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I had put my phone down, I couldn’t stare at those words any longer. I couldn’t deal with knowing that he had tried to contact me two months prior. Even after he had been with someone else. He had wanted me.

This didn’t change anything, my brain fought. It had still been two months, he could be over me by now. Over me ignoring his efforts. He could’ve found someone by now. Someone that he wrote this beautiful song about.

Sweet creature.

Such an adorable thing to call someone.

As it continued, the words seemed so bittersweet. A song filled with adoration but with a tang of sadness in the lyrics. Maybe I was reading too much into it, putting myself as the one he wrote these words about.

I needed to stop doing that. I needed to stop relating everything Harry wrote to our relationship, but it was hard. We were such constants in one another’s lives that everything seemed too close to home.

“Well, where did it go wrong?” Lily asked, her hand found its way on mine as she stared at me over the table between us. She had been trying to talk to me about Harry for days now, but I always found ways to avoid her.

Which always wasn’t the easiest since I had been staying at her house. However, she found a loophole.

She came to my job.

I sighed, knowing there was no way to ignore this. I couldn’t just leave work.

Or could I? Did I really need this job? I contemplated what would happen if I just walked out, would I get fired? Probably. Then I wouldn’t be able to pay rent or find my own place. I needed this job, which meant I had to deal with this conversation.

“Nothing went wrong. He didn’t hurt me, or cheat, or lose interest..” I began, already expecting the look she was giving me. The one that had “So you’re just an idiot?” written all over it.

She shook her head, removing her hand from the table, “I don’t get it, you guys were happy.” she stated, which caused me to sigh again. “We were. I just couldn’t handle it anymore.”

“What? Happiness?” she sneered, I knew her intent was good. I would be just as confused if the situation was switched. She had experienced other relationships with me, so to see me finally happy in one and then watch me throw it away was probably extremely frustrating for her as well.

I shook my head, this is why I wanted to avoid this talk all together. I’ve never been the best at articulating how I feel when I’m upset, so I knew this would be rough.

“It’s just, everyday I saw the end. At first, I could ignore it. Push it away as me overacting, as usual. But, as the days went on, it got harder to silence that voice. The voice that told me that this was never going to last. That I wasn’t the one for him. That despite all the good we had now, it would soon just become bitter memories for me to crave. That he wouldn’t want to be with me soon enough, that he’d see the real me and despise it. That I would be the reason he wasn’t happy.” I ranted, tears threatening to spill with every word, my throat progressively drying.

Her gaze was on the table, and I thanked her for it. I hated when people saw me cry.

“I couldn’t be blissfully ignorant anymore. I couldn’t be happy every single day until he decided to leave me. I knew it would happen, and I wanted it to be in my control. Plus, what if we had been together for years? What if five years down the line he realized he wasted all that time on me? All of the years he could’ve been spending looking for the girl that was perfect for him. He’d resent me..”

“So you’d rather he hate you for breaking his heart?” she cut me off, her arms crossing as she rested her back against her chair.

“He hates me now, but when he moves on he’ll thank me. He’ll appreciate that I didn’t try to hold him down from being with someone better.” I shrugged, my eyes glued to my finger that picked at the cloth of my apron.

Lily bitterly laughed, leaning her elbows onto the table, “You’re honestly insane.” she said, and I nodded.

“I’m aware.”

“Anyone in their right mind can see how perfect you and Harry were together. How much love radiated off the two of you. You belonged together. Did you talk to him about this instead of just leaving?” she asked, her shock was present in her face.

I shook my head, to which she laughed. “Of course you didn’t, once your mind is set on something you turn into the most stubborn person I know.”

She had truth in her words, I probably should’ve talked this out with Harry first. But I knew myself, I knew if I even had the balls to bring it up I would talk myself out of it the second his eyes would lock with mine.

“You need to tell him all this.” she spoke softly, her compassion returning as she reached for my hand.

“He won’t want to talk to me.” I whispered before she laughed, shaking her head. I looked to her with knitted brows, silently asking what was so funny.

“You two are so fucking similar.” she stated, laughter still prominent in her tone. I still didn’t understand.

“What do you mean?” I questioned, my eyes searching hers for any type of answer.

She continued to laugh, shaking her head in disbelief. “His suborn ass said the same thing when I told him he needed to talk to you.”

That was a week after we had split. Both of us we’re too stubborn to talk to one another. Lily always liked to remind me that we were the same person, that’s how she’d rationalize things. She would try to make me feel better by asking how I would react if the situation was switched. If he had left instead, and all of his actions would make sense to me.

The truth is, we were alike. Everyone could see it, even us. Sometimes it worked for us and sometimes we clashed, but we understood one another.

Even when we would fight, it would be over soon after because we could see why we were both upset.

“I don’t want to fucking hear it, Harold.” I screamed, fingers catching in my hair as I ran through it in frustration.

“One, don’t call me that. Two, you’re not even letting me explain!” he fought back, equally as loud as I had been. His fingers pulling at his bangs and his body flung to face mine. My breathing was heavy and unsteady, rage brewing in my stomach as I glare at him.

“Because I don’t wanna’ fucking hear it!” I reiterated, throwing my jacket from my shoulders and onto our couch. The fabric becoming too overwhelming with as hot as I was feeling. “Brooklyn, you’re being unreasonable.” he yelled, unbuttoning his suit jacket before throwing it next to mine.

I laughed, “You know not to call me by my full name, and what’s there to explain?!” I started, watching as he unbuttoned his white shirt at the wrists to roll the sleeves to his elbows. His head hung low as he shook with head with a laugh.

“I leave you alone for ten minutes, ten fucking minutes, and when I come back you have some model practically dry humping you in front of me!” I screeched, my arms flying wildly as I took in his stance. He was leaning against the wall across from me, his arms crossed as his eyebrows were raised. His expression was almost amused.

“You done?” he asked, using his leg to propel himself off the wall to walk to me. I laughed, shaking my head, “I’m not in the mood for this.” I said, my arms raising as I walked away.

He moved to grab my wrist, his fingers holding it back lightly as I stopped completely. My eyes stayed on his fingers wrapped around me, my face in shock. How did he think he was going to talk his way out of this?

“Listen to me.” he said, his tone light but with a hint of anger behind it.

“No.” I refused, turning away from him. “Brooklyn, you have to let me explain what happened.” he continued, his hands still on my arm. “No.” I repeated, my body moving to pull away from him.

His hand fell from me as I heard him sigh, my legs began to carry me away from him. “Brooklyn, I swear..” he started, his tone almost animalistic. A growl erupting from him in frustration. “I don’t want to hear it, Harold.” I retorted, emphasizing on his full name since he had only called me by mine. Knowing how much I hated it.

Within seconds he had me pushed against the wall next to me, his hands locked into mine as he pinned them above my head. His hip bones pushing into me as he locked me from moving. “Now.” he said as I looked up to him, his face inches from my own.

He knew if he wanted to shut me up, this would be the only way. He knew I loved when he was dominant, and if I was thinking about how hot he was I wasn’t arguing with him.

“Stop being a bad kitten, and listen to me.” he said, his nose dragging down the side of my neck as a shiver went down my spine. My lip caught between my teeth as he laughed, knowing I’d be silent long enough for him to tell me his side.

“That girl, was no one to me. In fact, when you stumbled back to where I was, I was telling her about you. Telling her how much I loved my girlfriend and if you had taken the time to notice, my hands were nowhere near her because I was not interested.” he began, his mouth moving softly at the shell of my neck.

“But..” I finally found my voice, as shaky as it came out. “I’m not finished, kitten.” he growled, his teeth grazing near my soft spot. “It’s rude to interrupt.”

I nodded, feeling my eyes flutter shut. “What you saw wasn’t what it looked like, I’d never do anything to hurt you. You know that right?” he said, his head moving to rest his forehead against mine. I nodded again, not able to look in his eyes.

“You mean everything to me. I’d never let anything or anyone get between us.” He continued as he moved to put both of my wrist in one of his hands, the other dragging down to my waist. “You’re my home.” he exhaled, his lips catching mine quickly before he moved back to look at me.

“This house, means nothing to me. It’s not my home. You are. Wherever we go, wherever we are, as long as I’m with you I’m home.” he finished, his fingers gripping my waist as he pushed against me. Our mouths moving together as my frustrations slid off of me.

His other hand released mine and found its way to the other side of my waist, lifting my up to wrap my legs around him as he carried me towards the bedroom.

“Stop thinking about him. Stop thinking about him.” I slurred to myself, the wine bottle almost finished as tears slide off my cheeks.

“How can I stop thinking about him? I’m listening to his fucking album.” I fought myself, laughing as my head shook.

“Why did I do this? Any of this? Why did I leave?” I asked openly to myself, my body flying to lay back into my bed. “It’s for the best.” I hissed bitterly to myself. I was such an idiot.

“You have hay fever!” I yelled, watching as Harry ran from me and into Lily’s garden. “I don’t care!” he yelled, he smiled back to me his eyes already beginning to water. “HARRY!” I laughed, his body flopping next to the sunflowers Lily had planted in her backyard. I knew damn well that she’d flip if he ruined them.

“BROOKLYN!” he yelled back from his position on the floor, mocking me. “COME.” I heard him pat the ground beside him, his hands then moving to lay on his chest. “Lay with me.” he said, a smirk appearing as he continued to stare to the sky.

“No.” I replied, turning on my heel to head back to the house. “Where are you going?” he yelled, lifting his head from where he laid on the ground. “Inside, where the air con is.” I waved my hand over my head, signally him farewell.

I heard movement behind me and automatically began to run, I had been dating him long enough to know exactly what was about to happen. “Oh no you don’t.” he said through staggered breaths.

When I glanced back, I noticed him running full force behind me. I screamed, attempting to reach the glass door to the living room but was pulled away.

“You’re wasting your talents chasing me, you should join a track team.” I joked as he carried me from the porch. “I’m not fast, you just have little legs.” he responded, looking down to me from my position in his arms.

I rested my head against his chest, even if it was hot I couldn’t help but need to feel closer to him.

Today was one of those days that no matter how close we were, I missed him. He loved when I was in this type of mood, “Feeling clingy today?” he asked, a smile spreading on his face as he rested me onto the ground where he originally laid.

I nodded, “Good.” he replied, laying down before wrapping his arms around me and pulling me to his chest. He peppered kisses to my forehead as I took in the sky as it turned pastel shade above us. “I feel like we should be more worried about moving into our house soon.” I spoke, my head lifting to meet his eyes.

A soft smile stayed on his face as he looked down to me, his eyelids half shut. “Our house.” he responded, his smile only growing. “I like the sound of that.” he continued, “We haven’t even packed.” I retorted with a laugh. The thought of not being prepared panicked me, even in this comfortable situation.

“Doesn’t really bother me, I’m already home.” he said, I looked to him confused. We were at Lily’s house, “What?” I questioned. He shook his head, a giggle falling from his lips, “Just kiss me.” he said before moving his head to mine.

No packing was done that day, no packing was done until the day before we moved out.

That was another thing I envied about Harry, he was always so carefree. I missed it. When I was with him it seemed to rub off, I found myself more relaxed when he was with me. As if nothing bothered us as long as we were together.

Now, with him gone, I was in a constant state of panic. Even towards the end of us, I worried about any little thing that could possible happen. Even if it wouldn’t. It was hard without him.

It was hard hearing him now.

I lifted the wine bottle to my lips, sighing as it came back empty. I looked at it in my fingers, realizing its contents were gone. I hadn’t even known it was gone.

I needed more.

I paused the song as it reached its end, placing the bottle against my bedside table as I stumbled back towards the kitchen.

I knew I had another bottle from Christmas, now getting it not as sober as I was previously would be a problem. Since I had them on top of my fridge.

If Harry was here he’d get it for me, he could always reach things that I couldn’t. Considering he was a foot taller than me.

I stood on my toes, reaching as high as I could but failing. I could feel Harry’s arms wrapping around me, looking down at me with an amused look. His eyebrows raised before asking “Need help?” with a laugh. I needed Harry. He needed to get the bottle for me. I should call him.

No, no, I can’t.

Or could I? Would he have come to get this for me? Of course he wouldn’t, he’s probably far away from here. He probably hated me. I needed to do this for myself.

I grabbed a chair, laughing as I tried to stand on it and falling off at first. I tried again, moving quickly so I wouldn’t wobble off and break something. The bottle was in my hands and I was off the chair within seconds of each other. I staggered, clinging the bottle to my chest as cautiously as I could, not wanting to risk breaking it if I fell completely.

I tripped when I re-entered my room, falling almost immediately onto my mattress.

I closed my eyes, remembering all the times that Harry and I had done this together. All the times we had stumbled home together and fell on our bed wrapped in each other’s arms.

I remembered how we would laugh at one another drunken states, never being any better than each other. How we would mumble sloppy sentences of love and affection to one another, being tangled in each other limbs.

I turned on my side and I could practically feel him, feel the happiness I felt during those days as a smile broke on my face. I closed my eyes, feeling his breath fall on my face, his hands rubbing circles into my back. I felt him. I felt his love.

It was bittersweet when my eyes opened, having nothing but a wine bottle before me. I couldn’t stop my tears, and I didn’t want to. I was so pathetic. I didn’t like this me. I didn’t want to be this me.

I wanted to be who I was.

I wanted to be with Harry.

I needed to be with Harry.



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••• Part 2
Sweet Creature

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It was one of those days.

Harry adored his job. He really did. His work was his first love, he always said. But there were certainly days where it all got to be a little too much.

He woke up at six in the morning to be greeted by a rainy and foggy sky outside. He spent a good ten minutes gazing at the great love of his life, her hair splayed in all different directions from having forgotten to tie it up in a ponytail like she usually did. Her lips were slightly parted, and her eyes were still puffy from the night before. He exhaled a sigh at the memory of it—it was the first time they’d really fought in a little while, but it’d been a doozy. Exhaustion took it’s toll on the both of them, but they were both too stubborn to admit it. It had been over something petty that he wasn’t even angry about anymore, even though at the moment in all seemed so important. And even though they tried to never go to bed angry, their tired eyes beat out the need to make up.

He exhaled a soft sigh as he watched his love, and he could see the tension built up in her features still from last night. He didn’t want to wake her just yet, because he knew that she would not love being woken up at six in the morning if she didn’t need to get up. The two of them rarely ever got a good night’s sleep anymore, and he didn’t want to take away her rest.

He got himself out of bed and walked over to the bathroom, going about his morning routine as quietly as possible as to not wake his girls. Within half an hour he was dressed up in a pair of black jeans and one of his button-ups. Usually he wouldn’t get so dolled up to go out this early, but he had a few morning radio shows he was making a live guest appearance on and impressions mattered to him. Having decided to get breakfast on the way to work, he quickly slipped out of the house without making a sound.

The rest of the day didn’t get any better.

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I need to lie down.

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Harry Styles + Cocky/Smug Moments

Say that again; H.S.

“So how did your date turn out the other night?” Harry appears into my side view, still buttoning up his crisp, ironed-by-me chemise as he walks to stop beside me. I turn on my heel, bumping my hip into the marble countertop as I let a humourless chuckle flow past my lips.

“Disastrous. Catastrophic. I-never-ran-so-fast-in-my-life-short.” I laugh loudly, handing Harry the utensils for his dinner in a few hours. I pull on his shirt near his shoulder to straighten it before I lightly push at Harry’s chest to get him up and going – there wasn’t much time left.

“Couldn’t be that bad,” Harry starts off but pauses ever-so-subtle, “or can it?” he disappears from my view – hopefully to his large dinner table in his living room – elevating his voice so we could continue our conversation.

“Believe me. It really can be. Not that you ever experienced a hell like that.” Again, a chuckle passes my lips while I shake my head. A friend of Harry’s had set me up on this date and the male in question wasn’t that horrible, but our mind sets were so different I don’t think that could have ever worked out. I cut the date short after a comment that resembled ‘all women belong in the kitchen’ and sent the lad on his way.

“As if girls throwing them at my feet is something that’s so thrilling. Can’t even have a proper conversation like that. They only have one thing on their mind.” Harry appears back into my view to grab a few napkins on the edge of the table, already turning on his heel again.

“Not to start anything – but uh – you sound like a woman. All men are the same kinda shit? But reversed.” I stop my motions as an amused grin crawls onto my features, dropping the dessert spoons back on the marble and discarding them all together.

“I’m offended. You’re implying that I whine. I don’t whine, I complain that I can’t get laid.” Harry’s voice is still humorous as he ducks beside me to grab the dessert spoons off of the table, bumping his hip with mine to get me out of the way. “I still need glasses.”

“Harry come on, if you wanted loose sex, you’d have it in an instant.” I ignore his comment about the glasses but turn for the cabinet either way. Harry wasn’t someone you could just approach like you’d do while out clubbing, but that didn’t mean the boy couldn’t get lucky from time to time.

“I couldn’t even fix myself a proper date? Let alone find myself a one night stand. They don’t see me like that.” Harry mopes somewhere on the premises of his loft, but nowhere in my line of sight. I visibly roll my eyes – although he obviously can’t see that – all the while a scoff leaves my lips.

“Ah come on, Styles. You’re fuckable. Don’t complain.” I discard his nonsense almost directly. Sometimes I wonder if Harry realized how attractive he even was. He could come off as strong and confident but he was just as insecure as the rest of us – maybe even more than the rest of us.

“What did you just say?” Harry’s voice lowered, his movements stilling as his whole body turned in my direction. “I – never mind.” I mumble, feeling a blush creep onto my features from Harry’s intense stare. The confidence I had once possessed around had completely drained because of his whole aura, the demanding stare accompanied by that lopsided smirk of his.

“Say it again,” Harry demanded quietly, already making his way back up to me, a smile beginning to grow on his lips.

“You’re – well. Desirable. You damn well know that H.” I groan, not quite sure why he suddenly desired a confirmation of his good looks – let alone from me. I’m not sure how long it takes for any sound to pass between us. Harry had always been someone for a dramatic pause now and then.

“I didn’t know you thought about me that way, Y/n.” Harry’s smirk continues to grow as he discards the cutlery completely, slowly trailing towards his open kitchen, where I’m still gathering other utensils needed for Harry’s family dinner.

“I didn’t say I did. I was stating a well-known fact.” I awkwardly throw back at him, trying to maintain a grin of my own as I feel the ground underneath my feet heating rapidly.

“You sure?” He toys with me, his eyes twinkling underneath the dim lighting of his kitchen. He twirls around me, collecting the glasses I had gotten out of the cabinet one by one.

“Yeah…” I trail off, wondering to myself if I was indeed sure of my words. I keep my gaze trained on the expensive crystal instead of my best mate fluttering around me as if this wasn’t a conversation we weren’t supposed to have.

“Too bad.” I still in my movements, one of my hands curled around the stem of a wine glass as I balance my whole weight on my tippy toes. I try to speed-rake my mind about what intentions could have been behind those two simple, plain words, but come up rather empty-handed. Well, I was never someone who could rapidly come up with solutions anyway.

“Too – what? Why?” I come out of my trance, landing back onto my feet as I turn around, glass dangling in my hand which Harry happily plucks from between my fingers.

“I’d – I wouldn’t mind.” He winks and within a split second my cheeks are a fire-blazing red and my eyes are as wide as they can possibly get without popping.  

I’m taking one step forward, towards Harry, but refrain from moving any further. I’m not sure if I’m reading his words as I’m supposed to, and I’m not ready to give into my urges if they are misplaced. Harry is a bit more confident than I am and closes the gap between us in just a matter of a few split seconds.

I’m pressed against the counter, my hands covering over Harry’s biceps as his own hands cup my face, keeping me in place. A little noise – what it was supposed to sound as, even I am not completely certain – leaves my lips and causes Harry to push himself even impossibly closer.

His hands wander, his lips staying locked with mine as my own mind seems to click. My hands rest on his firm biceps first, a few moments later letting them flow over his exposed arm towards his toned chest. I’m letting my fingers ghost up on his chest towards his neck when Harry’s hands cup my bum firmly, drawing a moan from my already parted lips.

“How much time do we still have?” Harry breathes against the skin of my neck. He technically forces me to open my eyes, which are immediately cast towards the clock on the far kitchen wall. “If we’re lucky, about forty-five minutes.”

“That’s all I need.” Harry chuckles as his arms snake around my body, hoisting me up into his arms. I just hope we’re not getting an unexpected visit.


“Love ya look perfect,” you just rolled your eyes as you ran your hands down your dress trying to straighten out any wrinkles that might’ve formed on the drive over. Harry had his arm around your waist giving it a squeeze as he leaned in so you could practically feel his breath on your neck. “Stop worrying my love.” His voice made you relax a bit but you were still nervous.

Harry had asked you as well as his family to attend the Dunkirk world premiere in London with him, naturally you said yes without hesitation. But it wasn’t until you had to find a dress to fit your growing baby bump that you started regretting your decision to attend the premiere. You were standing there with Harry, Anne, Gemma and Jeff waiting for them to introduce Harry.

“Harry, you’re next on the carpet.” You heard Jeff whisper to Harry, you felt Harry place a kiss to your cheek as his arm unwrapped itself from around your waist.

“You look very handsome.” You told him as you fixed his collar, he just smiled before you leaned in gave him a quick kiss on the lips. “Oops.” You giggled as Harry wiped his lips with the back of his hand in an attempt to remove and lipstick that might’ve transferred from your lips to his.

“I will see you inside my loves.” You just smiled and nodded at him, he gave your belly a quick rub before turning around and walking towards the red carpet with Jeff. You turned around and reached your arm out for Anne to take, she gave you a big smile as she looped her arm with yours.

“Can ya believe our boy is an actor?” You just smiled as Anne gave your arm a gentle squeeze and the two of you walked behind the press towards the theatre. The two of you only got stopped a few times for pictures before making inside the theatre so you could watch Harry make his way down the carpet and do a few interviews.

“He looks so sure of himself doesn’t he?” You whispered to her and she just laughed and nodded. “He’s really done it.” You had to blink a few times to stop the tears that were threatening to fall at any moment. Anne just gave your arm a pat as she pulled you in a little closer.

“Mrs. Styles?” You turned your head and smiled at the man with a clipboard in his hand, “Harry has asked you join him for a few photos.” You felt your hands start to get sweaty at the thought of your face that’s gotten a bit rounder due to your pregnancy and swollen ankles being on the cover of magazines.

You turned and looked at Anne who gave you a reassuring smile before you turned and followed the nice man out of the theatre. You smiled as you heard a few people calling your name as you walked down the steps, you saw Harry in the distance doing an interview.

“Ah yeah, I honestly might be one and done.” You raised your eyebrow as you heard Harry’s voice and when he made eye contact with you he just smiled. “We just want a healthy baby at this point, we don’t really have plans for any more. We want to meet this little one first.” He gestured towards you making the interviewer turn her head and give you a big smile as she saw you making your way towards Harry.

“Well thank you for talking with us Harry, we are so excited to see you in Dunkirk and congratulations again on the baby!” Harry just gave the woman a hug and said a quick goodbye.

He quickly walked over to you and placed both hands on the sides of your head and leaned in to give you a sweet unexpected kiss. You could hear cameras clicking in the background but you didn’t care at the moment, before you could react he was pulling away and giving you a smile that went from ear too ear.

“I missed you love,” he whispered and you just gave him a small smile as he moved his hands from your face to you waist. “How are you feeling? Have you gotten to sit down at all?” You playfully rolled your eyes as him as his eyes went from your face to your belly, out of instinct one of your hands fell to the top of your belly.

“I’m fine Harry, we are about to sit for over an hour so I’m stretching my legs.” You replied and he just nodded his head and gave your hips a squeeze. He leaned in gave your forehead a sweet quick kiss before grabbing your hands and leading you down the carpet stopping for pictures here and there.

“Jus wanted ta show ya off my love.” He whispered in your ear while the two of you were stopped for a picture. You looked up at him and when his eyes met yours all you could do was smile causing him to smile so big his dimple appeared. “Ya jus look absolutely stunning.” He added before kissing the top of your head.

You love that Harry loved showing you off to everyone, even when you felt a little insecure he always thought you were the most beautiful person he had ever seen. The fact that you were in a dress and heels while so pregnant just made him that much more in awe of you. He loved talking about how excited he was about the fact he was about to be a dad, the whole world was anticipating the arrival of baby Styles. You loved that every chance he got he would mention how wonderfully you were handling the pregnancy even though the two of you both knew that wasn’t completely true.

He would tell people how you make it look so easy, you truly loved him for still finding you somewhat desirable even though your body was changing. He would always tell you “love there won’t be a day that I don’t find you sexy.” And you knew he meant it, that’s just one of the many reasons you loved him.

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Pairing: Harry Styles x Y/N

Word count: 1,442

Warnings: Cursing (one or two!)

What are you about to read: Y/N getting inked by Harry

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Harry wasn’t a sap. Oh god, he wasn’t. but when it comes to Y/N, he couldn’t help but feel a tad whipped.

It was when he saw his friend Jeff getting a tattoo of his girlfriend’s hometown coordinates on his arm. As much as it seemed creepy and strange, he couldn’t help but letting the idea of having something from Y/N tattooed forever on his body creep into his mind.  

It was after a week when they managed to take some time to themselves and chill at Y/N’s small but cozy apartment in downtown London. They were sat on Y/N’s tiny bed (it was a double sized bed but Harry’s feet were always left outside) and she had her arms around him. He could feel her warm breath on his neck.

“I don’t want them to see my boobs, ‘s all.” He could almost sense her eyebrows furrowing behind him while she continued stroking his biceps.

“Love, they don’t care ‘bout yeh boobs, they only care ‘bout the money they’ll be receiving” Harry shook his head and a few strands fell on his forehead, making Y/N lean over and kiss his forehead from where she was seated behind him.

Harry was slowly regretting the whole tattoo idea. He knew Y/N liked his tattoos and sure, she had a couple of small ones here and there but he wanted to go and get one together. And not because he wanted to get matching ones, Harry wasn’t into that whole idea of getting hearts and flowers with your lover.

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We Bought a House and Turned It into a Home//H.S

So… My fingers slipped… I saw a prompt for this either on here or P interest and this kind of happened. I hope y’all enjoy it. Let me know what you think! x R

“Harry. No.” You protested.

“Come on, Babe. It’s perfect.” Your eyes trained back onto the subject of your argument: a beaten down, falling apart, shack of a house. You and Harry had been dating for about three years now and wanted to start making a home for yourselves. Harry insisted that he wanted to buy a house, one that wasn’t another million dollar mansion in the hills. He wanted a new house for you and him, to “start new”, he had claimed.

“It’s a true fixer-upper, Y/N.” He pleaded, his eyes wide. He knew all about your weakness to his puppy eyes.

“It would fall over if the wind blew. It’s not worth it.” You contended, but even you knew you were about to give in. He only solidified that fact when he wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you closer.

“Just think of all the amazing memories we could make in there. It’s a blank canvas, babe. Let’s paint it with you and me.” You let out a chuckle before you begrudgingly nodded your head. His lips turned up into the most beautiful smile as he let out a very unmanly squeal.

“Really?!” You just nodded again, smiling at the sight of your boyfriend. He could either be the most romantic, artistic, man on the planet or a true five year old.

As Harry went to go tell the realtor you were going to take it, you glanced back at the “house.”

“This is going to be a lot of work.” You huffed at the house and tilted your head, trying to picture it as your home.

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pink : hs

Request: No

Pairing: Harry Styles x Y/N

Word count: 764

What are you about to read: A very small piece where Y/N really adores Harry’s pink suit from Today Show

Requests closed bc finals!

“Y/N?” She turned her head immediately and looked at the man who was calling her name.

Y/N wasn’t expecting someone to come look for her since she let them -including Harry- know that she was going to the bathroom.

She even spent twenty minutes trying to find the stalls in front of the luxurious building that the Today Show was taking place.

She put off the cigarette quickly and wished that he wouldn’t question her.

“Oh, Jeff. You scared me,”

Jeff gave her a small smile and took a step towards her, now making it easy for Y/N to smell his expensive perfume.

“Sorry about that, Harry’s live in ten. He kept asking for you so I thought I’d look for you.” He spoke softly, breaking their eye contact for a moment to glance at the fag on the floor.

“Yeah, sorry. Was just getting some air.”

“He won’t be too happy you know, about the smoking.” Jeff started again, now they were headed to the room where Harry was waiting, along with other people.

It wasn’t her fault that she was addicted to smoking.

It wasn’t her fault that she kept craving a cigarette when someone smoked near her.

She started smoking at seventeen, stopped for only a year while she was with Harry but she couldn’t stop smoking once or twice, here and there when she got too anxious or nervous.

When they arrived to the large room where Harry’s clothes were spread, Y/N'e eye caught a certain tall guy, a bottle of water on his hand, making a conversation with an old man.

When Jeff left to answer his phone, Y/N made her way to Harry, lusting over his pink suit. She was a sucker for Harry in pink -also a sucker for Harry in nothing- and she could help the tingling sensation between her legs while looking at Harry in his pretty suit.

“Are yeh eyeing me love?” Harry whispered, kissing the shell of her ear making her more fidgety.

He knew what he was doing and Y/N was damn sure he didn’t care on bit.

She gave him a smile and wrapped her arms around her waist, careful not to wrinkle the outfit too much.

“You ready to rock this place,” she said, her fingers caressing his waist slowly and looking at his lips while he smiled down at her.

He looked extra handsome today, Y/N thought.

His face was totally glowing, the smile on his cherry-pink lips reaching his emerald eyes and making the dimple -oh God, that dimple- appear gracefully.

He had a stubble.

The thought of his stubble touching, bruising and destroying her thighs making her eyes teary.

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Sweet Creature; H.S.

“No, Harry! Just – fucking plain no. In what alternate universe would you think I’d be happy with you making decisions for me?” Y/n yells at me, throwing her hands up for emphasis as she storms away from me. I know I should go after her, tell her that I didn’t mean to do so, but I’m sure she knows. I’d never do anything to make her unhappy.

I’m sure she’ll realise that in a minute as well. Y/n could have quite the temperament but she’d never go to bed angry. Usually, five minutes after we fought, we’d apologize to one another. We were both stubborn, but clever enough to know what’s important in life. Y/n and I had met a couple years prior, but in the beginning I don’t think neither of us thought of going on a date, getting in a relationship and even later – moving in together.

I don’t know how it happened, or when, but somehow along the line I realised how quickly and hopelessly I had fallen for her. Thank god she experienced the same.

I let my large body fall onto the sofa, a loud huff escaping my parted lips. I let my fingers curl around the scrap book Y/n had been making yesterday evening, filled with pictures of us and things she found important to her. I had always found it an honour I were included in that.

I laugh to myself when I see baby pictures of her. One in the tub, her dog sneakily drinking the bath water behind her. Or one where she was dancing with a loaf of bread. Just from seeing her carefree face on the photo, I could imagine her hearty laugh echoing through the house.

“H, I’m sorry. I overreacted.” I hear Y/n’s voice behind me and I raise my hand, waving her over. “We’re both in the wrong, sweetheart. I promise I’ll never make big decisions without you. You know I just wanted to surprise you.” I lift my head, smiling at my girlfriend as she walks around the sofa. She slides herself onto the armrest, her upper body leaning against the back.

“Remember our first date?” I speak, patting her bare leg as I turn to the next page. There are photo’s covering the paper of twinkling lights, lots of greenery, with me somewhere in the background. I took her to Morden Hall Park, one of my favourite get-aways. We were slowly strolling, enjoying the scenery around us, when suddenly she took my hand and pulled, pulling me into a slow jog that turned into a full run. Somehow we ended up face first on the grass, laughing our asses off. It was the best time I had in months.

“Yeah. You tried to give me a compliment. Do you remember what you said to me?” Y/n chuckles as she slides from the arm rest onto the sofa next to me, her warm body pressed against mine as her fingers brush over the photograph.

“Sadly, I don’t think I’ll ever forget such a mishap. Sweet creature.” I laugh somewhat awkwardly, biting the bottom of my lip as I let my gaze wander over our newly bought furniture, trying to avoid her. “Anything would’ve sufficed. Girl, woman, lass; whatever implied I was female.” Y/n laughs is so hearty that I can’t help but chuckle along.

“Yeah yeah, I know. You’re going to pester me with it until I’m in my grave, yeah?” I laugh, pulling her onto my lap and pressing my lips against her neck. She is ticklish and bounces up and down on my lap to get away from my prying fingers and tickling lips. “We’re still young, you shouldn’t talk about that. But, probably.” Y/n answers me when she has calmed her breathing and snakes her arms around my neck.

“I’d take it as a compliment. Means I’m willing to spend my whole life with you, you know?” I grin, pressing my lips briefly to hers. She loses herself in the kiss for a moment, but pushes herself off to grant me a raised-eyebrow-grin. “You have the weirdest ways of complimenting a girl, Styles. But I’ll take it. Just because you’re cute.”

“That’s why you’re with me? Because of my looks.” I gasp, holding my hand against my chest as Y/n fiddles in my lap. “Well – I – I thought you knew. Sorry.” She shrugs her shoulders so nonchalantly she has problems keeping a straight face. My hands attack her sides again and I throw her onto the sofa, hovering above her.

When her laughter has subsided and I find that I have tortured her enough, I stop my assault and merely hover over her. Her mood changes before my eyes and I hold my breath as she speaks.
“When is your solo tour starting?”

I took a big gulp of air, letting a sigh flow past my lips before I press them softly to her chin. “Next month.” A frown takes over her features and I know she has enjoyed the last year of having me almost all to herself, but this was planned almost as soon as the band parted their ways.

“You could come visit me? As much as you like. I’d like to have you with me.” I mumble, kissing her whole face, taking my time to show her how much I appreciate everything she has done for me and is about to do. “I like that, but I hate coming home every time when you’re not here.” She frowns even deeper, moaning softly when I press my lips against her weak spot.

“Then come with me. For the whole tour. You won’t have to miss me, and I don’t have to miss you.” I grin brightly, lifting myself up on my hands to assess her facial changes. For a split second, I see the twinkle in her eyes and her vibrant smile is on full show. Until her logic jumps in.

“What about our home?” Her fingers trail along my shoulder, to my biceps and down to my hand. She lifts it, making me imbalanced, and presses her lips against the back of my hand. I know I have to convince her. I couldn’t bare even a day without her with me.

“When you’re with me, I am home.” I press my lips to her once more, putting more pressure behind it as I try to show her all the love and need I feel every morning when I wake up to her beautiful smile.