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Inktober Day 16: Eren Jaeger as a ghoul would be terrifying

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simon minter x reader a/n: hi!! this is my first fic and i know its trash but it was rushed and its late and im probably going to queue this. i had another account before this bu tit was a whole mess so im restarting here!

warnings: smut

requested? no thats why its so cliche and stupid im sorry 

requests are: open!!

You were currently at Cal’s New Years party. The music was blaring, you were being pushed around by sweaty bodies and you were buzzed with alcohol. No matter how many faces were in the crowd you were still looking for one particular man, Simon. He asked you to be his date yet you couldn’t find him anywhere.

After a while, you got tired of looking and decided to mingle with people. One man caught your eye. He had shiny brown hair that was styled perfectly and a perfect smile. Although he had nothing on Simon, it was worth the shot.

You pulled down the front of your short black dress, making your cleavage very prominent and touched up your hair. You walked over to Mr. Perfect and gave him your million dollar smile, and you guys hit it off from there.

When you were laughing particularly loud at one of Mr. Perfect’s jokes as you felt a strong arm wrap around your waist. The subtle scent of the mystery man’s cologne filled your senses and you found yourself snuggling up on his embrace.

“Sorry mate, she’s with me,” and before you knew it you were being dragged out of the house by your waist.

As soon as you entered the elevator the mystery man slammed his lips onto yours. The kiss was all teeth and tongue as he fought for dominance within your mouth. His hands were gripping hard at your waist, you were sure that they were going to leave bruises the next morning. No coherent thoughts were coming to your mind as the only thing that you were able to focus on were his hands dragging down your back towards your ass.

You pulled away from the kiss and moaned, “Simon.” Your skin was burning with lust and the only thing that you could focus on were his crystal blue eyes. Instead of answering you he tilted your head up with his hands and proceeded to dot your neck with hot and wet kisses. Your knees became weak as he continued his assault on your neck. You grasped at his silver locks and moaned his name continuously. You felt him sucking hickeys into your neck and your upper breasts. You were gasping for breath as he moved to pull your dress strap down your arms.

“Fuck,” you breathed out as the elevator came to a halt on the last floor. Simon dragged you out of the elevators and towards his car, you could barely even catch up with his long steps. When he reached the car he pushed you against his car door and all the air was knocked out of you. He continued kissing your neck and you could no longer catch your breath. Your breath hitched as he reached a particularly sensitive part of your neck, as he sucked a hickey into that area you let out a loud moan.

Hearing you moan like that did things to Simon. You could feel his dick twitch in his jeans, which caused the both of you to let out a breathless moan. His hands moved from your waist to the back of your thighs, silently asking you to jump. He then wrapped his arms around your waist and continued sucking hickeys into the side of your neck. Aching for more of his touch you pulled his hair and forced him to bring his lips down onto yours. This kiss was slower and more passionate than the one shared in the elevator, but it still caused tingles to go down your spine. Moans were erupting from the both of you as the tension got high. All you wanted was to rip his clothes off and have your way with him right there in the parking lot, but you knew better.

“Si- Simon, stop,” you said as you pulled your lips from the bruising kiss. He pulled away and you finally got a chance to look at him properly. He was dressed in a tight-fitting, white button down paired with tight black jeans. Just looking at him made your blood boil and your cunt clench. He was too much for you to handle, you felt yourself craving his kiss again. As you were checking him out, he was also checking you out. You were wearing a tight black dress (cliche i know leave me alone) that made all your curves very obvious. The dress was short and stopped above your mid-thighs, leaving nothing to the imagination. When he saw you talking to the prick with the brown hair, something primitive in him snapped. He felt that you were his even though you actually weren’t.

“We should, um, take this back to my apartment,” you managed to stutter out under his heated gaze. You couldn’t even meet his eyes, you felt like he was burning a hole into your body as he unabashedly checked you out. Without saying anything Simon opened the passenger door for you and gently pushed you into the car, you could tell that he was still jealous because he was giving you the silent treatment. Quietly, he slipped into the driver’s seat and started to drive off.

The car ride was completely silent besides the music playing from the radio. It wasn’t exactly an awkward silence but it wasn’t comfortable either. You tried to start up conversations but he refused to speak to you, only answering in nods and shakes of his head. You looked out the window and noticed that there was still a long way to go to your apartment and you couldn’t bear the silence. You looked over his way one more time and you were mesmerized by his features. His styled hair, his chiseled jaw, and his pink lips. Your eyes kept grazing down his body until you noticed something very obvious.

Simon was hard. Very hard. His boner was practically struggling to be freed from the confinement of his jeans. You smiled to yourself, happy that you weren’t the only one affected by the heated session you had previously. With a plan in mind, you gently placed one of your hands on his abdomen. Immediately, you felt his abs clench under your touch. Refraining from shooting him a smirk. You dragged your fingers down his front and stopped right above the button of his jeans. You glanced up and saw that his jaw was clenched and his fingers were wrapped around the steering wheel incredibly hard. You thought he might break the wheel.

Your fingers grazed the top of his covered hard-on and you heard him let out a strangled moan. This gave you the courage to continue. You knew he was a good driver from your years of disturbing him while driving so you weren’t worried (don’t try this irl lol). You hand slowly started to unbutton his jeans and you heard him already letting out pants of laboured breath. You didn’t even know you had this effect on him but you were going to use it to your advantage. You pulled his jeans out and you were shocked to see such a large tent that was formed in his boxers, you never imagined him to be this big. Although you and Simon were considered “a thing”, you weren’t official and have never been intimate with each other besides a few kisses during a game of truth or dare. This was your first time seeing him like this.

When you finally freed him from his boxers he let out a guttural moan, the air hitting his cock giving him a good sensation. You took his cock into your hand, giving it a few leisure strokes, feeling him with underneath your touch. Your fingers reached up to the tip of his dick, spreading his precum around. Deciding to tease him for giving you the silent treatment, you continued to give him a slow and torturing handjob, knowing that this will give him pleasure but it won’t be able to give him an orgasm just yet.

“C'mon baby girl,” he managed to groan, obviously tired of your continuous teasing. Deciding not to prolong it any longer you licked a long stripe with your tongue from the base of his cock to the top, paying attention to the prominent vein running along his dick. Simons breath started coming out in pants, and the air in the car was filled to the brim with sexual tension. You took his tip into your mouth, bobbing your head up and down but only as far as the top of his manhood. His hips gave an involuntary lurch, almost shoving his dick down your throat, but you stopped him by holding down on his thighs. You started taking more and more of him into your mouth, using your hands to rub the places that you weren’t reaching. As you hollowed your cheeks around him, Simons breathing was speeding up, telling you that he was close.

“Bab-Baby, please,” he choked out. When you looked up and saw him in his vulnerable state, desperate to cum, you took pity on him. You then relaxed your throat and took all of him into your mouth, your nose brushing his pubic hairs. You removed one of your hands that were on his thighs, and moving it to his balls, rubbing them. The feeling of his cock in your mouth and his balls heavy in your hands caused you to let out a groan, excited for what’s to come when you get back to your apartment. All you could imagine were your thighs wrapped around hs heading as he ate you out while you were riding his face. The dirty thought caused your arousal to pool in your panties, making you clench your thighs for some friction against your aching clit. The groan you let around Simons cock sent vibrations through his body. The simulation from you sucking him off and your hands on his balls caused his hips to stutter forward as he orgasmed. You felt the warm sticky liquid shoot down your throat. As you swallowed his cum you continued to bob your mouth over his spent dick until he was too sensitive, pushing your head away from his cock.

When you got up and wiped your mouth of his remaining cum, you were met with Simons lustful and heated gaze. You looked around and also realized that you were parked in front of your apartment. You were about to ask him when you got there when he pulled you over the center console and onto his lap. What he said next almost made your insides burn with desire,

You’re next baby girl.

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Ayyy imagine Shawn using a blindfold on you while he teased your body and ate you out 💦😛

Why are you like this.


Your sense of touch would be heightened. You’d be able to feel his breath trailing down your skin, making you shiver in anticipation. He’d leave lingering kisses along your stomach making it jump from the contact. Those calloused fingers stroking the insides of your thighs and it drives you crazy that you can see what he’s doing.

You can’t see the way he revels in the sight of you almost helpless underneath him. The way he licks his lips when his gaze lowers to your panties. You can hear him suck in a harsh breath before you feel him exhale against your core.

“So wet for me,” he whispers and his lips press against the wetness on your panties. You can feel his fingers creep up your thighs towards the hem of your panties. He hooks them under and slowly pulls them off you until you’re exposed to him.

For a minute nothing happens and you start to get antsy. You’re about to say something when all of a sudden you can feel the softness of lips and tongue against your slit and suddenly words escape you.

Imagine Sebastian

Imagine that one Thomas Sanders vine, with you as the jogger, and Sebastian the one yelling and chasing you~ <3

Imagine after said vine, Sebastian laughing at you, and gaining on you
“But the demon was faster than they originally thought~!! It… caught! Them~!”
Imagine him wrapping his arms around your waist when he stresses ‘caught’, and lifting you up when he does <3 

Imagine: “The demon ate the poor, defenseless human! Omnumnumnom!!”, and giggling as he ‘eats’ the crook of your neck~ <3<3
Imagine getting covered in Sebby Kisses, and just: “Oh nO! It’s killing me with KISSeeeess!! How cruel! Ohhh the humanity! It’s just so awful!!” And giggling with him till you can both hardly stand properly~<3 

Birthday gift for @amiedelabaisse Hope you have a great day dear

”Piss off.”


”I am covered in sweat and smell like puke”

”I’ve seen you worse”

”You have, but this time it’s contagious and I’m not dealing with your ass if you get sick”

It was the middle of the winter and even Andrew wasn’t immune to the cold, he had a high fever and threw up most of what he ate because of it. As you can imagine, Andrew wasn’t too pleased. He had spent the past three days in bed, refusing all assistance with anything and tried to follow Neil and Kevin to night practice all three nights.

After some arguing they had decided to stay home from practice. Kevin was pissed, Neil was worried about Andrew which made Andrew pissed so no one was really happy about the arrangement. However, Neil wouldn’t go unless Andrew stayed at the dorms and Andrew wouldn’t stay there unless they all did. Of course, Andrew got his way, mainly because Neil was worried he would sneak out behind them, “borrow” a car and then promptly fall asleep behind the wheel on the way to the court.

So, there they were, Neil standing beside their bed holding a bowl of soup that Andrew refused to take.

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For the 2nd gif. Newt on shrooms lol

Hahaha! 🍄

Master list

Imagine: Finding Newt after he accidentally ate some bad mushrooms.

“Newt, I’m home..” You stepped down the ladder, tossing your bag and coat to the side as you walked into the never ending extensions of the case. You gazed around but caught no sight of your husband.


Dougal came around the corner, tugging on your dress and leading you to the back where you found Newt staring off into the distance with a strange look on his eye. You walked up to him, shaking his shoulder and making him jump.

“Ah…darling…” Newt stood excitedly, hugging you close as he looked around the room. “Do you see them too?”

You looked around, trying to pry yourself from his grasp. “What…?” But, you had no idea what he was referring to. Until you saw the mushrooms lying on the table, and it appears your precious husband had boiled the wrong species to create a potion.

“Dear lord…” You looked over at Newt, sighing when you saw him twirling his wand around with a smile on his face.

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Almost Home


Summary: Steve’s life has changed drastically since the 40s, but that doesn’t mean the 21st century doesn’t have some good things to offer. Like Tony Stark and his skilled fingers, for example.

A/N: It’s your birthday for 20 more minutes here, so happy birthday @thebest-medicine! This isn’t exactly like the idea you sent me, but I did include it briefly and I hope you will like it anyway!

I’m sorry to disappoint anyone who thought my summary indicated that something smutty is about to go down. It’s really the opposite of that.

Words: 2 050

Everyday used to start the same way. He’d wake up terrified, heart racing, wondering for a moment where exactly he was. He’d watch the sun rise as he ran and ran and ran through the outskirts of the city, pretending as if he really needed the exercise when in fact he just needed the escape. He’d get breakfast at the little café downtown and watch the people around him go about their days; days that had always looked the same.

For Steve it was nothing like his days used to look.

And now, several months later, it all changed again. He no longer woke up in his little apartment, but he always woke alone and scared. He no longer started his days with a jog, but at the gym, where he punched bag after bag until he got tired of having to constantly replace them. He no longer got breakfast at a café in his lonesomeness, because the kitchen in the Avenger Tower was always stacked with whatever you would even imagine having, and he almost never ate alone. It was different, but it was a different he liked better, in a way. It wasn’t the 1940s, but it wasn’t hell either.

Maybe one day it could be home.

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Here’s to the Fools Who Dream

Loosely based on ‘City of Stars’ from La La Land and ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ from ‘Les Misérables’. Lyrics in italics.

We all dream every now and then. The human mind likes to wander beyond the sky and beyond what is, into a world where everything feels lighter than the heaviness of our reality. We like to dream of the future and of the past and of the things that we wish were true. Of things that will never be because they’re impossible or unreachable or just made of magic and stardust. They’re the things that seem untouchable to us. That’s the essence of the dream – the longing for something that appears to be so, so far away.

So is it any wonder that there were two little boys, a long time ago, laying awake at night, staring through the window at the night sky, dreaming. Building themselves castles made of clouds. Getting caught up in a dream, an illusion, didn’t seem all that bad to them. Even if a castle of clouds wasn’t real, it was still better than what was awaiting them in the morning: nothing. They would have done anything to run away from the nothingness.

One day, there laid a little blonde boy in his bed in the orphanage. He was called Simon Snow, a name the other kids laughed about whenever he introduced himself. He watched the clock on his nightstand. The number turned and suddenly it was midnight. Simon let his gaze drift out of the window and at the sky. It was midnight.

Wow, he thought. Now I’m six years old.

As he gazed at the sky, he thought about how it was his birthday that day and only the stars even cared enough to shine for him. Nobody would light the world for him to make him feel special.

City of stars,

are you shining just for me?

City of stars,

there’s so much that I can’t see

But there was no one there to judge him or to remind him of how things really were – so he let his mind wander off. Tomorrow morning, his mother would wake him up, with a smile so bright, it would light up the whole room. She’d have light red hair that’d dance like fire in the sunlight. She’d have chubby cheeks and the warmest hugs anyone could imagine. (Simon didn’t remember what it felt like to be hugged really tight and full of love but he was still allowed to dream about it). And tomorrow morning, she’d give him freshly baked cherry scones for breakfast. (Simon didn’t know what cherry scones tasted like, but he imagined if he ever ate one, it would taste like Christmas and pretty sunflowers and soft voices.)

City of stars
Just one thing everybody wants
There in the bars
And through the smokescreen of the crowded restaurants
It’s love
Yes, all we’re looking for is love from someone else

A rush
A glance
A touch
A dance

Then his father would come in, a tough looking man who would protect him from all the ones who shot him hateful glances every day. He’d laugh the most heartfelt laughter, loud and gentle, like a warm summer rain. And then he’d turn up music – cheerful and happy, carrying all the colours in the world into his ears. The three of them would dance together, messy and constantly stepping on each others feet because, and Simon was sure of that, they all would suck at dancing. They’d dance until their feet would hurt and they were completely out of breath.

A look in somebody’s eyes
To light up the skies
To open the world and send it reeling
A voice that says, I’ll be here
And you’ll be alright

Just someone – they wouldn’t have to be his parents. Realistically, Simon knew that his parents had left him and that they wouldn’t come back for him. But someone – anyone. Anyone could come to give him all the love he needed. Someone who’d be there for him when he cried. Someone to tell him it was alright when he had gotten into a fight with someone – even though he never wanted to hurt anyone.

He wished at the stars that someone would come for him. They wouldn’t even need to save him. They wouldn’t even need to do anything – the only thing Simon needed was for someone to be there.

Because he was well aware of the truth. Tomorrow morning, he would wake up, on his own. He’d go to breakfast and they’d give him a muffin, bought at the store, with a single candle. Everyone’s attention would be on him for a moment as they wished him ‘happy birthday’ and he’d feel nothing but uncomfortable.

As he looked at the stars, he pushed every thought away. Because he’d do anything, for just a minute, to live in a different world. He turned in his bed and closed his eyes.

He didn’t think about the laughter – never with him, always on his costs. Nor did he think about the mean words of his bullies that hunted him day by day. He didn’t dare think about the fights he got into far too frequently or the others, who talked to their friends whereas he sat all alone at lunch.

But most of all, he didn’t want to think about the gaping hole in his heart.

We all dream, sometimes. But dreams can be painful and sometimes they can tear us apart.

Simon Snow knew nothing of the boy who, too, dreamed of impossible things and laid awake that night, far away from the orphanage. The boy was very different from Simon – he was dark where Simon was light and loud where Simon was silent. The thing they had in common was that they had the same parts broken and that loneliness was crushing their hearts.

The black haired boy lived in a house with little people and much space while the other lived in one with many, but neither of them felt at home where they spent their nights. Home is more than just a place. It can be a person or a feeling or the knowledge that no one will judge you.

That boy had eaten plenty of cherry scones and had he thought about them, he wouldn’t even have remembered what they tasted like. Because since a year or so, anything he ate tasted like nothing.

They boy had an equally weird name as Simon Snow. He was called Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch, but the only part of that which he cared about was 'Pitch’. Not only did it perfectly describe the blackness in his soul, but it was also her name.

When he laid there that night, and looked at the same stars that Simon glanced at at the same time, without being able to close his eyes, he allowed himself to think of her.

There was a time when men were kind
When their voices were soft
And their words inviting
There was a time when love was blind
And the world was a song
And the song was exciting
There was a time
Then it all went wrong

The blackness hadn’t always been there. There was a time when Baz had smiled and laughed and didn’t lie. There was a time when he was able to be happy with no concerns. When people loved him and there was no dreams needed, because the dream was reality.

Now she only existed in his memory. Her hair had been black and her skin had been dark and soft. He could still recall her smell when she held him in her arms. He knew that she had loved him unconditionally, as a mother was supposed to, and he still loved her.

I dreamed a dream in time gone by
When hope was high
And life worth living
I dreamed that love would never die
I dreamed that God would be forgiving
Then I was young and unafraid
And dreams were made and used and wasted
There was no ransom to be paid
No song unsung
No wine untasted

Promises had been made when he was younger. Nice words she had said to him and all the what ifs. She had shown him the world and he had seen wonders in it and beauty. She had given him books to read. He remembered her being proud of him when he soothed the children in the nursery. He wondered whether he’d feel home there.

Baz knew that he was too young to feel sad like this, but in his mind there was only just before and after. Before she left him, hope beat in his heart. His future had looked bright then, now it was just grey.

But the tigers come at night
With their voices soft as thunder
As they tear your hopes apart
As they turn your dreams to shame

He knew that she was gone and that she wouldn’t come back. And at night, when nothing was there to distract him, he missed her like crazy.

“I’m scared,” he whispered and thought of the children in the nursery. He wished for her to come and tell him: “It’s okay, little puff.”

He squeezed his eyes shut and when he opened them again, he thought he saw her face in the stars for a second.

“Please,” he whispered again. “I know you can’t come back… But can’t you send someone? Is there not a hero who can save me? Because - ”

He buried his face in the pillow. “Because it’s really hard to carry on, all on my own.”

For a second, he waited, as if she’d send him a sign or answer. But there was nothing, no sound and nothing else. He was alone.

She slept a summer by my side
She filled my days with endless wonder
She took my childhood in her stride
But she was gone when autumn came

And he thought of her lying there, by his side, stroking his hair when he was afraid or had a nightmare. He wished that this was nothing more than a nightmare too and he’d wake up in the morning. She’d still be here and she’d smile her caring smile.

And I still dream she’ll come to me
That we will live the years together
But there are dreams that cannot be
And there are storms we cannot weather

But Baz knows that these dreams are stupidity. He won’t ever wake up from this nightmare. There’ll be no one saving him from the darkness. His father told him more than enough that he’s supposed to live in the real world. And so he does. He faces the plain white wall and the scary gargoyles at his bed post. No need to be afraid of them, or anything in the real world. What’s hidden in his soul is much scarier. And he’s endlessly afraid of the day it awakes and he knows that there’s no way that his mother could love him again.

I had a dream my life would be
So different from this hell I’m living
So different now, from what it seemed
Now life has killed the dream I dreamed

Two boys laid awake that night, two sad songs playing in the darkness. The thing they longed for was the love of someone else. They were waiting for a miracle to happen. And little did they know that only five years later, a miracle would happen, when the crucible put them together and they attended a magical school.

But it was even more years later when their dreams finally clashed. It was another dark night and they sat in their bedroom, closer than usual, on Baz’ bed. They looked at each other, hesitantly, and Baz’ heart was swelling with love. He’d fought against the monsters for a very long time and he’d lived in the castle of clouds for just as long.

He looked into Simon’s eyes and as he stared into the depths of blue, he found something he’d been looking for for a very long time. He swallowed nervously and took Simon’s hands in his. He felt Simon’s magic pulsing through him and suddenly he felt like he could walk on clouds.
Twinkle, twinkle, little star,” he whispered. And that was the moment gold and black crashed and united to become something new.

A look in somebody’s eyes
To light up the skies
To open the world and send it reeling

It was pure magic. The room seemed to vanish around them and there was nothing left but the stars, shining brightly. There were so many of them and they were beautiful and Baz started laughing because he was holding Simon Snow’s hands and it was like touching the stars.

And then Simon started laughing with them because it seems ridiculous when dreams come true.

Their laughter was light hearted and honest and this was the place where for the first time in a very long time, they found home.

A voice that says, I’ll be here
And you’ll be alright

In Simon’s smile, Baz could see that he felt it too.

I don’t care if I know
Just where I will go
'Cause all that I need is this crazy feeling
A rat-tat-tat on my heart

It was the feeling the both of them had dreamed of one night when they were kids.

Think I want it to stay

City of stars
Are you shining just for me?
City of stars

Baz wanted to stay like this forever. He didn’t want to let go of Simon’s hands and neither did Simon. The stars around them were the wonder that they’d been waiting for.

You never shined so brightly

Some say it’s foolish to dream. But for some of us, dreaming is the only way to keep breathing. Sometimes, dreams guide us through the dark until one day, we don’t need them any more.

So whenever you meet a dreamer, be aware of the darkness that might lay somewhere in their soul. Be aware of the dangerous path that they’re walking and never once yell at them for it.

Because it takes bravery to walk through the forest and don’t you dare take away the light in their hearts. Don’t you dare take away the hope that, one day, they’ll reach the stars. Because, no matter how foolish it might be, the dream of it is better than nothing at all.

Deaths in "What remains of Edith Finch"

After I watched the playthough in Jacksepticeye’s channel, I spend a lot of time thinking about this game ( even at work, which we now know that it’s dangerous to do!)and I came to the realisation that there is a specific pattern in the deaths of this game. And that is- they all had vivid imaginations, and in the end it was the the death of them. Think about it: Odin risked so much by taking the original house with him, and died with it because he imagined that the curse could be escaped that way. Molly ate holly berries, which are poisonous, and imagined ( or hallucinated )all that animal shapeshifting story. Barbara obviously was a girl with great imagination, which probably led to her disappearance. Calvin wanted to fly, and he did. Sam was so involved in his shooting (gun and photographs) that didn’t grasp the danger of the situation. Walter imagined that he could finish the curse and died from it. Gus and Gregory also had tragic deaths because their imagination overpowered the dangers that were occurring. Milton’s and Lewis’ deaths were the most definitive in my little.theory. Lewis died from daydreaming so hard that he couldn’t distinguish reality to imagination. Milton was a very creative and imaginative child, who had explores the rooms of his ancestors and porbably got lost in thw history of them all. Who knows? Dawn imagined she would escape the curse, and she didn’t. Edie refused to leave the house and died in there. As for Edith, well, she imagined she would raise her son and never have to tell him about those stories. Didn’t work out, of course.
I know that the whole idea is a little halfbaked, but I think you get what I was thinking. Nevertheless, this game was amazing and provoked a lot of thoughts and emotions.


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Being Stiles Stilinski’s twin sister would include…

- Having Star Wars marathons  
- Arguing about dumb things
-Him being super over protective of you
-Insulting each other all the time
-Him getting mad when other people insult you because “Only I can call her that, because she’s my sister.”
-You doing the same when people insult him
-Talking to each other when you need to talk to someone.
-Always being there for each other.
-Pranks…lot’s of pranks
-Him regretting getting you involved with all the supernatural stuff.
-You being best friends with Lydia and Stiles trying to get you to set him up with her.
-You saying no.
-Him begging until you finally give in and try to set them up, but failing.
-Coach calling you Stilinski Number 1, because he likes you more.
-Being sarcastic af.
-Sassy af.
-The pack getting annoyed by the two of bickering all the time.
-Making fun of him carrying a bat, but you do it too.
-Fighting about who would be the Batman from the two of you.
-Singing in the jeep together when driving to school.
-Getting into awkward situations.

- “You cant come with us Y/N!”
- “Why not?”
- “You are too young.”
- “I’m only 6 minutes younger than you dumbass”

-Calling yourself the better Stilinski.
-Him disagreeing.
-Always taking care of each other.
-Never leaving each other behind.
-When your sad he is the first person you go to (vice versa)
-When you were younger you would read bedtime stories to each other.
-Yelling at him for using too much duct tape on the jeep.
-Taking him for ice cream at midnight when he wakes up from nightmares.
-Scott being like a second brother to you.
-Sometimes being jealous of Stiles and Scott’s friendship.
-Him getting mad because you take too long in the bathroom.
-Singing in the shower and him yelling at you to shut up, but secretly he kind of enjoys it even though its not that good.
-Making gagging sounds when Malia and Stiles kiss and saying “Why would anyone kiss Stiles? He ate a spider once.”