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Difficult Love Confessions

Anonymous asked: “Do you have any confession prompts where the person confessing is really bad with words or is known to regularly insult the other?”

1. “There’s-I should-I should say something. I know I’m… Me… But I like you. A lot.”

2. “Look, I like being around you. i like when you’re happy. I… I like your face.”

3. “This isn’t easy for me. I’ve never… Not like this. But. You matter you me. A lot.”

4. “If you got hurt… It’d hurt me. And not just ‘cause I’d jump in front of whatever was gonna hurt you.”

5. “I know, I don’t always act like it, but you’re… Special. In a good way.”

6. “If I tell you I… You know… Care about you… Would you laugh at me?”

7. “Your face is nice, but you’re more nice. I want to be around you a lot. And your face.” 

8. “I didn’t mean it like that. I was trying to… Tease you. That’s what you do, right? When you have… Feelings?”

~Some of these ended up sounding a little like Daily Odd Compliments. Oh Well. I hope they help!~

Okay but am I the only one getting bad breakup vibes from FP & Alice?!? Like they were the power biker gang couple, I’m calling it, I want it! Give me those flashbacks!!

Confession Time- Prompt Batch

Anonymous Asked: “Hey! Do you happen to have any prompts for two old friends who bicker a lot and are just discovering they have feelings for each other? You know, typical rivals to lovers trope… Plus an awkward confession, if it isn’t too much? Thank you in advance! I love your blog a lot!”

Anonymous Asked: “Hi, could you please write a hitman/spy guy trying to apologize to the girl he had to give to the hitman boss and also trying confess his love for her?”

I’ve gotten several other requests that partially included confessions as well, so I figured I’d tackle them all here.

Different confession prompts:

As an apology:

1. “Look, I know this doesn’t make up for anything, but… I did it for you. So you’d be safe. Because I… care about you. A lot.”

2. “I know this isn’t the best time, but I thought you deserved to know: I… I love you. I have for… Longer than I can remember.”

3. “I didn’t have a choice. They never give me a choice. I could either let the one I love die-that’s you, by the way-or they’d… They’d go after your family.”

4. “Even if you can never forgive me, you deserve to know the truth. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”


5. “No, I won’t calm down! You almost died, and I can’t lose you! … Not you. Please, not you.”

6. “Don’t you get it? I-I’ve tried to tell you, so many times, but it’s like you aren’t listening!”

7. “Why? Because I love you, okay? Because I. Love. You.”

8. “Please, just think about this! If you do this, you could die! I can’t lose someone else that I-”

Awkwardly: (Popular request,)

9. “I-You know I’m not good at this stuff. Words, and junk. But… You’re important. To me.”

10. “We need to talk. About something important. I… I l… I love your face. And the stuff in it. and around it. Just you, in general.”

11. “So, the thing is-you know how we weren’t even friends? But then, you know, we were? Are? So…. What if I don’t want to be friends anymore? Not that I want to go back to hating you, more like… I want to start… Dating you.”

12. “We should date. For science. Because I like science. And you.”

13. “If I kissed you, would you punch me? Because I want to kiss you, but not if you’re going to punch me.”

Over-the-top Romantic:

14. “The thing is, it’s you, okay? It has always been you, for as long as I can remember. And even if you never feel the same, that won’t change.”

15. “I will always choose you. Every day. Every time. No matter what. Because I love you that much.”

16. “I’ll sing it, if I have to. Shout it from the rooftops. Whatever it takes to make you believe it.”

17. “When I look at you, I see something I haven’t seen in a long time: A future. But only if you want it.”

As A Goodbye:

18. “I know this is too little, too late, but you deserve to know.”

19. “We’ll see each other again, right? I still need to spend the rest of my life telling you how much I love you.”

20. “Shhh. Everything’s okay now, my love. I mean-No. No, that is what I mean.”

~I hope these help!~

Exo moaning

hey I was wondering if you could do like what exo would moan like? Like would they be deep and raspy, high and “girly” or not really moan much? :-)

I think about this a lot…


Suho: He would moan in a raspy and deep way quite a lot actually. Responding to your every touch. 

Baekhyun: He would be hard to anticipate. With deep grunts one second and the next you have high pitched in your ear. All over the place aha, 

Chanyeol: DEEP animalistic grunts and moans will be coming out of his mouth all night. He won’t stop. Every reaction. Every demand. *wipes sweat*

D.O: He would be kinder silent. Every now and agin you will hear him but for the most part it;s a no. 

Kai: Ahh he would be very deep in the way he moans so much that you can feel the masculinity aha. His pitch won’t change much but instead the frequency.

Sehun: I feel inclined to say his moaning would be high but I kinder doubt it. I think his voice would get higher the closer he is to climaxing and will probably be an octave higher than some of the other boys.

Xiumin: He is going to be loud! I have a feeling Minseok really likes to be vocal in bed so moaning is nothing new. He would moan deeply in between sweet/trash talking you. Nice and raspy. 

Lay: He would moan raspy as he lets you know he’s there and as encouragement to keep doing a good job ahah. I reckon he could get easily caught up in that tho and start to heavily breathe and moan a lot more. 

Chen: Yeah he is going to be high pitched and “girly”. He is going to really loud and moan quite a lot and gets progressively louder… and louder. 

Tao: His vocal range would be all over the place. From deep grunts of pleasure to to high pitched shrieks you really woulnd’t know what to expect with this one.

Stay Together

Characters: Sehun x Reader

Word Count: 1389

Contains: Angst, some fluff, heavy drinking, mentions of cheating

no one even asked for this, why did I do it

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tfw Celica has the realization during her B support with Mae that she’s talking about her crush on Boey and immediately gives her encouragement so she can be confident pursuing a relationship with him.

Celica ships it.

Exo catching you masturbating to porn

When the members caught you masturbating to porn?? I am so curious abksbssj

Here you go my dear x


Suho: How many times do I have to tell you!! Only Daddy is allowed to touch you! *commence punishment*

Baekhyun: Need some help there baby?

Chanyeol:*just stands in the doorway* Jagi?

D.O: This is so better than what I expected to find.

Kai: Why is she doing this? Don’t I satisy her? -oh shit that’s kinder hot tho~

Sehun: Oh shit. Has she seen me yet? *watches you with an intense boner*

Xiumin: Princess… What do you think you’re doing huh? Do you even understand how much trouble you’re in right now?

Lay: What the hell is happening… that is so hot.

Chen: Ah shit baby. Look what you’ve done. Better fix it now. 

Tao: Ohhhh busted big time! What yo gonna do to make it up to me? ;)

Something to Say (Bobby Fluff)

Request bobby scenario where you guys are best friends and you guys go to the movies together and he confesses in the car on the way home , thanks !~

Member: Bobby x Shay (reader)

Genre: Romance/Fluff/Angst

Summary: Shay (you) and Bobby have been best friends since birth. Both of your mothers were best friends from primary school and the two of you did everything together. One particular night, Bobby invites you out for a movie- nothing crazy, since you two have been best friends before you were even born. The only thing different is Bobby’s feelings.

Based off: I’m Young and Baby Baby by WINNER (please go listen to this while reading, it’ll make the story 1000x better and more dramatic)

Something to Say

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Characters: Xiumin x Reader

Word count: 501

Contains: fluff, literally nothing but fluff, pregnancy fluffy drabble

for @emperorjin

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Waking up Exo with a blowjob

Could you please do how Exo would react to you trying to wake them up by giving them a blowjob? I live for your blog haha ❤️ thank you xx

omg thanks bub! Please enjoy ;)


Suho: What the fuck is happening in my pants…

Baekhyun: *speechless for once*

Chanyeol: What the fuck?! Is she?? Omg she is

D.O: She knows me too well…

Kai: *cancels plans*

Sehun: Is she doing what I think she’s doing??? Oh yeah Sehun

Xiumin: What do I do?… god she’s good….

Lay: I’m going to marry her

Chen: Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!

Tao: Is this???? Hell yeah baby!!

I ship YuuYoi it’s my Owari no Seraph OTP and idc I fucking love it I’ll go to Hell and back with this ship idc what anyone says

submitted by: anonymous

emperorjin  asked:


Are you calm? I really don’t think you are. BUT I ALSO LOVE ME SOME EXO, AND SOME KINKS, SO LIKE LET’S DO THIS. Also gonna do it OT12 because I miss my babies…I apologize if anyone has an issue with it. In the future, anyone can specify if they want OT12, just current members, or just specific ones.


Originally posted by minseokked

Minseok: take a deep breath emperorjin because your boy is up first Okay…so Minseok. He’s interesting. Cute face and killer body, is basically what it boils down to. He’s also the oldest member, and arguably one of the most mature (if not the most). It stands to reason that he’s bound to have stumbled upon plenty of kinks, and is perfectly comfortable with admitting that not to mention have you seen how his body moves tho? like ZAYUM. what am i saying, of course you have now for Minseok. He’d be very into teasing. He’d be very into PUBLIC teasing. His favorite time to corner you and feel you up, or just score a hot make out, is backstage before a show. He loves to leave you hanging. I can see him having a slight daddy kink, so if you pull this out on him in the bedroom. He’d like light bondage, such as wrist restraints. He’d like sex when the risk of being caught or heard was high. He’d be one of the members most likely to enjoy trying new positions or new “tricks” so to speak in the bedroom. I also see him having a bit of a voyeurism kink, so it’s very likely he might make you please yourself while he watches.

Originally posted by psyrain

Luhan: deer lord slay me haha get it i said deer…he’s killing me please help Oh boy…this will be interesting. We all know that Luhan’s primary goal in life is to be “manly”. We also all know by now that behind that cute, sweet little face and doe eyes is quite the little perv we’ve heard Lu…there’s no coming back from that Lulu me boy I could see him being a very dominant personality in bed. He would love getting blowjobs, but rather than just letting you do your thing and show off your skill, he’d be the type to hold your head in place, thrusting into your mouth a bit and get off on the sound of you gagging. He’d love pinning you down, making you scream. He’d love fucking you against the wall, forcing you to cling onto him with everything you have just so you don’t fall, nails digging into his back and shoulders. I also think he’d have a mild kink for choking and spanking. 

Originally posted by krisat4am

Yifan: Alright I just got random Kris feels that I’m not used to dealing with. Kris strikes me as the type to be a bit more “traditional” and by that I don’t mean to say he’s “vanilla,” I just mean that he wouldn’t really so much care for all of the extra frills and kinks that some of the other guys would like. He’d be into rough sex though. He would be very dominant. The kinkiest I see him getting (and tbh this is lowkey a really big kink for him imo) is calling you princess/you calling him daddy or oppa, whichever you’re more comfortable with. 

Originally posted by wintershower

Junmyeon: On the scale of vanilla cupcake to dungeon sex master from hell, I think he’d fall closer to the vanilla region. It’s not to say that he wouldn’t be into trying some new things, but I just honestly think he’d be a little more hesitant, and definitely a bit more shy if you were to bring them up to him. He’d be very into sweet and slow love making, maybe switching it up with a rough pace every once in a while. I honestly see his biggest kink being an innocence kink, so basically if you give him your best doe eyes, bat your eyelashes, bite your lip and call him oppa he’ll be feeling a little more than just affection in that moment.

Originally posted by purpleuhan

Yixing: Alright, I think he’d be less of the kinky type and more of the type to get turned on by the simple things. He’d like lingerie and would probably often spoil you by buying new ones. He’d also be one of the actually more submissive guys. He wouldn’t mind, and would actually find it attractive, if you took the reigns. I’m not talking anything extreme, like don’t pull out any BDSM shit on him, but some blindfolds, sensory play (run a feather down his body gently while he’s blindfolded and I bet he’ll lose his mind), and you riding him would be enough to fuel him into overdrive.

Originally posted by wooyoung

Baekhyun: I might not make it out of this one alive I mean already just look at the way his fingers gently glide along his own neck and the way he’s looking just like FUCK ME UP someone help me I need air He’s definitely on the kinkier side.I could see him being very versatile as far as if he’s dominant or submissive, but I think he’d prefer you taking the dominant role. He’d be completely into being tied up, He’d LOVE hair pulling. I could see dirty talk being a big turn on for him, both when you do it, and when he’s whispering filth into your ears to get a reaction out of you. I think he’d be kinda into wearing a collar for you to tug on and boss him around a bit. He’d call you mistress/princess/baby/mommy/noona depending on his mood that day, but pet names are a big thing for him, especially in bed. He’d like to finger you often, and honestly…have you seen his beautiful fingers? They’re amazing! Also, he’d be the type of sub who would be actually quite bossy. Expect a lot of “noona, faster!” “mommy, harder!” “choke me!” out of this one. wow admin haru had to take a two day break after writing this because it ruined her ok bye

Originally posted by luhansguardian

Jongdae: I get the feel that he would prefer playful sex to anything super kinky. Anything where you guys could just enjoy each other, laugh together, he’d like romantic. But since this is a kink post, I do think there are some that he’d really be fond of! He would be the type to like public…pretty much anything! Some public teasing where his hand was on your thigh and sliding up under the table, maybe having you sit on his lap in a crowded room and grinding on you a little bit. He would be the type to want to try dressing room sex, at least once. He’d love it if you were trying on lingerie for him in a store and if he snuck in…you can guarantee you’d be trying some things out. I think he’d also be pretty into trying out different types of roleplay or outfits in the bedroom. You want him in police officer uniform? Sign him up. Consider it done. 

Originally posted by myshittywriting

Chanyeol: Honestly, I think his biggest turn on in terms of kinks would be a praise kink. He’d really love to take his time worshipping and admiring every part of your body, making you feel special and beautiful. He’d be a big fan of oral, both giving and receiving, but I think mostly giving. He’d be big into dirty talk, and honestly he has the voice for it. His deep and sexy voice in your ear while you’re having sex and telling you what a good job you’re doing? Yeah goodbye world.

Originally posted by pwppwp

Kyungsoo: I had to get a little help from my bestie @daddyafnamjoon for this one so please check her out and give her love. Kyungsoo would be the type to be turned on by seeing his lover in lingerie, especially something lace or silk. He wouldn’t be into anything too extreme, but would be a rough guy in bed for sure. He’d like to take control, be the one in charge. He’d expect you to listen to him. He would be the type to give punishments if you weren’t  obeying to his standards and honestly his favorite type of punishment to give would be spankings. He’d like pet names, and his favorite one to use on you would be “baby girl”. 

Originally posted by yourbiaslikesitrough

Zitao: that gif though wow is it getting hot in here Tao strikes me as the type to be a bit of a romantic in bed. Actually no, I take that back. He would have two settings depending on his mood for the day. On some days, he’d be very romantic and affectionate. He might be willing to let you take control just a little bit. He’d really like seeing you on top of him, his hands gliding along your smooth thighs to hold at your hips. He’d be the type to whisper sweet “I love you”s between kisses. However, on his feistier days, he’d want to be in charge. He’d expect you worshipping him, on your knees ready to do as he commands. He’d want to hear a lot of begging, a lot of praise directed at him, and would love to pull your hair and spank your ass. He’d expect blowjobs, but honestly they’d heat up quickly into more of just him fucking your face. Rather than releasing in your mouth, he’d love the dirty look of releasing on your chest and face instead. 

Originally posted by kaiternity

Jongin: As we all know, there’s quite a difference between “Kai” and “Jongin” so this could get really interesting for you. Like Tao, I feel like depending on his mood you would get either Kai or Jongin. When he’s feeling like Kai, he’s going to be rough and dirty, loving to really push your limits, and needing to hear you scream. He might be so inclined to tie your wrists behind your back and immobilize you just a bit while he either toys with you or makes you give him head. Now, I would say probably 90% of the time you’re getting Jongin instead of Kai, and he’s a whole different story. Jongin is sweet, making sure to always tell you what he loves about you and how beautiful you are. He would be the type to leave soft, sweet kisses along every inch of your body. He’d be a very selfless lover, always asking what you want and need and making sure to give you exactly that. I think he’d really like oral, watching the pleasure on your face as he does his best to give you a piece of heaven. He’d love any position that was intimate and close where you could hold each other and kiss the entire time. 

Originally posted by thirstyforsekais

Sehun: help me i am dying i am dead inside Alright, listen. It’s probably not news to anyone that probably 95% of my time is spent thinking about Sehun. haha someone call a doctor am i right…please help me he’s absorbed my soul That being said, I feel like he’s a bit trickier to really peg down. His image is very tough and sexy, very much the role of the “badboy”. Point blank, he’s beautiful and plays the role well. I think it’s just a role though. He’s the youngest, and quite honestly seems very VERY sensitive. Deep down, he’s sweet to the core and I think even when it comes to sex he’d be on the softer side. He’s still a bit innocent, despite his bad boy image, and more than anything seems to like cuddles. I think it’s reasonable to say that, kinda like Jongin, romance is a big turn on for him. He’d want every inch of your body to be tingling with sensations, he’d have your lips close or connected almost the whole time. He would be the type to whisper sweet nothings to you, telling you how much he loved you and how beautiful you are. Some neck kisses would definitely be a bonus, and I think he’d actually be a bit into biting. can we talk about how sharp his teeth are tho like i think he’d also maybe wanna bite you When he was feeling rougher though, which does happen from time to time, I still don’t think you’d see any extreme wild sides from him. I think he’d be a little bit more likely to get vocal and quite frankly very whiny, than the other guys, especially if he felt very comfortable with you. He’d like both having you on top and being on top of you, not caring so much who was in charge (but even so not hardcore dominant like Kris OR hardcore submissive like Baek, just somewhere in between). I think he’d have a kink for dirty talk and very VERY light bondage, I’m talking wrists restraints and nothing more. When he was feeling sassy rather than romantic, he would be so totally in favor of playful banter back and forth, you’d see his sarcasm come out and he’d like to pick on you. He’d probably like calling you noona (seems like he’d be into noonas) and would like if you called him baby. Don’t freak him out with anything too wild in the nicknames department.

okay for the love of god i think i’m done….i’m so sorry about how carried away i got with Sehun…again. 

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Roman Reigns confession by anonymous

Lots of people already hate Roman, how the fuck does WWE think pointing out the fact he’s related to The Wild Samoans, The Rock, Umaga, The Usos, Rikishi, Yokozuna, and many other great wrestlers is going to make people like him?! It’s just made more people hate him and think he’s only getting these opportunities because of his family.”