game of tag) 

Matthew: Why are you doing this? 

Amelia: Cause I like you! 

Matthew: Then why bully me! 

Amelia: You know being a smart kid you can be dumb. Bullying is how you tell someone you like them! 

Matthew: My Uncle doesn’t beat up boyfriends. 

Amelia: Well  duh  its different with boys dating boys they treat each other nice while girls and boys beat each other up. 

Matthew:  That doesn’t sound right I’m pretty sure my parents didn’t do that.

Amelia: How would you know your dad left you.

I haven’t deiced if that cause Matthew to actually fight back and hit Amelia or just run way crying. I think I’m leaning towards him actually fighting her. Cause then I could do conflict with Ivan and Alfred  and that’s always fun. (At some-point I do want to draw it)