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play beach volleyball in team with Thorin, Kili and Fili or

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Thranduil, Legolas and Tauriel

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LIke for  Thorin, Kili and Fili, reblog for Thranduil, Legolas and Tauriel!!!!

Volleyball!NCT Dream AU

So I know I said that I couldn’t see Dream as a volleyball squad, but after watching a bit more of youth volleyball, I could see the Dreamies as a squad! 

Outsides: The big guns. These boys are all about the offense. The go-to attackers ready for any set, even off of a 1-point pass. Get the most sets and make the most errors, but their kills make up for any points lost

Mark Lee

I know what you’re thinking, “you put mark at libero last time!” Well yes I did, but that was a completely different squad. With U/127, he would absolutely be the libero. With Dream, however, he would be an outside hitter. He is one of the most athletic members of the Dream team and they need his strength and power on the left pin to crush down balls. He is also one of the smartest players due to his experience. He’s played the game for a long time and with that, his toolbox has expanded as well. Loves hitting the sharp angle when it’s open. When he hits it, expect the largest, brightest smile. Most of the time he hits line though, it’s away from the two main passers and if they play the rotations right, will take the setter out of the play. He serves a jump float when behind the line. In practices, he always works on his top spin serve, but always goes back to the trusty float. Since he is a libero on another squad, his passing ability is exceptional. Very rarely does this team get out of system and a large portion of that is thanks to Mark. Yes, the team may have its own libero in Chenle, but he doesn’t have the experience playing as many elite teams as Mark has which is why Mark mentors Chenle. Mark takes his experience and shares it. He doesn’t want the whole team revolving around him - after all, there is no I in team.

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Lee Jeno

The definition of a power hitter (I MEAN HAVE YOU SEEN HIS ARMS LIKE JENO CALM THE FUCK DOWN.) During the drafting of this, I thought that he was maybe like the second most athletic on the dream squad but recent studies have shown that that’s a lie. Jeno = power and that goes for wherever he is on the court. In the front, he very rarely uses off speed unless the opposition has been picking up his hammered balls. From the back line, he has a crazy top spin jump serve (that to be honest Libero!Chenle is afraid to return during practice.) From the back court, he loves running the BIC attack. That’s his bread and butter. It’s so exhilarating to just fly in behind the middle attacker and attack basically an open net, it gives him such a thrill. He’s the fourth best passer on the team but that doesn’t mean he’s bad. He just has to complete with an outside who is a libero at heart, an opposite with libero training, and their actual libero for that title. Passing is more of an after thought to him (which is why he is still under Opposite!Haechan in passing.) He’d rather let Libero!Chenle take a ball in the back row so he can get in position for the combination play than getting eliminated from the play in the first touch. Off of the court, he is a total gym rat. He always want to head to the gym in order to get stronger. A man’s gotta keep his vertical am I right?

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Middle Blockers: Part 1 of the major defense of each team. Height and speed are needed, although height can be substituted for a mad vertical. Don’t get set often but their efficiency is through the roof.

Park Jisung

So I almost put this tall boy as a setter, but after much deliberation, I placed him in the middle. Either way, this boy is gonna be aggressive. His favorite ball to hit is when his server just rips one over the net, forcing the overpass from the opponent, and he just slams the ball straight down. He gets so exhilarated every time it happens. Same goes for a stuff block. He turns off the net and everyone is pointing and screaming at him and he just basks in the glory. Definitely more of a blocking middle. He can get his kills don’t get me wrong, but this kid is known for his blocking. He is first on the team! When hitting, he usually swing across his body deep into the 1 location. He usually has a high kill percentage when he hits here because either 1. the setter left early and no one is defending or 2. setters USUALLY don’t like playing defense or aren’t as skilled. When he gets into the service box, he serves a jump float. His height lets him get a good angle over the net, needing nothing but downward trajectory to send that ball curving towards the ground. He would probably be the only one to really mess with a short serve. The team can’t help but baby the small giant despite the cries from Jisung. Jisung can’t help but roast the squad despite the cries from his elders. It goes hand in hand to be honest.

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Na Jaemin

So this little ball of sunshine is the other middle for the squad. He is definitely more of the attacking middle. Kills are big and flashy and he loves getting all of the attention that comes with it. Loves catching the side lines, especially the spot between locations 4 and 5, right in front of the libero. He loves testing the libero so much. Like any time he can beat them, it just adds a boost to his confidence. As for blocking, he is speedy getting to the pins and transitions well, almost too well. The exhaust he puts on his body often results in injury. When he is out, the team brings Middle!WinWin down to fill his spot. When Jaemin rotates to the back row, he serves a jump top spin but not with a lot of power. He is more focused on consistency than absolutely slamming the ball. You could have power but hit it right to them and be dug so easily. Placement is just as important. His pregame includes spending hours in the training room getting taped and his legs warmed. If anyone ever complains about soreness and pain, he always recommends his favorite remedies or methods of being taped. Is currently out due to injury and everyone loves and misses him. There are rumors he is joining the squad again and the hype could not be more real.

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Right Side/Opposite: Swings from behind the setter. In charge of shutting down the outside attack, which is vital since the outside gets the most sets. Does not get set often but when they do, they usually terminate.

Lee Donghyuck (Haechan)

Like the U + 127 squad, Donghyuck would be the opposite hitter. In this team, he plays all 6 rotations defending the right side of the court. When he hits, he loves hitting line but it doesn’t always go down. He’s another one who loves testing the libero. Most of the time he will go cross though because that’s where USUALLY the worst defenders on the court are, and often that’s an easy kill. I say usually because it’s not true all the time - even Haechan is an exception to this. He has libero training meaning he is quick and balanced. He knows his spots like the back of his hand and can deliver a perfect pass. He is very vocal on the team: calling open spots, how many blockers are up, and whether the setter is front row. Basically if anything is happening, Hyuckie is calling it out. He’d normally jump float serve but if they are up by a lot, he’d try a top spin serve. Has so much heart for the game, he’ll go after anything. He sacrifices his body so much that he’s basically Jaemin’s pet. Uses 99% of Jaemin’s tape and patience. During practice, he is always asking when they are gonna do ball massages. “If I get three pancakes, can we do ball massages???” King of Pancakes, he calls himself as to him, there is nothing better. He jokes around with all the members but always reassures that he loves them with all his heart. 

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Setter: In charge of spreading around the ball, allowing the offense to be run. Need nice hands to deliver a clean ball to any area of the court. Speed is also vital as location of the first contact varies especially when the level of play increases.

Huang Renjun

This little bean is the setter of the squad. I originally had him as a middle but instantly thought twice about it. This boy is so gentle and sweet, I could see him as a setter in a heartbeat. He would definitely be more about sharing the love than slamming a ball down. That doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be offensive as a setter though. If the pass is tight, don’t be surprised to see Renjun slam the ball down. He likes to run a faster offense. If he could, he’d have the outsides hitting 3’s, the middles running 1’s, and the right side running I’s all the time. 3’s and I’s aren’t too common in the men’s game however so he just settles for a faster set all the way to the pins. Him and Hyuckie will dabble with I’s from time to time however. When he rotates to the back, he will serve a jump float so he can get to his base as soon as possible. He doesn’t feel the need to score from behind the service line, just get it in. As far as defending, he’s only really comfortable defending the opposite attack while in the back row. He really gets his defending going while blocking. Being able to shut down the strong pin just gives him such a confidence boost and you get to see his wonderful smile, it’s great. I have a feeling he would be the team mom always carrying snacks and extra socks and knee pads. Very very responsible.

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Libero: Have the best passing skill. Second part of the major defense team. Reserved as best receivers and servers. Height is not required as they don’t play at the net. Liberos do not take up substitutions and they wear an off-colored jersey. Goes into the back row for the middle.

Zhong Chenle

My brother from another motherChenle would be the libero on this squad. He is so energetic and active, I think he would make such a nice libero. He would be fast moving to locations and can stop on a dime when the attack is about to start their swing. If the ball is not directly hit at him, you know he will dive for it every single time. He loves getting a one handed dig, just scooping up the ball with his forearms. If they win that point, he just kind of smuggly brushes the dust off his shoulder before he just shines the brightest smile. Not one to swing to much if they are out of system and he needs to send the third ball over. Watching this kid during warm ups would be so cute. Every time he gets a good hit, everyone will be cheering as loud as they can. Liberos can’t serve in the men’s game, but during practice he would serve a jump float for the same reason as Setter!Renjun. The faster he can get to his base, the better. He looks up to Mark so much as a libero. If Chenle has any questions, he will instantly go to Mark. He is quite young and questions he’s abilities often, but the rest of the team frequently tells him how much of a good job he is doing. Every one wants to protect him, even the maknae. His cuteness is just contagious.

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I hope I didn’t use too many volleyball terms where you can’t understand. If I did, please tell me so I can make a little guide!

So the format of these, I think, is getting better and better so I’m wondering if you guys would want me to rewrite some of my older, messier au’s! If you like that idea, message me or send me an ask!


Other Volleyball AUs: ASTRO | BTS | GOT7 | SEVENTEEN | GFRIEND | KNK | MONSTA X | NCT U+127 | SF9

Imagine: You’re Karasuno’s manager and all three third years are after you.

Daichi: It’s my turn to ask her out, Asahi. You had your chance last week.

Asahi: Oh right, Sorry, Daichi-san.

Sugawara: She will be mine!

(I’m doing these daily. Also taking requests.)

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This is probably going to sound a little odd but can I have headcannons on how Tsukishima, Kuroo, Lev, Tendou, and other tall people react if their s/o having a playful yet strong father who could lift the tall boys up and hold them over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes?

Sorry for being inactive! (I’ve been sick but I’m feeling better now) This is a very specific request and I love it.


  • “Why is this strange man touching me?”
  • Terrified for his life.
  • Prays that this doesn’t get him killed.
  • Over exaggerates when really nothing is wrong.
  • Your dad starts picking on Tsuki every time he comes over bc he thinks it’s fun to annoy your boyfriend.


  • Surprisingly impressed.
  • “Whoa (Y/n), your dad is really strong!”
  • Starts to have a regular conversation with your dad while he is carrying your boyfriend around the house.
  • You feel utterly embarrassed like why is this man your dad and why are you dating a nut?
  • Lev always wants to come over now and hang out with your dad. Refers to your dad as “Muscles.”


  • “Old man, you’re really strong!”
  • Thinks the situation is funny and challenges your dad to arm wrestle.
  • Loses every single time.
  • Asks lots of questions like does he drink pre workout, what kind of exercises he does, and what kind of diet he eats.
  • Hopes to someday be as strong as your dad and now looks up to him like he was his own dad!


  • “Oh, so cool!”
  • Asks how your dad got so strong.
  • Wonders if your dad is a professional wrestler.
  • Does reverse psychology on your dad to get him to pick you up instead.
  • You glare at Tendou as your dad picks you up and spins you around. “Tendou, I’m gonna kill you!” (Not really though bc he’s miracle-boy Satori)

Thanks for requesting!


Summary: The reader is the captain of an English county team and the sidemen and friends were given tickets to a champion to promote the game on their channels and they are very impressed by the captains skill, but most of all Cal.

Characters: Cal Airey X Reader


  • Y/N = Your Name
  • Y/F/N = Your Friend’s Name
  • Y/OF/N = Your Other Friend’s Name
  • The Cobras is your team
  • The WildCats is the opposition team from Cambridge who you and your friends always looked up to.

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//Your POV//

I was so nervous, it was England’s national volleyball championships and my team were playing against some of the most impressive players I’ve ever seen, but I was confident me and my girls were going to do our county proud. 

“Mate, I’m so nervous, we’re going against the WildCats,” My teammate, Y/F/N, mumbled to you. It’s true, it was nerve-wracking to go against the WildCats, a very professional women volleyball team from Cambridge. Y/F/N and I have known each other ever since we were 11 when we joined the volleyball team at our secondary school and we stuck together ever since, and now were here playing for a county in a national championship and playing alongside our childhood heroes. 

“I know, but we’re going to win, I know we will.” I grinned at my friend, to bring her confidence back, even though I felt exactly the same as her, we needed positive thinking to good competition for our heroes.

“Right girls, huddle!” I commanded as captain. My teammates gathered around me and I told them to think clearly and positively and try their best. That’s all we can do, try our best.

We did our little chant to bring our energy up and we broke away and ran onto the courts. I stayed behind, waiting for them to introduce the captains of each team individually. 

I shook my arms as a nervous habit. I spotted the captain of the WildCats and jogged over to her. 

“Hey good luck out there!” I grinned to the brunette girl in front of me. She grinned back and grabbed my hand and shook it.

“Hey you two, see ya out there!” She replied once she realized the two captains had to make an entrance.

We ran onto the courts from our assigned positions and shook hands once again when we meet on the courts to show everyone this will be a civil game.

I heard an eruption of cheers from the front row and saw a group of around 12 men standing there, all with their own camera in hand. I smiled, knowing they were the Youtubers who were promoting our game on their channels and were interviewing us after the game. 

— (Le time skip)

It came to the last minutes of the game and my team, The Cobras, and the WildCats were tied. The ball was coming over the net and coming straight to me. I jumped as high as I could and whacked the ball straight down to the floor where no one from the opposite side was standing. My team screamed and cheered with the crowd once the final whistle blew and the Cobras were announced the winners and the new champions of the national volleyball championships!

My team gathered around me and lifted me off my feet and held me above their head as gratitude of us winning. I was handed the trophy and I hovered it over my head. I looked over at the WildCats who also crowded around my team, cheering along with everyone. 

My eyes wandered the audience again, and they landed on the group of Youtubers I noticed at the start. I examined them more closely and found myself slightly attracted to a tall and lanky dirty blonde boy with large lips who was cheering and shouting along with the rest of his friends. 


It was time for our interview, with the Youtubers and I was being interviewed by Cal Airey and Tobi Brown. We all sat down, me in the middle and Y/F/N to my left, leaving Y/OF/N to my right.

I noticed these two boys from the crowd, one had dark skin and a large nose wearing a neat white button-up shirt. In the crowd, he was wearing a black hoodie with a matching black snapback. The other was a tall and lanky dirty blonde boy with a large grin plastered on his pale face. He too was also wearing a neat white button-up shirt, opposed to his football jersey and black joggers from earlier.

“Good afternoon ladies, I’m Cal and this is my friend, Tobi, and we’re gonna ask you some questions about your rise to victory in volleyball.” The taller boy, Cal, stated rather overly-enthusiastically and throwing his long arm above his head almost knocking his friend over, which I snorted at.

Cal gave me a cheeky grin whilst Tobi asked me, “So, Y/N, you’re the captain, I believe, how does it feel to know you’ve led your team to victory?” 

“Well, Tobi, it feels absolutely amazing, but I can’t take all the credit, it’s really goes to my girls, without they’re dedication and time and effort, we wouldn’t be here, it honestly doesn’t feel real that we beat our favourite team, but I’m so glad I can say that we have, and I’m so thrilled it was with my best friends.” I concluded my long answer whilst throwing my arms around my arms around my two friends and bring them closer, trying my best at a two-way side hug.

The interview drag on for a while, until out time was almost up, but then Cal asked the question while looking at me , “Do you girls have any love interests in your lives at the minute, anyone waiting at home for you?” 

Y/F/N answered first because she loved her partner so much, “I have, I love them so much, and unfortunately they couldn’t make it to the match but once I get back home, I’m sure he/she is gonna be so happy”

Then Y/OF/N answered, “Unfortunately I don’t but I’m content at the minute without any love interests, all I really need is sport and my best friends,” she said while looking at me and Y/F/N.

Me and Y/F/N awed and stretched our arms around her, squishing her in our arms, while the boys laughed.

“What about you, captain?” Cal asked, while wiggling his eyebrows at me. I stiffled a laugh and looked at the ground while blushing. 

“I also don’t have a lover in my life at the minute, but I’m doing alright without one, but it does get terribly lonely, especially when all the girls are out, and I’m stuck in doing my work,”

“Well why don’t we change that, Miss Y/L/N, let me take you out on a date tonight, as a congrats on winning gift, and also because you’re really beautiful and amazing, and plus you’re like the queen of volleyball, who wouldn’t want a girlfriend like you!” Cal exclaimed, smoothly.

“I’d like that very much” I blushed. 

Haikyuu and Secret Talents

Hinata: Painting

Kageyama: Gardening

Tsukishima: Riddles

Yamaguchi: Card tricks

Sugawara: Baking

Daichi: Video games

Asahi: Dancing

Nishinoya: Playing Guitar

Tanaka: Poetry

Oikawa: Writing stories

Iwaizumi: Board games

Kuroo: Knitting

Kenma: Singing

Bokuto: Juggling

Akaashi: Cooking

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Can I request what type of hair (long mi-long or short) the haikyuu captains and alors iwaizumi tendou like to se in a girl ? I L like your blog ! Good luck

Thank you for saying you like my blog! 

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  • Doesn’t really care either way, but if his girl has short hair, he’s in complete heaven. 


  • Medium hair for him, it’s the perfect length in his opinion! 


  • Like Daichi, he doesn’t care what length your hair is. The only thing Wakatoshi cares about is what’s on the inside, bc looks don’t matter to him.


  • Long hair, he loves running his fingers through it. It’s soft and relaxing to him!


  • He loves short hair! Yuji thinks it shapes a girls face well. It makes it easier to see what you look like as well.


  • Medium long is what he really likes! It’s not too long or too short and he loves the way it looks when the wind blows!


  • Long hair, Tetsuro knows girls can do more with their hair when it’s long. He’s a big fan of ponytails, braids, and buns! It gives him goosebumps seeing you with your hair up!

Thanks for requesting!


BTS Collage/Moodboard

Sports! AU

Volleyball! J-Hope

“Never let the ball hit the ground without a body part hitting the ground with it”

Jin / Suga / Rap Monster / Jimin / V / Jungkook

- Admin Kath

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Could I get a scenario where Oikawa's pregnant wife comes home to find him pouting in a corner because he can't decide if he wants the baby's room to be space themed or volleyball themed?

okay so once i saw this ask, i literally could not get the image of volleyballs as planets out of my head, so i decided to go with that hahaha

hope you guys like it!

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“Tooru,” you called as the front door clicked behind you. You toed off your shoes and slipped on the house slippers, making your way to the kitchen to drop off the groceries you bought. You heaved a sigh as you set them down. Though not particularly heavy, the walk back under the heat of the July sun was unbearable. You really should have brought an umbrella.

“Tooru,” you called again as you washed your hands at the kitchen sink. It was unusual for your husband to not answer, but maybe he was busy. He did say at the door earlier that he was going to work at the baby’s room, so maybe he was too preoccupied with painting. It brought a smile to your face, imagining his face covered in different colored paints.

You wiped your hands on the dish rack and made for the stairs. You kept your senses up for any rubbery scent from the paint, the clacking of utensils, or the crinkling of heavy plastic. It seemed quiet, though. Maybe he was taking a break? But why didn’t he answer when you called? Usually he would come rushing to the front door to give you a hug.

“Tooru,” you said, peeking at the doorway, and scanning the room for the brunet. You smiled when you spotted him in the middle of the room, lying spread eagle on the floor. His eyes were closed, brows furrowed in concentration or frustration.

You stepped lightly, cradling your stomach in case you slipped on the heavy plastic spread out on the floor. You weren’t that far along, about 9 weeks, but Tooru was very enthusiastic and wanted to work on the room as soon as possible, so you could slowly fill it with more stuff as the due date gets closer.

“Tooru,” you said, gently nudging his side with your foot. He shot upright with a start.

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How would bokuto , oikawa , kuroo and iwaizumi react to their s/o being vegan. (Honest opinions please) Thanks!! Love ur blog BTW.

Thank you for saying you love my blog! I am not vegan, I cannot live without meat, sorry fam. (I have no problems with vegans btw)


  • Is actually really surprised.
  • “You can’t eat bacon? What’s wrong with meat?”
  • You try to explain why you decided to go vegan, but Bokuto isn’t getting it. 
  • You eventually give up and just tell him to forget about it.


  • Is fascinated with the fact that you’re vegan.
  • Decides to try it bc he wants to be healthier.
  • Can’t go through with it bc he misses hot dogs.
  • Commends you for being able to eat like that everyday.


  • Tries desperately to convince you to eat meat.
  • “But it’s so good (Y/n), how could you give this up!”
  • You start getting annoyed with him, couldn’t he just leave it alone.
  • You finally just tell him that how you eat doesn’t hurt anyone and that it’s your choice and how he should just accept that.


  • Doesn’t really care.
  • It’s your decision and he doesn’t mind as long as you can both go somewhere where you can both eat. 
  • Asks what made you want to go vegan and thinks about all the positives about eating like that.
  • Still doesn’t give up his meat but is inspired to eat healthier because of you.

Thanks for requesting!

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oikawa, ushiwaka and kags romance headcanons?


  • Late night texts about anything. Maybe not much when he has a big game the next day, but during weekends and summer break he’d talk about like… aliens and stuff.
  • I’m pretty sure stargazing is a well-accepted truth amongst anyone who knows Haikyuu. He’d take you out to a place where you two could actually see stars, and he’d tell you about the constellations he knows during the time of year.
  • Although he’s busy a lot, he can be cuddly and needy the more tired he gets, so he’d go to you after games to give you hugs and stuff, and he’d take you out to get snacks after the game/after practice.
  • Likes cuddling in the morning and will want to stay in bed for an extra ten minutes just so he can stay with you a bit longer. It might seem like he’s busy going 110% with volleyball all the time, but he really does just like to stay with you in bed before he needs to do any of that. He’s most comfortable around you.


  • Takes a lot of time for this boy to realize that his feelings for you are romantic, but when he does, he legitimately tells you, without knowing if your response will be positive or negative.
  • He doesn’t want to pressure you into volleyball-related dates or coming to his games, but if you do, he’d be so appreciative and make sure to make up for it later, even if you don’t owe him anything.
  • He’d like to introduce you to his parents as soon as you’re okay with it, or at least allow you to come to his house for casual reasons (like watching movies or eating).
  • Ushijima definitely has a tendency to soften up over time. At first, you might not feel like you two are romantic at all, and he’d be against PDA and telling people you two are dating (worrying about interfering with the team and such), but eventually would soften up to the point where he’d initiate things, like “would you like to hold hands on our way home?”
  • Has that look. You know what I’m talking about. The soft one, where he stares endearingly at you and how you act and enjoys everything about you.


  • Feelings???? I have??? What are these. Tsundere af at first, not sure of when to hold a hand or start a kiss. He’s kind of new to the whole thing, and although he enjoys it, he doesn’t know what to do. He might do it at odd times, but there are also many times where it’s the PERFECT moment to do so, and he just does it instinctively.
  • Doesn’t get his feelings across well, and when he tries, they usually come in an adorably awkward way. He’d do something odd but nice in his definition and if you feel offended he’d be like “?!?!?!?!?!? I WAS… TRYING… TO BE NICE????”
  • Loves food dates. He doesn’t really care if it’s just convenience store stuff, sushi, ramen, or fast-food chains, but he really loves taking you out to these places because he likes food honestly, he needs it to survive. Literally.
  • Although he has moments where he’s embarrassed, when he gets used to it, if someone teases him about it, he’ll bluntly be like, “yeah. I love (f/n).” He wouldn’t see why it’d be embarrassing to say that anymore, and he’d tell you as many times as you’d want.

Theory: Fukurodani To Win Nationals

alternatively: this is a shounen sports manga so literally anyone could win for any reason whatsoever but a Fukurodani win would not be the worst possible choice and could in fact be an excellent choice

The tricky thing about theorizing who could win nationals is that none of the teams talk about winning nationals. It’s all about the act of going and what they will do there. Past winners aren’t even mentioned. But we’re 234 chapters into this. For the story, for the characters, and for myself as a fan, I want our current teams to get what they want and deserve, but I want them to aspire for more in the future. Or as Coach Nekomata says in ch.96:

[Note: I’m sorry not sorry for this monstrosity of a post. This is by no means a definitive edition. Beware that below the cut is image heavy and full of spoilers.]

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Crush Imagine #36

“Let’s go (school name)!” the crowd chanted. Y/C made a kill, which made our school the TOC winners of Volleyball. Everyone erupted in cheers and ran down the bleachers to lift up y/c since he’d gotten our team the most points. Someone handed him the trophy and he pumped it in the air, riling everyone up even more. After a few minutes everyone put him down and I ran over to him, jumping into his arms. 

“You did it” I hugged him tightly. 

“I know, we did it. The guys and I did it. We won. We’re number one” he chuckled. 

“It was amazing, you were amazing everything was amazing. I can’t believe it you guys did it you guys brought home the trophy” I exclaimed. “I could kiss you right now I’m so proud of you” I sighed. 

“Really?” his voice rose. “Alright” he set me down on the ground and pulled me in, gently kissing me. I kissed back, tangling my fingers his hair. 

“Y/C/L/N” his coach shouted. “The paper wants an interview with you” he nodded over at a reporter. 

“Coming coach!” he shouted, holding my hands. “Looks like I finally won a TOC, and you” he winked and ran over to his coach. I bit my lip and smiled happily, finally. 

please imagine that yamaguchi tadashi is a terrible, terrible slob

  • he’s so stupidly sentimental and doesn’t throw anything away so it’s all just lying around his room. 
  • also, he isn’t too dead set on having a neat room so he doesn’t bother to organize unless someone tells him to. 
  • his mom used to order him to clean his room or just do it for him but since he’s in high school now she leaves it up to him 
  • and it drives tsukki out of his mf mind. 
  • but then it also started to effect practice time because it’s at the point where he can’t find all his things in the morning and is consistently late to practice
  • so the entire team initiates Opertation Clean Yamaguchi’s Room
  • they have yamaguchi bring them to his house and they’re all ready to make his room shine
  • (ps: they weren’t ready)
  • (no one but tsukki was even the least bit ready)
  • “Yamaguchi, what’s this?” “um….” “right, in the trash it goes.”
  • “is this a tooth?” “yeah, when we were little tsukki accidentally knocked one of my baby teeth out with an umbrella and that’s the tooth.” “why? why did you keep that?” “i thought it was cute…”
  • “yamaguchi, these clothes are HUGE. why do you have such huge clothes?” “… I thought my closet was getting a bit small lately. so that’s where they all went.” “sorry tsukki!”
  • “YAMAGUCHI! YOU SAID YOU DIDN’T KNOW WHERE THIS WAS!” “w-well, in my defense tsukki, I meant I didn’t know exactly where it was and I mean i didn’t so.” “I HAD TO BUY A NEW ONE YOU LYING HO.”
  • “yamaguchi… are these… volleyballs from our gym? all six of them?”
  • baby pictures of yamaguchi
  • “holy shit, tsukishima can smile!”
  • “you were such a cute kid, tsukishima… such a shame…” “yeah that’s what my mom tells me too. every day of my life.” “omg.”
  • yamaguchi’s diary from middle school
  • “ooooh! so that’s what it was! i thought it was a really sad and badly written novel. ok that makes more sense.” “hinata…”
  • no one is allowed to open the drawer under yamaguchi’s bed. for. Reasons.
  • final haul of trash: 3 disco pants, 2 chemistry kits, 4 month old milk, a lampshade with taco print, like 200 of those silly bandz, a stack of meme printouts, that goddamn tooth, and all the clothes he doesn’t fit into anymore
  • tsukishima suggests he throws himself out too
  • yamaguchi is now asking around for a new best friend