imagine stiles finding him like this

Never Enough

Summary: Stiles is bummed about Lydia not liking him. You’re hurt inside because you’ve always loved him. After Stiles gets back from being beaten up, Lydia leaves to find Jackson. (This was when he was a Kanima). His dad sits down to talk with him.

Ship: Stiles x Fem!Reader, Isaac x Fem!Reader

Warnings: sadness, fluff, angst, heartbreak.

Your P.O.V

I lean against my locker, forcing my gaze away from Stiles. He trailed after Lydia, who hadn’t a care in the world. In fact, she looked like she didn’t think Stiles existed. It was as if he was a fly on a wall. I watch the interaction, a pang in my chest began to grow. I have to admit, I’d always loved him. Stiles, I mean. But, to him, I was never enough. Even when we were younger, I was never beautiful in his eyes. It was excruciatingly obnoxious. I glance at Scott, who stood not far from Stiles. He gave me a pitiful smile. Even before he got his powers he knew I loved Stiles. He knew the interaction broke my heart. 

I sent him a smile he knew was fake before walking off. I couldn’t stand to watch it happen again. I am so tired of doing the same thing over and over again. I shake my head to distract myself. The game was tonight so I had to focus. Instead of meeting the pack for lunch in the cafeteria, I made my way to the lacrosse field to practice. I slip on my headphones, blasting them as loud as I possibly could. The more I hit the net, the angrier I got. When I missed the last shot, tears started to corrode in the crooks of my eyes. Not now.. not here.. I pack up my stuff and head home, not bothering to finish my last class. I was never enough… No matter how hard I tried- I would never be enough in his eyes..

Later That Night..

I sat down next to Scott, watching the game begin. I was a little late so I wasn’t able to be there for Coach to pick me. When he saw me though, he lit up. “(Y/n)! We were looking for you everywhere! You’re up to change next!” I nodded, putting on a forceful smile. A few seconds later, a person I didn’t expect to see sat down next to Scott. “Isaac??” I asked, perplexed. “What’re you doing here??” He smirked. A random sensation making its way into my body. A flutter.. of warmth? “I’m here to win. So-” he said looking at Scott. “What’s the plan?” Scott glanced between the two of us, smiling genuinely.

“(Y/n), Issac and you will be up soon. You’ve gotta knock enough people out so I can be on.” We nod in agreement before I made my way into the field. I glance back at Stiles, his eyes on Lydia, who was sitting next to Melisa. She wasn’t even looking back at him. She was watching Jackson. I roll my eyes huffing. Moments like these made me happy that I joined lacrosse. I noticed as soon as I made my way onto the field, the players seemed to tense up. I was the most aggressive player. People from other teams called me merciless. Which I was.

Isaac’s goal was to get as many of our players out so that Scott could get in. My goal was to destroy the other team and stall the game as long as I could. The mere thought of being Scott’s primary weapon made me feel powerful. I was fast. Too fast for any of them to catch. My adrenaline level had sky rocketed. And with this new found anger, I was ready for anything. I squat down low, eyeing each of the boys like they were my prey. My gaze halted when I found a large one. He was tall, really tall. But he was buff with a lot of weight. Ya know what they say, the bigger they are the harder they fall. 

My breathing began to pick up as I stalked back and forth. I could tell there was a massive uneasiness between the boys on the other team. I guess my reputation proceeded me. The second they blew the whistle, I bolted across the field, faster than anyone of them could have predicted. Before the burly boy knew it, I dug my body weight from under his feet and through him over my shoulders. His face smacked the dirt like a sack of pudding hit a brick. The crowd ‘oohed’ at my harsh actions. One our players peered over at me, tossing over the ball as soon as I got up from drilling the boy. I ran across the field, dodging every move that came my way.

Finally there stood a boy a few feet in front of me. I smirk, barreling towards him, I push him out of the way before making the goal. However, Coach screamed louder than the rest. They called the point and we started again. Isaac was finally able to get Scott in, however he had to sit out due to an injury. I nod at him, saying with my eyes that it would be okay. Even after though, I felt his gaze harden on me. Something was different with him. I shake my head, pulling my focus back on the game. I paced back and forth, picking my next prey. The whole time though, I felt a pair of eyes watching me. Scott… It was a look of worry, something I was use to seeing from him. 

But the look he wore seemed a little different. Not worry for me. Confusion and worry. Confused as to how I was able to do what I did and worried for how heartbroken I actually was. I tore my gaze away, focusing on the game. Stiles scored the last few shots, winning the game for us. I was about to hug him when I realize his gaze was on her. It always was. And then, the lights went out. Screams and shouting echoed the field. I remove my helmet, trying to adjust to my surroundings. And then, the lights came on. People surrounded Jackson, who was apparently dead. 

Scott, Isaac and I exchanged confused glances. Mr. Stilinski broke through, shouting. “STILES?! WHERE IS MY SON?!” Oh my god.. They had him.. The rest of the night, I never left the Sheriffs side. I helped put out missing reports and slept in the police station, refusing to leave until he was found. Mr. Stilinski sat down next to me, two cups of coffee in his palms, handing one over to me, I smile as my inaudible thank you. He leans into me, whispering in a fatherly tone. “Why don’t you go home? Get some sleep, sport.” He only called Stiles and I that. I shake my head. “I won’t leave him. I won’t sleep tonight anyways..” He sighs, smiling down at me. “C'mon, you can stay at our house till he comes back.” I nod, taking a deep breath.

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Third P.O.V

The moment we get home she sits down on the edge of his bed. (Y/n) didn’t sleep all night and all day. Mr. Stilinski coaxed her into changing into normal clothes. Besides that though, she remained in his room, at the foot of his bed. Despite her harsh and unhealthy attempts, (Y/n) finally fell asleep, teary eyed with dark circles, she was wrapped in a ball at the edge of his bed. Little did she know, Mr. Stilinski came in, pulling a blanket over her before sitting down at Stiles’ desk. He glanced down at her, sighing. “Where is my son..” A voice croaked from the door. “Right here..” It was.. Stiles. Mr. Stilinski stood up, crying as he hugged his son for dear life.

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After a few seconds though, he noticed the dark bruises and marks that cascaded across his face. “Who did this to you?!” He asked with quiet anger, remembering that (Y/n) was still well asleep. Stiles shook his head. “Dad- it was no one- just some kids at the other school who weren’t too happy that we beat them-” He interjected, angry. “I’m gonna have a word with that school-” Stiles shook his head. “No- dad- I’m fine-” Mr. Stilinski pulled him into a hug once more before letting him wake up (Y/n), who laid sleeping peacefully for the first time in god knows how long.

Your P.O.V

I curled myself deeper into his blankets, breathing in his comforting scent. Seconds later, I hear a mermir of two voices. It stirs me slightly, but doesn’t wake me. Minutes go by before I force and pry my droopy eye lids open there stood on outline of a boy. And then I realized, it was Stiles. Automatic joy rushed through me as i bolted up and off the bed, tackling him onto the floor. I sat on his lap, face burrowed in his neck. I started to shake. “Stiles- I-” He nodded, understandingly wrapping his arms around me. After a few minutes, I let go, eyes wide at his bruises. “Stiles! Oh my god! Who did this to you?!” He takes my wrists, sighing. “I’m fine, (Y/n).” 

With one of his thumbs he wiped away a tear. “I was so worried about you.. I thought-” My voice croaked. He pulls me into another warm hug. After talking for a little longer, he finally coaxes me to head on home. I hug him and Mr. Stilinski again before heading home. However, the whole trip home, I couldn’t help but feel broken. I noticed the endless presents on his desk, all of which were for Lydia. And guess where she was? With Jackson.. Always with Jackson. I hated this empty feeling.. I plug my headphones in, blasting the music. I needed to movie on.. 

The minute I walked in the door, my phone buzzed. I glanced down to see that it was from Isaac. We need your help. Meet us at the abandoned warehouse down the street. I look up from my phone, with a determined look. I drop my bag and sprint upstairs, shuffling through my belongings to open up my weapons. After grabbing them, I got in my mustang and headed over to the warehouse. 

Third P.O.V

Mr. Stilinski let Lydia in. She headed upstairs, knocking on his door. “I’m fine, Dad.” The knock came again, Stiles huffed, whipping open the door. “I said I’m fine-” He stopped when his eyes fell on Lydia. “Your dad let me in.” She muttered quietly. A heavy blush rushed through his cheeks. “Uhh- come in.” Cautiously, she did. “What happened to your face?” He shrugged, trying to play it cool. “Pff- it’s nothing-” Lydia didn’t bother to press on. Stiles couldn’t help but feel an empty whole in his heart. He wanted her to love him. After a few seconds of silence, he walked over to see her teary. 

“They won’t let me see him..” Jackson. He didn’t say anything. He couldn’t.. What could he possibly say that would ease her? They sit at the edge of his bed. Lydia stands to pace, something that bought her strange comfort. Her eyes soon fell upon a massive pile of presents, mostly unwrapped. “Stiles, why do you have feminine products?” His eyes went wide as he scratched the back of his neck, cheeks flushed. “I wasn’t sure what to get you for your birthday, so I just bought a bunch of stuff. Most of which, I’m gonna return.” She pointed at the TV, with a confused expression. 

“That, I’m definitely returning.” All of a sudden, she got a text. “You’re gonna wanna see this.” Jackson’s gone. “I have to find him.” Stiles stopped in front of her. “Lydia- it’s not safe- you have no care in the world about your life- but if you die- I’ll go out of the fricken mind!” She rolled her eyes, pushing past him. “Fine. I’ll find him myself.” Stiles called after her, huffing. “Lydia!” She walked out, her strawberry blonde hair bounced up and down as she slammed the door. Stiles didn’t bother following her. He rested his head on the palm of his hand, moving his feet around in the spiny chair. 

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A few seconds later, Mr. Stilinski leaned against the doorway. “So, you and her? Is there a thing there?” Stiles shakes his head, a sad expression plastered on his face. “No, she’s in love with someone else.” His dad chuckled slightly. Stiles asked puzzled. “What’s so funny?!” Mr. Stilinski shook his head, sitting down next to his oblivious son. “Son, if you haven’t noticed by now- I don’t think you ever will. I know this is not my business but a girl we’ve both known our whole lives has liked you just as long, if not longer, than the girl you were just with. Get some sleep, sport.” And with that, he left stiles to ponder his thought. However, no matter how hard he tried to think, he couldn’t think of anyone.

Your P.O.V

I pull into the warehouse parking lot. Scott and Isaac stood before me. “I told you not to call her!!” Scott hissed at him. I shake my head, smirking. “With what may or may not go down tonight, you’re gonna need all the help you can get.” I could have sworn Isaac’s eyes raked up and down my body before glancing back at Scott. “She’s right-” He said, biting his lip. “We need her.” Scott rolled his eyes before reluctantly heading in. Deep down, I was like a sister to him and a daughter to Melisa. I understood that he didn’t want to see me get hurt. I mean, I was human after all. To him, I was precious cargo. When we walk, I look over to see Mr. Argent. I was close with Allison so that brought me even closer to Chris. We respected each other. He shakes my hand, a small smile on his face.

“It’s good to see you, (Y/n).” I grinned. “You too, Mr. Argent.” All of a sudden, he tenses up. I run over my shoulder to see Derek walking out dramatically from the darkness. I can’t help but roll my eyes. He looks at all of us before stalking towards Jackson’s body. Scott questioned his motives, looking for something- someone else. “Wait! Where’s Lydia and Peter?!-” Derek mutters, unzipping the body bag. “There’s no time-” He interjected, roughly. “Think about it Scott! Gerard is just going to keep using Jackson- killing more people who dare to get in his way!” Mr. Argent took a few steps forward, shaking his head in denial. “No, no- that’s not true! Gerard wouldn’t let a wild animal let loose!” All of a sudden, another voice interrupted the argument. “You’re right, I wouldn’t.”

I turn over my shoulder to see.. Gerard. And in a matter of seconds, everything went to shit. An arrow shot out from behind Gerard. Scott and I croak at the same time. “Allison?” He had her too. I turn over my shoulder to see Isaac fall down. The arrow. Scott and I run over to him, Derek on the other hand, was thrown into the other room. Mr. Argent shot at the Kanima, Jackson, before running from him. “I’ll make sure he’s okay- GO! Help Chris!” I say towards Scott. Isaac nods, reassuringly. Scott looked between the two of us before running to the other room. I turn my attention back to Isaac. He laughs, despite the pain. “Ya know, (Y/n). Of all the ways to steal my heart- this has to be the worst.” I can’t help but smile. “Isaac, if I was gonna steal you heart- this wouldn’t be my first choice.”

I wrap my hands around the arrow, pulling it out. He groans, his head falling back. My heart picks up slightly at how attractive he looked in this moment. “How would you steal my heart than, (Y/n)?” Automatically, I blush. “I have a few ideas-” I say, winking at him before pulling him up and off the floor. I touch his chest with my hand. The interaction was sweet. “You okay?” He nods, stuttering slightly. I could have sworn his face flushed. “Uhh-yeah- I’m good. Let’s go.” We enter seconds before Derek is thrown to the ground. He gets up and we surround the Kanima. It was as if a whistle blew because in no time, we were fighting in unison. The Kanima, Jackson threw Scott and Derek to the side. Isaac laid on the floor, not too far from me.

Jackson made his way towards him. And in that moment, it was as if all my pain washed away and the only thing mattered was Isaac. I push myself up and run at Jackson with full force. I drop kick him in the stomach before jumping up to punch him. He falls to the ground with a loud thud. “DON’T!-” I punch. “EVER!-” I punch again. “TOUCH!-” And again. “HIM!-” I wrap my hands around his scaly collar, using all my strength and adrenaline to throw him against the concrete wall. It snapped in half. I was fuming, pulsating with energy and rage. It was a new found feeling. And I liked it. I could have sworn I saw a look shared between Isaac, Scott, Derek and Mr. Argent. And then, the adrenaline left. I fall to one knee, looking up to see Isaac holding his side, a smile on his face. However, it quickly fades when knife shards slice through him.

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He spits out blood, falling to the floor. “NOO!!” I exclaimed. Allison snickered over his body, her daggers at the ready. Desperately, I begin to crawl over to her. However, before she could make any moves, her weapons fell to the ground with a loud clank. Jackson wrapped his scaly claws around her neck, choking her slightly. She gasps, looking over to Gerard with confusion. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” He comes out from the shadows, smirking. Scott watched the interaction with fear. “He’s doing exactly what he came here to do.” Gerard smiled at him. “You knew.. You smelled it on me- at the station.” Isaac croaked, sitting up. “He’s dying..” He nodded. “Sadly, science doesn’t have a cure for cancer- but the supernatural does.” Mr. Argent barked at him, watching his daughter cautiously.

“You monster!! You took away my sister, my wife and now, now you threaten my daughter-!!” Gerard growled back at him. “I WOULD KILL MY OWN SON TO SURVIVE!” He turned his attention back towards Scott. “You know what you have to do Scott.” He looks down, ashamed before lifting Derek up. I push myself up, watching the interaction closely. Gerard lifted his hand up to the sky, letting out a victory cry. However, it was no victory. Seconds later, black goo dropped down his arm. He cried out in pain, glaring daggers at Scott. “MOUNTAIN ASH!!!” Scott glanced back and Derek and I, smiling. “I had a plan.” I couldn’t help but grin. Gerard crumpled to the ground, groaning. Jackson let go of Allison, puzzled now that his master was dead.

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Allison turned over her shoulder to kick him away. The minute she did so, a car ran through the door, running Jackson over. I force myself up despite the pain that emulated in my side. Isaac ran over to me, wrapping his hands in my face. “Are you okay?” I nod, looking over to see Rosco. Stiles shrieked as Jackson jumped on top of the car. Lydia hopped out. An empty feeling in the pit of my stomach. He stuck to her, not even bothering to check on anyone else. She stood in front of Jackson, almost weeping. She croaked, holding up the key that he had given her. “Jackson?” The moment he saw it, he shifted back to a human. He hugged her as if his life deepened upon it. The minute they pulled away from each other, Derek and Peter came in for the kill. Lydia gasped, cradling his now lifeless body.

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She reluctantly pulled herself away from him. Stiles took a step forward to comfort her. It made my heart break to watch him throw himself at her. However, he paused. We all looked down at him. He rose up, howling before he let out a growl and turned back to normal. Holy shit.. Lydia lunged forward, clinging to him. I glanced back at Stiles. His eyes were wet from heartbroken tears. I was so mad- how could someone as selfish as Lydia do that to someone like Stiles. He gave her everything. And she continued to treat him like dirt.. I turned over my shoulder. Not even daring to say goodbye. But as soon as I started walking, I felt dizzy and disoriented. And then, everything went black.

Third P.O.V

Isaac watched (Y/n) fall to the ground. Before she hit the concrete though, he caught her, concern washing over his feature. “(Y/n)!!! Scott! I need help! I think she’s lost too much blood!” He ran over to her. As did Allison, Mr. Argent, Derek and Stiles. Isaac lifts her up, cradling her now cold body. “SCOTT-!” He exclaims, petrified. “-SHE’S FREEZING!” Scott glanced at Stiles in fear, (Y/n) meant everything to them. “OKAY- C’MON! Deaton will know what to do!!” They hop in the Stiles’ jeep. Isaac held (Y/n) close to him. He couldn’t help but begin to feel something for her. Little did he know, he was falling for her. He brushed a lock of hair out of her face with his thumb. The interaction was so small yet so intricate. 

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Stiles drove fast, desperate to help his friend. But deep down, a strange feeling began to bubble inside. It began when he first noticed the intimacy between his dear friend, (Y/n), and the fairly knew werewolf, Isaac. The soft touches and lingering looks bothered him to no end. But why would it? Finally, they pulled up to Deaton’s office, shuffling in. An hour pasted before Deaton came out from examining (Y/n). “So- how is she?” Isaac asked, his tone full of genuine concern. He glanced back at her body before eyeing the boys. The rest of them arrive seconds later before the doctor spoke again. “How’s (Y/n)?” Mr. Argent asked, his daughter at his side. Deaton sighed, rubbing his temples. “I was just about to tell the boys before you burst in. Did anything happen to (Y/n) when you fought? Like, did you notice anything out of the ordinary?” 

Scott nodded, glancing between Derek, Isaac and Mr. Argent, who saw the events transpire. “Yeah, she threw Jackson, in Kanima form, across the room and broke the concrete wall in half. She’s human-” Stiles interrupted, wide eyed. “Wait- she THREW Jackson?!?! In KANIMA form?!?!” Derek nodded, jaw tight. “I’ve never seen that kind of power before..” And in that moment, they all looked back at her. Her body was motionless. Stiles looked at his best friend memories of their childhood flouded in his head. “What’s wrong with her..?” His voice croaked. Deaton sighed again. “I was looking through some old supernatural books and there is a story that’s said to revolve around the birth of supernatural creatures. And sometimes- there are true creatures. Creatures that are born with a legacy. Rarely, however, the supernatural can create something- new. It can evolve-” Stiles rudely buds in. 

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“So, what’s this go to do with, (Y/n)?!” They looked back at her before glancing back at Deaton. “She’s an evolution. A new creation. Completely natural too. Nothing in her system’s out of the ordinary.-” Scott asks, with pure curiouscity. “So, what is she?” He sighs. “She’s human but I believe she’s two other creatures-” He pauses, Stiles shouts. “WHAT IS SHE?!” He looks up at them. “I’m not totally sure-” Stiles barks back at him again. “WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU’RE NOT SURE?!” Scott pushes him back. “Stiles-” He looked back at Scott and then back at Deaton, breathing heavily through his nose. “Isaac walked forward.

 “So, what do you think she is?” The doctor shrugs, shaking his head. “I’m not one-hundred percent sure. There are hundreds of creatures she could be..” Derek nodded. “So what are we gonna do about it?” The vet doctor glanced at the young motionless body. “You keep an eye on her. Her real abilities should finally awaken during the blue moon.” Isaac and Stiles spoke in unison. “That’s tomorrow!” Deaton shrugged. “You boys have a lot of work to do.” 

(I hope to turn this into a series. MESSAGE ME or INBOX ME if you want me to continue it. I was thinking succubus and vampire reader??)


Jackson x Reader

Requested by @imginarygirl

Part One   Part One

“It’s terrifying, he turned up at my house to give her roses, like I don’t even know how he found her!” Stiles sighed and Scott let out a low laugh.

“Not as bad as the practise you were late for, she cheered for him and he tripped, ploughed right into Greenburg.” They both laughed as they hurried over to your locker to find you attempting to stuffed bears and roses back into your locker.

“Can I burn these, is that bad… maybe I can give them to people.” You yelped and shoved a bear into the arms of a passing student.

“I think school prohibits setting fires in your locker.” Stiles mumbled as you gave up and let everything pool out on the floor.

“You just gonna leave that there?” Scott asked as you grabbed your bag and started walking to class.

“Yup.” You called back, smiling when Stiles scooted everything away from your locker to one a little way down the corridor.

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i’m literally the only person who finds the concept of a stydia son adorable??

•like imagine him being the spit of stiles with his long eyelashes, lil nose and dark hair (but he has lydia’s green eyes and dimples.)
•he would wear lil plaided shirts like his dads and baby converse/vans
•him being a mama’s boy and always telling his mom how beautiful he thinks she is
•stiles and lydia saying “our little man”
•stiles introducing his family to his co workers “that’s my sun (points at lydia and that’s my son”.
•lydia raising him up as a lil gentleman
•stiles giving him a lil baseball bat
•scott being his godfather and letting him go to his work with him to look at all the baby animals (and would take him to zoo a lot too)
•grandpa stilinski babysitting him a lot and every time he does something mischievous he thinks about lil stiles and just smiles at his lil grandson and would call him “mischief maker” or saying something like “you’re the creation of mischief” (bc stiles was dubbed mischief by his mom when he couldn’t pronounce his name)
•melissa and argent treating him like their grandson and he would frequently go over to theirs and play with scotts kids
•boys trip with sciles or stiles/noah
•lydia helping him with his homework and is very patient with him and appreciates his effort and calls him her little genius
•lydia, scott and stiles being proud af and watching his game whether it’s lacrosse, football or baseball or if he’s into drama his play
•sciles teaching him to drive in the jeep (if it’s still around) and them giving him duck tape for when stydia eventually gets him a car

Dating Stiles Stilinski would include:

-him being awkward around you at first

-he had a massive crush on you in freshman year -being friends with Scott first then meeting Stiles later on

-finding out about the supernatural

-Stiles trying to protect you with his bat

-being the only person to know what his real name is

-him making you laugh all the time

-being close with Scott

-being close with Isaac as well

-Stiles getting jealous at that^

-not liking Derek

-sassing Derek together

-sassing Stiles

-being just as sarcastic as Stiles

-Mr.Stilinski loving you like his own daughter

-helping Stiles through his panick attacks and nightmares

-being close with Liam

-being one of the only people Stiles can trust(besides Scott)

-Stiles talking to you about his mom

-your parents not liking Stiles at first but approving later on when they see how much he loves you

-Stiles trying to get you to watch Star Wars with him

-“Come on Y/N, please when I make references somebody has to know what I’m talking about!”

-“No offence babe, but I don’t think anyone knows what your talking about all the time.”^

-you being the big spoon when cuddling

-having make out sessions when your supposed to be ‘studying’

-his dad walking in on you two the one time

-it being very awkward(lol just imagine😂)

AN: Hey guys! This is my first time do anything Teen Wolf related so please give me feedback and remember to requests because I have no ideas for a new imagine Sunday! Thankyou💜❤💕

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-always being his partner in class.

-“go away stiles” replied with “you love me Y/N.

-matching his sarcastic comments with equally sarcastic comments.

-"have you eaten today Y/N?”.

-stealing his flannels and him secretly loving it.

-“I just wanna hug stiles…please?”.

-him sending you mugshots of himself.

-“kiss me…*you kiss*… Again”.

-him leaving you funny voice messages when your ignoring him.

-“Loooooooove youuuuuu Y/N”.

-lots of PDA and everyone finding it cute.

-“Zip it stiles”.

-him treating you like his queen.

-“stop playing tricks on meeeeeeee”.

-him winking at you when he knows your secretly looking at him.

-“can you get me some ….uh…. Lady stuff” replied with “ohhhhhhh that’s why your cranky *laughing* of course princess”.

-always going on exciting trips to places where he thinks you’ll like.

-“stop videoing me!!!!” Replied with “but your too cute Y/N”.

-reading his favourite books and having inside jokes about them.

-“bring some spare clothes to school with you…your sleeping over”.

-treating each other to random things that each other talked about ages ago and forgot.

-“no Y/N you can’t just steal all my clothes like that”.

-him yelling your name across the hall and waving when he sees you.

-“Mmmmm you look hot today Y/N”.

-he always tucks you under the covers and pinning you down when your grumpy.

-“marry me?” Replied with “no stiles were too young….wait a few years”.

-doing impressions of each other to make the pack laugh.

-“you make me so happy”.

-him opening up to you and only you.

-“I can’t sleep” replied with “it’s okay I’m coming over right now”.

-he’ll print if any photos that you take together because you make each other so happy.

-“stop making me laugh!!!”.

-constantly being asked to go over his house.

-“thank you mr.stillinski,see you tomorrow”.

-sleeping over each others house because your parents love him and mr.stillinski loves you .

-“does this look okay?” Replied with"I think you’d look better with no clothes on at all" replied with “shut up stiles!”.

-doing movie marathons and him making you watch Star Wars even though you secretly hate it.

-“1…2…3… I swear to god if you don’t come give me a kiss by 5 your gonna get it”.

-fighting over stupid little things but then ending up with stiles fussing over you making sure your okay.

Isaac Lahey- Amnesia


Also, correct me if I’m wrong on any of the facts. I really need to rewatch Teen Wolf.

Anonymous said:
Hello! Could I request a reader x Isaac? Like where Isaac has had an accident and the reader finds him unconscious on the road during a storm so she takes him to her place to patch him up. He has temporarily lost his memory and they fall in love while she cares for him but when he gets his memory back, she is scared that he’ll leave her behind. Thank you so much!!

Okay, so I didn’t exactly follow along perfectly because I was writing and then I got excited and forgot about the request so here we are XD I hope you enjoy,

Word Count: around 3k

I enjoyed making this. I hope you enjoy reading it <3


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Prompt: “You’ve got that whole drunken sway thing going on.”

Character: Stiles Stilinskki

Warning: mentions alcohol?


When insistent knocking had banged at your door you hadn’t expect to find a drunk Stiles Stilinski on the porch. But then when did anyone expect Stiles Stilinski?

“Stiles, are you drunk?” There was no point asking him why he was at your door. He’d probably forgotten and if it had been that important he would remember and tell you when he was sober and didn’t smell like Jack Daniels.

“NO! I am not frunk, why wou’ you say tha’?” Other than the fact he was heavily leaning against a post? That he was slurring his speech?

“You’ve got that whole drunken sway thing going on. Among other things. Stiles go home. I’ll talk ot you in the morning, okay?” You loved your friend but you didn’t want to hae to house a drunken him on your coach all night. He had a perfectly good bed at home.


“Stiles. Home.” It took a bit of time but eventually he left, walking his way down the street to his house. You were lucky he didn’t live far away. That boy.


Watching Simon sleep was the cutest thing. Technically he was dead but he still  looked younger in his sleep, when all the concerns vanished from his face.

You were still going through with your idea. It was an iidea you hadn’t been able to get out of your mind. With a bright smile you pulled the pen out of your pocket and drew the vampire teeth on his lips. He didn’t wake up but you couldn’t wait for him to, so he could see the “art” you had left on his face. 

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Mini Derek *Chapter 4*

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

requested? yep!

request? Could you do a mini series where a witch turns Derek into a toddler (2-3) and Scott and Stiles finds him and takes him to the reader, and the reader looks after him. Like keeping him safe helping him with his wolf powers and looking after him. Toddler Derek would be even more grumpier then older Derek but the reader knows how to crack him. While the rest of the rest of the pack find the witch?

requester? a lovely lil anon!

word count? 1,085

A/N: ayy hope you like it ! xxx

~chapter 1~   ~chapter 2~   ~chapter 3~

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Trust Me.

Derek Hale X Reader

Word Count: 375

Requested: @justdreamstars

Request: Hiiii! Can I request an imagine/one shot with Stiles? Where you are Derek’s little sister and in a relationship with Stiles, that Derek doesn’t like. When he finds you two kissing he attacks Stiles but you stand up for him and hurt Derek by accusing him of not remembering what first love is like? And then Stiles comforts you because you feel sad for hurting your brother? Please❤

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(H/D) - Hot Drink

You sat in the loft flipping through your book, you were bored out of your mind, your brother was off fighting some supernatural war that you weren’t allowed to be a part of and so was your boyfriend, Stiles. Your brother Derek was not pleased and your twin Cora was tolerating it, Derek straight up told you he hated it but he never stopped it.

You heard someone walk in and you looked up to find Stiles who smiled walking over he leant down and gave you a quick kiss and there was a growl from your brother before he shot forward to attack Stiles but you jumped in front of him stopping your brother and growling yourself. “(Y/N) move out of the way!” Derek ordered.
“Like hell.” You glared as the others walked in.
“(Y/N)!” Derek warned his eyes glowing red.
“What is wrong with you!? Do you not remember your first love!?” You glared and he stopped even seeing his face didn’t make you register what you said instead, Stiles guided you out of the crowded room and down to jeep. You sat there in silence for a while before a tear fell and Stiles pulled you into a hug. “What did I just do?”
“You kept me safe,” Stiles answered. “Probably saved my life.”
“He probably hates me…” You cried hands grabbing and holding your shirt tightly.
“He doesn’t hate you,” Stiles assured.
“How do you know that?” You asked.
“He doesn’t try to punch you.” Stiles started. “Doesn’t give you that Hale glare you all seem to be able to do so well.” You smiled a little. “You can stay at mine if you want.” You gave a small nod and he started the engine.

The next morning you woke up to find that Stiles was gone but the (H/D) across the room caught your attention you got up and walked over to Stiles desk where it was set down and then picked up the note.

I could never hate you, I don’t blame you
Come home when you’re ready.

You smiled at the note and put on some clothes that you’d left there and walked out the door going to see your brother.

Requests and general question!

ask-ichigo-and-rukia  asked:

Imagine Stiles freaking out over Valentine's Day because he finds out that Derek is secretly really romantic and he KNOWS Derek is going to do something cliche and stupid like buy him a hundred roses or something so he tries REALLY HARD to do something corny but special and when he wakes up on Valentine's morning Derek has crafted a Star Wars themed Valentine's adventure for him, starting with a mini BB8 rolling breakfast in bed over to him


Because, like, Derek loves gift giving and he loves the look in Stiles’ eyes every time he gives him something because, well, Stiles is used to spending a lot of time on people’s birthday. Like, he makes lists and charts and spends so much time thinking about presents. But, you know, no one really ever does the same for him. Which is fine, Stiles doesn’t expect anyone to do the same for him because his methods are a little insane anyway, but, you know..sometimes he can’t help but feel a little disappointed when he spends ages trying to track something down for someone and in return they give him a gift voucher or something. 

And then ENTER DEREK WHO SPENDS SO MUCH TIME LEARNING ABOUT STILES. DEREK WHO LOVES LEARNING ALL THERE IS TO KNOW ABOUT STILES AND A LITTLE MORE AND JUST…SPOILS HIM. And Stiles tries to get him to stop at first, but then Derek tells him it’s his version of all Stiles does for him, all those little things Stiles does for Derek he doesn’t realise he’s doing, like buying his favourite cereal and making appointments for him at the dentist, making sure the pizza place never puts mushrooms on their pizza because Derek hates them. And Derek, well, Derek just loves doing all the big things all the time. He likes taking Stiles out and buying presents and giving him massages with the really expensive oils. And of course Stiles does all that stuff for Derek too, just as Derek does little things for Stiles, but Derek has the means to go just a little more wild on presents and stuff- at least at the beginning of their relationship anyway- and does things like buy Stiles A BB8 LIFE SIZE ROBOT. 

It’s a nice balance, Stiles doing more little things, Derek doing more big, but they still do it all, and they don’t do it because of anything, they just do it because they want to, and that’s what makes it awesome. 

The One With Prom Night

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Summary: When Stiles offhandedly rejects your offer to go to prom with him you find yourself feeling hurt and try to avoid him, leaving Stiles confused as he tries to figure out what’s bothering you and how to fix it.

A/N: i know it’s been a while since i updated, i’m sorry! xx

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“What’s going on?” you ask, nudging Stiles slightly as you walk into the senior assembly. Stiles pulls you towards the back of the crowd until your backs are pressed against the wall, “They’re looking for volunteers.”


“Prom committee. Apparently no one really volunteered this year. I suppose they’re all still recovering from when the Beast attacked.”

“Can you blame them?” you sigh, slumping slightly, “Maybe we should volunteer – half the weird supernatural crap in this town happens on our watch.”

Stiles tilts his head with a frown, “I’m not even planning on going to senior prom let alone organizing it.”

“Wha- why not?!”

“Shhh,” he hisses as a few people turn around in annoyance, “Lydia is clearly interested in Parrish and I’m not going without a date!”

“I’ll be your date,” you shrug with a crooked smile, “Just don’t plan on getting lucky afterwards.”

“No way,” he scoffs, chuckling.

“Why not?” you cock a brow up, crossing your arms over your chest.

“Because it’s you!”

“Ahem,” the vice principal clears her throat and you realize most of the senior class is watching the two of you, “Since you two are obviously quite excited and chatty about the prom committee, I’ll put your names down,” she says with narrowed eyes.

“Well, I guess we’re volunteering,” Stiles grumbles under his breath.

The school had cut it a little close with planning – two weeks was barely enough to plan a senior prom that would get everyone’s minds off the horrors they had witnessed less than a month ago.

What was worse was that one week had already passed and you had barely made any progress, especially since you were avoiding Stiles.

‘Because it’s you’

What did that even mean?

Sure, you were only offering to go with him as a friend, and kind of just to tease him, but the way he reacted – like it was the most ridiculous suggestion in the world – it really struck a chord with you. You wanted to grab his shoulders and shake him every time you saw him.

What? Like you weren’t good enough for him?

“Y/N.” Scott snaps his fingers in front of your face, “You roped me into this stupid thing at least tell me what to do instead of frowning at the wall,” he pokes a finger into your forehead until it relaxes, “What are you so tense about anyway? Your chemo signals are all over the place.”

“I’m-“ you inhale sharply, “Just annoyed – I can’t believe I got stuck with this.”

“Stiles said you were talking about volunteering before the vice principal made you.”

“Yeah well,” you grumble, putting your paint brush down.

“Well, Stiles will be here soon to help,” Scott says enthusiastically.

“I thought he was taking care of the tickets? He’s not supposed to come here.”

“Yeah he finished early so he said he’d come help – he felt bad you’ve been doing most of this by yourself.”

Before you can argue, Stiles walks in with a duffel bag slung over his shoulder, “I come bearing decorations,” he announces. He drops the bag, wrapping his arms around you and swinging you around as he picks you up off the floor, “I feel like I haven’t seen you for years,” he mumbles into your shoulder, his face buried in it.

You struggle against him slightly until he lets you down. You tug at your t-shirt, “It’s been a week, Stiles.”

“That’s like a million years for us. I’ve seen you every day since we were five years old.”

You couldn’t argue.

“Well, I was just leaving,” you mumble, picking up your bag.

“What? I just got here,” he frowns, standing in your way, “Stay for a little while longer. Help me put the decorations up!”

“I’m sure you and Scott can handle it. I have to go meet with the DJ. I’ll come back in a few hours.” You rush out the door before he can get in another word, slightly flushed from him hugging you and slightly annoyed that he was completely oblivious he had hurt your feelings.

“What’s up with her?” Stiles frowns, watching you disappear down the hallway, “She’s been like that all week.”

Scott shifts uncomfortably.

“What?” Stiles presses him.

“I picked up on her scent – what she was feeling.”

“Okay? And?”

“Well, when it was just us, she was annoyed, confused, maybe? When you walked in her heart was racing and for a second I thought I caught-“ he pauses and bites his lip, “Well, whatever it was, a second later it was replaced by anger.”

“Anger? You don’t think I accidentally grabbed her boob or something, do you?”

Scott rolls his eyes, “I think she’s mad at you.”

“For what?”

“I don’t know. Maybe she think you’re slacking off on helping with the Prom.”

Stiles groans and let’s his head hang back, “I knew I’d be crap at this.”

“Well, fix it. She’s your best friend. Finish the decorations before she gets back,” Scott suggests. Stiles nods firmly, unzipping the bag, “Where do we start?”

You walk into the auditorium, surprised by the dim glow of fairy lights, covering the walls and netted across the ceiling. The candles on the bleachers filled the room with the soft scent of vanilla.

“Like it?”

Stiles was bouncing on his heels, impressed with his handiwork.

“It’s beautiful - it’s got nothing to do with the Monte Carlo theme but it’s beautiful,” you laugh, looking up at the ceiling.

“Screw Monte Carlo,” he scoffs.

“It’s like seeing the stars,” you marvel.

“I know how you love the stars,” he says, resting a hand on the small of your back, “I’m glad you like it. I hated you being mad at me.”

“You did this for me?” you turn to face him. He nods with a small smile.


“I know why you were mad,” he says.

“You do?”

“Yeah,” he smiles, “I’m sorry if I made you think I didn’t care. I do – I really do.”

“You do?” you furrow your brows together and before you can stop yourself, you’re standing on your tip toes and kissing him. For a split second, you feel like he’s kissing you back but then he pulls away, his hands resting on your shoulder.

“What… just… happened?” he stares at you with wide eyes.

“Y-you – I just –“ you inhale sharply, smiling crookedly as you try to hide your nerves, “You did all this – you said you were sorry for making me think you didn’t care about me because you do.”

“Not you…”


“I was sorry for making you think I didn’t care about Prom when it was so important to you,” he furrows his brows together, “I thought you were mad because I wasn’t helping out enough that’s why I finished all this tonight. I – I don’t understand – you were mad about something else? And you just kissed me, I-“ he shakes his head in confusion.

You shake your head, staring at the floor as tears spill out of your eyes – out of your control. Why were you crying? Kissing him was just a knee jerk reaction to the vibe around you – romantic, soft – the candles, the lights, the music. Right?

But as you looked up at Stiles, you realized that wasn’t the case at all, because nothing hurt more than you kissing him and him pulling away.

“Y/N?” he stares at you, “A-are you crying?” he stammers. He reaches out a hand but you step backwards, using your sleeve to wipe at your eyes.

“Whoa, hey. Tell me what’s going on,” he says softly, “Did I say something?”

“No, it was me,” you choke, “It’s my bad.”

“Y/N,” he frowns, reaching out for you again.

“Don’t,” you blurt out, “Please just leave.” Stiles parts his lips to argue but then just sighs, watching silent tears roll down your cheeks, “Fine.”

“- and then she started crying!” Stiles huffs, pacing in Scott’s bedroom, “She was like shaking and she wouldn’t let me touch her! Scott, I’ve never seen her like that!”

“I have,” Scott mumbles, pinching the bridge of his nose in realization, “Remember in freshman year when she was friends with Jackson and he was dating Lydia secretly and y/n had that huge crush on him and told him and he turned her down? She cried for the whole of lunch.”

“Okay, so?”

“So she kissed you Stiles because she thought you were agreeing you felt what she did – that you understood. And then you all but said you didn’t feel the same way.”

“I did not!” he exclaims.

“You pulled away, Stiles. And even after she kissed you, you didn’t understand and kept asking her what was wrong!” Scott rolls his eyes, “To a girl, that’s like a slap in the face.”

“I didn’t say I didn’t feel the same way!” Stiles argues.

“Well, do you?”

“I – I don’t know?! It’s y/n! It’s-“ he pauses, his eyes widening, “Shit, that’s why she was mad. She offered to go the prom with me and I turned her down, I said I wouldn’t because ‘it was her’.”

“God, you’re such a dick,” Scott flops onto his bed as Stiles continues to pace, “How could you say that to her when she has feelings for you?”

“Well, she didn’t know about her own feelings, how was I supposed to?! You didn’t, Mr. Big Alpha Werewolf.”

Scott frowns, “Whatever man, you can’t get out of this one by blaming me for not being able to sniff her feelings out,” he chuckles, “She’s been your best friend your whole life.”

“Right,” Stiles nods, “I can make it right. Right?

“Maybe you should give her some space,” Scott says.

“Why? She cried over Jackson for a half hour at lunch and then ate her spaghetti and got over it. I’m her best friend-“

“Why is why it’ll take her longer,” Scott stands up and places a hand on Stiles’ shoulder, “I’m sorry man. I’m sure it’ll work itself out with time,” he reassures him.

Prom night came around in a blink. Despite the year’s events, the school halls were filled with an excited chatter – hope, happiness. You felt the complete opposite.

On the one hand you were confused about your feelings for Stiles. Had the always been there or were they just the result of him rejecting you and you trying to prove yourself?

On the other hand you were mad at yourself for handling things so immaturely. Why had you cried? Every time you thought about it you buried your head in a pillow. How could you ever face him again?

You had no right to be mad at him, especially when he had no idea what was going on. He had stayed away from you for the rest of the week, though still doing his part of organizing prom, but you still needed tonight away – watching couples all night long wouldn’t do you any good. You had a few missed calls from Scott and Kira and even Lydia but none from Stiles – he was probably relieved he wouldn’t have to spend prom walking on eggshells around you.

There’s a low tap at your window and then a loud one before it slides up.

“HOLY SHIT STILES!” you scream, clutching a pillow to your chest, “Have you ever heard of a freaking front door?”

“I’ve been coming into your house this way since I was tall enough to climb through your window,” he shrugs, pulling it down behind him.

“What are you doing here?” you frown, studying his attire. He wore a suit, his tie hanging loosely around his collar. He tugs at it nervously, “My prom is wherever you are,” he chuckles, “Too corny?”

“Really?” you frown, “That’s the joke you’re going with it in this situation?”

“I’m not the one who made this situation uncomfortable,” he crosses his arms over his chest, “You got mad at me and stormed off without explaining, I mean, I’m not god! I can’t read your mind and-“

“I know, I’m sorry,” you interject, placing a hand on his arms, “It was childish. I was just trying to make sense of it myself and I was embarrassed too, okay?”

“No,” he shakes his head, “It’s not okay. It’s totally unfair, you didn’t even give me a chance to- to-“

“To what?” you sigh, “I didn’t really feel like getting rejected a week before prom, Stiles.”

“A chance to consider it – us, I mean.”

“Us?” you mumble.

“I mean – well, yeah. I mean on one hand you’re my best friend and it’d be weird, I mean like – and – and then on the other hand you’re all hot and funny and shit and like-“ he places a hand over his chest, “My heart is going crazy right now.”

“You’re not making any sense,” you mumble, studying his zoned out face.

“What happens if we try this and it doesn’t work out?” he asks, his face suddenly pained, “Then do we just go our separate ways? You ignore me like you did all week?”

“Wha- Stiles, no. I would never. Look, if we did try and it didn’t work out then – then we’ll get past it, like we’re getting past this right now. And if it’s not what you want – if I’m not what you want – then we’ll just stay friends. We can just pretend none of this ever happened.”

“Of course you’re what I want,” he steps closer to you, “I’m just not sure what it is I want with you.”

“Well, do you want to kiss me?”

He nods slowly, leaning in. Just the feeling of his lips pressed against yours made the tight feeling in your chest melt away. Suddenly he’s laughing against your lips – you could feel his smile.

“What?” you raise a brow, resting your forehead against his.

“Nothing it’s just – you told me I shouldn’t expect to get lucky prom night. Does that still stand?” he smirks.

“Guess not,” you mumble against his lips.


‘Why don’t I just throw myself to the big fat Wolf and get killed? I mean is just a lot easier!’ I said with my usual sarcasm. The pack was helping me, turns out my exboyfriend who was obsessed with me was also a werewolf, and they were helping me fighting him.

‘It’s not that dangerous Y/N’ Scott kept on repeating to me, but something in being the one who has to attract the enemy to the trap seamed extremely dangerous to me.

‘I’m not liking the sarcasm by the way’ Malia said.

‘Well I am’ Stiles responded unconsciously ‘Did I say it or think it?’

Requested ↴

swagcherryblossomtyphoon-cec5296 : Can you do an imagine where you have just met the pack and your really sarcastic and stiles finds it attractive. Thanks💕

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On My Mind

Prompt #4: “Am I dead?”

Author: Caitsy

Warnings: FLUFF, and mention of injury!

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Wolf or its characters, I don’t know any possible gifs, songs or images.

Summary: Stiles meeets an angelic young woman, thinking he’s dead he blurts a question out. You find him amusing and each of you wants to know the other more. Stiles was thankful he got injured because he wouldn’t have met a pretty volunteer like you.

Requested: Yes. @bands-and-shietz


Prompt List

Stiles was groaning as he lifted his head up remembering he had been knocked unconscious at some point. His eyes fluttered to see everything was white with a girl in white to the right of him. His eyes widened at the sight of her before he looked over the spacious room.

“Stiles?” The girl asked with a musical voice almost. It was alluring and something he wanted to listen to for hours on end.

There was no way he was alive if she was in the room with him because she was so beautiful it was insane! Plus she couldn’t be nurse because she was too young. He was curious as to who she was so when he went ask for her name something else came out.

“Am I dead?”

“No.” The girl giggled, “I’m Y/N. I’m a volunteer, Nurse McCall asked me to check in on you.”

“Oh.” Stiles said blushing, “Sorry it’s just…you’re so pretty…I didn’t mean to say that! Not that you aren’t pretty because-“

“Thank you Stiles but we should check if you have concussion.”

“I do from you’re beauty.” Stiles said.

Your eyebrows went high as the pick up line that was surprisingly cute in a way, you couldn’t stop the smile if you tried. He sure was something else but it was the first time a patient was flirting and it was making you giddy. As the smile got larger the door to the room opened to reveal her boss. Wearing maroon scrubs Melissa walked into the room with a frown.

“Y/N how’s the patient?” Melissa asked looking over at the young girl. She usually had the girl under her wing because her mother was fond on looking out for her daughter. Melissa filled the roll of maternal figure.

“His temperature is normal. I was about to check for a concussion for when you got here.” You replied stepping aside to let Melissa check everything out. Stiles’ eyes refused to leave your face as Melissa went on checking him out. He noticed when the girl started to record the information in his file.

“You got lucky. You have no concussion, if you experience any dizziness, pain, or nausea come back in.” Melissa said taking the blood pressure cuff off his arm, “Stop coming in like this Stiles.”

“Sorry Melissa.” He mumbled. You smirked at the tone of voice before handing the file off to Melissa. Your next task was bringing smiles to the cancer kids and playing with the children was your favourite part of being a volunteer for the hospital.

The hospital had only recently reached out for volunteers when staff went missing or quit due the animal attacks. You weren’t afraid because nothing it what it seems most of the time and you had to reason to fear.

“I’m going to go play with the kids.” You said nodding your nod to Stiles before heading to the door, “Remember you aren’t dead!”

Melissa was confused at the question before ignoring it because Stiles was a weird person if she was being honest. She didn’t know where he got it but she’s couldn’t really care because it made him…him.

“Family dinner tomorrow, want to join?” Melissa questioned her son’s best friend. Stiles shrugged, “I heard your father is pulling another night shift.”

“Sure.” Stiles mumbled still thinking about the pretty volunteer.

“She’s your age.” Melissa chuckled, “She’s usually not so flirty with the patients. Give it a shot.”

“I don’t know most of my crushes and relationships don’t work out.”

You were hanging outside the door for a minute with a grin on your face because Stiles was someone that intrigued you. You wanted to know everything about him and tell him everything about you. Maybe you could in the future.

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Treat me well

PAIRINGS: Stiles x Reader


Request: @deserve-to-be-saved  Can you write an imagine where Stiles after a long time(cause reader didn’t want him to find out about her father) finally meets Y/N’s father and he finds out that Y/N’s father doesn’t treat her well?(like he’s yelling at reader without any reason etc.) And Stiles decides to do something with it?

A/N: It didn’t turn out how I wanted to but I hope you like it :) Sorry if there are mistakes, English is my second language. Please let me know what you think ♥ (Requests are still open - only Teen Wolf and Supernatural) 

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

I signed, closed the book I was currently reading and put it on the table. The library was really quiet so my activity made a noise. I was so exhausted but I did not want to go home, maybe because I couldn’t find the coziness and love in it. It was just a house where I used to live…

“My eyes are closing, guys! I cannot read anymore.”, I laid my head on Stiles’s shoulder. He hugged me and kissed my forehead.

It was Friday night but the pack and I decided to stay after school and make some research about the Dread Doctors.

“Me too”, Lydia exclaimed “It’s Friday and except being on a party or at least resting, we are reading those books which are leading us nowhere. I suggest to stop for today and… continue tomorrow ?”

We all nodded in agreement. I collected my stuff and put it in my bag. Holding hands with Stiles we exited the school.

“I feel like I can sleep for days.”, I smiled

“Only if I join you, honey.”, my boyfriend smirked.

“What would you do if I don’t let you in my bed”

“Mmm…I don’t know. Maybe this ?”, he leaned and kissed me gently, “or this…”, he moved to my jaw and neck which caused me to bite my lips in pleasure. “and definitely this”, he sucked my sweet spot just under my ear. I moaned and tried to push him.

“I’m still not letting you in my bed.”, I smiled “But if you want to convenience me, not in public.”, I grabbed his hand and led him to his jeep. We got in and except turning the car, Stiles attacked my lips again. The sweet kiss soon became more passionate. I buried my hands in his hair, his left hand landed on my hip and moved up and down. Before the things got more heated I pulled back.

“It’s getting late.”, I said trying to normalize my breathing “And I was supposed to be at home an hour ago.”, as soon as I remembered that fact my mood just dropped. I looked away and asked him to drive me home.

“Is there something wrong ?”, his fingers found my chin and turned my head so I could see him directly in his beautiful eyes.

“No, of course not, I um… I’m just tired and need some sleep”

He smiled and turned the car. At the same time the radio turned on and the music filled the car. I looked through the window…If only he knew.

‘Till we reached the destination, we were holding hands and smiling, well mostly Stiles, I was only trying not to show how I really felt. When the car stopped and I saw the light in the living room my heartbeat speeded up. I inhaled and exhaled deeply. I turned and kissed Stiles on his cheek.

“I have to go, honey.”, I smiled at him. As I opened the car’s door Stiles grabbed my hand and stopped me.

“Don’t you think it’s time to meet your dad ?”

And here was the question I always tried to avoid and lied about.

“I don’t think now is the right moment.”

“(Y/N), we’ve been dating for months and every time I ask you this, you always tell me that.”, he was becoming suspicious which wasn’t anything good.

“I know but…”, I was interrupted by my boyfriend’s words

“His job is hard and he is really tired when he gets home, yeah, I know.”

“I’m happy you understand, but I have to go.” I got out of the car and waved at him. “Goodbye, Stiles.”

He smiled and waved me too. I turned my back and walked to the door. When I was at the threshold I prepared myself for the worst. I opened the door entered the building. I closed the door quietly, trying not to awake the beast.

“Where were you ?”, the familiar drunk voice came from the living room. I saw my dad’s back. He was watching something but what caught my mind were the empty bottles on the table.

Not again.

“I…I was in the l-library with s-some friends”, I stuttered while explained.

“How many times did I tell you not to lie me?”, he said with his cold voice and turned around.

“I-I’m not…”, but before I could finish my sentence one of the bottles flew straight at me. I tried to crouched and hide with my hands but I was too late. The bottle hit the wall inches from my face. Glass pieces stuck in my skin so deep that my hands were soon covered with blood.

When I uncovered my face I saw that my dad had stood.

“You stupid liar.”, he hit me. “Just like your mother.”, another punch, and another , and another. I felt blood in my mouth.

“P-please s-stop.” But he didn’t hear me. Now I was crouched in the corner crying

“Only when you learn your lesson.”. He kicked me once, twice.

“Stop!”, I screamed in pain and for a short time I thought he heard me but when I looked up I saw Stiles punching my dad.

“Stiles…”, I said but nothing.”Stiles…please, stop!”, I begged him a little louder. When he heard me, he was holding me within seconds.

“Babe, are you alright?” with his thumbs he rubbed the tears. I nodded in response. Stiles helped me to stand up and wrapped his hand around me. “Come, sweetheart.” As we were ready to exit the house, Stiles turned and screamed at my dad.

“If you ever touch her again, if you try to even talk to her again, I swear I will broke your hands and beat you up with them.”, he was ready to punched him in the stomach but I placed my hand on his chest and looked at him directly in his eyes. I saw the rage and sadness in his eyes. He understood me without saying anything.

Stiles laid me on the seat in his jeep. He took his shirt off, ripped it in two halves. He wrapped them around my hands slowly in order to stop the blood. I was still sobbing but when I saw the concern and love in his eyes mi lips formed a small smile. He kissed my forehead, got in the car and drove us to his house.

As fast as he could he carried me bridal style to his room in particular his bed. He took away the cloth and then tenderly began to remove the glass from my skin. Hopefully they weren’t a lot so damage wasn’t serious. Then he took the aid kid and cleaned my wound on both my face and hands. His movements were so gentle that I barely felt the pain.

“My poor girl.”, his broken voice made me look at him. He was crying. “I shouldn’t have let something like this to happen to you…Why didn’t you tell, sweetheart?”

“I…I couldn’t! But hey, you helped. If it weren’t you, the things could have ended way worse. They’ve been worse.” I smiled trying to calm him down. He connected his lips with mine. When he pulled away, he took a shirt and shorts from his wardrobe. After he helped me to put them on, we laid in bed, his arms around me in a tight hug.

“You know I won’t let you go in that house again, right ?”, I nodded in agreement. “And you know that you can stay here.”

I smiled and turned around.

“I know and I would love to.” , giving him a goodnight kiss I placed my head on his chest and cuddled with him. Being in his arms I felt safe, I felt home and I knew that anything bad like what happened that night would never happen again, because he was my hero. He was my Batman.

I Like You

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Summary: Stiles trying to impress you at a lacrosse because he likes you, but things don’t exactly work out. However after the game you find him and try to cheer him up, when nothing works you decide to tell him something you know will make him smile.

Lacrosse was something that Beacon Hills High School took very seriously, especially Coach. So it was no surprise that tonight’s game was a close match. It was half time and you went down to the field to wish Scott, Stiles and Liam good luck with the rest of the game. Approaching the bench where Stiles was sitting you sat down beside him but saw no sign of Scott and Liam.

“Good game so far, hey?” you said.

Stiles looked up and smiled, even though he wasn’t actually playing he was still very up beat. Suddenly the coach came up behind Stiles, “Stilinski your up”.

You both turned your heads to look at coach “You mean I’m playing?”, you couldn’t help but smile at how excited he was at the chance to actually be playing in the game.

“Yes! Now get on that field Stilinski and show them what you’re made of”. The coach clapped Stiles on the back before walking off to yell at another team member who was probably doing something coach didn’t like. Stiles grabbed his lacrosse stick and had a cocky but yet dorky smile on his face “I’m getting good, really good” he said.

Laughing you couldn’t deny Stiles always managed to make you smile, there was something about him that put you in a good mood whenever you two spoke.

“Go get them” showing him a sign of support. He ran onto the field and took his position near the goal, while you went back and joined everyone else on the stands. Everything was going good in the game despite coach yelling from the sidelines, until the ball rolled it’s way to Stiles he picked it up and started running towards the opposite end goals. However what he didn’t see coming was a larger guy, who looked twice his size heading his way. Fingers crossed that everything would be okay, that was short lived when the guy knocked him to the ground.

Hearing gasps from several people in the stand, you hoped that he wasn’t injured. Scott ran towards Stiles and helped him get on his feet, “Are you okay?” Scott asked his best friend. "Yeah I’m fine, did Y/N see that?”. Scott looked over in your direction and quickly looked back, “No I’m sure she didn’t” he said trying to cheer up Stiles.

The game continued and apart from Stiles getting knocked down a few more times and the ball nearly hitting his face, the game was a success with the victory going to Beacon Hills just barely. The players all made their ways to the locker rooms to get changed, most of the people watching already went home but you choose to stay back and make sure Stiles was alright. You made your way to the boys locker room and waited outside the door, Scott came out with Liam but you didn’t see Stiles.

“Hey guys, do you know where Stiles is?” you asked Liam and Scott.

“His still in the locker room” Liam said while going off to catch up with Hayden.

Scott walked back to you and placed his hand on you shoulder “You should go in and talk to him, his a bit down after what happened in the game. Maybe you’ll have a better shot at cheering him up”. Nodding you made sure no one else was in the room and found Stiles sitting on the bench towards the back, there was no doubt he looked upset. Making your way towards him you sat down.

“Hey you”.

Stiles didn’t bother to even look up and you felt really bad for him. You went to Scott a few weeks ago and asked him if he knew anything about Stiles having feelings for you, he of course denied it but eventually you kept on insisting he tell you. Lydia was the only person who knew of your crush on Stiles, you weren’t planning for it to happen but one day you woke up and saw him in a different light.

“Stiles come on talk to me, you were great out there” .

He looked up and threw a shirt in his duffel bag, “I sucked Y/N. I literally got knocked on my butt”.

“It wasn’t that bad, the team won and Stiles your apart of the team” .

Clearly none of these attempts in cheering him up were working, fiddling with your fingers you hoped that what you were about to confess would do the trick.

Grabbing Stiles hand you looked in his yes, “It doesn’t matter to me how many times you got knocked on the ground. I thought you played great”.

“You’re just saying that to make me feel better”.

Removing his bag to the ground you shuffled closer to him, “I can assure you that I’m being honest with you….Stiles the thing is I like you, more than a friend…” Nerves were running through every part of your body, and thank god he wasn’t a werewolf considering your heart was beating very heavily.

His expression was full of shock, “I-Are you sure?”.

You smiled and it was a classic Stiles response, leaning in you kissed him which is something you didn’t plan on doing but you were in the moment. Once Stiles registered that a kiss was in fact happening he grew more comfortable in it and everything just felt right. Pulling away smiles were plastered on both your faces.

“100% sure Stilinski”.

Standing up, he picked up his bag and laced his fingers in yours. Walking towards his Jeep he turned to you “Oh by the way I like you too”. Laughing you gave him a quick peek and watched him get into his Jeep and drive away. When you knew he had gone, you made your way to your own car. Seating in the drivers seat you were about to drive off when your phone beeped, digging through your purse you finally found the phone and saw that Stiles sent you a message, it read:

I forgot to ask before, but will you be my girlfriend? - Stiles.

What an absolute dork you thought, quickly typing yes as your answer you locked the phone and made your way home allowing the events that took place to sink in. You were officially dating Stiles Stilinski, life was certainly good.


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Requested by anonymous: Can guy do a Nogitsune stiles smut imagine where the reader is possessed by a demon and she’s all sassy to stiles and he finds it oddly sexy and smut happens? I love your imagines I’m so glad your back

WORDS: 387

WARNING: smut, daddy kink

A/N: I’m happy to be back :) I hope you like it.

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Don’t Forget Me (Part Seven)

“My daughter is gone Scott!” Lydia yelled as Parrish finished inspecting your room with him.


“We’ll get her back.” Scott promised.


“Like you got Stiles, Derek and Danny back?” She snapped and Scott’s whole body jerked like she’d hit him. “I’m sorry.”


“It’s fine, but we will find her.” Scott insisted.


“What happens to them while they’re gone?” Lydia sighed and Scott rubbed her shoulder.


“I don’t know, ask Stiles when we get him back.” Scott suggested which made her smile.


“It makes you wonder how many other people we forgot.” Parrish muttered as he left.

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Can You Please Kiss Me?

Original or requested: Requested by @justdreamstars  : Hiiiiiii! Finally I can write to you  I would like to request an imagine with Stiles x reader where she gets injured during a fight and when she wakes up in the hospital bed she finds him curled up next to her in the tiny bed and sleeping, please❤ 

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Word count: 701

You open your eyes and the first thing you feel is a terrible headache. Moving a bit, your left arm hits something. You push it but soon enough the pain on your muscles makes you stop.

“Shit.” You murmur when you realize you can’t remember how you came here. The hospital is silent, what probably means it’s late.

“Mhmm, Derek gotta save (Y/N) again.” The sleepy voice scares you and you finally look to your side.

A huge smile comes to your lips when you see Stiles curled up next to you. He’s almost falling from the bed, in order to give you all the space he could. You feel butterflies in your stomach, but you’re used to it. That’s what you feel when he’s around. Your feelings about him it’s been a secret for way too long.

“Stiles?” You whisper, trying not scare him.

But of course, you fail. Stiles wakes up with a scream, falling from the bad. He groans, standing up abruptly, making you laugh a bit. “Hey, Stiles.”

“(Y/N), how are you?”

“Good. I think.” It’s kinda weird how your voice sounds like you’ve been beaten halfway to death. “I can’t remember what happened.”

“You had a concussion. The doctor told me you won’t remember what happened minutes before you hit your head.” He helps you sit up, touching you like you’re a very fragile doll.

He’s wearing a light blue T-shirt and it’s cold here. You bet Stiles didn’t think about grabbing a coat before coming here. He’s no werewolf, but you’ve seen him dealing with the supernatural many times. The truth is that his bravery is what makes you fight too, even though you’re just a human.

“We got into a fight, right? Bad werewolves and of course I couldn’t let Scott and Derek deal with it alone.”

“Yes. We ran to different directions and I couldn’t help you, I…”

“Stiles.” With a weak voice, you patiently for him to sit by your side. Then you lay your head on his shoulder. “It’s not your fault. We know these things happen. Now tell me, please.”

“I went one way with Scott and you went the other with Derek. Everything happened too fast and it was dark. Derek saved you life. Pushed you out of the way or something.” He gets up quickly when someone opens the door, but it’s just Derek. Any doctor would kick him out because he slept on your bed.

“I’m happy you’re awake.” Derek smiles, his eyes moving from Stiles to you. “Want me to take your pain away?”

“No. I can handle it.” Saving you was enough, you don’t want Derek to think you’re weak. You don’t want anyone to think you’re weak. Stiles is the only person who sees you crying. The only one you run to when you’re about to break down.

“I’ll leave you two alone.” Stiles looks down awkwardly, with sad eyes.

“No! Please, stay.”

“Don’t you want some time with Derek?”

“Why?” You ask suddenly, ignoring Derek’s amused smile. The damn wolf is aware of your crush, but it’s kind enough to keep it to himself. “Derek’s it’s like an older brother. The kind of brother who gets on your nerves ten times a day, but a good brother.”

“Oh. Does it mean you don’t love him?”

“I do. But as a brother.”

“Them, let me see if I get this right.” Stiles comes back to your side, with the most beautiful smile you’ve ever seen. “It means that you…”

“Stilinski, it means I love you.” You don’t think before saying it, you just want him to stop with all this bullshit. It’s time to admit your feelings for him. Nobody knows what can happen tomorrow, and today you just want to hold him close.  

“For real?”


“Wanna be my girlfriend?” His eyes have this special shine, the one you love more than anything. You’ve spent many nights dreaming about Stiles making you this question, and now that’s finally real, you couldn’t be happier.

“Yes. Can you please kiss me now?” You haven’t noticed that Derek left the room, but it’s better this way. Your first kiss doesn’t need an audience.

“Whenever you want.”

Perfect Little Family - Part 1

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Request//Can you do a pack mom imagine, Theo being alive and good, also the reader and him have a kid that the pack doesn’t know about, and once they find out, they start calling the reader and Theo mom and dad and Liam act’s like an older brother to the readers and Theo’s kid. Sorry if it’s confusing.

A/N// Thank You @padmekay For Your Request! Sorry It Took So Long. I Hope You Enjoy! Photo Is From Pinterest! 

Part 1  Part 2

Theo and I left Beacon Hills around a year and a half ago. We thought it would be safer. Not for us.For our child. We have a perfect little girl who had just turned one. Avia Raeken. She was such a daddy's girl.Theo adored his baby girl. He sat through all the tea parties, talked to all her dollies and told her countless bedtime stories at night.

But it was time. Time to go back to Beacon Hills. The Pack had no idea that I was pregnant. They were sad to see me go. But they didn’t know I was leaving with Theo. I understand that Theo did kill Scott, but he has changed. He has changed so much! Theo was a totally different person. He was also an amazing father. Yes, we may only be 17. But we are doing well. We have now bought a new house in Beacon Hills and moving back. 

It was the day of the move. Finally. We only had a few things to pack then we were off. The house already had everything we needed in. We needed to change some stuff but it will do for now. 

When I woke up, Theo was still asleep. I looked on the baby monitor to see that Avia was awake and waiting. I shuffled out of Theo’s grip so he wouldn’t wake up. I opened up the door to Avia’s room to see that she had a big smile on her face, behind her pacifier. I went and grabbed her, to give her, her morning cuddle. Before I took her to her dad, I changed her then we went to wake Theo up. We crept back into the room. Avia in my arms knowing what we were doing. I placed her onto the bed standing up, then she jumped onto Theo.

“Daddy!”  Her giggles filled the room. It was like music to my ears. Theo wrapped his arms around her and she rested her head on his chest. I left them both when I went down to the kitchen to get Theo and me coffee, as it was going to be a long day, and Avia her bottle of milk. As I came back into the bedroom. Avia was cuddled up to Theo and they were both watching cartoons. I gave Avia her milk and Theo his coffee, then I went to get ready. When I came back into the bedroom. Avia was sat on Theo. Theo would raise his hand and smile.

“I’m gonna get you” He would say causing Avia to squeal and laugh, shielding herself. Theo would then grab her and tickle her. The would lift her up in the air and bring her down and kiss her cheek, telling her how much he loved her. I was stood in the doorway just admiring my little family and how perfect it was. 

“Avia, go to mommy so I can get ready then we can go and get breakfast” Theo gave her one last kiss then Avia got off the bed and ran up to me. I took her into her room and got her dressed and took her downstairs. I couldn’t cook anything as everything that we owned was boxed up in the car. So I had some ready made pancakes and I cut some fruit up and placed them into a bowl. Theo came into the kitchen.

“Daddy!” Avia shouted and ran up to him arms wide open. He sat down and placed her on his knee as the high chair was in the car. 

“Why boxes?” Avia pointed to the boxes, that were needed to be filled with the rest of our things.

“Because sweetie we are moving,” I told her. She looked up at Theo.

“Where moving?” She asked

“Well princess, we are moving to a place called Beacon Hills,” Theo said as he began eating his breakfast.

“Why?” Avia was full over questions today.

“We have friends there. We haven’t seen them in a very long time” I informed her as I put drinks on the table and started eating.

“Who?” She asked looking confused.

“You will see princess, now come on eat up, or I will eat it,” Theo said encouraging his daughter to eat her breakfast.

“Nooo daddy. Mine” She said beginning to eat. 

After we all finished eating I cleaned everything we used and but them in the boxes, as Theo helped Avia pick up all her toys and put them in the box. That was it. We were leaving to go back to Beacon Hills. Back home. Theo took the boxes to the car as I checked everything then came back and picked up Avia, as well as her pink fluffy blanket, which she wouldn’t fall asleep without, her bottle and a pink Polka dot pacifier. He carried her outside and I followed behind. Theo strapped Avia into her car seat and gave her, her blanket so she would fall asleep. But before we took off, the cutest thing happened.

“Bye bye,any more” Avia said waving to out old house. It made my heart melt. As soon as we took off Avia fell asleep, snuggled up to her blanket, sucking on her pacifier. She was the sweetest thing ever. I looked out the window. Just thinking.

What if when he get back and they attack Theo….What if they test Avia to see if she is like Theo…But if she is like Theo they could help with getting her to gain control…What if they don’t want toanymoreas I went with Theo..What if they hate me for having a child…And having a child with Theo!

“Hello, Y/N?” Theo said bringing me out of my daydream. I looked over at him and gave him a small smile.

“Are you okay, you kinda zoned out” Theo asked with a worried look.

“Yeah I’m fine was just thinking,” I told him leaning my head on the back of the chair

“What were you thinking about” He asked

“What if they don’t want to see. What if they hate me” I blurted out.

“Baby, they will be so happy to see you and get to meet our little girl. But me on the other hand, They might not be happy. I will just have to work on getting their trust back. The dread doctors are gone. I don’t want power anymore. I have everything I will ever need in this car right now” Theo told. Which brought a tear to my eye.

“Theo, that’s why I love you!” I said holding his hand now.

We arrived in Beacon hills and Avia was just starting to wake up. I handed her. her bottle. When we pulled up to our new house she looked over to it. 

“New!” She shouted.

“Yeah princess, this is our new house,” Theo said taking her out of her car seat then handing her to me. Theo grabbed the boxes and we both went in. 

“Friends?” Avia asked. I guess it was a good time to go and see them. 

“Theo, I will go and change her then we can go around to Scott’s and see if he is home?” I asked and he gave me a nod. Once I changed Avia I put her back in the car and we drove to Scott’s house. When we closer to Scott’s house I noticed a blue Jeep and a Blue Toyota. Everyone must be there. It was Friday. That was when they had pack meetings. We pulled up outside and I got out and got Avia out of her seat. 

“You go, I just have some things to sort out,” Theo told me. I walked up to Scott’s front door and knocked on. 

“Y/N!” Scott shouted throwing his arms me and Avia. Everyone else came rushing towards the front door. They all had big smiles on their faces.

“And who is this little one,” Scott asked.

“This is my daughter Avia,” I told the as she was looking around.

“Daddy?” She asked.

“He will be her in a minute sweetie,” I told her.

“Y/N who’s the father?” Stiles asked. But before I could answer Avia wanted to be but down as Theo was coming towards us.

“DADDY..DADDY…DADDY” She yelled running up to him and Theo picked her up.


Part 2?