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reasons to date a fangirl

1. she already loves you
2. she probably knows you better than you know yourself
3. you’ll probably get some every night

Bleeding Out - An Alex/Reader Imagine

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Summary: Alex doubts reader’s abilities as a female doctor….until he needs her more than he thinks.

Word Count: 1157

Warnings: Mentions of blood/gunshot wounds.

Disclaimer: This is my first ever Dunkirk fic and I’m still trying to get the diction of an English accent in here, so don’t shame my first attempt. I’m American as hell. Let me know what you think and keep sending requests.

The young doctor looked at the chart in her hand as she sped-walked down the hallway towards the room where she was needed. It’d been an unusually slow day in the medical bay, and the stitches she was about to give were the most serious issue they’d had all day.

She pushed aside the curtain and entered the room where a man lay, his eyebrow bandaged up.

“Alex Baker?” she asked the man, who glared at her.

“For tha last fuckin’ time, I need a doctor, not another nurse,” he said, looking irritated.

“I am a doctor,” Y/N answered, pushing a piece of her behind her ear. “Doctor L/N. You need some stitches.”

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Harry Styles imagine: you’re dating Harry Styles. 

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A/N: Haven’t posted anything in a while, hope you guys like this, it’s kind of simple but I thought it was kind of cute :)

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Harry did THAT??He is praised by THE Christopher Nolan??Mark Rylance said “I won The Harry” and all Harry’s co stars are truly appreciate him and didn’t look down on him??Harry’s talent is being acknowledged and appreciated!What a time do be alive

I’m pretty sure Henry Turner is a Hufflepuff. Just imagine tiny Henry sitting in the Great Hall,waiting for the sorting hat to sort him. And yes,it’s Hufflepuff. I honestly love him so much. First Hufflepuff pirate.

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Jack Lowden imagine: you’re dating Jack Lowden.

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A/N: ITS FINALLY UP! I’m so sorry it took so long!! I hope you like this x


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