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{PART 15} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut

Summary; Jungkook decides to unleash the truth that he has kept locked inside his Pandora’s box. But you open up to him first; revealing something far worse than anything Jungkook could have ever imagined.

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time)

{Part 1} //{Part 14} {Part 15} {Part 16}

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Counter-Conditioning in Dogs

A lot of messages and DMs I receive tend to go along the lines of “my dog is scared of [x]” - which makes sense, because anxiety is a very common issue with dog owners and tends to lead to undesirable behaviours like barking, destruction and sometimes aggression.

I also see a lot of clients who tell me “I’ve tried [counter conditioning] and it didn’t work!”

And almost always, the issue is one of two things:

1: They’re doing it in the wrong order

“I give him food and then take out the vacuum cleaner - he’s still scared of it!”

I want you to think of something you don’t like. Let’s use spiders as an example. If I give you $5 and then drop a spider in your hand (I’m Australian; I have an endless supply of them), you’re not going to go, “Oh, that’s not so bad.”

You’re going to go, “Jesus Christ dude, keep your money. in fact don’t bother ever giving me money again, you’re just going to keep throwing spiders at me afterward.”

The money will make you anxious, because you anticipate what’s coming next.

Hell, even if I give you the money and the spider at the same time, you still probably won’t touch it. Which is why owners who feed their dogs during nail clipping/grooming/vet checks tend to find that it only distracts them, at best; it doesn’t improve the fear.

If you want to think of it another way, imagine your siblings (or kids, friends, whatever). I’ve got two younger siblings. When they start acting oddly sweet toward me, my reaction isn’t “aw what angels, what do you need?” It’s, “Oh god, what? Are you going to ask for money? Did you break something of mine? What did you do?

Why do the above scenarios not work? Because the order is backward - it’s presented as treat –> stimulus, when it should be the other way around. Remember: stimulus FOLLOWED by treat.

  • If you show the dog the vacuum cleaner and then give them food, they’re less likely to react adversely because the appearance of the vacuum cleaner also made food appear (rather than the other way around).
  • If my siblings ask for money first, and then act very sweet afterward, I’m probably more likely to help them out again next time because they were grateful. 
  • If I put a spider in your hand and then give you money, maybe you won’t be as freaked out next time. Maybe. There is another issue:

2: They’re expecting a quick fix

“Just counter-condition them.”

It sounds easy, doesn’t it? And it’s such a simple concept that it should be, on paper. But this takes time. 4Paws University put it fantastically in their recent post, “Could Pavlov’s dog come back to bite you?”

There’s nothing simple about it. It takes a lot of time and repetition to change an emotion. How many repetitions followed by a stack of cash would it take for you to stop flinching when a bee lands on your arm? Longer if you’ve actually been stung before. Maybe never if a bee sting is life-threatening.

And this is the second big issue. It will take a long time for that dog to get used to the vacuum cleaner, or thunder, or grooming appointments. It will take longer depending on prior negative experience. And this is where you, as the owner, must be patient.

Think of your own fears. I don’t like porcelain dolls, for example. They’re the worst thing ever, they freak me out, we should burn them all. If you show me a doll and then hand me 5 bucks, that doesn’t cure my aversion forever. You might need to increase my distance to the doll. You might need to do several training sessions. You might need to raise the $$ reward (for a dog, this is when you bust out that roast chicken!). 

If your dog is reactive toward something, put yourself in their shoes. Dedicate training sessions to counter-condition the behaviour. Utilise your rewards AFTER the stimulus is presented. And be patient.

Picture This Though
  • A human enters Narnia during Jadis’s rule 
  • Before the Pevensies Jadis gets wind of it and hunts down the human within a matter of hours 
  • And then without a second thought, turns the human to stone 
  • And the statue is lost in the deep woods, vines growing over it, well hidden for years 
  • And the human, the statue is lost, forgotten entirely by the few Narnians who know of its existence in the first place 
  • The Pevensies arrive and take thier place as the humans who saved Narnia and rule over it with grace, justice, and love 
  • But one day during thier rule 
  • The statue of a human is found 
  • No one knows if it is a victim of Jadis or if it is just an old statue (for there are rumors amd legends of humans once before at Narnia’s beginning) 
  • If it is the former, only Aslan can break the spell 
  • But no one ever knows when he will return 
  • So they place the statue inside of Cair Paravel where everyone can see it, hoping someone will know something about it 
  • But years pass and no one knows anything about the human immortalized in stone 
  • But everyone is captivated by the statue It’s expression is not one of fear, as was the norm for everyone facing the wrong end of Jadis’s magic 
  • The human looks defiant 
  • Peter falls in love with the statue, saying the human must be a fierce warrior 
  • Susan points out the statues complete grace and straight back while facing down Jadis 
  • Edmund secretly sits staring at the statue when he can’t sleep, finding strength in this human who must have stood up to the evil woman causing his nightmares 
  • Lucy, finding the grey stone depressing, places jewels and flowers on the statue 
  • And one day, after all of Narnia had grown accustomed to its strength and grace that epitomizes the kings and queens of Narnia Aslan appears 
  • All of Narnia rushes to Cair Paravel to see the human released from its stone prison 

And then I’ll leave the continuing story up to your imagination… 

  • Perhaps Lucy finally has a younger sibling, as they adopt the human
    Maybe the human was conscious of everything that happened to them while turned to stone and therefore can connect on a deep level to the kings and queens who confessed their deep secrets to the statue
  • Maybe she pulls Edmund out of his shell and they get married 
  • Perhaps Susan, years later, finds herself comforted by the vague memory of a human who faced a lifetime in darkness, locked away from the world and everyone they loved 
  • Maybe the human is destined to rescue King Peter at a crucial moment 
  • Maybe the human helps rule Narnia through its darkest time, when the Pevensies disappear
Dating Peter Pevensie Would Include

A/N: I promised I’d give you all Peter Pevensie fanfiction and I will, I promise! I just have a little time to kill today so I thought I’d give you this to keep you going.

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  • Him staring at you when he doesn’t think you’re looking. He can’t keep his gaze off you; and you notice him out of the corner of your eye, his eyes shining. Sometimes he’ll pretend he was staring at something behind you and flush bright pink, which makes you laugh and makes him turn even redder.

  • When walking with you, he puts his hand on your lower back softly to keep you close. He does this when others are nearby; Lucy has giggled about it more than once, which make him pull away quickly, before slowly resuming again.

  • He’s always surprising you with gifts. You’d never have taken Peter for a gift-giver; but he loves it, and he’s amazing at it. Sometimes he’ll leave flowers on your doorstep without a word; other times, it’ll be a pretty scarf or a basket of bread from the baker.

  • You both venting about your struggles. You both need a shoulder to cry on sometimes; Peter’s got the weight of a whole kingdom on his shoulders. Luckily for you, he’s also fantastic at advice, and can just sit and listen if it makes you feel better - it almost always does.

  • Having to convince Peter you’ll be fine in any given situation. Peter’s anxious temperament comes out when he’s worried you’ll be in any trouble; he knows you’re capable, he just couldn’t bare to lose you.

  • Watching Peter swordfighting. There’s nothing more sexy to you than when Peter is in his element, reeking of confidence. In the mornings when the sun is rising, he’ll be out practicing; you like to watch from your balcony, staring down. It’s practically routine at this point.

  • Being close friends with Lucy. Peter feels like he needs to take care of his younger siblings; because of that, you’ve gotten close to his entire family, but Lucy definitely took a shine to you. She loves going for horseback rides or walks with you and playfully teases you about her brother.
Angsty Conspiracies

WARNING - Most of these are vv sad.

- What if Sodapop is obsessed with cars because of his parents? They died in a car accident, and he feels like he can prevent that from happening to anyone else by fixing them.
- What if Steve doesn’t like Ponyboy because he reminds him too much of Mr. and Mrs. Curtis? Hinton writes that Mrs Curtis took Dally under her wing because he was reckless. What if she did the same with Steve because they both didn’t have mothers to point them in the right direction and she knew that? But when they died he was angry, and Ponyboy acted too much like his mother. However he was already too close to Sodapop to do the same
(Bonus!! - Imagine a hidden box in the closet of the master bedroom full of photos of the boys, including photos of Steve and Ponyboy.)
- What if Darry couldn’t look in the mirror for months after his parents’ deaths because he looks too much like this father, to the point that he would sometimes think it was actually his father in the mirror before he made eye contact with his reflection?
- What if Ponyboy was so angry with Darry all the time because he never got to bond with his father and that’s how Mr. Curtis acted?
- What if Mrs. Curtis took care of the reckless greasers because they clearly didn’t have functional parents and she wanted to give them that?
- What if that’s how Dally came into the gang? He was found by Mrs. Curtis. His dad had kicked him out during yet another drunken stupor. She found him curled underneath a flickering streetlight, cold and drenched from the rain. He was bruised because his father had hit him and he had a sprained ankle from falling down the porch steps. So Mrs. Curtis took him home, tended to his injuries, gave him new clothes, fed him, etc. But most of all she made him feel what it was like to have a mother again.
- What if before he got jumped, Johnny was happy and was also reckless, he would smile freely and show every emotion on his face, but afterwards he felt like he couldn’t show his emotions clearly because it made him vulnerable, and he would hear certain noises that reminded him of the sharp rings and how he was beaten within an inch of his life, which would nearly send him into a panic attack?
- Imagine Johnny having memories of his parents before they were abusive. Of them being real parents. Dinner at the dining table, Mr. Cade pushing him on a swing at the park.
- What if Mr. Cade became abusive first, after becoming an alcoholic due to unknown issues such as possibly losing his job? But Mrs. Cade and Mrs. Curtis were friends, and Mrs. Cade snapped because of marital problems and the accident?
- Imagine that before his mom died, Dally and his father were really close, and as a kid, after his mom died, he didn’t understand why his father would drink and beat him until one day, while it was happening, he broke and asked him, and all his father said was, “You look like your mother. I hate it.”
- Imagine Dallas having older siblings in New York, and he was staying with them because of his father, but he had to go back because they couldn’t afford to take care of him.
- Imagine Dallas having younger siblings, too, who couldn’t escape their dad and him feeling incredibly guilty because he had to leave them behind for his own sake
- What if Two-Bit never cleans because his father did quite frequently and he didn’t want to take over the position of his father and accept that he’s gone?
- What if Two-Bit’s father used to also drink, and was like Steve and Dallas’ fathers, and it terrifies Two-Bit that he might be becoming like him? But the stress makes him want to drink more, creating a vicious vortex.
- What if Steve became angry after the accident, which caused him to lose patience with his alcoholic father in which led to more frequent fights?
- What if Dally’s father regrets everything, and wants nothing more than to apologise, but he knows that he can’t because Dally wouldn’t trust him enough to believe him after everything he’s done?
- What if Tim never wanted to be a gang leader but he does it to scare people away from messing with Curly and Angela?
- What if (after the book) Darry blames himself for everything and thinks it’s his fault because Pony only ran away after Darry hit him, but he never tells anyone that he feels it’s his fault because he thinks that the others already blame him?
- What if Darry doesn’t want to be so strict with Ponyboy but he feels he needs to act like his father to make everything feel normal?
- What if Dally had planned his suicide years earlier, and that he was always suicidal and depressed, but the only thing that was keeping him from actually killing himself was Johnny, and that Johnny was his anchor and his whole reason for sticking around?

(Written by: @someweirdotaku and @karatemcgee)

Congratulations on the little sister!

My Favorite Stark (Stark!Reader x Pietro Maximoff)

Word Count: 1786

Summary: The reader definitely feels overthrown by her younger sister. Pietro is there to remind her that she is his favorite.

Warnings: Sibling Rivalry (?), language

A/N: Happy Friday everyone! I’ve been working on this all week while simultaneously watching The Defenders FINALLY. I hope you love this as much as I do. I decided to name Baby Stark (in this story, at least) Charlotte Maria, just so we’d have a name. Xx

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The Golden Lioness

Here’s another crappy imagine, lol. 

Imagine: Being a sister to Cersei and Jaime and putting Joffrey in his place when he becomes too wild for Cersei to handle.

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You loved your older brother and sister, truly. Despite their obvious affection towards each other, you knew it was better to accept it then go against it. You were the third born Lannister with your golden short hair and your emerald green eyes. You were caressed greatly by your older siblings and your younger brother, Tyrion. Despite the loss of your mother, you dotted over your younger brother much to the anger of your older sister.

When Joffrey was born, you remained silent about the Lannister golden hair and eyes. You ignored the rumors of incest and the rumors of Joffrey not being the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. You stood by your sister’s side even after Joffrey killed off Eddard Stark and did your best to stop the torment Joffrey inflicted on Sansa Stark.

A lioness you were and you should no fear; not even to King Joffrey.

He was out of control but you loved your nephew. You knew he was demented and twisted but you had loved him since he was a babe. Cersei knew she was losing control and often confided in you and only you to reel her kingly son in.

You were making way to the throne room. Your beautiful gown whishing at your ankles as you moved with grace and poise. Your handmaidens following behind with worried expressions. You were meant to spend the morning drinking tea with Sansa. You adored and admired that Stark girl. You wanted to protect her against your calculating sister and abusive nephew.

You often found yourself torn between what was right and what your family thought was right. You knew Joffrey must’ve had Sansa. He had no care of the poor girl’s feelings or emotions. He was a monster incapable of remorse.

When you entered the throne room, you found Sansa in tears on the ground with her pretty dress torn at the right shoulder. Joffrey was on his throne with an indifferent and angry expression on his face. That hound was only watching with concealed disgust towards his master. You marched up the room with an expression of anger towards your nephew.

“Ah, auntie dearest!” Joffrey perked up looking pleased to see you.

You were his favorite aunt—his only aunt.

“What is the meaning of this?” You demand cradling the crying girl in your arms.

“Merely showing this girl her place, she forgets who she speaks to.” Joffrey responded with a snort of indifference as he stands from his throne and makes way towards you, “Bloody savage she is. She needs to be taught how to be a proper Southern lady—like you, Auntie.” He says with a smile aimed towards you.

You help the wolf girl stand as she clings to you for dear life, “Nina, take her to my chambers. Lela, you fetch her some warm tea and fresh food.” You order quietly to your handmaidens who take the crying girl out of your arms and away from this tormentor.

Joffrey frowns at you, “That is my wife.” He hisses at you—an angered expression blooming on his young face.

“Is that how you treat your woman, nephew?” You demand standing up to the King without an ounce of fear—you’ve stood up against scarier men before—“You are becoming a monster. What has happened to my sweet Joffrey, ay? You think degrading life is fun, do you?” You do the unthinkable and shove the King on the ground and brandish your sword to his throat—his hound does not make a move. His knights only stand and watch.

No one would dare go against the Lioness of Casterly Rock. Joffrey is in complete and utter shock and merely stares at the tip of the blade pressed at his throat. “Do you see your guards and your hound? They are not loyal to you, you monster. They wouldn’t care if I were to silt your damn throat.” Your voice is full of malice and ice. The teenager merely stares in fear as you pressed the blade against his cheek causing him to flinch.

“I am here to put you in your damn place,” You snarled as Cersei walks in with a cold look as she watches her son be tormented by you, “You disrespect our name, you bring shame to the Baratheon name, and you bring shame to yourself.” You spat sheathing your weapon underneath your dress.

“I am your King!” Joffrey yells although his eyes are full of fury—they hold an ounce of fear.

You grinned weakly, “You are no king of mine, child. A man who calls himself a king is no king at all.” You sneered angrily.

“Mother!” Joffrey cries looking at her to save him.

Cersei remains stoic and simply gazes at her son without remorse. You smirk grabbing him and pulling him in close to your face, “Let this serve as a reminder of where your place truly is. Listen to your mother with respect. Listen to me with fear. Your guards are to protect you but not from your own mother and aunt. If I see that poor girl crying again or even has a bruise on her body, I will make sure you suffer a fate worse then the one Eddard Stark faced.” You threatened with a vicious growl that was so feral—Joffrey was too stunned to even speak.

Cersei watched pleased as you handled her beastly son. The Hound looked on with a smirk while the guards simply kept quiet and mentally cheered the Lioness. “Your mother has turned into a stag but I am a Lioness and there is no possible way that a child like you will instill fear in me.” You quietly said setting the King on the ground. “A King you might be but you are merely a puppet for your mother to use. You are only that, Little King, a mere puppet. Do as you’re told or you’ll face my wrath.” You gave a final threat before moving towards your sister.

Cersei looks at you content with your show, “You did me a great favor.”

You stare at your older sister and sigh, “He came out a twisted lion, dear sister. The other two came out gentle stags.” You mumbled quietly to her.

She looks pained to hear these words because she knows her son is a monster—nothing like her or Jaime but worse. The People wouldn’t stand to have another Mad King—they would rebel and the last thing Cersei needed was a rebellion during a war. “I’m not sure what to do with him.” Cersei whispers quietly.

The Hound is helping the angry King on his feet. Joffrey is spitting mad and demanding to his Hound, “Why didn’t you bloody save me, you mutt?!” He screeched.

The Hound remained indifferent and remarked, “No Hound could go up against a Lioness.” He says which leaves Joffrey pale and frightened as he looks at his Aunt Y/N.

You smirk at him with malice before excusing yourself, “I am returning to my chambers, Cersei. If you need anything, call for me.” You kiss your sister on her cheek as she nods at you. You make way out of the throne room with the Kings-guards bowing slightly at your depart.

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Queen of the Wild (1/5)

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Requested by anonymous:

Summary: *yn* Blackburn is the fierce Queen beyond the Wall, ruling over the kingdom of Vesiros that she helped build from the ground up. With winter approaching, how could the queen refuse an alluring offer from an even more enticing wolf, the King in the North?

Warnings: Some language, sassy!reader (but what’s new)

Notes: I decided to do this one with Robb but if people want, I could write a similar one with Jon too :) 

[Part 2]

“Your Grace I truly think you should reconsider releasing the prisoners, the-”

“What are you suggesting we do with them Ser Wick?” 

“Executing them would be much more effective Your Grace, they trespassed onto your land Your Grace, if you do not punish them, it gives others the incentive to follow suit.” 

“They’re children, Ser Wick.” *yn* snapped back. “They’re the offspring of savages, they were simply looking for food to feed their families. I will not execute innocent children.” She continued, giving him a stern look before turning to one of her guards.

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Dating Josh Dun would include...

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*cuddle attacks

*burying his head in your neck / neck kisses


*tickle fights

*pillow fights

*him teaching you how to play the drums

*check kisses

*little dates at Taco Bell

*sitting on his lap as he plays the drums

*lots of fluff

*him being shy

*your parents loving him

*him playing with your younger siblings / cousins

*cute text messages

*facetiming every day when he’s on tour

*watching some of his (and tyler’s) concerts

*movie nights

*x-files marathons

*stealing his hats

*inside jokes

*tyler approving of you

*being good friends with jenna

*helping each other when they have a panic attack

*not being able to say no to josh’s puppy dog eyes

*josh not being able to say no to you

Hold On (Jace x Reader)

A/N: Sorry for the two sad imagines in a row with Jace. I didn’t even notice until I went to post.

Request: Do a sad imagine where Jace won’t listen and his sister pays for it later on or something? Idk even know please? Maybe with the song hold on?

 “Why do you treat me like I’m a kid?” You yelled out at Jace. You two were fighting again. Yes sibling fight but you two seemed to put a different meaning to it lately. You guys couldn’t even breath the same air without an argument breaking out.

“Because you’re a kid Y/N”

“I’m only a year younger then you Jace” You huffed out, crossing your arms. Jace rolled his eyes at your action. Jace may be the older sibling but he always acted like the youngest especially now with that Fray girl in the picture.

“A year means a lot”

“You’re the one making rash decisions to please some girl” You shouted getting sick of Jace’s attitude. He seem cool and collected until you brought Clary into the mixed.

“Don’t make this about her” Jace took a step towards you, his fist were tightly together by his side. He was angry from your words which rarely ever happened.

“Why not? Literally everything you do now involves her. All of these secrets missions that almost get you killed are for her! Jace just open your eyes see where this is going” Jace just shook his head and spoke

“You wouldn’t understand you’re too young”

“Here we go again” You said rolling your eyes. It was a habit that you picked up from your best friend Alec. “Well how about this? Since I’m too young to understand why don’t you? I’m smarter Jace, I care about my life unlike you.” With that you turned on your heel leaving the room, not wanting to stay. Not knowing what you would do if your anger got out of hand.


 You punch the bag trying to get all of the anger out of your body. You couldn’t think straight knowing Jace was gone out with Clary again. What if something happened to him this time? Jace was the only family you had left no matter what. If something went wrong you would not only lose your brother but best friend. With everything going through your mind you didn’t even hear Alec entered the room until he touched your shoulder. Not knowing who it was you whipped around and sent a punch flying their way. Luckily enough Alec saw it coming and had a chance to step back.

“You know not to sneak up on anyone Alec especially shadowhunters” You huffed with your arms crossed, trying to get your breathing back to normal from the fright he gave you.

“I thought you heard me, I called your name but obviously not” Alec said as he rolled his eyes at you, then handed you a water bottle.

“You think” You drown the water bottle in seconds not really noticing how thirsty you were until it met your lips. “What is it anyway?”

“We got to go help Jace and Clary they need some backup” You shouldve known as Alec was wearing his gear and his arrows bag was on his shoulder but you didn’t.

“Why does this not surprise me” You let out as you packed your things up. You changed your shirt quickly not caring Alec was in the room since you had did it many times before.

“Ready?” Alec asked and you nodded your head before you two headed out.


 Walking into a busy club was not on your plans tonight but Jace needed help and you weren’t just going to leave him for himself. You didn’t want to send Alec alone there either so this way was the safest. You guys pushed your way through all of the drunk downworlders and mundanes as if you were one. Places like these made the lines that were drawn be easier. No one really cared who you were here. Catching a sight of light come from the back, you knew it was from a seraph blade.

“Alec this way” You shouted trying to be heard above the music. You finally made it with Alec right behind you. Both of you steady your weapons before you slammed open the door. Alec and you stopped in your tracks when you saw what was happening. There were demons everywhere. Jace and Clary looked so helpless. You wonder how they managed to make it this long. Not wanting to waste anymore time you and Alec started to fight. Taking them down a few at a time brought back hope to Clary and Jace. It was like they suddenly had all of the energy in the world to fight. You were all fighting as hard as you could.

“WATCH OUT” You yelled towards Clary but she didn’t hear. You pushed her out of the way from the demon that was coming up from behind her but you weren’t so lucky. You must of judged the timing wrong because all you could feel was pain shooting into your veins. It felt like acid and all you could do was fall back. Jace and Alec looked back at the sound of your dreadful screams, their faces turning into straight horror. Jace ran over since Alec could fight the last few. Tears were already falling down his cheeks as he picked you up from the cold ground.

“Hey Y/N, you’re going to be alright. Just stay with me” Jace said letting the tears fall onto your clothes as he held you. He pushed back some of your hair that now laid on your face. Jace was staring at his little sister and all he could think was this was his fault. Only if he had stayed back like you wished. Your words kept coming back to his mind

“I care about my life unlike you”

Your life that Jace might have ruined. Jace took out the sphere from his pocket to burn over your  iratze runes but it wouldn’t work. You could barely see now, all you could feel was the pain. It was getting worse by the second and all you wanted was to rest.

“Jace” You said lifting your hand up to hold his cheek. Your skin colour was getting paler “It’s hurts too much”

“I know, you can make it” You shook your head no at Jace’s response, you knew what was going to happened. “You can make it, don’t doubt yourself”

“Jace please.. Just..” Your eyes were getting heavier and you could barely speak “I’m sorry” And with that your eyes shut and the pain faded away from your body.

“NO NO” Jace shouted shaking your body wanting to get a respond. But nothing happened, you didn’t move.

“Jace” Alec said placing a hand on his shoulder, with tears in his own eyes. His best friend just died in front of him.

“We got to get her to the Silent Brothers” Jace said quickly looking up at his parabatai but Alec just shook his head. It was too late, there never would of been time.

“No Jace. It’s over”

“It can’t be” Jace voice cracked and all he could do was cried holding your body. “She can’t be gone. Not my little sister” Alec sat down on the ground next to him, wrapping a hand around Jace for comfort. Clary watched from afar knowing that she was partly to blame for this, she didn’t know what to think anymore. This whole world was too much. Jace cried and it started to rain. Like some kind of stupid movie you would always make him watch. He wasn’t a big brother anymore, you the only family he had left was gone. Why didn’t he listen to you? He cost his baby sister her life. He knew he could never forgive himself. The thought that in a few hours he would be seeing all white made him sick. He knew then that it would really hit. You were gone.

Jughead Jones| Lights and Shadows

Count of words: 1888

Warnings: super long and includes suicide attempt

A/N: I just hope you like it ♥ I did my best ♥




Hey could you please write a jughead Jones x reader based on the last episode where the reader is a blossom and she goes into the ice with cheryl

It had been a harsh couple of months for me. After my brother’s murder and then the dicovery of his true killer, that being my father, things didn’t seem so bright. All men from the Blossom family were gone, leaving me, my sister and my mother behind, all by ourselves. 

When finding out about Jason’s death I didn’t even step close to my family, knowing both of them would be comforting the unfortunate twin,Cheryl , that was shocked by the fall into the water and the loss of her twin with whom she shared a strong bond with. In these case no one thought anything of the younger sibling that had Jason as their protector. Except from one person. Jughead Jones The Third. He was the boy I loved with all of my existance and my parents hated with all of theirs. He was different, something that my parents never accepted. They choose to ignore the fact that I loved this boy and he loved me back, so they did everything they could to keep me away from him. The thing is that when Jason was still here he defended me with everything he got. He even got punished once for doing so and when I kept on telling him how sorry I was and how he should stop defending me, he said that that’s what he was there for, to defend me and keep me safe.

I remember that day, that unfortunate day by the sweetwater river like it was just yesterday. Alice Cooper with her husband and one of her daughters, Betty were there. Fred Andrews and his only son Archie. Mayor MacCoy and many more, one of whom was Jughead, were also there. He was sitting on the back, simply observing the scene before him. When his eyes caught a glimpse of my blue jeans and my signature red jacket, he hurried towards me and embracing me in his strong arms as he reached me. Then I simply let go. I let my tears go, I let the pain caused to me go, only cause I knew Jughead was there to hold me and make it better. After he saw my break down, he thought it would be a good idea to go away, so he took my hand a guided me away from the scene and into Pop’s. There we sat down on his usual booth and Pop simply nodded in sympathy for my loss. Only minutes later he had brought us our food, which we didn’t order, saying it’s on the house and giving me a breathtaking hug, trying to relieve my pain, even fill that now empty hole in my heart where my brother used to be. Right then and there Jughead started writing yet another story, saying that he would actually finish it after my brother’s death was cleared up. He said that he would write a whole novel all based on Jason’s death. I didn’t mind, not at all. It was great that someone was willing to go further with this case.

The same night, when I went home, Cheryl walked into my room and sat down on my bed. She didn’t seem sad at all. She seemed relieved for a reason I wasn’t aware of just yet, but I would be withing the next minutes. She started talking, telling me how our brother planned to run away with Poly Cooper, which explained why she wasn’t by the Sweetwater when Cheryl was found crying, and how she was pregnant with his baby. She told me about the secret engagement and she told me that Jason told her to fullfill me on their plan after his “death” went as planned. I was shocked and angry. Why wouldn’t he want to tell me before? The answer was rather easy. I wouldn’t let him leave, I would try to persuade him to find another way, but there weren’t any.

Everything seemed to be great after that. I mean, my brother was alive and breathing. Yes I was angry at him but he was alive at least. Though my obvious relief wasn’t to last for long. A couple of months after Jason’s fake death, and while the school year had just begun, a body identical to his was found by the Sweetwater from Kevin Keller, the sheriff’s son, and Moose. All that had to be done now was his family identifying the body. On the way there my fingers were crossed, hoping that the body was indeed not his and that my brother just happened to not have had the opportunity to call Cheryl. But that wasn’t the case. The body was indeed Jason’s and both me and Cheryl broke down then and there, hugging each other close.

Jughead was there for me then as well, even when I hid what I knew about Jason’s plan, explaining my calm behevior after the Sweetwater situation. He cared. He cared deeply and I loved that. Everynight after the identification of my brother’s dead body we would spend it at Pop’s. Jug would scoop me up in his arms and hold me there for as long as needed. He would sometimes place me on his lap, allowing me to rest my head by the crook of his neck, and him to type away in his computer while still reassuring me that he is there for me no matter what.

Jughead, Archie, Betty, Veronica; the newest addition, and Kevin were investigating the murder on their own, completely ignoring everyone and everything. So, after the arrest of FP Jones, that was set up according to Archie and Veronica, it was natural that they would keep on searching for the real killer. Even if Betty’s stubborness can be very annoying, I was glad she never knows how to give up, but not for long. Apparently, FP, had Jason’s jacket for so called reassurance but we couldn’t understand why. At the sight of the jacked I picked it up in my arms and wrapped it around me. “Y/N, come here,” Betty ordered and I did as said not knowing what it was that we were looking for at my brother’s jacket. She searched the pockets where she found a hole. She said something about a lip balm but I didn’t pay much attention to it. But I should, cause it explained the theory that there was something lost in that hole. And that something was a USB stick. 

They took they first computer they found and opened the only file uploaded in that USB. Jughead was hugging me close to his body trying desperately to calm the nerves in my body, but he couldn’t. When a video popped up on the screen the beat up figure of my brother, tied up in a chair was at least overwhelming, but seeing my own father shoting his son between the eyes was the worst. I started crying, sobbing, I just started to sob, never stopping. I was curled up on top of Jughead lap as he hugged me tightly, strocking my hair in hopes to calm me down, while Betty called my sister, Cheryl to let her know of the truth.

Like learning that my father was the ruthless killer of his own son wasn’t enough, he hung himself from the cellar ceiling and he was found to use the Maple Syrop facade as a cover up for transporting drugs. Mother was crying next to Cheryl, but I just couldn’t move. I didn’t realise Jughead was still with me, observing the crime scene before us, until he offered to take me to Pop’s and take my mind off of the events of the miserable night.

It was only a day after the ultimate Cliff-hanger, as Jughead said; which I found surprisingly funny, when I found my sister planning her suicide, deciding who she had to apologize to, what she had to say and more. I slowly walked up to her letting her know that she would not go alone. I had made my mind and we would go find our brother together.

We went on with her plan of apologizing and making up to people, while I spent my day making sure I said goodbye to my friends in a very indirective way. I was sure Jughead was suspicious something was up, due to the PDA I showed even though I knew he hated and my rejection towards the idea of another Pop’s date, but I knew he wouldn’t understand until it was too late.

Cheryl and I had already reached the now frozen Sweetwater river, and the only thing left was for her to sent that message to Veronica, informing her of our plans, and thanking her for what she did to help her. After that was down we slowly made our way as far away from the sore as possibl until we could find the perfect spot of thin ice to break. We stopped somewhere and the both of us kneeled and started hitting the ice in attempts to break it. “Cheryl,” Veronica and Archie called, “Y/N,” called Jughead. “Girls please,” said Veronica, “just come to the sore and we’ll figure this out together, ok,” she tried to reason. “Y/N please,” Jughead called looking like a crying mess, a picture I never imagined to see. “I need you,” he finished but before anything else was said or done both me and Cheryl fell inside the freezing water. The current took our bodies away as the oxygen was getting less and less. Before we were completely under the water I heard voices and I heard fast footsteps on the ice after the river was moving our bodies. We got seperated and so did the footsteps that I could faintly make out through the semi-thick ice. For a moment my body stopped and something begun breaking the ice. After that everything is a blur and I only remember waking up inside Archie’s truck, wrapped up in Jughead’s jacked, with my head on his lap, then I blacked out again.

I am pretty sure it took me a while to wake up cause when I did, I was all warmed up, wearing a huge pair of sweatpants and an oversized sweatshirt, I supposed belonged to my boyfriend, Jughead. I was also in a boy-ish room, under the covers of a bed, and two boys were sitting close to me. One was on the bed and the other was on the floor, while a man appeared on the door. “Is she awake yet?” The man asked and one of the boys replied to him with a no. He left and I slowly opened my eyes to reveal Jughead and Archie. “Oh, thank God you are awake. And alive,” Jughead exclaimed engulfing me in a bone crushing hug. “Don’t ever do this to me again, Y/N. I can’t lose you. I can’t.” He cried with his head on my shoulder, as I hugged him back weakly. “Thank you,” was all that could come out. “Thank you,” I repeated and the boys just send me sad smiles. For a moment everything was wonderful and I just hoped it stayed like that, but it couldn’t. “Just remember, we all go through lights and shadows, Y/N,” said Archie hugging me as well. “I love you I heard Jughead say. “I love you too,” I mumbled and sweetly kissed him.


Imagine: being the only surviving child of Cersei and Jaime Lannister. (takes part during the last episode of season 7)

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You had hoped that this meeting would have gone in a different direction but it didn’t. What you witnessed…that thing attempting to grab at your own mother was horrifying and to think that there were more of them was terrifying. You would have liked to not believe Jon Snow and his claims of an undead army heading this way but the threat had been proven real.

And you have never been more afraid then now.

But your mother…your mother’s paranoia had gotten the best of her. When Jon had foolishly admitted that he had already bent the knee to Daenerys…your mother was not happy and ended the meeting quickly much to the shock to you and your father.

“Mother, we cannot ignore this!” You defiantly stood up to her because you were the only one who could without getting serious and lethal consequences’. To see the devastation on Jon’s face as your mother walked by without a care was almost gut-wrenching.

You knew Jon and you liked his person. You only had a few weeks in Winterfell when your legal father, Robert, traveled there to name Ned his Hand and you had grown close to the Stark children—practically Jon and Robb (your father even proposed a marriage between you and Robb but your mother refused and gave your father Joffrey instead) but now with Robb gone—his death would always haunt you because you did everything you could to stop your murderous brother from butchering him in such a cowardly way.

You weren’t a demented lion like your father or your younger brother. You were a soft cub like your sweet little brother sister. You knew when to be fierce and when to show compassion—it was what separated you from the rest of your family.

Your mother and her guard moved forward and your father was quick to follow.

Brienne, the woman who managed to deliver your father back home, was quick to interject and to try to talk to Jaime into talking sense into Cersei.

Your mother paused and looked back at you angrily. Her eyes were fierce like any mother lioness but you were not fazed. You remained where you were and held up your head high and angrily said, “If they could not defeat those monsters what makes you think we can? They have dragons and if they couldn’t win with those winged beasts,” You gestured towards the two dragons flying in the distance, “What makes you think we can?” You didn’t care that you were showing the wedge between mother and daughter and showing potential weakness in front of the enemies—could you consider your own Uncle your enemy?

“We will always find a way to prevail.” Your mother said in a strangely calm voice—not looking bothered by your burst of anger and defiance.

You stared at her with barely concealed disappointment as she left you with the others. She knew you wanted to stay and speak to Jon. She could care less about you socializing with the enemy because now there was another enemy more capable of ending the Lannister house.

Your father and Brienne exchange words—Brienne desperate to sway your father but your father brushes her off and continues to follow your mother. You stare after the black cloaked figure of your mother and feel the deep emotion in the air. They are frazzled and even scared.

You could feel the Dragon Queen’s stare on you.

Jon turns to you and you walk up to him. Without a care, you give your friend a hug—something you have been longing to do for so long. Jon isn’t surprised by your affectionate display—you were still the wild, wide eyed Lannister Princess that ran through the forest with the Stark direwolves because you never felt so free. He embraces you and feels a familiar comfort he felt when he first saw Sansa at Castle Black.

“I am so sorry,” You breathed trying not to tremble well aware of the stares on your back. He smells exactly like the North…how was that possible? “I cannot express it enough.” You say thickly as you pull away from him—he no longer looks like the young lad he once was so long ago. His face has hardened and his eyes were darker. There was this…strange feeling about him. Like, he wasn’t completely himself.

Jon gives you a small smile, “An apology from you is very well accepted. I know you did your best to try to stop it, Y/N.” He reassures you that the bond between you two was never damaged, “In fact I was more worried about you. With your loud, blunt mouth I was surprised your mother or Joffrey didn’t lock you up for good.” He dares to tease.

You breathlessly smile and shake your head as the man who stood next to Jon spoke, “I wish you hadn’t done that.” This man looked very familiar, who was he? 

Jon had this sour look on his face as if remembering the grave mistake he had done.

Daenerys got up and walked towards the both of you—she shot you a unsure glance but spoke to Jon fiercely, “I am grateful for your loyalty, but my dragon…” She looks at you now and you have a feeling that you weren’t meant to hear her words.

“She can be trusted.” Tyrion speaks up quietly.

“Can she?” The girl doesn’t look that much older then you and she’s glaring at you now.

You stare back unfazed, “Trust me, I want nothing more then to end this fucking war. I’ve had my fill on death, alright? I won’t tell my mother anything you say because honestly, it wouldn’t change anything.” You say harshly not caring who you were speaking too.

She looks clearly taken back by the way you speak.

Tyrion sighs and he is now beside you, “You still have that terrible mouth on you.” But there is a gentle, loving smile on his face to show you that he is teasing.

You grin at him—happy to see him alive and well. “Well, it’s part of my charm.”

Daenerys isn’t pleased by the obvious bond between you, Tyrion, and Jon but she continues, “If this is all for nothing then he died for nothing.” There is a glimmer of grief in her violet eyes and sorrow in her voice.

You stare between her and Jon with narrowed eyes before concluding, “That’s why you only have two dragons with you. The other died by the hands of those monsters?” You are sick to your stomach and as the Queen glares at you…you feel nothing but sadness for her, “Then we’re definitely fucked.” You muttered, “I offer you my condolences, your grace.” You added with a respective tone.

The silver-haired woman looks unsure how to proceed—the last thing she expected was a Lannister that wasn’t Tyrion to be kind to her. Perhaps this lion was different.

“I’m pleased you bent the knee to our queen,” Tyrion speaks in his usually drawled out voice, “I would have not advised it, had asked.” He gives him a stare of annoyance, “But have you ever considered learning how to lie every now and then?”

“Just a bit?”

Jon stares at him with obvious offense, “I am not going to sweat an oath I can’t uphold,” He rightfully states and you only feel your admiration for him grow, “Talk about my father, if you want, tell me that’s the attitude that got him killed. But when enough people make false promises, words stop meaning anything.”

“In the end, there are only better and better lies.” You spoke quietly making Jon nod towards you in agreement.

Tyrion looks defeated, “And lies won’t help us win this fight.” Jon ends looking unbelievably stressed out. You feel for him because now he was the one left to clean up this shit mess that our parents left us.

“That is indeed a problem,” Tyrion muttered, “The more immediate problem is that we’re fucked.”

You nod in agreement and said, “I’ll drink to that.”

“Why are you here again?” Daenerys glares at you as if your presence was becoming bothersome to her.

“You shouldn’t be fucking drinking.” Tyrion scolds with a scowl.

“I am here because I wanted to speak to Jon and my uncle, is that a crime, your grace? Does my Lannister appearance bother you? Are you going to burn me alive?” You sassed glaring back at her, “Geez, and you wanted to make an alliance with my mother with that bloody attitude?” You scoffed as Daenerys scowled at you fiercely.

“I always did like her.” the Hound commented giving you a proud look, “Always gave that little shit hell.”

“Does everyone here apparently favor her then?” Daenerys bit out angrily, “We have bigger things to worry about!” You roll your eyes but agree, this was no time for such games.

“Is there any way to change that stare of affairs?” The man with a rugged accent questioned.

Tyrion looks out towards where your mother and father had left, “Only one.”

“Hell, no.” You step up and glare at him, “You’re fucking crazy. She’d slaughter you.”

“That’s why you’re coming with me.” Tyrion speaks with a sigh, “I never thought I’d use my own niece as a shield, how low can I go?”


“You don’t have to walk us there, you fat shit.” You hiss turning to look over your shoulder to glare at whatever the fuck the Mountain had turned out to be—or whatever Qyburn had done to him.

He only kept walking without making a second sound.

“Do I even want to ask about him?” Tyrion looks scared of him and he should be. He’s in a dangerous situation right now.

“No.” You mumbled, “I liked him better when he was…alive.”

There was only tensed silence as the three of you walked towards your mother’s office. Your father appears looking very displeased to see Tyrion. They exchange a few words about being idiots and goodbyes. You roll your eyes and reply impatiently, “Can we stop acting so dramatically? Tyrion is not going to die. That’s why I am here.”

Your father looks at you, “Your mother won’t like that.”

You shrug, “Have I ever given a shit?”

Your father frowns, “I honestly don’t know where you got that blunt mouth from.”

“I am my own person. I shouldn’t be compared to you or my mother.” You remarked a bit sourly. You had always known who your real father was ever since you were ten. It was always blatantly obvious because you looked nothing like Robert. Your younger siblings never caught on though, you guessed it was because they were stupid.

Jaime shook his head with a small smile before stepping to the side.

Tyrion stared ahead unsure what fate awaited him. He knew if it came down to it, he would not risk your life for the sake of his. You entered her room with bothering to knock and saw her sitting at her desk. She eyes you but then her eyes land on Tyrion.

You take your seat and remain quiet knowing it would be wise not speak.

“I shouldn’t be surprised, I suppose. She’s your kind of woman—a foreign whore who doesn’t know her place.” You groan at the immediate insults hurled at Tyrion. Your mother pointedly ignores you.

There are words being exchanged. Your mother’s eyes growing with hate and anger towards your uncle for killing Tywin—your grandfather. Her eyes grew watery as she spoke about Myrcella and Tommen. Your heart clenched at the mention of them but you knew it wasn’t really Tyrion’s fault.

Tyrion suddenly said, “I will always be a threat…so put an end to me.” His words sound tired and desperate and you stare at him shocked.

You don’t miss the murderous look on your mother’s face as he suggest that she end his life—just like she always wanted to do. He continues to fuel her hate and anger reminding her of how she was motherless, fatherless, and two of her children were dead. You could see the look on your mother’s face—she wanted to kill him.

For once, you are speechless. Your mouth is dry because you couldn’t have predicted that your uncle would go for this. Tyrion stands in front of the Mountain and demands your mother to kill him.

But then…your mother is looking at you and seeing the horror on your pretty face…and she can’t bring herself to say the words. You were…her last surviving child…although there was one in her belly…you were her first babe. Seeing such a look on your face…she couldn’t do that to you…as much as it killed her to admit you loved Tyrion fiercely and Cersei feared the repercussions if she did kill Tyrion right now.

The last thing she wanted was you, her precious daughter, to hate her.

Cersei growls and looks away.

You let out a sigh of relief while Tyrion remains surprised. He looks at you and knows very well that you were the only reason why Cersei didn’t butcher him.


Tyrion had convinced your mother to reconsider. Eventually, your mother gave her word that their war would be pushed aside to fight in the real war. You were thrilled to hear her words because it meant that the future for you and your family wasn’t so bleak. You were happy because the child in your mother’s belly would have a chance at living.

But then everything came crashing down that same night.

You were asleep in your chambers when a voice and someone shaking you woke you up. You groggily opened your eyes and saw your father hovering above you. You were confused and dazed—taking into account that he wasn’t wearing his usual armor.

“Papa?” You mumbled sitting up.

Your father sat down on the edge of the bed with this sad look on his face, “I need to tell you something before I ask you to make a difficult choice.” He says caressing the side of your sleepy face. He was leaving but he had to take you with him…he knew what would happen if he were to leave and you were to stay. He couldn’t leave knowing how Cersei would act towards you –obsessive, paranoid, and by her side at all times.

But he knew you just as well as he knew Cersei…you wouldn’t allow it your mother to coddle you and obey her commands especially after he leaves. You would defy her, rebel, and make your statements known which something that Cersei wouldn’t tolerate now.

He couldn’t leave without you because it would mean your death.

Something serious was happening. You were fully awake now and peering at your father through the darkness—the only light coming from the moon outside your window. “What’s wrong?” You questioned with a frown.

Your father swallows thickly and tells you, “Earlier this morning, your mother advised me that we wouldn’t be riding north anymore. That she intends to betray Jon and the Dragon Queen and let them deal with the white walkers.”

You frown, “She’s insane. If they can’t stop them, we can’t either.”

He nods, “It is what I told her and she told me that Euron didn’t flee like we had thought…he went to ferry the Golden Company across the sea and back to Kings Landing.”

Why would your mother conspire with that mad-man Euron and not your father? Was her paranoia getting that bad that she didn’t trust your father now? “Was it because you met with Tyrion without her consent?” You asked with disgust.

He gives a curt nod, “That’s not the worst of it.”

You see the dreadful look on his face, “When I told your mother that I intended to ride North to keep the promise I made…” He blows out a heavy sigh and you see his shoulders drop, “I tried to walk away from her…but that monster got in the way.”

Your heart almost stopped beating. Anger rose in your body, “She did not.” You stood up with the Lannister fire in your eyes, “Tell me she did not do it.” You said through gritted teeth.

Your father looks down at the stone floor, “I was in disbelief and when I told her to order that thing to kill me…she only nodded after a few seconds.” He looks shaken up by the ordeal and you could understand. Your mother and father loved each other even when it was wrong in every sense and through it all they always stuck with each other.

For your mother to have gone this far by having that thing cut your father down…

“And then what happened?”

“He took out his sword; ready to cut me down but for some reason…nothing happened. I walked away in complete disbelief…I can’t believe your mother would…” He shakes his head with disgust and anger, “After everything…”

You swallow the lump in your throat, “So, you’re leaving?”

He nods, “I made a promise. Besides, next time I won’t be so lucky. Cersei has made her intentions clear to me.” He says looking very anguished.

You stare at your father with uncertainty and ask thickly, “And what about me?”

“I cannot force you to come with me—“

You were not stupid and knew what would happen clearly and quickly once your father abandoned your mother, “I am coming with you.”

It wasn’t a hard decision for you to make. You always knew that her paranoia would get the better of her—her twisted nature would always win. This woman was not your mother anymore. No mother would give an order to kill the father of her children. She didn’t give the order to kill Tyrion but did so with your father? It was unacceptable. Not that you wanted Tyrion dead.

Your parents had faults, yes, you would admit. You were a direct result from one of those faults. Your heart was heavy with emotions and you couldn’t believe this was happening. How did things turn so bad? You looked at your father with grief, “Do you think this all happened because you pushed Bran off the ledge?”

Your father isn’t surprised that you know—you were always a very clever lion, “Perhaps,” He murmurs with guilt and he closes his eyes as if disgusted with himself, “But now is my chance to try to make things right…as much as I can.”

He opens his eyes and looks at you with hope, “I have to do what I can to make sure that there is a future for you…a better one then the one you have now.”

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This was just something I’ve been dying to write. It’s long and boring, I know, but I really like it c: There are no other parts for right now. Maybe I’ll add a part two when we see Jaime in the next season!


[x] - requested by anonymous (edited slightly for clarity !)

Y/N: Peter? Th-this is for you. *hands him the gift*

Peter: y/n? Oh wow, what’s it for?

Y/N: I know you’re Spiderman, Peter.

Peter: Wait, hang on-

Y/N: And you saved my younger sibling from my dad. He’s awful, and I do everything I can to try and protect the rest of my family from him, but sometimes I can’t. So thank you, Peter. *walking out* Sorry I punched your face yesterday.

Peter: Uh, no problem. Don’t tell anyone I’m Spiderman, by the way!

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Year After That

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Anonymous Requested: Hi! I know requests are closed but I was wondering if,when they’re open again,if you could do an Eddie kaspbrak imagine where it’s her birthday but it’s never celebrated cause it’s on a holiday or something. And it gets her really sad and he finds her crying and just lots of fluff please. (My birthday is on Halloween and I have younger siblings so my night is usually spent taking them trick or treating)

Pairing: Eddie x Reader

Warnings: none.

A/N: I altered your request a bit; made it a but less dramatic I guess? But i hope you still enjoy it! And- HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!

You didn’t really like to tell anyone it was your birthday.

Now, to be clear, it wasn’t because you didn’t like your birthday or some harrowing experience had happened that scarred you every time the day rolled around. On the contrary, you loved celebrating your birthday; you just never had.

Your birthday happened to be on Halloween, and you had two younger siblings. Meaning you spent your birthday evening taking the trick or treating. Of course has a child your mom had made sure the night was special. As a little kid, having your birthday on Halloween was amazing. You got candy and presents! But as you grew older and your mom had more children, you’re birthday didn’t seem to matter has much. 

You knew your family still cared and you still got a present, and candy from your siblings but other than that, no one else really cared. 

Kids your age were more excited to get candy then celebrate your birthday, which included your siblings.

Eventually, you just stopped telling people. It became less and less of a big deal and soon, other than the “happy birthday”’s from your family, nothing else happened.

It was that particular Halloween, the year of 1990, that your boyfriend, Eddie decided to spend the night with your family. His mother didn’t like Halloween and being the way she was, she never allowed him to eat candy or give candy. Germs she would say. And while Eddie was just as a germaphobe as his mother, he still loved Halloween’ despite never really celebrating it.

Despite being your boyfriend, Eddie wasn’t aware it was your birthday either.

It wasn’t until you came back from trick or treating with your siblings, and then had run to answer the door did Eddie find out. You’re still not sure what your mother told your boyfriend, but when you walked back into the kitchen with a light smile on your face from the cute children with cute costumes on, you found Eddie’s gaze on you. “It’s your birthday?”

Your eyes immediately snapped to your mother who only shook her head in disappointment. “You shouldn’t be ashamed of your birthday, hun.”

“I’m not ashamed of my birthday…” You mumbled, avoiding Eddie’s gaze. “It’s just not that important.”

“Ms. Y/L/N, do you mind if I go speak with your daughter for a moment?” Eddie asked, turning to your mother who’d just finished unwrapping a candy for your baby sister. She smiled, shaking her head; “of course not, Eddie.” And then the next minute you found your wrist being grasped by Eddie and being tugged in the direction of your room. The second you entered your bedroom, Eddie shut the door behind you.

“How could you not tell me it’s your birthday?” He asked, astonished. 

You waved him off; “it’s not a big deal.”

“Not a big deal?” Eddie exclaimed, taking a step towards you. “Of course it’s a big deal; if i’d known I would’ve gotten you something…” He trailed off, looking around your room in wonder. You shook your head, it was sweet he cared so much but his fuss was making emotions resurface. Long ago had you grown use to idea of your birthday not being as important as Halloween. And it made sense, Halloween was a National Holiday, your birthday was well… your birthday.

You felt your eyes water, the pain stinging your heart but you bit your lip to keep yourself from crying. “It’s fine.” You repeated, shaking your head and finally Eddie noticed that you were near tears. “It’s fine.” 

Concern was all that could be seen on Eddie’s face. He took a hesitant step towards you, not sure how to comfort you. “Y/N?” It was then that you let out a choked sob and did the tears finally start falling. Frazzled, Eddie took the last step towards you and wrapped his arms around you. You immediately fell into the boys embrace, letting out your emotions.

You eventually managed to get control of yourself, and pushing away from the embrace gently, you wiped at your tear-stricken cheeks. “I never told you…” You started slowly; “because it never seemed like a big deal. Having your birthday on a holiday sucks and i’ve spent the past few years just watching my siblings trick or treat rather than actually celebrate my birthday.”

Eddie’s face fell with pity, upset that you were so clearly hurt but also pitiful that that is what your birthday’s been like for so long. Instead of responding with more soft kind words to try and sooth you, which Eddie knew wouldn’t, he came up with a plan. “Tomorrow, meet me by the quarry.”

With your red cheeks and watery eyes, you furrowed your brows. “What?”

“Tomorrow. It may be the day after your birthday, but it’s gonna be our day. I-I’ll get you something and we will hang out for the entire day; doing what you want.”

“Eddie,” you mumbled. You knew your boyfriend was kind, the boy practically spent half of his time worrying for others and doing his best to make others happy, but this was the kindest thing anyone has done for you. “You don’t have to-”

“I want to.” He smiled, grasping your head. 

The frown was replaced with a smile, your teeth shining as you nodded.

Needless to say, the year after that, you and Eddie did the same thing. And the year after that. And the year after that…

BTS playing w/ your siblings

Namjoon- he would feel happy to be helping you watch your two younger sisters. After helping them with their homework and eating dinner he helps you tuck them into bed. Your sisters cant help but squeeze his dimply cheeks and say “ uncle Joonie can you read us a story…”

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Seokjin- he finds your younger brother to be hilarious. Jin was supposed to help you look after your 4 year old brother but instead the two of them make a mess filming an eat Jin video. Now you spend the night feeding and cleaning up behind two toddlers. 

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Yoongi- He finds your little sister adorable and can’t stop the grins from returning to his face. She says she wants to be a rapper just like “Uncle sthugar”. He laughs and raps along to songs with her finding her cute speech adorable. You can’t help but laugh and record the entire thing for your parents to see. 

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The Sister- Chris Evans One Shot

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Pairing: Chris Evans X Reader

Prompt: You are Tom Holland’s older sister and go to visit him for a few weeks while he is filming Captain America: Civil War. When you arrive, you catch the eye of his costar, Chris Evans.

Word Count: 1430


Living in the US by yourself meant that you weren’t able to see your younger siblings often, especially since the Atlantic Ocean separated you. When your brother called to tell you he would be filming the latest Captain America movie in Atlanta, you were eager to visit him. Your boss allowed you two weeks off from work and you flew out to Atlanta the moment you could.

“Y/N!” You heard someone shout at you in the airport. You looked up and smiled, seeing your younger brother.

“Tom!” You smiled, letting go of your suitcase to give him a hug. You hadn’t seen him in months, except for on the movie screen. You let go of him and he chivalrously took your luggage.

“How have you been?” He asked you.

“Better now that I get to see some family. I get lonely over here.” You replied, “How about you? You’re Spiderman now.”

“It’s so surreal. I can’t believe it’s really happening.” Tom admitted, loading your two bags into his rental car. You got into the passenger seat and he went into the driver’s side.

“How was your flight?” He asked.

“Not too bad. I had the window seat and no one else in my row.” You shrugged.

“I’m excited. You finally get to meet everyone.”

“Everyone? All those celebrities?” You asked with a laugh. You still couldn’t believe that your own baby brother was on the road to being a big time movie actor. You still saw Tom as the dorky little five year old and now he was twenty and filming a Marvel movie.

“Yep. All of them. I told Scarlett that you were a fan, so she’s looking forward to meeting you.” Tom explained.

“Anything I need to know before meeting them?” You asked, “Any touchy topics or weird personal space issues?”

“There’s no personal space issues. Everyone is really friendly.” He assured you. Although you were the older sibling, you were the one who got nervous about meeting people, especially if those people happened to be celebrities. Tom pulled into the studio’s parking lot and put your bags into his trailer. He then took you inside to where they filmed most of the movie.

“Who’s your friend?” Anthony asked, seeing Tom and you standing together. Your brother had his arm around your shoulders as you took in everything around you.

“Anthony, this is my sister, Y/N. Y/N, this is Anthony Mackie. He plays Sam in the film.” Tom introduced. You smiled as you shook Anthony’s hand.

“Nice to meet you.”

“I didn’t know you had a sister.” He said, turning to your brother.

“That’s because whenever I start to talk, you tune me out.” Tom replied.

“I’m sorry. Can you repeat that? I wasn’t listening.” Anthony joked, making you laugh. The older actor soon left you alone with Tom again. The directors called action and they began to film a scene between Steve and Tony. You watched with Tom from the side as Scarlett Johansson interacted with Robert Downey Jr.

“Tom, I think I left my phone in your trailer.” You informed him after not feeling the device in your pocket.

“Okay. Do you want me to go with you or do you know your way around?” He asked, not knowing if you felt comfortable in the large studio or not.

“No. I think I’ve got this down.” You smiled, heading off towards the trailer. He went over to begin talking with Elizabeth after you left.

You successfully found his designated trailer and your phone inside it. You came out of the trailer and began to retrace your steps. You turned a sharp corner and instantly ran into someone. The person caught you quickly, resting their hands on your hips to steady you. You looked up and were met with the bright eyes of Chris Evans.

“I’m so sorry. I wasn’t looking where I was going.” You stated, awkwardly clearing your throat after you realized his arms were still around you. He looked down and then let his hands slowly fall to his sides.

“It’s no problem. I haven’t seen you around here before.” Chris said, “I’m Chris.”

“Y/N. I just got in today. I’m visiting Tom for a couple weeks.” You replied with a shy smile.

“Tom?” He asked. Shock and confusion seemed to flash across his face.

“Y/N, there you are.” Tom said, coming around the corner, “I was worried you’d gotten lost. Hi, Chris.”

“Hey.” Chris replied, still trying to process what exactly was happening.

“Mackie suggested we all go out tonight for drinks. Are you coming?” Your brother asked his costar, casually putting an arm around your shoulder again. It was something he loved to do. He was younger than you, but he liked feeling as if he could protect you. He also liked acknowledging the fact that he is now taller than you.

“Of course.” He nodded, “Will you be there as well?”

“If Tom drags me along.” You joked.

“Y/N, let’s go meet the rest of the cast.” Tom said, pulling you away.


By the time night came, you had met 90% of his cast mates who were filming that day. You also met people from the crew, including the directors.

“No drinking tonight. You’re underage.” You stated, remembering how young your brother was. You two were in his car on the way to the club, where you’d meet up with everyone else who decided to go out tonight. One of his costars knew the club’s owner and, therefore, Tom would be allowed inside.

“But I can drink back home.” He defended.

“You’re not twenty-one yet. The law’s the law, Tommy.” You replied as he parked the car in the parking lot. You two got out and made your way towards the entrance.

“Geez, I thought you were visiting me so we could have fun together, not so you could be a bore.” He said, playfully upset.

“You don’t need to drink to have fun. You stick with your soda and sippy cup.” You stated, ruffling his hair.

“Hey!” He exclaimed, quickly sending a hand up to his hair to fix it, “I may be younger than you, but I don’t use a sippy cup.” You two showed the bouncer’s your IDs and were allowed inside.

“No alcohol.” You informed him in your strict, motherly tone. You two went over to the VIP section, where Chris, Sebastian, Anthony, and Elizabeth sat.

“Thank God Y/N’s here, I’m not alone now.” Elizabeth exclaimed as you sat beside her. In the few hours of knowing her, you became friends with Lizzie. She was glad to have a girl her age around set for a few days.

“Oh please, I have four brothers.” You replied, looking over at Tom. You could see Chris sitting across from you with a cold stare on his face as he glared at the empty bottle of beer on the table in front of him.

“I see you four have already had a round.” Tom laughed, acknowledging the glasses and bottles around the table.

“Tom’s underage so no giving him alcohol.” You explained to everyone.

“Aw, yeah, Tommy the itty bitty baby.” Anthony teased, reaching over to pinch your brother’s cheek.

“I’m going to get another beer. Anyone else want one?” Chris asked, standing up from his seat.

“I’ll take one.” Elizabeth said. Anthony and Sebastian nodded in agreement.

“I’ll go with you.” You offered, standing up and walking to the bar with Chris.

“Four beers.” Chris ordered from the bartender.

“Five actually.” You added. You two sat on a barstool as you waited for your drinks.

“So, you and Tom?” Chris asked, quietly.

“What about us?” You replied.

“Are you two together? Or?” He was looking for another option. His breath hitched in his throat when you began to laugh.

“I hope Tom and I aren’t together. Chris, he’s my brother.” You said.

“Oh,” was his embarrassed reply.

“Did you legitimately think we were together?” You asked.

“Well, you two are very close. I didn’t know what to think.” He said. The beers arrived, but neither of you moved.

“Were you jealous?” You teased.

“Maybe a little.” Chris replied, “But I don’t know much about you, other than the fact that you’re extremely attractive.”

“You think I’m attractive?” You asked.

“I’m not blind.” He laughed.

“I’m flattered.”

“I’ve got tomorrow morning off. What do you say we grab breakfast together? That way I can get to know you.”

“Breakfast sounds great.” You smiled. You two grabbed the beers and made your way back to the table. No one seemed to really notice the difference between you and Chris, until he whisked you away to the dance floor.

“They make a cute couple.” Elizabeth admitted, watching you and Chris from afar. Apart from Tom, she was the most sober one out of the group.

“Do you think he asked her out?” Tom questioned.

“Maybe.” She shrugged.

“At least it’s just Chris.” He replied.