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{PART 15} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut

Summary; Jungkook decides to unleash the truth that he has kept locked inside his Pandora’s box. But you open up to him first; revealing something far worse than anything Jungkook could have ever imagined.

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time)

{Part 1} //{Part 14} {Part 15} {Part 16}

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Dating Josh Dun would include...

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*cuddle attacks

*burying his head in your neck / neck kisses


*tickle fights

*pillow fights

*him teaching you how to play the drums

*check kisses

*little dates at Taco Bell

*sitting on his lap as he plays the drums

*lots of fluff

*him being shy

*your parents loving him

*him playing with your younger siblings / cousins

*cute text messages

*facetiming every day when he’s on tour

*watching some of his (and tyler’s) concerts

*movie nights

*x-files marathons

*stealing his hats

*inside jokes

*tyler approving of you

*being good friends with jenna

*helping each other when they have a panic attack

*not being able to say no to josh’s puppy dog eyes

*josh not being able to say no to you


[x] - requested by anonymous (edited slightly for clarity !)

Y/N: Peter? Th-this is for you. *hands him the gift*

Peter: y/n? Oh wow, what’s it for?

Y/N: I know you’re Spiderman, Peter.

Peter: Wait, hang on-

Y/N: And you saved my younger sibling from my dad. He’s awful, and I do everything I can to try and protect the rest of my family from him, but sometimes I can’t. So thank you, Peter. *walking out* Sorry I punched your face yesterday.

Peter: Uh, no problem. Don’t tell anyone I’m Spiderman, by the way!


Dating Peter Pevensie Would Include

A/N: I promised I’d give you all Peter Pevensie fanfiction and I will, I promise! I just have a little time to kill today so I thought I’d give you this to keep you going.

Originally posted by writingissatansworstnightmare

  • Him staring at you when he doesn’t think you’re looking. He can’t keep his gaze off you; and you notice him out of the corner of your eye, his eyes shining. Sometimes he’ll pretend he was staring at something behind you and flush bright pink, which makes you laugh and makes him turn even redder.

  • When walking with you, he puts his hand on your lower back softly to keep you close. He does this when others are nearby; Lucy has giggled about it more than once, which make him pull away quickly, before slowly resuming again.

  • He’s always surprising you with gifts. You’d never have taken Peter for a gift-giver; but he loves it, and he’s amazing at it. Sometimes he’ll leave flowers on your doorstep without a word; other times, it’ll be a pretty scarf or a basket of bread from the baker.

  • You both venting about your struggles. You both need a shoulder to cry on sometimes; Peter’s got the weight of a whole kingdom on his shoulders. Luckily for you, he’s also fantastic at advice, and can just sit and listen if it makes you feel better - it almost always does.

  • Having to convince Peter you’ll be fine in any given situation. Peter’s anxious temperament comes out when he’s worried you’ll be in any trouble; he knows you’re capable, he just couldn’t bare to lose you.

  • Watching Peter swordfighting. There’s nothing more sexy to you than when Peter is in his element, reeking of confidence. In the mornings when the sun is rising, he’ll be out practicing; you like to watch from your balcony, staring down. It’s practically routine at this point.

  • Being close friends with Lucy. Peter feels like he needs to take care of his younger siblings; because of that, you’ve gotten close to his entire family, but Lucy definitely took a shine to you. She loves going for horseback rides or walks with you and playfully teases you about her brother.
Being Oliver and Thea Queen’s Younger Sibling Would Include...

☆ Your parents spoiled you like they did to Oliver and Thea, but you were a bit calmer than your two older siblings. You tried to be down to earth as much as possible.

☆ Thea is wrapped around your finger. She loves you so much as she always wanted a younger sibling.

☆ You tell Oliver he’s too stubborn on a daily basis.

☆ You never agreed with Oliver’s playboy actions, but you still tried to support him in whatever he did. You encouraged him to go to college.

☆ Oliver would do anything for you. He punched a paparazzo after they got too close to you and asked many personal questions. You had to drag Oliver out of the scene, laughing and reassuring him that you were okay.

☆ When you were told the news about Oliver and your father being dead, you were devastated.

☆ You tried to cheer yourself and Thea up after the death of Oliver and your father.

☆ With Oliver gone, Thea stepped up as the “protective” older sister role.

☆ Thea would invite you to go to parties, but she made sure you wouldn’t do drugs. She knew what she was doing could potentially ruin her life, and Thea wanted you to have a good life.

☆ When Oliver came home, you were overjoyed. You were frightened that something would take your older brother away again, so you hugged Oliver even when he protested. Secretly, Oliver lived for your tight hugs.

☆ Oliver is a lot more protective than Thea, but both have their “protective sibling” moments.

☆ If you start dating someone, they will interview the person very seriously. If they don’t like the person or get a bad feeling about them, Oliver and Thea will be watching their every move or scare them away.

☆ Oliver and Thea didn’t want to tell you about being vigilantes as they believed telling you would put you in danger. When they did tell you, you were surprised but even more proud of your vigilante brother and sister.

☆ You were shocked when you found both of them had killed people. You were a bit nervous at first, but you soon realized that they had changed. Hugs were exchanged that day.

☆ Oliver and Thea agreed to train you in case you were attacked. After you finished training, they wanted you on Team Arrow as you were an excellent fighter. On missions, they’d always be a few steps away to make sure you were okay.

☆ The whole team loves you. Each one of them tries to teach them some of their mastered skills.

☆ You three had family dinner nights every other week. Most of the time, they were interrupted, but when they weren’t, Oliver would cook, or you or Thea would order takeout. Either way, it was a great night for you three to relax and converse.

☆ Once you reached your full potential alongside Thea and Oliver, you three enjoyed having competitions on who could knock out the most people during missions.

☆ Oliver forces you to stay behind with Felicity (who, of course, loves you like family) on missions that he believes are dangerous. Thea, sometimes, tries to protest and get you to come with, but most of the time, she nods along and gives you a sad look before heading out.

A/N: Oliver would be my #1 pick in the DC universe if I could choose an older brother, I think… Barry’s pretty close though. 


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Hold On (Jace x Reader)

A/N: Sorry for the two sad imagines in a row with Jace. I didn’t even notice until I went to post.

Request: Do a sad imagine where Jace won’t listen and his sister pays for it later on or something? Idk even know please? Maybe with the song hold on?

 “Why do you treat me like I’m a kid?” You yelled out at Jace. You two were fighting again. Yes sibling fight but you two seemed to put a different meaning to it lately. You guys couldn’t even breath the same air without an argument breaking out.

“Because you’re a kid Y/N”

“I’m only a year younger then you Jace” You huffed out, crossing your arms. Jace rolled his eyes at your action. Jace may be the older sibling but he always acted like the youngest especially now with that Fray girl in the picture.

“A year means a lot”

“You’re the one making rash decisions to please some girl” You shouted getting sick of Jace’s attitude. He seem cool and collected until you brought Clary into the mixed.

“Don’t make this about her” Jace took a step towards you, his fist were tightly together by his side. He was angry from your words which rarely ever happened.

“Why not? Literally everything you do now involves her. All of these secrets missions that almost get you killed are for her! Jace just open your eyes see where this is going” Jace just shook his head and spoke

“You wouldn’t understand you’re too young”

“Here we go again” You said rolling your eyes. It was a habit that you picked up from your best friend Alec. “Well how about this? Since I’m too young to understand why don’t you? I’m smarter Jace, I care about my life unlike you.” With that you turned on your heel leaving the room, not wanting to stay. Not knowing what you would do if your anger got out of hand.


 You punch the bag trying to get all of the anger out of your body. You couldn’t think straight knowing Jace was gone out with Clary again. What if something happened to him this time? Jace was the only family you had left no matter what. If something went wrong you would not only lose your brother but best friend. With everything going through your mind you didn’t even hear Alec entered the room until he touched your shoulder. Not knowing who it was you whipped around and sent a punch flying their way. Luckily enough Alec saw it coming and had a chance to step back.

“You know not to sneak up on anyone Alec especially shadowhunters” You huffed with your arms crossed, trying to get your breathing back to normal from the fright he gave you.

“I thought you heard me, I called your name but obviously not” Alec said as he rolled his eyes at you, then handed you a water bottle.

“You think” You drown the water bottle in seconds not really noticing how thirsty you were until it met your lips. “What is it anyway?”

“We got to go help Jace and Clary they need some backup” You shouldve known as Alec was wearing his gear and his arrows bag was on his shoulder but you didn’t.

“Why does this not surprise me” You let out as you packed your things up. You changed your shirt quickly not caring Alec was in the room since you had did it many times before.

“Ready?” Alec asked and you nodded your head before you two headed out.


 Walking into a busy club was not on your plans tonight but Jace needed help and you weren’t just going to leave him for himself. You didn’t want to send Alec alone there either so this way was the safest. You guys pushed your way through all of the drunk downworlders and mundanes as if you were one. Places like these made the lines that were drawn be easier. No one really cared who you were here. Catching a sight of light come from the back, you knew it was from a seraph blade.

“Alec this way” You shouted trying to be heard above the music. You finally made it with Alec right behind you. Both of you steady your weapons before you slammed open the door. Alec and you stopped in your tracks when you saw what was happening. There were demons everywhere. Jace and Clary looked so helpless. You wonder how they managed to make it this long. Not wanting to waste anymore time you and Alec started to fight. Taking them down a few at a time brought back hope to Clary and Jace. It was like they suddenly had all of the energy in the world to fight. You were all fighting as hard as you could.

“WATCH OUT” You yelled towards Clary but she didn’t hear. You pushed her out of the way from the demon that was coming up from behind her but you weren’t so lucky. You must of judged the timing wrong because all you could feel was pain shooting into your veins. It felt like acid and all you could do was fall back. Jace and Alec looked back at the sound of your dreadful screams, their faces turning into straight horror. Jace ran over since Alec could fight the last few. Tears were already falling down his cheeks as he picked you up from the cold ground.

“Hey Y/N, you’re going to be alright. Just stay with me” Jace said letting the tears fall onto your clothes as he held you. He pushed back some of your hair that now laid on your face. Jace was staring at his little sister and all he could think was this was his fault. Only if he had stayed back like you wished. Your words kept coming back to his mind

“I care about my life unlike you”

Your life that Jace might have ruined. Jace took out the sphere from his pocket to burn over your  iratze runes but it wouldn’t work. You could barely see now, all you could feel was the pain. It was getting worse by the second and all you wanted was to rest.

“Jace” You said lifting your hand up to hold his cheek. Your skin colour was getting paler “It’s hurts too much”

“I know, you can make it” You shook your head no at Jace’s response, you knew what was going to happened. “You can make it, don’t doubt yourself”

“Jace please.. Just..” Your eyes were getting heavier and you could barely speak “I’m sorry” And with that your eyes shut and the pain faded away from your body.

“NO NO” Jace shouted shaking your body wanting to get a respond. But nothing happened, you didn’t move.

“Jace” Alec said placing a hand on his shoulder, with tears in his own eyes. His best friend just die in front of him.

“We got to get her to the Silent Brothers” Jace said quickly looking up at his parabatai but Alec just shook his head. It was too late, there never would of been time.

“No Jace. It’s over”

“It can’t be” Jace voice cracked and all he could do was cried holding your body. “She can’t be gone. Not my little sister” Alec sat down on the ground next to him, wrapping a hand around Jace for comfort. Clary watched from afar knowing that she was partly to blame for this, she didn’t know what to think anymore. This whole world was too much. Jace cried and it started to rain. Like some kind of stupid movie you would always make him watch. He wasn’t a big brother anymore, you the only family he had left was gone. Why didn’t he listen to you? He cost his baby sister her life. He knew he could never forgive himself. The thought that in a few hours he would be seeing all white made him sick. He knew then that it would really hit. You were gone.

Samsara [Part II]

General Disclaimer

Sakura might have quelled at least some of Sasuke’s fears, but she isn’t as confident as she pretends. The idea that the fetus inside her is connected to as dark and tragic a past as Indra Ōtsutsuki is worrisome, but at the same time…

She has to admit she’s curious.

That doesn’t stop her being relieved when the dreams inexplicably stop bringing her to the strange beach. Her nightly visions become vague again, bursts of colour and emotion, occasionally faces that are familiar to her but inconsequential. She still experiences the frustrating moments of abuse, attacks from a faceless father and sister; these encounters paralyse her as she sleeps, and leave her irritated upon waking. But overall, there is such a vague and hurried quality to these that she suspects she is experiencing time passing.

This pattern continues long enough that it’s almost a shock when she falls asleep one night and finds herself once more in a completely lucid, detailed dream.

She is sitting uncomfortably at a table in a richly decorated room, and the dim memories Sakura can access suggest that her attendance here is rare, perhaps even only occasionally required. Sitting across from her are two people whose presence not only disheartens her – the small, curious part of her had been hoping to meet Indra again – but also fills her with overwhelming wariness.

“There’s talk among the court of a newcomer,” Father says as the servants place their meals before them. “A man of great talent, said to be the son of a wise sage from the East. They say he can call lightning from the sky and breathe fire like the dragons of old.”

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GOT7 ~ Taking Care of Their S/O’s Younger Sibling

Super fab Anon That Gives Me All The Love Asked: hiiiii me again, the bad english speaker girl… well know i want to ask you for a reaction… the boys taking care of s/o’s baby brother or sister … ALL THE LOVE

A/N: Hello Anon!!! I’m working on your other requests and I love some them all so much!! I try to post 2 requests everyday so I’ll make sure that one of them is yours

Im Jaebum

While you were out in town, Jaebum would be in charge of watching your younger sibling. I feel like he’d be awkward around the small child but once they found something they had in common or a cool topic, they’d get along great.

Originally posted by myjaebutt

Mark Tuan

Um, let’s be real, Mark is going to make a phenomenal father so he wouldn’t have any worries with your younger sibling. No matter what their age would be, Mark would find something for them both to do so they would have fun. 

Originally posted by awesomemeowww

Jackson Wang

Jackson’s approach would differ depending on age. If the sibling was a little kid, Jackson would be energetic and run around playing tag or something. Although, if the sibling was more in their teens, I feel like he’d be a little more chill and into talking with them.

Originally posted by defwang

Park Jinyoung

He’d probably give them a book or have casual conversations with your little sibling. I feel like he would let them do their own thing but if it was a small child he might play around with them.

Originally posted by markthescammer

Choi Youngjae

The younger the child the less awkward he’d be. He would love to goof around with a little kid and joke with them but if it was a teenager, he’d be more anxious. Soon they would end up play video games though and when you got home, you’d be able to hear them laughing at each other.

Originally posted by jypnior


Age wouldn’t matter to Bambi, Either way he would want to have a great time with your younger sibling and want them to see him as an older brother. They would play random gamings and roughhouse with each like actual siblings.

Originally posted by youngjaelesbian

Kim Yugyeom

He wouldn’t know what to do. Like, no matter the age, he’d be nervous and scared that he might do something wrong and then your sibling would hate him forever. He would try to loosen up but I feel like the only way he would, is if your younger sibling initiated a game or something. 

Originally posted by thekpopquartet

(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ Requests open for got7 ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)
All gif credits go to the rightful owner(s)

{Reaction} Monsta X Looking After your Younger Sibling

Could you do a reaction for Monsta x for when their s/o taking care of their siblings (s/o’s siblings, younger than them)? 

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used.

Lee Minhyuk

Originally posted by monsta-texts

You’re not sure what Minhyuk and your younger sibling have been up to in your absence, but when you arrive back home, they’re burnt out on the sofa asleep next to each other. 

{y/n}: *smiling, watching the two of them sleeping* 

Yoo Kihyun

Originally posted by kihqun

Kihyun had decided to entertain your younger sibling by cooking with them. He’d decide on making dinner, and then baking some cakes that your sibling decorates messily. By the time you come back, there’s enough food on the table to last a week. 

{younger sibling}: “Keep Kihyun, {y/n}-ah, he’s better than all of your other stupid boyfriends.” 

{y/n}: *laughing* “I know, and I won’t.” 

Shin Hoseok/ Wonho

Originally posted by monsta-x-cuties

Wonho played a lot of games with your sibling. This could be some video games, or something old fashioned like a game of hide and seek. He’d really love your younger sibling, as much as they love him. 

{y/n}: “Come back soon~!”

Wonho: “You can count on it.”

Son Hyunwoo/ Shownu

Originally posted by idiotfadeddream

Shownu would let your younger sibling see the gym equipment in his house and the two of them would spend the rest of the day messing around until you got home. When you got home, you found Shownu teaching your younger sibling how to ride a bike by practicing on his working out bike. 

Shownu: “{younger sibling} was too scared to go on a real bike, so I said they could practice on the exercise bike first to get a feel for it.”

Lim Changkyun/ I.M

Originally posted by kittyminhyuk

Changkyun would teach your younger sibling to rap simple tunes. By the time you got home, the two of them were rapping ‘twinkle twinkle little star.’ You couldn’t help but giggle as you watch Changkyun rap the nursery rhyme so passionately and your younger sibling struggling to get their lips around the fast words. 

{y/n}: “I guess I’ll leave you two to it then.” 

Chae Hyungwon

Originally posted by wonhontology

You weren’t too sure what Hyungwon and your younger sibling got up to in your absence. But when you returned, they were both sat on the sofa, your younger sibling leaning against him, the two of them sleeping as a child’s TV show goes unwatched on the screen.

Lee Jooheon 

Originally posted by kittyminhyuk

Jooheon and your younger sibling played the day while you were out. You knew, because Jooheon was sending you mini videos to keep you updated. But by the time you got back, your younger sibling was in bed, listening to Jooehon as he told a story, using his gruff voices and aegyo voices to impersonate perfect characters.

{y/n}: “You’ll be a good father one day, you know.”

Don’t mess with the Joneses - brother!jughead

Words: 1555

Warnings: Cursing, the whole playbook thing, cute siblings

Request: Hey! I really love your works, they’re all amazing! 
I was wondering if I could request an imagine where the reader is Jughead’s sister (twin or younger, whichever you prefer) and when Betty found the playbook Y/N’s name was in it but not beside any boy’s name yet (she never dated) however, when Jughead complains about his sister going on a date with one of the jocks, Veronica shows him a picture of the playbook and he gets really overprotective and the next day at school he hits the guy or something and then Brother/Sister fluff maybe??? @allkindofimaginesmultifandoms
Thank you

 A/N: Ok, this was adorable to write. The whole idea of the playbook disgusts me. Personally, I’m in love with Jughead so it was kinda odd and hard to veer away from romantic relations with Jughead to sibling Juggie so I hope I did it justice. There are also hints to bughead in this so if you don’t like it that’s fine but don’t give out about it. :)

    “Hey guys, get in here. Trev was right, they didn’t even bother to hide it.” Betty Cooper turned around to the rest of her investigative crew to show them her findings. Opening the book, all the girls peaked over her shoulder to have a look at the mythological playbook.

“New girl? Is that what I’m reduced to? 9 points.” Veronica Lodge scoffed at the disgusting lies.

“Better than ‘Big girl’, 7.5.” Ethel sounded dejected at the recent discovery.

“Polly’s name is in this book, next to Jason’s.” Betty started to tear up at seeing her sister’s name next to the murdered boy’s.

“I’m so sorry Betty.” Veronica patted her friend’s shoulder.

“This isn’t – Jason would never -“ Cheryl was cut off by a furious Betty.

“It’s right there Cheryl – God! Your brother hurt my sister!” Betty rounded on the Blossom girl, but was soon cut off by Veronica.

“B, look. Just under Ethel’s name. Y/N Jones, but there’s no football players name next to it.” Veronica had gotten to know the other Jones very well, as her and Jughead were both part of the Sad Breakfast Club.

“Oh my god V, that must mean she’s a target. What do we tell Y/N? Jughead’s going to freak. Y/N Jones: ½ of the Addam’s Family.” Betty read Y/N’s name and superlative from the boook. Betty had been very close with the Jones twins for the majority of her life, so she was aware of how protective they were of each other.

    Later that night at Pop’s; Betty, Veronica, Archie and Jughead were sitting around the table discussing the days events. Betty and Veronica hadn’t mentioned the playbook, as they figured they should talk to Y/N before saying anything to her brother.

“Where’s Y/N tonight Jug?” Archie asked, as she usually accompanied them to Pop’s.

“Don’t even go there. She’s gone out on a date with Jackson, you know, big brain dead football player. He’s a douchebag, but there was no stopping her.” Betty and Veronica froze at the news, glancing at each other.

“Juggie. Now don’t freak out but, there’s something I think you should know.” Betty tried to say calmly as Veronica opened the picture of the playbook on her phone. She slid her phone across the table to Jughead.

“That’s Y/N’s name, what is this?” Jughead quirked an eyebrow at the girl’s across from him. Archie looked at the girls in shock.

“It’s the football player’s playbook.” Veronica fiddled with her purse.

“You found it? I didn’t think it was real, just some thing the idiots made up.” Archie took the phone from Jughead and looked at the pictures.

“Ok. In case you guys haven’t noticed I’m not exactly bosom buddies with the football team, so please explain, what the fuck is this?” Anyone could see the apprehension growing in Jughead’s eyes. He didn’t like his sister being anywhere near the football team, seeing as they’ve never had a good word to say to the Jones twins before now.

Betty and Veronica took turns explaining the hypothesis of the book, and as they delved into further detail, Jughead hand’s turned to fists. When the girls were done, he quickly excused himself and stormed out the door.

    Running back to the drive in as fast as he could, his mind was racing with thoughts of that bastard hurting his sister. He knew for sure that that imbecile Jackson had another thing coming when he got to school tomorrow as there was one thing everyone should know: don’t fuck with the Joneses.

    Cracking open the projection room door, he saw Y/N curled up asleep on her bed. Relieved she was home, he decided he would talk to her in the morning. He scanned her face and arms quickly, to make sure there were no bruises, and his mind was eased a fraction to find her skin was clear. Jughead was dreading school, and hoped that there were no rumours or instagram posts regarding Y/N and sticky maples circling the student body.

    Y/N Pov

    Waking up to the sun creeping in the window of the drive in, you stretched and looked over to find your brother still asleep. He was still out when you got home last night, so you figured it would be best to let him sleep on a bit.

As quietly as you could you got yourself ready for the day, and made your way to Pop’s for breakfast. Sitting down in your usual booth, you recounted the events of last night. Grant Jackson had (very suprisingly, and out of the blue) asked you out yesterday, you threw caution to the wind and accepted his invitation. Meeting him at Pop’s at 8pm, you sat down and ordered your food. This was your first date, but you sure as hell knew that guys were supposed to ask questions and not talk about football plays and himself for the 45 minutes you were sitting together. When you both got up to leave, he offered you a ride home. You politley declined on 2 grounds: A) Nobody knew you and Jughead were living at the Drive In and B) You couldn’t fucking stand this guy. Taking off very quickly, you made your way home, took off your make up and threw yourself into bed, looking forward to telling Jughead about your date’s boneheadedness.

    It was lunch time when you saw your brother, and the situation you found him in was the very last on your list of expectations. You were putting you books in your locker when you heard shouting down the hall. Curiosity overtook you as you followed the sounds to a circle of people chanting ‘Fight! Fight! Fight!’. Sneaking your way through the many bodies, you found your brother being held back by Archie Andrews and Grant Jackson lying on the ground with a bloody nose.

“Jughead Jones! What are you doing?!” You screamed at him, worried for his safety.

“This bastard wanted to put you in the goddamn playbook.” Jughead was still struggling against Archie’s grip. You had heard talk around school of the playbook, so you were aware of what it involved.

“Yeah, ‘The Other Half of the Addam’s family’. The freak wouldn’t even let me kiss her. You were just too fucking weird for me to even go near. A whole family of goddamn freaks.” At the sound of Jackson dissing your family, you spun around.

“You sick bastard. Don’t you dare talk about my family like that.” And with that, you kneed him in the groin and walked off to get Jughead, leaving him groaning on the ground and the majority of the audience cheering (bar the dickheads and rest of the playbook crew).

“Jughead, c’mon. Let’s get ice on your eye.” You thanked Archie and dragged Jughead along to the nurse’s office.

Grabbing an ice pack, you place it on your brother’s eye as you both sit in silence.

“Nothing happened Jug. Straight after I finished my burger I bolted. He was a dick and that was way too much socialisation for me one one night.” You try to soothe his anger.

He chuckled at his anti-social twin, literally the other half of him.

“Did he hurt you?” Jughead was dreading the answer to this.

“Jug, no. Nothing happened. I swear.” You placed a hand on your brother’s shoulder.

“Good. I’m also glad I don’t have to put my hand on Grant Jackson again, God know where he’s been. By the way, when did you become so Beatrix Kiddo? Kneeing him in the balls!” Of course your brother was making a Tarantino reference.

“Thank you Juggie. For sticking up for me back there and protecting ‘the family honour’. I love you” Neither you nor your brother were great at handling emotions, both being very private and closed off people. Being open was something you both reserved for each other and occasionally others.

“Anything for my baby sister.” He smirked down at you as you both stood up and exited the nurse’s office.

“I’m literally 17 minutes younger!” You retorted, smacking his shoulder.

He just chuckles at you and slings his arm around your shoulder.

“By the way, I’m sure Betty’s probably heard about the fight by now. You should text her to tell her that her darling Juggie is ok.” You hinted at his blossoming romance with the sweetheart that is Betty Cooper.

“Please stop your mouth from moving Y/N.” Jughead’s cheeks tint pink at your teasing.

“No, no Juggie. I’m fully behind this, my twin brother and one of my best friends.” Smiling at your big brother and how much happier he has seemed since she entered his heart.

“C’mon you pain in the ass, let’s go home and put a movie on in the Drive In.” Jug said. After the day you both had, a half day was deserved.

    When you got home, Jughead put ‘Airplane’ on and you ate your take-out Pop’s on the roof of your current home. In that moment the twins knew, as did the rest of Riverdale: Jughead and Y/N Jones are two peas in a pod, always on the same wavelength and always there for each other. They may have things tough, and they might not have much. But, no matter what; through thick and thin, they will always have each other.

Jimin as an older brother

Request: imagine/headcannon jimin as an older brother or how jimin would be if he had a younger sister~

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  • First off, have you seen the way he looks at Kookie or his own actual younger brother?
  • He’d be so protective of his younger sibling
  • Especially if it’s a younger female sister
  • Like he was already low-key protective over Hobi’s older sister
  • If it’s his own sister, he would probably highkey worried all the time but never really say anything
  • Wants to question your every outing if he could, but without sounding too over-protective
  • Like he still knows the importance of privacy but you know, “It’s my baby sister..”
  • Lots of motherly nagging
  • “Besides me, all men are wolves :)”
  • Every birthday, Christmas, and children’s day he would buy you gifts
  • Each time you win or achieve something, he would also buy you a gift
  • As siblings, fights and arguments are unavoidable
  • If you ever angered Jimin, he would be scary
  • Not in the sense that he’ll blow up at you
  • But more like the quiet type of anger with a look of disappointment on his face
  • (Bangtan themselves say Jimin is the scariest of them all when they are mad)
  • He would probably be mad at you for a while, but it would never last long
  • Every time you mess with him or pull or prank, he wouldn’t get mad
  • How could he get mad at his younger sibling?
  • He’d probably pretend to be mad, but would quickly laugh it off (like he does with Kookie)
  • If there were any special events, he would be there to record it, whether it be every performance, competition, ceremony and more
  • You would be embarrassed at him going around with a camera and making you take photos with all your friends and teachers
  • But you would low-key be grateful to have such a supportive brother
  • And thanks to Jimin, you could always look back on the memories he recorded for you
  • When you were younger, if your parents told you off, he’d be the one to cheer you up
  • Whether it be playing dress up or video games with you
  • Or bringing you all your favourite snacks
  • He would make sure that you were eventually happy
  • (And probably make you realise your mistakes through a nicer approach and encourage you to apologize)
  • When he was free, he would teach you how to dance
  • Even if you couldn’t get a move down, he would patiently guide you until you get it
  • Sometimes he may jokingly tell you off, hoping that you would improve
  • But he genuinely wishes the best for you in every aspect
  • Basically, he’s just a sweet angel who treats everyone well
  • Also a very caring and supportive, albeit protective, brother
  • As if we don’t already see lots of Jimin treating Jungkook (and maybe Tae) like his little brother

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✅AU: Uni Shawn- The Paper-Stress, a skipped class, and a nap 
✅Labor-Bullets: How Shawn would be when you go into labor
Babysitting- Shawn helps you babysit your younger siblings
✅Spider- There’s a spider in your apartment, you call Shawn to kill it
Virginity- Y/n talks to Aaliyah about losing her virginity
✅Attempt- Y/n attempts suicide, Shawn finds you
“Dad”-Y/n had a kid when she was fifteen
Wheelchair- Y/n is in a wheelchair, Shawn takes care of her
Still Feel Like Your Man- Based off the John Mayer song

The Shattered Camera || Wonwoo || Pt. 8

Pt. 1 // Pt. 2 // Pt. 3 // Pt. 4 // Pt. 5 // Pt. 6 // Pt. 7 // Pt. 8 // Pt. 9 // Pt. 10 // Pt. 11 (FINAL) 

Word Count: 3070

Genre: comedy, fluff, paparazzi!au, celebrity!au, angst

Summary: Wonwoo already had enough on his plate as it is—proving his parents wrong, making a living, fighting his just conscience—and with you in the picture, nothing could possibly go more wrong. Or could you be his ticket to the good life that he wanted?

Wonwoo stood outside your door, unsure if he should knock or not. He raised his hand and put it back down and then raised his hand again but soon it fell back to his side once more. Wonwoo pushed his hand through his hair and glanced at his phone as well as the time. He frowned, wondering if he should just send you a quick message. Maybe you had changed plans? Perhaps you had forgotten about the date? Wonwoo turned back to your door and was about to ring the bell when the door opened revealing you, staring at him in surprise.

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Imagine during the events of Now You See Me there was a fifth Horsemen only the Eye knew about. You decided to play with the other Horsemen, covering your face and acting as the Four Horsemen’s mysterious aid until you reveal yourself as the fifth member. The four also just so happen to recognize you as Danny’s younger sibling. 

Being Peter Parker’s Younger Sibling Would Include . . .

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A/N: I’ve never written something platonic before so this should be interesting! Also, I’m trying something new with the format so let me know how you like it

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During Your Infant Years: 

  • He firmly believes that you are one of the cutest babies on Earth 
  • You’re probably his cousin by technicality, but he’s never thought of you as anything less than his sibling 
  • He spends a lot of time with you and loves making you giggle
  • About 80% of the time a diaper needs changing he just hands it off to May
  • While learning how to walk he walks you everywhere 
  • He even got back pain from it 
  • I kind of have the headcanon that May (and Ben) are gone a lot because of their jobs, so it that were the case I would imagine Peter would just watch u

During Your Early to Middle Childhood: 

  • He walks you to and from school
  • And encourages you to tell him about your day
  • Help you with any school work 
  • If you get bullied he has lot’s of advice on how to help with that
  • He isn’t a very violent person

High School Years: 

  • He still help with school work, but not as often
  • He tries to make sure that you stay on a good path and that you won’t get caught up with the “wrong” people
  • If he ever finds condoms in your possession he takes it upon himself to give you the entirety of the sex talk 
    • “PETER STOP”
  • Twas’ awkward
  • oh geez 
  • just imagine though
  • Peter thinks you don’t know much/don’t care
  • So he rants to Tony
    • “MAY!”

So everyone nearly has seen the episode. And everyone’s gonna talk about Star and Marco like I have. But what hit me pretty hard too was Ludo. He isn’t what we thought he was. He’s had it hard. Let’s look at first when he was confronted by Moon. She pointed out that he moved to a ancient monster temple. His words “How was I supposed to know that, this place was empty so I moved in. It’s cold out there, I’m wearing a chip bag for Gods sake”. He’s homeless. Then when he said “Face it, you got nothing on me”, if you looked closely at Moon’s face, she know’s something we don’t know about Ludo. And then Moon mentions Ludo’s family. That got Ludo a little upset at that topic. Ludo mentions at the age of 5, 5!!!! His older brother, Judo, was walking him home and their castle was burned. Imagine at the age of 5 and you lose your home and your older sibling acts like nothing happened says “welp, guess we gotta live outside now” and remember, somewhere in the season Ludo mentions that his father didn’t care for him. So his older brothers were the ones to protect him. As a child he lost everything. And then when Moon says she’s worried for him as well as he younger brother, Dennis, Ludo states “ Worried about me?! Don’t you get it! I lost my kingdom, my army, my clothes. And still standing!” Ludo has lost everything again. Ludo is fighting a battle among himself and life. And who knows what else is going on with him. Obviously Queen Moon knows more about Ludo than we thought. The poor dude has been through Hell and is still fighting. And I really do hope that in the end, Ludo can make peace with himself. There’s more to him than we know. Constantly being knocked down and standing right back up. And that’s why Moon was concerned as she said, “Yes but for how much longer”, and then practically begging him to tell her what’s wrong so she can help. So he can stop fighting. So there’s even more she doesn’t know! In the end, I do hope Ludo can become a protagonist. That’s all I gotta say about Ludo. I really do admire the guy now. Not about the evil things he’s done but the fact that he’s been able to keep going and not let the pain hold him back.  

BTS reaction: To you playing with your younger sibling.

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V would ask to play with you guys and he wouldn’t mind being hit by your brother’s basketball. 

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You would call Rap Monster to join you and your sister would love making him her human doll, asking who’s his favorite in BTS. 

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Jimin would think that you’re super cute along with your younger siblings.

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J-Hope would be surprised, thinking that you’re really beating the shit out of your younger brother while you’re playing fighting.

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Jin would be thinking about how cute you’ll be when you okay with your future kids with him.

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Jungkook would go crazy watching you play Overwatch with your sister.

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After you finish playing with you brother, Suga would come to you and say to your ear “I’m a big child too, will you play with me?” smirking.