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i got a lil thing of monster clay to mess around with and got the idea to make my booiii nace

his quills ended up a little long in the back but eh!

this little head uses the entire sample size block of soft make of monster clay, in case anyone might wanna look into it and wants to know how big the samples are!

but yeah! im thinking of getting more so i can make more stuff, its a lot of fun o/ 

Captain’s Sugar; Part Two

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Warning(s): None!

Note: This idea is originally by @propertyofpoeandbucky, who so kindly let me use this idea. Also I am so sorry this one is really short, next part will be longer is very filthy. All credit goes to them and their amazing mind! Make sure to check this out on my AO3!

Ever since meeting the team they have invited you to spend time with them. You have became a member of the team basically. Although you started out as Tony’s PA, you are now the Avenger’s PA. While you help all of them, you are closest to Steve and Tony. For some reason you and Steve have a very deep bond. One thing that confuses you is ever since you started being around the team, random gifts have appeared in your office. The gifts are often expensive and insanely beautiful. You aren’t complaining, you are just confused about who is sending them.

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Could I request domestic headcanons like you did with Ace and the others but with Kidd, Bellamy and Baby 5, all with a female s/o (if that's okay to specify that sort of thing)? And thank you! Your work is seriously awesome my dude!

The sharing a place ones? If I’m wrong just send it in again and I’ll redo no bother :) And don’t worry about asking for specifics, if you want female pronouns used I’m cool with it, same for male.

As asked they’ll be with female pronouns.


  • S/o will forever have mixed feelings after she moved in with him. Half the time it’s fine, but the other half she’ll regret it so much.
  • Arguments are bound to happen every single day, often over some really really petty stuff. It’s just in Kid’s nature to need to bitch.
  • “Y/N, where’s the hell is the bread?” “Oh, we ran out.” “WHY THE FUCK DIDN’T YOU GO AND BUY SOME MORE THEN? FUCKS SAKE!”
  • The neighbours really hate living next door because of the arguments and because Kid just does not have a quiet voice. He has to shout almost everything so they can pretty much always hear whatever the couple are doing.
  • Chilling out together at home usually consists of  crappy food and raunchy TV series. He likes watching Game of Thrones, American Gods, Black Sails, etc. Basically anything with sex, nudity, violence and blood and he’s super game. He’ll complain if his s/o wants to watch something that’s not too his taste. Don’t you dare make him watch How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Teen Mom or Desperate Housewives, woman!
  • She made him watch Grey’s Anatomy and he secretly likes it. Everyone just has sex with each other and then does some bloody surgery and that’s cool. Also, he was absolutely not okay when McDreamy died. Not at all.
  • Dates usually consist of night’s out going to town to get drunk and  going to whatever cool gigs and festivals are happening.
  • If they’re at a gig or a festival he’ll let his s/o sit on his shoulders so she can see better. He can be a damn good boyfriend in his own way.
  • There is a slight and basic routine his s/o made to keep the household together. All household chores and cleaning have to be done by Sunday latest and groceries shopping is done on the same day. Sunday’s are always prime for the most arguments because of this.
  • Mornings are hectic because both of them want to use the bathroom first but neither of them want to go after the other. Kid often wins over his s/o because he’ll just wrestle her into the bed and then sprint down the hallway before she can even get back up.
  • If they don’t watch TV together they tend to do other creative things. He surprisingly likes to make pretty or Gothic jewellery, but at the moment his s/o is teaching him how to paint. He’s not very good but he’s gonna finish this fucking masterpiece for her.
  • Couple stuff isn’t really his thing, especially not publicly, although he does frequently post photos of them together via snapchat. Or solitary ones of his s/o bending over or something with a caption like “Imma smash this babe tonight <3” or “I’m a fucking lucky dude.”
  • Half the time he’ll go to bed at the same time as his s/o because it means he can cuddle with her without it being all cute and romantic.
  • The household is usually kinda messy and a bit chaotic, Kid does not care. Don’t come to his house if you’re gonna bitch at him about it. He’ll gladly tell anyone who does to fuck off.


  • Routine. Routine. Routine! But it has to work around his fitness regime or it’s not gonna fly.
  • It’s usually down to his s/o to maintain the household, he just forgets to do chores. If she asks him to do something around the house he’ll say he’ll do it but then it just escapes his mind. He’ll apologise eventually later.
  • He’ll get up at 6am every morning to do his workout routine, have breakfast at 7.30 and then hit the shower at 8; usually all before his s/o gets up out of bed. So there is usually no conflict for the bathroom unless she gets up to do his workout with him.
  • They’ll go to the gym together and enjoy a touchy feely sauna afterwards so long as there’s not many people about.
  • His s/o goes to bed before him, he’s usually up watching TV or in his home gym for a bit longer before he’ll join her.
  • Have one day a week where they have to do something fun together. Whether it’s going out for a bit of shopping, having a diet cheat day and stuffing themselves full of junk food with bad movies or going to the touring carnival in the next town over.
  • Have baths together, they get to chill out and chat and it’s romantic in his mind.
  • He’ll let his s/o do full on makeovers on him so long as it never leaves the house. No one can ever know.
  • The house is always pristinely tidy just in case they get any visitors. He’d die if anyone turned up and his place was a mess.
  • He cooks every meal so he can control what goes into his food. He works to a strict food plan so he had to make sure everything is done right. He also does the grocery shopping so his s/o doesn’t buy in food he thinks is garbage.
  • Go hiking together on the weekends and want to do a cross continent backpacking holiday together.


  • Her s/o has to put her foot down and take charge of this household to make things run fair.
  • She’ll make sure the chores are split so Baby 5 doesn’t decide to do them all herself and absolutely will not abuse Baby 5’s need to do everything people ask of her.
  • Baby 5 is not allowed to answer the door because she’ll often end up buying shit off door to door salesmen that they really don’t need. They now have 3 different types of insurance, newly fitted double glazing, they’ve switched gas suppliers twice and a whole cupboard full of cookies from the bear scouts. They’re also signed up to 7 different charities.
  • She’s also not allowed to wonder off on her own when they go out because the same thing happens with the field sales people. And she’ll overbuy from stores if left unattended.
  • Their house is supper cluttered because of Baby 5’s shopping habits so looks messy despite the avid cleaning.
  • Have a yard sale/car boot sale every summer to get rid of some of the stuff.
  • Their neighbour are completely convinced they’re hoarders because of the amount of stuff they see the couple take into their house. They also think they have a house full of pets because Baby 5 has bought an abundance of unneeded pet items.
  • If they’re hanging out at home they’ll watch emotional movies together. Baby 5 needs a good cry now and then so they’ll hit all the chick flicks, sad dramas and just have at it. She cannot watch all of Titanic without crying and don’t even get her started on the emotional wreck she becomes watching The Fault in Our Stars. Marley and Me really broke her though. She had to go lie down for a bit.
  • They alternate who gets to use the bathroom first to keep it fair, though half of the time they just use it together, they don’t care.
  • Have mini prank wars, nothing too serious though. Baby 5 will put salt instead of sugar in her s/o’s tea and her s/o will flush the toilet when Baby 5 is in the shower so the water runs freezing cold or something like that. Harmless fun.
  • Do each others hair and makeup if needed before they go out or if they have guests coming over. If not then it’s pyjama city.
  • Snuggling up together and watching tele is their favourite thing to do at home together.
  • They both cook meals together and often end up having food fights that devolve into make out sessions.
  • Go to bed together and get up together in the morning. They’re always the first and last thing each other sees.
Tim’s Observation log, #8

#8 – Day 2, noon.

Bruce has been quite good this morning. He didn’t cry too much, he stayed with me without trying to escape and go outside. A nice baby. The books I saw yesterday on the internet has been delivered during the late morning, while Bruce was napping. He should receive the best education from now on,  in the eventuality his condition couldn’t be reversed. We may not find a way out of this situation, as I don’t have any trail yet. We’ll teach him everything he’s supposed to already know as Batman, and even more. For now, we’ll begin with Newtonian Physics for Babies. Seems the best to begin with. Damian will probably try to train him as soon as he can stand up. We should avoid giving him sharp objects at first. I’ll have Dick explain that to Damian. The kid’s training with his mother is not the best example of a well-balanced childhood.

It has been difficult to put him to sleep, considering that he didn’t want to – even if he was rubbing his eyes – and that Alfred decided to sleep in the crib. I’ll have a word with Damian about that cat, he can’t use the crib as his own bed and it keeps Bruce from falling asleep when he crying right next to him. I tried to take advantage of Bruce’s nap to get some rest myself, but I couldn’t close my eyes and he just woke up screaming as soon as I closed my eyes. He didn’t take me long to reach his room but Dick was already there, wearing nothing but sweatpants and looking drowsy. I wanted him to get back to sleep, but he didn’t listen and made his way to the kitchen. I preferred to heat the baby food myself as I was practically certain Dick would just forget to put the pot out of the microwave considering how he was dozing off. Bruce let Dick feed him although most of the food ended up on both of them, including Dick’s hair. I tried to pick the spoon, but Bruce didn’t accept to be fed by me. I hope Dick will pull himself together and that at least Bruce will let Jason or Damian feed him too.

I ordered some food while they were playing with the food. I hope Jason will come back soon. It may become difficult to manage if both Dick and Bruce are to be taken care of.

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Baby Driver: Darlingx!SisterReader + 19 + 28

Characters: Reader x Monica “Darling” Castello + Miles / “Baby”

Warnings: swearing

Prompts: 19: “Does your life revolve around embarrassing me?” 28: “Go to hell.” “Already been but thanks for the invite.”

Word Count: 305

A/N: i based it off your gif imagine!!


“You should ask him out.” Darling remarked, leaning towards you. You shoved your sister away, shaking your head as she laughed. “What? I think you and Baby would make a cute couple.

Glaring at Darling, you said, “Go to hell.” 

“Already been but thanks for the invite.” Darling shrugged. “Come on, sis, he’s cute! I totally approve!”

“Thanks, but I don’t need your approval.” you raised your eyebrows, and Darling leaned back in her seat. “Besides, he probably doesn’t even like me back.”

“He’d be fucking stupid if he turned you down.” Darling replied, and you smirked. Although your sister could be a pain in the ass, she was still family. The both of you looked up upon hearing someone enter the room, and you could see a gleeful smile spread across Darling’s face when you realised it was Baby. Turning back to you, she said, “Now’s your chance!”

“Shut up!” you hissed, right as Baby approached. He nervously avoided eye contact with Darling, but gave you a shy smile. Ignoring your protests, Darling snapped her fingers at Baby, catching his attention.

“Baby, Baby, Baby,” Darling grinned. “My sister here was wondering if you’d like to go on a date with her?”

You immediately began to blush, and you smacked Darling’s arm as Baby’s jaw dropped. Darling burst out laughing as you loudly groaned, “Does your life revolve around embarrassing me?”

“Of course it does-” Darling was about to respond, when Baby cut her off.

“I’d love to go on a date with you, y/n.” Baby blurted, and both you and Darling slowly turned to face him with wide eyes. Darling whooped excitedly, clapping her hand on your back.

“Looks like my work here is done.” Darling declared triumphantly, and you shook your head, suppressing your growing smile. “I’ll leave you two lovebirds alone!”

Here’s a thread of my favorite thing: harry in yellow🌞🌻🐝💛⭐️🍯🍋🍌🌼

This iconic photo

One of my all time favs

Such beauty

Let’s not forget this most sacred day

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Let’s all give a round of applause to thank harry for inventing the color yellow🍯


ok but harry in blue is the reason for my existence

••• Part 2

Harry is going to be the best dad. Proof:

i c o n i c


this is so funny hahahah



never let this moment die (“MAKE SOME NOISE FOR ERIC”)

Look how happy he gets at the POSSIBLITY of there being a baby near

I love how prominent he is in lux’s life (uncle knobhead) ((LOOK HOW HAPPY HE IS))

Even theo is shook #same

And finally, this. I love how playful he is with them ugh

I could go on and on but tumblr has a 10 picture limit HAHA