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Fake Text Imagines:

You get mad at Justin for not coming home

Persuading eachother

“Don’t worry I’m all yours”

Date night

You persuade Justin to come home whilst he’s recording 



Jealousy leads to an argument 

You lowkey get jealous of the Hasley performance 

You find out Justin was with Selena | Part 1 | Part 2 

Teasing Justin with fetus pics

You want the squad to leave

You’ve moved on but Justin hasn’t 

Justin see’s your recent Insta pic 

Teasing Justin whilst he’s at the studio


Justin accidentally texts you saying he loves you thinking you’re his ex | Part 1 | Part 2 

Drunk texting after a breakup

“It’s relaxing without you”

Justin isn’t famous and y’all are texting in class


Wisdom teeth

Texting Za after a mini argument with Justin


You leave your party after finding out Justin invited his ex

Dinner Date

You’re Latina and you’re nervous about Justin meeting your crazy family 

Justin is horny

Finding Justin’s dorky selfies in your camera roll

Fractured Penis (Squad)


You freak out because he doesn’t answer your messages (Jason Mccann)


You take Jazzy on a trip

“Your ass looks good”




What a hottie

Better qualities 


Argument | Part 1 | Part 2 

Stressed & can’t sleep

Bad Boy

Awoken by your baby

Jealous | Part 1 | Part 2 

Embarrassed | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 |

Restriction - (MATURE



Divorcement | Part 1 | Part 2 |

One Day

Possessive (Jason Mccann)



Silent Treatment



Interrupted (MATURE)



Revenge (MATURE)


College Acceptance 


Stressed Out

You Should Be Here

Facetime/Instagram/Snapchat/GIF Imagines:

Justin’s in Europe and you’re missing eachother (Snapchat)

“I can’t sleep properly without you” (Facetime)

Early Morning (Facetime)

“I’m currently really sad because you’re not here” (Facetime)

“I’ll have to reconsider” (Facetime)

Drunk (Facetime GIF)

“I’m exhausted and I miss you” (GIF au)

Justin asking you out on a date (GIF au)

“She won’t let me sleep” (Insta)

“Date night with this princess” (Insta)

Being on set with Justin (GIF au)

“New crib what’s good” (Insta)

Interview (GIF au)

With Justin

“So blessed” (Insta)

Travelling (GIF au)


Travelling with Justin

Marrying Justin

Award Show with Justin

Lazy Day with Justin

Working Out with Justin

Clubbing with Justin

Roadtrip with Justin

Glam Life


Valentines Day


Drunk Justin


Dating 2013 Justin 

Having Children With Justin

Waking Up With Justin

Portraits of Beauty.

Our bodies are like a canvas; we use tattoos as portraits to tell stories. They are symbolic of the important moments that have occurred throughout our lives, as well as dedications to those we love. Tattoos are also a way to express ourselves and show the world a little insight into who we are.

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Travelling with Justin:

JB Imagine - Hate & 25 min girlfriend (Part 3) - (Best Friend)

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(Part 1) | (Part 2) | (Part 4)

(Part 3)

Warning : Mention of self harm and emotional chapter. (I added my bubbly taste to it towards the end)

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Excuse me” I wiped my mouth with a nearby serviette. “You heard me” he raised an eyebrow. “Boy I think you going through some mid life crisis and you need help. Like serious help” I said, taking a bite from my cheese toast.

“I don’t need help” he said plainly. “Justin, you can’t keep on playing between girls” I finished off and put the dishes into the sink. “Who said I’m playing between girls ?” He followed behind me. “Look Justin, you can’t just eff some girl and just leave her to stare at me half naked, plus call me hot after slapping me yesterday and may I mention again that you called me a bitch” I stopped in my tracks of walking up the staircase.

“That my friend is so not on” I crossed my arms over my chest. “Y/N I’m really sorry okay, I was frustrated and really annoyed yesterday” he cooed. “And it gave you what reason to throw your anger at me ?” The room was silent. “I really am disappointed with you, I thought you changed for the better, I was so proud and happy for the new Justin, but I guess not. You went back to your old habits of going out with different girls, plus going nude again and -”

“You’re not the boss of me and nor do you control my life” he said sternly walking closer towards me. “Please do tell me when did I say that ? I care for you Justin, I really do. I just want you to be happy, as a best-” I stayed silent not bothering to continue. He’s not my best friend anymore. Why do I care ? Why am I still here ?

My mind zoned out to think about all my insecurities and imperfections that I deal with everyday. I can cry for hours - Justin never knew - but I never dared to self harm. Tears dared to spill. I whimpered, that’s when I broke down and ran straight to my room.

I slid down against the door and held my knees. Why would Justin want to be friends with a loser like me ? That’s why he left me…just like everyone else. I’m so worthless. “Y/N open the door” he yelled and attempted to open the door. “Open the door now. Please Y/N just open” he banged on the door.

“Why would you want to be around a worthless person like me ?” I whimpered. I got up from sitting on the floor and packed all that I needed, holding the bag close to me. I unlocked the door to be face-to-face with Justin again. “Y/N don’t do that to me. Please” he pulled me in a tight hug. I pushed him away.

“I’m not okay right now. A lot of thoughts hit me and Justin… I think I should let you be on your own. You don’t need me, I’m not wanted around here and clearly I’m not your type anyways” I said bluntly. My words probably cut him like knives, but it’s true.

“What. Wait” he caught hold of my hand pulling me back. “I think we both need to move on and go our separate ways. In all honesty I never thought I would say this to you, but I loved you, I really did and I thought I had a chance” I lightly laughed and caused a tear to fall. “I guess I thought wrong because you wouldn’t date a bitch. Sofia is good for you. I thought I was being a good best friend and helping out, but that’s all long gone now. Enjoy the rest of your life Justin” I pulled my wrist away and walked down the stairs.

He was speechless and so I thought…“Where are you going ?” He shouted from the top of the staircase. “To Cameron. Someone who will actually appreciate me. I’ll come by for my stuff some other time” I said lastly and slipped on my sunglasses.

I gave Cameron a call on the way that he should pick me up from my apartment. I drove back to my apartment and packed away my clothes that I could manage to fit into my bag.

My phone was ringing and I could hear Cameron rev the car outside. I grabbed my purse and made sure to lock my apartment. Walking to the driveway I spot Cameron in a …. wait Ferrari ? “And who might this dashing young gentleman be ?” I asked as he walked around the car to open my door. I pulled him in a tight hug with him spinning me around.

“The name is Cameron Dallas, but you can call me Cam my fair lady” he put me back down. I took a seat and he closed my door, running around to his side. I kissed his cheek, “Honestly Cam what is all of this ? I’ve clearly been living under a rock if I missed the fact that you bought a Ferrari.” This is what happens when theirs too much of drama on your hands.

He took off and damn this car is truly amazing. “Well not entirely mine. Something like that” he grinned and took a quick glance at me. “Ooh early birthday present I’m guessing ?” I questioned. “A friend decided to let me borrow their Ferrari as a birthday present, so I thought it would be great if we could go out because I didn’t see you in so long anyways” he pouted. “Might I add my queen is looking gorgeous on this fine night.” The heat rushed to my cheeks damn.

“Says the handsome gentleman…Do tell me where we’re going ?” A night without Justin is what I need. Ugh why am I thinking about him. “Well I can’t tell you because that wouldn’t be a surprise now would it” he said. “But you didn’t mention anything about a surprise” I whined. I love/hate surprises because I’m an impatient person.

{A/N: I apologise that I don’t know much about America bc I’ve only been to NYC and Orlando. So I did research for a fancy restaurant in LA just saying}

We pulled up to the building - Cameron got out and opened my door - he handed the keys to a staff member to park the car. Arm in arm we walked in the building and took the elevator to the roof top. The elevator doors opened and a sign read Perch. The view was absolutely breath taking as it was an open roof top and soft romantic music was played in the background. “Oh my god Cam this is so beautiful and amazing…You honestly didn’t have to” I said pulling him into a hug.

“Reservation for Dallas” he said to the lady over the counter. “Ahh yes, table for four. Right this way sir” she smiled as we followed behind her. Table for 4 ? Cameron didn’t mention anyone joining us.

He pulled my chair for me, waited for me to sit and then say next to me. The two open seats were in front of us for guests. “Uhm Cam I’m sorry, but may I ask for who are the 2 other seats vacant for ?” I questioned anxiously. “Ohh you’ll see” he smirked and kept his gaze at the menu. What is going on ? I brush it off and skimmed through the menu.

“Hey Cameron mah man. It’s good to finally meet you”


You fracture Justin’s penis - (YES THIS WAS A REQUEST LMAO)

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Dangerous Game (Mature)

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My arms were tightly wrapped around his neck as his hands were fixed on my ass, squeezing it every now and then. Our eyes were gazing deep into the other’s. The sexual tension was at its peak, almost suffocating me. Our lips so close, the littlest movement could make them touch. My hand softly caressing the little hairs on the back of his neck, making his eyes flutter for a quick second. His hands bringing my crotch closer to his, forcing me to feel his arousal. We both knew what we were doing to each other, we were playing a dangerous game but neither of us cared. 

Having had enough, he moved his mouth closer to mine so he could kiss me but I was quick to react as I pulled my face back and left him hanging. He groaned and squeezed the life out of my ass which made me moan and grip his hair tighter. He hissed and brought my lower half even closer to him, if that was even possible. 

“Stop teasing me,” he growled, fire blazing in his eyes and lust dripping in his tone. I let out a breathy chuckled, very turned on myself. 

“I’m not,” I whispered as I subtly grinded against his bulge making him let out a sigh of frustration. 

“Yes you are! You’ve been teasing me for years now, babe. I’ve wanted this for so long and I finally have you exactly where I’ve always wanted you,” his face in extreme close proximity to mine again. His gaze so intense, even the strongest would crumble before him. “Let me have it, let me have you. I gotta have you, please,” he nudged my nose with his and his voice strained as he begged. Begged. He was begging. He was begging for me and I don’t think I’ve ever been happier. Justin Bieber begging, pleading for me to give him what he’s always wanted. And what has he wanted? Me? Or the pleasure I could give him? In that moment, I was fine with either because the ache between my thighs was screaming at me and his begging only made it worse. I knew what I had to do, what I needed to do. I had to give him what he wants.

I didn’t have to do much since his face was already so close. So I moved my face and smashed my lips on his with all the force I had. He moaned against my lips, due to surprise? Pleasure? I didn’t know. I tilted my head to get better access to his mouth because I was extremely eager at his point. I wanted all of him and I wanted it now

He invaded my mouth with his tongue without my permission and I moaned at the contact. His tongue was dominating mine and I let him, happily. We both were breathing heavily through our noses and I tugged on his shirt, finding it extremely annoying because it was getting in my way to feel him. He pulled away momentarily and reached back to pull off his shirt, exposing his toned chest to my hungry eyes. I eyed him up and down, licking my lips and biting the lower one afterwards. I knew for a fact that my eyes were screaming lust. 

“Don’t give me that look, it makes me ache for you even more,” he growled as he backed me into the wall. He attacked my neck as my back ran into the wall and hitched my thigh on his waist. His hand travelled further up my thigh, under the hem of my dress, as he caressed it. He pinched my underwear clad ass, making me squeal. His lips were sucking my collarbone and his teeth tugging on the skin, for sure marking their territory. 

“Just fuck me already!” I moaned and moved my hips against his so he would feel how much I needed him. He hissed, and in a split second, he had picked me up and lifted me on a nearby counter. Now that I was on the counter, only then was I able to be exactly his height as he stood between my legs. His palms were flat on the counter, on either side of my legs as he leant forward to press his lips against my sternum. He trailed his kisses lower until my dress didn’t allow him to go any further. His hands moved to my back and I felt him pull the zip down. I arched a little towards him so his lips were pressed harder against my upper chest. I was desperate to feel pressure but Justin was purposely avoiding it as all I felt were his butterfly kisses. When the zip was all the way down, he lifted me up a little and removed the dress from my body completely. Now I sat before him, half naked and his darkened pupils were burning my skin. He was taking his sweet time, admiring my body since it was the first time he’d ever seen it. 

“I’ve been longing for this sight for far too long,” he whispered as his gaze wouldn’t move from my body. His hands went from caressing my thighs to caressing my sides, almost very lovingly. Love. That was something that we couldn’t mix with this. Oh no, we could never. It would make everything that we’ve built until now, go down the drain. “You’re so fucking gorgeous,” his voice so deep, it hit me right there. I shivered as his hot breath hit my skin. My desire for him was building as the seconds went by. He was going too slow for my liking. 

I reached out and tugged at his jeans. I popped the button open and pulled the zip down. I breathed heavily as I could now see his bulge peeking from underneath, all the while Justin watched me intensely. I dragged his jeans down, followed by his boxers. My lips parted as I saw his fully erect cock that stood almost right in front of me. My body reacted immediately as I let out a low moan and I was sure my underwear was completely soaked now. My gaze not moving from his dick as my hands gripped it and I felt him twitch. 

“Fuck,” he moaned as I started rubbing him slowly. He was panting as his eyes were solely trained on me. His gaze was intense as he observed the way I pleased him. His hands reached out to grab my hips as my pace quickened and his breath hitched. His lips moved to my neck, sucking the flesh once again. He hissed against my neck as he felt me squeeze him in my hand. His hand moved up to cup my neck and he moved his face so he could gaze into my eyes. “Baby, I wanna be inside of you. Please don’t make me wait any longer,” the desperation was clearly evident in his voice as he grunted because of the pleasure my hand was giving him. I loved to mess with him and maybe I would’ve teased him more if I wasn’t immensely turned on myself. I could just feel how soaked I was for him and the burning desire was rippling through me like rapid fire. And so I didn’t deny his plead; I let him undress me fully. His calloused hands gliding across my now bare body sent tingles up my spine as I longed for him to touch me somewhere else. 

My arms wrapped around his neck as I pulled him closer to me so I could feel his lips on mine once again. We both moaned at the contact and he wrapped his arms around my waist to pull my body against him so our chests were pushed together. His tongue was quick to invade my mouth as mine fought with his for dominance. He let me win this time and I explored his mouth which seemed to arouse him because I felt him twitch against my thigh. He eventually pulled away, breathing heavily to whisper in my ear, “I’m going to fuck you so good, you’ll never forget this night.“ 

His words made my breath hitch as I felt him aligning himself with my entrance. "I’m gonna hold you to that, Bieber,” I purred seductively as I caressed his cheek. He bit his lip in response as I saw hints of lust and adoration swirling in his irises. I felt him push inside of me and I cried out as he stretched me. I threw my head back as I felt Justin’s dull nails dig into my hips. He grunted as he pulled almost all the way out and plunged back in causing me to whimper at the shock of pleasure coursing through me. I regained my posture as I grabbed his face and kissed him again so I wouldn’t scream embarrassingly loud. But to my dismay, Justin pulled back, “No baby, I wanna hear you. Scream, and let everyone know who’s fucking you good,” he moaned and buried his face into my neck. My hands moved to his back and my nails clawed at his skin as, this time, I moaned out his name. 

His thrusts were becoming relentless as we both neared our orgasms. He stayed true to his word as he fucked me into oblivion which made me a moaning mess. Sweat was glistening on his forehead as his hips worked their magic. His biceps contracted as they kept him up against the counter. The sight was so sexy, it brought me even closer to my high. 

“Justin,” I groaned and tugged at his hair. “Fuck, don’t stop. It feels so good,” my lips moved to his neck and I sucked on his skin; extremely eager to leave marks so that whenever he would look at them, only I would consume his thoughts. Upon hearing my words, his thrusts only become faster and his hand moved down to my clit so he could make me cum before himself. My hips bucked upwards, trying to meet his thrusts but his hands held me in place causing me to whine a little. His lips on mine once again silenced me as I sucked on his tongue. 

He pulled away and in an instant, he pulled me off of the counter making me gasp, turned me around and pushed my upper half on the counter so my cheek and palms were against the marble. He pulled my ass back towards him and inserted himself in me from behind. He slapped my ass and the smack echoed through the room alongside our feverish moans and grunts of pleasure. “Shit baby, I feel you clenching around me. Are you close?” He growled as he continued to ram into me causing my legs to shake beneath me but his firm grip on my hips kept me steady. 

“Mhmm, s-so close. Do that again,” I moaned out and heard him chuckle as he slapped my other ass cheek. My muscles contracted around him once again and I whimpered as I felt myself extremely close to cumming. 

“I see someone likes spanking,” Justin moaned, pleased with the new found information. “Cum for me babe, let me watch you come undone,” he whispered as he thrust into me so hard that he hit my g-spot which had me seeing stars. I cried out as I let myself go. I clenched so hard which would’ve triggered Justin’s orgasm as I felt him release in me as he cursed. I was panting and quivering underneath him and I could say, I had been fucked real good. 

“So was it worth the wait?” I breathed out. 

“Most definitely,” he squeezed my ass, probably proud of himself for finding my weak point. 

Forgive me for i have been MIA for so long but i took a break since my exams were going on and after that…i kinda didn’t know how to continue with my imagines. Hopefully, i will be forgiven and hopefully this imagine makes up for it. I promise im writing the pending requests just bear with me for a while longer and don’t let this flop. On a side note, I’m back bitches!

JB Imagine - Hate & 25 min girlfriend (Part 4) - (Best Friend)

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(Part 1) | (Part 2) | (Part 3) 

(Part 4) - Final

Warning : Language

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What the actual freck. Why does he have to ruin everything ? What point is he trying to prove ? At the end it isn’t worth it because the feeling isn’t mutual anymore. 

“Justin my man. It’s good to finally meet you” they exchanged a bro fist. I rolled my eyes. I had to. Thank god no one actually saw because Cameron would question it, I don’t want to deal with anything that involves with Justin right now. Sofia was beside him, time to bring out the acting. 

 I got up from my seat with my familiar fake smile plastered - fake that only I would know - it comes off real to everyone else. Justin approaches me while Cameron just shook Sofias hand. 

 He kissed the back of my hand and pulled me in for a hug. “I missed you babygirl” he kissed my cheek. Chills went down my spine oh good lord. I peeked over his shoulder that luckily neither Cameron or Sofia were looking, the last thing I want is looks from both of them…awkward af

 "Stop trying to get on my nerves" I whisper yelled and tried to pry myself away from his embrace. He held my wrist and pulled me back whispering softly in my ear “Who said I was trying.” I rolled my eyes and walked to Cameron and Sofia

I linked my arm with Cameron and just then, Justin linked his arm with Sofia. If he’s trying to make me jealous, it isn’t working out. “Shall we have dinner ?” Justin asked. “We shall” Cameron answered.

 Cameron pulled me to sit next to him so Justin and Sofia can take the vacant seats opposite us. I took my seat of having the view over the railing and just as Cameron can sit down, Justin stopped him “I prefer sitting opposite our partners” he said. Are you kidding me ? Cam please disagree with the boy. “Okay sure man” and he went around the table to sit opposite me. Why does he think that he has to agree with everything Justin says. I believe we all have the right to say no

 Justin grinned when he sat next to me. Can he not ? I rolled my eyes again. Is anyone keeping track with the amount of times I’ve rolled my eyes already ? “Soo should we order ?” Sofia broke the silence. “Yeah sure - waiter” Cameron called for the waiter.

 "How can I help ?“ the waitress asked. She looked around early 30s, brunette with grey eyes. "Yeah we’d like to order please” Justin said. “Okay sure, what would you guys like to order ?” she pulled out a mini book and pen from the pocket of her uniform. We all announced our order to her and she didn’t take down our drinks because Cameron brought some fine red wine. 

 The waiter came back with some wine glasses and poured us each a glass of wine. “I’d like to make a toast” Cameron announced as he raised his glass. We all joined in. “To love and friendship” we all then clinked glasses and said cheers. I could feel Justin stare at me since Cameron said friendship. Ain’t going to happen

 Our food came, we ate, we all had a few conversations here and there. Nothing major happened. I guess we had a good time in a way. Justin and Cameron had offered to pay the bill so they both paid half. We got up from our seats, ready to say our goodbyes and leave. We took the elevator back down and the oh so familiar awkward silence kicks in.

We reached the ground floor and just then Justin whispered “Can we talk in private ?” “Please excuse us” I said to both Cameron and Sofia as we walked a few metres ahead of them. Poor Cam probably thinks something is up and I’m not in the mood to talk about it. “Where are you off to now ?” he asked and shoved his hands in his pockets. “What’s it to you ? Is this why you called me aside ?” I threw questions. “I care about you” that right their hit me. Those words really got to me. 

 "Hell no you don’t. The lies are hurting me. Just stop. You don’t care. Just yesterday you called me a bitch and basically wanted nothing to do with me. Now you’re all so clingy and trying to win me back ? I don’t want to go through this. I don’t need this" I said to walk away. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me back to him. “Where are you going ?” He asked more stern. 

 I turned around to face him “I don’t owe you any explanation. You didn’t want me to be around at home and I guess you don’t like being around bitches either. Looks like that’s my call. Buh-bye now.” I faked a smile for a split second and went back to being straight faced, turned on my heel and was pulled back again. “Stay” he plainly said. “And why should I ?” I rolled my eyes. 

He pulled out something from his jacket pocket, it was our friendship ring. “I want you to wear this again. I want us back. I regret many things, but this would be my biggest regret if I don’t have you in my life again” he reached out for my right hand and slipped it on my ring finger. 

 I was lost for words. At this moment I’m really angry because how could he think this was going to be this easy to get me back and I’m really emotional because I really do want to see him change for the better, as well as be there for him through everything, but I just can’t. “I don’t know what to say but-” Cameron cut me off shouting “Hey guys do you want to maybe head out to a club or something and enjoy the rest of the night ?” He questioned. 

 "Sounds like a plan" Justin smirked and held my hand in his, pulling me along with him. He pulled me towards his car “Justin I should be going with Cam because-” he stopped me and shouted “Yo Cam, Y/N will be coming with me. Sofia you can go on with Cam.” He didn’t bother to wait for their response and opened the passenger door for me. 

 He went around quickly to the drivers side and we were out of the parking lot. I can already see that we’re not going to the club. You may say what makes you think that ? Well, Justin didn’t even bother to hear their response as to which club we’re going to meet up at and he seems to be rushing to go somewhere.

 "We aren’t going to a club…are we ?“ I asked hesitant. Where will he take me anyway ? "Nah we’re going back home” he grinned. He started up the ignition. Oh god. “Justin. I’m going to say this again and I’m going to say it nicely. I’m not moving back with you and nor do I want to be in your life again. You really hurt me this time and it’s going to take a lot more than saying sorry for me to forgive you” he stared back at me and switched the ignition off. 

 "For crying out loud you actually slapped me and called me a -“ I was cut off by his lips on mine. Oh good lord am I dreaming. Is this for real ? I actually pinched myself. He cupped my face, whilst my hands were loose on my lap. This feeling was something. Something totally different. I can actually relate for once when people say they get butterflies in their stomach when they kiss their crush or significant other. 

 I kissed back, but the guilt slowly flooded in. I soon find myself placing my hands on his chest and pushing him away. I looked down at my lap, all too embarrassed to face him since I stopped him. "I can’t. This is wrong” he lifted my chin “In what way is this wrong ? You kissed back, we were enjoying it. You loved me and I’ve finally fallen in love with you” he stated. 

“That’s the thing. I loved you. That’s all in the past. Can we please not right now. Just head home” I said and turned my gaze to look out at the window. He didn’t utter a word and started the ignition.

 We reached home, he opened my door for me and walked in front of me leading the way to the door. The silence today is killing me. I turned to close the door behind me to find Justin had already left to go to his room. Thank fully I had some of my clothes still packed in my closet. I walked up the staircase and the thought that crossed my mind was to knock on Justins door…so I did it

 With just the first knock the door opened on its own, there in the middle of the room Justin stood and was removing his shirt. I coughed “Oh god I’m sorry” I was ready to turn on my heel and run across the hall to my room. I shouldn’t have came here in the first place. “Oh its you. Take a seat” he said casually. I turned back around and chose to sit at the edge of his bed. Living in this house with him for almost 2 years and I’ve only been in his room like 5 times. Shocker. 

 "What’s up" he asked as he then sat next to me. “I just want to clear the air, this day is killing me slowly. Jay I think we should go-” he cut me off “Yeah yeah our separate ways. Y/N it’s so pointless pushing me away because baby I’m just going to get closer to you” as he said this he slowly leaned in. I stood up and moved to stand in front of him. “Stop. We can’t be a thing, it’s all over and you ruined it for yourself Justin. I was just trying to be a good friend and you didn’t want my help, you wanted the girl” I turned on my heel making my way to walk out. He caught my wrist and pulled me to sit on his lap. 

 "Okay how’s this, I’ll kiss you and if any moment in our kiss you don’t feel anything or change your mind, the door is wide open" he gently caressed my cheek and slowly leaned in. I allowed him. I kissed back. I still can’t believe this is actually happening. Their went the butterflies. My hands made their way around his neck. He moved his hands under my thighs as he carried me and placed me back down on his bed. His lips then came into contact with my neck, placing small kisses. I stopped him again.

 "Don’t even lie that you didn’t feel something" he grinned as he followed close behind me. “Oh I definitely felt something” I walked down the hall and started unzipping my dress. I let it fall to the floor and bent down to pick it up. I can feel Justin staring. We’re best friends after all right ? “Shouldn’t we be calling Cam and her to let them know we ain’t coming ?” I asked, I walked into my room, grabbed my pajamas from my closet and slipped them on. 

 "I’m way ahead of you babe. Done and dusted. I told Sofia to take Cam out somewhere" he shoved his hands into his pockets. “Oh and you thought that keeping Cam away from me for the night was going to work for you so you can get me back, and admit that you’ve fallen for me” I said, crossing my arms over my chest. 

 "Yepp pretty much" he grinned and slowly walked towards me. He swiftly wrapped his arm around me and pulled me towards him. Our chests collided. “Y/N I’ve fallen deeply in love with you. I can’t help myself. I needed you all along. You’re the one. I’m really sorry for all that happened recently. Please forgive me” he said. “Forgiven” I smiled. His hand trailed to my neck and started unbuttoning my shirt. I didn’t stop him. 

“Baby you knew these were going to come off anyways” he said pulling me along with him on my bed. “I like being a tease sometimes”


Imagine: You’re at home sick, face-timing Justin whilst he’s away doing interviews and promoting.

Saw these gifs on my dashboard and they were too cute to not turn into a face-time edit lol 😂