imagine party babyz

Is it Better Than Imagine: Party Babyz?: Every Game in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series

IGN rating for Red & Blue Rescue Team: 6.5

IGN rating for Explorers of Time & Space: 6.5

IGN rating for Explorers of the Sky: 4.9

IGN rating for Gates of Infinity: 4.5

IGN rating for Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon: N/A (no review published)

IGN rating for Imagine: Party Babyz: 7.5

Conclusion: No.

choripunkk  asked:

Hello ! I need help finding which episodes arin says the "winner school" bit and also the "I spent it all on gambling" bit. I know it's imagine party babies and dead or alive but I can't remember the specific episodes or moments.

Here - Imagine Party Babyz: Spring Break - PART 1 at 10:08

And here - Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Fortune: Cashing Out - PART 3 at 15:05!

I will say, I do hear more talk about the erasure of individual game devs in the debate over labor in games, but it’s kinda sad I never hear the fact acknowleged that we do the same kind of erasure in games journalism/media a lot.

Because, like, everyone talks about IGN giving Imagine Party Babyz a better review than God Hand but; like; those reviews were written by two wholly different people.

And the fact we don’t acknowlege that and instead attribute both individuals’ labor as a part of a corporate hivemind is damning