imagine the first time he saw jun

Pocket Dokyeom

Scoups || Jeonghan || Joshua || Jun || Hoshi || Wonwoo || Woozi || Dk || Mingyu || The8 || Seungkwan || Vernon || Dino

» Talk about having a literal pocket of sunshine
» Like seriously seokmin just emits light
» He is a nightlight 
» Like imagine him climbing own into your pocket 
» And light is just pouring out of it 
» And people are ??? 
» Okay but all jokes aside 
» When you saw seokmin for the first time your heart absolutely melted 
» He was sitting there all perfect 
» And super smiley 
» His little could cure cancer 
» You were sold before you even spoke to him 
» He was actually quite shy the first day
» But a cute shy 
» He was all blushing and awkward smiles 
» He warmed up to you super quick tho
» This first real conversation you had with him was about how much he loves music 
» And then he sang for you 
» And you were like omg 
» You are amazing 
» How are you not a star 
» We are going to make you a pocket star seokmin
» The two of you did karaoke a lot together 
» He couldn’t hold the mic of course 
» So he just sang next to where you’d set it on the table 
» He’s always a big influence on the mood of your place 
» Usually its super energetic and fun 
» And he is always able to cheer you up and make you day fun 
» Constantly coming up with jokes that leave your stomach hurting from laughing so hard
» Still really close friends with the pocket ‘97 liners
» And every now and then everyone will come over to your place to hang out and its wild 
» Who knew such tiny people could be so wild 
» Its great to see seokmin having so much fun like that 
» And also seeing him interact with people his size
» Loves loves loves watching movies with you 
» You guys have so many movie nights together 
» You’re amazed you haven’t run out of movies 
» But you always have good snacks like popcorn and stuff 
» One piece of popcorn is huge for seokmin
» Cutest thing ever to watch him eat it 
» One time fell into the container of popcorn and you couldn’t find him for a bit
» It was pretty funny
» Stuff like that happened a lot with him tbh
» Really loud for a pocket person lol
» One of the most fun pocket people to be around tbh
» Everything about pocket seokmin is perfect

Seventeen when you smile and your dimples appear

S.Coups: “Oh gosh, jagiya! That is so cute!” You don’t know what he’s calling you cute for though but you enjoy his hug. <3

Jeonghan: Is so used to seeing your dimple but he still points it out when you smile just to tease you. 

Joshua: “Oh!!” Joshua would be taken aback by your dimple but he would love it a lot since it makes you look extra cute

Jun: I don’t think Jun would point out your dimple or anything like that. He would simply smile to himself. 

Hoshi: He’s so used to seeing you smile that he never noticed your dimple. But when he does he would be really surprised.

Wonwoo: All Wonwoo would do is smile, maybe even laugh to himself since he never noticed your dimple until now. 

Woozi: “Why are you smiling?” You would suddenly ask him. He would stay quiet and just smile to himself. He would be amused since he can still see your dimple even though you’re not smiling. 

DK: You and Seokmin would be laughing at some lame joke he said when he suddenly sees your dimple. For some reason he would start laughing more. 

Mingyu: Would get pouty when he slap his hand away because he was poking your dimple so much. “Fine then, be that way.” 

The8: Your dimple would be one of the first things he noticed about you. So whenever you’re smiling around him he would put his focus on your dimple since he likes seeing it suddenly appear on your face. 

Seungkwan: Would be happy every time he sees your dimple. He would know it’s because you are smiling sincerely. 

Vernon: He was already infatuated with you when he first saw you, so your dimple would be the icing on the cake. 

Dino: When you smile for the first time in front of him, he would  lean back a little to see if he was seeing things correctly. Then he suddenly blurts out that you look really cute. *blush*

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Do any one the boys have dimples? I never pay attention to stuff like this. 


Seventeen’s reaction to seeing you in the crowd of a fanmeet~

Seungcheol~ The cutie, once knowing that you were there, he couldn’t hide his embarrassment when asked to do things like aegyo. But don’t think that he wouldn’t put 120% in when asked to do anything sexy.

Jeonghan~ Not only was he extremely happy when he found out you attended their fanmeet for the first time since you had a busy schedule but he wouldn’t be able to keep his eyes off you. Knowing that you were looking at him, he would occasionally constantly pull random faces to make you laugh.

Joshua~ He would have tried looking for you even though the venue was very big and very much filled with energetic fans. His eyes would accidentally find you while members were speaking seriously to the fans and this lil cutie forgetting where he was would automatically put his hands up to greet you, getting puzzled looks from other members.

Jun~ After telling him you would come see him in his element, this beautiful boy would be prepared. He would be the greaseball he is and just spend every second sending sexy glances your way making all his stans cry in the process

Soonyoung~ he wasn’t sure if you were coming because you were scheduled to work that day but he had secretly hoped. After spotting you, he wouldn’t be able to hold back his happiness and thank the heavens for blessing him with you. A million reasons of why he loves you would be rushing to his head and it brought his spirit up for the rest of the day.

Wonwoo~ The second he came out to meet the fans, he saw you. From then on, you would have silent conversations with each other from his seat on stage and yours below. He would be so invested and having fun that he would forget where he was and do something that would make others question his sanity. But it sent you into bursting fits of laughter.

Jihoon~ you had once said that you wanted to attend their fanmeet as part of their audience (like you had before you started dating) but he just assumed you were joking. He almost had to do a double take when he saw someone in the audience looking as beautiful as his angel. He would be happy nonetheless and probably scold you for not telling him earlier and giving him a heart attack.

Seokmin~ I know it may be hard to imagine because i mean its DK, but in the relationship, you were the funny one. You constantly made him laugh and it wasn’t going to change even if you were an audience away from each other. You tried to get him to focus on what he was supposed to be doing but even that made him laugh. The members caught on and couldn’t contain themselves either. So everyone just looked like a laughing mess on stage for no apparent reason according to some fans~

Mingyu~ You didn’t tell him because you wanted to surprise him but he found it nothing more than you being cheeky since you had said you wouldn’t be in town. You can expect a lot of “i know you just couldn’t stay away from me” jokes later on though even though they’re true, i mean look at this boy

Minghao~ His face would just brighten instantly, he knew you were going to be there but he would still blush, hiding himself quickly so others wouldn’t wonder why he was just giggling to himself. 

Seungkwan~ He definitely didn’t know you were coming since it was on the other side of the country and had to confirm with the other members that he wasn’t hallucinating from missing you so much. He would get a bit emotional and fumble over his words maybe even teared up as he saw the smile he had been craving and dreaming of for the past few weeks. But as he is the great MC Boo, he’d recover and go back to what he was announcing.

Vernon~ He had been eyeing your seat until you arrived late as always. But as you sat there, you couldn’t help but blush since he was staring at you and only you. Hansol didn’t know it then, but he made you feel like the luckiest being alive.

Dino~ This cute little thing knew you were coming but for the first time in his life he was unprepared you make him this way, his emotions gave way and your channie called out your name the second he saw you. Members were like flies on him, covering his mouth making sure that the fans wouldn’t misunderstand while you sat in your seat curled into a ball hiding your already red face.  


Imagine them all fighting for your attention when they saw you