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Kensei's birthday is tomorrow and Grimmjow's is the day after so like. That obviously means that we need headcanons on how the two celebrate their birthdays. With s/os or without. Nsfw or tame. Who knows :^)

Alrighty, I can’t think of anything for Kensi (I’m so sorry). But I shall do Grimm since I can think of something for him on short notice


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  • Grimmjow probably isn’t the kinda guy to make a big deal about his birthday. He would likely either not remember in the first place or if he does he kinda shrugs it off, and it makes him uncomfortable if someone makes a big deal about it. He’ll shut them up fast.
  • He HATES surprises okay. That is not his style. Throwing him a surprise party will result in physical attacks, vulgar language, insults and an overall very grumpy Grimmjow. No one wants that, especially not on his birthday.
  • He wants ice cream for him birthday. That’s it. He doesn’t want a ice cream cake or a cake at all. Doesn’t even matter what kind of brand, no dumb flavours like cotton candy, but ice cream is a must if there’s a party or food involved.
  • If he had to have a party, his idea of a party would be some kinda all out fight competition. A tournament of some sort. A punch to the face is the kinda surprise he can accept.
  • In modern AU he wants to keep things simple. Maybe go to a paintball field with a few people and have them treat him to dinner. He will never turn away quality food.
  • Look Grimmjow is not a materialistic person. Stuff just doesn’t do it from him. But if someone important gave him something, he hoards that stuff. Like you look in his closet and in some corner there’s just crap lying around. Like the receipt from when his s/o took him out to a racing track. He may even have a card someone gave him at one point. He’s a sentimental prick.
  • He remembers the good and bad things anyone has ever done for him, so if someone even attempts to do something nice for his birthday or someone forgets he’s gonna remember that crap. He’s gonna reflect on it at night, and smile at the good things and build up resentment about the bad things.
  • Grimmjow probably wouldn’t do anything much different from normal. He would prefer people treat him with more respect on that day and small things like that. Maybe do something small at some point in the day. And even when it comes to sex with he probably wouldn’t do anything special. At least not anything he doesn’t already do.

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All your swagger bishie posts got me thinking what if the first time Danny gets drunk he decides he wants to seduce Dash by singing You can be the Boss to him.

Although I completely think that Danny would do this sober I like the idea of him being drunk.

you probably wanted this to be sort of funny but thats not what i did.

Like dude just imagine. It’s after a party, real late, Dash is warm and relaxed the way only copious amounts of liquor could make you. And Danny comes up with another bottle of Jack Daniels. He crawls into bed with Dash and they pass the bottle back in forth for a while, Danny’s deep, lethargic music playing in the background while they chase their buzz

(Starts getting some what nsfw under here)

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i am SO down to write a pokemon au like i know im late to the party but DUDE. LIke could u imagine if Lance took care of a pikachu or some shit so well that is became possessive of him and it absolutely /hates/ Shiro like thatd be hilarious ha k bye

Shiro has absolutely no idea what he did to make Lance’s pokemon hate him. It starts small, with the pikachu always glaring at him and somehow ending up between them anytime he dared to get too close to Lance. Then the shocks started; nothing too painful or causing any real harm but startlingly and really annoying. Especially since it always seemed to happen right when he’d worked up the nerve to ask Lance out. Lance never seems to notice and Shiro doesn’t want to whine about it, because he can tell Lance loves his pokemon and nothing good would come from accusing it…

But, and he’s not positive, he’s pretty sure Lance’s Pikachu is cock blocking.

Super belated since I am the slowest artist, but I wanted to join the hype train truck and make a ClusterTruck themed drawing celebrating @therealjacksepticeye reaching 13 million subs on Youtube. Congrats from a newish subscriber! Keep doing you, dude. :)

I’m imagining the community partying in all of the trucks, interacting with each other on the inside or just watching and cheering on the smol Irishman running on truck tops. :D

can you imagine being at a party and seeing That couple. You know the one. dude always looks like yahtzee croshaw if he didnt shower for 4 years. girl always looks like communismkills but with those ugly glasses and like. dried out hair with her roots on full display. they already talking about lol or wow so you know, you Know you have to get out of the circle you standin in with them around the bookshelf. then they start talking about how they were kinkshamed at a disney store. Then you notice the bitch was wearing a collar the entire time. you start sweatin. Heavy. you cant find any of your friends. not even a friend of a friend. you just gotta stand there, or else you know they gonna start some shit. And then they start talking about how when trumps president the sjws will be silenced. your entire life flashes by and your brain flash boils