imagine jp goldstein


Imagine: You and JP decided to spend the weekend at Disneyland. You were pretty excited since you never got to spend two days at Disneyland, which meant that you got to spend more time on your favorite roller coasters. You guys went to California Adventures first. You guys held hand walking around the park. You had on a sundress and some sunglasses. JP was just in some shorts and a tank top. “(Y/N), you look beautiful, as always,” he says as he holds onto your hand a bit tighter. You just smile. You see some games across the park and you sprint as you spot a huge teddy bear. JP quickly runs after you. He smiles at you as he wraps his arms around his waist. “Babe, would you like me to win you something?” He asks you and you nod shyly. You guys to go a coin tossing game and after about ten dollars worth of quarters, JP finally wins you the teddy bear. “Thank you so much babe,” you say as you hold onto the big teddy bear. “What do I win now?” He asks you jokingly. You laugh as you get on your tippie toes and kiss him passionately. “Good enough for me,” he says as you guys continue to walk throughout the park.