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An Original Design

Hey! @tourmei SURPRISE I’m your secret santa!! I’m sorry this is so long, and even sorrier that this is so late!!! This was supposed to be a cute lil drabble, but it turned into this monster, so….. You’re welcome? I’m sorry? Both, maybe? IDK. BUT, I HOPE U ENJOY!!!

FYI: Post-reveal. Adrienette. Ft. Alya. Rated T for a few choice words. Word count: 4,252 (yIkes) My version of Gabriel tryna be a good father ok???? Let me dream.


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Imagine Kenma pulling Kuroo’s sleeve on the train, saying he wants to get out of the train a station early to go to the game store.

Imagine Kuroo wondering why Kenma is taking so long looking at everything, since Kenma usually knows what he wants to get and is out of the store in no time to get to playing the game already.

Imagine Kenma eventually finding what he’s looking for, paying for it and Kuroo following him to the station, still not knowing what’s going on.

Imagine Kenma not taking the train home, but just boarding a different one. Kuroo can’t fathom why Kenma is acting this way, until he sees a sign pointing in the direction of “Fukurodani Academy”.

Imagine Kenma crashing Fukurodani’s volleyball practice just to give Akaashi his birthday present: an owl version of ‘my pets’, that Bokuto keeps pestering Akaashi about wanting to play.

Imagine Akaashi not actually being that much into games, but refusing to hand the game over to Bokuto, most of all because it would be really embarrassing for other people to find out he’d named his owl after Nekoma’s setter.