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Sun-kissed Sleepy

Note: Not requested, but this came about because I went to the pool today and then went straight to work and I felt that sleepy feeling you get after spending time in the sun. Its a special and specific kind of sleepy. I don’t know how else to describe it, but it’s nice. It made me want to take a nap with Shawn.


The cool air of your hotel room hits you as soon as you swing open the door. You had turned the air conditioner on high before you left because you knew it would be hot outside, but a shiver runs down your spine as the blast of cool air hits you without warning. You head straight for your bathroom to take a shower, dropping your wet towel on the bathroom floor before removing your black bikini and getting under the warm stream of water.

When you get out of the shower, you feel exhaustion hit you. You had just spent the last four hours lounging by the pool, and the sun takes a lot out of you. It’s one in the afternoon, a perfect time for a nap. There is something about afternoon naps after mornings spent in the sun. They’re magical, and they have a certain feel to them.

Exiting the bathroom, you hear the television on in the hotel room, and a smile spreads across your face knowing that your boyfriend has returned. He was gone doing press all morning. You offered to go with him, but he insisted you stay back and enjoy the resort. You were in Florida after all.

Shawn is seated at the edge of the bed, watching the hockey game on the tv. When he sees you, he smiles and says “Hey baby,”

“Hey hun, how was work?” You question as you crawl onto the bed behind him, which immediately prompts him to move so he’s lying next to you. 

“Good, nothing special.” You cuddle closer into his side as his arm automatically wraps around you, and he asks, “You tired?” To which you only sleepily nod in response. “Didn’t you just sit at the pool all morning?” He questions, purposely giving you a hard time, but you know he’s joking and doesn’t mean it in a mean way.

“Yeah, but the sun makes me sleeeeepy.” You drag out the last word before hiding your face in his t-shirt. The afternoon sun is shining into the hotel room, and the exhaustion you feel is a good kind of exhaustion. Shawn has a show in a couple of hours, but neither of you have anything planned until then. “Take a nap with me?” You ask Shawn.

“You’re literally the cutest person ever.” He tells you smiling down at you.

Your eyes flutter closed, and you’re too tired to respond to his statement. You feel his lips press lightly against your forehead before he moves slightly to get more comfortable. And in his arms you fall asleep listening to the sound of his steady breathing.

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yoonjin: snarky and comfortable. literally roast each other entirely too much but always have each others back. taking care of each other in small quiet ways. jin complimenting yoongi all the time cause the flush on his cheeks is adorable. yoongi feels the need to declare that they’re boyfriends every 3 seconds. “hyung-ie”

yoonseok: cheesy soulmates. the whole world disappears when they see each other. /my boyfriend is my number 1 hype-man/ hoseoks arm around yoongi’s waist, fingers slipping under the hem of his shirt and feeling soft skin. yoongi giggling with a small blush on his face when hoseok shows off his dancing. everyone who is mean to hobi will get shanked. lots of hugs and forehead-kisses. “seok-ah”. 

sugamon: forever best friends™. in-depth discussions about lupe vs lamar while yoongi sits on namjoons lap. sitting in the studio late at night, drinking coffee, writing lyrics and holding hands. yoongi listening to namjoons rambling about their destiny and place in the universe with a fond smile. the size difference makes something in namjoons stomach clench. “joon-ah’’

yoonmin: soft and cute. full cheeks smashed against each other and sweet, short pecks. giving each other flowers or candy without any reason for it. Jimin whispering into yoongi’s neck and saying he is perfect and smells good. yoongi blushing when he looks at jimins full pink mouth or jimin running his fingers through his hair  “jiminie”

taegi: fun and supportive. silly jokes and conversations at 3 am. taehyung playing with min holly and yoongi taking a hundred pictures of holly licking taehyung’s face. yoongi wearing taehyungs shirts without pants cause he enjoys taehyungs hungry stares at his thighs. taehyungs golden skin is beautiful to yoongi and he loves holding hands and admiring the contrast. “taehyungie”

sugakookie: teasing and playful. making breakfast together and burning pancakes cause they’re too busy kissing. back hugging and hand holding. they have at least 15 inside jokes. jungkook pushing close to yoongi and yoongi reaching for a kiss until jungkook pulls away with a smirk. yoongi telling jungkook how good he is and jungkook flushing and silently playing with yoongi’s fingers “jungkookie”

omg @grannyweatherwax-nz yes!! Or even younger Little Toddler Philip who can’t even write yet but he wants to be just like his pops so he scribbles non-words into a little notebook he found and he shows them to Eliza and tells her to read what he wrote to him, so she just makes up stories and he nods along with a serious face


ShieldShock Imagine/Image Set- Steve and Darcy bond over both their shared love of reading AND the fact that other people find it surprising.  

People assume that Captain America is more brawn than brain just like they assume that a cute girl with a fantastic figure is a silly bubble head.

the love you have | shawn mendes imagine


word count: 2,821

author’s note: here is the imagine based on “roses” that i promised! i did a very quick proofread because i wanted to get this up asap, so i probably missed a few things, but i am very proud of some of the writing in here. i hope you enjoy.

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The vase was waiting on your doorstep when you arrived home Saturday night.

As soon as you pulled your car into the driveway, you were glad that you had said goodbye to Lucas at the restaurant, knowing that he wouldn’t know what to make of it. Once you locked your car and got closer, you could see that the vase held five scarlet roses, beautiful but painful in their implications. A small note had been tied with a string around one stem, but you didn’t need to look at it to know who had left them there.

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Bump || A.I.

Characters: Ashton Irwin/Reader

Rating: All

Warnings: Fluff?? Also mentions of food

Summary: The one where you have Thanksgiving dinner with Ashton’s family.

“Babe, do we seriously need all this food?!” Ashton asked as he did a 360 around the kitchen.

“I have to give your family a proper American Thanksgiving, so the answer to your question is yes,” you replied.

“I promise even though Harry is a growing boy he does not need a turkey AND a ham, babe!” Ashton chuckled as he came up to hug you from behind. His strong arms enveloped you and a kiss was pressed to your forehead as you continued to hand mash the potatoes you just finished boiling.

“Does this have anything to do with the fact that you’re eating for two now, love?” He asked, giggling, putting his hands on your small baby bump.

You gasped, mocking him. “Is that your subtle way of telling me I’ve gotten fat?!”

No babe, it’s my not so subtle way of asking if baby Irwin is hungrier than I am,“ he smiled.

You shook your head and continued the task at hand. You were working up a sweat over these potatoes. "Babe, let me. Take a load off!”

“Thank you, bub.”

Your heart fluttered as you sat and watched your husband mash those potatoes like it was his job. His biceps flexing with each jab into the pot. You hadn’t noticed him stop, you’d been too busy focusing on his beautiful arms.

“Like what you see, love?” Ashton asked.

“Oh hush,” you replied smiling.

You were just finishing the final touches for dinner when the doorbell rang.

“I’ll get it!” Ashton yelled.

“Honey!! Look at your haircut!! We can see your beautiful eyes again!” Annemarie cooed.

“Moooommm! Let my hair be,” Ashton groaned.

“Hey Ash!” Lauren greeted.


The last excitable voice was from Harry, Ashton’s younger brother who still looks up to Ash even though he’s not home as much anymore.

“Hey guys! Y/N’s just about finished dinner so head on up,” he said.

There was a healthy amount of chatter around the dinner table as you ate, discussing everything from the unidentifiable red jelly (which you later informed them was cranberry sauce), to the upcoming album Ash and the boys were working on. There was a lull in conversation and Ashton decided to give everyone the news.

“So you may be wondering why there’s so much food today,” he started.

“Seriously babe? That’s your opener?!”

“Hush I’m on a roll!” He giggled. “Anyway like I was saying-”

“We’re expecting!” you announced, knowing full well Ashton would’ve read them a whole novel by the time he was finished.

“Baaabe!! This was gonna be my thing!” He whined.

“I know love and I’m sorry but I couldn’t wait any longer!” you countered. He huffed and you pressed a kiss to his cheek before noticing Ashton’s mom was crying.

“You mean… I’m gonna be a grandmum?”

You nodded and rested your head on Ashton’s shoulder.

“Congrats guys!” Lauren beamed.

“I’m gonna be an uncle!!! Score!!!!” Harry shouted. That sent you all into a fit of giggles.

“When are you due, sweetie?” Annemarie asked.

“Mid April!” Ashton said quickly, happy to announce part of the baby’s arrival. You rolled your eyes and smiled at how silly your husband was being.

The rest of the dinner went seamlessly and you and Annemarie spoke about what Ashton was like as a baby and any other things that may lead you to what the sex of the baby might be. The five of you finished eating and you got up to begin to clear the dishes and pack up any leftovers.

“Thank you for dinner Y/N!” Harry spoke.

“Oh anytime bud! You come visit whenever you want okay? We’ve got plenty of space for you to stay here sometime,” you cooed, giving him a hug.

“Ashton don’t you dare let your pregnant wife do all the cleaning! Get off your bum and help her!” Annemarie scolded.

You laughed, “I’m okay. Honest. M'not too far along yet anyway.”

“But my stomach hurts!” Ashton whined. He lifted his shirt and he sure enough was sporting a bloated belly from all the food he had eaten.

“Ashton’s bump could give yours a run for your money Y/N!” Lauren said giggling.

Ashton groaned again. “Now who’s eating for two bub?” You teased, putting your hands on his bloated tummy, gently rubbing them against his skin.

“Guilty,” he shrugged.

Everyone laughed and helped with the clean up of the dishes and food. You knew you were thankful for a lot more things this year than you ever had been before.

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Headcanons of the RFA + V + Unknown where they find you super gorgeous underneath the stars at night? :)

This is perfect for Zen’s route, *cough cough* to those who have played it! I tried to make this lovely for all of the characters you requested, so enjoy, dearest! I added a little bonus at the end under the cut, too. If you plan to read the bottom cut, there may be spoilers prior to the story in general, so keep in mind!


  • He couldn’t keep his eyes off of you.
  • With your fingers intertwined with his and a glass of champagne in his other hand, Jumin smiled at you endlessly, admiring how gorgeous you looked in front of him. 
  • How were you so beautiful underneath the stars? His heart kept racing, his breath was hitching, and nothing else in the world mattered except you—he loved you so much.
  • He would sneak a couple of cheek kisses when you weren’t expecting it, making you blush madly.


  • She smiled at you beautifully, taking in how marvelous you looked underneath the stars.
  • It was impossible to have someone so gorgeous; she almost felt insecure knowing that you were with her—out of all people in the world—you chose her, and she’s so happy you picked her.
  • “I’m so in love with you, God.”
  • Jaehee couldn’t help but tear up, thinking about the moments you shared together, and that was amazing to her knowing that she was with someone who cared about her so much.


  • Pulling you close to his side, he kept his arms around your waist and looked up at the stars with you for the night.
  • Though, he snuck glances at you every now and then, since he found you more beautiful than the sky.
  • He gazed at the beautiful night sky but also taking in your gorgeous appearance at the same time. You were practically the one that he had always looked up to, and he couldn’t bare the thought of losing you.
  • Inside, Saeyoung’s heart kept beating quickly, and he felt a blush flutter his cheeks—all the time; it wouldn’t stop, ever.


  • He wasn’t sure how he managed to end up with someone like you, but he loved being here on his rooftop with you every night.
  • Zen looked at you with so much love, he kept an arm around you.
  • He hoped to get an answer from you on how you were able to be born with such beauty, it almost made him insecure of his own looks!
  • He’d talk about the constellations with you close to his chest, and he would always try to fight back a blush overheating his cheeks.


  • He was literally a blushing mess the entire time.
  • Constantly, he kept asking himself how you were able to look so magnificent underneath the pale stars across the sky. 
  • Every now and then, he’d your hand tightly, whispering how pretty you looked, and he continued to stare at you for the rest of the night.
  • When you sneak a kiss at him, he’d gasp and yelp, “Time out! I wasn’t ready!” as he takes in your cuteness while he falls into a flustered mess.


  • He didn’t want to let you go, nor did he have a plan to.
  • You were in his arms as he secured you into his chest, taking in your scent, and he wondered how you were able to look so cute at a very tiring time like this at night.
  • Smiling at you, he parted his lips and questioned himself multiple thoughts, such as how incredibly lucky was he to end up with someone so beautiful; he couldn’t help but blush at the flustered thoughts.
  • “You’re the best person to ever appear in my life… thank you.”


  • Feeling your hand in his, he could sense your movement near him as you spoke about how lovely the night sky looked. Though, he saw you as a sight that was more beautiful to look at than the sky itself.
  • V would always sneak a glance every now and then. Even with his blurry vision, he found you beautiful regardless.
  • He’d compliment you inaudibly underneath his breath, feeling a blush flare up his cheeks and he tries hiding his blushes by looking away.
  • You were in his arms, watching the stars glimmer across the starry night, and he was so blessed to have you be with him for the rest of his life.

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cashton + cheesy coffee shop date


a series of unlikely crossovers

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Omg can you do poly!Ranskahov where the brothers are fighting & not talking to each other and their s.o. is on the middle ground? You're the one who made me Ranskahov trash tbh I love it

“I just don’t understand why you won’t listen to me, brother.” Anatoly sighs, running a hand through his hair.

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No Matter What (Calum Hood Imagine)

this gif has me feeling some sort of way (and so do finals) and this is what came out of it… oops. 

Warnings: None, pure fluff.



The front door swung open and I stepped into the familiar apartment. I kicked off my running shoes and threw my book bag, it landing on the floor with a loud ‘thud’. 

“Babe?” Calum’s raspy voice came from the bedroom. I sighed and his body was suddenly in my line of vision, his hands reaching out to grab my hips and quickly pulling me to his chest. My head automatically snuggled into his neck and my hands gripped his t-shirt as tears welled in my eyes. “How was your exam?” He whispered, tracing circles with his fingertips across my back.  

“I fucking failed,” I muttered, the tears finally spilling down my cheeks, “And I still have two more tomorrow.” His arms tightened around my waist and he hugged me closer. 

“Shhh,” He murmured in my ear, “I’m sure you did fine baby. It’s okay.” I nuzzled my face in his chest. 

“No it’s not,” I grumbled, “I’m going to fail and I’m never going to graduate.” Suddenly he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder, carrying me towards our bedroom.

“Calum!” I shrieked. He chuckled and patted my butt, 

“We’re going to cuddle and take a nap.” I opened my mouth to argue with him but he cut me off, “And don’t you dare say you can’t because you need to study.” I pouted as he plopped me down on the bed. His hands gripped the bottom of his shirt and he pulled it off, throwing it at me as I removed my leggings and tank top to replace them with his t-shirt. He didn’t bother taking off his basketball shorts before climbing into bed and wrapping his arm around me. Pulling me to his side he placed a gentle kiss on my forehead,

“I love you so much,” He whispered, “And I know you’re stressed out but I’m always here for you, no matter what.” A soft smile over took my features and I snuggled my body against his as he pulled the covers over us. 

“I love you too, Cal.” I pressed my face into the crook of his neck and kissed his bare shoulder. His other arm gripped my hip and he suddenly pulled me on top of him. I giggled, “What are you doing?” 

“I just wanted you closer, that’s all,” He hummed, his hand running through my hair. I sighed contently, the feeling of his fingers massaging my scalp comforting me. My eyes fluttered shut and I drifted to sleep in his safe arms.

Soulmate AU

The rain fell hard, pouring down unrelentingly on everyone rushing to their workplace early that gloomy October morning. She sat in her usual booth at her favorite coffee place, the same place she’d came every morning for the past three months without fail. Her deep green eyes watched the people rushing by, taking shelter from the raging storm under wide umbrellas and dark store awnings lining the water covered streets.

She didn’t come here every morning because the coffee was amazing and affordable, which it was, or because the coffee shop was close to her apartment, which it wasn’t. She came here every morning because, according to the dark black tattoo she’d been born with, this was the place where she was supposed to meet her soulmate. She didn’t believe in destiny or falling in love at first sight, but she did believe that there was someone out there somewhere who was meant to love her for the rest of her life, someone that was waiting for her, and she was determined to find them.

Everyone was born with something that would lead them to their soulmate, some kind of mark or indication. Some were born with a timer on their inner wrist. It would count down the minutes until the exact second that a person would meet their soulmate. Some were born so that if they were to write or draw on their skin, it would appear on their soulmate and their soulmate’s writing would appear on them. Some were even born with their own tattoos. The tattoos could be either the exact coordinates of where they would finally meet or sometimes even the first words their soulmate would speak to them.

Some were lucky. Some like her. Because unlike most people, she was born with two signs that would lead her to her love. On the back of her neck, tattooed in black ink just like the coordinates which were printed right above were the words, “Are you waiting for somebody?”

The first words her soulmate would ever say to her. How ironic. Because she was. Because she had spent her entire life waiting for one special person. A person who seemed as if they would never show up.

The cursive text curled elegantly around the back of her neck, small enough to conceal but pretty and delicate enough to show off if she ever wanted to.

She had seen true love time and time again. She had seen it through her parents, who could converse long before they ever met in person through writing messages on their skin. She saw her sister, who was born with a tattoo spelling out the words, “So what are you majoring in?”, marry her soulmate just a month ago. Even her best friend had found her soulmate through the timer she had been born with. It never failed. But still, every morning for the past three months since she’d finally been old enough to move out on her own and go to New York, the city where she’d finally meet her soulmate, she’d came to the cafe only to leave alone again and again.

She’d asked for a job, but the cafe wasn’t hiring. She tried to move to a closer apartment, but couldn’t find one she could afford yet. It seemed, to her at least, as if life didn’t want her to find her soulmate.

It wasn’t that she spent her entire life waiting at the cafe for her soulmate to show up. It wasn’t that she couldn’t enjoy her day to day life without them. But getting coffee every morning was something she’d always done, something almost necessary to keep her awake through her classes, and if she just so happened to meet her soulmate one morning, then even better.

The rain pounded on the tin roof and distracted her from her thoughts. The clouds concealed the sun making everything look downcast and gloomy. She always imagined the day she would meet her soulmate as being sunny and warm. Sometime during the summer when the weather was bright and everyone was happier. But if she was being honest, she’d settle for any day. Even today.

The bell on the door chimed, alerting the staff that another customer had come in to order, which wasn’t unusual, so she kept her head down, using the time she had to work on her class assignments instead of wasting it by wishing for someone who may never show up.

“Welcome to Blue’s Cafe! What can I get for you today?” The barista’s false cheery voice seemed to echo through the small coffee shop.

A male voice answered back, “I’ll just take a small coffee, thank you.” For a minute everything was quiet, except for the noise of the barista getting the order ready to go.

After a while, she heard footsteps approaching her table and looked up for a second, her eyes going straight to a timer on the strangers inner wrist blinking 00:00 over and over. Her gaze traveled farther up only to lock eyes with a guy she’d never seen before. His golden brown eyes glinted with curiosity and humor, as if he’d just told her a joke and was waiting for her to get the punchline. For some reason she couldn’t look away. He cleared his throat, smiled gently as if he was worried he’d scare her away, and said the words she’d been waiting her entire life to hear, “Are you waiting for somebody?”

Her eyes filled with pure joy and her deep red lips parted in a dazzling smile, “Yeah actually… and I think it might be you.”

leaving a glistening trail on calum’s caramel skin as your tongue traced the hills and hollows of his muscly body and he’d moan out softly while whispering your name as your teasing tongue tickled across the sensitive skin between his thighs. you’d shush him with sly smirk as you wordlessly reminded him that he had to be quiet as his bandmates were asleep in the surrounding bunks and then you’d slither your tongue across his hard length and relish in his taste as you took him in your mouth. his hands would grip on tightly to the thin sheets beneath his body as you hummed softly while sucking him off and his teeth would dig into his lip as he threw his head back in euphoric pleasure. his breaths would get louder as they got quicker and you’d stop for a moment to quietly whisper “baby if you can’t be quiet i can’t let you finish” and calum would moan silently in despair as his eyes begged for you to continue. you’d softly murmur “good boy” with a small smile before kissing his cock and getting back to work. calum would fight to stay quiet as you teased and pleased and licked and kissed before finally he’d quietly grunt “babe fuck i’m gonna -” only to get cut off by the high of his long awaited release and you’d look into his eyes as you swallowed every last drop of his delicious juices before licking your lips with a satisfied smirk and crawling against his side and into his cozy arms. “i love you so fucking much” calum would whisper as he kissed your hair and pulled you closer before both of you blissfully would doze off while your happy hearts beat in sync and your breaths became one.