imagine if you were in the theater with him

But It’s Sad and It’s Sweet

The title is an accurate description if I’m honest!! When writer’s block, make angsty.
CAUTION: swearing, breakup, general Criminal Minds stuff
Word Count: 443

You have to see him every day. Your ex who took you to stupid movie theaters and old museums. Dr Spencer fucking Reid.

You have to walk past Garcia’s office where you shared your first kiss every day.

You have to sit in the room where you announced to everyone, after you finished a case that made everyone question their own mortalities just a little bit more than normal, that you were getting married. The same room where you told them you weren’t.

His desk, opposite yours, where you showed him your favorite YouTube videos. Where you made funny faces at each other whilst making case notes, to make the night just go that little bit quicker. The joint custody heart shaped eraser that Garcia gave you as an engagement present sitting proud on the shelf made by the dividing half wall, gathering dust because neither of you will use it anymore.

The broom cupboard where you made love that one time at 2 in the morning before sitting down to do paperwork following a case in Vermont. And that second time. And third. Any time you two were alone in the BAU, really.

And you have JJ’s office, where he saw you break down for the first time because you watched someone die, and where he put his arms around you and kissed your hair and wiped your tears and told you that it gets easier. And where he broke down for the first time, too.

The picture of Spencer and yourself that used to sit on your desk, retired to the drawer, but you’re reminded every time you need something out of there. You can’t bring yourself to throw it away.

And then there’s Rossi’s office, where you had your final argument after Spencer did something so utterly stupid. You weren’t sure how a genius could be so stupid. He risked his life, really risked his life, when you’d already planned your lives together. He jeopardized that, and what for? To help catch one bad guy.

You’re in the elevator, and you push the button to go down to the parking lot. Spencer jams his hand in the gap just before the doors close.
“Fuck.” You whisper under your breath, knowing he can hear you.
“I’m not sure it gets any less awkward, you know.” Spencer sighs.
“Yeah.” You try to lean further into the corner away from Spencer. You know he can read your body language, but you just want to get as far away from him as possible.
“Is it OK if we talk about reinstating our plans?” He reaches out a hand to your shoulder, stopping just short…

(part 2)

Studying (Christopher Jackson x Reader (Platonic))

Request: Hello, can you write a Christopher Jackson imagine where the reader is a little sibling of someone in the cast and gets dragged to the theater after their school day is over and the reader is super stressed because they have to study for a test while the cast is rehearsing but they feel an obligation to be there for their sibling?

Word Count: 504

Warning(s): Stress

A/N: Sorry for the wait you guys! School caught up and kicked my butt. Also, I want to dedicate this story to @c-jacksonn, as seeing them liking one of my previous Chris imagines really pushed me to write.

Tag list: @imkindapassionate-kindasoulless (tell me if you want to be added!)

You stayed silent as you were led inside of the theater by your brother, Chris.

You were yelling at yourself for agreeing to join him during the day, especially because of the fact you had a test the next day in your calculus class.

But either way, you listened as he pulled you behind him and rambled on about ‘how you would love watching practice’.

“Really, (Y/N), I promise you will,” Chris reassured as you two stepping inside.

You simply gave a nod in response as you were pushed into a center orchestra seat.

“We’re starting in about ten. Keep an eye out.” Your brother pressed a kiss to the top of your head before running onstage and disappearing behind the curtain.

As soon as you saw him disappear behind the curtain, you removed your notebook from your bag and started reading the notes you had taken throughout the semester.

It wasn’t long until you were cued to close your notebook and turn your attention to the stage by voices and footsteps. You let out a quiet breath and forced a smile as your eyes landed on Chris.

Only a moment later, the entire cast took their places and the familiar opening of the musical started.

You sighed.

'This is going to be a long day.’

You had constantly been going between watching the performance and studying from your notes for the entirety of the first act. You had to look up and smile while Chris was watching and onstage, but took your chance to study when he was off stage or he wasn’t facing you.

It wasn’t until right before What’d I Miss started that Chris noticed the distraction that was your notebook.

You didn’t see as he raised his hand for the song to be delayed. You didn’t see as he made his way offstage, and then to you.

“Hey.” You nearly jumped out of your seat as your brother caught your attention.

“Hey! Chris. Sorry.” You spoke, your voice turning into a mutter as you closed your notebook.

“I’m sorry Chris. I really want to be here for you. You know I do, but I have this test and-” Your voice became strained as you fought back tears.

Chris had been there for you ever since you were born. He was there for every show. He was there for every recital. He was there for every project, and you couldn’t even be there for a single rehearsal.

“Hey.” You felt him sit down next to you and wrap his arm around you. “It’s okay. I wish you would’ve told me you had a test. I wouldn’t have asked you to come today.”

You leaned into him with a shaky breath.

“It’s calculus, right?” You nodded.

“Why don’t you go talk to Tommy? He’s here today, and he’s not half bad at calc. He can help. And I’ll help during dinner. Okay?”

You sniffled before nodding. “Okay.”

“Hey, (Y/N)?”

“Yeah, Chris?”

“I love you.”

You smiled. 

“I love you, too.”

Restriction - (MATURE)

“I told you we’d be late Justin” You whispered as you rolled your eyes, him not seeing you do it as the lights in the movie theater had already went out.

“Alright baby, but you were the one who wanted to get-“ Justin began in the furthest away voice from quiet, the whole movie theater could probably hear him.

“Shh, it’s already started” You whisper laughed as Justin grabbed your hand and walked you towards the back row, then pulled you down to sit.

Occasionally looking back at Justin and seeing him bored out of his mind during the movie, you laughed to yourself. You had basically dragged him here and didn’t feel bad one bit. Maybe if he had payed attention to the movie, he’d actually enjoy it.

“Baby, this is boring as fuck” Justin complained for the 3rd time so far as he slouched in his seat like a kid having a tantrum.

“Shh” You hushed, concentrating on the movie since you had already missed the first 10 minutes.

Adjusting himself in his seat, Justin slowly moved his hand from your knee towards you inner thigh, you felt chills go through your entire body. You knew exactly what he was doing.

“Jay, stop, people are gonna see us” You whispered, before licking your lips for moisture.

“They won’t, please I know you want it too babygirl” Justin moaned into your ear, as he moved your skirt out of the way. You could hear the desperation in his voice. Focusing on Justin for a second instead of the movie, you watched as he bit his bottom lip then smirked at you. Already feeling yourself get wetter and wetter by the second, you gave into Justin’s needs and left his hands free.

Justin slowly slipped one of his hands inside of your panties causing you to spread your legs a little, desperate for him now. Feeling him slowly rub your clit, you let out a quiet whimper, causing him to look at you with another smirk on his face.

“Faster baby..” You managed to let out whilst still keeping your voice low

“Shh” Justin hummed as he moved his other free hand towards your inner thigh, your body was aching for him.

With one of his hands, Justin began to rub your clit faster each second in circular motions using his thumb, and with the other hand, he slid two fingers inside of you, causing your body to feel like fire. The restriction from moaning was killing you.

“Justin, I.. I need to scream your name.. I need to moan for you” You let out, short of breath

Parting your mouth a little, you looked over at Justin. He looked back at you with the same smirk on his face and was quick to pull his fingers out of you, using that hand to cover your mouth.

“What the fuck? Why did you fucking stop” You whispered, with an annoyed tone in your voice after pushing Justin’s hand away from your mouth.

“As much as your moaning turns me on, you can’t make a single noise, or I’ll have to stop” Justin explained. God, his seriousness was such a turn on. “So shut up and let me finish babygirl” He continued as he licked his lips.

You nodded.

Hearing the loud music from the movie kick in, you were desperate to moan for Justin as no-one else would hear at the moment, but as he had told you, you couldn’t, or else he would stop. And he wasn’t kidding when he said that.

Justin inserted his fingers back into you, making you quiver.

“You like that?” He questioned you whilst smirking and teasing you over the fact you couldn’t let out the moans you wanted to.

You just nodded again, biting hard against your bottom lip.

“Justin… I’m gonna..” You grabbed his wrist, rough, so that you had something to grip on to and closed you eyes in pleasure.

“Cum for daddy, princess” He whispered, leaning closer to you so that you felt each breath he took against your bare neck. He knew talking dirty would send you over edge.

Not being able to take the non-moaning stage any longer, you arched your head back against the seat and felt your climax approach, letting out a murmured moan as you did it. Low enough so that nobody heard, not even Justin.

Panting quietly with short breath, you rested your head back, then opened your mouth as Justin moved his fingers towards them. Smirking you sucked on his two fingers, which you knew would turn him on in every way possible.

“That’s right baby, good girl”

Lost My Bestfriend..

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Artist: Jay park

You were driving on your way to the movie theater that you and Jay go to every month, it was a little tradition for you guys to go at least once a month and watch a new movie, and it had been like that for years.

You and Jay were the ultimate best friends, you met him years ago when he came back to Korea and you guys clicked, since you knew English and also Korean, you used to help him sometimes around since you lived longer than he did there, even though you’ve know him for years you haven’t developed any feelings towards that were more than friends, so your relationship was so comfortable together, he was almost like a big brother to you.

You sent a text message to Jay telling him your almost there, and that your stuck in traffic, but even after 10 minutes you didn’t get a reply from him.

Jay has been acting really weird, he’s really distance and he barely replies back to any of your texts or phones calls, but you thought that maybe he’s super busy.

You got to the theater and decided to wait for Jay before you go and buy tickets, and so you guys could go and get snacks together.

30 minutes later and there’s still no sign of Jay being here, so you thought why not just go and buy tickets and also the snacks and just wait for him, the movie will be starting anytime soon.

There was five minutes left and the movie will start, you decided your going to watch the movie anyway, because your not going to waste two tickets and food.

Watching the movie alone sacked like he’ll, you were the only one alone, everyone is just talking and chatting together while your just here wondering why Jay didn’t come.

The movie finished, you enjoyed the story line and everything, but it’s sad to know you watched it alone when Jay kept hyping it and all.

You were checking you’re social media after you left the theater, and you couldn’t believe the pictures you saw, Jay had ditched you to go out with his friends and he didn’t even have the curiosity to tell you he wasn’t coming or if you even wanted to join him, he just left you there stood up.

You couldn’t believe that Jay had actually done that to you, you felt really hurt, you would never do anything like that to Jay, you would never let him be left out, you would always include him in everything, and even ask him if he wants to join even when you knew he didn’t like it, because you always wanted him to know that he was welcomed, but you just didn’t even say or do anything about it you left it be.

Days later, Jay being the same distanced person barely contacts you, you were just wondering if you were losing your bestfriend.

You had texted him

“Hey there bruuh”


“Are you busy”


“I just wanted to see if it’s fine if I came to the label :p”

“Maybe next time, I’m kind of busy now, I don’t want to get distracted” And he include emoji’s and lol to show that he wasn’t being rude or anything.

You thought yeah, after all it is a working place and you shouldn’t distract them.

You just obtained for staying home and ordering food, maybe catch up with your favorite drama. The ads were driving you crazy so every time one comes up, you would check snapchat.

You got to Ugly Ducks snapchat, and you felt betrayed, why? Because you saw how everyone was at the label and their friends, sik-k and all of them were just having fun and all, they were playing on the hoverboards and jamming to music. You thought woow, so much to you being a distraction and stuff, and here they were just having fun. Jay was being really cruel now.

You decided since Jay is acting like that, you will act the same, you wont reply to his texts or answer his phone calls.

Two weeks have passed, and Jay had called you and sent you text, but you didn’t reply to him, he was throwing you away and you weren’t going to let him treat you that way, when he’s busy you don’t exist and when he’s bored he calls you.

You were leaving your work place when you heard someone call your name, you looked back and saw you Jay standing there waiting for you.

“What are you doing here” you asked him sharply.

“You haven’t been answering your phone, and I wanted to see if your fine”

“Well I’m fine, you could leave now and go back to your friend” you said and turned back to leave.

“Why are you acting like this” he said and raised his voice

“Me, I’m acting like this?” you said

“Yeah, your being all mad over nothing”

“Over nothing Jay, I’m being mad because your being an asshole, I’m mad because you ditched me and left in the movie theater waiting for you, and you just go out with your friends and didn’t even send me a text telling me your not coming, I’m mad because you told me not to come to the label because I distract you but then you had so many people over and you guys were playing around” you said but held in you angry tears from coming down.

Jay didn’t say anything because he felt like a dick for doing all that to you, but then he felt worst when he heard the hurt in your voice when you said.

”Look I get it, I’m not famous or anything, I have a normal job and I live a normal life and I get it that I cant spend like you can and travel when I feel like it, but I thought those were all materialist things and they didn’t measure up our friendship, but I guess I was wrong” you said and finally took all that anger out of your chest.

“Look its not like that” Jay said but didn’t know what else to say.

“Look Jay, you don’t have to say anything, if I was a burden to you, you don’t have to worry anymore” you said and then just left Jay behind.

Jay was speechless, he couldn’t say one word because of all that’s going around him.

Did he just lose his bestfriend…. 

Thank you so much for reading the scenario, I hope you enjoyed it.


the theatre

request: Hello. I was wondering if yo can do a Reid x reader? Like you’re in theater and your boyfriend, Spencer, surprises you and just really cute and fluffy? Thanks ❤️

Your boyfriend Spencer was away as usual, working on the BAU’s latest case. It was hard to be away from him for so long but when you were together you made every moment count. He was missing a specially important moment for you, you had been cast as the lead in a new play your community theatre was presenting. He had tried to ask Hotch if he could stay and work from Quantico but you couldn’t ask that of him, so you kissed his cheek and sent him off.

Your phone vibrated and you smiled immediately as you found a text from Spencer.

“Break a leg baby! Did you know it’s believed that this phrase is originated from the 1865 assassination of Abraham Lincoln? The story goes that John Wilkes Booth, the actor turned assassin, claimed in his diary that he broke his leg leaping to the stage of the Ford’s Theatre after murdering the President. While Booth’s roles as an actor are not well remembered, wishing an actor to “break a leg” is to wish them a performance worthy of remembrance. I love you.“

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Group Date

You and Scott rarely got to go on dates, but when you did it had to be special. So when you and Scott had planed to go to the movies you were very excited. You had just sat down in your seats and were waiting for the movie to start when you heard someone whisper-yell Scott’s name. Looking around the theater you saw Stiles coming up the stairs.

“You invited Stiles?” you asked Scott.

“Well yeah. He always invites me to hang out with him and Malia.”

By this time, Stiles had already made it up then stairs. 

“I feel safer in the middle seat so (Y/N), do you mind if I uh…” Stiles trailed off but he was basically asking if he could have your seat. You sat up and moved to the seat next to you when you heard someone say Stiles’ name and it wasn’t from Scott of course. It was from the one and only, Malia Tate. 

And she did the same thing as Stiles which was ask if she could have your seat, moving you farther away from Scott.

“Might as well just invite Mason and Liam.” you said sarcastically to yourself.

“Oh, they’re getting some popcorn.” Stiles said while shoving a twisler in his mouth.

“Are you serious?” you asked in a worried tone.

“Here they are now.”

And of course, there they were coming up the stairs. They had wet over your said and surprisingly hadn’t asked for your seat. Liam sat next to you with Mason next to him. “Oh, (Y/N). Lydia told us to tell you that she couldn’t make it.” Liam said while shaking his popcorn.

Right now, Lydia was your favorite.

“What movie is this?” Mason asked Liam.

“I think the one with the girl that has cancer.” Liam answered.

“No, that’s the fault in our stars. This is paper towns.” Malia said.

“Isn’t there another one?” Stiles asked.

“There’s a couple more, I think.” Scott said.

“Shh, it’s starting.”

You were going to kill Scott.

Imagine falling in love with the Joker and you go insane like Harley-Request

“Hey puddin.” J laughs, seeing you as he climbs through the hideout’s window.You two were residing in a broken down theater that you guys renovated (it was a surprise from the Joker because he wanted to make you happy) with some flowers and twinkly lights and you called it a home.

Joker didn’t like you knowing about his business because he knew it’d worry you, so you just watched him come in and out. 

Seeing your unharmed lover, you run to the window, slamming your lips against his. J, needing your touch to blend with his possesive nature, tugged your body closer to his, his hands roaming your body.

Heated up in the kiss with the tension of danger toying in the air you suddenly pulled away, stretching his face with your hands, staring at his bpdy for any sighs of blood or bruises. 

“Are you hurt?”

“Y/N, I’m fine-”

Suddenly, you shoe him away crying, “You always say you’re fine! But I’m scared you’re gonna die you fuck. What’s been going on? Everyone’s after you and I-I c-can’t handle you dying.”

“Baby I-” His voice was interrupted by the sound of windows smashing abnd the blaring alarms by the warning we have set. J snatched my hands and tried to run away with me until others began swarming us.

I didn’t know who they were, but they were dressed in costumes, and had this murderous glare towards Joker. Noticing the heated hatred thick in the air, you cowarded behind the Joker, squeezing your eyes as tight as you could, hiding your face in his shoulder.

“Who’s she?” a girl asked, smacking her gum.

“None of your business,” Joker snapped, “Leave her out of this.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. i didn’t know you actually gave a shit about anyone.”

“Fuck off Harley.”

Then your world went black.


You were chained in a basement. Your arms and legs digging tightly  into the freezing metal, a bright light blinding you.

You didn’t know how long you’ve been stuck in this hellhole, but it felt like centuries. Again and again those costume-wearing people tried to pry information you didn’t know about Joker. They’d do anything to have it. 

Every single time they brought it up you tried to tell them you didn’t know anything, but before you could even finish your sentence a whip would already be slashed against your face.

Then they’d leave you hungry, cold, bruised and broken.

From upstairs you could barely find the energy to hear the whispers of the ones who brought you here.

“She has to know something.”

“Maybe she doesn’t know. She could be telling the truth.”

“Bullshit. How the hell can we not get anything out of her? WE’re the world’s worst villains for christ sakes-AHHHH”

Screams began echoing through the walls,mixed with the sound of gunshots.You could hear the furniture breaking and smashing again the wall. Back and forth. Glass was shattered, things were piercing into other things until…silence.

Scaring you, the door, flew open, with a small peep of light seeping through.

“Y/N…you in here?” Joker softly asked.

You smiled, tears wanting to spill through. Never have you been so happy to hear his voice. It made you want to scream in happiness, but you couldn’t, it hurt too much.

“I-I-I- Y-Yes. H-H-H-Help-”

In a second, J was next to you, ripping the chains off ina second before picking you up and taking you away.

“I’m so sorry, puddin. No one’s ever gonna hurt you again


Your hands were gripped tightly against the bathroom sink. The flickering white light on top of you taunted you. It was home, but it scared you knowing it could be ripped away from you.

Lifting your head you glared at the damage that had happened to you. Your face was drastically paler, with the exception of dark black and even yellow bruises. Cuts were scattered all over your face. It was so sensitive that if you touched it, the wound would cut open in a second and start bleeding. 

Looking down, you were met with two bag full of makeup. There was the more realistic and socially acceptable yours, and his-the crazy bright red, and ghost white foundation. The wild card.

Unzipping both bags, you roughly slammed both of them at the mirror. The sound of clankiing makeup and breaking glass filling your ears. Snatching the white makeup, you smear it over your face, rubbing it in messily  and unevenly. Then you take black lipstick and rip off the cap.

Checking your face in the mirror, you traced the two scars sticking out the most. They were the deepest and were connected to your lips, making it look like a glassglow smile. Taking the lipstick you trace over the scar, letting the cut bleed. Then you smear it on your lips and stare at yourself and laugh a joker’s laugh.

So Verdi’s letters are hilarious

Fun facts from my music history research:

Bertani Prospero wrote a letter to Giuseppe Verdi  went to go see when it was playing in Parma in 1872. 

After the performance, he decided he did not like it, but then heard everyone saying it was AMAZING so he went back to Parma to see it again. Then in the letter he bitches about how he had to pay even more because other people heard it was good. He then write that he “came to the following conclusion: the opera contains nothing thrilling or electrifying, and if it were not for the magnificent scenery the audience would not sit until the end. It will fill the theater a few more times and gather dust in the archives.” 

THEN this guy says “you can imagine my regret having spent 32 lire for these two performances.” GUY HE WROTE VERDI ASKING FOR A REFUND! A REFUND. He was so fearful of using money it haunted him like a spectre Then he itemized his expenses IN THE LETTER:
Railroad: one way 2.60 lire 
Railroad: return 3.30 lire
Theater 8.00 lire
“Disgustingly bad dinner at the station” 2.00 lire 

Multipled by two= 31.80 lire


He wrote to Ricordi at the time saying to send the guy 27.80 lire. He said “True, its not the whole sum he demands, but for me to pay for his dinner too would be wearing the joke a bit thin. He could do perfectly well to have eaten at home.” 

I’ll reimburse you for the shows and travel to each but its who chose to eat out? You did! Poor life choices, Bertani.


“Naturally he must send you a receipt, as well as a written declaration that he promises never to another one of my new operas, so that we won’t expose himself again to the danger of being pursued by spectres, and that he may spare me further travel expenses!” 

Then the guy agrees to never see another opera “unless he [Verdi] takes all the expenses upon himself. whatever my opinion of his work may be.”

This interaction actually happened. 


[Gifs belong to creators]

Walking back from the movie theater, Bucky looked at Steve with a grin on his face,

“Is there food on my face?” Steve looked at him, the crease between his eyebrows was prominent, that dented his face when he frowned.

“I see the way you look at Y/N” Bucky’s eyes were trailing Steve’s face, and grinned once more as a crimson flush spread over his thin face.

“I don’t know what you are talking about” Spluttering, Steve brushed a hand through his hair, walking to his front door,

“Just ask Y/N out, maybe go dancing?” Stretching out the last word with a movement of his hips, smiling cheekily “I think there is a 10% chance the answer will be no.” The corners of his mouth twitching upwards

“10%!” Steve rubbed a hand over his face in frustration, Bucky flashed a toothy grin “Ok, 10% was an understatement, 20%.” Laughing when he hears Steve groan into his hand.


tbh all i want in life is to go on a date with michael and it just ends up him doing rlly sly actions to further your progression of whatever you guys were doing together, like if you were walking around with him he’d say ‘hey can you hold this’ and it ends up with you holding his hand and him trying not to suppress a smirk on his face as you walk down the block. or if you just finished watching a movie and it’s kinda cold out when you leave the theater, so goosebumps form on your skin and he’s just like ‘hey, you cold? well, c’mere and i’ll warm you up’ and of course you instantly wrapped your arms around him as he held you close. or like when it’s time to go your separate ways at the end of the night from your date and you were gonna kiss him on the cheek but instead he quickly turns his head as you lean in so you end up kissing his lips for a moment or two and he just responds “y’know all you had to say is you wanted to kiss me” as you blush profusely at the ground before he hugs you goodbye and you tell him to text you when he arrives at his home safely. that’s what i want. 

Imagine Being on a Late Night Date with Bucky and Seeing a Clown

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 You stood behind your boyfriend scared for the first time in months. HYDRA? You could handle that. Enemies with guns? No problemo. Clowns? FUCK THAT.

 So when you and Bucky left the theater at 2 am after watching The Girl on the Train, you were a little unsettled to see a grown man in the alley near the theater wearing the scariest fucking clown costume ever. Bucky immediately shoved you behind him, tensing and coiling his left arm as the clown began to run at you.

“Stay behind me, doll.” He growled. You were shaking like a leaf, and knew better than to step out from behind the Winter Soldier. 

 For a millisecond you almost felt bad for the clown, he hadn’t recognized James, and he certainly didn’t see the vibranium arm Bucky housed under the rough fabric of his hoodie. 

 Bucky let his arm fly at the last second, connecting with the clown’s jaw. Thankfully he didn’t use his full strength, or he might’ve cracked the wacko’s skull.

 “Fuck, ow.” The man moaned, cradling his face as he laid on the pavement.

 “You stay the fuck away from my girlfriend and stop dressing up like a damned clown.” Bucky shouted, grabbing your hand and wheeling you towards his car. “America sure has gotten weird over the years.” He mumbled, buckling you in and placing a calming kiss on your lips.

Me Before You

Peter Maximoff x reader

Based on Me Before You because I just saw it in theaters and cried and figured we all need some angst

He hated it. He hated it so much. And there was nothing he could do. Peter threw the stones he had in his hands across the pond bitterly. Why couldn’t you have given him a chance?

You were his sister’s friend’s older sibling, who he’d met once from picking up his sister after an afternoon of playing. He wasn’t sure why you weren’t running about with the two small children when he first arrived, only to notice that you couldn’t move your legs at all. He immediately felt horrible, having broken his leg before, but felt increasingly worse when he heard you’d never be able to move them again since you had been hit by a car a few months prior.

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His first time seeing your naturally curly hair (Interracial)

Pairing : Justin Bieber/ Reader

Words : 498

Rating : PG13


You sat on the living room sofa of the apartment that you and Justin shared, cuddled up with Esther. Your frizzy hair that was once covered with a sew in, is now in a loose bun.  You were catching up on Grey’s Anatomy and had a bowl of movie theater flavored popcorn in your lap.

“Baby I’m home!” Justin shouted entering the mansion.

“Hey.” You smiled when you saw him.

“Woah, your hair!” He plopped down next to you admiring your poofy ponytail.

“What, what’s wrong?” You questioned, suddenly getting insecure.

“Nothing’s wrong.” He giggled.

“I’ve just never seen your real hair before, you’ve always had extensions or braids.” He added.

“It was short and I wanted to do some protective styling.” You smiled, shoving some popcorn in your mouth.

“So what are you gonna do with it now?” He asked.

“Uhm, actually I was just about to wash it.” You told him, standing up.

“I can help you.” He looked up at you.

“You really want to?” You inquired, shocked.

“I mean yeah, I wouldn’t mind playing with it since I never get too.” He smiled, standing up as well.

“Okay, well come on.” You held your hand out for him to take.

Justin put down Esther so she could be free, and he took your hand, following you to the master bathroom.

“Alright grab those.” You said pointing to your shampoo and conditioner set.

You took off your shirt, revealing a pink sports bra. Then you continued to let your hair out of the bun.

“Wow.” Justin said, his mouth falling open a little.

“What?” You asked, getting on your knees and kneeling over the bathtub.

“It’s big.” He said grabbing a section of your wild fro.

“I know, c'mon Bieber.” You laughed.

“Alright, alright.” Justin said, joining you on the floor and grabbing the shower head attachment.

He turned the water on, wetting your hair and then shampooing it.

“What the hell?” He touched your hair.

“What?” You asked.

“It’s curly now???” He said, confused.

“I’m black Justin, my hair is naturally like this.” You told him.

“I thought you had to be mixed or something to have curly hair.” He said, now conditioning and detangling your tresses.

“Well its kind of hard to explain but basically black people can have either really tight kinks that look like coils and others have tight curly like my hair. Mixed people usually have really loose curls.” You explained.

“That’s cool. You can do so much with it.” He smiled, rinsing your hair.

“You really like it huh?” She laughed.

“Like it? Baby girl, you and your curly hair can have your way with me anytime.” He kissed your back.

“You are such a freak.” You giggled and sat up, letting your curls fall on your shoulders.

“Goddess.” He whispered on your cheek, kissing it.


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My Masterlist

so, at least in the older versions of ant man cassie is a canon fan of star wars (see darth vader poster, what seems like a R2D2 toy)

(image not mine)

and since she’s still young now (forever annoyed that she’s fourteen again but that’s beside the point), and even ignoring that – just imagine her seeing the new star wars movie (in this case she would’ve seen the originals on dvd/vhs and not in theaters)

she adores rey because of course she does – she kicks butt, relies on herself first and foremost, and certainly reminds cassie of both herself and kate at least on some level

finn’s redemption story is so important, because it shows how even if you were placed under unfortunate circumstances (see: her own father), you can make a new life for yourself and help save the universe

poe is dreamy and amazing and just super rad (she needs more time to form thoughts on him, but overall she’s a super big fan of his)

she appreciates the diversity in the new trio because her closest friends (the young avengers) are a diverse bunch and seeing other friend groups that resemble that even in the smallest of ways is such a good

she turns to scott when the big surprise scene (that shall go unnamed) happens and just goes “why”, with tears falling down her face because father figures are so important to her. (and as much as she has an appreciation for villains on occasion, she decides then and there that she hates kylo because of what he did)

she totally asks for a BB-8 toy the second they leave the film because it’s the coolest new robot there ever was, and she’ll always like R2D2 but BB-8 is her new favorite.