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When Niall had invited you over for dinner, you had assumed it was going to be a group of people. You had only met a few weeks ago, at the birthday party of a mutual friend. Since asking for your number after you kept running into each other, you had begun to banter and flirt a little via text. Last night, at the pub with all of your friends, the flirting continued but he never made a move. He casually mentioned that you should come over to his for dinner as you gave him a quick hug goodbye. When you arrived, you looked around for your friends.

“Where is everyone?” you asked as you entered his home and looked around. His house was immaculately clean and modern. It suited him. He looked completely at ease in a white shirt that was cuffed at the sleeves. On his feet, patterned socks stuck out below his tight jeans.

“Everyone?” he asked, his eyebrows going up in confusion before pulling you into a tight hug and swaying you slightly. God, he smelled good.

“I thought you were having people over for dinner.”

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Cheating in all Directions



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You had decided to surprise him at the hotel. You really had missed him and your last phone call was a bit spotty so you simply jumped a plane over to the country they were in and explained to the front desk, courtesy of one of the management guys walking by, you were able to get a key. Management had told you he was in his room, and you giggled, the elevator ride taking way too much time. You enter the room, “CURLY-” You were cut short when you smelt the sex in the room, but not only smell but hear it.  You ventured further and watched Harry pile driving into some girl. She was skinnier, prettier, big fake boobs, and she was screaming out in ecstasy. He stops mid moan and pulls out, “Oh shit.” Harry’s eyes were wide, you were the last person he was expecting. You were supposed to be in Beverly Hills, at the house… Harry was supposed to be free to fuck and tour. You turn on your heel and the girl looks up, “That’s her?” She asks, her accent faint. “That’s me.” You yell, flipping them both off. You and Harry had a public relationship. This bitch knowingly went into it. Harry chases after you, holding himself, “Y/N! Wait!” You turn around and slap him sharply across the face, “You disgust me. I waited for you.” You turn and leave the room and go home, tears tracing down your cheek.


You’d never thought that this would happen to you, not once, but here it was, plain as day on your computer screen. Liam was fucking a girl from behind in the hotel room. You two had been Skyping but you fell asleep and you would think he would turn it off… Liam obviously forgot to do so. The girl was screaming out his name and you knew that was one of your favourite positions and so did Liam. Fucker. You waited until they both cum and are laying on bed, panting. “Well that was quite the show.” You had wiped away your tears and glared at the computer screen. “Can’t say I enjoyed it though…” You say seriously. Liam shot up, “Y/N?” He says panickedly. Oh god, he loved you, he did. But you two were having your issues and even on breaks, you weren’t fucking and it really really bothered him and you but mainly him. “Yup! That’s my name! It’s time to forget it.” You give him a deadpan look and ended the call. Your phone was going off with texts and calls, emails, all of it, all day. But you ignored all of it, while you packed the flat, moving back in with your old roommate. Next to do on your list, change all your information


You and Zayn had been together for awhile now… But something was off, the phone calls get shorter and Skype calls had been getting pushed off. He came home less and less on break. Your phone buzzes and you see the emojis after his name and a smile lit up your face. You open up the text and warmth grows in your stomach as you take in his harden dick. “Thanks for the tits, here’s my body’s reaction😉”. You stare at the text, your heart shatters. You never sent him tits nothing… The worst has been confirmed. It was the nagging thought-but it was true. He was cheating. That much was true. “And here’s my body reaction to that.” You sent him a picture of you flipping off the camera and you turned off your phone. Zayn gets the text and his stomach dropped. You tried to call you but it went straight to voice mail. He knew he was distancing himself not on purpose but as he met more girls the more easily he did. He left one heartbreaking phone call, “Y/N… It wasn’t supposed to end like this… I do-did?- love you.” Zayn chews his lip before hanging up.


Dating one of the five most famous boys in the world kept you on your toes for sure. You had learned to ignore the million rumours that seem to crop up over and over again. And you were lucky to have your time with him now. He had taken an early shower and his phone had woken you up. A girl-half naked-showed up on the screen as the contact photo, the name was unfamiliar to you and you answered it without saying anything, “Ah daddy! I’ve missed that big cock!” She giggles, “This is the umpteenth time I’ve called! Are you still with Y/N?” Your heart sank. Oh god. “Lou?” She asks. You hang up and threw his phone across the room, having it crash and shatter. Louis walked out of the bathroom-towel around his waist, “What the bloody hell was that?” You stand up, glaring him with tear filled eyes. “Who is she?” He looks at you amazed, “She?” “Fucking Tiffany!?” You scream. The blood drains from his face, “Y/N…” “No no. Fuck you!” You yell, running out of the room, grabbing your purse and his keys. You run out and he chases you but can’t leave the flat because he’s just in a towel. “I’m sure Tiffany will take care of you just fine.” You slam the door and go. Louis sighs and shakes his head. He just lost the girl of his dreams playing chase with others.

Dirty Makeup sex with niall

“I saw the way you were looking at him y/n! Why are you still even here!?” Niall screams at me. We were having another fight but this time it was different, I was talking to our close friend Luke Hemmings , when Niall started flipping shit. I’ve never seen him so angry in my life. He was throwing lamps, braking vases, and even calling me some pretty nasty words. 

“I don’t like Luke goddamnit Niall!” I scream tears running down my face. His eyes go dark and he lifts his fisted hand into the air. I close my eyes ready for it to hit me, but instead it hits the wall, picture frames failing and breaking on the floor. I sob some more until Niall starts talking again.

“Admit it.” He says to me flatly.

“Admit what?!” I say chocking slightly on my own words.

“You like him, and you don’t want me anymore.” I look up at him, he looks away focussing his gaze on the floor.

“Niall,” I sigh, “Yes, Luke is very attractive, but I don’t like him like that, I love you.” I say to him, I can’t believe he would ever think differently. He wipes his face and runs his fingers through his blonde hair. 

After a moment Niall looks back up at me collecting himself before taking my hand. “I’m so sorry I overreacted. You’re the best thing that ever happened to y/n. I just get jealous when you’re with any other guy because you’re mine and I want everyone to know that. Also It’s just-” I cut him off by smashing my lips onto his and wrapping my arms around his neck. 

I pull away as we pant getting our breaths back. My forehead is up against his as his blue eyes look into my y/c/e ones. We stay like this for what feels like forever pressed up against each other before Niall slowly leans in and kisses me. The kiss gets deeper and he tugs on my shirt indicating he wants it off. I oblige and slip the white tank-top I had on over my head. I wasn’t wearing a bra, Niall cursed under his breath and attached his mouth onto my right boob while kneading the left. I moaned as he circled his tongue around my nipple, then repeating with the other. I moaned in pleasure pulling at his hair, knowing he loved when I was rough. 

He begins to unbutton my jeans while I start undressing him until we are both standing almost completely naked with just our underwear on. I peck his lips one more time before getting down on my knees before him, keeping eye contact with him the whole time. I tease him playing with the waistband of his boxers and slowly taking them off biting my lip. His massive dick stands erect before me begging to be touched.

“Please.” Niall wines. I almost give in but decide to tease him some more.

“What do you want baby?” I ask him in my most innocent voice. 

“S-suck it. Please?” Niall says looking down at me. I can’t take it anymore he looks so sexy so I take his length into my mouth. He immediately throws his head back moaning my name. I swirl my tongue around it and pump my hand back and fourth on what I can’t fit into my mouth. 

“Shit, baby. You look so hot with my huge cock in your little mouth. Mmmm but it would look so much better in your tight pussy.” I love it when Niall dirty talks me and I moan in response causing vibrations on his dick. 

“Fuck Y/n.” Niall says as his warm cum shoots down my throat. He removes himself from me and I look up at him with my mouth open full of his release and swallowing it all in one huge gulp. 

“Get on the couch.” Niall instructs me. I nod and make my way over and sit on the edge of it. 

“Open your legs.” Niall demands. I open them revealing my dripping center. Niall walks over to me and bends down in between them. He runs his finger up and down my folds covered by my cotton panties. 

“Who made you this wet baby?” Niall asks me, rubbing me.

“LUKE did.” I say, I want to make him angry, because angry sex with Niall is hot as hell, considering he is always gentle and sweet with me. 

“The fuck did you just say?” Niall asks me gripping my hips.

“Oh you didn’t hear me? That really sexy boy  made me this wet. God just looking at him dampens my panties.” I say reaching into my center and pulling my fingers up to my swollen lips sucking on them as I watch Niall’s eyes darken. 

“You’re going to pay for that you slut.” Niall rips my panties off and throws my legs over his shoulders putting his head in between my legs and attacking my pussy. 

“Fuck.” I say pushing his tongue further into me. He takes my other leg and spreads it further than I ever thought was possible, devouring me.  

“I’m gonna cum!” I scream. Niall looks up at me with a smirk and pulls away just before I reach my high.   

“WHAT THE FUCK!?” I scream. Before I can say anything else he forces me further up the couch and climbs on top of me. Without any warning he slams into me, giving me no time to adjust. 

“Do you think LUKE could ever pound this hard into you? Huh y/n?” My body is taken over by pleasure and all I can do is moan in response. 

Niall than starts sucking at my sweet-spot, just above my collarbone marking his territory. I reach between my legs where our bodies meet, and start rubbing my clit to increase the pressure building in the pit of my stomach. 

“Fuck yeah, baby. Touch yourself.” Niall moans into my ear. Niall’s naughty talk and hard thrust make it impossible to hold myself together. I can sense Niall is near too. 

“Let go.” Niall says as he removes his length completely out of me before slamming into me as hard as he can. A mixture of pain and pleasure combine and I release myself into him, Niall coming undone seconds later. 

We lay there. Panting. Our sweaty bodies numb. He rolls off of me slightly but not all the way because he would fall off the couch. 

“I love you Nialler, only you.” I say after a moment of silents. 

“I love you too baby. I’m sorry that I freaked out. We should have just talked it out.” He leans down and kisses my nose. 

“SHIT!” I say leaning up.

“What?! What’s wrong?!” Niall says leaning up as well, and brining me onto his lap.

“We didn’t use a condom….”   


#483 - His reaction when he sees that you sent him nudes -
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