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Skype Lessons // The8 Fluff

Pairing: The8/Minghao x Reader

Genre: Extreme Fluff

Warnings: I used romanization because I don’t speak Chinese (is that a warning?), Cheesiness overload

Word Count: 773

Summary: “You’re so whipped” “You’re in love with a foreigner” You and Minghao thought secretly learning each other’s mother language would be fun. That was until it was no longer a secret

A/N: Lmao I had so much fun writing this (does it help that The8 is my ultimate bias?) Anything that is italicized is in English by the way. And again, I don’t speak Chinese so therefore I used a translation/romanization. Enjoy!

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“qù nǐ mā de” You say over the screen with little pauses and strains. He laughs into the laptop, of course ending with you pouting at him to stop.

“I’m sorry, but did you know what you just said?” Minghao teases, still laughing.

“I think, sort of fuck off?” You say uncertain as you watch the glitching figure in front of you rock back and forth in his chair. You start to crack a smile but decide not to give in, “It’s not that funny you know?”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry I’ll stop” He does for a second before seeing your pout and continues to laugh out of your cute facial expression.

“Come on at least I’m trying over here, unlike a certain someone who keeps telling me to go first.”

“I’m not the one who’s jumping right into profanity” Minghao once again teases. You roll your eyes, but still plaster a wide smile on your face. It’s not like this is a surprise, you should’ve been used to the playful banter that always seemed to draw the both of you off task.

You had met Minghao well over a year ago when you moved to Korea from Y/HT to Seoul. Of course you knew Korean and English, that was the language you communicated in with him. Though there was never a lack of communication, you thought it would be fun for you to learn Chinese to be able to communicate with him in other ways, or languages at least. That’s when you both decided to learn the mother tongue. 

Over the past few months, you both made steady process. Each lesson ending with you falling asleep on the other, or one of you had completely driven the other off task and forgotten about the lesson.

These were kept on the down low. In fact, you were kept on the down low. Not for reasons of press or shame. More so the fact that he knew that his band mates would tease him relentlessly. Unfortunately, that didn’t last. (Not like it would)

In between a break, you two were interrupted by the rest of Seventeen walking in. There was a quick greeting between all of them before they notice you on screen, more importantly the English textbooks surrounding him with google translate at hand.

“What do we have here?” Hoshi says in a sing song tone, already preparing the jokes in his head. Minghao’s cheeks go red quickly trying to greet you goodbye not wanting you to see him embarrassed by all 12 boys. As luck would have it, Seungcheol stopped him before he could.

Seungcheol looks over to your side of the screen, where you are surrounded by Chinese textbooks.

“Awe, you’re so whipped!” Seungcheol {practically} yells as he ruffles Minghao’s locks.

Joshua takes his intuition into action, as he sweetly interrupts the teasing turning to the screen asking you in English flashing his pearly whites, “Hi there I’m Joshua, would you like to introduce yourself?”.

I’m uh, Y/N L/N. I’m from Y/HT and I’m Minghao’s fr - girlfriend,” you say looking down already imagining the big smiles on all members faces.

All their attention diverts to Minghao, besides Joshua who’s attention is still on you.

“And are you learning Chinese, while he’s learning English, Y/N?”


Knock. Knock.

You press the screen to mute as you speak with your roommate, while all on the other end are snickering nudging Minghao, while Minghao is sinking into his seat but still looking at you. 

You interrupt the silence with, “I’m sorry to leave so quickly, but I’ve got to leave. It’d be nice to meet you all in person. Bye Minghao”. You blow a kiss to Minghao before ending.

Everyone once again, has their eyes on Minghao, who was avoiding all eyes on him looking down in his textbook.

“Bye Minghao” Hoshi imitates you, blowing a kiss in Minghao’s direction. Everyone starts laughing before Jun is the one to speak up.

“So, in love with a foreigner huh?”

Minghao groans bobbing his head up, because though it was true, he knew he’d never hear the end of it. “Please stop guys I get it, I’ll never hear the end of it”

“You’re learning English for her while she’s learning Chinese for you. There is no end of it” Mingyu chimes in chuckling shaking him a little bit on the shoulders. 

They all have their little teases before taking a leave, Seungcheol teasing once more, “Can’t wait to meet her!” laughs and snickers following.

After they all leave, Minghao can’t help but smile and lean back.

“oh fuck off”



You felt your stomach flutter, as you saw the familiar face light up your screen.
“Hey stranger!” You chuckled.

Jensen flashed a smirk, gazing at you, wishing you were there with him. “Hey, sweetheart.”

“Is that Y/N?” Richard asked from behind.

Jensen lifted up the phone, getting everyone in the shot. “Alright, say hi guys.”

“Hey Y/N!” They all chimed, making you smile so big your cheeks began to hurt.

“Hey boys! Wow, love the outfits.” You cackled.

“This is the place to be Y/N.” Jared pointed down. “J misses you, he even cried a little.” He teased.

“Shut up, that was you Jared.” Jensen rolled his eyes and chuckled.

Jared shrugged his shoulders, and nodded.

“Y/N, it’s a good thing you stayed away. These guys have been killing us with there stench. Seriously, you did the right thing!”

Both Jared and Jensen belted out in laughter. “Bask it in, Dick. Just take it.” Jared cackled.

Your stomach hurt from laughing so much. These boys were your best friends. And though you couldn’t be there to cheer them on, you still supported them.

“Alright, we are almost here. I’ll call you later.” Jensen muttered, his cheeks aching.

You nodded, staring at only him now. “Okay, don’t get hurt old man.” You teased. “Good luck guys! Break a leg! Or-or don’t, that’d be cool if you didn’t.” You hesitated.

They all laughed, and said their goodbyes.



You were in the middle of reading, when your phone lit up.

Swiping to the left, Jensen’s face shown across the screen. He seemed a little tired, and dirtier from this morning.

“Hey! How was it?” You smiled.

J shrugged his shoulders, a smirk forming on his lips. “It was fucking exhausting.” He chuckled. “But it was great. For a bunch of rookies, I am proud of us.”

“Aw that’s good! I am proud of you guys too.” You stated. “Are you guys going home?”

“Nah, we are going out for some beers. I think we deserved it.” He winked.

You shook your head, still smiling like a kid on Christmas morning. “You’re such men. Well have fun.” You muttered.

“Gen wanted me to tell you that she missed you today.” Jared exclaimed, focusing his attention on the road.

“Tell her I missed her too! And that I will call her tonight so we can discuss the bachelor!” You chuckled.

Jensen let out a soft sigh, staring intently at his phone. Gazing over ever feature of your face.
He knew he shouldn’t feel this way, since you two could only be friends. But he couldn’t help it.

He tried to push his feelings aside, but the more time he worked with you on supernatural, the more he started to fall for you.

“I better go, I have to get ready for this scene.” You stated. Though you were on break from shooting Supernatural, you kept yourself busy with more work.

He cleared his throat, and nodded. “Y-yeah of course. Break a leg.” He winked.

You rolled your eyes, and let out a soft huff. “Thanks, Ackles. Congrats, and I will see you all in two weeks.” You muttered. “Give Gen a big hug from me, and tell Danneel I said hello!”

He swallowed hard, and pursed his lips. “Will do.” He stated. “See you soon Y/N.”

“Bye. And Bye Jared, love you both!”

“Love you too Y/N.” Jared exclaimed.

As you hung up, Jensen stared at the dark screen. “I love you.” He mouthed.

Imagine #63: Jealousy (Luke Hemmings)

Requested: Yes

Word count: 1034

Story line: Luke is jealous about your celebrity crush, Louis Tomlinson.

I sighed as I looked through the living room window; the sky was grey, the wind was blowing very strong and it was raining. Bye to the plans with Luke, bye to the ice cream, and bye to spend a beautiful afternoon outside with my boyfriend. I knew it wasn’t a big deal, but I really hated the rain; it made me sad and tired. My phone buzzed in the pocket of my pajama pants, I took it and I looked at the screen; it was Luke, he was sending me texts.

Babe, I don’t think we can go outside to eat ice cream :(

I know, I hate rain!! I want to see you :(

Come to my place?

What about you come to MY place? You know I really hate rain.

You’re lucky that I love you. It’s going a take a while, tho. Wait for me.

I knew Luke wasn’t coming straight away; it took him forever to dress and get his hair done, so I wasn’t going to wait for him doing anything. I thought about what could I do for a few minutes, until I saw the ‘This Is Us’ DVD on the table. It had been a long time since I watched it. Well, okay, it wasn’t true. I had seen it two weeks ago but I really loved that documentary about One Direction! And it never was a bad time to see Louis’ beautiful face. I set the DVD, I sat on the couch and enjoyed the documentary. Louis’ was my celebrity crush, I really liked him but in the platonic way. I was in love with my boyfriend, Luke, and although Louis was my crush, I would never, never, never leave Luke if I had the chance to be with Louis. That wasn’t going to happen anyway but I liked to think about things and I came to that conclusion on that subject.

Since Luke had keys to my apartment, I didn’t pay much attention to the door. I was concentrated watching the documentary and pining for Louis when Luke appeared in the hall and said: “Really, you didn’t have anything else to watch?”. I turned my head and I saw him in the doorway, with his arms crossed over his chest and he didn’t seem happy.

I paused the DVD and I got up from the couch saying: “Hey, what’s about with that sad face?”.

“You know what it’s about”, he said uncrossing his arms and going to the couch, where he let himself drop.

“No, I don’t know”, I sincerely said. I didn’t know about he was talking and I was afraid I had done something wrong. I wasn’t sure if It was about him coming to my place when it was raining a lot, or was about other things. “You didn’t sound sad throughout your texts!”.

“Because I wasn’t sad. And I’m not sad anyways. I’m a little bit tired over this situation”. I widened my eyes, surprised.

“Luke, what are you talking about?”, I said this time a little bit more convinced and worried. Luke wasn’t joking. Something was bothering him because he never, and when I say never is never, talked to me that way. Luke and we fixed the problems before we could argue. We were both quiet and reasonable people. “Seriously, I don’t want to start fighting with you when I don’t know the reason. Just tell me, what is it?”.

Luke sighed, pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed again. “What’s going to happen when you see Louis next week?”. That question muddle me up. Why he was asking me that? Luke had promised me he was going to introduce me to Louis, because it was one of my dreams and because I wanted to meet one of my heroes. But it was his idea, not mine. So I wasn’t really sure why he was asking that.

“I’m confused, where this is coming from?”.

“Jeez, Y/N”, he said, tired. “Everytime I come to your house, you’re watching videos of Louis. I get it, you liked them but it just frustrating. It seems you prefer him over to me”. I had to cover my mouth because a laugh came out of it. Luke looked at me straight to the eyes. He was pissed off and I was laughing, so I was going to get him really mad if I kept laughing. But I couldn’t stop. His assumption was so silly, it didn’t have any sense in my brain. “Great, now you think this is funny”.

“No, no, no!”, I said, still laughing. Luke raised his eyebrows in disbelief. “Okay, yes, but Luke, what you’re saying is stupid!”.

“It isn’t stupid! You’re always watching videos of Louis”.

“I don’t watch videos of Louis. I watch videos of One Direction”, I pointed out.

“It’s the same”. I had never seen Luke jealous, and it was amazing. He was so cute that I could only bite my lip, I approached him and sit on his lap. I cupped his face with my hands while his blue eyes looked at me really a little bit confused.

“I love you, Luke. And if me meeting Louis is giving you a hard time, I don’t want to meet him. Because I prefer you over him a thousand times”.

Luke grabbed my hands, pushed them off and pressed his lips into mine. I felt his body relax over the kiss and when he released my hands, I cupped his face again, making the kiss more passionate. His hands were on my hips, and they were starting to explore my body under my t-shirt. Because I knew where that was going, I broke the kiss to say something: “I really, really love you, Luke. I just like One Direction… And Louis. But it just platonic”.

“I know”, he said, sighing. His lips were a bit red and his eyes were darker. “And you can meet Louis if you promise you’re not going to leave me”.

“I’m not, I promise”, I said, smiling. Luke captured my lips again, took my bridal style and took me to my room, where we finished what we started in the living room.

Preference #3: He accidentally tells you he loves you

You and your boyfriend Calum have been dating for 3 months but you never get to see each other because he was always on tour. Your relationship is really playful and the two of you are rarely serious together, so you hadn’t actually said “I love you” yet. Tonight he happened to be in your hometown performing, so you hung out with him all day. You were sitting in his dressing room waiting for the boys to get back from an interview when suddenly Calum burst in and yells “TICKLE FIGHT!” You shriek as he tackles you to the ground, tickling you everywhere. You try to counterattack but he’s too quick. Your laughter mingles with his and fills the room. You yell playfully for him to stop but he’s relentless. Finally you see your chance and take it, darting from under him and jumping on top so that you are sitting on him. Cal lets out a roar of laughter and says, “I love you babe!” casually, continuing to tickle you. You stop and look at him, a smile spreading across your face. He freezes as he suddenly realizes what he said. “I… Uh… Oh shit. Well, yeah, I meant it. I totally love you babe.” He says with a stupid grin, pulling you in for a kiss to prove he does.

You have been dating Luke for about a month. Tonight you were hanging out in your apartment watching a movie, but Luke was in a bad mood. You had fought earlier about where to go to dinner, which was stupid but he was sensitive and it stressed him out. It didn’t help that he hadn’t been home in almost 6 months and management was putting a lot of pressure on him. You could tell his mind wasn’t really on the movie so you decide to try and cheer him up. You tell him you’re going to go to the bathroom but instead you run to your room and dig through your drawers until you find your laciest black lingerie set. You slip it on and, wearing nothing else, head back out to Luke. He doesn’t look up when you walk in so you loudly clear your throat to get his attention. When he sees you at last his jaw hits the floor. You boldly walk over in front of him and slowly shimmy off your bra, shaking your hair out dramatically as you do so. Luke’s eyes look like they are about to pop out of his head. You get on his lap, grinding a little as you sit. “I love you.” He says weakly, unable to look away from your breasts. “Wait wait wait, that’s not what I meant. I love this. This. I love this.” He sputtered as his eyes darted up towards yours, panicked. “I love this.” He repeated again huskily.

You had grown up inseparable from the boy next door, Michael. You spent every waking moment together, whether it was on the beach, playing video games, or listening to his band practice. He was your best friend and while you are secretly in love with him, you don’t think he returns the feelings. It is a Friday night and instead of going out, you brought a 6 pack over to his house where you were going to spend the night playing video games. 5 hours and 6 beers, the 2 of you were still going at it. You are both very competitive, so neither of you was going to give up until someone won. Eventually you managed to beat him and rubbed it in his face. Michael was usually a sore loser, but tonight he was different. He looked at you with admiration. “I think I love you.” He hiccupped. That shut your gloating up immediately. You knew he must be drunk, but isn’t that when people tell the truth? “I think I’m drunk, but I also think I love you.” Michael hiccupped again, confirming what you already knew. You tried to stop smiling but you couldn’t. Obviously you weren’t going to get much out of him tonight, but maybe he really did have feelings for you.

You had won tickets to meet 5SOS and are really excited to meet all of the boys, especially your favorite, Ashton. After weeks of waiting for the day to be here and hours of primping and prepping once it was finally there, the time had come. You can barely contain your excitement as you wait in line with about 20 other girls who had also won VIP tickets from the same radio show. When it finally comes your turn you are shaking so badly you can hardly speak. The boys were easy to talk to though and quickly help you out of your shell. You spent a minute or two alone with each of them, making sure to get pictures, before moving on to the next. At the end of the row was Ashton. You almost swooned when you saw the smile on his face. He looked like literal sunshine despite the fact that he was dressed in all black. He greets you with a warm hug and conversation comes easy to you two. When the representative from the radio station yells at everyone that time is up and you have to move along, Ashton starts to pout and holds you back so you can finish your conversation. As you wrap up, you go to ask for a selfie, but Ashton beats you to the punch. The smile on your face was so big it takes up half the screen but you can worry about that later. You hug Ash one last time and say bye. “Bye! I love you!” He says cheerfully. “No. I don’t actually love you. I mean I’m sure you’re great. But I hardly even know you. Okay love you bye. Dammit I said it again. Bye!” He waves and you run off, knowing you’ll never forget today. 

Imagine lying in bed listening to an old mixtape of sappy love songs ashton had made for you before he was gone for tour because hes such a cheesy boyfriend like that oh gOD and you miss him so much because you havent seen him for like 6 months or so and couldnt wait till he’ll be finally back tomorrow!!! But then your phone would suddenly buzz which interrupted your thoughts and at first you’d be like ? because who would be calling at such a time and you knew ashton was on the plane back home so he couldnt possibly call you but when you saw his name on your screen, you smiled and picked it up. And he’d tell you to look out of your window which you do although confused, only to find this boy looking up with a bouquet of flowers in his hand and a big cheeky grin on his face saying into the phone, surprise baby im home aww aw aw byE