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Hi! Can you do headcanon for Vergil (DMC) and his tiny so? Thaaanks 💜💜💜

ay yiss another request I let sit in my ask box but here we are

So let’s say that on the off chance that you are Vergil’s s/o (bc I really doubt that he’d get into a relationship with someone unless you were really important to him) and you’re shorter than him? here we go lmao

  • Listen you might think that he’s all work and no play but like that’s not 100% true, sometimes he’ll move something of yours a bit higher that you can reach and will let you blame his brother because he finds it amusing and lowkey but highkey hot when you get mad (bc that boy is petty like that)
  • Okay so he’s actually not okay with someone teasing you for your height (*inhales* bOI) like maybe he’ll let it slide if they stop right after, but if you’re genuinely getting upset about a person’s remarks about you, then that’s when your big blue and buff bf will step in and like fite (you gotta pull him away bc halfway through you’re over it and you don’t want Vergil to get arrested for assault/murder). 
  • So he’ll actually give you little (ha get it cause you’re short lmao) nicknames (nothing too obvious though for some reason but because it’s Vergil, and for some reason, he never outright shows you a lot of affection unless you’re alone together).  IMAGINE HIM CALLING YOU KITTEN WHEN YOU GET TO THE DOWN AND DIRTY *SWEATS*
  • Another thing that he loves is holding your hands in his bc yours are smaller and sometimes he says (mainly to himself anyway) “They’re a perfect fit.” (and now I’m dying bye guys I’m gone)
  • Even though you’re smaller than he is, he’s not too overprotective (he is but not enough as if he’s following you around everywhere), because he knows that you’re capable of defending yourself (unless it’s a demon or something then let him handle that k?) Like when you’re fired up about something, (whether it’s anger or passion), no one can stop you from doing something.
  • That being said, if you’re a bit too energetic, and you gotta leave or smth, he’ll throw you over his shoulders and maybe purposely have his hand on the booty and just like carry you away ignoring your protests. Like yeah, we got it, you were gonna kick that guy’s ass,  well we gotta go.
  • Okay so when you guys are cuddling you’re the little spoon (bc you’re smol) and that’s mainly because Vergil finds comfort in holding you in his arms and if something happens in the middle of the night, he can protect you. He’s actually a bit afraid that what happened to his mother for being with his father could happen to you (this wording sounds so weird so sorry if it doesn’t make sense lmao). 
  • So maybe once in a while, he’ll indulge you and maybe, a big maybe, he’ll let you be the big spoon, honestly just imagine Vergil (who I wanna say is 6′ or more) being held by you someone that’s under 5′5 but he’ll only do it unless you guys are totally alone because if his brother say he’d never live it down.

I hope you enjoyed anon :^)

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