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How would the rfa and Saeran react to MC being an irl princess of some foreign country? Like... honest to goodness royalty? Thanks!

A/N: I hope this was everything you wanted! I don’t really know much about royalty so I just kinda rolled with it.. If it’s not good I’m sorry! Anyway, if there are parts that don’t make sense i’M SO SORRY I HAVE A FEVER but i’m using this time to write requests because my bby followers deserve it. Sorry for being gone for so long! Thank you all for the support you give us, 404 and I are working hard on requests right now <3 ~ 626


  • this poor boy had no idea, he doesn’t pay much attention to pop culture like that
  • one day you invite him over to play games at your house because you have a super huge tv and you knew he’d love that!
  • when he’s at the gates of your mansion house, he calls you because there’s no way this can be your house???
    • “MC, are you pranking me??? It was bad enough last time when you put toothpaste in my oreos!”
    • “Just come in, you dork”
  • when he hears the gate buzz, he finally realizes that you’re rich as hell
    • it all makes sense now??? You always take him out to super expensive restaurants and for Christmas you got him an amazing gaming computer???
  • he’s about to faint oh my god yOU’RE SO RICH
  • when he’s roaming around the hallways of your mansion looking for your room (he refused the butler’s help, he could do it himself), hE SEES A PICTURE OF YOU AND YOUR PARENTS AND YOU’RE ALL WEARING CROWNS???
    • nah, no, there’s no way you’re royalty, you guys probably did a photo shoot, there’s no way this is possible
    • wait is that an entire row of pictures where your dad is meeting important people
    • is that Barack Obama? Is that the pRIME MINSTER OF SOUTH KOREA???
  • he faints
  • when he wakes up, he finds himself in a huge bed and you’re sitting next to him playing a game
    • “You’re finally awake! I’ve told you that you need to take care of yourself, did you even eat today?”
    • “No, but I will be in the future”
    • Aaand he faints again
  • Once he finally gets used to the idea of you being a princess, it makes so much more sense to him!
  • You’ve always sounded really polite and elegant when you speak, and you handle the RFA fundraisers so easily, no matter what crisis comes???
  • He loves seeing you all dressed up, you’re so cute and beautiful!!! <3
    • You’re his Princess Zelda


  • He thought your name sounded familiar when you introduced yourself in the chat, but he didn’t really think about it
  • But when he finally gets to meet you, he’s in so much denial???
    • It can’t be, a princess fell in love with him
    • If you thought his ego was big before, it’s the size of the Titanic now
    • It’s even bigger when you tell him you watched his movies before you talked to him on the app
  • It never really hits him until you go shopping with him one day and you buy him a Louis Vuitton suitcase aS IF IT’S NOTHING???
    • Like yeah he makes decent money from acting, but holy hell you’re rich
  • He honestly loves this so much though
    • You two are an amazingly dressed power couple!
    • You’ll take over the political world and he’ll take over the pop culture world <3
  • You end up giving him “prince” lessons
    • You teach him how to deal with the pressure of the public and how to speak politely but firmly
    • You make him walk with books on his head and record him even though that’s something you never had to do
    • You get him to quit smoking by telling him a true prince would never do such a thing
    • He almost cries
    • “it’s your half birthday”
    • “it’s national best friend’s day”
    • zen pls no
  • He wears his future crown at home when no one is around
  • He’s really happy that you’re a public figure so he can flaunt you when you guys go out <3


  • She knew the second you introduced yourself in the chatroom!
  • She’s honestly dazzled, a real life princess??? What is this???
    • But she kept herself in check, she realized you probably have a lot of people who hound you on a regular basis, she didn’t wanna be one of them
  • But she honestly loves talking to about your country’s political system
  • With your leadership skills and Jaehee’s organizational skills, you both work together to implement programs for underprivileged children
    • You two are a power couple omg, literally unstoppable, you two even consider starting clean water projects in other countries???
    • Unstoppable
  • Jaehee considers opening a coffeeshop chain in your country
  • She loves seeing you dress up!!! You’re so adorable and beautiful in all the elegant clothing <3
    • She totally doesn’t take pictures of you when you aren’t looking, there’s no way she has an album of 300 pictures of you
  • She’s really afraid of how the world will react when they find out you two are actually together???
    • Dumbass tabloids think you two are “gal pals”
    • But you don’t care, even if you have to step down, you don’t care
    • “Listen Jaehee, I love you. You’re my best friend and I would not trade that for the world. If my country wants me to step down because I have a girlfriend, I will. I’ll find a life with you because I cannot imagine a life without you.”
  • Jaehee  highkey lowkey uses you to meet famous people (but she loves you, es okay)
    • You don’t really mind though, it makes her happy
    • So you take her to as many events as you can, you want to make her smile as much as you can
  • You love this precious little bean and you are going to give her the world


  • Of course he knew who you were, he wasn’t an uneducated idiot
  • And while it was nice to know that you weren’t with him for the money
    • He was kinda disappointed???
  • You’re a princess, you have the entire world at your feet
    • He wanted to spoil you, but you??? Have??? Everything you want or need???
    • But with the help of Zen but with his brilliant mind, he was able to come up with stuff he knew you never got!
  • He started making food for you <3
    • And yes it tastes terrible at first but it got better after awhile!
    • At the beginning he was the type to just put the entire egg with the shell in cake mix
  • He takes knitting classes???
    • He knits you everything he possibly can, a sweater, scarf, gloves, beanies
    • He totally doesn’t knit a baby blanket and baby hat for your future kids
  • He supports your decision not become queen because you decided you wanted to do other than things than run a country
    • Like be his totally hot secretary
  • You eventually move into his place and he lowkey feels ashamed bc it’s so much smaller than what you’re used to
    • But you assure him that you prefer his place because smaller places feel so much more homey than mansions
  • You’re actually much busier than Jumin when it comes to work so he’s always home before you and he spoils you so much
    • When you come home, you can always expect a shoulder/back massage
    • There’s always a warm meal that he makes because he’s not letting someone else do something for you that he can
    • When you have really bad days at work, he runs a nice, hot bubble bath couple with candles and rose petals
    • He’s pretty much ur house spouse, who knew Jumin could take on such a domestic role???
  • But he’s still senpai in the sheets


  • Ofc he found out when he did a background search on you
  • And he’s so fascinated by you???
    • You help run a country??? You do so many good things
  • He’ll never understand though
    • How did someone as great as you fall for someone as terrible as him
  • Everything you do is so great and he’s stuck in a field of work that could get him killed
    • But with your power, you’re able to get him out of his job
    • And he’s so, so thankful to you
    • He doesn’t really let himself be vulnerable in front of you but when you told him you could help him, he cried for hours
  • What did he do to get someone as amazing you???
    • He doesn’t know it but you totally got someone to assassinate his dad
  • You actually help him get a job as an engineer <3
    • He hates using you for your connections but he knows he deserves the job, he’s not going to deny his talent and ability
    • He’s so thankful for you
  • And he becomes your right-hand man??? Anytime you need to make a difficult decision about your country, he’s there for you!!!
  • He gets a pet monkey so he can compare himself to Aladdin
    • “Listen children,,, you don’t know how hard life was for me,,, I was a beggar,,, always stealing food to survive,,,”
    • “Saeyoung, stop lying to the children and actually teach them, I wanted you to get the kids interested in computers”
    • “I was nothing but a boy with a monkey and a magic carpet,,,”
  • You two come up with a plan to get kids more interested in computers and he’s in charge <3
    • He loves teaching all the children! They’re all silly and goofy like him
  • He has no idea where he would be without you and he’s so glad he met you


  • This boy has no idea, like none at all
  • Rika chose you to retrieve the phone, and he was just supposed to follow you
    • And he knows like nothing about pop culture “It’s useless information that’ll take up space in my brain” so he didn’t know who you were
  • He finds out one day when he sees an article about you helping open up a school in a third world country???
    • Like he thought you were amazing before
    • You were the one who helped him through his therapy, through all the nightmares that plagued his nights, through all the bad thoughts that overwhelmed him
    • In his head, you’d always been his queen
    • But it turns out you’re actually a princess?!?!
  • And you help so much around the world
    • He could deal with you being a princess if it weren’t for the fact that you were a huge philanthropist
    • You educated women in India about reproductive health??? You helped teach disabled children in China??? yOU DONATED 25 MILLION DOLLARS TO A HOSPITAL IN SEOUL???
  • He actually killed someone and you helped people live longer and better
  • He actually avoids you for a few weeks after he finds out
    • He’s just having a hard time coming to terms with it? You’re a goddess and he’s the devil, why are you with him?
  • But you weren’t having any of it, you literally kicked his door down, you gave him his space and now you were going to talk
    • He ends up crying in your lap
  • But you manage to talk it out with him and you make it very clear that you aren’t going anywhere
    • “I love you, okay? You don’t have to understand why I do, but you need to know that I do. I don’t care if you think I deserve better because I choose you, Saeran. I will always choose you.”
  • He eventually decides he wants to help people with you
    • Yes, he made a huge mistake in the past, one that he is so sorry for, and he will spend the rest of his life trying to make up for that
    • He’s no V, he’ll never be an angel, but he’s sure as hell gonna make the world a less crappy place
  • He comes up with so many great ideas!
    • Music programs for underprivileged children! Reading classes for uneducated adults! Programs that help teenagers get work experience!
  • He creates so many outreach programs and he’s so happy that you gave him the chance to do that
  • Started from the bottom now we’re here


  • This boy is as clueless as Saeran
  • Between photography and Rika and being a dumbass, he doesn’t pay much attention to the world
  • ·      He ends up finding out through Jumin??
    • “Oh by the way MC’s father is going to be visiting my father, we’re going to talk about having MC model for one of our products”
    • “wHAT”
  • He’s honestly so happy though
    • You’re such a fantastic person who else could put up with him pining after Rika for so long and you deserve everything
    • You deserve all the praise and attention you get
  • He totally doesn’t fantasize about becoming a prince
    • And he so doesn’t go around singing Disney songs
    • “what was that honey?”
    • “Thinking about the top 10 things a blind person will never say”
  • This boy is such a saint, you two implement a program to help disabled children
    • And not only does he help implement the program, but he actually participates in it???
    • Crying cause V deserves the world
  • He becomes your family’s official photographer!
    • This happens because he was lowkey salty when you hired someone else for an event
    • “Oh you need my help getting something from the high shelf??? Why don’t you ask that photographer?”
    • V pls shut up
  • But you do drag him to one of your photoshoots and after that he’s as addicted as Zen
    • You two make such a beautiful couple, how could he not be addicted???
    • He has pictures of you everywhere in his house
    • And he knows how much you love him, he can always feel it, but he absolutely adores the expression on your face when you’re looking at him and seeing it from an outside perspective makes him want to cry
  • He loves you so much, you’re his goddess <3

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hi so i had kind of a #day today could you tell me ur fav fluffy domestic anidala headcanons pls i need some fluff in my life

SORRY I TOOK SO LONG ON THIS i just really wanted to do it justice :))) idk whether these are canon universe or modern AUs or both but whatever let’s jump right in askdf

  • anakin does all the cooking and he’s excellent. he’s a Human Disaster in many ways but domestic duties is not one of them. i imagine shmi taught him how to cook from a young age and they had to learn how to make a good meal out of nothing, so give anakin actual high quality food and a high-tech kitchen and he’s a freaking master chef
  • padme, meanwhile, burns water. her parents tried to teach her when she was young but she was more interested in reading and doing schoolwork so they soon gave up. then she spent most of her teenage years in a palace where people cooked for her, and even once she became senator she still had all her handmaidens who could cook and do housework while she was busy with work.
  • (in a modern or canon divergent au, the only time padme ever cooks dinner for them is the evening she tells anakin she’s pregnant because she wants to make the moment extra special. he suspects something’s afoot as soon as he walks through the door and smells something cooking, and even more suspicious when he sees that padme has cooked a meal all by herself and it doesn’t even look toxic)
  • anakin’s very handy and does all the repairs and stuff
  • but padme does all the cleaning because she’s extremely organized and also gets annoyed when things are messy, whereas anakin doesn’t particularly care or even notice
  • she also does the laundry because she knows the exact settings she needs to use for every single article of clothing she has and she is NOT going to risk allowing anakin to do laundry and wreck her clothes, thank you very much

and now here is a domestic ship meme i found to help me out YAY

  • who is the big spoon/little spoon: i mean size-wise it makes sense for anakin to be the big spoon but imagining it the other way around is ridiculously pure plus you KNOW anakin loves being cuddled so i’m gonna say they switch off depending on who wants what
  • what is their favorite non-sexual activity: they love having date nights, whether that be getting all dressed up and going to a fancy restaurant or snuggling on the couch in front of the tv with takeout from dex’s diner. padme teaches anakin to dance so he won’t embarrass himself at the next political function the jedi get invited to. anakin TRIES to teach her how to cook, but it usually ends in them throwing cake batter at each other while the smoke alarm goes off because padme burned their dinner. they like stargazing on the balcony and trying to figure out what all the different stars and planets are. when anakin’s away fighting he always looks up at the sky at night and tries to pinpoint where coruscant is if the planet he’s on is close enough, and padme’s back on coruscant doing the same thing
  • who uses all the hot water in the morning: padme because her showers are like 2938 hours long (her hair is really long and thick and it takes a long time to wash, okay, anakin)
  • what they order from take out: greasy food and blue milkshakes from dex’s
  • what is the most trivial thing they fight over: omg i literally CAN’T think of anything right now but there’s a bunch of other petty domestic squabbles mentioned elsewhere in here so all of that stuff i guess lmao
  • who does most of the cleaning: padme for reasons already stated
  • what has a season pass in their DVR: the 27 different corny romantic holodramas anakin’s obsessed with. padme is most certainly not into them at all, she only watches them to humor anakin, okay, and no, anakin, she definitely was NOT crying during the season finale last week she just had allergies, for the last time
  • who controls the netflix queue: they quickly realize they need to make separate profiles because their queue was getting way too long between padme’s political thrillers and home decorating shows and anakin’s corny romantic holodramas and inspirational sports movies (about podracing of course)
  • who calls up the landlord when the heat’s not working: padme because anakin, being from a desert planet, gets cold VERY easily and she knows it’s better to call the landlord asap than listen to anakin be a giant baby about how cold he is and have to sleep with no blankets because he stole them all
  • who leaves their stuff around: anakin’s always leaving droid parts everywhere, to padme’s eternal annoyance
  • who remembers to buy the milk: anakin since padme neither drinks milk nor needs it to cook things
  • who remembers anniversaries: both. these two are so hopelessly romantic and sappy, they would NEVER forget any anniversary. they keep track of every conceivable type of anniversary (first kiss, first time they said i love you, first time anakin cooked dinner for them, first time they danced together, literally everything) but their wedding anniversary’s the big one obviously and they always try to outdo each other on who can perform the biggest romantic gestures that day
Doughnuts- Jakub Vrana

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Guys… guys… I miss Vrana… that is all! HE IS A PART OF THIS TEAM OK? AND HE DESERVES BETTER! Ok but I love him and he’s killing it in Hershey too, so protect the bab. I’m emotional right now. Mitchy’s first NHL game… Caps/Leafs… Just… go with the fluff. Ok here we go! Vrana with children! Enjoy!

Warning: none!

Anon Request: Omg that little bit of Vrana with a baby just killed me! You can probably guess where this is going but could I request something with Vrana playing off of that? Maybe him meeting nieces/nephews or teaching kids skating or hockey and the reader just melting from the cuteness?


              The one day Jakub had off of practices and games… you had to babysit.

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Happy Valentines Day!!

Well, since everybody else is doing it, I thought I might as well hop on the bandwagon too and give a shoutout to some pretty amazing people on this site that are very special to me and those who have made my experience on here better than I could have ever imagined! 

@purekagome (who else would be first other than my adoring wife?) WOMAN. I LOVE YOU. When we first started talking, it was all omg you’re so amazing, thank you, and aWWW YOU’RE SWEET and now you drive me fucking crazy and you make me wanna pull my hair out but you’re so freaking important to me and just I’m so glad we’re married and let’s make a baby. Right now. Thanks for putting up with my bullshit and cheating ways and general bitchiness lol love you babe! 

@inunanna HEY GIRL HEEEEYYYYY Nanna! <3 I remember before we were close when we would talk for hours about Inukag and Edwin headcanons and make up fanbabies and their personalities and ahhh it was so fun and all those conversations gave me so much inspiration and it created a relationship that I will cherish for the rest of my days! I love you sweetheart! <3<3

@vividxdreaming aahhH!!! Omg I’m so glad that we’re such close friends and just just just AAHHHHH you’re so importing to me! The first time we really talked I think was after I made that chocolate oneshot that you requested and our relationship just blossomed from there and then you became a part of our group chat and it’s the best decision that has ever been made. I love you girl!! <3 THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU AND BEING MY FRIEND!!

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@kuddle-cakes MY KUDDLES!!! <3<3<3 To be honest, I don’t even know how our friendship started XD but I’m so grateful to know you and you’re so freakig sweet and your sMUT IS AMAZING bahahaha! Okay seriously, I love you very much and just. I’m so blessed to have you in my life, thank you for being my friend darling! <3

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@artistefish Your art brings me life. Your aus. Just. OMG. NO words. You’re an amazing artist, and one of the sweetest people I know, and I love reading your sometimes random little posts about your everyday life and how excited you get over the Inuyasha stageplay (WHICH I ALSO CANT WAIT FOR OMG) and you’re amazing and I love you <3 Thanks for putting up with my fangirlingness XD 

@gypsin I LOVE YOUR STORIES SO MUCH AND I GET SO EXCITED WHENEVER I SEE AN UPDATE AAHHHH!! So I’m not gonna name names *coughgrapefruitcough* but I heard through the grapevine that you enjoy my fics and I know you’ve mentioned be before as a favorite author *INSERT FANGIRL SQUEALING HERE* and I just wanna say HOW FLATTERED AND JUST HAPPY I AM TO KNOW THAT AND I LOVE YOU OKAY!!! <3<3<3 THANK you for the quality fanfiction and for being so amazing and sweet! 

You are all so very, very special and dear to me and I hope you all know how much I adore each and every one of you. You’ve made my experience here on this wretched site so much more enjoyable than I thought it would be, and you’ve made me feel so welcome, loved and appreciated! Honestly, I really had no idea how amazing people I would meet and how all of you would become so special to me! Every day one of you do something that just makes me wanna cry because it just makes me so happy and just. SO MANY FEELS. ALL THE TIME. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW THANK YOU FOR PUTTING UP WITH MY WEIRDNESS AND  AND AND JUST. YOU’RE ALL AMAZING <3<3

I’m also gonna give a shoutout to some people who I don’t talk to as much, but I see in my notifications all the time and that I occasionally converse with and they’re people you should definitely check out! 

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I apologize if I forgot anybody, but please know that I love you all very much and I hope you have/had a great Valentine’s Day full of love, support, your favorite chocolate and wine and many many hugs and kisses from me!!! <3<3<3

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You say cute, bashful Cor, and the first thing I thought if was him trying to bake a cake, but totally messing up the recipe and burning it, and just embarrassed. But, he still tries to make it look presentable.

Omg yessssssss! Short drabble time! :D :D :D Tagging @nenoka, @lady-asuka, @xalexanderxkozachenkox, @alicemoonwonderland, @blindbae, @the-lucian-archives, @nifwrites, @rubyphilomela and @itshaejinju for the fluff fest <3

The Birthday Blunder (ft. Cor Leonis and Kari Leonis)

Kari frowned at the goopy pile of baked something sitting in front of her, leaning back from it like it was about to come alive. She stared up at her father with clear blue eyes, her brows furrowing in confusion.

“Papa, what’s this?” Kari asked, her usually sweet voice sounding absolutely flat. Cor sighed, feeling his cheeks grow warm as he shook his head in regret.

“Sweetheart, that’s your birthday cake-” Cor began to explain, only to be cut off by his five year old daughter’s immediate wail.

Nooooo it’s not! It’s scary and gross! And there’s weird black and brown bits all over the sides!” Kari cried sadly, hiccuping. Cor felt his heart drop at the sight of his precious daughter’s tears- these weren’t crocodile tears- Karina Leonis was genuinely upset about his blunder.

Cor immediately scooped Kari out of her chair before the monstrosity of a cake he had baked a mere hour ago, and rocked her back and forth in his arms, leaning her head tenderly against his chest. His heart beat quickly in slight panic at the simple thought that he’d ruined his daughter’s fifth birthday.

And she had been so excited about her birthday too.

Cor sighed and pressed a gently kiss to his quietly crying daughter’s head and held her close. “Sorry baby, Papa’s so sorry. Next time, I’ll buy the cake- I promise.” Cor whispered into his daughter’s ear quietly, rocking her soothingly. Kari’s cries died out slowly over a few moments. She sniffled and pulled away from Cor, wiping her eyes with her clenched fists. Despite her terrible mood, Cor couldn’t help but adore his daughter even more.

Oh, the perils of being a single, doting father!

“I forgive you. But… can we go get some ice-cream with Uncle Clasus and Poopie Gladdy?” Kari asked, her eyes wide and her tone innocent. Cor couldn’t help but laugh out loud at both Kari’s inability to pronounce Clarus Amicitia’s name, as well as her rather imaginative name for her six-year-old play mate, Gladiolus Amicitia. Nodding, Cor hugged Kari close before placing her down on the ground on her feet.

“Of course- anything for the birthday girl. Go wear your shoes and coat and I’ll call your uncle and your… poopie.” Cor couldn’t help but chuckle as Gladio’s ridiculous nick name left his lips.

Glancing at the terrible failure of a cake he had made earlier, Cor grabbed a tea towel and unceremoniously threw it over the burnt monstrosity. He’d deal with it later.

Cor almost walked away from the cake, but then paused as he imagined Clarus and Gladio visiting his home for a possibly impromptu play date after ice cream. Gasping, Cor lunged for the cake and quickly ran to the bin, chucking it in with force and throwing the tea towel over the cake in the bin as an irrational precaution.

No one could know. Or he’d never hear the end of it.

jin as your boyfriend

•omg im so prepared me nd my friends have talked abt this lets start!!!!
•ok so i imagine you guys meet at uni!!! (wow cliche)
•jin is scrambling to get his papers together before the semester starts and he’s an overall mess rn bc who isnt lol
•nd youre also a mess! but ig a more organized mess?? and jin sees you and is like “wow,,,she has her stuff together,,,,” but doesn’t really talk to you bc he need to run to the office and turn in all this paperwork!!!

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#OMG Shocked Emoji You Like Jake?!

Originally posted by hisbanshee

Fandom: Brooklyn Nine Nine

Pairing: Jake (my precious bby) x Reader

Warning: Really brief mention of sexual stuffs 

Writer: @imaginesofeveryfandom aka @thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: Requested by anon:  Could I have a Brooklyn Nine Nine( imagine or reader insert oneshot thing, your choice) where you grew up with Jake and Gina and you’ve had a crush on Jake ever since you were little and one day, he admits he has feelings for you too? Thanks xxx

Note: Look how much I wrote?! I claim Jake as my muse, he is inspiring, I love him, I want him to marry me…

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Boyfriend Tag

Request: Can you make one imagine where you and Shawn started dating and you’re a YouTuber and you make the boyfriend tag, but more like the one Jc and Lia did, you know the one with cakes? Love youuuu. 💟

You attached the camera to the tripod you had set up on your roof, watching as Shawn danced around to some song that was playing from his phone. “You’re gonna fall off of my roof again,” You spoke, fixing the angle and where the camera focused.

Shawn stuck his tongue out at you, and Aaliyah laughed from her perch on the corner of the firepit. She wanted to watch you guys film something for your channel, and your fans had been asking if you could do a boyfriend or girlfriend tag. “You sure you wanna watch your brother and I answer dumb questions about each other?” You asked, looking at her.

“If he gets one wrong can I smash one of the pies in his face?”


“Yeah.” Aaliyah giggled, nodding rapidly. She was all for smashing one of the whipped cream pies in her brother’s face, to which Shawn complained.

You rolled your eyes and patted the seat next to you. “Shawn, c’mon, the camera’s all set up!”

Your boyfriend walked over and plopped down next to you, still singing. You pressed record on the camera and looked at him. “If you don’t turn off the music this video will get taken down for copyright reasons and I’m not about that.” You spoke, and Shawn paused the song, setting his phone on the ground in front of him. “Thank you, baby.” You smiled, fixing your hair and starting the intro to your video. “So, I’m back! And I have a super special guest here today!” You jabbed a thumb towards Shawn, who waved at the camera.


“Say who you are, dummy.” You elbowed him. He had been on your channel before, he just wanted to be stubborn.

“I’m the best guest on this channel and no one can argue with that fact.”

You rolled your eyes for the third time, snorting. “Anyway, we’re gonna do the boyfriend tag today, since a lot of you have requested it. And it’s gonna be intense.” You picked up one of the pies. “If one of us gets a question wrong, a pie is gettin’ shoved in our face.”

“What kind of pies are they?” Aaliyah asked, off camera.

“A variety.” You informed her, picking up your phone. “Ok! I’m gonna go first.” You looked at Shawn, and smiled at him sweetly. “So, this is gonna be a super easy question and if you get this wrong I swear to God,” You started. You glanced at your phone and nodded. “Where did we meet?”

Shawn’s eyes lit up. “We met when your sister dropped that ice cream cone on my shoe! It was at the fair!” He laughed.

You nodded, smiling. “Yeah!” You nudged him. “You’re turn.”

Shawn looked at his phone. “When was our first date?”

“It was at that one Italian place down the road from my old house. I remember you ordered the chicken parm and spent the rest of the night with food poisoning so we never went there again. And then they closed like a week later.”

“Did they really?”

“Yeah, my dad told me that some guy was like, stabbed or something.” You shrugged.

The questions continued to get harder and harder, until you finally stumped your boyfriend. “What movie did we see on our first anniversary?”

“Oh, um, I think it was, um, wasn’t it Beauty and the Beast?”

“No!” You laughed, nearly falling off of the stool when Aaliyah let out the loudest cheer. “It wasn’t even a Disney movie! It was We Bought A Zoo!” You lifted the top off of one of the pies, and looked at the camera. “So, before we started filming I told Aaliyah she could smash her brother with one of the pies, and since this is the first question we’ve gotten wrong, and also because I’m nearly out of questions, she can do the honor.” You handed her the pie and she faked it a couple times, before slamming the dessert into Shawn’s face, and he let out a rather girly scream.

“What flavor is it?” You asked, smirking.

“You tell me!” Shawn said, kissing you. You broke the kiss after a couple seconds, not wanting too much PDA in the video.

“Lemon meringue, eugh.” You scrunched your nose, lemon wasn’t your favorite flavor.

Shawn laughed, wiping the rest of the pie off of his face. “My turn!” He grinned devilishly and looked at you. “What do I get to drink when we got out?”

Your eyes widened, and you thought for a moment. “Don’t you get iced tea?”

“Dammit,” Shawn whispered, and you cheered. “You’re such a good girlfriend.”

“Mhmm,” You nodded, seeing the battery warning light up on your camera. “Ooh, teh battery’s about to die! I think that’s the end of this video, see you guys next week!” You waved, screaming when a pie hit your face.

“Shawn!” You laughed, wiping whipped cream off of your cheek. “You little shit!”

a/n: i watched that youtube video so much omg

Celebration Day- Rich Clune

Originally posted by craigsmiths

Ok so this one is sweet and cute, but does dance around the issues of alcoholism and addiction. It’s fluffy though! Also I don’t own ‘Shake it out’ by Florence + The Machine, just using some lyrics! So enjoy!

Warning: mentions of drug and alcohol abuse

Anon Request: Could i please get a Jacob trouba and Rick clune one please! Thank you lovely (sorry for 2 im in love lol)

PS- I took this as two separate requests, but if you wanted one with both of them let me know!


              You were dancing around the kitchen, making Rich’s favorite dish. Your iPod was on shuffle and blaring throughout your apartment.

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Cooking with Monsta X

/Based on my own imagination/


Cooking with him would be so cute because, first of all, he doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing. He’s so accustomed to other people making his meals that when you asked him to come cook with you, in hopes of teaching him something, he’s going to to be following you around the kitchen like a lost puppy. Just imagine him in an apron that says ‘kiss the cook’. He doesn’t know where any of the cooking utensils are and the type to ask you, “Jagi, am I doing this right?” And you encourage him even though he’s making a mess. You’d probably have to kiss him every time he get’s something right, which encourages him to try harder. He’s the type to accidentally get flour everywhere but you can’t stay mad because he’s so adorable. He almost burns himself a couple times, prefers to do the dishes and stay out of your way because he feels bad about not being able to do much.


Totally on board with the idea. Creates a playlist to keep things lively so that you two can thoroughly enjoy yourselves. Would really love it when you have a physical copy of the recipe with you because then he would feel like he knew what he was doing. Likes to stir things and makes up cute songs and dances whilst he does it. Lots of laughs because he makes stupid food puns that make you want to kick him out but you love him so it’s okay. He’s the type to completely forget that he put something up on the stove so it almost burns- because you notice and try your hardest to save it. Really into grating cheese. Needs to take a break every now and then because he can get overwhelmed too sometimes. The type to sit and flop himself over the kitchen counter because he’s 'exhausted’ from doing so much work. Would really appreciate it if you sat and had a drink with him to relax. Don’t trust him to cut vegetables though, he’ll slice himself just holding the knife. Forehead kisses because he tried his best to help you, he really wants to be acknowledged.


“You can’t cook like that you’ll get your nipple burnt off put your shirt back on!” You’ll have to scold because he’s just wearing his apron and pants. I’m just kidding, he’d want you two to have matching aprons though. Pictures before during and after the process. He’s the type that’s gonna linger behind you with his hands on your waist and his chin on your shoulder as you stir something on the stove. Tells you that it smells good even though it’s just started cooking. Cuts vegetables so carefully you would have sworn that he was defusing a bomb or performing some sort of surgery. He only does it that way because he gets nervous if he goes faster and would end up getting cut. Wonho is a baby so he would definitely cry if he got cut and would cling to you until you put a plaster on it and gave it a kiss to heal better. More interested in baking cookies and decorating a cake honestly, he just likes to get creative. Let him be, his concentrated face is so cute, how could you stop him? Hovers around you when you’re frying something because the oil is popping and he must be there to protect you regardless of if he’s scared or not. Peppers kisses around your face because he’s proud when you both finish, takes pictures of the food and brags and boasts with his members.


Unintentionally takes the lead when you two begin cooking and can come off a little strong and pushy but he realizes and apologizes. “Wait- No, you’re doing it wrong- you have to do it like this.” He’d proceed to pick at the things you did, wanting you to do it more carefully. Blushes really really really hard when he feels your stare on him while he’s preparing something. “Take a picture, it lasts longer.” Proceeds to never stay still enough for you to actually take a picture of him. The type to want to create something really complex because this is a special occasion and everything must be absolutely perfect. Is really specific about the types of silverware and dishes you use, therefore things must add up to his aesthetic imagination. He’s the type to not let you actually do any cooking on the stove because he’d rather be burnt than see you hurt, leaves the chopping and slicing to you but helps you out. Will sing to you whilst you’re chopping vegetables, takes a second or two to gently twirl you around. Kisses on your cheeks because he finds it so cute when you’re sitting like the queen you’re meant to be as he prepares your plate for you. Does his absolute best to make whatever you’re making really delicious. Secretly took a picture of you whilst you were nibbling a slice of carrot and staring into space and has it for his phone background.


“Are you sure you want me in the kitchen?” Cute, clueless baby wonnie activated. The type to really struggle with the rice cooker because he doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing. “Jagi, your handsome waiter is here at your service.” 10/10 would pose with the ingredients and distract you by asking to take pictures, is really shy when they turn out to be perfect. The type to hit his head whilst bending to take pots out of the cupboards. You’d have to cradle the poor wonnie mantis because he’d just stand there rubbing his head. Isn’t discouraged though. Thinks he knows what he’s doing but he can barely sift flour. Begs you to take the vegetables that he doesn’t like out of the recipe, threatens not to eat it but shuts up once you deadpan at him. Would probably hold the knife wrong and wonder why it wasn’t cutting the sweet peppers. Would definitely have to guide him by holding his hands and helping him out, totally red faced when you’re done because your'e so patient with him and it’s incredibly cute. Wants a snack break in between the jobs you assigned him and would love when you compliment him for being tidy or cleaning up after himself so well. Pouty kisses that turn smiley because he’s glad to spend time with you and he actually learnt a thing or two today.


Definitely wants a battle between you two but would regret it and ask for a truce because he’s scared of the stove- he’s so precious God help me. Twists his hat back like a badass because he’s about to murder this recipe with you. He’s gonna make a diss battle between the carrots and the cabbage if you take your eyes off of him. Would try to stand a mile away from the stove if he had to fry something if your hands were full and you asked him because the oil is popping everywhere and Jesus Christ it stings. Probably would want to fight the stove. Would probably scream if something falls, really careful with knives, cries like a baby when he cuts an onion. Likes to use and watch the mixing machines though because he doesn’t have to dirty his hands too much and the process really fascinates him. Totally down for making cupcakes. Do not break his concentration when he’s decorating one, he’d probably cry. Uses his aegyo voice to sing to you and the cupcakes once they’re done. Makes emoji faces out of them because he thinks it’s cute. Makes you both a heart decorated cupcake because it would strengthen your love. Would really want to try this more often because of the desserts.


​​​​​​​This manic really likes peeling things. “It makes me feel powerful.” “Wait omg Jagi they’re naked..” He’d whisper to you and point to the peeled fruit/vegetable. Sings really loud and off key when he’s cutting something. Ends up cracking an egg and struggling to take the eggshells out of it. Beats the eggs like his life freaking depends on it because he’s having his revenge for the shells falling in. “I heard eggs make your hair shiny-” “Changkyun no those are for the omelets.” He’d pout because he would really want to try it. Gets over it a second later because you let him be taste tester. Takes his job really seriously. “Jagi, it’s jut like me, it needs more love.” “Shut up.” Really into baking cookies, it gets him excited, would sit in front of the oven and wait if you’d only let him. Really wants to see the process. Gets side tracked really easily. You tell him to cut a carrot and he’s singing a love song into it two seconds later because it looks like a mic and he really couldn’t resist. Calls Kihyun instead of your mother if you’re uncertain about something. “You told me to call mom.” He’d complain when you smack him, gently of course because he’s an actual sweet pea just look at him. Cooking with him would be frustrating but really fun. Ends up laughing a lot because he can’t shut up and loves to exaggerate and story tell. Tight hugs of accomplishment, he just feels like he won an award for best chef.



Prompt: “Imagine your otp proposing repeatedly at different restaurants to get free food; and when the real proposal comes and they get free ice cream or something, person a is like ‘omg that was a really good one the whole speech was a nice touch where did you get this ring it looks so realistic omg’ and person b is just like ‘r u fucking kidding me’.”

As requested by the amazingly patient @ishipallthings <3 <3 <3

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#183: Baby Series | Baby’s First Birthday


Here we have it, the last part of the baby series! It was quite amazing to bring back the stories from the pregnancy series and make this small mini series spin-off and I will forever and always be a sucker for father!5SOS. I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it! I also decided to add the babies’ birthdays :-)

You can find like this and use it as a masterlist or you can like the post below for the original one! As per usual, happy reading! x


Suggestion: Read the other prefs to get a better comprehension

Pregnancy Series Masterlist

First Night Home With The Baby


Diaper Changing

Bath Time

Bottlefeeding His P.O.V

You’re Insecure About Your Body After The Birth

Walks In The Park

Your Baby Laughs For The First Time

Doctor Visits

Baby’s First Word

Crawling For The First Time

The Boys Babysit Your Baby

Luke (December 1st):

A huge pile of gift paper wrap was covering literally the entire floor in Liz and Andy’s living room, William’s head barely poking out from the huge mess. Chatter and laughter were filling the living room along with quite music playing in the background, and a silent yawn escaped past your lips. “Tired?” Luke hummed in conclusion and leaned his face down to yours, his arm resting casually on the cushion behind you. So many things had been going on today you could feel it in your legs. The second William woke up he was engulfed in presents and it hadn’t stopped since you visited Luke’s family for a small birthday. Luke had tried his best to make Liz not spoil William too much but telling a grandmother that statement was clear nonsense.  The second you were welcomed inside you noticed the huge stack of presents on the floor in the middle of everything. And with William already knowing what it was about he was hard to keep away from it, even during dinner and when a huge cake baked by Liz was being served in front of him. It wasn’t until the birthday song was over and he had ripped off the paper hat on his head in irritation that he wanted to get down from his chair and towards the presents. And now, by the help of grandma Liz he was covered up in paper to his chin and barely looking at his presents. It was totally the excitement of packing everything up that caught his interest. “William, do you want some raisins? You questioned slightly while rattling the small purple package in your hands to catch his interest. He looked up with a scrunched nose that told he wasn’t the slightest interested and you pursed your lips. He barely ate before and now he was starting to put the paper in his mouth. “I’d say raisins are better than that, Will.” Liz giggled lightly and took the wet paper out of his mouth. You nodded your head with a smile and rolled your eyes by his stubborn attitude, your hands caressing the cushion under you. You were sitting in the exact seat where your first contractions started. It was hard to believe it already had been a year and you could tell that Liz was thinking the same. “Brings back memories, huh?” You nodded your head with a warm smile and felt Luke poke you in the side. He nodded his head towards the door to the terrace when you furrowed your eyebrows confused but followed him the second he stood up from the couch. “What’s up?” You questioned when you closed the door behind you and he lifted a small envelope in the air. “This is for you.” “But it’s not my birthday.” You mumbled slightly confused but regardless accepted and opened it. You quivered an eyebrow confused when you noticed three plane tickets along with a picture of what you would call out as Hawaii. “I know it’s not your birthday,” He grinned slightly and looked down at his feet shy, “It’s my anniversary present for you.” Your jaw fell by his words and your eyes widened in realization. “I remember this moment exactly one year ago where I after such a long time finally admitted my feelings for you. And somehow, so amazingly, you were feeling the same. And this is why this day is so special. Not only is it the day of our son’s birth but also the day where I finally got my princess after so much waiting.” You were left stunned by his words, a huge deep shade of red embracing your warm cheeks. “It would be nice if you said something.” He giggled awkwardly when you hadn’t done anything for a whole minute but look at him somehow surprised. Giggling by his statement you hurried to place your hands on his cheeks and pulled him in for a brief but passionate kiss. You could feel him smile against the kiss and you pulled back to lean your forehead against his, standing on your toes to reach his height while he placed his hand on the lower part of your back. “Happy anniversary, Y/N. I love you to the moon and back.”

Calum (July 24th):

”Okay everyone so I’m gonna need you to become extremely quiet now. And no, we’re not going to play Amnesia if that’s what you’re thinking.” Calum said into the microphone with a smile, dropping his bass and letting it hang by his shoulders. “So some of you might have noticed from now after the at least thirty pictures posted on my fiancée’s Instagram that today is July 24th aka my son Alexander’s first birthday.” It was a mix of holler and shouts that appeared after Calum’s information, the girls on the front row jumping up and down with an Australian flag. “And I want this day to be really special for him, especially because I’ve dragged him and his mother on a five month plus length tour. Today is one of our last concerts actually.” He moved away to take give a short pause and looked towards the stairs to the dressing rooms. He could see shadows walk around and Ashton jumped out of his drum kit to help. “So to make this even more special than ever we’ve decided to drag him here in stage. Please welcome my son and Y/N.” Calum raised his arm in the air towards you walking up the stairs carefully, holding Alexander close to your chest. He was wearing huge children earmuffs to block out most of the noise from the crowd and his eyes widened the second bright lights were on him. The crowd went into a large holler despite Calum’s request but he couldn’t even get mad. This was pure amazing. “We even baked fucking cake!” Michael exclaimed in excitement when Ashton and Luke came up behind you with a trolley, a massive blue cake placed on top of it with pictures of Alexander. “So instead of screaming and all that we really want you guys to sing a birthday song along with us!” Calum loosened the mic on the stand and grabbed it in his hand easily. Heading towards you to meet half way he placed a soft kiss to your cheek before caressing Alexander’s. “Can you do that?” The crowd made a mix of hollers, simply girly screams and yelling yes repeatedly. An award winning smile appeared on Calum’s face and he fished out a lighter from his back pocket to light up the one candle placed in the middle of the cake. Alexander watched his father with a curious expression as both he and you kneeled down so he was level with the cake. “Come on everyone!” Michael yelled and started the birthday song already, the boys catching up along with you and the crowd. Literally every single person in the arena was singing at the top of their lungs, pulling out their phones and swinging the flashlights in the air like it was Outer Space played all over again. When the song was over everyone was clapping massively, Calum wearing the proudest smile on his face. “Come on Alex, you gotta blow the candle.” You giggled even though he most probably couldn’t hear it and you puckered your lips to make him puck his. Helping along to get the candle blown out you clapped your hands excited together with Alex who started to giggle, the whole crowd cheering along with the boys. The award-winning smile on Calum’s face couldn’t be described. The past year had been so fast and so amazing he almost couldn’t believe it. He was so insanely proud of you he felt so blessed. He had managed to drag you three along on a tour for so long and now it was nearly over. And to see his three favourite things mixed together at once was by far the best sight in his life so far. His fans, the band and his little family. He couldn’t wait for more moments to come and a wedding finally being launched. And most importantly, he felt like the luckiest man in the world. And to experience everything along with you and Alex made it ten times more exciting. Oh how he loved his life. ”Thank you, every single one of you.” He admitted into the microphone and smiled towards you and Alex, Thank you for the best life one could ever dream of.”

Michael (April 13th):

”Oh my god.” You giggled the second Michael arrived out of the kitchen with a massive cake – not to mention all made by himself – in a tight grip in his hands. Karen, his mother, widened her eyes too by the sight as he proudly placed it in front of Celeste with wide eyes, the girl looking up at her father with the matching emerald orbs. ”Wait she gets that one by herself?” Calum questioned almost confused and readjusted the pink hat on his head, taking a look around the table. It was filled with at least three different cakes, muffins and Danish pastry but Michael didn’t have any limit when it came to this day. He had been pacing around all morning excited, he was even more into the decorations than you were. Everything was decorated in lilac, pink and red colors in your living room. Everyone from your families were wearing hats, including yourself and the boys. Michael had even tried to put one on Celeste but she wouldn’t have it at all which only made you giggle. ”Michael insisted that she needed a cake herself to dig in.” You chuckled while moving a bib to avoid her spilling on her beautiful dress that you had given her in birthday present. ”Because she deserves it.” He said proudly and took a seat on the other side of her and leaned his arm on the rack of her baby chair while moving the plate of cake closer to her. And that was when the boys exploded out in a sing, trying to not laugh as they all sang different tones of happy birthday. Your families tagged along with the song while you looked down at Celeste proudly, her interest being more focused on the cake in front of her rather than the singing around her. ”Come on, cupcake. Just dig in.” Michael encouraged into her ear while singing and grabbed her hand to put it into the cake. She looked up at him almost to confirm and when he nodded his head encouraging she smacked her hand against the cake excitedly and moved it up to her mouth. ”Yes, that is my princess!” He cheered excitedly and clapped along until the song came to its finish, everyone awing at her by her cuteness. Ten minutes later when people seemed to quiet down with chit chatting and eating Michael cleared his throat and sat beside you. ”Everyone, we actually have an announcement to make.” He admitted, earning silence and all eyes on you now. ”We have one extra present for Celeste we’d like to share with you.” You informed and Michael grabbed a bag he had been hiding under your table, pulling up a light pink onesie. Everyone was looking at you in curiosity as Michael folded it out and showed what was written in front. ”I’m gonna be a big sister.” Luke read out for everyone and his eyes widened, ”Oh my god, Y/N you’re pregnant again?” All eyes widened in excitement by Luke’s question, making everyone’s jaw fall. ”Wait is it true?” Karen questioned but with such happiness she almost cracked a tear. ”Yep we took a test. Three actually to be sure. We will be expecting in the start of January next year.” Michael admitted making everyone rise up from their chairs in unison to graduate you guys, giving you hugs while Michael received high fives. ”Well we gotta give a big cheer to the new upcoming parents, once again.” Calum admitted and rose his bottle of red soda in the air, ”To Michael, Y/N, Celeste and the little one.” ”Or two’s.” Ashton added with a smile and raised his glass too, everyone cheering together along with you guys. ”Let’s hope the new one or ones will be more like Y/N.” Luke commented and nodded his head towards Celeste who was too occupied with the cake in front of her, frosting and chocolate covering the skin around her cheeks, mouth and nose. You wore the biggest smile on your face as you looked down at Celeste proudly, feeling Michaels hand come down to your stomach caressing over the soon to be growing skin.

Ashton (September 9th):

“Are you sure they are even allowed to have ice cream yet? It does contain diary products.” Ann commented in fits of giggles while watching the ice creams being served in front of the twins, Cloe’s eyes widening in excitement while Zack was more into the toy he had been given on top of his baby chair table. Ashton rolled his eyes by his mum’s question and shook his head lightly while reaching forward to grab a spoon. “This is their first birthday of course they’re gonna get ice-cream.” He grinned and ruffled Zack’s mini curls that were growing on his head, definitely matching his father’s. “Besides, I’ve made my research. These are only sweetened with fruit so I’ve ordered one with banana for Zack and one with strawberry for Cloe. And since they are officially one year old from today it means they can eat it. Don’t think I’ve thought this through, mum.” He grinned and smiled excitedly when the waiter used a lighter to turn on the small sparklers on top of the ice. Ann smiled softly at Ashton while nodding her head understanding, happily that he could do everything without his help. You grinned by the excitement Ashton was showing just by the ice creams in front of your children. He had been like this all day making Zack fussy when he decided to wake them up with almost too loudly singing of happy birthday. But that didn’t stop Ashton from being exaggerated all day. He had been smiling all over his face, engulfing them with kisses and every third second peppered your cheek with kisses. And now he had invited the whole family for dinner at a fancy restaurant down by the beach. He had even managed to buy fresh new clothes for all of you including himself. It really was something huge to him and so was it for you. You literally remembered all the pain you had gone through just a year ago at the hospital. And to see two healthy pair of twins in front of you with so many similarities from you and Ashton it both looked and felt amazing. A small sound came from Zack’s tired state and you could feel awe’s appear from people’s mouths in reaction. “It’s all Ashton’s fault.” You giggled slightly while lifting Zack up from the baby chair and placed him in your lap instead. Grabbing a spoon you took a smaller piece of the ice cream in hope of him to stop the whines, a satisfied smile embracing your face when his expression changed completely. “What, Cloe thought waking up to a birthday song was exciting!” He grinned while watching Lauren feed her with the ice-cream, her face seemed to enjoy the exploring feeling of something cold and new. “Well Zack thought the opposite.” You remarked while enjoying and felt Ashton’s arm brush yours as he rested his on top of your chair. It made you lean further against his touch while scooping up more ice-cream, feeling Zack lean forward to get his mouth filled. “He’s happy now, isn’t he?” He grinned down at you with a smirk and you rolled your eyes in reply but still remained the happy smile on your face. Ashton took a look around the table with a huge smile on his face. Everyone was having a good time, you were a smiling mess and the twins were eating happily. This was such a perfect moment for him. “Waiter?” He questioned the second one passed by and he stopped in track by the request. “Could you be my man for a short moment and take a picture of my family and I?” He reached his hand out for the waiter and he nodded his head politely. “Of course, sir.” He replied and took a step back to get everyone into the frame. “Smile everyone. This is going on my Instagram.” He grinned towards everyone before leaning his head against yours, smiling all over his face. This picture would be his new favourite thing. The picture that showed he had finally made it. His whole life in just one frame. Oh how he loved his life, you and the twins. It couldn’t compare to anything else. He was ever so happily.

nct dream!siblings au

take two sighs

i’ll have the students au up soon! or sometime next week hopefully


-this chiLD

-you guys would bicker sososo much but it’d always be jokingly and over dumb things

-who can eat a full jar of peanut butter the fastest, who can stuff the most cookies in their mouth without choking or almost throwing up, etc

-you two are a literal mess, your parents can never leave you alone

-one time, your parents made the mistake of doing so

-and they came back to the couch pushed over

-they were gone for 5 minutes

-you two were also like 7 with 0 arm strength

-long story short, you two were having a contest to see who could push the couch over and one of you got confused

-so instead of one of you at a time trying to push the couch both of you TACKLED it together and knocked it over

-they havent left you alone in the house ever since

-you two are WRECKS

-you guys manage to mess everything up in 0.234234 seconds

-mark’s the type of brother to bring pads/tampons to school for you if you bleed down there once a month

-he’s such a sweetheart

-you guys probably walk to school together and walk home together too

-whenever one of you buy ice cream or coffee, you buy an extra for your sibling!!! it’s so cute and pure awh

-mark would honestly just give you the world if he could and so would you bc you two are so cute and precious you guys are sibling goals




-you guys argue SO much

-people wonder how you guys havent murdered each other yet

-you guys pretend like you dont know each other at school but everybody knows youre related bc you both have the same resting bitchface

-even tho you guys pretend to hate each other, you both care about each other a lot

-you love each other a lot even tho you dont say it out loud, it’s just a given between the two of you

-like mark, if one of you guys buy coffee or w/e, you’ll also buy one for the other

-BUT you’ll like, give it to one of their friends instead of giving it to each other directly

-tsunderes af smh

-hae caught you once tho omg

-so like, you woke up earlier than him and went to school without him but on the way you stopped for coffee

-but the line was so long, hae managed to get to school before you

-so when you got to school, you were about to give it to his friend but hae jumped out from like, behind the lockers or somethin and screamed “AH-HA” like a loser and you almost spilled the coffee on yourself

-even tho you guys tease each other a lot, you dont let anyone else do so or else they’d be like murdered


-you guys would be the siblings that hate each other but would help hide a body for the other if needed

-you two are brutally honest with each other

-”hey y/n, do you think eunbi would say yes if i asked her out”


-you guys are hella skeptical and judgy of every boyfriend/girlfriend you two have

-but only bc you two secretly care for each other <3



-it doesnt matter if youre older or younger, he’ll be SO CARING AND PROTECTIVE

-he cares about you so much please love him

-ok so if you can sing, you two would be the most talented siblings ever

-but if you cant, that’s ok, he doesnt mind, he’ll make you sing with him anyway

-if you can sing, he’ll challenge you to singing battles and high note battles 24/7

-he is BRUTAL with these things, he doesnt hold back

-singing battles with him are hardcore dude

-if you can sing, he’d be the type of person to make a yt channel for you guys to post covers on aw omg

-you two would join talent shows together too oh my godddd

-everybody would be so envious of you two

-the cutest sibling duo ever

-chen’s ALWAYS ALWAYS there for you and you are for him too!!

-he’s such a precious angel bean how many times do i have to say this

-he always keeps your secrets and never tells a soul, he takes em to his grave

-probably lends you money too

-sometimes he has trouble standing up for himself and people take advantage of his niceness

-but youre always there for him!!!! you swoop in and save the day for him!!

-he looks up to you a lot bc of that

-he doesnt know how to make it up to you so he always just listens to your problems or anything you wanna let out anytime you want

-if you couldnt sleep, you can always go to his room and ask him to sing you to sleep

-it can be like 3am and he’d still sing you to sleep, all groggy and stuff

-he’d let you sleep on his bed too what a sweetheart oh my gosh

-he probably brings pads/tampons to school if you need them too

-you two are basically akmu


-at school, he’s all quiet and stuff but you know how insane he can be

-all the students at your school are like ”is your brother ok?? why is he so quiet all the time???” but you and his friends KNOW

-you guys wont say anything tho bc he has to keep his quiet mysterious rep man

-you guys are so loud and crazy with each other, he’s a completely different person when he’s with you

-you two are really close, you know each other better than you know yourselves

-renjun probably has a lot of crushes but are wayyy too afraid to ask them out

-but he has you!!!!!!! you help him out however you can

-like once, he had a crush on one of your close friends

-and normally, you’d be like “hELLLLLLL NO BYE” but it was renjun!! your precious bro!!! so you were like “okok i’ll ask him/her about it!!”

-and if your friend liked ren back, then great!! they would be the cutest couple ever omg

-BUT if your friend didnt like ren back then you would never EVER LET REN FIND OUT

-every time he asked you about it, you would avoid the topic and awkwardly laugh it off

-you did it so much that he eventually figured it out himself

-”y/n you dont have to hide it from me anymore, i already know”

-”ok well i have fifty tubs of ice cream and a whole playlist of old disney tv shows so take all the time ya need to heal man iM RIGHT HERE FOR YOU”

-he loves you so much for that he tears up right then and there

-which makes you hug him real tight and he starts bawling

-cute sibling moment~

-you guys exchange knowing glances a lot in the hallways and lowkey/highkey creep people out

-ren’s the type of brother to wake you up at 1am for absolutely no reason


-what a playbOY *exo music plays in the background*

-he is such a flirt you hate him for that

-have you seen that smile smh

-you two dont talk a lot but you guys are still close nonetheless

-your friends all have crushes on him ew gross what the heck!!!

-he knows how to use his looks to get you guys things it makes you feel bad but not really bc free stuff

-he always goes to you for problems

-even if theyre dumb

-you get sick of it but you help him out anyway

-one time he had a HUGE PROBLEM

-his heart was broken ;-;

-someone dumped him (for the first time ever!!) but he really liked this person ;-;-;-;

-he locked himself in his room and refused to go on any dates (which scared you even tho it usually annoyed you when he went on like 50 dates in a day)

-and you got vv worried bc!! my smol bro!!! what’s happening????!?!?!?!

-so you went to his room and found him trying to take a nap and he had his earbuds on and the music was so loud, you could hear it really clearly and it broke your heart </3

-tl;dr, the next 2 hours were filled with tears and hugs and bad puns

-he doesnt say it but he looks up to you a lot

-a lot of people say he’s only a playboy but you know how much of a sweetheart he really is

-he appreciates you a lot for that too bc you never changed your perspective on him even after he’s changed a lot

-bc even tho you two dont hang out a lot, when you do, it makes you feel like you two are little kids again




-he probably judges your fashion sense

-he’s so protective!!

-but not like overly

-he’s like a helicopter mom but he knows his boundaries

-whenever you get a boyfriend/girlfriend, he’s always like


-”ew get away from me loser” -u 24/7

-you two are SO close

-the bff siblings

-you guys do EVERYTHING together

-you walk to school together, go to the movies together, go shopping together (he gives surprisingly good fashion advice), roast people together (it’s your specialty), etc etc

-he cares about you a lot even tho he wont ever say it out loud

-you guys get into a lot of trouble together but jeno always finds a way to dig you out of it

-he’s the kid in school that has connections with EVERYBODY

-you dont have any connections but you have jeno!!! he hooks you up man

-he annoys you so much but his eye smiles make up for it!!

-he’s the type of brother to wake you up at like 4am and ask you to make him a sandwich

-you’d be mad but you wanted a sandwich too so you just let him drag you to the kitchen

-you get busted bc jeno accidentally drops a plate (he bumped into a chair and screamed)

-jeno teases you a lot BUT YOU KNOW HIS SECRET


-HE’S TERRIFIED OF BUTTERFLIES AND MOTHS i am too jeno it’s all ok

-one time for his birthday, you gave him a real life butterfly as a gag gift

-he cried for 7 hours minutes straight

-he was 14

-you promised to never give him a butterfly/moth as a gift ever again but you still point them out when you two walk to school or somethin

-he probaby lets you put makeup on him and style his hair as long as he gets like food or something in return for it

-you guys are so close you like and hate the same food too it’s kinda creepy


-remember when i said chen was the sweetest brother ever


-jisung’s the type of brother to try to bake a cake for your birthday and end up failing

-he probably burns a few things too

-like the entire kitchen

-he gets it from mark

-the sweetest smiles ever!!!

-if youre ever sad, he dances for you to cheer you up

-he’s an awkward lil baby but he probably brings you tampons/pads if you need them too

-he’s probably really bad with relationships

-he’s like your child (even if youre younger)

-you baby him a lot even tho you know he can handle himself

-he works really hard too and when he does, he forgets to eat and take care of himself

-so youre always there to feed him and make him sleep when he goes into hardwork mode!!!

-he buys you lil gifts whenever he finds something that reminds him of you

-you have a box full of em

-you two will do anything for each other

-you will protect jisung with your LIFE

-and jisung would do the same for you!!

-you wont let him date any of your friends bc your friends are too ‘unpure’ and will ‘taint him’

-like chen, he’ll take your secrets to his grave

-you pinch his cheeks a lot!!!!

-the cutest siblings ever omg

-you guys dont argue at all omg

-jisung may seem like an angel but he can be the most devious lil shit ever

-you LOVE to ruffle his hair

-you guys go to places a lot (with chen and ren!!!)

-one of the boys probably develop a crush on you but JISUNG WILL NOT HAVE IT!!!!!!!!


-you have to hold him back

-you guys also probably bingewatch disney movies together

-and sing the songs obnoxiously loudly but it’s adorable

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Alright!  Here it is…the long awaited Epilogue.  I am so glad that everyone has enjoyed this series.  I never thought that it would be as popular as it was.  I love you all so very much, and I hope you enjoy this ending!

(Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 14  Part 15  Part 16  Part 17  Update)

Choking back the emotion, you slowly wave your hand off in the distance.  Watching Angel’s school bus pull away was much more heart-wrenching than you had ever imagined.  You were worried for her safety.  You were worried for her intelligence.  You were worried even for yourself…that you would no longer know what to do with your life now that your little miracle was spending her first days at school.

Feeling Matthew slip his arms around you from behind, a few tears slip out and down your cheek.  As he kisses your tears away, you turn your head and bury it into the crook of his neck.  At first, you thought having your money was an advantage.  But now?

Now, you needed goals.

Walking in silence back into the house, you slowly turn to Matthew.

“I’m going to miss her,” you squeak.

“I am, too, Y/N,” he whispers, drawing you close and kissing the top of your head.

“And you’re going to work now, aren’t you?”

“Unfortunately,” Matthew trails off.

You and Angel had read thru all of your books.  She loved sitting on your lap and listening to you talk.  You had run out of yarn with which to crochet, and you even needed to go grocery shopping if you were going to make anything.

“That’s what I’ll start with…” you mused to yourself.

“What’s that, baby?” Matthew asked.

“I need to go grocery shopping,” you stated.

“There you go…” Matthew trailed off.


Arriving at the grocery store, Matthew had just messaged you that he was at work alright.  They had a lot of scenes to film, but he said he would try his hardest to take a break around the time Angel got home from school.  Your stomach sank a bit at the idea that he might not be here, but you were a little excited at the fact that you might be able to spend some time alone with her.

30 minutes without her and your heart already ached.

Funny how a family changes that.

Walking down the aisles, your hands start to shake.  Damn it, you think.  Forgot to eat again.

Grabbing a packet of Doritos, you munch on them as you walk up and down the baking aisle, looking for some inspiration.  You knew how much Angel loved your homemade chocolate ice cream, and you figured a nice slice of chocolate cake would go well with it.

Grabbing all of your items, you head for the cash register, passing by the “Family Planning” section of the grocery store.  Eyeing the shelves in curiosity, you see a row of boxes for ovulation testing.  You and Matthew had briefly talked about having another child, but it wasn’t anything in the works.  But, you decided to toss the box in the cart anyway.

After all, it couldn’t hurt, right?

After getting home and putting all of the groceries away, you slip into the bathroom.  Taking the stick out and peeing on it, you set it on the counter.  You figured that if you were in a good area of ovulation, maybe when Matthew got home from his filming, the two of you could give it a good ol’ college try.

Leaving it on the counter to stew, you clean yourself up and head out into the kitchen.  Pulling out flour and sugar, as well as baking sheets and the big tabletop mixer, you start measuring everything necessary for this cake.  Mixing and churning, preheating the oven and sliding everything in, you set the baking timer on the counter and venture back into the bathroom.


Sitting on the bathroom floor, stunned, you slowly reach for your phone.  Dialing Spencer’s number, he doesn’t pick up.

He must be on the set.

You dial Aaron, you dial Shemar, and you even dial Kirsten, but to no avail.  In your shock, it didn’t even occur to you that none of them would pick up.  Out of all of the moments to be in the middle of a scene, this had to be one of them.

Because as you absentmindedly sat the phone on the floor beside you, you stared down at the positive pregnancy test you were holding.

Well, you thought, at least now I know what I’m going to do with my time.


“Y/N!” Matthew yells as you picked up the phone.  “Y/N, what’s wrong.  I’m getting into my car now.  Talk to me.”

Laughing, you tell him to slow down.  “Nothing is wrong, Matthew.  In fact, everything is wonderful.”

“You called Aaron and even AJ, something has happened,” he said matter-of-factly.

“My love, do you remember this morning when I was so worried because I didn’t know what I was going to do with my time?”

Sighing, Spencer says, “Y/N, this is about a hobby you found?”

Smiling and giggling, you say, “No, Matthew, this is about a child we’ve created.”

After a long, lengthy pause, you hear the rush of wind and Matthew speak.  “S-say that again?”

“I’m pregnant, Matthew.”

Whoops and screams of joy come from the background.  You hear the crack of high fives and the rushing of people around the room.  Laughing to yourself, still sitting on the bathroom floor, Matthew comes back to the phone.

“I love you.  I love you so much,” he dotes.

“I’m going to head to the clinic for the official blood test and to get my prenatals,” you state.

“I’ll meet you there,” Matthew muses.

“No, no.  You stay right where you are,” you say.

“Why?” Matthew asks.

“Because after the appointment, I’m coming to you,” you smile.

“I can’t wait,” Matthew grins.

Hanging up the phone, you throw open your closet, looking for something nice to wear.  Shuffling thru your clothes, you come across the dress.

The yellow dress you wore that night.

The night that changed everything.

Tears welling in your eyes, you slip it on and toss your hair up in a bun. You search for your purse, throw on your sunglasses, and head for the clinic.


Shuffling from foot to foot, Matthew couldn’t stop looking for your car.  As everyone wrapped up the last scene before lunch, Shemar comes up and puts his hand on Matthew’s shoulder.

“She’s gonna get here alright,” Shemar says.

Sighing, Matthew lightly nods.  Every time you got behind the wheel of a car, Matthew always worried until you hit your destination.  It’s why you two always messaged each other when you got to your end point.  Just a habit, he assumed, from after the accident.

Seeing your car pull up, Matthew smiles and starts walking toward you, only to stop in his tracks when you get out of the car.

The dress.

That beautiful, wonderful, sexy yellow dress.

And as Matthew stands there, watching you close the distance, with your dress flowing in the wind, Shemar chuckles behind him and says:

“Full circle, my friend.  Full circle.”

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pls do "marry me" with Calum 💘


Branches entwined with glowing white, circle lanterns lit a wooded path from the reception tent to the pristine hotel just next to the wood’s back entrances, your hands clutched tightly around Calum’s arm as he laid his own free one against yours; the heat from his palm making you giggle drunkenly into the late night.

“What’s so funny, baby?” Calum asked, his lips kinking into a fond smile as he led you both away from the tent, the thump of the bass still booming though it was growing fainter each step you took away from it.

You shrugged, though the movement nearly knocked you over as a result of your off-kilter equilibrium. “So warm,” you muttered dazedly, stumbling over the ends of your dress before Calum pulled the two of you to a halt. You thought he was simply going to wait for you to knot the sheer fabric above your knees so you wouldn’t trip over it again and let out a surprised “oomph” when he promptly swiped his arms beneath your knees and arms and picked you up. “Cal,” you mumbled in disagreement, frowning at his gesture and squirming in his arms, “Put me down.”

Rolling his eyes, Calum continued his trek towards the hotel as if he wasn’t holding another grown person in his arms; as if your weight meant nothing. “Shh, baby,” he cooed, smiling at the employee who held the door open for him. “I’ve got you.”

“But Cal,” you whined into his neck after shoving it into the warm crevice when you realized people were looking at the two of you. “You know it makes me feel insecure.”

Though you couldn’t see it, you knew (even in your slight drunken stupor) that your boyfriend was frowning. “I know, pumpkin,” he started, clumsily raising his foot once he reached the elevators and pressing the button with the point of his toe. “I know you don’t like when I do this but it would’ve taken us ages to get up to our room considering how slow you move when you’re drunk.”

“Hey,” you piped up, your face pinching into a sulky expression that made Calum absolutely weak at the knees before lightly hitting his chest. “I am not drunk.”

The brunette quirked an eyebrow and smiled teasingly down at you. “You had like seven glasses of champagne baby.”

Your pout further deepened as you burrowed yourself into his chest again, your mumble of “It was good champagne” into his collared baby blue shirt making him laugh. Absentmindedly, you fiddled with the button lines down Calum’s torso as he carried you into the elevator and pressed a kiss to his chest, right above where his heart lay.

“Did you have a good night, baby?” the brunette asked quietly, the low hum of the elevator shaft the only accompaniment to his soft voice.

“Mhm,” you nodded, yawning. “‘S good.” After a moment of silent deliberation, you added, “Can’t wait until it’s us, though.”

As of a few hours ago, you and Calum became the last of the 5sos couples to not be married. Every year since the boys had settled in L.A. three years ago and really focused on building their record label’s reputation, one of the boys happened to have a summer wedding. Today, Luke and his partner had tied the knot and both you and your boyfriend were honorary members of the wedding party, but to be honest… it was getting a little old being the one to hold the bride’s dress while she peed or holding back tears while listening to heart-felt vows being exchanged or watching the father-daughter dance from the sidelines. You wanted to be the one walking down the aisle and cutting the cake and accepting congratulations from friends and family members alike until “thankyou” felt foreign on your tongue from saying it too much.

“Okay, then let’s get married.”

Immediately, your head popped out from Calum’s sturdy chest again, your breath catching in your throat as you choked out a disbelieving, “What?”

“You heard me,” he stated with a smirk. “Marry me.” After a beat, he added. “I triple dog dare you.”

You stared at the brunette, your mouth open wide as he stepped out of the elevator when the doors opened to the fifth floor. Before you could contain yourself, a laugh bubbled from your lungs and up your throat and out of your mouth until you were practically shrieking with giggles. “You-you–” you gasped, trying to catch your breath.

“Shh, baby, there’s people sleeping right now.”

Shooting him an incredulous look, you had to refrain yourself from flicking his nose. “Excuse me, you’re the dumbass who just triple dog dared me to marry you.”

Cautiously, Calum set you down before fishing through his pockets for the room key. “Exactly darling, and I know you well enough to know that you never back down from a dare.” 

You followed him into the suite once he’d unlocked the door and wrapped your arms around his torso, pressing your face against the expansive planes of his back muscles before remarking, “Well, I’d hope you’d know me well enough to know that, considering we’re gonna get married and stuff now.”

“So that’s a yes then?” Calum asked, spinning around in your grasp and grinning down at you.

“No,” you replied, gently pecking his nose before just barely brushing your lips against his. “That’s a triple dog yes.”


I was atBoom festival in Portugal, and two gorgeous girls were dancing next to me and we felt this kinship connection, so they started whispering to each other and looking at me.

At first I was thinking “this is weird, they look like they wanna tell me something”

The girls came over and said “You are the one, we have a present for you!”

And they take out this rubber duck, covered in bracelets from several other trance festivals, with a beak piercing and I thought “what!!”…

They explained that Doofy was born in Australia and people went with him from festival to festival and give them to one another so that he can continue his world travel until he got all the way back to his mommies. 

He even had an ID card explaining how he is filled with Love and Trust, and his desire is to meet new people and tell the world about his adventures. When I squeezed him, he’d let out this “UUUOOOOONNNNNMMMM” sound, a mix of “hey look at me” with “lets get this party started”

The day after I met them , they asked me if I forgot about Doofy, because they couldn’t see him. I turned around and showed him that he evolved and now had wings !

You can’t even imagine their reaction. :)

Throughout the festival a ton of people came up to me and asked “Is that Doofy !?!?!" And basically freak their sh**, telling me how they met him in a party in Egipt, France, Austria, Brazil, USA, etc etc so they would give me weed and magic mushrooms, saying that Doofy had a real healthy obsession with psychedelic music …boy were they right!

He stayed with me for a few months until I moved to Barcelona! Here he is ready to travel. 

In Barcelona I took him to meet the Amma, a lady that is the spiritual incarnation of the Mother aspect- She is also known as the Hugging Goddess, because she travels the world hugging millions of people and is considered a Saint. Doofy was hugged along with millions of other individuals in a magnificent ceremony.

One of the Darshans (Devine Hug) ceremonies. She sometimes takes three days non-stop until she hugs everyone! 

In Barcelona I met a beautiful soul named Ana, and introduced her to Doofy, they had an instant connection. We noticed on his ID that the day I met her was HIS BIRTHDAY (27th December) !!! So of course we had a huge bday bash with cake and surrounded by new friends.

He loved meeting her so much that he decided to stay and travel with her to INDIA !

He went to India, and met a ton of new friends…

he even had time to relax and get in touch with his inner self! (here he is reading Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch) and doing some Yoga classes !

He tried new food…

Learned to play sitar …

… took a bath in the holy Ganges River 

He even came out in a newspaper with my friend Ana !

I made this post to tell the girls that made Doofy come into existence THANK YOU… For making me believe that there is MAGIC in the world,  that we are all connected and that we can set our mind up, travel and meet the LOVE filled people throughout our beautiful planet ! . 

Love it if you guys could reblog this to see if we can find the Australian girls and let them know about his AMAZING ADVENTURE!

Most importantly, to let them know that their mystical friend… HAD A BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grandmas, meet Sulfi Duck!

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Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso - 22 [End]

HERE I GO. I am watching on my PS3 so I can use big, pretty screen but my computer is right next to my TV so I am just going to write here while I watch because I feel I should write WHILE I watch the last episode so I can express whatever emotions I may have. lol.


This took me over an hour to get through because I kept rewatching scenes. Expect lots of gifs since it’s the end…. 

255th Completed Anime - Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso - 10/10.

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the future significant others of seventeen members (110% my personal predictions)
  • **so i just wanted to get this down somewhere as sort of like an i suppose, prediction and hopes(??) for the future girlfriends (or hey! maybe boyfriends) of seventeen members and this is 110% my opinion!!! ((i'll be referring to the significant others as females since at this point, nothings been said to prove that they're not straight))
  • Seungcheol: leADER OF THE TROOP who's also a kid on the inside - his s/o would be someone who probably doesn't identify as introverted or extroverted but someone dead set in the middle, she'll be caring with random goofy sides to her and when she laughs she laughs with her whole body, she probably would throw her head back too, i have a feeling she'd love shopping and eating street food with s. coups and she'd give off this warm aura that doesn't necessarily draw your full attention to her but it's enough to acknowledge her happy presence and smile // the relationship would probably be full of activities, they'd have fun everywhere they go and lazy days wouldn't be very often, they'd be the couple known for having dozens of crazy & silly candid couple pictures ((and yes i think they'd totally wear couple t-shirts)) and their relationship would probably include a lot of planning but then giving up and just winging things
  • Jeonghan: jeonghan tho, jeonghan, this literal angel - his s/o would be a flower enthusiast, i see her wearing pastel but on bad days opting for darker shades and sweatpants, she'll be reserved and fairly quiet but blossoms like a rose once you get to know her, she probably listens to classical music and also really loves kpop girl groups, i also think that she'd have a sweet tooth and may have a huge thing for really really REALLY nice shoes or purses and she would constantly post photos of her doing jeonghan's hair or him making faces and they'd probably share the same conditioner let's be real here // i think that the relationship would be quite slow & very easy going at first but when they get to a significant point of commitment, they'd be everywhere, E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E, you can't escape this
  • Joshua: does anyone even deserve joshua, he's too good for this world - his s/o would be super sweet like a slice of strawberry cake, i see her as rosy cheeked with a slight geeky side who probably plays piano or violin, perhaps even cello and would love to learn how to play the guitar from joshua, she'd be a bundle of joy (this sounds like i'm talking about a baby omg) and her perspective on life is so gentle and welcoming you could sit in awe just listening to her talk about things she's curious about, she reminds me of a quiet coffee store with books and tiny plants everywhere soaking in the warm sunshine // i think the relationship would be very honest and gentle and they'd be the cute couple you see at carnivals that kind of stare up at the rides at sundown while sitting on a bench with smiles on their faces and your parents would love him and his would love her
  • Jun: mr. wushu-boy probably has ladies lining up just to look at his face, aNYWAYS - his s/o would come off as a slightly tedious person in the very beginning but would probably be a super funny person, i see her as someone who likes sports but isn't very good at them, her go to shoes would probably be sneakers, she's someone who you wouldn't immediately love until you had a good conversation and sense of who she is and wants to be, she probably would be the type who would prefer jun to lay his head on her rather than the other way // the relationship would include trying a lot of new things and i think they'd probably both would get hardcore obsessed with something together, they'd be the couple you see at random trinket stores laughing and taking pictures with/of funny and cute lil items but then not buying anything ((or on the rare occasion, one thing each))
  • Hoshi: i pray that hoshi will find the most adorable, boisterous and happy lil ball of sunshinE - i see her as someone who wears colourful clothing (not necessarily neon), she probably has resting nice face and is fairly lazy but will do things with the right amount
  • of motivation, she probably has a big thing for cute animals ((if you ever watched marriage not dating, i imagine she'd be a shorter & louder version of jangmi!!)) and you'd probably associate her to the colours green and pink // they'd probably have some sort of synced up scale for their levels of hype, like they'd both be lazy and tired but then would be excited and jumpy about something they both equally love, they'd be the couple that does everything together and act like best friends in love
  • Wonwoo: wHOEVERGETSTODATETHISBOY is2g you've been blessed by the gods above - i see his girl as someone who prefers long sleeves to short sleeves but the occasional tank top, she'd probably love the colour blue or purple, she'd be a hard worker but knows when to take a break, she'd have two sides; her bored-staring-off-into-space side and then her adorable giddy restless face-pulling side, i'm so sure she'd always have candy or food in her bag and she'd probably would love to travel everywhere and holding hands with wonwoo would be her favourite thing to do // they'd probably be a low-key couple in public but do crazy weird-butt things when alone or with the other members, they'd be a loving pairing with so much respect for the other and probably likes night walks and yEs she'd steal his sweaters all the time, they're couple name would be 'mr and mrs sweater paws'
  • Woozi: wooziwooziwoozi, his girl would get woozi with love ((that didn't make sense ok moviNG ON)) - his significant other would probably loves sleep and cereal at night, i see her as someone who always is wrapped up in her blanket at home, she'd be someone who'd get chilly easily (woozi would probably hold her hands in his hands like a lil ball of warmth i wANT THIS TO HAPPEN PLEASE) and she'd always have a cardigan everywhere (she'd probably have a few sweaters in the cabinet in the pledis practice room and at the dorms) & she'd be a blazing hot fireball, like woozi she'd probably give off the impression of being younger than she actually is but is a tough lil bee who probably really likes fruit and gets her way // these two would probably judge everyone together like they'd be that couple who someone who ask a really stupid question to and they'd just stare at the guy with no expression until he leaves and then casually go back into their conversation, they'd be a very honest couple and would fix problems head on before spiralling out of their control
  • Seokmin: nobody ever rain on this boy's parade okAy okay. - his s/o would most likely be equally sunny as dk is and is someone who used to be insecure but has for the most part fought and won against her insecurities, you'd probably associate her with a sunny and bright day, she may be a either a dangerously good baker or a really crappy one who's meanest dish is a fruit salad but i know that she'd love dk unconditionally, she'd be 110% committed to the relationship, she'd probably drink tea all the time especially with added slices of lemon, she'd have a rose-glass tinted outlook on everything, she'd be a very positive thinker who tries very hard to never be negative, she's a self improver and probably loves buying cute korean makeup items & has shelves full of them in her bathroom // they'd probably have random dance parties to upbeat songs while cooking dinner and dk would spin her around before reaching behind her to try the pasta, THIS RELATIONSHIP I SWEAR TO GOD WILL BE THE EQUIVALENT OF A PICTURE PERFECT RELATIONSHIP WITH PHOTO EVIDENCE ON REGULAR OCCASIONS when will this happen, they'd also probably get matching bracelets that aren't the cheesiest thing ever but almost, just almost
  • Mingyu: if he doesn't adopt a puppy with his s/o i will cry - mingyu's s/o would be a go-getter but with some shy moments, i see her as someone who's still figuring her ambitions in life, she probably has a decent amount of friends and doesn't have only one best friend in particular, she'd never be able to pass by a pet shop without looking at the animals inside, she'd have a calming purplish aura that radiates off of her, she'd be someone you want to tell all your secrets to because she gives off the impression that she's trustworthy and don't worry, she is!! but maybe a little forgetful but either way, she's still oh-so lovable, she'd strike me as someone who would get mingyu random gifts, whatever reminds her of him she'd buy for him and she would always share her food with him but would be stingy arounds others if very hungry, i think she'd probably be into photography too or some sort of technical art skill // they'd be known as the couple who always goes into photo booths, they probably have like 50 strips of that stuff but it's okay because they pull the funniest faces and sometimes seventeen members photobomb and they turn out great, they'd have a go with the flow but steady going relationship and would probably start out as good friends
  • Minghao: mY lil bundle of cuteness and bboying skills - i think that the girl he'll end up with would be someone quite reserved, she'd be very into taking selfies tho and probably would be really into k-dramas or anime, she'd be the opposite of stuck up and would be the most helpful human bean in the world, she'd probably be shorter than minghao and if she doesn't know chinese, she'd learn it so that she could communicate with him and his family members better, she'd be someone who zones out constantly and is giggly and ticklish, she would also have a weird appetite ranging from eating a few bites to eating a few plates, she probably really likes her coffee sweet, she'd be patient and would make minghao laugh all the time, she may not be the most confident but would stand up for what she believes in and if someone's being hurtful or hateful she wouldn't be one to stand on the side but yet she wouldn't be one to fight, she'd be a peaceful person who people always underestimate // this relationship would probably need to last a while before marriage is even in the question, they're both ones to enjoy life one step at a time, they'd be the couple who you sometimes forget about but when you do see pictures, you wouldn't be able to stop scrolling for at least an hour
  • Seungkwan: boonon boonon boonon - his girl would be hilarious, she probably would come from a family with siblings and share the same family morals as seungkwan does, she was probably a really good student, she knows how to entertain an audience but may not necessarily be the first one to volunteer for that job, she probably prefers to listen to music out loud rather than through earphones unless in quiet public places, she'd be a reader but with little time to sit down with a book, she'd probably be the funnest person to bring to the supermarket because you know you'd be going home with multiple fun items and she'd be the most inviting person, she'll never make anyone feel left out from a conversation or party and loves making others laugh // they'd be a couple to watch out for in the streets, they'd probably be the type to swing their arms together rEAlly high up before realising so after a few minutes or an accidental hit, they'd be the cute couple you see at a cafe sitting across from one another laughing at a funny story while sharing a piece of dessert and love in their eyes (this made me gag slightly, love is such an emotional subject ew okay)
  • Vernon: pULL up on yOu waCKs witH A MAC FULLY LOADED i had to i'm so sorry - first things first, i'm so sure his s/o would be clumsy, she'd be someone who wouldn't take everything seriously, probably relatively chill at first glance until a few days later and you see the real side of her and you want to sit her down and stay still, she may not listen to a lot of hip hop but would gladly learn the lyrics alongside him for fun, she'd probably be fairly lazy but then again i think hansol is too, i think she'd be someone who's very deep but doesn't show it at first, she would constantly share daily happenings with seventeen fans that want to know, she'd be a friend to all of the seventeen fans and would probably be forced onto multiple andromedas by seungkwan who states that 'the number of viewers go up when you're on the show' but it's mainly you groaning because they're making you do the weirdest things and they won't let you sit next to hansol (bc they're mean) but eventually they would after fans pester the chat box // they probably stay in 60% of the time that's spent together, when they do go out from the comfort of their home(s) it's usually to get food for the next few days so that they don't need to leave that often, they'd be a relationship full of embraces and late night conversations, also expect embarrassing photos from his s/o, she'll post 'em all
  • Lee Chan: our lil maknae (he's barely older than me but he's my lil cutie pie) his s/o would either be someone who's life is dance or who doesn't dance at all and he'd be okay with both, she'd be a casual dresser for the most part, music would probably be a big part of her life, she'd be thoughtful and a cheery well rounded person who knows her priorities in life, she would someone who is slightly scared to make significant changes in her life and may need some persuasion and pushes from chan, she's the type of person you'd come home after a long day to and she'd have all your favourite food in the kitchen for you to choose and she'd be very understanding and would give chan space if he needed it without getting hurt about it, she'd also be super playful, her energy is never ending and she probably absolutely loves going to parks such as disneyland or any places with rides and a nice scenery for her instagram feed // i think they'd be the couple you always see side by side, shoulder by shoulder, they'd probably wouldn't even realise how close they are till someone points it out and they'd get flustered and try to laugh it off, they'd be a young couple who wants their relationship to really work and would only get comfortable showing it after a few months or so
Caught in the Act- Michael Clifford/5sos imagine (smut)- part 3- straight version

Requested- Yes




Anon-  Omg please do caught in the act part three

Anon- Please continue caught in the act :(

Pairing- Michael Clifford, Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood, Luke Hemmings and Y/N

Words- 1000+

Summary-  The boys continue to have fun with you after they catch you touching yourself to a movie

NOTE- I can make an extra part to any imagine/smut in my masterlist.  Just ask


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“Piece of cake,” Calum shrugged.  

He strolled towards you and took your hands, helping you to your feet.  You expected him to take you to the bed and so you squealed in fright a little when he gripped the back of your thighs, parting your legs and hoisting you up so your ankles crossed around his back.  

“I don’t do beds,” he smirked.

Why was that hot? Where exactly was he going to fuck you then?  His length was rightg at your stomach and pushing in to it.  It was long and thing and as brown as the rest of his skin.  You couldn’t even begin to imagine the pleasure he could inflict with it.

You gulped as Calum walked forwards and he grunted as your back hit against the wall to the left of the room.  He didn’t ask for permission or give you any warning other than moving one hand.  He held his length steady as he pushed in to you.  Your walls engulfed him, swallowing him up greedily and you cried out, your fingers sliding down the smooth skin on Calum’s shoulders and back.

He buried his face in the crook of your neck and grunted against your skin with each thrust he took.  He wasn’t going particularly fast but the slowness was exquisite.  He knew exactly what he was doing and you loved how his fingers dug in to your thighs, keeping them firmly in place.  

“Gee Calum you go any slower and she’s going to fall asleep,”  Michael teased.

You felt Calum frown against you before picking the pace up though his slow pace had been more than satisfactory.  He gradually built up until he was slamming you against the wall with a smug look on his squishable face.  His hazel eyes glared in to you as he moved, watching your every reaction.  It took a while for you to realise that he was surveying you and every time you moaned a little louder or lost your breath he repeated that movement over and over until your heart was racing so quick you thought it might burst out your chest.  Your core was soaking it up.  He was careful that he didn’t brush your clit too much and you could tell he was purposefully holding back.  It didn’t work though.  You started to build and you whined, his name escaping your throat.  

Know he went to town. His v-line started to brush against your clitoris and you became a complete wreck before him.  You could see Michael watching you with a frown on his face but you couldn’t take your eyes of this buff, mocha skinned boy inside you.  The way his face changed with each thrust was mesmerising.  He knew how to please a woman and he did it with such ease, a smug look on his soft lips.  He caught you staring at them and leaned in so only you could hear him.

“I’ll let you use my lips later if you squirt for me,”  he whispered, making every bit of hair on your body stand on end.  

You shivered at his words and your body began to convulse.  Your eyes swivelled to the back of your head and your back pressed flat against the wall.  Your fingers gripped his shoulder blades behind his back as it ripped through you like a torpedo.  Pleasure went shooting up your body and slowly drizzled its way back down.  Goose pimples erupted across your skin and your lips parted as heavy breaths came from them.  Your cheeks flushed and you felt yourself come.

“Two down,”  Calum smirked, looking round at Michael and Luke.

You had indeed squirted again.  Was that even possible?  What were these boys doing to you?

Your body started to slacken against the wall but Calum shook his head.

“Oh no baby I’m not done yet.”

Now he became sloppy. His thrusts were less precise and his eyes screwed shut.  He chewed on his plump lower lip and his whole face scrunched up.  He let go with a loud grumble that came from deep within his toned chest.  One hand moved from your thigh and slammed against the wall beside you with force to steady himself while he filled you.  He shuddered against your body then stilled.  A few minutes passed as he regulated his breathing then he opened his eyes and looked at you.

“You are way more than satisfactory,”  he promised.

You giggled.  This all still felt so strange.

“Am I going to get to come today or what?!”  Ashton pointed out.

Calum backed away and you looked to Michael.  He nodded, encouraging you to go ahead.  

Ashton seemed to regret his outburst as you stalked towards him, completely naked with a mischievous look on your face.  You knew exactly how you wanted this boy.  He gulped as you took his hand and tugged his strong chest to yours.  Your lips met and there was something behind the kiss that filled your body with a fresh wave of excitement.  You’d always had a tiny crush on Ashton.  You used to fancy him before Michael and you even got together and you’d had more than a few wet dreams that included him.  You would deny it if you were ever asked though because as much as you found him attractive Michael was the one you loved.  It didn’t change the chemistry though.  Ashton and you just seemed to click together naturally and you couldn’t place your finger on why.  You turned him round and pushed back until he was lying on the bed.  He lifted his head as you climbed on to his length, hungrily.

“God baby you have no idea how long I’ve wanted this,”  he breathed.

Both of you were completely oblivious to the scowl that was covering Michael’s face as you grabbed his hands and tugged him towards you so you were sitting astride his lap and your lips met again.