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Could you make a lil blurb where Harry’s been upset all day and no one noticed bc he tried acting like he was fine but you see anyway and then argue bc he’s still lying to you about being fine and then you say “you may be an actor now Harry, but you’re still my boyfriend and I know you better than anyone else” & then he breaks down with lots of fluff please?😳

“Hey gorgeous,” you wrap your arms around his neck when he walks into the room. “Long time no see.”

Your boyfriend smiles a little tiredly–him having just gotten off the plane–but grins broadly as he surrenders to your kiss. “Hey…you shouldn’t have come here. What if someone takes a picture of us?”

“We’re in the dark carpark of the airport,” you reply bluntly, and his green eyes trace your features anxiously. “Plus, I didn’t fly all the way to Sydney to waste time without you.”

The driver clears his throat, before saying, “Mr. Styles, we are supposed to reach the hotel in half an hour.”

You smile as Harry nods, and you lace your fingers through his as you crawl into the backseat of the small van. There, in the comfortable and safe space, Harry takes off his cap and looks out the tinted windows. 

“What’s wrong?” You ask. Not that you were expecting much of a reaction from him, jet lagged as he was, but you haven’t seen him in two months. You press a kiss against his jaw and you could’ve sworn he flinched. Now you were starting to get more concerned. “Harry–”

“I’m gonna take a nap,” he interrupts. And before you could even ask him if he wanted to lean against your shoulder, he was already snoozing away. 

The arrival to the hotel couldn’t have been less anticlimactic. 

There were no fans crowded outside of the hotel, so Harry whipped through the lobby and up to his room, leaving you to check in for him. And by the time you unlocked the hotel door, he was in the shower.

You decided to busy yourself and help him unpack his things. Hanging up a pair of jeans in the closet, his wallet falls on to the floor. You smile when you pick it up to see a picture of you both on your first year anniversary peaking out from between the folds.

The shower-head comes to a sudden stop, and before you can react, Harry’s walking towards you with nothing but a white towel tied around his waist. “What are you doing with my wallet?” He asks, irritation evident in his voice. 

“I was just helping you get settled.” He snatches it away from you. You frown, “Honey, are you feeling alright?”

“Honey,” he repeats in a mocking tone. His fingers thread through his wet hair and he’s hunting for clothes when he spots his jeans hanging in the closet. “I’m not moving in here, why bother taking everything out of my suitcase?”

You say, quietly, “It was just one pair of jeans. Everything else is still–”

“Can you go take a walk, please?” You are so shocked by his request that you don’t quite process what he’s saying until he says it for the second time. “I’m really tired,” Harry says in a gentler voice, collapsing down onto the bed. “I didn’t expect you’d come so soon.”

“Oh, okay.” You don’t know what you are supposed to say. So you just pick up your bag and force a smile, “I’ll be back in a few, then.”

Before you can leave the room, you hear him murmur, “Please take your time.

Exploring the city was not as exciting when you did it alone. The sun was out for most of the day, which was a nice refresher, but after a few hours you started to develop blisters. 

Not to mention the fact that your sweat was starting to drift to places sweat should never drift to.

You had been gone for four hours. You figured that was enough time for Harry to sleep, and hopefully get out of whatever mood the plane ride put him in. 

However, you were halfway through the lobby before you realized you did not think to get a spare key for yourself. Proceeding to the front desk, you smile politely at the manager (as it says, stated, on her name tag). “I’m currently a guest, and my boyfriend is upstairs but I forgot to get a key for myself. Do you mind if I do?”

The manager, Lucy, nods, and inquires, “May I ask what room you and your boyfriend are staying in?”

“Uh…18-10, I’m pretty sure. Yeah, 18-10.” 

Discomfort shifts across Lucy’s face. “I’m afraid you must be mistaken, Miss. That room is occupied by someone else.”

“Harry Styles?” You whisper. “I’m his girlfriend.” You look around the lobby to see that there were, indeed, teenage girls loitering around. “Oh, don’t worry, I’m not one of them. I mean I do love his music and am a fan, but I’m genuinely his girlfriend.”

Lucy looks you up and down. “I’m sorry, but you have to leave. I do not know how you came to possess such information, but it is really not polite of you to come in here and pretending you are someone who you aren’t.” 

You raise your eyebrows. “Is it that hard to believe I’m dating him? Really? And you’re the one calling me impolite.” Lucy is starting to look around–probably for security. “Okay, wait, hold on. I can prove to you I am the person I say I am. I’ll call him right now!”

But it was too late. Lucy had already summoned over a few security guards that looked as if they could snap you like a twig. You smile nervously. “I’ll just…I’ll just wait outside…” 

“C’mon Harry…pick up…pick up..” But then the dreaded voicemail kicks in. “Sweetie,” you repeat for the fifth time. “You must still be sleeping, because you aren’t getting any of my calls. But once you hear these, can you please come downstairs to get me? 

The stupid manager thinks I’m pretending to be your girlfriend. Or if you can’t come downstairs, can you at least phone the front desk people and tell them to let me up? Okay. Thanks.”

You had just hung up when something caught your eye. Or, rather, someone. Harry. Walking out from the hotel gym (according to his sweaty gym clothes). You phone him again…and you see him glance at his cellphone, before clicking it off and shoving it back into his pocket.

What the hell? Was he angry at you? You run back into the hotel, and before Lucy can spot you, you are rushing into the elevator with Harry. If he’s surprised to see you, he doesn’t show it. 

“Harry.” You say his name in the kind of tone a mother would be reprimanding her son with. “What’s wrong?”

“Why do you think something’s wrong?” He says between gritted teeth. His eyes are red when they glare at you. “I thought I told you to go.”

You swallow a lump in your throat, and you feel tears prickling in your eyes. “You told me to take a walk, and I have been gone for practically five hours now, Harry! And why are you looking at me like that? I haven’t seen you in months, and this is how you greet me?”

You were never good at confrontation, so it was no surprise that by the time the elevator reached the 18th floor, you were in tears. Harry still has his eyes on you, and for a moment you think he might finally confide in you, but then he walks right out.

Having no other choice than to trail after him like a lost puppy, he doesn’t even bother holding open the door for you. And when the door locks shut behind you, you snap. 

“Okay, what the hell is wrong with you?” He acts as if he doesn’t hear you, so you are ripping his earphones from his ears and throwing his phone onto the bed.

He whips his head around to face you. “What the fuck? Are you mad?”

“Yes,” you say frankly. “I am mad because you’re not telling me something.”

Harry snaps, “What are you talking about? Between the two of us, I am always the one who tells the truth. All the time. I am the one who doesn’t hesitate to defend you, no matter what the case is.”

You cross your arms over your chest. “What are you saying? Just go right out and say it, Harry. You’re clearly hinting at something specific, and I am clearly too dumb to get it, so go ahead. Enlighten me.”

Your boyfriend scoffs, “Oh, don’t act like you don’t know. You should be an actor, you know. Wonderful show you’re putting on.”

You’re the actor here!” You can’t help it. You’re yelling. “The whole day–acting as if you were fine! Well, guess what? You are my boyfriend before you are an actor, and I know you better than anyone else. I even know you better than you know yourself, so please tell me what is going on so I can fix it. Please.”

A silence. Then six words. “I hate to see you cry.” Harry sits down on the edge of the king size bed, and you sit down beside him. He whispers, “Your dad called me a few days ago.” Your ears perk up. “He said….well, I don’t want to get into it, but he basically told me that he didn’t think I was good for you.”

Before you can react, he continues, “I didn’t think much of it at the time. He’s a strict man, and I was sure I could gain his affection back. But then…but then the next day your mother called. Said she read articles about the Victoria Secret fashion show…something about my “exes” walking in it….

I never thought I’d lose your mother to the rumours either…and that’s when I thought you must’ve never told them that none of those tabloids are true. How else would they have given up on me so easily?”

“Harry…” you realize he’s crying so you brush your thumb gently across his sharp features. “My parents never told me they did that…but now that I know I’m going to have a very serious talk with them. I love you so much. Don’t ever doubt how much I love you because…because if I have to sell my soul to the devil for you, I would. In a heartbeat.”

Harry plants a kiss on your forehead. “I missed you so much…”

“Tell me about it,” you laugh, “I haven’t slept in weeks–that’s how much I missed you…” You trace his lips with your fingers. “Don’t ever pretend you are fine when you aren’t.

I hate to see you cry.” 

this is kinda long and it took a twist at the end but! i enjoyed writing this a lot. I’m still in post-concert depression. 

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Here’s a thread of my favorite thing: harry in yellow🌞🌻🐝💛⭐️🍯🍋🍌🌼

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