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Memories (boyfriend justin)

anonymous asked:

Heyyy can u do an imagine where y/n and justin have a 3 year old little boy and y/n is out with her friend's but yalls little boy gets a tummy ache an wants his mommy so justin has to beg her to come home

“How’s Justin?” Your best friend asked you as all of you waited for the bartender to be back with the drinks. “And the baby? I finally saw pictures of him! He’s so so so cute.”

After you and Justin had a kid, the both of you rarely went. Albeit, when you both did, it was usually because of Justin’s career, but besides that, you guys would usually stay at home with the baby. When your best friend called to let you know that she would be celebrating her birthday at a night club at the beach, Justin immediately told you to go have fun and that he would take care of the baby.

At first, you were unsure about it. You knew leaving Justin and your three year old alone would be a mess. It wasn’t that Justin wasn’t a responsible father, because he was, it was just that he loved having fun with the baby, and fun would lead to a huge mess in the house. Something you weren’t looking forward coming home to.

Justin kept on insisting for you to go out. He claimed you needed time off as a mom, and that you didn’t need to worry about the baby and him because they would both be fine alone. After several times of him convincing you, you finally agreed to it and decided to go out.

“They’re both really well.” You replied, trying not to remember that the baby and Justin were alone and that you would come home to a mess. “We’re both really happy. Justin’s in love with Angel, I think he loves him more than he loves me. But I’m not complaining.”

“Do you do this often?” Your best friend asked you and chuckled. “Leave your husband and son alone together while you go out with friends?”

“No, not at all.” You admitted laughing as well. “First time in three years. I hate leaving Angel alone. Its not the same once you’re a parent, trust me.”

“Well then, lets stop talking about them.” Your friend ceased the conversation. “Tonight we don’t worry about anything!”

Right after screaming that, the drinks arrived and as you grabbed one of the shots, you felt a vibration in your clutch. Your phone. Justin come to mind and worry flashed in your eyes.

You quickly searched through your purse and when you found your phone, “Baby” was the name displayed on the caller ID. You didn’t hesitate to answer and while you did so, you excused yourself from the group of friends and hurriedly exited the restaurant.

“Hi,” you answered once you were outside of the club. The sound was still loud, but not loud enough to interrupt you and Justin’s conversation. “Is everything okay? Did something happen, J? Is ange-“

“Hi mommy.” A soft and soothing voice spoke through the line. “Where are you? My tummy hurts.”

You chuckled at the way your little boy sounded through the cellphone.

“Hi angel,” You replied calmly. “I’m with some friends, where’s daddy? You feeling okay?”

“Angel, pass me the phone. I wanna speak to mommy, Angel. Can I please have the—” You were able to hear Justin entreat Angel in the background but that stopped as soon as Angel got back on the line. “Mommy, come home. Daddy is being annoying and my tummy really hurts.”

“Pass me Justin, baby. Pleasee.” You supplicated to your son. “Just for a minute, and then we can talk again. Deal?”

You heard Angel give off a soft ‘Yes’ before handing the phone to Justin, who when speaking, sounded very tired.

“Fuck,” He cursed as soon as he was able to speak to you. You hushed him, afraid that Angel would hear. “I had to chase him all around the house to get the phone from him.”

“Is he okay? He says his stomach hurts.” You questioned him worriedly. “Did he eat something that upset it?”

“No babe, he hasn’t ate since you left.” He replied. “I’ve been trying to give him medicine but he refuses to take it until you come home and give it to him yourself.”

“I’ll be there soon.” You told him and stood up from where you were sitting. “Tell him I’m there in some minutes, in the meanwhile turn the TV on or something so he can relax and feel better.”

“But hurry.” Justin husked, sending chills down your spine. “I miss you already.”

“I’m going right now, J.” You chuckled. “I swear, I just have to say bye to my friends and then I’ll be out of here.”

“I kinda feel bad though.” Justin mentioned and you heard him mutter something to Angel. “Sorry, back. Anyways, I feel bad. Tonight was your night and you have to come home early.”

“No, don’t feel bad.” You assured him. “I kinda want to go home too, I don’t know, the party life isn’t for me anymore.”

You and Justin continued talking on the phone until you reminded him that you had to say goodbye to your friends. After hanging up, you went back in the club and explained to them what had happened and that you had to leave. They totally understood and told you not to worry because you guys would be able to catch up some other time.

Once in the car, on your way home, you received a call from Justin. It wasn’t exactly Justin who was calling. It was Angel.

“Mommy.” He curiously started. “Are you almost home? Me and daddy miss you. And my tummy stills hurts.”