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warnings: fluff :)

a/n: this is for my man jeff who i love and appreciate !! also first 13 reasons why imagine !! feedback is appreciated and requests are always open

You and Jeff walked into the gymnasium, your arms interlocked at the elbow. You had worn your favorite dress, which complimented your body perfectly. The moment you stepped out your house door, Jeff was swooning. Your cheeks had turned a bright shade of red. “You look beautiful Y/N.” Jeff said before giving you a kiss on your lips. “You don’t look so bad yourself.” You replied. You weren’t lying, the man looked heavenly in suits.

But as you entered, you saw white snowflakes along the walls and blue lights illuminated the gym. You headed over to the table with food, grabbing a light snack. You looked around the crowded gym for Jeff, spotting him sitting on bleachers, next to Clay Jensen. You walked over and sat on the other side of Clay. “And what are you boys talking about now?” You ask, taking a bite of your snack.

“Um, nothing Y/N. Jeff is just meddling with my love life.” Clay replied, looking across the gym. A small smile had appeared on his face, and you followed his view only to see, Hannah Baker. “Go talk to her. Ask her to dance.” You speak up, looking at Clay with a grin on your face. “You know I can’t dance.” He shot back, leading to Jeff letting out a laugh. “Nobody here could dance.” He claimed, and the three of you looked around, laughing and agreeing with your boyfriend’s statement.

“C'mon Jenson. We made a deal, if i got a C or above, you would come to the dance. Now go and talk to her.” Jeff spoke, Clay sighing then standing up, mumbling a rushed ‘Fine.’ You and Jeff watch as Clay and Hannah walk up to each other. You see Hannah speak and a smile appears on her face, then the two start to dance, if you could call it dancing. You and Jeff high five each other, big grins on each other faces.

“I totally ship them.” You spoke. “Our meddling has totally worked.” Jeff replied and you nodded your head in agreement. The two of you intertwine your fingers, leaning into a passionate kiss. Jeff cups your face in his hands as you both pull away. “I love you Y/N Y/L/N.” Jeff said in admiration. “And I love you Jeff Atkins.” You stand up, stepping off the bleachers and reaching out your hand. “Now c'mon Atkins, dance with me.” You smirk, Jeff stands up and takes your hand in his.

The two of you walk and start to dance but making sure the both of you could keep an eye on Hannah and Clay. “Look Atkins, we’re cupids now.“ You said motioning Jeff to the view of Hannah and Clay kissing. Jeff brings you into a hug and kisses your forehead. “You’re my sweetheart Y/LN. I love you.” Jeff speaks and you feel yourself blush. “What did I do to be blessed by Jeff Atkins?” You ask before the two of you continue to spend the rest of the night in the company of each other.

oh my i hope you like this because i didnt know how to end it also this isnt edited sorry if it sucks ://

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Far too young to die Part II

Request by @mr-robot-x : How would Jeff react when the reader dies in the accident instead of him. Clay and Justin support him.

A/N: Okay so a lot of people were asking for a part 2 of this and i know i took really long with this. i apologise, it’s just that senior year is kicking my ass more than i thought. I promise to get all my other requests out, i just ask that you be patient with me please

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Jeff’s POV

What does Sheri have to do with y/n dying that night? What the hell did Hannah say? I know what happened that night, I’m the reason she died.

Justin’s POV

“Sheri, hey wait up”

“Justin, hi”

“You have to tell Jeff”

“What! no i can’t, I’m not ready”

“Sheri he lost it out there on the field and you’re here thinking about yourself’

“Justin this is the worst thing i have ever done in my life”

“He needs closure, he still blames himself for that night, he still thinks he killed the love of his life”

“Okay, I-I’ll give it to him tomorrow”

Jeff’s POV

I messed up at the game on Friday, I thought I was doing okay, I thought things were getting better. I feel like I can’t even talk to Clay after what just happened with Hannah. I knew he loved her and now he also lost the love of his life. Justin asked me to sit with them in the cafeteria, he was probably just feeling sympathetic after i froze out on the field during the game. I still couldn’t stop thinking about what he said to me about talking to Sheri because apparently something happened between her and Hannah but i don’t understand what i have to do with it.

”Hi Jeff”

“Hi Sheri, how are you?”

“Good as can be expected, uh-do you have a second to talk?”

   I couldn’t help but feel like all eyes were on me and i stood correct when i turned back to the table and Justin, Marcus, Alex, Zach and Jessica were looking at me but averted their gaze when i caught them staring. 

“Yeah, this won’t take long though right? because i have a history quiz next period”

“No, I just need to give you something”, She said nervously as she handed me a USB.

“A USB?”

“Yeah you won’t understand right now but after you listen to it you will. I just ask that after you listen to it please don’t look at me differently because i would do anything to take it back. You need to know that this is the worst I’ve ever done in my entire life.”

 She looked like she was about to cry and i didn’t really know what to do so i just placed my hand on her shoulder in a comforting manner, “hey listen, it’s okay”

“Jeff just please listen to it when you get home”

“I will, i promise. Are you gonna be okay?” i asked concerned. She just ran off without answering me, i don’t think I’ve ever seen her that way.

“Everything good with Sheri?”, Zach asked.

“uh-yeah i think so. She just gave me something and said that i need to listen to it.” Zach’s whole body language changed and i felt like he knew something I didn’t but then again maybe i was just overthinking everything.

The first thing i did when i got home was go up to my room and listen to whatever was on this USB. It has been consuming my mind the whole day. Was I ready for whatever was on here? No. But i have to know what’s so bad that Sheri was on the verge of tears. And play…

“Hey it’s Hannah-” holy shit, is this some kind of sick joke?

“-Sheri if you’re listening to this then it means you’ve already heard your tape-” Tape? what tape?

“It also means that others know what you did that night. You’re probably wondering why you received this right? Well this is for you to hold onto until you’re ready. And no, this isn’t something that has been passed on, neither will it be passed on to anyone after this. There is only one person in particular that you will give this to when you’re ready or when you know that person will need to hear the truth. And you know who that person is….. Jeff.”

“So Jeff this part is for you, if you’re listening to this. Hi! You have to understand that what I’m about to tell you could change everything, it may change the way you look at Sheri or even myself. I don’t really know where to start with this. I guess i want to firstly thank you for always making Clay go to any social event because if it wasn’t for you, Clay and i wouldn’t have had the moments we had. But this isn’t about Clay and I, it’s about the night of Jessica’s party, the night y/n died in the accident. I was pretty drunk that night and my phone was dead and Sheri was leaving so she offered to take me home. As she drove I told her that I was really drunk and that my parents would be really angry if i got home in the state i was in. So she suggested i call home and tell my parents that i was staying over at her house. And as i mentioned before, my phone was dead so as she was driving, Sheri was looking for her phone and we both had our eyes off the road and then we knocked something. We both got out of the car and saw that it was a stop sign. I tried telling her to call the police but she refused because she didn’t want her dad to know so she drove off leaving me alone with a knocked down stop sign and a dead phone. So I ran to Blue Spot Liquor to call the police and when they said that someone had already reported it, i thought it was Sheri. That was until that morning when i heard what happened and i tried talking to Sheri to say something and i even called y/n’s home and when it went to voicemail I didn’t know what to say so i ended the call and i walked pass her house so many times but i couldn’t bring myself to knock on their door and say something. Then when i tried telling Clay he just blocked me out. Jeff I’m so sorry about what happened, if i had maybe just stood there until somebody drove by I could’ve called the police and y/n would still be alive. I’m sorry I left you to blame yourself for what happened to y/n. I hope this brought you some closure.” 

*the next day*

“Sheri! can we talk?”

“uh-Jeff hi! yeah sure”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Jeff you have to understand-”

“No, there’s nothing more to understand, Hannah was pretty clear on what happened that night”


“I’m not done, you didn’t do anything Sheri, you just continued with your life and watched as my life fell apart without y/n. You did nothing as i blamed myself for losing the best thing that ever happened to me.” By now I was crying and I couldn’t care less what everyone thought.     

 “Jeff this was the worst thing I have ever done, if I knew the consequences of what i did that night, I would have done everything differently.” She was crying now.

“That’s just the thing Sheri, you don’t see this kind of stuff coming, That’s why it’s unforeseen. You couldn’t have possibly known that you were going to be the reason y/n died. But you could have done something that night. You could have just called the police and told them what you did and she would still be here every morning waiting for me at my locker and flashing me that innocent smile of hers and going on about another crazy dream that she had.”

“Jeff I’ll do anything. What can i do to make you forgive me even a little bit?”

“They deserve the truth, y/n’s parents deserve to know what happened that night.”

“Jeff her parents will never look at me the same again.”

“They need just as much closure as i did, you need to explain why you did what you did and you know it’s the right thing to do.”

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12 days of Kissmas #12

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Plot Summary: Bucky’s promised for the next 12 days until Christmas to surprise you with a different kiss each day.
Day 1|Day 2| Day 3|Day 4|Day 5|Day 6 |Day 7 |Day 8|Day 9|Day 10|Day 11|Day 12

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, twelve drummers drumming.

‘Let’s play truth or dare!’ Tony announced, drunkly.
An array of excited chatter and agreement scattered around the table.

‘And with that being said, I’m going out for fresh air’ You responded, pulling on your coat.

‘Awwwww, sucha killjoy! Scared we’ll find out some secrets?’ Tony replied

‘If you mean secrets like, you watch Desperate Housewives on the sly when Pepper’s not around – then sure!’ You grinned at Tony horrified face, walking away from the table.


You were sat in the gazebo outside, it was all lit up, just like it usually was for Christmas. The first flickers of snow were falling down.
‘I thought Cinderella had to leave the ball at midnight?’ A voice said.
You turned your head and smiled at the sight.

Bucky Barnes in that dark suit, his hair tightly pulled back into a bun, leaning against the frame of the gazebo.

‘Didn’t she meet Prince Charming and lose her shoe?’ You replied.

‘Well, I’m sure you could lose your shoe…amongst other things’ He grinned.
You rolled your eyes, shaking your head.

‘What? No witty remark? Have I finally won the battle?’ Bucky mocked.

‘You may have won the battle Barnes, but I will always win the wars’ You retorted, a small smile on your lips.

‘Wanna play truth or dare?’ Bucky asked, as he sat beside you.

You shrugged ‘Sure, why not?’

‘So Doll, Truth or Dare?’

‘Truth’ You replied.

‘Why do you steal my shirts from the laundry?’ Bucky asked.

‘Because you’re the closest friend I’ve got and the most annoying person I’ve ever met, but when you leave on missions, I hate the idea of you not coming back. Your shirts give me that comfort that you’ll come back, it’s like you’re there – just minus the smart mouth’ You confessed.

Bucky’s mouth had dropped open slightly.

You broke the brief silence.
‘Truth or Dare, Mr Barnes?’


You looked at him ‘Why did you do this 12 days of Kissmas challenge?’ 

His hand casually rubbed the back of his neck. 
‘I was kinda hoping that you’d…’ He trailed off. 
‘Kinda hoping for what exactly?’ You pursued. 

'That you’d fall in love with me’

Your eyes widened. 
'Oh Bucky, that’s impossible’ 

His features seemed to subtlety get sharper, like a defence mechanism getting ready to protect itself.

You placed a hand on his cheek, caressing it with your thumb.
'You didn’t have to do a challenge to make me fall in love with you….when I already was

Bucky didn’t have time to react to your words as you crashed your lips against his, your hands on the back of his neck and his hands on your waist, desperately trying get closer to each other. You could feel the passion, the roughness of how long this kiss had been thwarted for, your tongues danced together inside each other’s mouths.

You pulled away first, catching your breath.
You started singing 'On the twelfth day of Kissmas, my true love gave to me, a night of French kissing, a thimble full of love, a collarbone just for nibbling,  frosty heavy necking, an arm to brush against, a shoulder to caress, a kiss blown that’s soaring, a soft haaaand embrace, several eskimo kisses, a flutter of butterfly wishes, a good luck forehead peck and a smacker right on the cheek!’

'Hey! Those are my lines’ Bucky protested.
'What can I say Barnes? I’m good at pilfering things’ you grinned, as you stood up.
'Like what?’ He replied, mimicking your previous action.
'Oh, y'know, food, your shirts …and your heart’ you responded.
Bucky laughed 'that was cheesy Doll’
'I aim to please’ you said, curtsying.
Bucky leaned in, ducking his head down for another kiss, when you stopped him
'How about me and you finish this up some place else?’ You mused, smirk on your lips.

'With pleasure Doll’

 Author’s note: Thank you very much for reading 12 days of Kissmas! I hope you enjoyed as much as I did writing it. Wishing you a Merry Christmas!! ❤️🎄

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