imagine them touching you with those hands

Great Balls of Fucking Fire!

(Title because everyone titles their shit ‘humans are weird’ and telling these posts apart is a pain in the ass!) So, saw a post about aliens not being all that great with human swearing. (Wish I’d saved the damn post!) And my first thought was ‘Ah, yes, good! Go with that! That is awesome!” They pointed out that aliens wouldn’t understand swearing such as “Fuck!” or “Asshole!”. I thought “Motherfucker” would be another great one to add to the list. But what about the more um…inventive swears? For example (these are all ones that I use or have heard used):

Human: “Jesus Christ on a crutch!”

Alien: “Where? And how was your deity hurt? For that matter, how did your deity board the ship?”

Human: “Well fuck me sideways!”

Alien: “I do not think that is anatomically possible for either of us…”

Human: “I’ve met some pricks in my time, but you fine sir are the fucking cactus!”

Alien: “Fucking…cactus? Why would you wish to engage in coitus with a dessert plant? Wouldn’t it hurt?!”

Human: “Son of a biscuit eating bull dog!”

Alien: ?????

(Damnit, now I’m on a roll.) But consider some of these other things. What about human name calling? Like, the original post touched on that a bit with the ‘asshole’ comment. But again, what about the more inventive name calling? Children call each other ‘meanie’, ‘poopoo head’, and ‘meanie head’. Those would be confusing enough. Now picture an alien having to deal with adult name calling. Some of my friends have been known to use the following:

  • Twat waffle
  • Cunt biscuit
  • Shitlet
  • Douchebag
  • Ass goblin
  • Fuckwit
  • Ass clown
  • Captain Obvious (and their partner, Sergeant Sarcasm)
  • Butt Munch
  • Fucktard
  • Dick face
  • Shit nibbler (or nibblet)
  • Cheeky dickwaffle
  • Pecker head
  • Dingleberry

Can you picture an alien reacting to THOSE? And what about colloquialisms? What about those stupid sayings that don’t entirely make sense, but we use them anyway? Like, check out some of these beauties, and just imagine the alien’s glorious confusion over some of these:

 Human: “I am dragging so much ass that I am wiping out the tracks behind me!”

Alien: “Human you can’t leave tracks on a spaceship, nor is you posterior currently touching the ground.”

Human: (doesn’t trust some space pirate) “You can shake his hand, but you’ll have to count your fingers afterward.”

Alien: Promptly hides human’s hands, he didn’t know that that space pirate was a finger stealer! Or that finger stealers were a thing! Are their own tentacles close enough to count? Should they be worried? Don’t worry, I will protect your fingers my human!

Human: “We better dock soon, because I’ve got to pee like a motherfucker/ racehorse/ mother racehorse (that last is my families fusion of the two. Dont ask).

Alien: ???? (doesn’t compute) ?????

Human: “I’m so hungry I could eat a (insert large animal or item of choice. Such as ‘Spaceship’)!”

Alien: Races off to warn captain that they need to up the human’s food intake before it eats the ship right out from under them!!!!

Human: “He’s slicker than owl shit!” 

Alien: ?????

Human: “I’m busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest!”

Alien: Gets migraine trying to picture how a human with one leg could kick anything, much less as a competitor.

Human: “Stop running around like a chicken with your head cut off! Your hair is not on fire!”

Alien: Freezes mid-step to stare at human. “W-what?”

Just picture all of these guys!

shipping is like second hand falling in love.

you don’t fall in love with their soft cheeks, you fall in love with how that person looks when they touch that other person’s soft cheeks. you don’t fall in love with their eye colour, you fall in love with them knowing it about each other. it’s not their thighs that make you go crazy, it’s imagining that person admiring those thighs. you don’t cry because they don’t love you, you cry because the pain you imagine they’re going through hurts you too. the butterflies having fun at a rollercoaster in your tummy are from the eye contact between those two people on your screen.

you fall in love; not with people, but with the idea of their love for each other.

Dripping Wet

Prompt: Captain Boomerang is on a week long heist. Too make the best of it he brings his girlfriend along, almost like a romantic getaway. 

Prompt Request # 40: daisygonzalezmexican - “Wanna take a bath with me?”

Pairing: Digger Harkness X  Fem!Reader

Warnings: Explicit sexual content and language

Originally posted by robinwarx

“Babe!” Came Digger’s booming voice from inside the hotel suite. “-’Ey babe, where are ya?”

“In here!” You hummed in delight and wiggled around in the water. Currently residing in heaven, you sat back and waited for Digger to open the bathroom door to find you comfortably sprawled out in the bathtub.

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Want to strengthen and build your back using only a resistance band? Take a resistance band and hold it about chest high straight in front of you grip about shoulder width apart, band taught but not stretched and elbows slightly bent (don’t lock them out) Now in a smooth motion stretch the band moving arms and hands outward to form a T. The stretched band should come toward or touch chest. Try to use your back and not your arms to stretch the band. Imagine trying to touch your shoulder blades together at the end making sure you are not overly bending your elbows and putting more work on arms than back. Think of it as a straight arm clapping motion with arms and hands chest height. Too tough? grip the band wider than shoulder width for less resistance, too easy grip the band closer. I use these as a finisher for back day usually 3 sets of 20 reps, as you can see it’s a great way to really squeeze and activate those back muscles. Give them a try and let me know what you think!

A Nice Sight

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Pairing: Reader x Elijah Mikaelson

By: Nanuri

The sand of the beach was of a prefect cream color. It got darker as it neared the water. Where the light waves touched the sand, it was a pretty dark shade. The shells and stones were colorful points. You had always liked to pick some of them up and inspect them. The awesomely warm water was turquoise and you could sit in it like forever and never freeze. It was the perfect Caribbean dream.

But the best part in it was, that you weren’t alone.

Elijah’s strong back muscles flexed when he swam. His arms parted the water. You imagined how these arms felt like when he wrapped them around you and his gentle hands touching your skin.

You lay on your sun bed and had a book in your hand but you definitely were distracted by your boyfriends sight. Never had you thought that watching someone swim could be arousing. But with Elijah everything was possible.

It has been a year since you started your affair. Both you knew that it wasn’t an affair anymore, it had become something more. But none of you spoke those magical three words. You weren’t bothered by it, because you just wanted to enjoy his company, however long it takes.

How you met was oddly normal. The two of you hadn’t had a history going deep back in time. You were a vampire for a couple of centuries now and you lived quite normally for that. Until you moved to New Orleans and met the noble Original. Of course you sometimes got sucked in into his family business but for most of the time you tried to stay out of his business. That was something Elijah admired about you. You meant normality for him. A hideout from all the torment that followed him the whole day.

You were overwhelmed with joy when he told you that he needed some days off, that he wanted to be far away for some time. Of course it had its perks that he owned a Bahamas island. They were alone, aside from some house personnel that came early in the morning and left in the afternoon. You could see how he started to relax here, how it took his mind off all the cruelty back home. You definitely had to do things like this more often. Maybe Paris next time…

When he stepped out of the water that beautifully shone in the sunlight, you were ripped out of your thoughts. Your eyes roamed his body, you inspected his perfectly build chest intensity before letting your gaze wander downwards. There was quite too much clothing covering him, you noted, even though he just wore swimming trunks.

He grinned in amusement when he noticed you staring at him. When he reached you, he leaned down and hovered over you, his arms propping next to your head.

“Do you like what you see?”

His voice was a rough whisper, but you broke his seriousness with crossing your arms in front of your chest and playing shocked.

“Actually, you’re blocking the sun out. So no, I don’t like what I see.”

He chuckled and placed a kiss on your cheek.

“Why do you bother? You can’t get tanned.”

“But I like the feeling of the sun on my skin.”

Checking he looked around, to see if someone was watching us. That was quite a habit of him. Then he leaned down again and kissed her passionately.

“I bet you like the feeling of my skin on your better.”

You laughed when he began to kiss your neck playfully, he even placed small bites. It was simply perfect the way it was now. You two were so happy, none of you wanted to go back into reality.


He made you open your eyes again and you directly met his. The seriousness was gone, but what you could see was pure love.

“Thank you. Thank you for helping me getting my mind off everything.”

It made you smile widely. You cupped his cheeks with your hands and kissed him again.

“You’re welcome. I just hope this could never end.”

“Me too. And maybe there will be a time in future where it won’t have to end.”

You knew that it was his way of telling you that he wanted to have a future with you and it made you happier than anything else could. Right now you were sure that you could spend eternity with him. And maybe your wish could be fulfilled.

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Can I request being ivy's student and she's always trying to keep you safe from one of the batboys, please and thank you

This is the fic I was working on during class btw and I think of  older Damian as Arsalan Ghasemi

“Kill him, (Y/N).” Ivy demanded coldly.

Damian had arrogantly stormed into the botanical gardens because of some recent…business that you two have done recently. But coming to her domain was a grave mistake. The fight would be even if he tried in man’s world- full of metal and pollution, Gotham has a scarce amount of vegetation out in the open. However, surrounded by her children, he was no match for her. 

She had grown tired of the caped men attacking her poor plants and she wanted no commanded justice. You, her student, would deal the final blow. Not with a gun or a knife or any other of man’s creations, but with Mother Nature’s hand guiding yours. Raising a nearby bush into the form of a spear, you looked at what you were about to do with tears in your eyes.

In the bush was Damian’s favorite flowers, the ones he always brought to you when you sneaked out to meet him. He’d always put a blue orchid behind your ear and hand you some seeds so you could plant some at the garden and be reminded of him…of your love. He said they reminded him of you in return. While Poison Ivy resembled a scarlet Chrysanthemum, you were the epitome of an Egyptian Blue Orchid, your skin flushed when he said that, he’s always had a way with words.

Damian gave you an unintelligible look-all men die, but if his death was at your hand, it would be the highest honor. You couldn’t the time you two spent getting to know each other and the love you two shared. T-this was your Dami and you were his Flower. You couldn’t- your heart refused. You helped the bush revert to its natural form and it thanked you for not getting blood on its shrubbery.

You looked up at your mentor with exhaustion on your face and tears on your cheeks.

“I-I can’t.” 

Your tears were flowing more freely now. Damian was in a sitting position now, reaching toward you before a wall of flora blocked him from your vision.

Leave, spawn of man. Do not return or you will die.” You mentor hissed at him.

Distantly, you heard his grappling hook and you were left with an enraged Ivy.

“What did I say about man?” It was odd to hear her beautiful voice laced with anger.

“N-not to..” Your voice cracked, raw from the tears that fell. 

“I said not to!” Ivy trailed off as when she saw your head hung in shame at this she let out a small sigh.

Her smooth hand lifted your chin high,”I’m just trying to protect you, dear.”

“If only you knew how hard you make it,” She sat on her knees in front of you. 

“These humans… all they know how to do is trample what Mother Nature has already perfected. You don’t want that to happen to this masterpiece,” She brushed some tears from your face. “Do you?”

In her own way, you supposed, that was kind of a compliment. You weren’t in the mood for them or her; you wanted to ask if Harley would ruin her, but you thought better of it.

“No.” You sniffled, hands resting on your knees.

“I don’t either.” Placing an orchid behind your ear before leaving.

You shook her touch off of her body in anger and the flower fell from your hair. You picked it up gently as if it was the most as precious thing in the world. You caressed its soft, smooth, but strong petals. You imagined your beloved’s face. His tanned skin, how he cared about your mind rather than your body and those hard eyes that shined only for you. That’s what Ivy would never understand.

You pecked the flower as another tear fell down your face.

“He loves me.” You whispered as your sadness poured onto the memory of your beloved.

Dirty Thoughts

A/n : This is my first smut ever. Also I am Indian and we don’t actually get sex ed in general so all my knowledge comes from smut fics and porn( which i find scary af cause god that looks painful). 

Thanks to @the-resident-wallflower for encouraging me to do this <3

Also credits go to @reidbyers aka the queen of nsfw head cannons. Thanks for being kind enough to let me elaborate on this idea. 

Also @sassygeek77 who was a darling and edited it <3

Pairing : Luke Alvez x reader

POV: Third but it shifts occasionally

Word count : 1104 words of hotness and sin

WARNING :  Sexual themes and well sex.

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All he wanted to do was sleep. He was gonna take his shower, and sleep. Simple plan, right? It would have been if he hadn’t heard her voice. It was when he stepped out  of the shower. Wet and half naked, nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist.

It was only then could he hear her moaning : sweet soft and breathy. He could tell she was trying to be quiet. His face heated up and he backed into the bathroom, slamming the door shut and turning the sink on to let the water run. He rubbed his hand over his face and paced the floor.

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Imagine. Logan telling you that he’s a mutant.

The two of you had been dating for almost two years when he admitted to have mutant powers. “I need to tell you something, and I want you to know that I will never hurt you, in any way.” You smiled it off thinking he would show you a wound, but he showed you his claws. “Are those real..?” He let you touch them making sure you didn’t cut yourself. “I understand if you want to leave..” he pulled them back in and looked away, but you carefully took a hold of his hand. As he turned towards you again he was met with a warm smile. “I love you, Logan. And this is a part of you.” 

Pancake kisses and steamy showers (MC X Jumin Han) pt. 2

Fandom: Mystic Messenger
Pairing: Jumin/MC -you
Rating: Smut -> leading to Fluff~
Summary: After the shower come the silky sheets~

Authors note: So here is part 2~ it was only a fluff and then it became a SMUT. Hope you like it! ◟(◔ั₀◔ั )◞ ༘♡

I felt his warm, wet body against me, my legs automatically enveloped his waist. He held me strongly, as though at any moment I could escape from his grasp. With a soft sigh, he then whispered in my ear: “What if I make some other part of you wet?” The sudden bold words he whispered to me in such a raspy voice, made me shiver and unconsciously I let out a small mewl. I felt how he chuckled against me and in an instant he turned off the water from the shower he put me down, once more he gazed at my leg and once he was sure it was alright he picked me up bridal style. He picked me up with such ease and in such a swift motion, I was barely able to hold onto him. I saw that he carried me to our bedroom and behind us we left a trail of water. He hummed slightly which made me look up at him and I noticed, that feral look that he sometimes gave off. 

The protective hold on me, those darkened eyes and that slight smirk. He craved me and he knew he could have me, since I too wanted him. I nuzzled onto his chest and tried to calm down. If after being with him for so long, gave me any idea to what was going to happen in the next moments – I would probably have difficulties in walking tomorrow.

As though on cue – he laid me down, as gently and as carefully as he could. “My sweet, sweet princess, why don’t I help you out of those rags and put something more princess worthy on you?”


I gave him no reply, I just looked at him with a baffled look on my face. Wasn’t he…weren’t we…what exactly was he planning?

He chuckled bent down and gave me a peck on the nose. “Wait here, obey me and you shall be rewarded, princess.” As though his eyes told me to – I nodded.

He pated my head and swiftly left the room. Though I did not seem as if even a moment has passed he was back. He took my wrist and pulled me up. “Now, close your eyes.” On command I closed them and felt fabric being tied around my head. Some might feel fear, when losing control and being lead. But this was exactly why making love to Jumin was wonderful. Him leading, taking control – as though he needed this outlet to let me know how much he loved and needed me. Also on occasion I noticed that only by making love to me, he could control his emotions, he could let loose, be free and let go of his deepest desires.

By seeing him like that, by experiencing something so magical; when someone needs and wants you so badly, when you melt into one and your world becomes much brighter. I never knew I could ever love him more. But I do.

So I relaxed and let him guide me. My world was pitch black because of the fabric around my eyes, I felt his fingers travel down my neck, painfully slowly, and then they came up to a halt to my shoulders. I heard him move on the silken sheets and I felt him get closer to me. Suddenly, I felt his breath on my neck. Warm breath and gentle fingers, was all I felt. It was exhilarating; not knowing what would happen next – having complete trust towards someone. I felt my body being slowly pushed to the bed. I felt his body hovering above me. Moments passed and all I heard was him breathing rigidly.

“May I feel?”

By that I did not know what he meant, but by having my complete trust, I simply let out a small yes.

A hand, cupped my cheek, he lowered himself towards me and his lips started to kiss me. First my cheek, then the tip of my nose. He then moved to my ears and nibbled on the earlobe. “May I touch?” He whispered. By then I was slowly losing control over my mind and just replied with a yes.

His fingers traveled down my body while removing the remaining wet clothing from before.

Careful touches explored my naked and soaked body, oh so sweetly he started to kiss every inch on my body. So desperately he clung on to me. I felt my desires grow, his want, fueled my want. His lips, ah his wonderful lips found their rightful place on my own.

Like a greedy child, I opened my mouth to his tongue and he immediately dipped inside. Sweet kisses were exchanges, he was now laying on me, grabbing me, touching me. “I need to feel you, closer, deeper, may I?” A soft “ah” followed by a nod, I gave him my permission, quickly his hand traveled to my heat and he started to play with me. My body moved on its own, I shook, yelped and felt how his fingers were clenched by my sex. I wanted him. Him. Jumin. My hands which were before trying to find something, anything to hold on to, were now searching for him, to make him feel good. I begged. “Please, let me make you feel good.” His fingers stopped moving, he led them to my mouth and ordered “Lick yourself clean, then you may lick me clean.” My whole body tingled, his deep voice, ordering me. I knew at that moment, that his dominant side was on. My sex missed his touch and his voice, the presence I felt – his hot radiating body, made me weaker. Just imagining him, having that look – those hazed dark eyes – filled with lust, his lips swollen from him biting on them too hard. He always tried to control himself by biting them. It was alluring and I craved to see him like that.

I obediently licked his fingers, I almost ate it up, and it was erotic tasting myself on his fingers. As I licked and nibbled on them, I felt him shiver and intake a deep breath. Then I stopped. “I want you in my mouth.”

He let out a deep growl, pushed me up on all fours. “Are you ready, naughty girl?” A voice so dominant, so filled with dark intentions, would scare someone, but I was turned on, I knew what he was going to do. He was my Jumin – because even in such a position he asked. He always did.

“Please, do me in my mouth.” He pulled down my blindfold and I finally saw him. I looked up and I saw him in his blissful form, naked standing above me, and his cock in front of my face. A slight sheen of sweat was covering his body and he breathed heavily.

Leaning closer, so that the tip of his cock was almost touching me, he growled out “Suck princess, suck and show me how much you want me.”

I took him in my hand stroked it a couple of times and I could feel him twitch under my touch, I licked the tip of him tasting his pre-cum and swallowing it all. My tongue was licking his tip in circular motion all the while I pumped him with my hand, I then started to bob my head and suck on him. It all turned me on too much and I felt myself getting wetter. I wanted to touch myself but he grabbed my head and started to push himself deeper in my mouth, his hips moved in a steady motion and he was careful not to hurt or choke me.

He yelled out my name, many swear words and as I felt that he was close – I prepared myself for that. But he pulled out, pushed me on the bed, went on his knees and pulled me closer. He then spread my legs and started to lick me.

He was hungry, he licked me out so ravenously, so hungrily. His hands held on to my thighs, he suckled on me and I could hardly hold on anymore, I knew I was on the brink of my orgasm.

Though again – he stopped and I let out sound of disapproval. Slightly chuckling, he stood up, positioned my legs on his shoulders and without a warning – well he smiled at me with his demon smile and pushed right into me.

Hitting hard and steady, he started to thrust himself deep inside of me.

I screamed out his name, he screamed mine. My hands searching to touch him, finally felt his chest under there was his heart – beating fast. Beating for me.

Sloppy kisses were exchanged, though many things I cannot recall anymore – for it was all so blissful.

I know of his touch, the feel of his skin, the smell of each other in the room, sweaty foreheads leaning against each other, hungry touches being exchanges, and the whiteness after we both came. How lucky one is when after you see the smiling face of your treasured beloved.

And after all of that loving, sweet kisses and cuddling moments.

“I love you, my sweet princess” he would say, as he was hugging me from behind, kissing the “pain” away “And I love you, my honorable prince.”

Another kiss and then two growls from our stomachs were heard and we started to laugh.

“I think another batch of pancakes is in order.”

prompt: I fell on the bus and stopped myself from face-planting by putting my hand out. on your crotch 

with Bucky

@nekodemon73 @kumpmk @is-that-not-something @un-education @bookswillfindyouaway

It was one bumpy road once you left the city and reached the outer skirts of New York. The bus was finally getting less crowded, people leaving at every stop now. Most didn’t want to get out of the city that far.
One quick look over to Bucky and around to make sure everything was alright and no one had been following you. If you were lucky this was one of those jobs were nothing happened and you’d be home by the end of the day without having to beat someone up.  

Bucky was capable of looking after himself but Steve still had insisted of sending you with him. Just to make sure, and probably because he didn’t want him to walk around all by himself.

A particular big bump in the road sends you flying and all you can do is grab onto the next best thing. Bucky in your case or to be more precise, his crotch.
Shocked, your hand is quickly snatched back when you realize what you touched. Face bright red you look at him with embarrassment and stutter out your apology.
“I don’t know much about all those new customs…” He begins with a smirk, “…but I’m pretty sure that was not one of them. Not that I’d mind, I won’t stop you.”

A small gift to welcome you back (pre-s1 ficlet of sorts). Welcome back! :)

Thank you for this lovely gift!

“Do you smoke?” he asks, extending the pack her way.

She shakes her head, her sleek ponytail swinging behind her.

“Hmm,” he keeps his thoughts to himself and shoves the crumpled box of cigarettes back into his jacket pocket. “That’s a relief, in a way. Young women look unattractive when they smoke. And it’ll do nothing good for you skin. It’s dry enough as it is.”

She raises a hand to her cheek. Her face may be dry, but her hands are hot and clammy. She shoves them into the pockets of her coat and attempts an air of indifference.

He’s so gorgeous though, and she sneaks a peak sideways, catching him take a long drag before exhaling through his nose. If a dragon decided to take on human form, it would look not unlike this strange man next to her.

“I’m, um, I’m new here. To Bart’s. Just started about three weeks ago. Was supposed to go up north, but my dad got sick and they gave my position away and I couldn’t just up and leave, you know? Anyway, I just wanted you to know tha-”

“There’s no need for all that,” he interrupts. “I’ll only be by the morgue when I need it. Mostly I work from home, so I won’t need an assistant full time. Scotland Yard never offers me anything good. Can you give me the space when I need it?”

She is stunned, but replies, “Yeah. Yeah, sure, just…warn me ahead of time, ok?”

Her voice drops at the end, a tinge of pink touching her cheeks. She’ll be sacked within a month for this, but still. Damn those cheekbones. And the curls. She imagines running her hands through them as he flicks his cigarette to the ground and squishes it with the toe of his shoe.

“Gotta dash. Thanks for the help, Mary.”


She freezes. So does he.


“It’s Molly. Not Mary. But close enough!” She rushes through the last part, twirling the end of her hair nervously.

He nods, brow furrowed in thought.

“Yes, thank you, Molly. See you around.”

A real TC Imagine:

Imagine your TC. Just imagine them. Stop and take a moment to get every facial feature in place.
Got it? Remember it? Good. Now, keep imagining them. What are they wearing? I’ll give you a hint: it’s your favorite outfit of their’s.
Can you see it? Can you see it up close? Can you imagine what the material feels like?
Touch it. How does it feel? But, more importantly, do you feel them underneath it?
Feel their breathing, their pulse. It just got faster. What color are their eyes?
As you’re trying to find the words to describe those eyes, you notice their pupils dilate.
Imagine their voice. I’m sure you’ve heard it enough. Hear your name in their voice.
Repeat it again. Breathier. Imagine them exhaling your name.
Imagine their hands. Can you see the veins? What do their nails look like? Are they rough or smooth? Imagine.
Imagine that hand curling around yours. Now do you know if they’re rough or smooth?
What about their lips? What can you say of their lips?
Certainly you’ve found yourself staring, wondering how soft of lips those could be.
Imagine them inching closer and closer to yours.
They are inches away now.
Imagine your tc’s warm breath as they lean closer,
close their eyes,
and gently press their lips to yours.
Close your eyes! It’s only polite!
Well, I guess you can’t. You have to keep reading, anyway.
But, imagine their lips. Feel every slope and gentle curve.
How do they taste? Like their favorite candy?
Like stale coffee? Or maybe even of cigarettes?
It won’t always be the best, but that’s only in real life.
But, here you can imagine that their lips taste of honey or strawberries.
It’s all for you to imagine.


Requested by multiple flubbles

The “Imagine getting used to Eleven after years of traveling with Ten” imagine sparked such a positive reaction that I even got requests to rewrite the fic for other regenerations - specifically, Eleven to Twelve. I have half a mind to write the Four to Five regeneration because I think that would be really interesting, but that all depends on how this one suit you all, I suppose.

There were a number of times that you had been unbelievably grateful that the Doctor taught you how to fly the TARDIS. Un-bel-iev-ab-ly grateful. You were about ninety-six percent sure that no one in the universe had ever been as grateful as you for the skill of driving. (And yeah, sure, you weren’t all that good, but you could soundly blame that on the fact that your teacher had barely passed the flight exam himself, so looking at it that way you were well on your way to surpassing the Doctor’s TARDIS-driving abilities.)

But never had you been as grateful as you were when the Doctor forgot how to drive the bloomin’ TARDIS.

You didn’t know what could have happened if you didn’t know how to fly the TARDIS. Perhaps you would have been fine, but alternatively, you could have landed in the Cretaceous Period and gotten eaten by a dinosaur. So-so. But you pulled the one move that you had practiced to the point of being even better at it than the Doctor: You maneuvered the TARDIS into the Time Vortex and put her in neutral.

That was five hours ago.

The Doctor was… different, definitely different. Older, which you didn’t mind, except that was going to throw you all the way back to when people thought that the Ninth was your father. Only they would mistake Twelve for your grandfather. Well… sure, you could pass him off as your father, you supposed, but you didn’t want to. Kissing Nine in public had gotten you plenty of dirty looks. Kissing this one… Um, did they still burn people at the stake, or..?

He’s gonna hate this, you thought.

He hadn’t gotten a look at himself yet. He’d pitched a bit of a senseless fit while you were driving the TARDIS (during which you had gathered that he didn’t remember who he was, or who you were, for that matter), but as soon as you got him into his bed, he had zonked out. This had left you with plenty of time to see… well, him. He was old. Wrinkled, grey, hollowed at the cheeks and paunch at his middle. After the chiseled muscle of Nine and the sinuous strength of Ten and the lean youth of Eleven, you somehow doubted that the Doctor would be pleased with this body. You couldn’t say that you minded it yourself (distinguished, your brain called him, mature), but the Doctor had such fickle self-esteem issues.

“You’re going to be okay,” you whispered, leaning over give the Doctor a kiss on his forehead. His permanently-angry eyebrows twitched, but he was otherwise still. You sighed and rolled over onto your side so that you could watch him without propping yourself up on your elbows. The TARDIS dimmed the bedroom lights to about thirty percent.

You thought about going to sleep. You hadn’t slept for awhile and you were exhausted. The TARDIS was keeping tea warm for when the Doctor woke up, so you wouldn’t have to worry about that. He didn’t look strong enough to do anything harm, not even himself, and certainly not with regeneration sickness keeping him woozy for the next… oh, ten hours or so. The worst thing that could possibly happen at this point was him rolling over and falling out of bed.

Worse things have happened. You snuggled under the covers and reached out to grab his hand. The metal of his ring was reassuringly firm on his feeble bones, and you thanked Gallifrey for inventing rings that changed with regeneration.

Just as you were about to doze off, your phone rang.

Ignore it.



Excellent point, but still can’t.

You groaned scrambling to find where your phone had fallen in the folds of the red down comforter that covered your bed. It jingled insistently with some tune that the Tenth Doctor had customized so many years ago that you didn’t have the heart to change. You finally found it and hit the green accept button with far more aggression than necessary.

“Hello?” you rasped, voice thick with exhaustion and the clinging remnants of your almost-sleep.

“Hey. How’s my darling wife, eh? Sticking with me?”

The Eleventh Doctor’s voice jolted through you, squeezing your chest like a vice. You had done the regeneration thing enough times now that it didn’t really freak you out, not like the first time, but that didn’t mean that you had completely acclimated yourself to losing one part of the Doctor for another. You loved the Doctor, but you also loved Eleven just as Eleven, the same way you did all the other Doctors, even though you simultaneously loved them all as the same person. You hadn’t let yourself miss Eleven in the last five hours, not really, but hearing his voice made it all crash down on you.

“Yeah,” you croaked. Something in your chest cracked painfully.

You glanced down at the wedding ring that adorned your left hand. It glinted in the dim light, just like the Doctor’s.

“Sweetheart, I’m… How is everything?” The Doctor sounded a bit out of breath.

You looked over at the brand new Doctor and smiled faintly. “It’s okay. We’re okay.”

“Oh, good. Good. I can feel it… coming. Regeneration. This is gonna be a big one, sweetheart.”

“Yeah, I know.” You carded your fingers through the new Doctor’s salt-and-pepper curls. He shifted, pushing his head into your touch. "It’ll turn out alright, though.“

"How is he- how am I doing?”

“Got a bit of amnesia,” you informed him, trying to keep your tone light. “You’re asleep now.”

“Am I handsome? Got t'be handsome for my beautiful wife.”

You were too tired to giggle, but your body made an admirable effort. “I think you’re handsome.”

“Oi! Bet that means I’m weird-looking.”

“You’ve always been weird-looking, dear,” you said blandly. The Doctor’s wrinkled old hand reached out shakily, searching, and you scooted yourself closer so that he could snake his arm around your middle.

Hey!” Eleven whined childishly.

You smiled. Your eyes watered, stinging. You felt the new Doctor shifting against you, his breaths beginning to come in upset little hiccups. He was waking up.

“Time’s up,” you whispered. You heard the Doctor’s breath hitch on the other end of the line.

“No,” he said, panicking. “No, no, not yet, I need- just another minute, please, I-”

“Can’t,” you said, roughly wiping away your tears with your sleeve. Twelve whimpered, pressing himself against you, clinging, as if he could sense his previous body’s distress. Maybe he could. “Can’t talk forever or we’ll never let go.”

You heard Eleven make a broken sound. “I love you!”

“I love you too.” There were so many things to say but you couldn’t, and everything hurt so badly. Why did it hurt so much, every time? Why did every inch of you ache with loneliness, missing him so desperately, even though you knew he will right next to you. "I’m here. I’m not leaving, I promise, Doctor. I’m here. I’m here.“

There was a sound that ran along the line, a sound you had never heard any living being make before, a sound like a soul crying out-

The TARDIS broke the connection.

You stifled a sob, angrily tossing your phone onto the nightstand next to your side of the bed. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. It was supposed to get easier, not… not this.

The Doctor jerked, struggling through a few more breaths that weren’t coming clearly in his new lungs, and then he opened his eyes. You cringed at their paleness, their familiarity even though you had never seen them before. He locked eyes with you, and oh, those eyes. Sad, confused, frightened, blatantly showing off that hurt part of him that hadn’t been there before; that part that came with Eleven’s goodbye. You did your best to smile, pressing your hand against his soft cheek. He leaned into your touch, gaze steady.

"I’m still here, Doctor.”

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If the turts had babies with their S/O's! How would the turts react to their child playing with their weapon even after being instructed not to, and actually getting hurt in the process? Does dad or mom give discipline?

I’m really working on these asks, I’m not used to them so its the first time with me working on them. I hope you still like it!!! Also I’ve made the ages different for each turtle !! hope this was okay  !!!

Age: 12

“How did you even get hold of these?!” 

“You left them on the table” they sobbed, winching at the pain as they shamefully looked down as Donnie was stitching up the small but deep wound on their hand. I don’t think Leo would be able to give punishment, he’d be kicking himself too much. He’d take it out on himself, beating himself up both emotionally and physically going extra hard in the dojo as the mama was sorting things out. The ma is going to make them do every chore imaginable, just to make them understand that those weapons are not toys and shouldn’t be treated like such. Of cause, raising such an understanding kid, they took their punishment without a word. Because damn their hand really freaking hurt and they’re gonna regret ever touching them.

Leo is going to need a talking too though, I Honestly believe he’ll beat himself up for it for a while. Maybe up until the wound has completely healed, so they’ll have to smack him around the face a little and tell him these things happen, and assure him it’ll never happen again. 

“But please, be careful where you put them in the future?” He’d kiss her after saying that, like sealing the deal type of thing. 

Age: 10


“I’m sorry!” They were wincing, tears in their eyes as the already felt the bruise forming on their head. And of cause, they would go straight to Donnie to see if there was any long term damage, of cause they had a concussion. Mikey would be the soft one out of the two of them, so mama bear would be the one to give the punishment. It would be her taking away their kids video games and comic books,and i assure you, that would bring the biggest temper tantrum in the world. But even Mikey would back her up on this one, they weren’t a toy! After this he would keep them on him at all times, and even ask donnie if he had a safe he could use for them on a night. I also bet everything he would be so smothering afterwards, even with protests from their kid. 

Age: 13

“This is why I said no to playing with these”

“I know..” I feel like Raph’s kid would cut his face? Maybe they raised their hand too high and just grazed their cheek? nothing too harmful, not enough to leave stitches. But there would definitely be a lot of blood.

Out of all the kids, I feel like Raphs would be the one to actually go out of their way to get the weapons. mama bear isn’t going to go near this punishment - she’s gonna leave it all to Raph and not get involved. He’d ban anything fun for a very, very long time. Not letting them near a tv or internet, not letting ‘em hang out with any friends either. He’s gonna be so let down with them, all he asks of his child is to respect him and their mother. He doesn’t think that’s asking for much. The kids going to ignore them both for a while, but soon enough their heads going to be hung low and they’re going to apologize profoundly. 

“You did great baby” they’re s/o would smile, kissing his cheeks as they watched their kid run to their phone after about a month of not having it. 

Age: 11

“I thought I told you not to touch this, do you even understand how dangerous this is, i can’t believe–” 

“…..” I truly believe Donnie would talk the hell out of them, I don’t think he’d really punish them like the other turtles. Just lecture them. A lot. Literally to the point where they actually are sorry and wont want to go near the thing again. Of cause, the mama bear wouldn’t want to do anything either, knowing his lectures would be enough. However something has to be done for them to really understand what they did was wrong, so mama would personally take away any gadgets that they had. Between them not having their stuff and their dad nagging in their ear constantly, they’d get the message and apologize for what they did. 

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Not tryna be totally awkward but your fingers look sorta stubby and I feel like fingers like yours would be perfect to suck on 😅 (Yes I totally imagined sucking on them for a second, sorry!)

For those of you who may fantasize about me touching, spanking or otherwise doing things to you with my hands… 

here’s a little perspective for you.

Dating Percival Graves Headcanons
Title: Dating Percival Graves Headcanons

Request: anon - Can you please do a ‘Dating Graves would include’? I love your blog so much!!!! 🤗

@help-i-am-obsessed - can you do a “dating Percival Graves would include..” thing? please? <3

Here we go guys!

Dating Percival Graves Headcanons

Dealing with his job at MACUSA and his PTSD after the Grindelwald incident

  • It’s hard for you because of what the job takes out of him. It requires almost all of his focus and sometimes he can’t just leave it at the door when he’s done for the day.
    • You don’t work for MACUSA so you don’t completely get the scope of his work but you know that it’s one of the most important jobs.
  • Some days he comes home with wounds and a haggard set to his shoulders. You know not to pick a fight, ask why he didn’t simply go to a healer. You just get him comfortable on the couch, brew some tea and grab some first aid supplies to help with the worst of everything.
    • He does it because he thinks he deserves it, because he doesn’t think he should be healed, because he’s showed enough weakness in having been captured.
      • He’s caused enough problems for everyone else with his weakness.
  • After a long shift you usher him onto the couch and hold him or he holds you.
    • Together you sit there until his muscles relax, or he stops shaking.
      • You wrap him in your arms and keep him close to your chest, run your fingers through his hair, tell him about your day at your mundane little job and all the interesting people you’ve met.
        • Sometimes he falls asleep like that because it’s the only way he can without having nightmares.
  • It’s hard for you to see him like he is.
    • You knew him before it all, before Grindelwald and the switch.
      • You remember how confident he was, how he was a much gentler man, still set in his ways but always quick with a kind smile and a guiding hand.
        • You never let him see it affect you, you couldn’t. You needed to be strong for him so you were.
          • You cried sometimes when he couldn’t see you, silent little tears at watching him struggle to get out of bed some days, struggle to eat, watching his hand always on his wand because he was constantly on alert all the time.
  • Sometimes he forgets that he’s not still trapped.
    • He’ll slip into a panicked state where he isn’t sure if you’re actually real or not.
      • It’s happening less and less but each time it frightens you terribly, though you’re glad it happens at home rather than at work.
    • Once you startled him by forgetting to make some sound when you walked and he slipped into a panic attack.
      • You were against the wall, his hand around your throat and his wand pointed to the side of your head.
        • You’d never been more scared in his life.
          • He almost called off your entire relationship after that, terrified of what he might do to you if you weren’t able to calm him down.
            • You wouldn’t let him.
  • He has nightmares.
    • He’ll shake awake, a cold sweat over his entire body, one of his hands gripped on the wand he keeps on his hip, the other latched painfully on your wrist, looking for something to ground him in reality.
      • You always wake up before he does, doing your best to rouse him while also calming him down.
    • Those nights he’ll shiver against you while you hold him in your arms, his head pressed into your neck while you whisper to him.
      • Him and you can’t fall asleep after episodes like that so you usually grab a book and make something hot to drink while he does paperwork.
  • His job makes you worry constantly.
    • Sometimes you’ll stop by his office with the excuse of bringing lunch just to see him.
      • He never says anything even though he knows that you’re visiting him because you miss him, because you need to know that he’s still there, he’s him.
    • Once in awhile he’ll drop by your job with coffee and a slightly forced smile,
      • You know that it’s because he needs to be away from the office, from the people who are constantly looking at him, questioning him because of what Grindelwald’s done.
  • Even with everything you never think about leaving him.
    • Sometimes he thinks it’s because you feel obligated to be with him.
      • You always make sure he knows that isn’t the case.
        • You’re with him because you love him, through all the good and the bad, the ups and downs, you love him.

Date Night

  • You two don’t go out very often because large crowds of people make Percival nervous.
    • When you do go out it’s usually late at night for little walks or simple dinners at an all night diner that you both enjoy.
      • You hold hands under street lamps, strolling in silence, just feeling each other’s closeness.
  • When you’re at home date night usually consists of a nice dinner and some wine, talking together over the glow of candles.
    • You don’t often get the chance to eat meals together because Percival is constantly busy with work.
  • Percival likes to surprise you sometimes.
    • You’ll be home, cleaning up on a day off, something rare for the both of you when he comes up behind you and offers to go for a stroll around the flea market.
      • You always say yes, knowing that these opportunities are rare.
        • You can never stay out for long because you can tell when Percival is pushing himself too far to be out around a lot of people so after an hour or so you’ll kiss his cheek and ask to go home, saying something like your feet hurt or you’ve completely forgotten that you had something you needed to get done.
    • Once he took you to a carousel for your birthday, knowing that you always loved them as a child.
  • You often suggest little dates, ice cream and a walk in the park, going to a bookstore or visiting the shops near the harbor.
    • It’s always hit or miss with those and you never suggest it on days that you can tell he isn’t doing too well.
      • He always makes an effort though. No matter what, he always tries because losing you is not an option and it never will be.


  • These are the roughest moments of your relationship.
    • You aren’t a fan of yelling and arguments usually end in someone screaming at each other so you are not particularly fond of them.
      • It’s usually Percival who starts them though.
        • Most of them end in frustrated tears.
  • Percival’s main arguments are that he’s too much of a burden on you, that he could hurt you. Sometimes it’s that you can’t understand what he’s gone through when you try to comfort him.
    • Your rebuttal for him not being good for you is trying to explain all of things that would happen if he weren’t around you, how’d you’d probably be a complete mess if you didn’t have him and that you simply couldn’t imagine not having him around because you need him just as much as he needs you.
      • Those arguments are usually the ones that end quickly and without too much of a fuss because you’ve gotten good at shutting him down in those regards.
        • Sometimes all you do to end those moments it stride up to him, point a finger at his chest and tell him to stop because you won’t be having it before dragging him into a tender kiss.
    • When it comes to him rebuffing your comfort and getting angry at you for it, you can only seem to escalate in anger as well because yes, you don’t understand but that doesn’t mean he should push you away.
      • Those are the arguments that spiral into you crying and yelling because you just get so frustrated with him.
        • You leave the house after those kinds of fights because you need to calm down.
          • You always come back feeling guilty because you shouldn’t get mad at him and you know that.
            • He’s always there when you get back, dragging you onto his chest and kissing your head, sometimes he’s shaking, sometimes you can tell that he’s been crying.
              • It breaks your heart a little each time.


  • Ever since Percival’s return, this has been a rather difficult subject.
    • At first, he couldn’t even have you touch him after he got home from the hospital.
      • You would try sometimes but he’d flinch away from you.
    • It took close to a month before he could swallow the idea of sleeping next to you in bed, even longer before he could hold your hand or accept one of your hugs.
  • The first time that you kissed was after one of his missions.
    • The mission was horrible, he had lost an auror in the field by one of Grindelwald’s fanatics.
      • He’d come home, crashing through the living room, trembling, eyes stormy as he made his way to you.
        • You were a little scared at first until he wrapped you in his arms and pulled your mouth to his in a desperate kiss.
          • He was trembling against you, one hand gripping your shoulder painfully, his arm looped tightly around your waist.
            • All you could do was hold on to him and try to calm this kiss down, slowly letting your mouth move against his as you ran your hands through his hair softly.
        • He broke the kiss and held you tightly, shuddering as you led him to the couch where you let him hold you until he calmed down enough to explain what had happened.
  • The next time he’d kissed you it was softer, a gentle brush of lips over your cheek after an actual decent night of sleep. You’d turned your head and smiled at him.
    • He pressed a soft kiss to your mouth, closed and chaste.
      • Baby steps.
  • The first time that you were really intimate with him was tentative, you had to guide him through it with kind words and reassurances, asking if he really wanted to, making sure that he was alright, making sure he knew that you didn’t need it if he wasn’t comfortable.
    • It was soft and slow, one of the most memorable experiences you’ve had.
  • You often don’t have sex because sometimes Percival can’t stand the feeling of hands on him and you understand.
    • You never push him and you never say no.
      • Physicality is never something you really need, it’s more like a gift you cherish when it comes to him.
  • Sometimes he can be forceful when he’s more of himself or when he just needs to know you’re there.
    • He’ll start off strong, hard, sometimes painful nipping kisses that leave bruises on your skin, his hands digging into you as he moves you to the bedroom.
      • He can’t talk those times, to focused on memorizing your body against his, getting lost in the feeling of skin against skin, listening to you moan against him, shuddering around the touch of his large hands.
    • When he wakes up after those nights, remembering you wincing at his forcefulness, seeing the little purple and red marks across your skin, the angry red scratches he’d left on your back, he feels sick.
      • You make sure to wake up with a happy little smile, telling him how good you’d felt, pressing little kisses to his naked chest, drawing your lips across his scars, slowly so that he calms down, understands that you aren’t angry or hurt.
        • Those moments are intense because your eyes never leave his as you bring him pleasure like he brought you.


Alrighty! Hope that’s good for everyone! More headcanons to come with this sinnamon roll.

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Ugh Harry is probably so warm and soft under those coats and I'm just imagining sliding your hands underneath them over his warm skin. And like tickling your nails across his hips and he would probably shiver and sigh out and pretend it didn't affect him while his trying to focus on something. But then he gets to much and he finally just says "you wan' ta touch me somewhere else now? Since ya hands like ta' wonder so much?" I love death and dying

And you just smirk and nuzzle his jacket. “Nope.  I’m fine like this,” you tease him and he makes a disgruntled sound before you appease him with a kiss.

Joker Imagine - Ignorant PART 2

Part 1 here

Do you have a part two to Ignorant?? When the reader is being stalked while J ignores her? I’d really like to see how J treats the guy once he finds him and how he claims her for the whole city to see making an example out of the Stalker.

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Your P.O.V.

Joker’s car was somehow the comfiest place ever right now. We had found my stalker by looking through the security footage to see who left the box. I recognized his face immediately. What a coward he had to be to actually show up behind our door. So J made his henchmen find his address and that’s exactly where we were going. He was holding the steering wheel tightly and he looked angry. Then we had me. I was honestly a little scared. I mean, the guy has an obsession with me!

We were both dressed well tonight. Joker was wearing his purple jacket, no shirt underneath with black pants and shiny black shoes. He also had gold rings and chains on him, making him very sexy. I was wearing a black dress that covered my bum and just a little more. The dress had golden patterns that fit with my golden heels. My tattoos were visible and I stared at my favourite one ‘If lost, return to Joker’ that was on my leg. The font was pretty and the fact that J had tattooed me made me love them even more.

But then we had to get out of the car and I felt anxious. I really didn’t want to see him, but I had to. Besides I had J to protect me, right? ‘’Come on baby’’ He told me deeply and grabbed his special made gun. I sighed and followed him inside the block of flats. This stalker of mine lived on the first floor so it was easier for us to drag him into the car. J had a crazy plan. I watched as he broke the door with only one kick and we stepped inside the apartment. It smelled bad, like he hadn’t changed the air in months. It also smelled like trash and beer.

‘’Get out get out wherever you are!’’ J growled and looked around. Everything was messy. I stayed close to J as we walked further inside. The walls were a yellowish white and the floor was a red carpet floor, full of stains. I felt grossed out by just being here. J kicked another door open and we walked into a bedroom. He turned on the lights and the first thing I saw was the man sleeping on a small dirty bed. Then I saw the worse things..

News articles, photos, drawings of me were stickered onto his wall and he had dozens of notes scattered across the room. I saw my face everywhere from times even months ago. J turned to look at me quietly. I was horrified and disgusted. How long had he stalked me like this?! ‘’Get your sorry ass up’’ J hissed and loaded the gun. My stalker woke up and stared at J. He was only wearing a dirty T-shirt, boxers and socks. His hair was greasy.

‘’Oh darling you’re finally here’’ He gasped as he saw me. He tried to stand up, but J hit his face with the gun. ‘’She’s not your darling’’ J told him angrily and watched as his nose started bleeding. I bet he broke his nose. ‘’What the fuck..’’ Mr. Stalker breathed out and glanced at me. I just wanted to go away. ‘’Get dressed’’ J demanded and pointed back at the guy with his gun. J kicked some jeans on his lap and my Stalker had no other choice than to put them on.

‘’Where are we going?’’ He dared to ask us with a small voice. He was getting really scared now. ‘’You’ll see’’ I just smiled, but wanted to shoot him right there. J grabbed his neck harshly and pushed him towards the outdoor. The three of us got back into the car where J hit his head, causing him to black out. I got seated and let J tie him up before we could get on the road again. This would be crazy for sure.


‘’Everyone get down now!’’ Joker yelled as we got inside the television station.We got into a big blue office where they were editing the live news. The workers saw us and immediately got down on the floor with their arms up in the air. A couple of J’s henchmen held my stalker who was waking up slowly as I followed my boyfriend closely -of course with my gun in my hands.

‘’Y-You can’t go in there!’’ A man stuttered as J opened the door to the room where they were filming the news. J wasn’t up for bullshit so he just shot the guy making the others whimper out in fear. I just smiled and then we all walked in the LIVE room. The news reporter turned pale as he saw me, J, his henchmen and the guy that stalked me. J’s henchmen got rid of the camera men, pushing them away and then they made the reporter surrender as well. A talented henchmen grabbed the camera and walked closer to J. We were literally LIVE on Gotham tv. It made me excited, yet a little nervous.

‘’Listen up people of Gotham’’ J started and smiled widely, flashing his grillz. I stayed away from the camera in case he didn’t want me to be filmed. ‘’This man here has fucked up real bad..You see he dared to stalk my beautiful girlfriend’’ He sighed and pulled me next to him. I felt like blushing, but I forced myself to smile and wrap my arms around J. ‘’She’s mine, got it?’’ J growled angrily into the camera. Oh how flattering!

‘’I wouldn’t want you to do the same mistakes. Because this is what happens..’’ J told them and then the camera pointed at the stalker. J’s henchmen had tied him to a chair and he had tape on his mouth. I watched as J walked closer to him and started literally growling. He was hot when he was so angry, but I wouldn’t want to be the person he was angry at. 

‘’You’re disgusting’’ J spat at the guy and stopped right in front of him. My stalker was crying and trying to defend himself, but the tape muffled his words. Suddenly J grabbed his gun and petted the guy’s cheek with the tip. ‘’You’re setting a great example for the rest of Gotham not to fuck with me’’ J snarled and cupped the guy’s face with his other hand.

‘’Last words?’’ He asked with a grin. The guy just yelled from fear and tried to wiggle away. Oh what a pussy. I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms, waiting for J to kill him and get rid of him forever. ‘’Oh wait, you can’t speak!’’ J laughed loudly in a mocking way and then placed the gun on his forehead. He pulled the trigger and with a bang, my stalker was dead. His head fell back a little and it looked like he broke his neck as well. He died quickly. The blood splattered on the floor and people were crying in the editing room.

But I was happy as you could be.

‘’You don’t want to be next’’ J warned everyone watching us before making a hand gesture to inform everyone that we had to leave now. Batman was probably on the way already. I grabbed his hand and we hurried outside together. ‘’Thanks Puddin’’ I smiled as we literally jumped down the stairs like maniacs. ‘’No problem’’ 


We got home without being noticed by stupid Batman. People were probably traumatized by what they witnessed on tv today, but I was so cheerful and happy. J seemed pretty pleased as well. ‘’I bet the entire world is gonna talk about this by tomorrow’’ I giggled while wrapping my arms around his neck while I was leaning against his chest. 

‘’Let them. I don’t anyone to play tricks on you doll’’ He purred softly while holding me closer by my bum. His scent made me feel safe and I was so happy. The last few weeks had been the worst since he had ignored me and the stalker stepped in, but now I felt like everything was perfect. Nothing felt wrong.

‘’I hope the entire world knows that you’re my girl’’ Joker whispered into my ear deeply and made my heart flutter. I was his girl, no one else’s. The best part was that I loved it. He made my life like a fairytale. ‘’Hmm and you’re mine J: If I see those dancers trying to touch you, I’ll shoot them’’ I giggled like it was funny. He gave me a big smile and removed one hand from my ass so he could cup my face.

‘’That’s exactly why you’re perfect. You seem as crazy as me’’ He let me know before leaning closer to me. Our noses brushed and my heart was fluttering harder in my chest. ‘’Let daddy take care of you..’’

Imagine your favorite turtle keeping a diary. No one knows about so when it goes missing, they panic a little…wait if someone reads it? What if Y/N reads it?? Imagine finding a notebook in your apartment. It’s not yours, at least you don’t think so. You open to a random page and read it.

Leo’s handwriting is neat and slanted to the left, written in dark blue ink.
“It’s so hard sometimes, being around them. We’ll be sitting there, alone, and I realize how close we are. Our thighs are nearly touching and our hands brush just barely.
They’re looking up at me and asking me something, but I can barely hear their voice. I just keep looking at those lips…I keep thinking about kissing them. It’s distracting, even my brothers are starting to notice.
I can’t get Y/N out of my mind…”

Raph’s handwriting is messy. He presses the pencil down hard on the paper and it’s more of a scrawl.
“I don’t know what I’m thinking, that they even notice me.
I can’t stop looking at them, they’re so beautiful. Those big eyes and the little pattern of freckles across they’re face.
I don’t want to stop looking at them but I can’t stare forever so I turn away.
I keep hoping that Y/N’s looking at me when I look away…”

Donnie’s handwriting is odd. Sometimes, it’s a mess so bad you can hardly read it and other times, it’s practically perfect.
“Y/N’s so beautiful.
Not in the way that jumps out at you, in a way that’s sort of quiet…you don’t see it at first. But then you start to notice things, but by bit, and suddenly you can’t look away. You learn more about them, all about them and it’s just like…wow.
A quiet, soft beauty that making me fall in love.”

Mikey has big, bubbly handwriting. He writes using colorful pens and makes little drawings on the edge of the pages.
“I think I’m in love.
I don’t mean it like a joke or something, I really mean that I’m in love. Not with someone’s body (even though they are super hot) or anything like that, but then in whole. They’ve just taken over everything with me, my heart and my mind. I’ve thought about it a lot and I really believe it…
I’m in love with Y/N.”