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How do you imagine each of the members of class 1-A would react when they find out Izuku and Shouto are soulmates? Especially when they saw how viciously they fought during the Sports Festival?

They’d probably be caught between being awestruck that those two went THAT HARD even though they were both in pain, and kind of horrified for the same reason. So like, horrified awe. They’d probably be a little unsure around the two of them for a little while because like, soulmates can mean different things, they can be best friends or lovers or confidants or rivals and there are some stories of soulmates who are lifelong enemies, and after the sports festival they just aren’t sure which box Izuku and Shouto fit into. Doesn’t help that they’re both sort of cagey about it and not even Uraraka or Iida can get Izuku to talk about it.

But eventually, especially after the work experience week when Shouto quietly slips into Izuku’s friend group, there’s this collective sigh of relief and “awww”.

Bakugou is caught between scorn and wondering if Todoroki knows.

Just One Day (Part 4)

Genre: Angst/fluff

Pairing: Reader/Jimin

Length: 2103

Summary: You’re hopelessly in love with Jimin, but he already has a girlfriend.

Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 || Finale

“I imagine this all night every day because it’s a meaningless dream anyway…”

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Father’s Worry

-Hanbin x Reader x Toddler Daughter - Junhoe x Toddler Son


-A father’s worry is never unreasonable no matter how ridiculous the details. Hanbin finds himself in a tough spot when it comes to his little monkey. 

-I’m finally finished!!! I’m so sorry anon, it only took me like 20 years 😭 (I am so sorrryyyy) I really hope it’s what you were expecting because I have no clue when it comes to kids scenario haha. It started out pretty good then I don’t know dude, it just took on a life of its own haha. I really hope I didn’t stray off the request too far (if it sucks, i blame my overactive imagination and sleep deprivation. Apparently my uni got voted top 3 most sleep deprived campus in the state 🙃).  I realize after it was finished that it didn’t come out as funny, or cute as my Bobby x Reader request but I hope it’s still okay. Thank you for being patient and taking your time in sending in your request. 

-Changing Seasons, Forgiven, and an unnamed Yunhyeong one-shot will be out sometimes soon (or not soon. I will not make any promises… Don’t kill me)

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If there was one thing in life that could make Hanbin rethink his decision of joining Ikon all those years ago, it’d be the scene playing out in front of his poor feeble heart right now. He loves Ikon, that’s a known fact. The boys are his brothers, everybody knows this. However, the pain weighing down the young dad’s poor soul watching his little girl holding hand and prancing happily with Junhoe’s son changes everything. Why him, why his little girl. Try as the leader may, his discomfort is far from hidden. The small whimper, the sad wince every time his baby clings onto the young boy just a year older than her reduces Hanbin’s lifeline by 5 years.

“Relax. They’re like 3, you don’t know how they’d see each other in some 10+ years. Plus, if they do ended up liking each other, what’s wrong with that?” 

Ever so observant, Jiwon saunters over with a cheeky smirk on his face, settling down onto the wooden bench next to the less than doting dad. One hand in his pocket, Jiwon’s other hand slaps Hanbin’s shoulder hard, near sending the boy stumbling onto the ground.

“SHE’S 4, OKAY.” Hanbin exasperates, arms flailing like he had just entered a  room full of bees.

“Wow, that changes things.” Sarcasm is something Jiwon had mastered and becomes specialized in lately just from being near his DoubleB counterpart. 

“Easy for you to say. Your kid isn’t running off with some boy.” Eyebrows furrow, Hanbin stare laces with desperation for his little girl to understand a father’s pain.

“Are you serious? Junsu is Junhoe’s kid and he’s like 5. My baby hasn’t even come out of the oven yet, can you like not bring her into this.” The ridiculousness of Hanbin’s over protective nature is getting out of control. “It was kinda cute at first but now you just look insane. Hanbin, they’re not even in elementary.” Jiwon exasperate, clearly not understanding the pain of a father. He’ll see soon, when his little one starts to notice boys, Hanbin thinks to himself.

Baffles by Jiwon’s complete nonchalantness, Hanbin brushes him off. His fear isn’t irrational at all, in fact, Junhoe hadn’t made it easy for him to forget that his daughter is getting stolen by calling Hanbin his future in-law any chance he gets. Grumbling to himself, Hanbin almost has a heart attack when his daughter runs straight into Junsu’s arm giggling madly. Shoving his hand through his soft hair, Hanbin’s attention completely focus on the pair of kids chasing each other about with the rest of the team’s kids, not realizing Jiwon had long given up and wandered off somewhere but not before shooting you an all knowing look.


“What, baby? I’m not doing anything.” Feigning disinterest, Hanbin stares up at you with those doe eyes he uses whenever he wants something. Just because it had worked when you couldn’t handled the sad stares anymore and agreed to a date after rejecting him for the 5th time, he somehow got it into his head that it’s going to work every single time. You shake your head at his completely bad acting at a happy face as if he hadn’t been gritting his teeth every time the kids hold hands the last hour.

You know all too well of Hanbin’s minor disagreement with Junhoe’s fondness of his little sister from back in the day but that was that. It was simply a joke that Hanbin played along because he knows Junhoe simply thinks of her like his own sister. It makes good TV, he used to say. Now however, the possibility of his little Hani ending up marrying Junsu is just as real as him ending up marrying you, and he did ended up marrying you despite all odds. 

Just as the kids, you and Hanbin had grew up together, your parents best friends since high school. His infatuation with you weren’t anything of a secret, at least to everyone and their mothers. You were completely clueless even though he had practically embarrassed you since diaper wearing days till middle school of his very public display of affection. You lost count of how many times you gotten mad at him for getting you teased by the adults of the neighborhood. Hanbin’s girlfriend. Hanbin’s bride. Future Mrs. Kim. The list goes on and on and on. At the young age of 9, you couldn’t understand why this 7 years old kid was so obsessed with you and why would the older folks nicknamed you so. 

Unlike Hanbin’s great mission of destroying the young blossoming “love”, yours and his parents were hell bent on matchmaking you two. Subtlety, but not really, they encouraged Hanbin to keep up with his one sided love despite you being so cruelly ignorant of his feeling. Once before he set out for his long grueling journey of becoming an idol, he confessed to you shyly under the pale moonlight after he had apologized for scaring off one of your potential date that you finally realized what was going on. He begged you to forgive him, to give him a chance but out of spite of making you think you weren’t good enough so your date had abandoned you at the restaurant, you said no. Little did you know that was the last time you’d see the boy on regular basis. Time and time again, any chance he got, any break he came home, he’d confess as if it was the first time. Like a broken record, you repeated the same line of rejection and watched as the sadden smile fade into the air out of the fear that you’d be damaging his idol image, fearing what the distant would do to your heart. Eventually you couldn’t hold off your feeling any longer. Much to both yours and his parents’ delight, his not-so-annoying, incessant begging and those doe eyes stares finally worn you down into accepting his date. It wasn’t long before you both were inseparable, even through the hardship of his idol life. 

“I’m watching you. Don’t say anything stupid to June, okay?”

“Okay…” He whines in defeat.

Sometimes if you’re really honest, it’s like you’re raising two kids. You know Hanbin loves your daughter more than anything in this world but the overbearing parenting had got to stop. No good in sheltering the kid the way he does. Although it’s understandable for Hani being his first kid, his worries had gotten you both in a few too many arguments, something rare of your relationship.

No sooner than you left a very dejected Hanbin, Junhoe jogs over to take a rest from wrestling with the Ikon boys, face red from getting put into a chokehold by the giant maknae. Junhoe had already began to small chat about one thing or another with Hanbin before he realizes that the latter has given him absolutely no attention. Calling his name a few time, Junhoe chuckles at the seemingly soulless body sitting just a few inches away from himself. Letting his eyes follow the gaze of the lost boy, the most devilish smirks let itself plays on Junhoe’s lips and you know Hanbin is gonna be in for a long day.

You had warned Hanbin against his shenanigans before setting out for the park. They had been on tour for awhile and the kids hadn’t seen each other in almost a month. Often time the husbands long trip away would call for girls gathering so the kids would get to go on playdate but lately you were too overwhelm with your job to meet up. Hani had been complaining nonstop about seeing the rest of Ikon’s babies but your hands were tied. Taking the opportunity of Junsu’s birthday, everyone gathered up for a fun day out and you’ll be damn if Hanbin’s little antic ruins your baby girl’s first day back with all her friends.

“So hyung, Hani gotten big since we last saw her. It’s been months, hasn’t it?”

At the mention of his baby’s name, Hanbin sharp eyes snap immediately on the younger boy. 

“Hmm” he grunts simply, delighting Junhoe to the max that even just his small innocent comment gets to Hanbin. Junhoe honestly had no intention in vexing out his leader at the beginning. He had noticed the small whines and whimpers he’d give you whenever Hani runs off with any of the boys, not just Junsu. He has always thought Hanbin doting, fawning over Hani like she’s his entire universe is the most adorable thing in the whole world. Admiration runs high for any fathers with their eldest kid being a girl. Junhoe and his wife of course have their ups and downs with Junsu but it’s mostly him being a rambunctious little monkey. For you and Hanbin, there’s always the worries that come with being parents to a girl in this crazy day and age. Slowly, he couldn’t help but let his mischievous side taking control, teasing the leader knowing how much it affects him. 

“You know, next year, Hani is 5.” Junhoe casually let slip, eyeing Hanbin carefully.

“I know my daughter’s age, June.” Yet another growl passes Hanbin’s lips, not at all liking where this is heading.

“I was just saying, she’s 5 so she’ll be in the big kid’s class. She’ll be in the same section as Junsu.” Junhoe has no idea where he was going with this. It’s not as though they don’t see each other at the kids’ school now even with them being on separate section of the campus. It was more of just an annoying reminder of how much time they’ll be spending together.

Hanbin’s eyes flicker between your crouching form by the sandbox and Junhoe’s relaxed on right next to his. Even with your eyes glue to the kids, he knows you’re watching his every move and he doesn’t dare act out after you had warned him. The last thing he needs now is for you both to get into another argument because something he says. Deep down, he knows he’s being ridiculous but a father’s feeling isn’t something he could ignore. 

“Hmm.” He hums softly, trying his best to not let the vexation bubbles so close to the surface. 

His gaze soften as he watches the way little Hani smiles. He had always love the toothy grin she has that reminds him so much of yours. She always smiles like there’s no care in the world. It warms Hanbin’s heart even more than the bright sun above. The soft giggle she gives whenever Junsu says something remotely funny coax Hanbin’s own giggle to come out and play. He wishes for nothing more than for his little girl to always be happy and forever illuminate this world with her brilliant smile. 

Taking a break from the kids, you glance over to find a very content smile lingering on your husband’s lips as he watches Hani chasing Junsu and the other kids around the playground. Something about that soft twinkle in his eyes show you his rough edges had finally begun to smooth out. Patting the sand off your jeans, you slowly get up to make your way over to the smitten man. How lucky are you to get a man so infatuated with his kid, he’d forgoes all his manly image to dote and freak out over his baby. Closing the gap, your steps halt at the fast changing expression on Hanbin’s face. The understanding smile on his lips replaces by a scowl as his eyes narrow. His fists clenches so hard you could see the knuckles turning white from where you’re standing. 

Briskly turning back toward the kids, your eyes widen at the scene playing out in front. There stands Hani with her little arms around Junsu’s body. The boy’s eyes redden from what you didn’t know. What you do know is that your little baby’s lips are pressing gingerly on Junsu’s chubby’s cheek. Shock doesn’t even begins to cover what your body is going through. Looking back, you could spot Hanbin walking off into the distant, hands shoved deep into the pockets of his pants, not too far behind, a panic stricken Junhoe. 

This is not good whatsoever.

You thought to yourself before hastening your steps to follow the men to the small grass field just on the far side of the park. You had honestly expect to enter onto a scuffle between the men, at least a shouting match but what you see stops you on your track. You stand close enough to listen but not enough to disturb the boy’s brother talk. 

“Hyung, I’m so sorry. I, I didn’t know she was going to do that. Ah, that doesn’t matter. I should’ve stop them. I’m so sorry.”

Clearly got struck with all the lightening in the world, trepidation grows on Junhoe face for every second past that Hanbin hadn’t speak up. His arms reaching out to grab Hanbin but fearful of the reaction his contact might induce. You got yourself ready. Hanbin although being the levelheaded, gentleman he is, when it comes to Hani, he had always sort of been a wild card. 

“It’s okay, Junhoe. Not your fault.”

If you could see yourself now, you’d say your expression is very much like the one Junhoe is displaying. Shock, confusion, surprise, everything and anything flashing over a stammering Junhoe.


“You know I don’t really hate Junsu right? I mean I look like I do but come on, Hani is my first kid. I don’t exactly know what to do, you know? One second I tell myself, it’s okay. They’re just kids. We’ll cross the bridge of dating when we get there but the next, God. That little girl drives me crazy. I didn’t think anyone could drive me even more insane than her mom could but then she comes along and just. Everything I know is out of the window, man.” 

For the first time in the 4 years since Hani was born, Hanbin opens up about his struggle of being a dad, to Junhoe out of everyone. The boys had teased him mercilessly of course when they found out you were expecting a girl. You distinctly remember Junhoe being a little more quiet on the subject knowing how overprotective Hanbin was over his little sister. He could only imagine the mountains his leader would move for his baby girl. Unlike those vexed out gaze he had, Hanbin’s eyes now soft and forlorn, almost dejected if you have to admit. It kills you seeing someone so hyper and loving sitting with his head down in sadness, spirit so low. You could already feel what his heart refuses to say, Hani got him bend over backward worrying about things that’s yet to come and he got no idea how to stop spiraling out of control. 

Hanbin had always had this toxic idea of carrying the weight of the world on his own. Not once in the 4 years since Hani’s first cry tear through your world that he lets you onto his worry. For him, the pain you went through carrying the little monkey and giving birth meant the world to him. You have done way more than he could ever hoped for. No way in hell he’d let you worry about his problems too. Little did he knows, just as the first time he ran away from the weight of debuting, he was once again letting the weight of family wearing him down. That if he just relax, you and the boys would cross oceans for him. Now that Junhoe had opened the channel, Hanbin just lets it flows. Sure it stings a little that he’s not opening up to you but deep down, you know his boys will take care of him just as well as you could.

“I’m sorry too, June. I took shit out on you cause everybody kept teasing me about Hani and Junsu’s future. I’m a dad now. Things irk me in way I didn’t think was possible.” Slumping onto the bench near the grass, Hanbin stares up at the sky rather than meeting Junhoe’s softening gaze. Sitting down slowly next to his big brother, Junhoe sighs and Hanbin follows suit.

“It’s okay, hyung. I know you don’t bear any ill will. Honestly, I can see where you’re coming from. It’s terrifying being a parent. I honestly don’t know how our parents did it. So many things could go wrong and swear to God, I’d be so lucky if Hani even spare my Junsu a glance when she’s older. I know no matter what, you and noona will raise a perfect girl. She’s only 4 and I could already see how caring she is.” Offering Hanbin a support squeeze of the shoulder, Junhoe gushes over Hani and you couldn’t help but smile. Hanbin’s heart feels the same as he shares a small grin.  “Junsu fell just now when they were all chasing each other. He wanted to be strong and not cry but I think Hani knows. She kissed him because that’s what you do when she falls and cries. She kept saying it’ll make him feel better and I couldn’t bear to break up their little moment.”

“Really?” Hanbin raise an eyebrow in both amazement and surprise.

“Yea. For what it worths, I think you’re an amazing dad, hyung. Lord know what kind of girl Junsu will date in the future but if he learns anything from Hani, I hope he knows who to choose.”

“For what it worths, I think Y/n and I would be lucky to have Junsu. I can’t imagine how I’d turn out if Y/n’s parents didn’t approve of me. I was so head over heels for the girl I thought I was gonna go mental for awhile. It was still so hard even with both our parents practically announcing she’s my betrothed to everyone we met. I honestly am still can’t get over the fact that I somehow conned her into marrying me. Like, how? If I was her, i’d probably hate me.”

Sharing a hearty laugh, both men gaze into the blue sky wondering what the future hold. Who know if the kids would end up together or not but one thing they both know is how much in love they are with their babies. What they’d do to protect them. A few seconds of silent past before Junhoe’s stifled laugh clears the serenity of the air.

“Honestly if things do happen between the kids in the future, I’d just step aside and let it rolls. Last things any kids need is for their parents to be unsupportive, you know. I learn a lot from you and your wife. Junsu is so smart and I’m glad he’s there to guide Hani through school.” Hanbin wise words earn a soft nod from Junhoe as they both sit and watch the clouds float by, amaze at how far things had gone. It still seems like only yesterday when Ikon debuted, now they’re all parents or at least expecting.

“Look at us, sitting here talking about the kids getting marry while all they want is pizza, juice, and ice cream before dinner without being scold. They’re not even in elementary yet. I mean, Junsu has me run to the ground and Hani, she got you wrap around her fingers.” 

Hanbin blinks a few time in utter confusion before cracking up into a hearty chuckle. He couldn’t believe his own reaction.

“Right, I’m in so much trouble. If she’s only 4 and she got me this riled up, can you imagine when she’s 16.” 

“Hey, you’re on your own with that one. I don’t wanna know or even think about dealing with a teenage girl.” Junhoe raises both his arm in the air in defeat, feeling slightly sorry for Hanbin.

“Don’t say that. You never know. That baby in cooking in your wife’s belly might be a girl.” Hanbin smirk at Junhoe’s weary expression thinking about what his hot head self would be like in a few years.

“Right… We won’t know till next month. See I love my kids, no matter the gender, or how they turn out to be. What I’m worry about, have you seen how spunky my wife is. Can you imagine two of her running around? I might have to retired early, leader.”

Slapping his shoulder supportively, Hanbin shares with his younger brother an understanding look knowing that situation all too well. With a deeper understanding of each other, they walk back toward the sound of screaming and shrieking by the playground. You had long left the spot knowing they were both in good hands.

Watching them walking back now, June’s arm slung over Hanbin shoulders while they laugh away, your heart elated knowing he could always rely on his brothers. Just as they got to the edge of the playground, Hani races over into Hanbin’s arms giggling madly while Junsu clings onto Junhoe’s leg, koala style.

“What’s up with you two monkeys?” Hanbin quips, knowing all too well that smirk and playful grin mean something funky is up.

“Daddy.” She speaks up softly earning a smile and a kiss from her dad.

“Yes, baby.”

“Uncle.” She turns her attention to a very confuse Junhoe, eyeing Hanbin for help. 

“Yes, Hani.” He answers, not a clue to what these kids planned.

“I want to adopt Junsu.”

“And I agreed!” Junsu cheers, still clinging onto his dad’s leg tightly as they both share a laugh.

“You guys what now?” Both dads exclaim in shock. What on Earth had gotten into these kiddos.

“You know how we adopted Benny?”

“Yes, what has our puppy got to do with this?” The more his baby speak the more lost Hanbin got. The men stare at each other, speechless at their kids’ crazy antic. Did they really left that long to talk that everything suddenly devolving so fast.

“Well I wanna adopt Junsu. He teaches me math and dance. If I adopt him, he can come live with us.”

“Baby, adoption doesn’t really work like that.” Hanbin tries his best to suppress the laugh that’s cracking his voice slightly. He couldn’t help but be all smiley at Hani’s cute words and random train of thought. The last thing he wants is for her to feel embarrass so he opts to hide his adoration for the toddler.

“Oh, it doesn’t?” Her voice rises so high you’re sure it had reached the heaven. Watching afar, you couldn’t help but be amuse at the situation playing out in front of your eyes. Junhoe and Hanbin couldn’t be any more lost and the kids, well they’re kids. 

“Hani, do you know what adoption means?”

“Uncle, I’m big now. I know okay. It means you like the person a lot so you tell them to be your brother. Benny is my little brother. Junsu can be my older brother.” She raises an eyebrow at Junhoe, making sure to speak clearly so he knows she understands.

“Yea, daddy. Hani can be my little sister.” Junsu had gotten off Junhoe’s leg at this point, one hand tugging at his dad, the other holding onto Hani’s little hand tightly.

“Okay, you two crazy monkeys. I can’t afford to lose anymore sleep from both of you, alright. Benny didn’t have any family so mommy adopted him. Junsu has uncle and auntie. He’ll go home to his dad and mom. While you, missy, you’ll come home to me and mommy. What I can tell you is if you’re a good girl, next year you can go to the same school as Junsu.”

“We are?” Hani shriek, nearly punctures both Junhoe and Hanbin’s eardrums. Blinking blindly at each other trying to process what the hell was going on, Junhoe stuff his fingers in his ear trying to recover his hearing. Hanbin would’ve done the same if he isn’t exerting all his strength in keeping Hani from tumbling out of his grasp. The little tyke had gotten so excited about going to the same school as Junsu she’s currently simultaneously kicking and shrieking. 

“Okay, off you two go. I think daddy lost his hearing.” Hanbin winces as he gently let Hani lands onto the ground next to Junsu. The two little ones hold hand and run off into the distant laughing happily. Staring back at Junhoe, they both shake their head, incredulous what had just happened. 

“We’re in so much trouble, hyung. These kids and their crazy imagination…”

Sighing in defeat, the men part way. As Junhoe makes his way back to his resting wife, Hanbin steers toward your direction smiling brightly.

“Hey babe. Did you have fun avoiding the little situation from the crazy monkey just now?” Sarcasm runs high, lacing itself in each words as he presses a kiss onto your cheek.

“Uhm, I think you and June got it under control. No point for me to interfere.” 

“Uh huh…”

“So, I see you and June worked it out. I knew you can’t stay mad at the boy for long.” Before he could say anything else, you cut him off with a soft smile.

“Yea, I’m crazy. I’m really sorry, babe. I didn’t mean to get us in all those arguments, I was just worried. I realized how stupid it all was.”

His gaze falters as the confident, playful voice drowns out into something dismal. The thought of you both being mad at each other is something Hanbin never want to think of yet he let it happened twice in one week. Sensing his overwhelming guilt, you take a page out of Hani’s book and press a small kiss onto his cheek to soothe away your man’s discomfort. Even after all these years, Hanbin still blush intensely whenever you touch him as if it’s the first time. If only he knows how much of a mess he makes whenever he touches you, melting your inside with sweet words.

“Don’t worry about it. The cheeky monkey will makes us tear our hair out in the future plenty. I’m sure of it. Just know I’m here if you need to talk. If I’m really honest, I thought it’s really sweet how much you adore our baby. Not many man would admit their love for their kids and I’m lucky enough to be with someone so caring. Don’t worry about being unreasonable.”

Hearing you gush over him, Hanbin couldn’t help but let his emotion evident as he pulls you into that all too familiar yet by no mean boring bear hug. Whispering a quiet “thank you”, he lets you off as you both walk hand in hand toward the rest of the couples enjoying the nice day out. 

“You know, are you really, really sure you were the one that conned me into dating and marrying you?” You lean over whispering softly before sending him a teasing wink. His eyes widen before a small chuckle settles in. Exchanging a few “I love you”, you both continue on your way as Hanbin’s watchful yet content eyes watch over Hani joyously playing with the other kids. He knows this won’t be the last time he gets jealous and unreasonable about his little girl but now, at least he knows he’ll always have support from you and the boys.

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Ram vs Matteusz

This is actually really tricky. Ram is the trained athlete, so it would depend on whether it’s later in the series when he’s more used to the artificial leg. 

Matteusz is pretty strong, though, and I think he’s sneakier (that Ravenclaw strategy, you know). 

To be honest, I don’t know who would win. I would say they’re quite evenly matched, and that it’s good they’re on the same team, in the end. Imagine them as a fighting duo, though, that would be great. (April and Tanya being their own as well, of course, and Quill her own force of nature. God knows what Charlie’s doing. If he has a weapon, great, he’ll know how to use it, if not, god help him.) 

Something is Brewing Part 2: A Draco Malfoy x Reader Imagine

As in Part 1, you can sub another house in for Ravenclaw if you wish, but I felt that Ravenclaw best fit this storyline. If you see any errors that I may have missed in the hour and a half I spent editing this, please do not hesitate to let me know so I can fix them. I’m only human after all.

After being assigned detention in a Snape’s potions class, the muggle born reader must serve it with Malfoy, the same person who earned it for the both of them. Emotions continue to bubble as the two students skirt around what they feel, though tensions eventually come to a boil. After all, with eyes the color of smoky mirrors, who wouldn’t fall for Draco Malfoy despite their friends’ qualms? By the end of the night there is no denying that something is brewing.

[Y/n] - your name
Y/L/N - your last name
~~~ - used to indicate the passage of time

Warnings: Other than two extremely mild curse words and the tiniest bit of suggestiveness, none :)

***If you haven’t read Part 1, please do so. This is not a shameless self-promo, it’s just a notice that some of the story may not make sense if you haven’t done so.***

Word Count: 4,158

The aged bark of the willow tree is at my back, as breeze off the black lake ruffles the pages of my DADA book. It has been a long day, so I decided to get some fresh air and a study session in before dinner. Draco was absent in potions today, but Snape made it clear that our detentions would still be served.

For the entirety of this day I’ve been dreading tonight, however the note tucked away in my potions notebook has created a vague sense of anticipation in my chest.

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Please imagine asexual!Chris.

Now imagine asexual!Chris not knowing what asexuality is. Imagine Chris thinking that there’s something wrong with him. Imagine him not saying anything because he’s seen one of Josh’s breakdowns and doesn’t feel like he deserves to complain to his best friend about this.

Now think of Chris going through his teen years wondering what he’s missing. Imagine him listening to the rest of his friends talk about girls or guys and how hot they are and him laughingly blowing off all of Josh’s attempts to hook him up with people because he’s not interested in sleeping with them.

Imagine Chris finally sleeping with some girl to see if maybe that will “fix” him, and how worried he is when he doesn’t feel any different the next day. Imagine him sleeping with some guy for the same reason, with the same result. Imagine him not going after his crush because he’s not sexually attracted to them so he obviously doesn’t really like them.

Imagine Chris being really scared because he doesn’t know what’s wrong with him, even though nothing is.