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Would you rather...

play beach volleyball in team with Thorin, Kili and Fili or

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Thranduil, Legolas and Tauriel

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LIke for  Thorin, Kili and Fili, reblog for Thranduil, Legolas and Tauriel!!!!


please imagine that yamaguchi tadashi is a terrible, terrible slob

  • he’s so stupidly sentimental and doesn’t throw anything away so it’s all just lying around his room. 
  • also, he isn’t too dead set on having a neat room so he doesn’t bother to organize unless someone tells him to. 
  • his mom used to order him to clean his room or just do it for him but since he’s in high school now she leaves it up to him 
  • and it drives tsukki out of his mf mind. 
  • but then it also started to effect practice time because it’s at the point where he can’t find all his things in the morning and is consistently late to practice
  • so the entire team initiates Opertation Clean Yamaguchi’s Room
  • they have yamaguchi bring them to his house and they’re all ready to make his room shine
  • (ps: they weren’t ready)
  • (no one but tsukki was even the least bit ready)
  • “Yamaguchi, what’s this?” “um….” “right, in the trash it goes.”
  • “is this a tooth?” “yeah, when we were little tsukki accidentally knocked one of my baby teeth out with an umbrella and that’s the tooth.” “why? why did you keep that?” “i thought it was cute…”
  • “yamaguchi, these clothes are HUGE. why do you have such huge clothes?” “… I thought my closet was getting a bit small lately. so that’s where they all went.” “sorry tsukki!”
  • “YAMAGUCHI! YOU SAID YOU DIDN’T KNOW WHERE THIS WAS!” “w-well, in my defense tsukki, I meant I didn’t know exactly where it was and I mean i didn’t so.” “I HAD TO BUY A NEW ONE YOU LYING HO.”
  • “yamaguchi… are these… volleyballs from our gym? all six of them?”
  • baby pictures of yamaguchi
  • “holy shit, tsukishima can smile!”
  • “you were such a cute kid, tsukishima… such a shame…” “yeah that’s what my mom tells me too. every day of my life.” “omg.”
  • yamaguchi’s diary from middle school
  • “ooooh! so that’s what it was! i thought it was a really sad and badly written novel. ok that makes more sense.” “hinata…”
  • no one is allowed to open the drawer under yamaguchi’s bed. for. Reasons.
  • final haul of trash: 3 disco pants, 2 chemistry kits, 4 month old milk, a lampshade with taco print, like 200 of those silly bandz, a stack of meme printouts, that goddamn tooth, and all the clothes he doesn’t fit into anymore
  • tsukishima suggests he throws himself out too
  • yamaguchi is now asking around for a new best friend
Haikyuu and Secret Talents

Hinata: Painting

Kageyama: Gardening

Tsukishima: Riddles

Yamaguchi: Card tricks

Sugawara: Baking

Daichi: Video games

Asahi: Dancing

Nishinoya: Playing Guitar

Tanaka: Poetry

Oikawa: Writing stories

Iwaizumi: Board games

Kuroo: Knitting

Kenma: Singing

Bokuto: Juggling

Akaashi: Cooking

Volleyball!NCT U + 127

So I decided to combine these as just one unit would not be enough and I can’t picture much of Dream to be on a volleyball team to be honest. Like they are so young and scrawny, I can’t see the majority of them being volleyball players. I originally wrote this before 127’s comeback so rip me cause now I have to fit Johnny here.

Outsides: The big guns. These boys are all about the offense. The go-to attackers ready for any set, even off of a 1-point pass. Get the most sets and make the most errors, but their kills make up for any points lost  

Lee Taeyong

So I see Taeyong as a strong, responsible young man. He has that dancing build which allows him to get up and hammer balls down. Definition of “Big Gun” on the team. He would be a very intelligient outside hitter. Probably the smartest hitter on the team; he’ll mix up shots accordingly in order to catch the team on their heels. He is also a strong passer, as are the rest of the outsides for the NCT Volleyball Club (NCTVC). When he serves, he would serve a strong jump top-spin. He would also love the pipe set from the back row to really help his hitting percentage! He believes he has a huge responsibility for the team as the team captain (Haechan calls him the team mom, but Tae doesn’t approve of that nickname). That responsibility also transcends into his work ethic. He expects to win and expects his teammates to reciprocate that same desire. During practices, he’ll definitely want to practice as if every drill and scrimmage was played like a real game. When the others slack off, he’ll quickly remind them what they are here for. He really just wants what is best for the team and wants them to do well together.

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Jung Yoonoh (Jaehyun)

Jaehyun would also be an outside hitter. He’d probably fall under the radar during the game, but that wouldn’t affect his rate of play. He is probably the most efficient outside for the team and swings for the deep corners. Would really like hitting the sharp cross court shot. When faced with a block, if he isn’t hitting above them, he is tooling them for a point. He puts up a pretty solid block himself and can shut down the opposing attack, although it doesn’t happen too often despite his strong hands. Speaking of pretty, he’s like the looker of the team and often gets the team sponsorships with his good looks. He’d probably become a model for like athletic clothes to be honest. Makes the crowd’s heart flutter every time he comes out for the starting line-up. He always starts blushing when the cheers go insane when we walks out. Anyways, as he goes into the back row, he would serve a jump float with a lot of heat. Like I mentioned earlier, he would also be a fantastic passer. His time in the back row is mostly focused on defense instead of offense like Taeyong. Strikes me as someone to watch a lot of film, probably with Libero!Mark.

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Nakamoto Yuta

Yuta would be the fiesty outside, ready to go hard all the time. He’d be a lot of fun on and off the court, bringing a lot of energy to the team. He’d tend to just swing away all the time in search of that perfect kill only really using his off-speed shots when his teammates tell him that shot is open. He wouldn’t really do it on his own. His lack of experience makes him sit on the bench most of the time, but when he is on the court, he is able to terminate. He’s a fairly decent passer but looks on to Taeyong and Jaehyun to help him adjust to defending the left side of the court - he looks up to them and wants to learn from them. His other outsides are right next to him in order to teach him more about the game during practice. When he serves, he serves a jump float so he can quickly get to his base and focus on his passing. It wouldn’t be just an easy jump float; it would have a lot of weight on it which would help keep the other team out of system. Absolutely loves being on the team and the court, his smiling shining every time he walks into the gym.

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Middle Blockers: Part 1 of the major defense of each team. Height and speed are needed, although height can be substituted for a mad vertical. Don’t get set often but their efficiency is through the roof.  

Seo Youngho (Johnny)

A new addition to the team line-up, Johnny quickly became a starting middle for the NCT squad. His height and his strength far outweighed that of the other middles. He gained a lot of fame before he joined the team so there was a lot of excitement over him joining THE NCT. He powers balls through blocks if he doesn’t hit over them. If the set isn’t where he needs it, he will blast balls off the block and out of bounds in order to score a team for my point. When he blocks, he has strong hands that are pointed inside the court resulting in a stuff most of the time. There will be times when he will get tooled, probably off his finger tips, but he’ll take that as sign that he needs to bring his fingers down towards the court more. Blocks are literally his favorite thing. Every time he gets one, he’ll be screaming at the top of his lungs with a clenched fist in the air. He’d be allowed to serve as a middle and would serve a jump top spin serve. He has a lot of power and could be honestly be an outside, but like I said, his height is what moved him into the middle of the net. Is seen a lot with Opposite!Ten.

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Kim Dongyoung (Doyoung)

Doyoung would be the other starting middle. He would be another player who would swing for deep corners. The 3 set would be his favorite, he’d split the block finding the perfect spot to swing for. As for blocking, Doyoung would ask Johnny for help being efficient. He moves laterally very well, but sometimes he doesn’t press his hands in as much. Sometimes, that doesn’t matter and his recovery move won’t result in a straight down stuff, but it will fly out to the edge of the court getting the point. When he goes back to serve, he would serve just a basic jump float. He doesn’t pass that well for the standards of his team, but when he’s on the court during his service run, he will put everything out there for the team. His calm and mature persona makes him one of the go to players for media presentations. He’d give people a nice impression of his team and they aren’t disappointed.

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Dong Sicheng (WinWin)

Little Sicheng would be the next middle for the NCT squad. He doesn’t see as much playing time as Doyoung and Johnny as he isn’t as powerful, but he does see a lot a time in the middle of the net during practice. WinWin is quite the lanky and fluid boy but I don’t see him having much power. He definitely has the speed required for the middle. When he swings, he would also try and swing for deep corners. When blocking, he can move to the pins very fast. He doesn’t get a lot of stuffs but he will definitely get a piece of it, sometimes it’s a bad thing. If he serves, I think he would just do a standing float or maybe a jump float - basically anything to just get the ball over the net. During practice, he’ll always be asking question. “Am I late on my block? How can I read that play better? Can I get tips?” Anything that would make him a better player he will try and do. 

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Setter: In charge of spreading around the ball, allowing the offense to be run. Need nice hands to deliver a clean ball to any area of the court. Speed is also vital as location of the first contact varies especially when the level of play increases.  

Moon Taeil

Taeil, to me, is very soft and gentle. I don’t see him being too aggressive which means aye he’s a setter in my mind. Would always get his jersey dry cleaned (@mamaastro thanks bro) and he would try and get the rest of his team to do it as well but no, they don’t listen. (Who do they listen to though?) He would definitely be more of a front row setter, wanting to get up and shut down the outside attack (plus he doesn’t want to worry about his passing responsibilities when he is setting in the back row.) Strongest blocker against the outside attack. When he does go into the back row, he goes for the tough jump float. As far as passing, he doesn’t like it that much. He slowly has been getting better at defending the right back, but he prefers being in his setting spot, ready to deliver the next ball. He’d definitely be a quiet leader on the team, he keeps the team entertained and grounded.

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Right Side/Opposite: Swings from behind the setter. In charge of shutting down the outside attack, which is vital since the outside gets the most sets. Does not get set often but when they do, they usually terminate.

Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul (Ten)

I see Ten as the starting right side attacker for this team. He is a little on the shorter side (okay a lot) but he still has the vertical to get up there. He is the other wall ready to face the opposing attack from the left pin. He doesn’t get many blocks, but he is one of the players that would absolutely go crazy from getting a block. Loves hitting the line shot, he loves challenging the libero making them guess what’s in and what’s out. If the outside is towering over him, more than usual, then he would tool it and hit that ball off high hands. Going into the back row, he would serve a jump top spin. It’s his favorite part of the game. Would spend time in the back row when facing a weaker opponent. He has good location on defense, but if the pass goes way out of the court, he probably won’t go for it. If not, would get replaced by other Opposite!Donghyuck. Spends a lot of time with Middle!Johnny like literally you can’t separate these two.

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Lee Donghyuck (Haechan)

Haechan would be the other opposite hitter, although his main focus is defending the right back. I put him here because despite his focus in the back row, he is a hitter. He doesn’t get much time playing in the front row, but if they are absolutely destroying, he will stay in the rotation. He struggle getting over some blocks but he’ll be able to tool the block easily. He doesn’t serve as often since Ten has such a wicked serve, but he would serve a jump float. Would go all out on defense. When seeing them play, you’d see him layout for everything. When he makes an amazing save, running 15 feet out of the court, he’d wear this bright smile on his face and instantly run back to his base ready for the next attack. Definitely would love teasing his teammates. Would hide Mark’s knee pads before like every practice. He does it out of love though, he hopes that his hyungs know that despite all of the fun and jokes he plays on them, he respects and cares for all of them.

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Libero: Have the best passing skill. Second part of the major defense team. Reserved as best receivers and servers. Height is not required as they don’t play at the net. Liberos do not take up substitutions and they wear an off-colored jersey. Goes into the back row for the middle.

Mark Lee

Mark’s only true position on the team is at the libero position. Most of the time, he doesn’t even pass of his platform when digging balls. During serve receive, sure but when those balls are getting hit at him at such high speeds, he just finds the right spot and tries. His reading ability would be great but actually getting the ball to his platform? That’s a different story. Pro at the shoulder pass to be honest. His location is great though! Would serve a jump float when he goes back to the service line. Watches a lot of film, probably watches the most on the team. Is honestly overworked and needs to take a break some times. Leaves the back-up libero role to Opposite!Haechan. He takes the younger one under his wing and helps him come into his role being the youngest defensive player on the team. If Mark is out, he wants the next in line to be ready at all times.

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That moment when you accidentally put both your biases in the same position you play rip. 


Coming up next: SF9!!!

Headcanon that whenever the girl Bokuto likes ends up liking someone else he sits at home sobbing in a really ugly way and singing along to the radio playing “My Heart Will Go On” on repeat for 3 hours and his room always looks like a mess by the end cos of snotty tissues being thrown everywhere.

So headcanon that yamaguchi is a secret sass monster. I mean, he enjoys tsukki’s slayage it’s only right he gets to dish some out of his own. Like, he’ll just casually tear people down and it’s not as often or as openly as tsukishima and he’s so cute with all his freckles so most people don’t even know. Hell, sometimes he doesn’t even know he’s doing it. Just sometimes he’ll lean over and whisper something for tsukki’s ears only and they’re suddenly both giggling like little shits and the team just assumes yams just said something adorably funny and has no idea he just took a dump on someone’s entire life. 

And then one day someone insults tsukki and he’s about to sass back when yamaguchi suddenly jumps in and attacks this guy’s whole family and everyone’s like damn what did we just witness? Tsukki is very proud.

have some haikyuu!! headcannons because it’s all I can think of
  • Nishinoya has crawled through the karasuno air vents before and nothing can convince me otherwise
    • Only Tanaka and the other second years know, but Suga found out anyway because Noya crawled into his math class
      • Suga nearly pissed himself laughing when he realized it was Noya, while trying to keep himself quiet as well so to not disturb class
        • nobody will ever tell Daichi
  • Yamaguchi is a math whiz, ask him any question and he can do it!
  • Kageyama is actually very fashion forward, but when it comes to disguises he tries too hard, thus causing a mess
    • The other first years lost it when they saw him in casual clothes because they expected like, gym shorts and a tee shirt but NOPE
  • Hinata is actually really organized, like his room is spotless down to the last stacked piece of paper
    • His momma made him organize everything for the longest time and eventually it turned into a habit without her telling him
      • Even his lunch is organized it’s actually really cute
  • Suga is actually like the most hardcore Memer out of the whole team
    • You thought it would be noya or tanaka? NOPE. It’s sugar.
      • He’s actually got such a good sense of humor and makes the funniest jokes ever
      • Some of his jokes are like, so cynical though that it makes Asahi and Daichi back up a bit
        • “Hey daichi you know what’d be nice right now?” “What?” “Death” “SUGA.”
        • He’s a devil in an angel’s costume
      • He sends memes in the volleyball chat and everyone loses it because they’re so funny
    • He’s also good at telling stories, like he can explain situations really well
    • He once told a scary story SO well during volleyball training camp with everyone  that Daichi nearly pissed himself
    • Nobody talks about it
    • Suga isn’t allowed to tell spooky stories anymore
  • Kenma is actually so fearless it’s scary
    • Kuroo is actually worried about how fearless he can be
    • Nobody lets Kenma drive because he is 
      • a) a speed demon, 
      • and b) literally takes such sharp turns you’d flip to the other side of you didn’t have a seat belt on. 
      • He could be a drifting king if he liked racing
    • He also crosses the streets without looking sometimes and it’s SO. BAD. no matter how much Kuroo and Yaku scold him
  • On another note, Kenma and Akaashi actually get along really well! They have each other’s numbers and even hang out sometimes without Bokuto and Kuroo so they can have peace for a bit
    • They usually go to a cafe to hang out
  • Oikawa knows how to do makeup and nobody knows how or why
    • Past girlfriends have left the relationship with better makeup skills than when they started
    • One time the volleyball team all got a makeover from Oikawa and surprisingly, Kindaichi and Kunimi rocked it almost better than Oikawa
      • Nobody is to ever speak of it again though
    • Oikawa never uses makeup but finds it fun to do it on others
    • His skin is so soft?? How? The world may never know
    • His hair is naturally wavy like that, but used to be more curly when he was younger; he hated it
  • Iwaizumi is a B I G momma’s boy. He loves his momma and has so much respect for her and his father
    • He’d do anything for his mom though, need help with groceries? Go inside he’ll grab them all for you (he has those nice buff arms he can do it)
  • Iwa-chan goes to the gym four times a week, and tries to bring a whining Oikawa with him every day he goes
    • It doesn’t always work
    • He has to drag Oikawa
  • Noya actually was the tallest of his class in his first year of middle school, but after the year was over he ended up the shortest because he had a really small growth spurt, unlike everyone else
    • He brings it up a lot
    • He is still bitter
  • Ushijima loves gory mangas (Tendou thinks he doesn’t read anything but the ads but trust me, he got hooked on Tokyo Ghoul and Attack on Titan really quickly)
    • He somehow got Semi into Tokyo Ghoul too, and they text about it a lot; they’re both not finished with the manga yet and plan to binge-watch the anime together along with Tendou
    • He has two fish; his goldfish is named Kaneki and his beta fish is named Touka
What if...

The Haikyuu boys met the Team USA Women’s Olympic Volleyball Team at Nationals during an extra practice.

Team USA would coo over all the boys no matter their height and give them all pointers and advice.

Ofc SOMEONE would want to see how they would compare to the internationally famous team, so DREAM TEAM ASSEMBLE.







Sorry but you can’t convince me that high school boys can beat an Olympic team that dedicated years of their life to perfecting their teamwork and skills with minimal distractions. Even if they’re girls and you personally think boys are way better at volleyball . The boys can be amazing, but they still have a ways to go.

(If you want to do art based on this, just add your art in a reblog or add a link to this post. Either way pls message me so I can see it 😮)

imagine-volleyball-dorks  asked:

Oooh, since I see that requests are open, may I ask for some headcanons on what kind of father Takao, Himuro, and Akashi would be? Thank you!! <3

of course<33


  • The dad every kid dreams of having. Whatever game his child wants to play, he’s 100% on board. 
  • He cries every year on the first day of school because “they’re growing up sooo fast !!!!” 
  • He’s not good at discipline, but he makes sure his kids know that there are consequences for bad behaviour.  


  • He’s a very laid-back father. 
  • He encourages his kid to always do their best on everything, especially in school.  
  • The dad who takes his child everywhere. He will drive them and watch any sporting events of theirs, or musicals, or spelling bees, or whatever. He’s always there at every event. 


  • He’s a very hard-working dad to ensure he’s able to get his child everything the need and much more. Despite that, he still makes sure to spend lots of quality family time. 
  • Strick dad but not demanding of perfection. He wants his children to succeed and be good people but he doesn’ pressure them to be perfect.
  • He brags about his kids at every business party. Whoever he’s talking with will know how proud he is of his amazing children.      

Imagine that every time something startles asahi during practice, he hides behind tsukishima (because well what else is his big ass self gonna hide behind?). Imagine tsukishima doesn’t feel it’s worth starting anything over and also simply doesn’t want to mention it so he just sort of lets himself be used as a meat shield. Now imagine that their wonderful teammates turn it into a meme of sorts. Whenever someone is looking for asahi, they’ll peek behind tsukishima first even if it is blatantly obvious he isn’t there.

Prisoner 0156

remember that all characters with the exception of Kobayashi Haruka are not mine! all of the Haikyuu!! Characters belong to Furudate and the other creators of the Haikyuu!! franchise.

sorry this took a thousand and eight years to upload. This chapter is a little bit shorter, but i hope it lives up to your expectations! i am unworthy of having 800 beautiful people following this account.

anyway, on with the fan fiction!

Part 1   Part 2   Part 3

Part 4

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General Lev Head Cannons
  • Gets excited when somebody asks him to reach something from the top shelf.
  • Secretly likes reading books, preferably mysteries.
  • Loves talking on the phone.
  • Believes in superstitions. (Ex. walking under ladders and black cats).
  • Gets out of the house sometimes to try and flirt with cute girls.
  • Big anime fan. 
  • Favorite dessert are cookies. 
  • Doesn’t like to study.
  • Asks Kenma advice on girls but always ends up having to talk to Kuroo about the females.
  • Likes taking naps in hammocks on a warm summers day.
  • Really wants to be best friends with Tsuki since they’re both really tall.
  • He doesn’t mind being the first person to text.

I haven’t written anything for Lev so I decided to take a crack at it. Thanks for all of your continued support on my tiny blog! <3

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headcanon that yamaguchi is actually a Big Spoiled Brat when it’s just him and tsukki. I mean, okay, he’s not rude or anything. But he won’t eat this and he doesn’t wanna touch that and just one more level then he’ll do his english homework and there’s no point to english if he’s japanese. So generally not a big deal. Nothing that would really bother tsukishima. But still. Giant freckled baby. Further headcanon that when yams doesn’t like some food item, he puts it on tsukki’s plate. Imagine one day at the training camp they’re both super tired and out of it and in the cafeteria and suddenly yams goes “tsuuuukiiiii i don’t want the peas…” and tsukki doesn’t even look as he sticks his plate out for yams to put the peas onto them (as well as the onions and the radishes). The rest of the karasuno team is wondering what kind of ritual they just witnessed. This is yamaguchi’s true nature huh?