imagine how strange that must be

But can you imagine Draco Malfoy’s diary?

First Year

Potter rejected my offer of friendship so I’ve decided he is now my arch-nemesis. I hate him. Why doesn’t he like me?

Second Year

I made Potter think I opened the chamber of secrets so he’d pay more attention to me. It hasn’t worked but Crabbe and Goyle have been acting strange lately.

Third Year

A hippogriff attacked me. Granger punched me. And Potter hit me with a patronus. My father will hear about this. How can Potter cast a patronus anyway? He must be really good at

Fourth Year

I think Potter liked the Potter Stinks badges. He’s probably going to ask me to the Yule ball.




He asked a girl.

Fifth Year

Potter didn’t seem impressed by my prefect status so I joined the Inquisitorial Squad as well. So far, no comment.

What’s so good about Cho Chang anyway? 

Sixth Year

Ginny fucking Weasley. You’ve got to be kidding me. He’s supposed to be stalking me.

He’s supposed to have stopped me by now.

Seventh Year

I knew it was him. I knew.

I hope he wins.

Post Mortem Photographs

Victorian Post Mortem Photography 1837-1901

Post Mortem family photos and portraits 

Often a family would not have any group photos and after a family member had died they only have one last chance of a photograph together.

After they had passed away they would be dressed up and sometimes having eyes painted on their eyelids.

Sadly in this era child mortality was very high and a post mortem Photography would be the only way to have a photo of their child.

Imagine how difficult it must have been to pose with a dead loved one. At the time, the photography process was slow and you could not move while the photo was being taken.

In this photo you can see the dead girl is more in focus than her parents, as they moved while the photograph was being taken.

Sometimes, photographers would try to make it appear like the dead person was sleeping.

Notice the odd position of the curtain behind the boy? It’s likely there was someone behind it holding the boy’s head up.

See anything strange about the background? This girl is sitting on someone’s lap. The person held her in place while the photo was taken.

In this photograph, the girl standing in the middle is the deceased. The photographer attempted to make her look more alive by drawing on her pupils.

Theres just something about their eyes . I got goosebumps while making this .

anonymous asked:

Do you have any acd fic recs?

Hoooo boyyyy do I ever. In no particular order:

The Incident In The Room With The Red Curtain, 9k, teen. Friends to lovers. “Holmes investigates the mysterious disappearance of Francis Colleton, a case that requires some of Watson’s specialist knowledge.” Absolutely one of my favorite fics of all time. They are so gentle with each other.

The Adventure of the Doctor’s Heart, 12k, E. Friends to lovers. “Holmes has observed much of Watson’s habits and tastes over time, which is why it surprises him when his friend objects strangely to a folk song sung at the conclusion of a case. Disturbed by the Doctor’s unexpected display of emotion, Holmes becomes determined to lift his spirits by any means necessary, with mixed results.” This was one of the first Doyle-style fics I read. Holmes’ quiet adoration of John is so good.

Grit, 5k, M. Friends to lovers. “Watson, still bruised and damaged from the Afghan War, decides to hide his inversion so Holmes will remain his friend and flatmate. He thinks the trade-off won’t be difficult, but in a moment of weakness he goes to an underground club with an erstwhile lover. What he discovers there is more than he’d bargained for.” Funny and sad and sweet, with a beautiful ending.

A Man Of Great Character And Better Humor, 2k, gen. Established relationship. Retirement. “When a bit of bad news threatens to crush Watson’s spirit, Holmes knows just the solution.” Absolutely the loveliest little sketch of two old men in love.

Five Times Sherlock Holmes Lied, 5k, gen. Friends to lovers. TAB verse. “Something in Wilde’s persecution has touched a nerve in Sherlock – snapped that tenuous thread of hope holding him upright – and it feels as if he has taken to bleeding internally.” This one’s hard, but gorgeous.

The Ill-Tempered Patient, 1k, gen. Pre-slash. “Holmes has a cold and is being disagreeable, but Watson is used to indulging his moods.” A funny glimpse into their affection for each other.

Mon Couer, 1k, teen. Established relationship. “Holmes tries out a new endearment in the midst of pillow talk.” Holmes gets insecure, and Watson comforts him. The two of them trying to figure out how to be sweet with each other–and flustering themselves–is too lovely.

A Taste of Honey, 3k, teen. Pre-slash. Sickfic. “A failure to observe leads to a successful deduction.” Watson becomes deathly ill while Holmes is away, and Holmes is forced to confront how badly he needs him.

The Incident With The Bicycle, 2k, gen. Established relationship. “We know Holmes can ride a bicycle, but when exactly did he learn?” A bit of a wobble in the early days of their love. I adore Watson’s kindness in this.

Wintry Morning, Victoria Station, 1k, teen. Established relationship. “Watson had come to see me off at the station, that chilly morning in November when a quiet yet momentous shift took place in that strange thing that existed between us.” Watson and Holmes find words for something deeper than anyone around them could imagine.

The Tempest, 3k, teen. Friends to lovers. “Now that Holmes had come back from the dead, things could return to how they were before.” Aftermath of Reichenbach–Watson is so brave.

As Yes To If, 3k, gen. Friends to lovers. Granada. “Leave for your own sake if you must, but on no account shall you leave for mine. I can imagine no sadder outcome of the insight you have gained tonight.” Watson lets slip more of his heart than he realizes, after they nearly lose their lives.

Winter In London, 45k, NR. Friends to lovers. CW: rape. “The last stages of a case go dangerously wrong. Afterwards, Watson tries to live with the memory of a terrible bargain in secrecy.” This is heartbreaking, and deep, and beautiful. Be careful of the content; but if you can manage it, it’s worth it.

I May Be Speaking To Closed Doors, 2k, teen. Established relationship. “Watson makes a Valentine, and then isn’t sure what to do with it.” Poor Watson, a romantic in a relationship with the world’s most unromantic man–so it seems.

Invasion, 2k, gen. Established relationship. Watson can’t bear mice. Holmes thinks it’s rather silly, but humors him, until he understands. This starts off a bit cracky and then ends so sweetly.

Tea From Terai, 700w, gen. Established relationship. “Sherlock Holmes gets a letter from Terai, and remembers that he does know someone in Terai. Or, knew.” Watson learns a little something about his love’s past.

What Is Right, And What Is Easy, 600w, NR. Established relationship. “There’s a reason that Article 28 (which criminalized homosexuality) was called the Blackmailer’s Charter.” This cuts deep for how brief it is.

The Red Notebook, 10k, teen. Post-Reichenbach. I hesitated to include this because it’s a bit too much heartbreak for me–I can’t believe that they would ever willingly give each other up, after love. But this story’s Mycroft is so good, his relationship with Watson so bittersweet, I had to. And it ends joyously, as it must.

Masked Ball, 30k, teen. Friends to lovers. “Six months after Holmes’ return from the dead, the delicate equilibrium in Baker Street is disturbed when a stranger walks out of the London fog with a case–for Watson. Holmes is wary, Watson is fascinated. But who is the man calling himself Álvaro de León? And what does he really want?” I love, love, love this story. I love Alvaro, I love the way Holmes deduces Watson’s bisexuality, I love the mystery and the sweep and the humor of it. It’s wonderful.

Text Omitted, 1k, teen. Established relationship. CW: child abuse. “Watson learns something disconcerting about Holmes’ past.” This makes me cry, and smile: the courage with which they love each other.

The Bee Grove, 14k, teen. Friends to lovers. CW: suicide. “Watson travels to Kent to attend the funeral of an estranged friend from his past who committed suicide. Certain things transpire to make Watson wonder if his inappropriate love for Holmes could possibly be requited.” Beautiful.

Idée Fixe, 1k, teen. Friends to lovers. Granada. “He does not know what to begin with it. It is too grave a thing to be treated as a mere distraction, too tenacious to be dissolved in tobacco smoke. What does one begin with an idée fixe? With a mind bent towards one single thing.” This is almost infuriating in its restraint, but fascinating, too.

The Thieves’ Den, 6k, teen. “The discovery of a large cache of stolen goods ends badly.” Words cannot express how I love this fic–particularly the meddling Mycroft, and the protectiveness of both of them, in spite of each other.

Since I First Saw Your Face, 70k, M. Developing relationship. “During the Great Hiatus, Holmes, studying in Tibet, reflects on his first meeting with Dr John Watson.” The only WIP I’ll rec, or read, because the wealth of historical detail and depth of their intimacy is such that I’d be immensely thankful to have read this even if it never ended. The author can be found on tumblr at @artemisastarte.

When You Know Something’s Wrong, 1k, M. Established relationship. Sickfic. “Holmes gets it wrong.” This is just 1k of lovely Watson gently forcing his medical attention on a truculent Holmes.

Pilgrims Of A Sort, 12k, teen. Friends to lovers to retirement. Absolute classic. “A pair of young travelers turn up at the Sussex cottage of an aging Holmes and Watson, searching for proof that love like theirs can last a lifetime. Watson tells them the story of himself and Holmes–which also happens to be the story of Mary Morstan, and her own unconventional love affair.” Featuring a fantastic old married Holmes and Watson and TWO pairs of happy lesbians.

A Matter of Integrity, 3k, gen. Established relationship. “It is a curious thing when a celebrity whom you’ve never truly met is widely considered your most prominent suitor. Irene Norton sets out in search of some answers, and discovers that sometimes the truth is a delicate matter.” Irene is wonderful, Holmes is careful, and this is good.

Cameo, 8k, teen. Friends to lovers. “Holmes and Watson become embroiled in a case Scotland Yard refuses to acknowledge. A soulmate AU.” One wouldn’t think a magical AU in Victorian times could be very delicately done, or mesmerizing. One would be wrong.

Chimera, 800w, gen. Pre-slash. Post-Reichenbach. “My dear Watson, It is with reluctance that I begin this letter to you, for there can be no doubt regarding its fate. It will follow into oblivion all the other letters I have written to you over the past two years, the only difference between them their means of demise.” Poor Holmes.

Something To Retire To, 9k, teen. Friends to partners. Asexual Holmes, miscommunication, jealousy. “Watson contemplates the future while he and Holmes investigate the three Garridebs.” This fic will break your heart into a hundred pieces and put it together again.

Hallowed Be Thy Name, 40k, E. Established relationship. “A word must be said upon the subject of witticisms first, within the context of the manuscripts which have begun littering our rooms.  My friend the Doctor’s sense of humour exists in direct correlation to his state of physical well-being, and the more active a man he becomes–a felicity for which I am grateful as much to his ferocious tenacity as to any higher power–the more wry grow the invariably poetical descriptors applied to my person.” Holmes’ past, Watson’s love, and an epic poem of a story. This fic changed me.

Of course, look up each author’s full body of work if you want more. Mistyzeo is on tumblr at @mistyzeo and posts recs frequently. I write Doyle-style here. @granada-brett-crumbs has another magnificently expansive canon fic rec here. @knightfury1895 and @jeremyholmes post canon-style ficlets on tumblr. Basically, there’s a wealth of wonderful fic out there!


Couple of neat pathological skulls I just bought recently. Both were found in woods by the people I got them from.

The squirrel skull has a pretty horrifying case of malocclusion. I can’t imagine how painful it had to have been to have your teeth grow up through the bone in the roof of your mouth and up into your sinuses. Rodents must continuously gnaw to wear down their front incisors and this skull shows you what happens if they don’t.

The cat skull looks like it might have had a tumor on its forehead. That entire area of bone has a strange texture to it and then of course there are those gnarly holes! The bone around them has no clean breaks which shows that they were formed while the animal was still alive.

Looking forward to getting these two beauties cleaned up!


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GIF BY: @/kate-kami

PROMP: you and Chris have been best friends for years, but the jealousy can bring a lot of things out.

PAIRING; Christoffer Schistad x reader



‘’Earth calls y/n’’

Eva’s voice interrupted the stream of your thoughts.

‘’Eva, sorry, I was not listening’’

You apologize a bit embarrassed, you were very distracted. Christoffer Schistad was staring at you from the other side of the room, his eyes fixed on your figure, his lips curved in a smirk, typical of him. You had been his best friend for years by now, but something was in the air in the last period and you were dying to find out what was that.

‘’Too busy talking with your best friend, I don’t know how you two can do this’’

Eva was staring at Chris too, the drink in her hands almost finished and her lipstick on the edge of the glass.

‘’Do what?’’

You asked while pushing a boy definitely too drunk away from you. The room was filled with people, the pre-drinks at William’s place were always crowded and loud, and you loved it.

‘’Are you fucking kidding me, y/n? You two speak each other with your eyes, everybody can see it’’

Said Eva, her eyes fixed on you. Before you could answer, someone touched your shoulder.

‘’Plus, William is included in this strange magic’’

Said Vilde, taking part in the conversation, you just shrugged your shoulders but a smile appeared on your face. It was true, you couldn’t deny it: you, Chris and William were a trio, an unbreakable bounding had been connecting the three of you for years, you were simply best friends.
You were their age and, when the boys started to invite Eva’s group to the parties, you immediately became friend with them.
In that moment, William attracted your attention: he was smiling at you vividly while Noora was dancing with him. You smiled back, knowing what he meant: he was happy to show you that, finally, he managed to make Noora his girlfriend. You couldn’t be more satisfied with that, you were well aware of how much your best friend wanted to be with that amazing girl so you soon started to ship them.
You turned your face toward Chris and he was still staring at you, his hair a bit messy and a beer in his left hand; he moved his head in a way to make you understand that he wanted you to go to him. Before you could take a step, someone spilled a cold drink on your leg. You turned around with all the intentions of yelling at that idiot but what you saw made you stop: and handsome boy, probably younger than you, with blue eyes was staring at you and looking not so sorry.

‘’I’m so clumsy, my apologies’’

Said the boy putting a hand on his chest, his voice woke you up from the surprise.

‘’Don’t worry, it’s not a big deal’’

You said with your flirty voice. It was not hard for you, to get what you wanted. Being the boys’ best friend it was quite usual to be with the Penetrators for you, so you just learned all the tricks to be a fuckgirl. Someone in school also used to say that you were a female version of Chris, but, unlike him, you never used to be presumptuous about it.

‘’How can I make amend?’’

Asked the boy, you faked a shy smile but you took his hand and started to walk away from the people.


Chris’ voice made you turn while you were on the stairs; you looked the boy at your left and then you smiled in triumph at your best friend. He inspired and then nodded, he seemed quite disappointed. You were so confused by his reaction that you almost had the temptation to go to him and ask what the hell was going on, but the boy you were with started to walk toward an empty room.

‘’Shall we?’’

He asked with a mesmerizing smile, you smiled back and he took it as a ‘yes’. William’s room was almost your room because of the great amount of time you had spent in it, watching movies and talking with him and Chris.
Chris. His face was all you kept thinking about during all the time that the boy kissed you, your body pushed against the wall and his hands on your ass. He was a good kisser, nothing to say about it, but you were not involved.
‘y/n, what is wrong with you?!’ You yelled at yourself internally while the boy was torturing your neck with bites and kisses.


You couldn’t handle it any longer; the boy stopped kissing you and looked at you in disbelief and confusion.

‘’I’m sorry, I’m not feeling well, to much alcohol’’

You lied, he shook his head.

‘’I thought you were the biggest fuckgirl in town’’

He said, disappointment and irritation in his voice, you almost laughed, you knew how to deal with the assholes; you pushed him back, opened the door and, before leaving the room, you turned toward him with your most polite smile.

‘’My dear, I’m just not interested in fucking you’’

You said, he didn’t say a word while you were coming back to the party. Your eyes were searching for your best friend. The party was almost at the end, the house was quite empty and people were too high or drunk to even talk.

‘’Will, have you seen Chris?’’

You asked to him, your best friend gave a quick look around and then looked at you.

‘’He probably left, he said he was tired’’

He answered, you nodded and hugged him, was time to go for you too.

‘’I can drive you home’’

Offered William, you freed yourself from the embrace and gave him a kiss on his check.

‘’Don’t worry, Jacob said that he will drive me.’’

You reassured him, Jacob was one of the Penetrators boys you were closer with, even if you used to get along with them all.
While you were saying goodnight to the girls and Jacob was driving you home you couldn’t stop thinking that Chris seemed so strange that night, you tried to keep him away from your mind but it was practically impossible.



You called your best friend at the end of the school day, he seemed to be in rush.


He answered turning to you, his voice was quite bored.

‘’You left yesterday’’

You said carefully, you knew how complicated was to make Chris talk about his feelings, his problems… making him open up was practically a mission, every time that something was wrong you and William had to give him space and be patient.

‘’I was tired, I still am’’

He said running his hand through his hair, you bit your lower lips, you knew he was lying.

‘’Chris, are you coming?’

William’s voice made him turn left and you saw it: on his neck there was a big purple hickey.
In spite of the fact that you had no right to feel jealous, that’s how you felt in that moment. You were constantly informed about the sexual life of the boys, you also used to help them with the girls when they were not that good, you experienced the birth of the Penetrators and you never felt like this. Chris was sleeping around and William either, period, that was the normal condition; but in that moment, you felt like someone else touched something you wanted to call yours.
You couldn’t resist and you touched it, retiring your hand a second after that. This contact made him look at you.

‘’Yes, I imagine that you must be very tired’’

You said sarcastically, your voice lower than how you planned it to be; he rolled his eyes, he seemed more sorry than bothered.

‘’Why are you acting so strange? You have always talked to me about the girls you screw as I’ve always told you about the boys I hook up with, why did you lie?’’

You were staying calm, of course you were; it was a bad idea to yell at Chris, you had learned it by seeing him when he was mad at his friends, he was not a tempered person.

‘’I just needed a distraction’’

He said biting his lips, he was holding back.

‘’First of all, you don’t have to give me explanations, the girls you sleep with are none of my business. Second, distraction from what?’’

You asked, your voice suddenly full of rage and your hands gesture matching your words. He seemed to be so in conflict with himself, a thousand of thoughts crossing his mind, then he gave up.

‘’A distraction from you’’

He admitted, his left hand covering his mouth, he looked so tired and sad. You opened your eyes and looked at him in total surprise.

‘’Chris… d-does this mean what I think?’’

You asked hesitating, you wanted to be sure. He nodded and made a step forward, now you were closer.

‘’I’m not good with this shit, you know that, y/n, but I suppose I have feelings for you. Yesterday night, when you arrived you were so stunning I just wanted to kiss you. When I called you I wanted to tell you the truth, I was tired of looking at you from the other side of the room and wanting you without having the possibility to have you. Then you went upstairs with that boy, I just could not handle it. A girl kissed me randomly and I decided to bring her home, but all I could think about was you. I’m sorry, really.’’

It took a moment to you to assimilate all of the new information, then a big smile lighted your face up. You thought you had never saw Chris in that way, but you wanted to kiss him so bad in that moment.

‘’I know, I screwed up our friendship, I..’’

He couldn’t finish his sentence because you were kissing him. You never expected to feel such a rush of adrenaline while kissing Christoffer Schistad, but your heart was beating so fast you were scared he could feel it. Chris was nothing like you imagined: he was calm, his hands were delicate and his touch cautious, like you were something precious. You crossed your hands behind his neck and ran your finger through his hair, your lips opening and letting his tongue in. Suddenly, the kiss became more desperate, more passionate. He moved his hands on your hips, caressing them under your t-shirt, you felt shivering going down your back and attached your body to his, you wanted more.

‘’Okay, I suppose I can leave, then’’

William said from his car, he was laughing. Chris interrupted the kiss and turned his head toward his best friend.

‘’Bye, William’’

He said, his voice bothered and amused at the same time. He turned and looked at you, you smiled on his lips and waved at William while he was leaving. You caressed his check, your body still close to his.

‘’I wasn’t expecting that’’

He said smirking, you rolled your eyes but you were still smiling at him.

‘’So, Penetrator Chris has a heart’’

You said touching his chest under his hoodie, he smiled and looked at you so intensively that you felt like he was undressing you with his eyes.

‘’Don’t try to ruin my reputation, babe’’

He said giving you a quick kiss on your neck, you closed your eyes and moved your head back to make him continue that.

‘’God, we already are at the part where you call me babe’’

You teased him touching the back of his head; he stopped kissing your neck and looked at you.

‘’y/n, I want you to be my girlfriend. No games with you, no tricks.’’

He said in a serious tone, you almost were surprised to hear this voice, you never saw him like this before.

‘’I feel flattered by the offer, I shall think about it’’

You answered trying to stay serious; he smiled and brushed his lips on yours, his hands were still on your hips.


He asked softly biting your lower lip, the look of triumph in his eyes while you gave up.

‘’Okay Christoffer, you can call me babe from now on, I’m definitely your girlfriend’’

You answered; he smiled vividly and touched your hair. Before he could kiss you again, you stopped him.

‘’Chris, I wanted to tell you, I didn’t sleep with that boy, I couldn’t stop thinking about you yesterday’’

You confessed, your checks going a little red while he looked at you in total relief.

‘’That’s better, I’m the only one allowed to make you feel pleasure’’

He said, his eyes filled with lust. You gave him a smirk and slowly touched his neck.

‘’I can’t wait for that’’

You teased him with your hands running down his chest. He looked at you, his lips barely touching yours and he said.

‘’Don’t worry, you won’t have to wait long, but I want to do the things in the proper way’’

He caressed your left check and gently brushed a strand of your hair behind your ear, you looked at him, the curiosity shining all over your face’s expression.

‘’So, what’s your next move?’’

You asked laughing a bit and looking at him in his eyes, he smiled before asking you:

‘’Y/n, will you go on a date with me?’’

You laughed in surprise, your eyes wild open and your stomach already upside-down because of the happiness.

‘’Really? Christoffer Schistad inviting a girl on a proper date?’’

You teased him, there was no meanness in your voice, just sarcasm and pleasurable surprise. He took your hands in his while smiling and intensely looked into your eyes before saying in the most serious tone:

‘’You have no idea of the things I would do for you, y/n y/s’’

Second Chance - Part Four

I will never be able to get over the responses I’ve been getting to this story. If I could, I would hug all of you for your comments, your messages, all of it. I’ve decided I’m gonna try to make Sundays update days, so I have enough time to work on each next chunk the way I really want to, and then so @sannvers has enough time to proofread them. Thank you for your patience, and I hope you like chunk four! Let me know if you’d like to be added to the tag list!

Title: Second Chance

Pairing: Eventual Gaston x Fem!Reader

Rating: T

Words: 6,405

Summary: You try to stop Gaston from shooting the Beast and falling to his death, but you arrive too late to save him. As you sit there, sobbing, the Enchantress overs you a second chance to save him.

Tagging: @i-wished-upon-a-star-one-night @with-a-hint-of-pesto-aioli @hobbithorse19 @leah5684 @princessbelgoof @captainskyline @theoncergames @geeky-girl-394 @were-allstoriesinthe-end084 @brooke-supernatural16 @certainasthesvn @jordyhaley @superlokidwholock @smilesnjh @prongspower @bitchingqueenoferebor @scarletdarkholme @hemmingbaes @bae-kage @areuslow @lovelylpevensie @uknwwhttheysayboutthecrzy1s @moonbeams-and-pie @17gnomes-in-a-trenchcoat @superwholockedrosx @panda-reads-stuff @ultimatetrashlord @elenawrit @the7thsilence @blackxthexbeast @rainwing-galaxy

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“Come Back With Me.”-(Negan)

Originally posted by onlylostmemoriesx

Characters- Rick, Michonne, Rosita, Negan and (Y/N)

Warnings- None?

Pairing- Negan x Reader

Word Count: 1397

Summary- You meet the mysterious Negan for the first time, however things quickly spiral in a different direction.

I wasn’t there when my people attacked the Saviour’s outposts. I wasn’t there when the group got ambushed by the Saviours. I wasn’t there when the first exchange happened between the communities. I wasn’t there because I was caring for the children of the community. I was caring for my own girl.

But I was there when the man Rick calls ‘Negan’ appeared early for his weekly collection. And so was my child. 

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Bare Her Own Fangs

In which Jon encourages Daenerys to wield a weapon of her own.

He had expected a bit more reluctance on her part, but it had been surprisingly easy to convince the Dragon Queen to spare him just an hour of her time a night to learn the basics of weapon-wielding. Perhaps she would have put up more of a fight against him before Viserion had been ripped away from her. He didn’t know what lay in the recesses of her mind, however he could tell she was far more humbled and worried about her children than when he had first met her. She might even be scared for them. Maybe she didn’t want to depend on them too much. If she could hold her own even a little, then her children wouldn’t have to jump in and protect her for every single danger. Perhaps she didn’t want to be the reason for one of the remaining two being killed. There were many reasons why she could have accepted his offer, he was sure. Maybe it was something as simple as wanting to spend some time alone with him since they had both been overwhelmed with duties since they made it to Winterfell. 

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Don’t Wanna Fall In Love

Prompt: Requested by Anonymous. “Oh my god you have no idea how happy I am that requests are open! You’re like my favorite writer on here. Okay so could you do one with punk Gerard and like everyone hates him and so does Y/N but then one day they get paired to do a project for school and so they have to meet up at Gerard’s house and Y/N is not happy about it but then it turns out Gerard’s actually a total sweetheart and then lots of fluff thanks 😊”

Word Count: 1,814

Pairing: Gerard x Reader

A/N: omg you’re so sweet! <3

You know those kids at school that everyone hates, usually without reason? Everyone has always just hated them, well, Gerard Way is that kid. Of course he has friends, some idiot named Frank, but the majority of the school hates him and honestly you don’t know why. But you hate him too. You like to tell yourself that you hate him for good reason because you’re not the kind of person to go around hating people without thought as to why, so your mind supplies you with the little things he does that drive you nuts. Like how he always starts debates in class so the teacher will forget to assign homework, or how he never seems to change his clothes, or the way he looks better in makeup than you do. They’re stupid reasons to hate a person, especially when he’s never even spoken a word to you, but he’s Gerard Way and you’re supposed to hate him.  

“Is he assigning partners today?” Your best friend asks you as you file into your Spanish class. You have been talking about your midterm project for a few days but you can’t get started until partners are assigned and you’ve been hopeful every day all week.

“I hope so,” You reply, taking your seats beside one another.

The teacher is too tall for his pants, he always is, and his socks are scrunched down around his shoes. He looks like a dorky grandpa who dances to quiet music at the family party. His eyes are a faded out grey but when he starts talking and Spanish tongue fills the room he lights up and his eyes dance across the class like everything is filling with colour and life in front of his very eyes. It’s the main reason you like him so much, his passion for what he’s teaching.

“So let’s talk about your project,” He starts and a few kids groan. He starts pairing kids off and you get more and more worried the more names he says, losing friends left and right until finally he calls out your name and…Gerard fucking Way, of course.

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Today, I Learned a Lot

When I started shipping Outlaw Queen I felt like I had found a fandom of people who were nice, who seemed to be anti bullshit, who said nice things to me when I gave them compliments. Who told me they liked that I was bold and stood up for people who didn’t have a voice.

They made me feel like I was part of something, and I’ve never been much of a joiner, but I joined the OQ fandom, willingly. I reblogged posts, fan art, fan fiction, sent nice little asks…and then I slowly realized that I was pushing myself into a place where I didn’t belong. Still I brushed it off as insecurities, told myself “Chill out, they like you Dee-see they Reblog your posts, they respond to your nice words. You’re just tripping, these people like you. Don’t make such a big deal out of it”.

Today, I witnessed a very ugly side of fandom. There were people whom I have had lots of chats with, people whose fanfics I read and love, people who I felt respected me.

Today, those very people either bitched about my OQ post as if I couldn’t see it, unfollowed me on social media, or took slick shots about my OQ post on Twitter but didn’t have the guts to @ me.

They banded together…against me. Isn’t that funny? They downright ostracized me today. It’s like, the more people reblogged my Tumblr post the more people kept making post about how it was okay to not be over Robin being dead and how nobody has the right to make you feel otherwise.

Today, people that I respected very much, folks whom I thought would read my post and do what they always do-bring the peace, respect everyone’s opinion and keep it moving, didn’t do shit.

Today, those people in the Outlaw Queen fandom that I thought would help me, who I looked to, were silent.

I honestly expected more from OQ shippers. Today I was left to drown in a pool of my own blood.

The reaction I received today makes me feel even more confident in my post about OQ fans. It confirmed a LOT of what I said. They would rather defend themselves and how they feel then to actually listen to what I, a WOC have to say and how I feel.

I got whitesplained, Whitesplained about my own damn feelings 😂😂😂 the laughing emojis are to keep me from throwing my fucking phone because of how mad and disappointed I am.

At first, I felt bad for what I said; I even told my mom “I didn’t mean to start a war”. I was made to feel guilty for having a voice…no, no, no I was guilty for having an opinion that didn’t make people feel good about themselves or their ship.

As a result, I found myself in an apologetic mood even though all I did was spoke my mind. My anxiety was through the roof all damn day. I had shit to do today but I was so fucking distracted-on edge about who would say what and what other person would be condescendingly patronizing that I was unproductive as fuck. I literally laughed (and cried) as I imagined how many people wouldn’t bother to read, process, and then respond. Because I wrote that post last night at least 8 times or more. Because I didn’t wanna offend anybody. But then I was like “fuck it, you’ve been watching this shit go on for nearly 2 years; there’s no nice way for it to be said”

Granted what I said wasn’t in a nice manner, but I had been sitting on my issues/ feelings for a long time, a very long time. I was a ticking time bomb that blew up.

As I sit and look at the carnage of my own self destruction I sadly see that hardly anyone from my own ship stopped to help me, save a few people. I even had two of the biggest voices of OQ step in and say “respect Dee’s opinion and voice” and STILL people are over on twitter passively aggressively bitching about my post, or acting like it was a blip on their radar.

I got more support and understanding from people who detest Robin/OQ/Sean Maguire than the people who claim to love him and Regina and OQ so much. That’s ironic; they hate Robin but came to my defense.

I’ve got a mix of emotions running through me right now-numbness, shock, anger, sadness, disappointment, frustration, bewilderment.

I honestly held OQ shippers in such high regard but today…I don’t even know if I’ll be able to even read another OQ fic, write another OQ fic because the disappointment hurts you guys, it hurts forreal.

It’s like finding out Santa Clause isn’t real (though I never believed in him but I can imagine this strange feeling is how little kids must feel).

What’s sad is that these people, these same people are still following me (well, some of them are) and they’re going about their day, still protecting their shipper status, still claiming to be allies and so progressive, but a Black girl from Alabama makes a post that challenges that position and everybody either loses their shit, becomes passive Aggressive or pretends not to notice what’s happening.

Today OQ fans, a ship mate jumped ship and y'all let her drown.

Y'all let ME drown; in fact y'all mothefuckers saw me jump off the ship and didn’t bother to stop me.


This was a valuable lesson, a sad but valuable lesson for me.

You OQ shippers have real deal left me without words…y'all can have Robin and Regina, I don’t want either of them at this point.

They’re not worth it and neither are y'all…

Ten Minutes, Omegaverse

Last chapter! Thank you for everything! I’m finally finished! Please tell me what you think about it! After this i’m finally free to work on new project for tianshan!

19 Days, Omegaverse AU

Chapter 4 [NSWF]

He Tian x Mo GuanShan

I’ll be fine

Human’s adaptability is something that is often underestimated; We believe that we are a demanding, fragile race, with our needs and rhythms.
The truth is that we can get used to everything and the worst thing is that the process is so slow that we sometimes don’t even realize it. It’s inexorable, inevitable as the evolution of animal species.

GuanShan would never have expected to get used to He Tian’s constant ambush, every morning before he went to school. Of his way of hugging him, resting an arm on his shoulders, or his voice on the phone, while talking to him, locked inside his room during the heat, because He Tian wanted to “keep him company.”
Of the smell of smoke emanating from his skin, so familiar that it had slowly disappeared.

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imagine #15

character - Gally

words - 2062

warnings - n/a

description - You cherish the promise ring Gally made for you back in the Glade.

a/n – requested anonymously ; I changed the request slightly as I tend to go by book events, but I hope you still like it!

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Vanilla Chai Latte

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↳ Hoseok x Reader | Cafe AU 
Genre: Fluff 
Summary: Barista Hoseok suggests his personal favourite and Y/N orders it everyday until she becomes his personal favourite. Chestnut barista and cute cafe AU.

Tapping your chin, you squint at the menu board behind the counter. You had raced from your spot in the library without much concern for your belongings and had left your glasses atop your mountainous paper work.

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Sometimes i like to imagine how strange it must be for new employees at the castle shortly after the spell is broken.

Like, imagine you’re some young new kitchen maid or something who’s just arrived. You just don’t know what to make of this place. First there were the rumors of this castle being “haunted,” though that doesn’t seem to have any merit.

Everybody seems oddly jumpy here, which makes you wonder if something odd did happen to them. For example, when you’re washing dishes and you accidentally break a plate, the rest of the kitchen staff all panics. After a tense moment, the other servants laugh nervously and tell each other, “it was just a plate. Just an ordinary plate. No need to worry.” But you’re left standing there like “??????”

Then there’s all the strange inside jokes the other servants seem to have (for some reason Cogsworth gets rather upset at any mention of clocks??? And so Lumiere incorporates as many clock-related puns into conversations as possible???). Occasionally little Chip makes a passing reference to “that time i was a teacup” before his mother can shush him.

You decide these people just have the *strangest* sense of humor.

Slow Burn

Chapter 3 - Bubbling Over

Intro | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3  

You collapsed face-first onto your bed with a sigh. It had been a week or so since your little outburst with Bucky, and things have been… awkward. You keep telling yourself this is normal - things get uncomfortable after the first “I love you,” right? Still, there was lingering doubt that maybe it wasn’t normal, at least not in this case. Maybe Bucky was regretting the whole thing.

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Something There (Newt x Pureblood!Reader)

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           I was listening to the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack (Cause Honestly who isn’t?)  and this came to mind. So by the title, you all should know what song inspired me. So I hope you like it! If I get good feedback I might make more of these using other Disney songs. Anyways Enjoy!

               The soft smell of tea and hot cocoa drifted through the air as well as the idle chatter of the other patrons. Newt sighed and nervously fiddled with his cup of tea. He was not very fond of the situation he found himself in. It seemed that Augustus Worme thought that Newt would need sketches of his creatures and since Newt didn’t think he could draw very well. Worme decided to send Newt a traveling companion who could draw. “I do hope they arrive soon,” Newt mumbled anxiously. He had some Re’em to check on a few miles away since recently there were rumors of poachers about.

                 That was when You walked in. Your (H/C) hair was neatly curled, a pearl necklace was fastened around your neck along with matching earrings, and a trench coat covered your silver and black dress. Your (E/C) eyes scanned the cafe’ before seeing who you assumed was Newt Scamander. He was sitting at a table nervously fiddling with his case. You scrunched up your nose slightly trying to contain your unhappiness. You didn’t want to work with this Half-Blood… But you knew that you owed Augustus a favor so this was what you had to do. So before you could convince yourself that this was wrong, you went and sat across from Mr.Scamander. “Hello, You must be Mr.Scamander.”

                   Newt flashed you a nervous smile. “Yes and I’m assuming you’re (Y/n),” He said quietly, his eyes never once meeting yours. 

                   Well good…. Maybe he understands where his place his… You thought.

                     Your partnership with Newt was not very functional, to say the least. You considered yourself quite above him. Which in return would cause him to be a little more snappy than usual. This would cause you to retaliate by not listening to his words or you would return it with a sassy remark. So, in the end, you both were driving each other crazy, and yet both of you had started to feel well something.

                      Something about him just stirred something. It wasn’t a bad feeling, but it made you uneasy. You, of course, pushed the new feeling aside. It didn’t mean anything at all. Nope, it meant absolutely nothing and you were not going to be tormented by it. How did you even start developing this feeling? You couldn’t understand it at all. Either way, you knew Newt was trouble. He was a half-blood. No matter how many times he seemed kind you had to hate him… Right? But if things didn’t start changing soon… Well, it seemed you’d both would go separate ways.

                                                So what happened? Well… You saved Newt in the New York trip. Graves, who turned out to be Grindelwald, had been sending spells at Newt when you pushed him out of the way. Why would you do that? You weren’t sure yourself it just happened. Newt had worried about you the whole time you were injured. He just couldn’t understand why you saved him… After that, it seemed that something shifted between you two…

                                 Newt smiled as he watched you joke around with the Niffler. The little creature was playfully running in all different directions as you attempted to catch it. It seemed that lately the creatures started to warm up to you. For some reason, Newt felt like he was seeing the real you. He let out a soft chuckle as he saw you scoop up the Niffler. It let out squeaks squirming and trying to run away once more. You huffed in frustration before letting out a sigh. Newt couldn’t help but smile as You took out a small coin for the Niffler.The Niffler instantly relaxed and snatched the coin from You. You grinned triumphantly and sat the creature in your lap as you started back to work.

                                    Newt watched your curiously as confusion clouded his mind. You seemed so sweet now… The old times of fighting and bickering seemed so far ago that he had to wonder. What if he just never noticed this side of you? He just couldn’t truly believe that you went from bad to good that perhaps you had just hidden this part away. After all, he could imagine how strict your parents must have been. He felt something swell in his chest as you stroked the Niffler’s head as you studied it. It was strange, to say the least… This feeling was something new… He studied you one last time before vanishing back in his shack.

                                         It was half an hour later when you finally finished the sketching of the Niffler. The poor thing fell asleep halfway and you smiled at the sight. It was still holding the coin as it curled protectively around it. Gently you picked the creature up and set it back in it’s little hollow. You picked the drawing up and made your way to Newt’s shack to get his opinion on it. You stuck your head in smiling softly as you saw Newt watering his plants. “Hey Newt can I have your opinion on something?”

                                            Newt looked over a small smile forming as he saw you. “Of course (Y/n). Just hand me the watering can by the stairs for a moment. I’d do it myself but somehow I’ve gotten a few pesky weeds in here and I’d like to get them out first.” You let out a small laugh and grinned at him.

                                              “Sure Newt. I wouldn’t mind. By the way, I’ve forgotten have we already decided a sketch for the Bowtruckles in your book?” You set the Niffler sketch carefully on the stairs before grabbing the water can. You stopped for a moment cause you thought that for a moment Newt glanced at you? It was probably nothing so you decided against bringing it up. “Here you are.”

                                                   You blushed as your hand grazed his when he grabbed the can. That’s when you noticed he didn’t flinch away like he used to. Butterflies fluttered in your stomach and you put your hands behind your back. “No, I don’t think we have picked one,” Newt finally replied. He turned to you and gave you his famous smile. “But how about when I’m done we’ll go through your drawings.”

                                                     He had never smiled like that before…. You felt heat spread across your cheeks causing a red tin to your cheeks. “That sounds great Newt! I’ll get my sketches together.” You tried to ignore the strange butterflies in your stomach as you pressed a kiss to his forehead without thinking.  

                                                        His face flushed red as he watched you hurry up the ladder. He suddenly felt slightly light headed. His heart hammered in his chest and he stood frozen in place. He suddenly realized why he was acting this way. He loves you…. And he was pretty sure that wasn’t there before…

                                                           Queenie, Tina, and Jacob all watched you and Newt from afar. The two of you were laughing and joking as if you had been friends forever. “Well, what happened?” Jacob asked studying the odd behavior you two were showing. You were getting along and weren’t at each other’s throat for once. Queenie giggled and said, “Sweetie can’t you see it?” She turned to Jacob and smiled knowing fully well what was happening.  

                                                              Jacob shook his head and Tina let out a sigh. “Jacob We’re pretty sure that the two like each other,” She stated watching almost sadly as the two sat closer together to focus on a drawing. Jacob’s eyes widen and looked back at the two again.

                                  “Well I can’t believe it’s actually happening….”                        

ok but can you imagine how phil must have felt during the events of dan’s “I NEARLY DIED. (not)” video?

he was the only person (according to dan anyway) that accompanied him to a&e, when dan was in this strange new city 3+ hours away from home that he had only known for a couple months (remember, this was november 2010). dan watered it down a LOT for the video, probably so nobody would worry, but in that moment, they must have been petrified. although he never said it, dan had to have been in serious pain that phil could hardly bear to watch.

like, i can just see phil pacing the waiting area, dan rolling his eyes all the while as he stands up yet again to drag him back to their seats, despite how much it may have hurt. or whispering silly names and made-up backstories about the other patients into dan’s ear, needing to hear that laugh again so it could ease the knots in his stomach. and when dan finally got taken away to see a nurse at whatever god-awful time? (i like to imagine this was late at night) you can bet your ass he wasn’t about to leave that tiny plastic seat, no matter how many days he’d have to spend there. (well, except for the few seconds when he snuck out to get dan mcdonald’s probably to surprise him when he woke up, that dork)

and the thumbnail, that cringey but also kind of adorable photo of a v vulnerable sleeping dan, complete with mask and hospital gown and tightly crossed arms? you know that was taken by phil, who had used every bit of charm and/or pleading power he had left to get himself back in dan’s presence, maybe even saying he was dan’s brother or husband or boyfriend, or just vv close best friend. he may have even shed a tear or two at finding out that dan was going to be perfectly fine, feeling the massive weight that had made a home inside his chest for the last few hours just float away. and you know how dan’s fringe is pushed back? that was 100% phil’s doing, as he probably pushed his shaking hands through that overgrown fringe more times than he could count. 

his face may have been the first one dan saw when he woke up, sending tidal waves of relief through them both as they just smiled and smiled at each other before remembering where they were and what was going on and that they should probably call the nurse back in.

and honestly? i’m crying right now what the heck man.

Fix me

✖ Characters/relationships: Newt Scamander x Reader

✖ Genres: Mentions of abuse, death, angst, underage reader, completely platonic

✖ Summary: Reader is Obscurus but she hasn’t realized it. When her father dies she let’s go of her bottled up emotions and begins a rampage through the city. Newt is quick enough to find her, follow her, and convince her to let him help her. @Anonymous

✖ Disclaimer: All characters are at least 21 y/o unless stated otherwise.

✖ Word count: 2214

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