imagine the mess!!1

Hot Mess: Part 1

Genre: Smut

Words: 3171

Pairing: Yoongi x reader x Jungkook

Summary: Your high-school reunion is interrupted when your high school besties come up to you with an absurd request that they want you to fulfil. You won’t give in…will you? 

Warning: Contains sexually explicit and mature themes.

“You want me to what?”

You stared blankly at the two men standing before you, looking around to avoid having to explain to you their fantastic idea. Well, you weren’t about to let it go. You didn’t remove your eyes from their toned frames, now, more curious than dumbfounded. Unnerved by your fixed stare, Jungkook finally spoke.

“We want you to suck us off…both of us.”

You scoffed. What the hell?

“You’ve finally lost of mind, Jeon. I’m leaving.” You grabbed your clutch from the bar and made your way out of the club.

This was supposed to be a high school reunion. Jungkook and Yoongi had been two of your closer friends in school before you graduated and went your separate ways. When the invite for the school reunion landed on your doorstep, you were hesitant to call them. It had been six years since you’d even spoken to each other, after all. But your curiosity and nostalgia drove you to your cell and you ended up making a group chat. The three of you decided to meet up and head to the club together, like old times and you did. You were catching up and enjoying your drinks.

You were enjoying your drinks, that is, until, Jeon lost his fucking mind.

You frowned as you made your way through sweaty bodies and grinding, horny adults until you reached the exit of the club. Pushing the door open, you stepped outside and closed your eyes. You took in a deep breath, letting your mind dispose off unsavoury thoughts and smiled to yourself as you felt them leave your being. Calm and collected, this is what-

“We want you to suck us off…both of us.”

“FUCK YOU, JEON!” You screamed in frustration. You cursed under your breath as you realized that you were, in fact, aroused.

“I wouldn’t mind that one bit ____”

You turned around at the speed of light to find Jungkook standing with his back against the wall and both hands in his pockets. Your eyes widened as they moved over the huge bulge he was proudly sporting in his pants, not bothering to hide it at all.


Before you could stop it, a very vivid image of you choking on Jeon’s cock as he fucked your mouth without mercy plastered itself in your mind and you gasped.

“See something you like, doll?”

The smirk on his sculpted face was enough to snap you out of your fantasy. If Jeon thought he could get his way by acting cocky the he couldn’t be more wrong…right?

You nervously laughed, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I will…uh, see you soon. Bye!” The last bit of that sentence came out more like a squeal but you didn’t care. You were at the peak of your arousal. You could feel yourself getting wetter by the second and Jeon’s god-like body was not helping your condition in any way. You needed to get off and you would do that without sucking off the two of your closest high school friends. Only, you weren’t sure how long you’d hold on to that resolve in the presence of Jeon. You turned around to run for your life but ended up bumping into someone’s chest.
You clutched your nose. Great, first Jeon proposes this absurd plan which somehow managed to make you more aroused than you have been and now this man with a rock for chest is taking shots at breaking your nose. Great fucking night.


Immediately, you looked up and saw Yoongi looking down at you with the same old deadpanned expression he’s always had. You groaned internally. During high school, you had managed to develop a small crush on Yoongi and maybe, just maybe, you hadn’t grown out of it completely. With that being said, at that moment, you didn’t have any patience to ponder about your crush on Yoongi. You needed to get home immediately before you jumped him.

“Right, hey. Look I gotta go, hm? I’ll see you guys around.” You went around Yoongi to call for a taxi but Yoongi stopped you by holding on to your hand. You gasped as goosebumps spread throughout your body and the hairs on your arm stood up from the contact. You closed your eyes as a shiver ran all the way down to your core and heat spread throughout your body and before you could stop yourself, you let out a moan.

Instantly, your eyes flew open. You did not just do that.

You groaned and turned around only to find both Yoongi and Jungkook smirking in victory. Jungkook abandoned his backrest that was the wall and walked towards you with one hand in his pocket and other dangling at his side. Yoongi let go of your arm only to close the distance separating you. He stepped closer until there was literally no space left between you and him and moved his mouth close to your right ear. Then he whispered right in your ear. 

“I will fuck you until the whole city can hear you screaming my name.”

You whimpered. That was it. Your legs lost power. Your hands moved to clutch the front of his shirt to stop your fall. You were breathing heavy now, your eyes closed. You steadied yourself as Yoongi’s hand went around your waist to give you support. You opened your eyes to find an amused Yoongi looking at you with a raised brow. “We haven’t even started yet, sweetstuff.”

You would have blushed if you weren’t so terribly horny. At that moment, any delay in the pleasure was only causing you to get irritated. You closed your eyes let out another heavy breath and clutched onto Yoongi’s shirt tighter.

“Are we doing this or not?”

“Doing what, doll?” Jeon’s voice breathed right into your left ear from behind you. When did he get behind you? Before you could figure out that puzzle, his hands started slowly crawling up your backside. Slowly his hands changed their course to your front and finally rested on your clothed crotch right over your clit. However, he didn’t move his hands. He just put pressure and pressed hard, making you bite your lips to stop yourself from crying out in pleasure.

Just as you began to gain the tiniest bit of relief, Jeon withdrew his hands and stepped back. Yoongi mirrored his actions. You looked at both of them, annoyed. You raised eyebrows in a silent question.

“Oh come on ____!” Jeon teased. “You didn’t expect us to make a lady suck two cocks on the streets right? We’re gentlemen.”

You rolled your eyes and looked around. A bunch of drunken adults were kissing each other’s faces off, a man was staggering back to his car, and the bouncer of the club was leaning against the wall, smoking a cigarette. The night was pitch black now; the only source of sound and light was the club. 

“Why, boys? This seems like a nice place to me.” You smirked. 

Jeon and Yoongi looked at each other, surprised at your new form. You, on the other hand, couldn’t care less. You were beyond horny now and the idea of sucking off their cocks in public just seemed to arouse you more. You turned slightly and moved back until your back touched Jungkook once again. You ran your tongue over your lips and looked at Yoongi, whose eyes seemed to be turning darker by the minute. You pressed your ass against Jungkook’s raging boner. His sharp intake of breath did not go unnoticed. You smirked at Yoongi as you purposely grinded your ass against Jungkook’s boner, making him grip your waist fiercely and push into your clothed heat.  “C’mon Jeon.” You were still looking at Yoongi, who was now returning your smirk with a lustful smile of his own. “Show me what you got.”

Jungkook growled and pressed harder against you. “Fine. You want me to show you what I got? I’ll do just that.” He backed away. You felt a hand on your wrist whirling you around and Jungkook began pulling you somewhere. You turned around to see Yoongi following you both. Jungkook kept walking further down the street until it got dark, real dark. Suddenly, he took a sharp right into a dark alley lit only by one flickering streetlight.  

It was really dark and the light overhead was flickering giving you only glimpses of the boy in front of you, unbuckling his pants in the middle of this quiet alleyway. You felt your heartbeat increasing anticipation of the events that were about to unfold. Although you had fantasized about public sex countless times before, you had never put it to test. You were so lost in your fantasies that you didn’t notice Yoongi behind you until both his hands were resting on your shoulders. You gasped at the contact for the second time in the night and felt heat inside you grow more intense as his hands reached the elastic securing your strapless mini-dress around your breasts. He ran his hands along the elastic once and then, twice. Then, as fast as wind, he pulled your dress down, releasing your breasts. You shivered as the cool night breeze hit your bare bosom, making your nipples hard. You backed up into Yoongi to gather as much heat as possible and he obliged by wrapping his left arm around your bare waist, pulling you closer to him. You felt his other hand move around in your mess of a hair bun and with a few skilful movements on his part, you hair fell luxuriously down your back.

“Kneel down, sweetstuff.” Yoongi whispered in your ear, sending a new wave of heat to your core. You tried to turn around to face him but he held you in place.

“Not for me. There’s someone else you’ve teased long enough.” Yoongi said and you could hear the smirk in his voice. You cursed under you breath as you kneeled down. You had completely forgotten about Jungkook. You squinted in order to find Jungkook since your eyes hadn’t quite adjusted to the bright flickering streetlight. No more than 5 seconds later, you could make out a form coming towards you- one that was undoubtedly of Jungkook.

A stark naked Jungkook.

You involuntarily let out a whimper. Jungkook’s delicious nakedness was making you breathe heavier by the minute. Your eyes travelled from his long, toned calves to his muscled thighs. Your eyes moved up his groin and you were sure you were salivating by that point. His cock was standing proudly, leaking precum. You let you tongue run over your lower lip as you took in the sight of his hairless crotch. It was strangely arousing, the thought that Jeon shaved down there. Just imagining the scene made your lip quiver in a wave of arousal.
You would have liked to appreciate his sculpted body more but Jungkook had other plans.

You almost stopped breathing when Jeon started palming himself, not breaking eye contact with you even for a second. You hungrily watched as he ran his hand over his length up and down, spreading the precum. The pace of his hand moving over his cock was so torturously slow that you growled with frustration. Jungkook let out a dark chuckle when he noticed your impatience.

“Looks like my doll is getting hungry for cock, eh?”

You narrowed your eyes. Two could play this game.

You smirked. “I wouldn’t be the one to speak.” You said, signaling your eyes towards his groin. “Maybe you should stop stroking yourself, Jeon. We wouldn’t want our little boy to cum before even tasting pussy.”

Jungkook’s ear turned red at your remark and Yoongi chuckled behind you.

You looked as the reaction you had hoped for surfaced. Jungkook grit his teeth and in one long stride he was standing right in front of you, his hand gripping your hair from the back. “Oh, I will taste this pussy. Don’t you worry. But in the meantime, why don’t you choke on some cock? You look like you need it.” Jungkook smirked.

You shrugged the best your position allowed you to. “I never denied it.”

“Get to work, doll.”

You let your tongue run over your lower lip and slowly traced your hands from Jungkook’s calves to his thighs. You let your left hand rest on his thigh while your right hand got busy in spreading Jeon’s precum over his length. You slowly let your hands run the length of his dick, from the base to the tip. You looked up to find Jeon looking at you intensely, his mouth open and his breathing heavy.

“Don’t tease me,___. Take me in already.”

You smiled at his impatience but decided he’d been teased enough. You took him in your mouth, letting your tongue slowly circle his tip, making Jeon groan with pleasure.

“Fuck…fuck yes. Come on doll, don’t be shy. Take me in. All the way.”

You looked up at Jeon, giving him the best seductive look you could manage. Then, without hesitation, you took him in all the way. Jungkook gasped at the sudden warmth and gripped your hair tighter. You rhythmically started going down on him, earning grunts and moans throughout. Your left hand abandoned Jeon’s thigh and moved to gently massage his balls. You continued sucking him, licking at his tip, and then began pumping his shaft at the same time with your right hand.

“Fuck, ___! Oh god, you’re good.” Jeon moaned out, now matching your pace with his thrusts.
Behind you, Yoongi’s hand shifted from your shoulder, where it was holding you in place, to his pants. 

“I’m done watching. Fuck this.” He breathed out while his hands skillfully unzipped his trousers and took out his semi-hard dick. “Come on, sweetstuff. Give daddy some attention too.” You took Jeon’s cock out of your mouth with a pop and shifted your position so your back was resting against the wall and both your high-school best friends were on your either side. You took Yoongi in your mouth while your hand continued to move across Jeon’s shaft, causing him to tremble with pleasure. You glanced at Yoongi and he groaned as you took him into your mouth, down your throat. In no time, you had both men moaning and panting with pleasure.

Suddenly, Jungkook removed your hands from his throbbing penis and you released Yoongi from your mouth. He helped you get up and get back to your previous position- sandwiched between the two men, with Jeon in front of you.

“It’s not nice to keep the lady waiting.” Yoongi whispered into your ear from behind and kissed your shoulder. His hand moved down to your crotch but derailed and grabbed the inner side of your right thigh instead, pulling it apart from your other and into the air. Your dress was now up to your waist, exposing your moist womanhood. Yoongi’s assault on your shoulder didn’t stop. He licked a thick stripe from your shoulder to the crook of your neck, and bit you lightly in what you could only describe as a sensitive area of your neck, considering the vulgar moan you let out. His free hand moved to your left breast and started fondling it, pinching your nipples now and then.

While you were lost in the pleasure of Yoongi’s assaults, you failed to notice Jungkook bending on his knees, his mouth right in front of your exposed pussy. He blew hot air into it and you shivered. You opened your eyes to find his looking up at you with lust-filled eyes. He reached up with his right hand, keeping his left hand on your thigh held in mid-air by Yoongi, and spread your pussy lips apart. “Fuck,___. You’re so wet.” He groaned. You drunkenly nodded your head in response as Jungkook’s thumb moved across your clit, rubbing it in circular motions at a torturously slow pace. You moaned loudly at the sensation. The boys had kept you waiting for so long even Jeon rubbing your clit had you dangerously close to cumming. While Jeon’s handiwork had you wildly moving your hips in pleasure, you wanted more of him. You wanted his face buried in your cunt. With your free hand, you grabbed his hair. You were panting when you breathed out, “Eat me out, Jeon. Don’t be a tease.”
Jeon smirked at that. “Only because you were so good to me, doll.”

Leaning forward, he kissed your mons before allowing his tongue to trace up and down the inside of your thighs. He could smell the musky sweetness of your core. He buried his face in your core, his tongue teasing your slit and quickly moving to your clit. He alternated between vigorously flickering his tongue across your clit and gently sucking on it and boy, was it making you go wild. You were losing all mind and control, moaning endlessly in a voice so loud that you were sure someone would end up finding you getting wrecked by two men. Jungkook’s assault on your clit made you tense your thighs and ass. You were so close. You pushed yourself towards his eager probing the best you could with Yoongi holding your leg in the air. Jungkook reached around to squeeze your ass and pull you closer to him. You really were so close now. With another flick of Jeon’s tongue over your clit, you shuddered and let out low feral moan, arching your head backwards as the powerful orgasm took over your entire body. You shivered violently, leaning back and holding onto Yoongi for support as Jeon continued to lap up your juices throughout your high.

“Jeon,” You panted. “oh god, that was brilliant.”

Jungkook removed his face from your core and kissed your inner thigh. Smiling, he got up while Yoongi finally let your leg down on the ground. He didn’t let go of you, though. It was Yoongi who spoke next.

“We need a room.”

You finally opened your eyes and looked at him. “Why? I think we’re doing just fine here.”

Yoongi chuckled impatiently. Out of the corner of your eyes, you noticed Jungkook getting dressed.

“You know, ____. As much as I would like fucking your cunt out in the open, there are people we know around us. I’m not sure how you would take it if one of them walked in on us.” You mentally nodded. There were people in the club who knew you. “Not to mention,” Yoongi continued as he helped you put your dress back on properly. “You will probably end up hurting yourself on this ground and we can’t let that happen.”

“Right. Where are we going then?” You asked him as Jungkook came behind you, now fully dressed. Yoongi smirked and took your hand. 

“Didn’t you say your apartment was close-by, sweetstuff?”

Part 2 will be up soon folks!

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