imagine those two

  • Yurio: Dude if you like someone just fucking tell them.
  • Otabek: What if that person doesn’t feel the same way?
  • Yurio: Holy shitballs that person will. Try and practice with me.
  • Otabek: I-I’m in love with you and you changed my life. You are my muse, my inspiration and I’d like nothing more than to spend the rest of my life by your side. I would work hard for the rest of my life to make sure you wake up smiling every morning.
  • Yurio: Sappy as balls but good job. Go tell that person now. Woot.
  • Otabek: I just did.

“in the heat of battle, the short man from eastern finland climbed on top of a massive soviet tank. before setting it on fire with a molotov cocktail, he knocked on the crew hatch door and shouted, ‘open up, ivan – death is knocking!’

the world belongs to you an eastern promises mafia au series


Newt totally knowing that Credence needs someone who has a lot of patience.
Newt TOTALLY knowing that sweet sweet Credence needs someone just as sweet to take care of him.

So he asks Queenie to teach him some magic and give the poor boy some motherly love because Queenie is the softest, most patient and sweetest person he has ever met.

Queenie teaches Credence some magic.
Queenie making Credence hot beverages after every lesson to show him how proud she was.
Queenie never getting mad or upset when Credence needs some more time to learn something.
Queenie taking Credence to Jacob’s bakery as a little reward at the end of the week.
Queenie just being the loving mother Credence has always deserved.

How would Kakashi or Obito react to their s/o protecting them from an attack from behind?

@shinosnipslip​, I totally love you for the amazing ask!  Kakashi and Obito are just the best, especially together, I love them both. :)  

Kakashi and Obito Reacting to Their Partner Protecting Them from an Attack from Behind


• He would be utterly frozen in fear, wondering if they are okay and if his own lacking attention had put his s/o in a compromising position. Kakashi’s first reaction would be to look back and make sure they are fine.

• If they were uninjured, he would be filled with relief and gratitude, but he would also find it comforting to know that his s/o has his back. Kakashi, even though he hates to admit it to himself, likes having someone in his back corner concerned about him.

• If they had been injured while protecting his back, he would be internally furious with himself. Kakashi just beats himself up over things like that – and he has a hard time letting go. He’s definitely more of the sacrificial type too, so he could sympathize but it still would irk him how they put themselves in the line of fire for his sake.

• After the fight or battle, Kakashi would probably thank his partner between a poorly executed scolding of how they shouldn’t be putting themselves in danger or being impulsive to protect him.

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• The whole idea of Rin dying really traumatized him, so he is constantly worried about his partner’s safety during a fight – the idea of losing someone close again terrifies him. If they really had defended his back Obito would be shocked at first. 

• After the shock wore off, I think Obito would be a little upset – mostly with himself for being too weak and relying on his partner too heavily. He just really believes his partner shouldn’t be putting themselves in danger for his sake.

• Obito also believes it’s his duty to take any damage for his partner – so he would really be thinking ‘why would they do such a thing?’ He just has a hard time seeing himself as someone worth saving.

• After the fight or battle ended Obito would thank them, but also kinda tell his s/o how upset he was and how they shouldn’t do something so reckless. He would just say how he isn’t worth them getting hurt. Obito means it in the kindest and most loving way though, so he would probably say it in between a kiss or two. 

having a little art block, so here’s a little shameless destiel scribbling

the second one is when they’ve been together a while and cas just crowds on in there so they can just both look at the phone, even though sam could probably just send the stuff for the case to each of their phones


What life?! A life of ending other people’s lives? Yeah, but these people, they’re not… Not what? Innocent?

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s/o getting spooked by hanzo or genji and one of them having to make it up for spooking poor s/o?

Gotcha, my dude! Instead of Hanzo or Genji, have Hanzo and Genji. A poly Hanzo/Genji, how about that? 

Heads up (warning); solitude, panic attacks, nightmares. Slight angst. 

A tired sigh escaped your lips as the lock clicked open and you gently pushed the front door open to let yourself inside the house. “Hanzo, Genji, I’m home.” Setting your bag to the side you called out, flicking the lights on to illuminate the room and see the surroundings. You half-expected your lovers to be there, to greet you back - to at least be there when you came back. They were, however, nowhere to be found. Not in the living room; not in the kitchen or dining room; not even in your shared bedroom. 

Eventually you come to a conclusion that they must be out on a mission - like many times before. They were busy men so, of course, they were rarely home. 

Tonight was supposed to be different though.  

There was nothing else to do but wait for one of them to be back, right? If they’ll be back tonight, that is. Even so, your plans were ruined.

You should have expected something like this to pop up, neither of you should have hoped that this day would be different than any other. Even if you were planning it out for months now - missing each other’s presence due to the little time you get to spend together. 

Tonight was like any other night; quiet and lonely.

With a dull ache in your chest you settled down on the sofa, a blanket around your shoulders and a cup of tea in your hands being the only things keeping you warm as your eyes wondered off towards the TV. Sighing quietly you reached out for the remote and turned it on, letting your attention linger on the random show in front of you. 

Minutes, maybe even hours passed. How long exactly? You’re not sure any more, you stopped keeping track of time after the 5th episode of whatever the hell this TV show was. Your eyelids felt heavy, eyes burning, the feeling of solitude still present. Eventually you let the exhaustion take over; eyes closing, grip on the blanket relaxing, the TV now a background sound. 


You awoke with a thud, eyes snapping open as your lungs attempted to gasp for air - it didn’t matter that you now found yourself on the floor. Your eyes scanned around the room, searching for something, for someone, heart raced as the memories or the nightmare lingered. 

The blood; the screams; the pain so very vivid. It was all too real - too familiar. 

In your state of panic your brain didn’t register the gentle sound of the door opening, neither did you hear the approaching footsteps, but when a silhouette suddenly jumped into your field of vision all you could hear was the blood curdling scream. In an instant the both of them were at your side - masks no longer on their faces - kneeling down next to your shaking for as they tried to soothe you, to bring you back into reality. While one voice apologised over and over, the other whispered sweet nothings and eventually one of their names escaped your lips. 

Choking on a silent sob Genji apologised once more, asking whether or not he can touch you, if it’s okay for him to hug you. You shakily nodded, eyes closing once more as you flinched under his touch - he paused, looking up at his older brother in a silent plea. The older Shimada hummed, his gently voice filling the room with a familiar tune, the one he always sung for you whenever the two of you were alone. 

It took a long time for you to calm down completely but the two stayed by you throughout it all. Once they were sure it’s safe to touch you Genji gently pulled you into his arms, Hanzo’s hand found yours and he traced circles in the back of your hand. You thanked them, both of them apologised, and all three of you laughed quietly.

No more scares, Genji promised. Not even during Halloween.