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Those Who Watch

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Description: Someone has to protect them…

Warning: Violence

October was always the most hectic time for your kind. Everyone was racing to make sure everyone was prepared and protected for Halloween, the day all of your humans would be out acting foolish, and the dark of night would tempt them or attempt to harm them.
You were assigned to an adorably chubby cheeked toddler, some odd years ago, when his previous guardian had suffered an…accident…as your kind would say, rather than speak of the things that caused the child to lose their guardian so early in life. Typically, you stay with your human until that human joins your kind, but some rare cases came about where the guardian is no longer…available…and are assigned a new one.
The bond between human and guardian was unbreakable, and would last forever. Thankfully, the human was young enough when he lost the previous one to not be too attached, accepting you easily.
For years, you watched the wide-eyed baby grow into a rambunctious child, then into the mellow teenager he now was, and having long forgotten you existed, but he would always feel like someone was there, he would just never be able to remember what it is. The day finally arrived, you were so anxious to get it over with you were subconsciously picking at your feathers.

For Halloween, Haechan decided to follow the crowd for once, and was attending a group meet up that would then move to go through abandoned buildings, a normal thing for humans to do on this holiday. Although, it did baffle your kind. Did they not know what this day was? What was lurking in the shadows of every dark corner? Waiting for them to make a mistake, so they could taint their pure souls forever? Evidence would say, no, they didn’t. Which is why it was your soul duty to protect Haechan tonight. To keep him pure and innocent, until his soul was ready to walk with yours.

When the other humans came to collect him, you followed closely behind, nodding respectfully at the other guardians of Haechan’s friends, a silent here we go being shared between your friends. The trek to the abandoned building wasn’t far, being one of the long forgotten buildings at the outskirts of town, close to where your human lived. The teenagers laughed and teased each other, nudging each other in attempts to get someone to take the initiative and be the first to enter the deathly quiet walls.
The tallest of the group seemed to decide he was the bravest, and lead the teenagers into the building, their footsteps echoing off the chipping painted walls.
“Should we do it here or go further?” One girl asked, the small group looking around the deteriorating room.
“I don’t think we can trust the stairs, let’s just stay down here.” Haechan chimed in, a murmur of agreement flowing through the group.
“Here it is.” The tall one said, dumping the backpack he was carrying on the ground and plopping down on the dirty floor, the rest following suit. Once everyone was seated around him in a tight circle, each guardian standing respectfully behind their human, the tall boy opened his backpack and pulled a box out.
Ouija board? You thought, shaking your head with a sigh. Could you be more unoriginal?
A mutter of disappointment came from the tall boy’s guardian, while his human set up the board in the middle of the circle.
“I hope you’re ready for a fight,” The guardian beside you sighed to you. “It’s going to be a rough one, I can feel it.”
The teenagers all shuffled closer, and place their hands on the planchette and looked to the tall boy to ask the first question.
“Is there anyone there?”
A soft breeze flowed through the room, ruffling your feathers and blowing the teens’ hair, making them immediately feel uneasy. You could smell them before you saw them, that foul stench they carried with them spread through the room, unnoticed by the human senses as they emerged. The creature seemed to crawl out of the shadows surrounding the teens. Being completely unnoticed by the humans, it’s scrawny arm reached between Haechan and the girl beside him, slowly moving the planchette over to ‘yes’, drawing a gasp from the people.
“Johnny, stop playing around.” Haechan scowled at the boy.
“What? I’m not doing anything, swear!” Johnny promised, watching the planchette moving with wide eyes.
“How much longer do we allow this?” Johnny’s guardian scowled, his wings twitching in anticipation.
“You know the rules,” You reminded him softly, keeping your eyes locked on the yellow eyed creature amusing itself with letters. “Until it acts, it can talk to them. It makes the first move, just…stay aware.”
Huffing then nodded, the guardian mumbled, “I don’t see why we have to wait for them to do something. Seems easier to just get rid of it before it tries.”
Ignoring him, you kept your attention on Haechan, waiting for the moment it tried to touch him, and you would be allowed to unleash the fury of the heavens on it. That opportunity came quicker than you anticipated. Your eyes narrowed at the sight of the foul creature just barely brushing against Haechan’s shoulder. Something that may seem insignificant, but that’s all it takes to ruin a soul. With the slightest touch from the creature, it would immediately change the human, opening their minds to things they could only imagine were real.
Unable to see what touched him, but able to feel the slimy creature’s burning touch, he all but slammed into the girl beside him, gasping and clutching his shoulder.
“What’s wrong?” She questioned the boy, who stuttered while speaking.
“S-something touched m-me!”
That was all you needed, confirmation the agreement had been broken. In a flash, your hand shot out, fingers curling into the slimy flesh of its neck and hurling the thing across the room, the splat its body slamming against the wall below a whisper to the humans, just the faintest of sound breaching the veil between your world and theirs. The teens jumped as another, slightly louder sound rang through the room, unable to see you throwing the little spawn against the opposite wall, slamming it into the dry wall and keeping it pinned with your fingers digging into its mushy throat. Its jagged nails scrapped at your arms, spitting and snarling in an attempt to free itself from your grasp, but to no success.
Its small body flew through the air, just barely missing the teens, pushing a breeze past them as they huddled together in fear at the sounds surrounding them.
“You over stayed your welcome.” You snarled, grasping its neck tightly in your hand, its claws grasping for anything, ripping a single feather from your wings in the process. “Now. Go. Back. To. Hell.”
A final growl from you, and a particularly harsh jerk to its throat, it’s head flew to the side, neck snapped, leaving it an invisible ball of nothing to be collected by the reapers come midnight.
The teens shook beside each other, waiting for more sounds to come, but nothing did, the room remained as silent as it was when they entered.
“Is it…is it over?” Johnny asked quietly, looking at the spot they last heard sounds of struggles.
“I think so…” Haechan whispered, eyes locked on the spot you were standing in, looking right through you. “Let’s…get the hell out of here…”
Agreeing without a fight, the group packed up and leaving as fast as they could, Haechan bringing up the rear. Just as he was about to leave through the door, the breeze of the guardians following their humans ran through him, drawing a shiver from him and he hesitated in the doorway. Glancing behind him, you wondered for a brief moment if he could see you now, but as he looked over the room once more, his eyes never caught you.
But he did catch sight of something. His curiosity got the best of him, and he slowly walked over it it, kneeling to pick it up, examining it quietly. The abnormally large, soft thing in his hand was almost blinding white, like it had a glow of it’s own.

Imagine #15: Girls’ Night

Request: hi can I request some panlix where the reader is trying to get them together lmao  

Being the only lost girl had its perks. For one you had your own tent, a separate showering area, and you were without a doubt the favorite lost girl. It wasn’t that you and Peter liked one another, even if the boys insisted you did. It was just the fact that you had a head on your shoulders and mind you used. Peter enjoyed talking to you, you were one of his closest friends and someone who actually had a conversation with him. The two of you had a great relationship, but there was no romance. No spark, just a brother and sisterly love. You two were almost as close as him and Felix, but even you knew you could never compete with that. Especially since you knew for a fact that Peter and Felix liked one another.

Now you knew what the others would say, there is no way the two scariest boys on the island liked one another. It wasn’t possible. Except you knew it was, you saw the way the two of them would stare at the other when they thought they weren’t looking. Or the way they would brush past each other. It was evident there was a spark there, they just needed a push. And you were going to be the one to give them the boost.

Your plan was perfect. You had complained to Pan that you wanted a girls’ night, and even though he refuses to call them that he allows you to have them with him. It was funny in all honesty, you two would sit around his room and discuss things. All ranging from attacking the pirates to the latest gossip around camp. It was a great night filled with laughter and stuffing your faces with food.

You were currently on your way to Pan’s cabin when you accidently bumped into Felix. Falling to the ground you looked up to see the tall boy staring at you, “Oh shoot! Sorry Felix, was lost in my thoughts again.”

He cracked a small smile and held out a hand, “It’s okay, Y/N. I know how you like to daydream.” A sheepish grin landed on your face as you took his hand. Helping you up he glanced back to Pan’s tent, “Having another girls’ night?”

You laughed and playfully hit his shoulder, “Yeah we are, but don’t let him hear you call them that or else he’s going to never have another one with me.”

Felix shook his head, “He wouldn’t do that, believe it or not he actually enjoys them.”

You two started to make your way over to Pan’s cabin and you sent him a small grin, “Trust me I know. I’m just waiting for him to be the one to ask me for them. I think I’m getting close to that point.”

He let out a chuckle, “Alright Y/N, I have some chores I have to do so you have fun tonight. I’ll see you in the morning.” He waved bye and went into the woods. Shaking your head you grabbed onto the ladder and climbed your way up. Making your way in you saw Pan tossing a ball up in the air and catching it while laying on his bed.

You raised an eyebrow at him, “You okay, Peter?”

He looked towards you and sat up, “What? Oh, yeah I’m fine. Just thinking about the last mission I gave Hook.”

You stood for a moment studying him, you could tell he was lying but decided to shrug it off. Walking over to his bed you dumped your bag to the floor and fell back next to him. “It’ll be fine and you know it. I mean it can’t be that difficult for the pirate to steal a magic bean, it’s what he does for a living.”

He only rolled his eyes, “You seem to forget how small his brain is.”

You chuckled and smacked his arm, “Peter be nice, you are the one who hired him. Well, blackmailed him I should say.”

Pan shuffled back and leaned against his headboard, he waved his hand at you, “Blackmail, hired, they’re all the same thing.”

With a roll of your eyes you sat up and across from him “If you say so. So anyway, are you going to tell me what was actually on your mind?” He only raised an eyebrow at you, “Oh come on Peter, I’ve known you for years now and I know when you’re lying.”

He simply smirked, “Well great now you have an advantage over me, I can’t allow that.”

You glared, “Don’t try to change the subject here, Pan. We’re talking about this and we’re talking about it now!”

He crossed his arms and gave you a questioning look, “Talking about what?”

“About how you like Felix of course!” You yelled out. With in a moment you realize what you did and slapped a hand over your mouth, well that wasn’t exactly subtle. His face turned bright red and he started to sputter a response at you, but you laughed. “Pan it’s so obvious that you like him. I’m just here to ask you why you haven’t made your move.”

He glared at you and stood up from his bed, pacing back and forth he started to yell, “What you’re talking about is absolutely absurd. I don’t like him! Y/N why do you always have to do this when there’s nothing there?!”

You only rolled your eyes, “Maybe with the boys there’s nothing there, but with you two there is. I mean you guys stare at each other! You brush against each other. Your flirting is really annoying too, by the way.”

His face only got more red and he grabbed your arm, “That’s it we’re done here.” You started to argue with him and tried to pull free but he only shoved you out of his cabin. You stood on the porch and the two of you glared at one another. You were about to say something when you heard a twig snap.

The two of you looked over to see a bright red Felix standing in the bushes. Pan and him stared at one another. A smirk landed on your face and you said nothing as you hopped off Pan’s porch and walked out of the clearing leaving the two alone.

Needless to say, mission accomplished.

Note: Hope you guys enjoyed this one! First Panlix I’ve written! And I’m sorry I’ve been super inactive, I’ve been busy with the summer and work and everything, but I am constantly working to post something! So I’m not done here I promise! Thank you for your patience and for following me!

Dirty Taylor 7 minutes in Heaven imaine for Asia

All of use were spread out into a circle, one circle of boys and one circle of girls. The bottle for the girls spun and spun and finally it landed on you. You stood up and watched who the boys’ bottle landed on. Your fingers were mentally crossed, hoping it would be Taylor. The bottle felt like it was taking eternity to finally stop. The bottle started to slow down until it landed on Taylor.

A grin spread across his face and didn’t leave until you were pressed against the wall of the small closet. His lips fit like a puzzle piece with yours. They molded together, “I know we both like each other. You don’t even know how hard I was praying that it landed me.” He breathed out about 20 seconds into the kiss. His hand was on the wall behind you, holding himself up. "Be my girlfriend.“ He muttered looking into your eyes. You nodded then his hand went to your thighs, "jump” he said into your lips. Your legs wrapped around his waist. His lips invaded your neck. You moaned his name out quietly, even though you were sure that everyone there could hear. Taylor’s shirt was taken off by you and he did the same to you. “Asia” he moaned dragging the “a” out, because you were kissing his sweet spot over and over again. 

“Alright guys times up” Nash said unlocking the door and turning the light on from the outside. “alright one second.” Taylor said laughing you could almost hear the cockiness in his voice, from getting the girl he’s been striving to get for the past few months half naked and making out. Taylor picked your shirt up from the ground and handing your to you while he did the same for himself. You both exited the closet with messy hair, fading red marks, and swollen lips. You sat back down on the couch with Taylor with his arm around your shoulders. The boys all gave Taylor a “nice job man” grin and high-five, while the girls gave you the “tell us everything later” look.

sorry its short but it was only 7 minutes, request more! hope yall liked it!

#8; the others are protective over you


His first instinct when he has to leave you alone is to be angry or sad for you. It’s hard when he has to go on ahead and leave you behind with the other boys because he likes to have you pressed tightly against his side as you walk through the crowds of his fans. It’s nothing to you, the minute you’re in the venue or the tour bus, you’re curled against him and having a talk with the others within minutes, but he dislikes leaving you for too long these day. Not that it’s a problem, at all. It’s quite cute, actually. But the others are the same. They don’t like not knowing where you are when you’re walking through the crowds. They like to make sue they know exactly where you are and who you’re with so that you can all get to the same place at practically the same time. It was a little overwhelming, the boys mostly, because they just wanted to make sure that you were safe but it was still annoying, a lot of the time. Even going to the bathroom on the tour bus, they wanted to know every single time and make sure that you got there safely even though it was mere feet away from them. You knew they were just trying to take care of you, but it was a little too much, sometimes. But you were thankful for it when youwere out in pulic and around their fans. That was when it sometimes got a little too much for you. So, when your pressed tightly to Calum’s side with his arm wrapped around your middle and a girl grabs your arm and tugs so hard that Calum loses his grip on you, he’s not overly impressed. He reached out for you, curling his arm around your shoulders to pull you effortlessly back against him, glaring at the girl who had pulled you away from him. “You wouldn’t like it if somebody had pulled you like that, would you? Please don’t do that again. To anybody ever." 


You had always been a party girl, even before you’d met Michael and since being with him an spending time with the boys, you’d only gotten worse. Well, worse was probably the wrong word. You went out a lot more, only instead of going home with random guys occasionally, you’d be giggling into Michael’s ear every night, his smile fading slightly each time you stumbled from the constant consumption of alcohol. However, this one particular night was different. Where you’d usually spend most of it on the dancefloor with Michael, he was holed up at the bar with the boys, minus Luke, downing shot after shot. You weren’t entirely sure what the reason was behind this, but at this point, fuelled with alcohol, you weren’t concentrating on anything other than the terrible dancing you were currently doing. Until you felt hands snaking around your waist, sure that there were Michael’s, finally coming to end the night the right way with you, and you leaned back into the embrace, happy for it now that you were no longer along. Luke was only a few feet away from you, but he was dancing with girls and it wasn’t the same. You had only wanted Michael to dance with you, but then upon sort of closer inspection, you could still see his hair at the bar, Ashton and Calum sat beside him, laughing and shouting at the bartender for more drinks. But you were still so out of it that you couldn’t process that you had to get away from the guy with his arms around you until Luke was marching towards you, ripping the hands away from your hips and pulling you into his arms, glaring at the guy as he practically towered over the both of you. "Stay the fuck away from her. Go and find another girl too drunk and desperate to get a good guy for herself. Fuck off.”


The day had been pretty hectic already, having to go from place to place for the boys, whether they were on the radio or doing a signing and you were exhausted, to say the least. And you’d only been sat in the van for most of it, so god knows how they felt. But Ashton was practically half asleep on your shoulder when you saw the sign for the services and you’d been craving a slushie all day, so when you all pulled over, you grinned, Michael laughing slightly at the look on your face. “I just really love slushie’s, shut up.” You climbed out of the van, closing the door carefully behind you, now that Ashton was lying against Calum, thankfully also asleep. It didn’t take long for you to be inside, pay for your drink and then be standing by the machine, holding the handle down as you poured the raspberry flavour icee into your cup, dancing slightly on the spot as you watched the cup fill up slowly. And then you hear it, the quiet little screams from a girl outside, your head turning to look at her as she’s obviously just noticed one of the boys and you can see Michael’s sheepish face as he spots you, looking apologetic because now you’re going to have to walk past that girl, and possibly more because she’s clearly not alone. And you were right, because there they came, her friends and they just crowded around the van and you were so not looking forward to this. Placing the lid onto the cup, you grabbed a straw, thanking the man behind the till as you walked briskly towards the van, inhaling deeply before you pushed your way through the two girls at the back, hearing their curses and shouts as you whimpered, already regretting doing it this way, but there had been no other option, honestly. It was only when you felt a hand on the back of your shoulder that you jolted forward (it wouldn’t have happened if the hand hadn’t helped you out, pushing you lightly which caused you to lose your footing as well as your balance), smacking your face against somebody’s elbow, pain rushing to your nose as you whimpered, shouting out and then Michael was there, tugging you gently into the van, inspecting your nose before winding the window down slowly, frowning deeply at the girls beside him. “I’ve never been so ashamed of our fans before. Whether it was an accident or not, I know you know who she is, you should have let her through, girls." 


It’s been a while since you had spent any time with the boys that wasn’t on their tour bus, trying to have privacy with Calum but instead getting nothing but Luke and Michael pressing themselves against the two of you to cockblock and simply having Ashton just laugh in your faces whenever you tried to be alone. It was nice though, still, being around all of them, so you didn’t mind all too much. So, when they had a day to themselves, only one day, mind you, and they wanted to sleep, well you were having none of that, you had dragged them to the nearest park, now content with lying on the grass sunbathing in the summer sun. They were still miserable and grumpy, but it was a nice day and sleeping would have been too hot for them, so they appreciated it to some extent. Calum had practically fallen asleep beside you, soft snores leaving his mouth as she smiled down at him, glad that you had made sure he had put suncream on first if he was that tired. Ashton had bought a ball out with him, grinning at you as he kicked it towards you, the only retaliation you could give from your position was to throw it back., But left handed throws from a right handed girl clearly weren’t all they were cracked up to be. The ball flew past Ashton’s head and smacked into a man’s back. Your cheeks flushed as you stood up, rubbing your hands over the backs of your thighs to remove any grass that had stuck there as you moved past Ashton, giggling quietly at his face as you made your way to the man. "I’m so sorry. I’m not so great at throwing, clearly.” There was humour laced on your words, but the man wasn’t having any of that, staring down at you with a glare as he dropped the ball at your feet. “This is why girls shouldn’;t be allowed to play sports. They’re all too focused on their make-up and looking pretty whilst they do it.” You tried your hardest not to respond as you knelt down to pick up the ball, only for the man to kick it away, towards Ashton. “Look, it was an accident, as I’ve previously said.” You stood upright again, folding your arms over your chest. “I didn’t mean to hit you, and I’ve apologised, there is absolutely no need for you to be such an             .” Ashton stepped in then, pushing you back behind him with the ball lodged under his arm. “Look, mate. It was an accident. We’re sorry, but you need to grow up if you’re going to pick on a girl half your age and half your height. Pathetic.” He turned to you, wrapping his arm around your shoulders as he led you back to where the boys were, squeezing your arm gently. 

Hidden Fail - Requested (Calum/Ashton)

This was requested by Anon (hey please can i have an imagine where im Calums Twin and im dating Ashton, and i get pregnant with his baby, and i try to hide it from calum, but fail and he gets really angry and that please?) ENJOY!!!!!!!!!

‘Ashton I don’t think we should tell him yet, babe please just listen to me, if he finds out before the tour he will do crazy, he needs to be calm, I can’t have him hating you’ you explain

‘Babe he won’t hate me’ Ashton argues

‘Okay maybe he won’t hate you but we both know he will be pissed with you and we both know how stubborn he can be, you guys don’t need tension when you starting your tour’ you example, he huffs and drops onto the bed. You move over and sit on the edge of it; you place your hand on his thigh and move it up and down.

‘Are you mad at me?’ you ask

‘No’ he grumbles back and you sigh, you knew it was the wrong time, the wrong time for him.

‘Ashton I’m sorry’ he whispers, not being strong enough to be any louder. ‘I know you don’t want this’ he sits up quickly, his sudden action taking you by surprise and you turn to look at him, his eyes wide.

‘You think I’m pissed because you’re pregnant?’ he asks

‘Ash, it’s the wrong time I get it, I won’t hate you if you don’t want to do this. We can say I slept with someone else, I dunno Ash. I can do this on my own, I know I can. I love you too much to fuck you over with this’ the words are falling from your mouth, you don’t even realise what you’re saying until it’s all out.

‘No, what, no. Are serious, I’m not angry about you being pregnant, I’m not angry because we are having a baby. I can’t even believe that shit that came out of your mouth. Babe, (Y/N) I would never leave you, never and especially now. This is everything I ever wanted, yeah, okay maybe, ideally I wanted to wait a couple more years but that doesn’t mean I’m not happy, I’m not excited because I am. I love you and I will love our baby. The only reason I was huffing was thinking about keeping it from everyone when all I want to do is shout it from the roof tops’ he explain, holding one of your hands and the side of your face as his thumb strokes your skin.

‘Good because everything I just said was bollocks, I wouldn’t cope without you, I love you Ash’

5 Months Later

You threw on a top, over your leggings and hopped it didn’t show your bump, you had been stupid you know it, you only wanted to wait to tell Calum for a couple of weeks but it never seemed like the right time so now here you are 5 months down the line, and a huge bump to hide from your twin brother. You head out of your hotel room and down to the lobby to meet the boys; you arrived late last night and had gone straight to your room so you haven’t yet seen the boys. You saw Ashton a month ago but you haven’t seen Calum in 3 months, you talk on the phone and Skype but nothing so he could see your size. You see the boys with some fans and you stay away waiting for them to come to you, Luke spots your first and waves, his eyes looking like they were about to pop out of his head and then Calum looked over, he frowned but turned back to the fans after waving to you.

Your heart was beating hard in your chest as he walked over, he knew, it was clear, how could you have hidden this huge fucking belly. He reaches you and you smile ‘Hey’ you say opening your arms but he doesn’t hug you, he don’t smile, he doesn’t greet you at all he grabs your wrist and pulls you into the lift. Its silent you know not to talk to him, when the lift stops he storm out and you follow behind, and into his hotel room, you close the door behind you but he still doesn’t speak he starts to pace the room, his head down.


‘DON’T’ he yells spinning to look at you. ‘I can’t even look at you right now. What have you done. Are you fucking stupid your 18, fucking 18you have no house, any money and what you’re having…. This’ he shouts, gesturing towards your belly.

‘Calum, don’t’ you beg, feeling the tears coming.

‘How long?’ he asks sitting on the edge of his double bed.

‘Five months’ you whisper

‘What?’ he asks

‘Five months’ you tell him a little louder, he jumps from the bed.

‘FIVE MONTHS, you fucking hide that from me for five months, I’m meant to be your brother, your twin fucking brother and you didn’t tell me you were stupid enough to get pregnant?’ he yells.

‘Calum when we found out it wasn’t the right time to tell you, we th…’ again you’re cut off.

‘Jesus Christ of course he would have known about it, and he’s been hiding it from me, I can’t believe this, what the hell has been done. Yes Ashton you can date my sister. Yes Ashton you can ask her to be your girlfriend. NO ASHTON YOU CANT GET HER FUCKING PREGNANT. He fucking missed that question.’ Calum rages

‘Calum, for Christ sake stop’ you tell him.

‘FUCK YOU’ he shouts, it’s angry but he drops on the bed, his head in his hands and you hear him sniff, he’s crying be always does cry when he’s mad. You over to sit next to him.

‘Calum, I’m sorry. I wanted to tell you but I thought I would leave it a couple of weeks, I didn’t want you to be distracted when you were starting your tour but then a couple of weeks become a couple of month and I couldn’t find the right time and the courage to tell you. Calum please don’t be mad at me’ you beg him, moving your hand to the back of his neck to play with the bottom of his hair, something you always do when he’s sad.

‘I’m more disappointed that anything else’ he mumbles.

‘I know Cal, I’m 18, I have no money, no house, and I know this isn’t ideal. And I’m sorry if I’m not the sister you wanted me to be, expected me to be. Please just don’t hate me Cal, don’t leave me, I need my big brother’ you beg, the tears running down your face now.

‘Hey, stop, (Y/N) I didn’t mean you had disappointed me; I meant that I was disappointed you didn’t trust me enough to tell me. God I love you (Y/N) your my sister my twin sister, I would just like to acknowledge the fact you finally agreed I am your big brother’ he comments making your narrow your eyes at him slightly.

‘Twenty minutes okay, older by twenty minutes and I was just trying to make you feel better so shhh’ you nudge his shoulder.

‘Okay well, I love you. And I am going to love him or her, my little niece or nephew. And I am always going to be her to support you because I know you will be the best mum in the world.’ He tells you, wrapping one arm around your shoulders and pulling you into him while he places his other hand on your bump.

‘Want to know a secret? Ashton doesn’t know this yet’ you whisper as your twin holds you in his arms. He pulls out and looks at you wiggling his eyebrows in excitement.

‘Spill’ he eggs you on.

‘Its twins, boy and girl’ you tell him, he grabs you again and hold you close.

‘I mini me and you, fucking amazing’ he laughs into your ear. 

From Chesea