imagine how confused kenny would be if all three were in the same room

4 Exits (to your apartment)

this is a late bday present for @shipped-goldstandard (sorry this is late and off topic but ilysm) 

1.5k BittyParse, Bitty meeting Kent’s family (Kent’s a white passing Mexican trans man as usual ty for your time) 

Also on AO3

Bitty sleeps on the train to New York. Kent had offered to fly him into JFK. But Bitty traded him for the opportunity to skip out on ungodly long TSA lines in exchange for covering his Uber to his place. The Uber should take 15 minutes. But of course this is one of the busiest places on Earth, and sometimes Bitty feels like he has a special brand of dumb luck.

He rubs his temple as he checks everyone’s snap stories for the umpteenth time. He thinks he could’ve walked there by now. Then again, who knows how long it would take to walk around Central Park with his overnight bag. It would also be incredibly easy to get lost trying to find Harlem.

Pedestrians and bikes flicker by. He thinks he’ll get a crick in his neck from how much he’s staring up in awe. The buildings are grimy but still so brilliantly lit. Clouds continue to rumble over head. New York reminds him of ants scrambling—quick and with purpose.   

Bitty slumps further back in his seat, deciding to play another round of candy crush.

“So what are you in town for?” his driver asks.

Bitty stiffens. Part of him instinctively wants to lie. His mind already has a story about visiting his cousin who’s going to grad school at Columbia but found this cute little place in Har—

He sighs. It’s New York for fuck’s sake. If this man gives him shit, he can just open the door and walk into the world’s slowest traffic.

“Meeting my boyfriend’s family,” Bitty murmurs.

The driver hums. “When I met my wife’s parents, it was the absolute worst.”

Bitty snorts indulgently. “You don’t say?”

“Oh yea,” the driver says amicably. “Her mother was on the city council and her father owned a butcher’s shop. Her mother made a joke that if I ever hurt her, they could make my death look like a freak accident.”

Bitty shivers. “Any advice? Kinda new to this.” 

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Kiss by the lake (Josh Washington x Reader)

Requested by anonymous : You meet Josh on the bus up to the cabin (like when they’re 15 or something). Reader’s family’s cabin is at the next stop (they’re also rich). One summer he invites you to his cabin, because you’ve gotten to know eacht other over the years (You’re both 19). Everyone is alive, and you fall in love. But you don’t tell him. One day you all swim by the lake near your cabin. You tell him and you kiss in the water :)

A/N: Dear Anon, I hope you don’t mind that the lake is near Josh’s cabin :) And I also hope you like and enjoy this story!

Please, also check up my last stories “A maid for Ahkmenrah” and “Unexpected”. Love you. Xoxo

Word count: 2,338

Cold air blew into your face and your whole body was freezing while you were waiting for the bus that would drive you to the Blackwood Pines.  You pulled your jacket closer to your body, trying to keep yourself warm. It was your first trip alone; normally you would always drive with your parents. But this time you wanted to drive on your own. You were fifteen years old after all and old enough although your parents didn’t agree. Nevertheless, you could convince them somehow.

You pulled your headphones out of your jacket pocket, trying to occupy yourself with music until the bus arrived. Pop music filled your ears and you slowly began to calm down a bit. While you were listening to your favorite songs, your eyes examined their surroundings. Snow covered the whole area, the whole trees were nothing but white. Also footprints of humans or little animals were recognizable on the ground. 

Some footprints lead exactly to the bus stop where you stood at and your eyes followed their trace, leading to a young man who stood a few meters away from you. You observed him for a little bit. He didn’t even notice it. He was too busy with typing on his very expensive smart phone. You couldn’t help but being a little bit envious. It was exactly the same smart phone that you wanted to have, but your parents refused to buy it for you. Not that you hadn’t enough money; quite the reverse! You were rich, very rich. You parents just thought that you should keep your smart phone as long as it worked.

Suddenly the boy lifted up his head and looked at your direction. You blushed, instantly tearing your gaze away from him. Soft chuckles escaped from his mouth, that you couldn’t hear but you knew that he found it amusing. You wondered when your bus finally arrived, and after five minutes it luckily stopped at the bus stop.

You got in and found a nice place further back. There also were not too much people in the bus. Only a married couple, the driver himself, a young man and you along with the boy. You sat on the window so you could look outside during the whole ride. Then you felt some taking place next to your seat. As you turned to the person, you were greeted with some beautiful green eyes. Your heart stopped for a moment. It was the boy from the bus stop. Why had he had to sit next to you if there were so many seats he could sit on? You took your headphones off.

He offered you a smile. “Hello, I’m Josh. Josh Washington.” He introduced himself.

“(Y/N) (Y/LN).” you said.

Josh made himself comfortable next to you and your journey to the mountains began.

“So, (Y/N), where are you going?” Josh asked.

“Blackwood Pines.” You answered shortly.

“Really? Me too!” You could hear a trace of joy in his voice. You smiled at him.

During the whole ride you talked and got to know each other. You found out that Josh was sixteen years old and had two sisters named Hannah and Beth. His father was also a famous director, so you assumed that he must have been rich as well. Besides, he told you that he came every year to the Blackwood Pines. His family owned a huge lodge up there. You wondered what it looked like. You also told him something about you and the more your ride came to an end the sadder you became. You began to like him and who knew if you’d saw each other again.

The bus arrived at Josh’s stop and Josh needed to get out. He had a disappointed expression on his face. He enjoyed spending time with you. Before he stood up, he ripped off a sheet of paper and noted down his number.

“Call me sometime. I would like to see you again.” He said, handing you the note. Your lips curved into a smile and you nodded your head. “I will.”

As he was about to get out, you added “By the way, my cabin is at the next stop.


It wasn’t you last encounter with Josh. Two days after you two met, he and his family paid you a visit. Of course your parents were confused about who the strangers were. You explained that you got to know their son during your ride and so they welcomed them generously. The whole time you were excited to meet Josh sisters and as they stood in front of you couldn’t help but give them a tight hug. It felt like you knew them for your whole life although Josh told a bit about them.

You had a nice day with the Washingtons. After that day, you also became inseparable with Hannah and Beth. You had sleepovers, film evenings in their own cinema and more and more. Poor Josh felt excluded because you did nothing but girly things. He wanted to spend time with you too. It was him who introduced you to his sisters after all and also the one who got to know you first. But how could he if Hannah and Beth were in his way? Luckily, you managed to pay attention to the three at the same time. You noticed that Josh was said about you spending more time with his sisters than him.

Over the next four years, your friendship became stronger. The Washingtons didn’t live that far away from you, so you could visit them almost every day. Nothing really changed, except your relation to Josh. He became more attractive and masculine over these years and you couldn’t help but to fall for him. It was a hard deal to act normal around him because every time you saw him you had the urge to press him against the wall and to kiss him passionately.

Of course, Hannah and Beth noticed your strange behavior when their brother was present. You hesitated at first to tell them, you felt insecure.

“Are you okay?” Hannah asked worriedly, laying her arms around your shoulders. You just shrugged, saying that everything was fine. But they were Hannah and Beth. They knew if something was wrong.

“Aww… Come on! Tell us what’s bothering you. We can see that you’re not okay.” Beth exclaimed.

You closed your eyes, taking a deep breath, before revealing your secret. “I think I’m in love with Josh.”

The twins stared at you with their eyes wide open. Then they began to scream. “Oh my god!” Hannah shouted. “We knew it!”

You tried to calm them down; Josh was also at home and could come in any minute because of his sisters’ cries.  “Psst, girls. Please! Josh is here to…”

“I can’t still believe that you have feelings for Joshy.” Beth commented, making you blush. Suddenly, Josh came into the room with a very confused expression on his face and you instantly acted like nothing happened.

“What’s going on?” He asked.

“Nothing, bro.” Beth claimed. “Just hanging out.” Josh looked at her skeptically, shrugged his shoulders and left. You couldn’t help but admire his beauty.


It was summer 2015 as Josh invited you over to his lodge. It was Friday afternoon and he said he wanted to spend some good time with his sisters and some other friends over the weekend. You instantly agreed, telling him that you would join them.

“I will pick you up in an hour!” He said before hanging up. Now you needed to hurry and collect your things together. You put everything that was necessary along with a pair of bikinis in a little suitcase. There was a lake very close to the lodge you could swim in. You also made sure to take a bath and shave your legs. As Josh knocked on your door you were already finished with everything, got dressed and dried your hair.

He took your suitcase and put it on the backseat. You wondered where Hannah and Beth were.

“Josh? Where are your sisters?” You asked.

“Oh, they will drive on their own. We’ll meet them there.”

Of course. I mean, how should it be otherwise? They planned all this. Cursing at them inwardly, you got into the car. You buckled up your seat belt and Josh started the engine, then driving off.

There was an uncomfortable atmosphere during the ride. No one really talked; you could only hear music playing in the background. You didn’t even know how to talk to him anymore since you developed strong feelings for him. That’s why you kept your mouth shut. But Josh noticed the silence. Normally, you would always talk a lot.

“Hey, is everything alright?” He asked concerned, his eyes never leaving the street. You only shrugged your shoulders.

“Just tired. Was a rough day at school.” He nodded with his head, leaving you alone so you could rest until you arrived at the Blackwood Pines. You fell asleep and as Josh shook at your shoulders, you were already there.

Hannah was the first who greeted you guys. You were the last ones that arrived. Everyone was already gathered. You hugged Sam and all the other ones, asking them how they were doing and chatting with them a bit. You had dinner and after that everyone sat at the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate in their hands.

After a while Jess and Mike decided to go to bed, followed by Emily and Matt. Later, everyone left, only you and Sam stayed awake.

“How is your crush on Josh going?” Sam asked. She was the only one who knew about your feelings for Josh besides Hannah and Beth. You knew you could trust her.

“Dunno.” You mumbled, massaging your temples.

Sam gazed at you sympathetically, laying her arm on your shoulder. “(Y/N), why don’t you just talk to him? “

“You think it is easy Sam? We’re good friends and he means so much to me. I don’t want to destroy our friendship.” You answered. You were afraid that his demeanor towards you would change if you told him. What if he ignored you after that?

“(Y/N), we all know how much Josh cares for you. He will understand.” Sam tried to convince you. “And besides, I think he has feelings for you as well.”

Your head shot up as you heard what she said. “Really?” Sam stood up, giving you a tight hug.

“You need to find out on your own.” She said and went upstairs.


The next day you decided to go swimming by the lake. The weather was very warm, the sun was shining and no cloud was to be seen. After breakfast, you put your bikini on and your t-shirt and hot pants over it. As everyone was finished, you walked down to the lake. When you arrived, everyone got out of their clothes.

“Are you going to tell him?” Sam asked.

“I don’t know.” You stared at Josh who was taking off his shirt, revealing his toned and muscular body. Your heart skipped a beat and you looked at Sam desperately, who followed your gaze and smirked at you. “Sam, please help.” You whined.

“I say go and talk to him.”

“But it’s not easy!” Sam was about to reply something as someone shouted.

“Hey, are you coming or not?” Josh asked. Everyone was in the water now, splashing each other with water. You took off your clothes and went to the water with Sam. Everyone had a good time. Josh never left your side. Sometimes he would wrap his arms around you, lifting you up and throwing you into the water. He would splash you with until you whined and screamed at him to leave you alone. He was so clingy and you didn’t know why.

After a while, you laid on your back, enjoying the feeling of warm water covering you. You let yourself drifting by tiny waves, not caring about everything else. You closed your eyes, feeling the sunrays on your skin. You sighed contently as your body relaxed.

Suddenly, two hands touched your back and you flinched. As you opened your eyes, you were greeted with some green eyes you used to love so much.

“Don’t worry.” Josh assured. “I’ve got you.”

And then, the urge to tell him that you loved him was too strong. You tried to fight against it but you failed. Why not giving it a try?

“J-Josh?” You murmured, straightened up to your feet. He looked at you questioningly.

“Yes?” You took a deep breath, before you continued speaking.

“There is something I need to tell you.”

“What is it?”

You looked at him right into his eyes, not even blinking once. “I love you.”

Josh’s eyes widened and he was too shocked to say something. You could see it.

“I was too afraid to tell you because I didn’t want to ruin our friendship, but I can’t take it anymore.” As you still did not get a reaction from him, tears shimmered in your eyes. You knew it was a mistake.

“I’m sorry Josh, I ruined everything.” You said as you were about to leave but and hand grabbed your arm and spun you around. Before you could say something, soft lips were pressed against yours that kissed you passionately. You had plenty of kisses behind you but nothing was as much as good as right now. Your heart punched against your chest and you felt butterflies in your stomach.

When Josh pulled back, he put his hands on your cheeks, stroking them gently. “You didn’t ruin anything, (Y/N). “ He panted softly.

“Have you any idea how much I have been waiting for this moment?” He smiled at you.

“Does that mean that-“

“I love you too, yes.

You laughed happily, never expecting that to happen. Josh loved you back and you were so relieved about that. “Do you know what I always wanted to do?” Josh asked. You looked at him expectantly, suddenly being pushed into the water. A scream escaped your mouth, before your whole body was covered with water, and then you felt his lips capturing with yours. You smiled into the kiss and could hear the muffled cheers and applaud of your friends.

#68 [Kenny Omega]

#68: “What time is it there?” - “We’re in the same time-zone.” from the list here.

It was some time after about 10PM, and you were laying on the bed in the guest room of your sister’s house in Austin, Texas. Thanks to the air conditioning going, you weren’t dying in the mid-August heat. Which was nice, considering you had believed you’d melt when you were out and about earlier in the day.

You took a sip from your wine glass, your eyes focused on the TV, the movie Sweet Home Alabama playing. You had seen it probably a hundred times at this point, but you always enjoyed it, and would watch it whenever it came up on cable. There was something calming about watching a movie you knew backwards and forwards.

The house was quiet, your newborn niece apparently understanding sleep was a thing. You knew logically in a couple hours she’d most likely wake, hungry, but for now it was quiet. You hoped your little sister was sleeping too; being a brand new mom was tough, and she needed to get the rest while she could.

You had been in Texas for nine days now. You’d flown in from Japan, where you had been visiting your boyfriend, after hearing your sister say she was being induced. Since that time, your niece had been born, and your boyfriend had left Japan to return to his other home in Winnipeg.

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anonymous asked:

Creekenny 30

“It’s not what it looks like…”

(of course I’m going to do Creekenny first)

(also this can’t even be considered a ficlet I got carried away and it’s basically a full fanfiction oops)

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You and your fiance Nate were out at a park on one of his off days, just spending the day together. You didn’t get to do a lot of that since he was always doing cool stuff with his career while you were going to college and working part time. Moments like these were the ones that the two of you cherished.

The two of you walked around the park hand in hand, enjoying the view around you in your hometown. There were children screaming and playing everywhere; on the playground, throwing balls around, playing tag. It was a warm Saturday, the first warm day after the winter and you loved hearing the sound of kids play after being stuck inside all winter.

Nate chuckled as a girl tried to climb up a slide, but slipped back down on her stomach.

“She’s a cute kid, but do you think she knows you’re supposed to slide down the slide and not climb up it?”

You just laughed and continued walking with him. Occasionally the two of you would talk about wedding plans, but mostly you enjoyed the sounds around you and each other’s company in silence.

On the sidewalk in front of you, a mother pushed a double stroller with two children sleeping in the seats. This caused Nate to stop walking and coo at the two babies. You had never seen a bigger smile on his face, and it made your heart warm up, but it was out of character for Nate. You ignored it, though, and joined him, speaking with the mother, who looked exhausted and glad to have contact with another human being who could actually speak words.


You stood in front of your mirror in your apartment brushing your teeth and humming one of Nate’s songs. As you bent forward to spit Nate popped his head into the bathroom, eyes on his phone as he started talking to you.

“Hey, babe, I was thinking that we should move into a bigger house after the wedding. This apartment gets a little cramped, don’t you think?”

You had just put your toothbrush back in your mouth and started brushing when he started talking. You slid the object out of your mouth and gave him a confused look.

“It’s just the two of us in here, we don’t need that much room.” Your voice was sounding weird because you had a lot of spit in your mouth, so you leaned forward again and spit before rinsing your mouth out.

“I know it’s just the two of us, but it won’t be like that forever. And, also, there’s no room for any guests to stay over here. Sam doesn’t like sleeping on the couch.”

You raised an eyebrow at your fiance, “so we’re going to move because Sam doesn’t want to sleep on the couch?”

Nate looked up from his phone and shrugged before turning it towards you. “Here’s this house for pretty cheap, three bedrooms, a big kitchen, and a big yard with a pool in the backyard.”

You examined the page he was on and crossed your arms over your chest, “we’ll talk about it when the time gets closer, okay?”

He grinned at you, causing a smile to come across your own face.

“Thank you for considering,” he said as he left the room. “Oh! And we have to think about getting a safer car, don’t you think?”

You didn’t know what was going on with him, but you were genuinely confused as to why he would want to get rid of his car for a safer one. What was even considered safe?

“Yeah, sure!” You called to him, turning back to the mirror to finish getting ready.


Nate was gone again, skiing with friends in Utah before all of the snow melted away, so you took the opportunity to go out with friends. You weren’t doing anything too crazy, just sitting out at a restaurant and eating and talking. All of you were so busy that you barely had any time to even talk with each other anymore.

The dinner would have been fantastic if you hadn’t kept getting snapchats and texts from Nate sending you pictures of Kenny’s baby cousin talking about how cute she was. You had agreed the first time, but after the fifth time it was starting to get excessive.

He had never done this any other time he saw Kenny’s cousins, so why now? You sighed and turned your phone over face down so that it wouldn’t distract you from your friends, who were now talking about your wedding.


You, Nate, your bridesmaids and his groomsmen were sitting at a long table, looking at four different menus for four different caterer options. Nate, who was sitting beside you, was mumbling to himself about the third option being super expensive.

“Nate, what are you even talking about? We have the money for it, why are you worried?” You questioned, rubbing a hand on his arm.

He was never worried about money when he blew it on impromptu trips to amusement parks or Europe.

“It’s just food. Everyone needs to eat, so I don’t understand why it’s so much to get a need for people.” He stated, running his hand through his hair.

“It’s because it was really good,” your maid of honor commented, rubbing her tummy.

Everyone was waiting for the fourth caterer to come out and present their food to you.

Nate turned to you, “I just think we need to be saving, you know, for important stuff in the future.”

He had been acting so weird lately that you just sighed and nodded, pretending you knew what he was talking about when you knew you didn’t at all.


“Y/N!” Nate yelled from the living room of your apartment urgently.

You dropped your book on the bed, heart pounding in your chest. He never yelled like that and you wanted to see if he was okay. You ran to the living room to see him standing in the middle of it with a huge smile on his face.

“What is your problem?” You questioned, letting out a deep breath and trying to get your heart to slow down.

“Chad’s wife is having her baby right now!”

Chad, one of his groomsmen, had not even been this excited when his own wife’s water broke. It was probably because it was early in the morning and Chad was one of those guys that said they needed their beauty sleep and got grumpy when they didn’t get it.

“No way!” You exclaimed, walking towards him and looking at the screen of his phone that was in his hands.

On the screen was a text from Chad. As you were reading the text, a text from Sam popped up asking if Nate wanted to go out and get drunk. Instantly, Nate replied to Sam and told him not really before turning to you with the same smile.

“Looks like we’re heading to the hospital tonight.”

You motioned to his phone, utterly confused, “you don’t want to hang out with Sam?”

“Not particularly. I don’t really want to go get shit faced. I hate it.”

You didn’t question it, preferring for him to stay home and sober anyways.


The two of you stood in the dark hospital room that night. Chad’s wife was asleep on the cheap hospital bed and Chad had run to the nearest McDonald’s, claiming he couldn’t stand hospital food. He had left the baby with the two of you, but really she didn’t leave Nate’s arms.

He looked down at the baby girl with a small smile on his face, rocking her lightly as she slept. Suddenly it all connected. His unusual behavior towards kids on the street, him wanting a save car and a bigger house, him sending you pictures of kids and wanting to save money. Nate wanted a baby of his own; a baby to share with you.

The thought made your heart swell and your imagination wander. You thought of what you’d name a girl and how protective he’d be of her and how she would be his little princess.

You smiled softly and rested your head on his shoulder, watching the sleeping child in his arms.

“When we get home, how about we look into that house you were talking about.” You muttered, dragging his attention to you.

“Really?” He asked, surprised.

“Really. And then, we can check into a safer car, we don’t have to use caterer number three if you don’t want to spend the money on them, and then after the wedding we can get pregnant.”

The look on his face made up for the ups and downs of the next year, the craziness of the wedding and house hunting. The stress of moving while pregnant. That look on his face that night made it all worth it. And, of course, the baby girl that you gave birth to at the end of your nine month pregnancy.

so @samwell-womens-hockey​​ was talking about how in soulmate aus with “first words” soulmate marks there’s like…. a weird lack of free will since you’re predestined to say a specific thing no matter what happens????

and like i have personally thought about that issue a lot aaaaaaaaaand i actually have also thought a lot about a super angsty soulmate au that explores this exact issue. SO. i’m typing it out now.

1.3k, rated t. this is zimbits but fyi there is also sad pimms backstory and some talk about jack’s OD. so read at your own discretion.

honestly, jack doesn’t believe in soulmates anymore, and he certainly doesn’t want one.

he doesn’t see the appeal in being forced into a relationship with some stranger. just because someone says some random assortment of words, it doesn’t suddenly mean they’re good for you. just look at what happened with kent.


so. what happens with kent is bad.

they meet for the first time in a locker room—jack is shirtless and bent over, lacing up his skates, and kent reads the words written on the curve of his waist aloud, slow, a little confused: “well, you’re all real tall, aren’t ya?”

jack gasps and sits straight up, whipping his head around to look over his shoulder, and then he sees the blonde guy staring back at him. jack can’t think of anything to say: he’s in shock, he can’t believe it’s happened. it feels like already? and finally all at once.

eventually kent blinks and says, “uh, hi. i’m kent?”

and jack says, “hi. i’m jack.”

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ereriere  asked:

ereri with a desperate heartbreaking 13? c:


It is so sosososososo late!! I’m sorry it took me so long! I have like 30,000 excuses, but I’m just going to say that I’m sorry, and that I hope you enjoy this.

I lost the previous WIP that I spoke to you about, but I really really hope that you like this.

Prompt: Desperate, heartbreaking “Kiss me.”

Pairing: Eren Jaeger/Levi Ackerman

Title: Bright Memories

Rating: N/R

Word Count: 4881

Notes: This is a revolutionary war inspired fic surrounding the War for Independence for the Colonies of Maria from Titan(I know I am so original).

“Where is he?!”

 Levi heard the shout in the voice so familiar and flinched. He winced at the pain the action caused and struggled to let out a calming breath.

 “Is he alive? Please tell me that he’s alive.”

 Levi couldn’t hear the doctor’s reply - it was slow and low in pitch. Eren’s matched it in his reply. He released a painful breath. He wasn’t going to last long. He could feel it.

 He closed his eyes, if just for a second. When he opened his eyes again, Eren was sitting beside his tiny little hospital bed, brushing Levi’s sweat dripping hair off his forehead.

 “Eren,” he breathed, going to shift towards him, but stopped to gasp in pain.

 “Don’t move,” Eren told him, moving his hand to brace lightly against his shoulder. Barely any pressure on it at all. It was just to tell him that he was there. Levi inclined his head and leaned back against the bed again. Eren furrowed his eyebrows, looking down Levi with such emotion in his eyes. He opened his mouth briefly, and then quickly shut it as he seemingly thought better about what to say. Finally, he sighs and draws his hand away so it can tangle with the other on his leg. “We’ve sent for your mother,” he settles with. Levi draws in a deep breath. Fantastic. If the bullet wound doesn’t kill him, his mother will. “I sent her a message the second I heard,” he paused, giving a slight smile. “As I was leaving home, actually.”

 Levi grunted at the little effort to make words leave his mouth. “She’ll be pissed,” he whispered. His voice was groggy, and full of breaks and cracks that he couldn’t help. His mouth felt as if it was full of cotton filling, though the thought of water made him nauseous. The last time he had tried to drink he had barely got any down his throat. The rest simply spilled down his chin, and in turn his chest and down to soak into the thin mattress he lied on.

 Eren nodded, his teeth biting at the side of his bottom lip. Levi looked at Eren, struggling to focus his eyes. He was barely dressed, his shirt was sloppily thrown on and left untucked, his vest was buttoned oddly and out of sequence so that Levi briefly wished that he had enough strength to correct the man’s clothes. Eren’s hair was left to fall loosely around his shoulders and in his face.

 He hadn’t even taken the time to right his hair.

 Levi looked to Eren’s eyes. They looked so dark in the little light left by the oil lamps in the room. Eren’s face was dipped in shadow as he dropped his head forward to look down at Levi. His hair scattered around his face as if it were a curtain. Levi could see his chest rise and fall strange, uneven and fast in a strange repetitive sequence.

 He looked up to him. His eyelids felt heavy and started to slip shut.

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Presidential Duties- Jack Gilinsky Imagine

“We’re here!” Your best friend shouted as you pulled up to the campus. 

The New York Academy of Arts has been your home for the past three years of your life. It’s where you met your best friend, Callie, it’s where you figured out your life and it’s where you’ve met the hottest guys. 

“Home!” You said, getting out of your car when you pulled up to your sorority house. You and Callie have been a part of the Greek system since freshman year and you couldn’t imagine your college experience without it. 

You looked down at Greek Roe, the street where all the Greek House’s live on, and you saw the one and only, Jack. You two have known each other since freshman year, ever since the first Greek Ball and now you two were both Presidents of your Greek house. He gave you a nod, you gave him a smile and you two headed your separate ways. 

“Ugh, when are you two gonna hook up?” Callie asked, as you two headed to the trunk to grab your bags.

“We’re not.” You said. Okay, so Jack was definitely good looking and he totally knew it too. “This year is all about the house and us.” You wanted to make this year the best year ever for your pledges and other sisters so you promised yourself you would work extra hard.

Later on in the day, when everything had been put away in your room, you got word that the Omega Chi Delta’s, which is Jack’s fraternity, is throwing a back to school party and your whole house wants to go. 

“I mean, we’re not really supposed to associate with other Greek Houses until after Greek week…” You said to Callie who was begging you to go.

“Yeah, but it’s the first week back and you know our girls are going to find a way to associate with them anyway. Might as well have it all under the same roof.” 

She had a point. This way, you were able to control what was happening and see to it that nothing went wrong.

“Fine, we’ll go but as a house and if just ONE person messes up, we’re all going home.”

As you and your sisters walked up to the frat house later that night, Jack opened up the door. 

“Wow, didn’t expect to see you guys here.” He said. “You guys usually follow the whole “don’t associate with other Greeks” rule.” You watched as Jack laughed and you couldn’t help but fake laugh too.

“You’re so funny.” You rolled your eyes.

“And hot.” You heard one of your sisters say.

“Then in that case, come on in.” Jack said, moving to the side to allow you guys to pass. 

You made your way inside and saw almost every Greek house there. Turns out, no one really follows the rules anymore. You watched as your sisters made their way to find drinks and guys so you decided to be a good president and watch out for everyone. You made sure you knew where everyone was and as you turned around to head to the bathroom, you bumped into Jack.

“Just the sister I was looking for.” You shot him a confused look before rolling your eyes and making your way to the bathroom.

“Have a drink.” He said, handing you his drink.

“No thanks. Sober duty.” You said, pointing to yourself. You placed the drink on a random table but before you could leave Jack started talking again.

“You know, I never really understood why you take this so seriously.” Jack said and you knew he was more than drunk. Jack was never one to have a serious conversation but when he did, he was often drunk for it.

“Like you really care.” You said, sarcastically.

“I do.” He said, picking up the drink you put down. “You never really drink the first week back. That’s when you’re supposed to drink. Before all of our Presidential duties kick in.” He said, handing you the drink again. 

“You really want me to drink?” You asked and Jack nodded his head. Without second guessing it, you chugged the rest of the drink and before you knew it, you were being handed more drinks. 

As the night went on, you and Jack played drinking games, took random shots and chugged more drinks. You knew it wasn’t very Presidential of you but Jack was right. You always took everything so seriously, it was time to let loose.

As you woke up the next morning, you rolled over and saw Jack lying next to you.

“Not again.” You said, rolling your eyes. As you started looking for your clothes, you noticed Jack looking at you. “What?”

“Every time.” He said, talking about how every time this drunk hook up happens, you always try to sneak out before he wakes up. “You really know how to make a guy feel used.” He said, sitting up. 

“Don’t.” You said, looking away. “Don’t try to get me to stay by flashing your abs cause it’s not going to work.” 

You watched as Jack got out of bed and made his way over to you. He placed both hands on your waist and pulled you closer.

“Are you sure?” He whispered against your lips. His lips traveled to your neck and you couldn’t help but get caught up in the moment. But before things got out of hand, your phone buzzed.

“Where are you?” The message from Callie read.

You quickly typed “Presidential Duties” before pushing Jack onto the bed and kissing him. 

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You Shouldn’t Have Seen



Cameron paced in his room repeatedly. He was ready in his suit and tie and he made sure his hair was perfect. He was more nervous than he had been in a while. There was a reason for this; the reason was you.

You made him weak in the knees, you made him smile when he didn’t want to smile, you made his eyes twinkle when he talks about you. Of course, he always called you his mystery girl, because you had a boyfriend.

A boyfriend that he felt didn’t deserve you, didn’t pay attention to you enough. But that was just him being bitter. He knew perfectly well that your boyfriend was treating you well, and it killed him a little bit to know. He knew because your boyfriend was one of his best friends: Shawn.

He wouldn’t come in between you and Shawn because of how close they were. He didn’t want to ruin a friendship over a relationship that might not even last very long. But he couldn’t help being jealous every time he saw the two of you together, all over each other, laughing together and making memories. He wanted it to be him.

He scolded himself and hit the back of his hand lightly for thinking of anything but happiness for you and Shawn. He really felt he needed to be a better friend.

He took a deep breath and left his bedroom, finally. It was your birthday today and Cameron had pulled a bunch of people together to throw you a surprise party. He had gotten everyone in on it, all of your friends, your family as well as his friends, including Shawn who had taken you out on a date before that. Cameron had received a text from Shawn saying that he was on his way to Cam’s apartment with you.

“Okay, guys, they’re close, so we’re going to get in our hiding places and shut the lights off. Please be quiet until she gets here because the door is thin and you can hear a lot more than you’d think on the other side of it, so we don’t want to ruin it for her. I’d also like to take a second and thank you all for coming, it will mean a lot to her. Shawn told me that she feels like everyone forgot her birthday so she was pretty bummed out when they went out, but when she gets here everyone will lift her spirits.” Cameron smiled at the faces in front of him and then switched the lights off, listening to everyone shuffle around to get into their spots. He, too, got into his spot behind the coffee table next to your brother. This was the hiding spot that was front and center, so of course you two jumped for the opportunity to get this spot.

It only took five minutes until the door was opening and you were walking in, asking Shawn why on earth he was taking you to Cameron’s house when he was out of town. The question was cut a little bit short, though, due to the lights flicking on and a room full of people screaming at you. The surprise of it all made your breath catch in your throat and tears well up in your eyes.

“Guys.” You smiled, letting a tear fall down your face as Shawn engulfed you in a hug. Soon, everyone else followed suit and everyone was gathered in a group hug. Except for Cameron, who excused himself to the kitchen to get a slice of pizza from the huge stack of boxes.

The party went on for hours. Cameron stayed in the kitchen. People came and left the kitchen to get pizza and cake. Cameron stayed. People came in to thank him for the great party. He assured them it was no problem, thanked them for being there and stayed in the kitchen. People started filing out. He stayed.

You noticed him missing and went to go find him. You had heard people all night say that he was in the kitchen and hadn’t moved, so you knew where to find him.

He was standing over the sink, looking down at his phone absently when you walked up behind him and wrapped your arms around his waist, making him jump and turn around to look at you in horror.

You ignored it, though, this was always how Cam acted around you.

“I was told you were the mastermind who put all of this together.” You told him, crossing your arms in front of you.

“Yeah,” he shrugged, “I guess I am.”

“Well, thank you. So much. I’ve had the best time of my life here, Cam. The day started off really badly, but you’ve made it turn out to be wonderful. I don’t know how I can thank you.”

Cameron could think of a few ways. He wasn’t proud of any of them.

“Did you open presents already?” He questioned, changing the subject.

“Yeah, I did.” You nodded. “Lots of jewelry and makeup. A box of cheese sticks, a pair of killer heels and two bundles of flowers.”

“Wow, you’ve got quite the lot already,” Cameron smiled, “I guess I don’t have to give you my gift now.”

“No! That’s not how this works!” You exclaimed jokingly, putting your hands out so he could put it in your hands.

He reached to his left and plucked a purple bag with Minnie Mouse all over it off of the counter and placed it in your hands carefully. It was heavier than you were expecting, which made you smile up at him gratefully. You instantly started pulling the tissue paper out of it and gasped in surprise at the contents.

“A collection of Ray Bradbury’s short stories and Atlantis: The Lost Empire and all three Toy Story movies? Cameron, oh my God, you shouldn’t have! Thank you so much!” You exclaimed, placing the bag onto the ground and jumping into Cameron’s arms to give him the biggest hug he had received from you.

You were one of the biggest Disney enthusiasts and those four movies that Cam had gotten for you were the only four that you didn’t have. And Ray Bradbury was one of your favorite authors, ever since freshman year of high school! His mind amazed you and you loved reading all of his short stories over and over again.

“That’s not all.” Cameron told you, something setting off inside of him when you wrapped your arms around his neck, your scent filling his nose.

You moved your head back so that you could look at him in the eyes and still be in your embrace.

“It’s not? What else could you possibly get me? The moon?” You joked.

Before he had time to think twice, and before you had time to laugh about the joke you made, his lips were on yours, kissing you fondly and pulling you closer to his body. You were confused as you pushed away from him.

“Y/N, I’m in love with you,” Cameron blurted, holding you by your shoulders. “I will try my hardest to get the moon for you.”

Your eyes were wide and Cameron knew he had messed up. Especially when he heard claps coming from the entrance of the kitchen. The two of you both looked over and saw Shawn standing there with a huge smile on his face, large hands clapping together.

“Wow, Cam! You’re getting to be a better actor every day! You’re really going to get big one day!” Shawn exclaimed, watching Cameron’s hands drop from your shoulders. Both you and Cameron were surprised.

“Wait, you were just acting?” You questioned, a smile growing on your face. “That was so good, it’s ridiculous. You actually had me for a second. I was scared.”

Shawn gave Cameron a look of warning. He knew it wasn’t acting, but he was giving him a chance.

“Oh, yeah! I have to act like I’m in love in a new movie I might be in. No big deal, but yeah.”

Shawn nodded at Cameron and gave him a genuine smile. “It was a huge deal, man. You’re great. Hey, we’re going to head out, you don’t need any help cleaning up, do you?”

Cameron shook his head and let the two of you leave. Once everyone had left, Cam spent the night cleaning the apartment with his music on low in the background. He could tell by your reaction when he kissed you that you didn’t have the same feelings he did. So he decided he would never try again. He would get over you. He would find a new girl. He would let you and Shawn be happy.




“I need the two of you to be on your best behavior. Don’t make me regret this,” You told two of your closest friends, glancing away from the road so you could give them both a stern look.

For weeks, since your friends had found out that you were dating Johnson, they had been dying to meet them. You kept putting it off, saying it was too early or that he was too busy or wasn’t feeling good, but you knew you couldn’t put it off any longer. Your friends were starting to nag at you because you didn’t tell them until two months after you and Johnson started dating.

You made arrangements with your boyfriend prior to this day, not only because you wanted to make sure it was okay with him, but also because you wanted to coach your friends on how to act. It’s not like they were bad girls, it’s just that when they get around males they start to get a little.. Crazy. Especially if it’s one of your boyfriends. They like to show off and try to embarrass you. Johnson of course thought this was a great idea, to meet your friends and he decided that he was going to bring two of his friends along so they could meet you too.

“Stop stressing, we got this.” Your friend, Kenna, told you, sitting in the passenger seat, typing on her phone.

“Yeah, we’ll just be our normal selves. Maybe I’ll even fart in front of him.” Tia, sitting in the backseat, snorted.

You groaned loudly, turning the steering wheel to turn onto his street. In your mind you were going over all of the things that could go wrong. Of course there was the fact that these two could embarrass you, or the fact that Jack wouldn’t like them, or that they wouldn’t like him. There was also the possibility of them breaking something expensive, or hooking up with one of his friends and make everything awkward. It’s happened before, it could happen again.

You pulled the car to a stop in front of Jack’s house, taking a deep breath, you turned the car off and stepped out of it, Kenna and Tia stepping out to follow you to the door. You didn’t knock, just walked in and kicked your shoes off by the door.

“Jack! We’re here!” You called through the house, turning around to see your friends still had their shoes on their feet. Strike one. You gritted your teeth at them, pointed to their shoes and hissed, “off now.”

The two just smiled at each other and then took their shoes off. They were trying to make you go crazy by the end of the day.

“Yeah, we’re in the living room!” Jack’s voice called to you from down the hall.

You lead the girls down the hall and to the right where Jack sat on his couch, crossed in front of him, controller in his hand and a concentrated look on his face. His friends sat around the room, controllers in their hands as well and the same looks on their faces. One of them, a tall boy with dark hair and bushy eyebrows was sitting on the floor next to Jack, criss cross applesauce style, his elbows resting on his thighs, jerking the controller around as if it would help him move his car around in the game. Jack’s other friend sat in a chair in the corner of the room, slouched down so much that his butt was barely on the seat of the chair and his chin was just barely touching his chest.

“Hey, Y/N.” Johnson smiled without looking up from the game. He paused it and turned his head to you, smiling wider when he saw that you actually did bring your friends.

“Hey,” you smiled back before gesturing to your friends, now having all the attention in the room. “This is Kenna and Tia, two of my closest friends.”

In turn, each girl smiled and waved at the boys.

“Nice to meet you girls. These are my friends Gilinsky,” Jack gestured to the boy on the floor next to him, and then the boy in the chair, “and Nash.”

The boys, too, waved in turn and then Nash waved his controller in the air, “are you guys into racing games? My head is hurting from beating these two for the last three hours. Want a chance to cream them? They suck.”

Johnson and Gilinsky rolled their eyes and voiced their opinions on Nash’s statement. Kenna and Tia looked at you with hopeful eyes.

“Can we play with them, Mami?” They questioned, using your nickname.

You rolled your eyes and nodded, sitting down next to Johnson while Kenna rushed over to Nash to take the controller from his hands.

“Mami?” Johnson asked, furrowing his eyebrows with a confused look on his face, handing Tia her controller.

You nodded, waving it off, “yeah, it’s like a nickname of mine I guess.”

“How did you gain it?” He questioned, genuinely interested.

As the game started, Tia answered his question, sitting in front of me on the floor, “well, you know how when girls think a guy is hot or something and they call them like daddy or papi? Well, Y/N here doesn’t believe she’s hot or anything and one time we went out to by eighth grade promotion dresses together and she came out of the dressing room looking fine as fuck. She leaned against the doorway and was like, ‘who’s your mami?’ and I don’t know, it just stuck.”

Your face flushed a shade of red, embarrassed to relive the story. It was always so weird when they let the name slip in places where people didn’t know that’s what your nickname was.

Hours passed with everyone sitting in the living room, playing video games and passing the controllers around so everyone got a chance to play.

“Your turn, Mami.” Nash smirked, leaning over to hand you a controller to play Mario Kart.

You ignored the use of the nickname as you grabbed the controller from him and picked your character, claiming how good you were at the game. When the game started, though, it was soon known throughout the room that you actually sucked at this game, one of the easiest games in the world.

Your nickname was being thrown about the room, taunting you. It was mostly your friends, but Nash threw a few in there too. Flustered, Johnson paused the game and looked at Nash, eyebrows raised and trying not to smile.

“Dude, stop calling her that.” He demanded.

“Why?” Nash questioned, letting a full smile break out on his lips.

“Because you just met her! It’s weird.” Johnson muttered, now completely serious as he got situated on the couch again, starting the game back up.

“It’s not weird.” Nash insisted.

“Yes it is.”

But it wasn’t. It made you feel accepted. It made you feel like this was a good situation, that everything was going good. And it was going good. You didn’t know what you were worried about in the first place.