imagine their playdates ... i

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Imagine baby Lotor and baby Allura in a playdate :3c

awwww see I was really really hoping for childhood friends Allura and Lotor!! When Allura found out Zarkon had a son and she was all confused I was pretty disappointed lmao. Also, we saw that galra giving babies little versions of Lotor’s helmet from the 80′s is like this tradition in VLD, so just imagine toddler Lotor and Allura both running around in their dorky little galra helmets. Exploring the castle and playing games while their parents are in diplomatic meetings, both of them going on about how they’ll be paladins too when they’re older and teasing each other like “My family’s lion is way cooler than yours.” Why were we deprived of this 

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thalia is a must in the happy families au bc the rivalry w/ percy would be beautiful. for wtv reason i imagined that during a piper/jason playdate thalia's there too and she pulls piper aside for a sec and tells her that "dick" is a shorter word for pancake. later on thalia casually asks percy what he likes to eat for breakfast and right away piper goes "dicks!". percy and annabeth freeze. thalia snickers. then piper adds "but only if they're blue!". thalia nearly dies. jason is very confused.