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Hwang Minhyun believes in Kim Jonghyun as Leader

JR (Jonghyun) for 5 years has taken all burdens from the 5 Nu’est members onto his own shoulders. He was only 16 then in 2012, the youngest leader ever to debut. Imagine being a kid with all that responsibility. Yet he wants them to succeed even more than himself.

About 3 years ago at a Japan concert, he read out a letter to the members, and broke down crying saying he has failed as Nu’est leader.

Unfortunately, he still thinks he has failed, so for Minhyun (who has always tried to make JR see he is the best leader) to say he believes in Jonghyun in front of everyone means SO MUCH.

I cannot explain in words how emotional this made me. I pray Nu’est rise after Produce101.

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How the turtles would act when drunk around their crush?


He’s very self controlled so when he gets drunk he knows better than to go around you. He’d avoid you and you’d try to get to him. Because he’s drunk he can’t really say anything so he just stays quiet while you chase him and he runs aways from you as best as he can. Of course him being very fit he is way faster than you and you have no choice but to give up. When he gets sober he walks towards you with a blush on his face and apologises for what he did and explain to you why he did it.


Run, just run. Oh boy, when raph’s drunk you gotta run as fast as you can that is if you still want to be able walk tomorrow. When raph’s drunk he’s SUPER horny so you better watch out. He’ll scream “I LOVE YOU S/O, PLEASE SLEEP WITH ME” and chase after you. You run as fast as you can to run away from raph, well you tried at least. Raph is of course way faster than you and catches you immediately. well get ready for some good fucking


This little cinnamon roll would be extra clingy. He’d never leave your side LITERALLY. He’d cling to either your waist, legs or arm. He’ll keep on showering you with random compliments and he’d wont stop saying “I love you so much s/o please accept my feelings” over and over again. The next day when he’s sober he apologises over and over again to you saying that he was drunk and he didn’t mean anything. You get sad and said “so does that mean you don’t like me”. Donnie gets flustered and his face turns red while trying to tell you that he loves you.



How the turtles react to seeing their daughter for the first time:


Requested by: @brayden1616

How about the boys meeting their newborn daughter for the first time and getting to hold her? Plus a cute detail she has is his eye colour making her look just like daddy! 

A/N: I think I cried a little writing these :)


Leo had been pacing around the lair, waiting to get a phone call from April, or Casey, to let him know everything was alright. He didn’t even know what gender his child was. You’d delivered the baby at your place, because going to the hospital wasn’t an option while birthing a potential mutant turtle baby; but due to it being day time, Leo had to stay in the lair. He hadn’t stopped pacing since Casey phoned and said you’d gone into labour, and right now it was all he could do to stop himself from charging up to the surface and finding you, not caring who saw him. 

“Leo, will you-” Donnie started, from somewhere on the other side of the room. Leo didn’t even look up at him, before he interupted. 

“No, I will not stop pacing.” He snapped, still pacing. “Not until I know everything’s alright.” 

“If you’d listened; I was about to say, Leo will you stop and look who’s here.” Donnie chuckled slightly under his breath, and, with that statement, brought his brother’s incessant walking to an abrupt halt.

Leo turned slowly, and found you standing in the entrance to the lair, with a bundle of blankets held tightly in your arms. Leo’s whole world went onto pause for that moment. He was scared, delighted, nervous and amazed all at once. And he didn’t know what to do.

“Hey,” You smiled weakly, still uneasy after the whole, giving birth thing. But you’d never been happy to see Leo in your entire life, and you couldn’t wait to present him with his child. 

“Hi,” Leo barely managed to speak, and without thinking for another second he took a few, unsure steps forward.

Peeking over the ridge of the fluffy, white blankets held in your arms, Leonardo caught a glimpse at pale green skin. He gasped unintentionally, and felt his whole body begin to tremble - that was his child. None of them had thought it would ever be possible for them to reproduce, but here it was, healthy and perfectly real. 

“It’s a girl, Leo,” You whispered, watching him edge ever so slightly closer with every second that passed. He was hesitant, you could see it in his eyes as they remained glued on your daughter. “Do you wanna hold her?” 

Leo gulped down his fears and locked eyes with you for a second. How had he been so lucky to find someone like you? He nodded carefully, and closed the gap that he’d measured between you. 

You handed him your daughter with steady arms, and watched as Leonardo’s face lit up completely. His smile grew ever wider, and as he stared down at the small, slightly green, baby in his arms, he felt tears prick his eyes.

Without warning, the baby girl woke up slowly, stretched her arms up towards Leo’s face, and made a small ‘ga-ga’ noise. To which Leo laughed softly. She had his eyes. Bright blue crystals that gazed up at him with naive awe. She was gorgeous; he’d thought he could never love anything more than you, but he, within seconds, loved this child unconditionally.

A tear or two slipped loose down Leo’s scaly cheeks, and he smiled even wider at you. “What shall we call her?” You ask with a similar smile, wrapping your arms around Leo’s torso, and looking over your child with adoration.

“What about Ellie?” He sniffs a couple times, still beaming down at this little girl that resembled him in so many ways.

“Ellie it is,” You smile, and lean up to peck his cheek. “She looks like you,” You mumble against his face, and watch his eyes drift to you.

“She looks like us,” And he kissed you on the lips this time. 

“Hey Ellie - I’m Uncle Mikey!”  A voice carried from the entrance to the lair, and in pranced Michelangelo and Casey Jones, holding a huge teddy bear. “Who’s my favourite niece?” To which little baby Ellie burst into tears, and Leo held her slightly closer to his chest with a gentle chuckle. He had a similar reaction to Mikey’s voice, for pretty much all of his life. And he never wanted to let his daughter go ever again.


His brothers were starting to get worried, but they couldn’t be sure that Raphael had actually moved in the hours he’d been waiting for you to arrive. He’d been sat on the couch, with his hands balled anxiously around the other; he didn’t speak at all, he would hardly look up from the floor dead ahead of him. Leonardo sat beside him, not really doing anything, but he was there just to keep Raph from getting too anxious. 

April had phoned to say you’d gone into labour, and since that point Raphael hadn’t shifted from this spot on the couch, where he was still sat a few hours later. No one really spoke at all in those horrifically slow hours, and no one dared go near Raphael after he’d glued himself to the seat - only Leonardo, but then Leo was always at Raphael’s side, no matter the circumstances, or consequences. 

“Raph,” Leo muttered eventually, another half an hour later. His blue bandanna flapped in the corner of Raph’s vision, but he dared not tear his gaze from the floor ahead of him. He’d glared at that floor until it got up and left.

“Don’t.” Raphael spat back through gritted teeth. He didn’t mean to get aggressive, but he was just so worried and confused and terrified that anger seemed to be the default emotion. “Just don’t.”

“Well I’m not going to tell Y/N to leave, so you’re gonna have to look up eventually.” Leonardo chuckled, and watched as his brother’s face loosened in a split second. His entire body tightened and released a hundred times before his emerald eyes finally lifted. There you were, gradually walking over with a small, fragile bundle of blankets in your arms. 

Raphael physically couldn’t bring himself to move - there you were, and there it was. He didn’t even know it’s gender, but he knew it was his. A faintly green, tiny hand occasionally reached over the fluffy blanket and twitched it’s fingers randomly. Even without seeing its face, Raphael was in love more than he thought was physically possible. 

“It’s a girl, Raph,” You smiled sweetly at him - you looked weak, obviously, but Raph couldn’t even bring himself to think of you right now. All his mind could possibly comprehend was the tiny bundle of blankets in your arms. His baby girl. His daughter.

He broke down, silently, at that thought. Still unable to stand or move or speak, but the sheer idea of seeing his own child, made everything about him just want to cry. He didn’t think he could ever have children, let alone produce something so small and adorable as the daughter you held so close. 

“Do you wanna hold her?” You ask with an ever growing grin, your own eyes pricking with tears upon seeing Raphael cry. He was such a huge teddy bear, more emotional than he’d care to admit, but now he didn’t even care who was in the room, he just sat and cried.

Raphael nodded quietly, and looked towards Leo. He didn’t know why he looked at his brother, there wasn’t anything Leonardo could do to change the world pool of emotional spiralling in Raph’s stomach, but it was somewhat reassuring knowing his brother, his best friend, was still sat at his side. 

When you sat beside him, Leo’s smile grew; and Raph’s eyes glued to the small body being placed in his strong hands. Her eyes opened wide, and glowed green in the light; she had his eyes. How could she look so beautiful with his eyes, because all he ever thought of himself as was ugly and freakish, but she, she was the most brilliant thing on the planet.

“Can we call her Lucy?” He finally heaved in a breath, and dared a glance at you. You, you who was so astonishingly gorgeous and amazing, you who had captured his heart and saw something worth loving amidst all his anger. You who had given him the most amazing and beautiful creation in the entire world. 

“Of course,” You beam back, and look between the two loves of your life, already sure that Raphael would be the best father in the world.


“What if something’s gone wrong?” He sighed dramatically, endlessly walking around, sitting down, and then getting up again. Mikey, who was slouched on the floor with a pizza, looked up at him and rolled his eyes.

“Dude, everything’s going to be fine! Casey said she’s alri-”

“I don’t need Casey to tell me how my girlfriend is, Mikey!” Donatello barked back, cutting his younger brother off without hesitation. “What does he know anyway? When was the last time he helped deliver a potentially mutant turtle baby? Huh? He hasn’t! Ever! So how would he know how she is?” Donatello’s voice grew higher and higher in pitch, the more frantic his words became. He was worried out of his mind, and it just so happened Michelangelo was close enough to take it out on him. He didn’t mean to be rude and abrupt, but with you and his child in potential danger, he couldn’t help but be a bit on edge.

“Wow Donnie, bit harsh.” The voice of Casey Jones echoed throughout the lair after a second of silence shared between the two turtles. In walked the hockey player with swagger in his step, as though nothing abnormal had occurred today, before he fell down beside Mikey and the uneaten pizza. 

“Where is she?” Donnie began to freak out, “Where’s the baby? Are they alright? God, Mikey, what do I do? I’m not ready to be a father! I don’t know the slightest thing about -”

“You know everything about everything, D. You are going to be an amazing dad - and you better start quickly,” Mikey nodded his head, wit a wide grin, towards the door behind the purple clad turtle. 

As Donatello turned around, you smiled up at him, holding your child carefully in your arms. Donnie’s mouth practically hit the floor upon catching sight of his child, his own flesh and blood - and potentially scales - wrapped in blankets, and within reach of him. 

“You worry too much,” You sniggered, extending the baby in his direction. You didn’t need to ask the question before Donatello’s lit up with both eagerness and nerves. It was going to take him a while to get over the initial fact of actually having created such a beautiful thing, but holding it would be the first step. “It’s a girl, Donnie.”

He took the bundle of blankets in his arms, and was met by a pair of round, red eyes gazing back at him. “She’s got my eyes,” Donnie beamed like an excitable child, or Mikey when the pizza arrives. “She’s actually got my eyes,” Those beautifully circular orbs of bright colour were the most brilliant thing Donatello had seen in his life. 

She needs a name.” You laughed, wrapping you arms around Donnie so you could stare at the two people you loved most in this world. 

“How about….” Donnie’s mind worked at a hundred thousand miles per hour to even think of what a name was, before he settled on idea: “Penny.”

“Penny?” You rose an eyebrow, but laughed nonetheless, “Penny it is.” You smile brightly up at Donnie and watch his awe filled eyes look directly at his daughter, and that was when you realised; you were never going to get that child off of him again.


“Mikey, will you sit down? She’ll be here in a minute, just chill.” Raph groaned, lying back on the couch and watching as his orange clad brother practically bounced off of the walls. 

“What if it doesn’t like me?” He paused in his jittering, and looked solemnly at his brother for an answer, as though it were the most important question of his life. 

“It’s only just been born,” Raphael scoffed, “It hasn’t even seen you yet, how could it not like you?” 

“I don’t know, man, it might not like orange, or something,” Mikey was freaking out. He always bigged himself up, as though he’d be amazing with kids if he weren’t a turtle, but having one of his own was more terrifying than anything he’d ever faced before. And now he was but minutes away from facing his own child, and he couldn’t stop his mind form thinking up the worst case scenarios. 

“She doesn’t even know what orange is yet,” A voice said from nearby, and made Mikey whip around with impossible speed. There you were, smiling and holding a pale-green baby in a bundle of blankets. Raphael had no snarky comeback now, and neither did Mikey. Instead Michelangelo’s eyes simply grew to twice the size, and the words you’d just said rotated in his head on an endlessly loop. 

“She?” He almost whimpered, trying to comprehend the meaning of that one, simple word. It was a girl. He had a daughter. He was a dad! 

“I haven’t named her yet,” You shrugged, only noticing then how much Mikey’s face had lit up.

“Can I hold her?” He asked excitably, and reached out to take his baby girl in his arms. “I think she looks like a Kaia,” He whispered, cradling his daughter with ease. She was so small, so adorable and fragile. He’d never let go of her again, if he had her way.

“Kaia?” You giggled, amused by the awe in Mikey’s bright blue eyes.

“It’s a beautiful name for a beautiful girl,” Mikey grinned. The baby’s small eyes looked up at him with a sleepy gaze, and Michelangelo’s heart fluttered at seeing the two crystal orbs sparkling back at him. She had his eyes.

“You have a point.” You reply, falling in love with Mikey all over again. His brother’s often argued he was immature, or too idiotic to be treated like an adult, but seeing him standing there, with his daughter held close to his chest, you knew he was going to prove them all wrong. 

How they would react to their s/o being depressed

~shower you with compliments everyday
~tell you not to give a damn about everyone else
~would beat the livingg daylights out of anyone that dares to hurt you
~remind you every day how lucky he is to have you and how important you are to him
~every time you say bad things about yourself he’ll be like “what are you talking about, all I see is perfection” or something like “I wish you could see what I see everyday cause if you did all you’d see is an angel”

~would be confused at first beacuse he would never thought that someone as beautiful as you would hate themselves
~would no will try and comfort you the best he can
~cuddle and make out
~give you compliments about yourself every chance he gets
~he’s be extra possessive towards you
~will never stop looking at you like he’s looking at a masterpiece
~tell you stuff like “you know that you’re beautiful to me right?” and even like “trust me when I say you’re amazing”

~like leo he’d be confused as to why you feel this way
~would probably give you a scientific explanation telling you how amazing you are and saying that you shouldn’t feel this way
~being the adorable dork he is he’d say “I love you” shyly to you
~remind you every freakin mili seconds just hoe much he loves you
~he would spend more time with you
~would tell you cheesy pick up lines to cheer you up
~say stuff like “well technically speaking you have no logical reason to feel this way”

~he would immediately tightly embrace you
~tell you words of comfort
~kiss your face like a million times
~he’d say “aww, angelcakes you don’t need to feel this way you’re so pretty and amazing”
~after a while of him panicing he’d say “just know that no matter what I love you ok babe”
~he would really be there for you no matter what the problem

Imagine how the boys would react the first time they meet their SO;

Leonardo -

He’s probably the most pulled together of the bunch, especially under the pressures of a new situation… But dealing with attractive people? Especially if they were a girl (you enjoy your sexuality headcanons fandom, I won’t get in the way) he’d freak out a little. After all, he’s not really had the chance to develop further than the ‘ew cooties’ stage given how few girls he’s met, despite how mature he might act. So, he might seem a little quiet, embarrassed and worried. He’d relax as time went on and he realised how nonsense all these ideas pop culture has about girls are nonsense but at the start, he might be a bit of a mess.

Raphael -

Raph would probably handle this better than his brothers. Better than even charismatic Mikey. But that’s only because he’s used to masking how he truly feels about any given situation with his usual tough guy exterior. So, he’d seem pretty normal on the outside but inwardly he’d be a paranoid mess, as in ‘how do I talk to girls, Master Splinter never taught me this’. He’d offer maybe a few weak compliments, if he really felt something spark right away but it’d take some time of knowing the person for him to build up enough confidence for anymore than that.

Donatello -

Donnie is logical mess. Statistics this and statistics that. If he just met the person and the crush formed after that, everything would be fine for a while and then he’d devolve into his math fuelled madness… But if it started right away? He’d constantly be checking the numbers, what were the chances they liked them? What were the chances they’d date? Things like that. He’d do this a lot. Other guys might have the occasional lewd thought about a crush. Donnie would just be freaking out, imagining how, at least on a biological level in his opinion, either of his older brothers would be a better pick than him. Or heck, even Mikey on a social level could sweep them off their feet. What did Donnie have? A calculator. However, his smarts would play a crucial part in retaining all the information he learned about them in order to, when the time came set up the perfect first date.

Michelangelo -

Mikey loves to meet new people! So win already. And, being such a positive little force in the world, he finds most people attractive in one form or another. Always able to pick out the nicest little details about a person that they never could have considered themselves. It was a cute little quirk and it was part of the Mikey charm that could win over almost anyone. But talking to someone he genuinely felt attraction for? Sure, he’d be nervous but he’d be pretty open about it, even to said person. This would probably mean he’d end up in a relationship quicker than any of his brothers and might well be the first to end up with a SO. Of course, that assumes he meets the one first or around the same time as his brothers. But if he did end up to be the only happily taken turtle among his single Pringles brothers, he would soooo rub it in their face. All the time. Always.

The habits you have that the turtles love:

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He loves it when you concentrate; because you stick your tongue out without even realising. Sometimes it’s only a little, out of the corner of your lips, and other times it is difficult not to notice how you bite down on it, or stick it out so far anyone would think you were trying to lick your nose. But he just stares at you, watching your nose scrunch up while you make silly faces at the paper. It’s truly the most adorable thing Leo has ever seen.

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Raph isn’t one to notice the little things you do, but his favourite would be when you’re bored, you start drumming your fingers on his arm or chest. Or while you watch him train, and your hand absentmindedly taps away on the bench, unintentionally distracting him from whatever workout he’s trying to complete. You aren’t always playing any specific tune but he likes the way it feels to have your touch on him as often as possible.

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You bite your nails. And though his intelligent side always reminds you that you’ll hurt yourself, Donnie can’t help but find it incredibly sweet. He loves watching you work, or watch tv, because it’s when you are focus that you absentmindedly start chewing the ends of your fingers - and all he finds himself doing his marvelling at your innocence.

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Mikey memorises every tiny thing you ever do, but the thing he is most fascinated by is your hair. More specifically when you twiddle it around your fingers, and idly play with it when you are concentrating. Likewise, his favourite thing to do while lying with you at night or on the couch is play with your locks and get lost in the sensation and smell your hair has.


Circumstance (2011), lost and delirious (2001), when night is falling (1995), show me love (1998), better than chocolate (1999), the secret diaries of miss anne lister (2010), fire (1996), bound (1996), bye bye blondie (2011), d.e.b.s. (2004), room in rome (2010), gray matters (2006), puccini for beginners (2006), the incredibly true adventure of two girls in love (1995), the four faced liar (2010), desert hearts (1985), spider lilies (2007), concussion (2013), imagine me & you (2005), nina’s heavenly delights (2006), yes or no (2012), itty bitty titty committee (2007), but i’m a cheerleader (1999), saving face (2004), elena undone (2010), if these walls could talk 2 (2000), love my life (2006), tipping the velvet (2002), girl play (2004), fingersmith (2005), kiss me (2011), i can’t think straight (2008), love and suicide (2006), the world unseen (2007), cracks (2009), running on empty dreams (2009), my summer of love (2004), Albert Nobbs (2011), De Chica en Chica (2015), Blue is the Warmest Color, Carol (2015), Almost Adults (2016), Candy Rain (2008), Butterfly/ Hu Die (2004), Personal Best (1982)

Predawn Novels

Pairings: David 8 x Reader
Words: 1168
Warnings: Fluff, implied smut
Summary: David understood his feelings towards the reader and is willing to risk opening up to her.
A/N: I finally saw Alien: Covenant and as promised, I am back with another David 8 story. I am amazed by all the positive feedback I got, so this is for everyone who left nice comments on my previous chapters! Thank you guys, you’re the reason more parts are being transferred to paper!

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I closed my eyes and let the hot water wash off the tiredness and stress that’s built up during this godforsaken day. It was one of those when everyone seems to be pissed about something and fights are unavoidable. Charlie and Elizabeth were at each other’s throats the whole time, Janek yelled at me for doing my job and Meredith, well, she was even more bitter than usually. 

I left the bridge at 4 am because we couldn’t get anything done earlier. I didn’t even bother to say good night to anybody, I was so fed up with them that I could swear I would rather take a stroll outside the ship. And possibly stay there for a while.

But since this was obviously out of the question I had to settle for more civilized methods than killing them all.

The warmth and isolation were doing miracles to my mental and physical condition. Despite lateness, my body had found new layers of vital energy and the world around stopped looking so dull after all.

After what felt like few minutes at most I finally forced myself to leave the safe zone and step into the harsh world once again. I grabbed the towel and wrapped it around my body. The floor was stone cold compared to my skin. I hissed at the sensation and fought off the urge to jump back into the shower cabin. Honestly, those little acts of bravery and strong will were never getting the recognition they truly deserved.

I walked past the mirror, briefly glancing at my own reflection. I could see the bloodshot eyes and dark circles around them. All because of few bad words heard from people I cared so deeply for. I was hoping that the next day we will clear the air with simple jokes and bittersweet remarks on how there’s no way to be mad at each other for a longer period of time. I smiled at the image that was already so sharp in my head.

I left the bathroom in a much better mood and the intention to fall asleep as fast as possible.

My plans were suddenly interrupted by a person standing in my bedroom.

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If the turtles were characters in Riverdale:


A/N: Not requested, I am just obsessed with that show and thought this would be funny :)

Leonardo: Archie Andrews

Because they are both natural born leaders, with a need to look after those they love, as well as themselves. Also blue is totally their colour.

Raphael: Chuck Clayton

They are both easily tempered, and quick to start fights. Raph might not be as vindictive as Chuck, but I still think their short-fuse personalities are similar. As well, look at their lips <3

Donatello: Jughead Jones

Because they are both the smart, endearing friends in the group. They have similar nerdy qualities, and are both quite quiet in comparison to the rest of their friends. As well, Jughead and Donnie both view themselves as weird.

Michelangelo: Kevin Keller

They are both enthusiastic, like all of the time, and when they aren’t, you can tell. They just want to have fun, and be with their friends, while trying to find happiness wherever they can. Kevin has his sexuality that makes love not so easy, and Mikey is, well, a turtle. 


Catfished : Episode 1 <3

It’s a chilly Thursday morning in New York, the alarm clock screams in your ear, you feel awful having to drag yourself out of a soft cozy bed, where warmth on a cold day is perfection, it’s safe to say you’re not a morning person.

Although you did look forward to decorating your friend’s club for the much anticipated Halloween Bash, 

You groan and yawn, stretching your hands above your head when a sudden familiar *ping* is heard, making your heart flutter. 

Your eyes dart toward your phone on the night stand, Oh how you hoped it’s him again, how your heart was ready burst with joy upon seeing that notification, 

‘1 message from GreenNinja03’

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Imagine Raph realising he is in love with you

weirdgirlwohoo  asked:

Hello! Sorry for bothering you but could you write a scenario where the turtles s/o is taking a shower and the guy walks in on them by accident? Love your work by the way and I think your writing is lovely. :)

awh thanks so much, glad you enjoyed it


     He wouldn’t admit it but deep down inside he was turned on. Of course he didn’t expect you in the shower but damn did he enjoy what he saw. He’d be all shy at first and being the gentleman he is he’d walk out immediately and wait until your done, but trust me later on he will compliment you about your body reminding you that to him you are perfect. 


     He wouldn’t leave immediately, he’d stand there and he’d keep on looking at you maybe even compliment you a little bout that body of yours. After a lot of begging and complaining raph finally left you alone to finish your shower but not without leaving a few dirty last words.


     He’d be a blushing mess. He’d stutter hella a lot and wouldn’t stop blushing. Maybe he would even get a nosebleed or even faint. He’d be extremely shy about the whole situation and would apologize a thousand times later on. Deep down inside he had to admit that you looked very good but every time he did he’d end up blushing like crazy.


     He’d be shy as well but he wouldn’t leave immediately though he wouldn’t stay forever like raph too. He’d just do a wolf whistle and say how good your body looks and would walk out of the bathroom. Later on it would be as if nothing hd happened.