imagine how awkward he must feel

Be More Chill; Michael's Uncle

Michael was getting dressed and heading down to breakfast as usual when he spotted someone else sitting in his usual place at the table. The person turned around with a wide smile.
“You must be Michelle! Anne told me so much about you it’s so nice to finally see you again!” He got up pulling Michael in a hug as he stood there, very confused.
“Your Uncle Arvin, remember? He used to come over all the time when you were little.”
“Only for my most favorite niece in the world! Look at how big you’ve gotten! Oh but why is your hair so short? It was so pretty when it was longer.” Through the hug Michael glared at his mother. Of course she hadn’t told him. She never tells anyone and then gets angry at him for correcting them.
Michael’s dad did sense how awkward this was becoming for his son and put a hand on Michael’s shoulder. “It’s almost seven, if we don’t hurry up you're​ going to be late for school. Go upstairs and get dressed.” Michael shuffled up the stairs as the adults looked on. “Arvin, can you leave for a second? I need to talk to Anne about something.”
“Sure, sure your house.” He left the kitchen as Anne looked over to her husband.
“I know I should have told him.”
“Yes, do know how awkward Michael must be feeling right now? His uncle still thinks he’s a girl. You know how much he hates being called Michelle!”
“Don’t get on your high horse David. You know damn well I couldn’t have just mentioned it conversation. Oh Anne how are you doing today? Just fine, by the way my daughter's​ actually my son now so if you could just call him a boy now that’d be lovely!”
“I know it’s hard for us, but it’s even worse for Michael. Imagine being called something you hate everyday.”
“He’s my brother David, he’s only ever known Michelle. I don’t think he’d be open to the idea of his only niece turning out to be a-!” There was a crash from the hallway where the two looked over to see Michael, who had been listening the whole time. “Michael…how much of that did you hear?” He ignored the question grabbing his bag and heading towards the front door. “Michael!”
“I’m staying over at Jeremy’s tonight.” With that the door slammed shut as she heard him get in his car and leave.

VIXX reacting to their shy crush confessing to them.

He felt his chest thightening when he noticed you quickly looking away from him to avoid eye contact as you held the plush heart in front of him. 
He giggled to himself and took it from you before lowering himself to your height and tilting his head to the right so his gaze met yours.

He smiled at you brightly and nodded as the answer to your question. “I already made that promise a while ago…” 

You felt the blood rush into your cheeks when you noticed the playful smile that tugged on his cherry lips and you instinctively wanted to run away to avoid the rejection you were about to encounter. But you told yourself not to run away from your feelings once again, to finally come clear for what you’ve felt for your best friend. 

Suddenly you felt the plushie being taken out of your hands and your gaze met his. He teasingly rolled his eyes at your behavior before looking down at the heart he’s holding and shook his head, not believing what you just said. 
I’ll promise you anything when you promise to never say anything remotely like that ever again.

He slowly took the plushee from your sweaty hands, irritated by your sudden and cringey love confession. His heart began to race faster when he realized your intend behind it. He bit down on his lower lip to avoid making you feel uncomfortable about his sudden outburst of laughter.

He quickly pulled you into his arms, thightening his grip around your waist before releasing a silent giggle he couldn’t hold in any longer by the cutness he encountered. “Honestly, you planned for it to be so terribly cute, didn’t you?”

The minute he noticed your cheeks blushing from embarrasment, he bit down on his lower lip to avoid any awkwardness that might occur between you two and just smile at you lovingly. 
He slowly eyed your body, your hand stretched out and waving the plush hear to his chest. 

You slowly lifted up your head and look at him with big eyes, already regretting your decision. Suddenly he bursted out into laughter, making your worries dissapear within seconds and you returned it gratefully. He took it from you before hitting you in the head with it gently. “Honestly you could have warned me about this beforehand.”

He was kinda starstruck when he realized what you said, regardless of your way of confessing and took his time to answer, a smile tugging on his lips. He was so overcome with excitment that he quickly forgot about your words and just took it from you before embracing you in a long lasting hug. 

He wrapped his arms around you tightly and gently laughed into your neck. “I always kept it safe and I’ll continue to do so until you tell me not to.”

Despite his excitment of you finally admitting your crush on him, he quickly realized how awkward you must feel about doing so, so he quickly decided to lighten the mood by teasing you about your confession. He gasped loudly and placed his hand to his chest, squeezing it in shock. 

You giggled at his performance and felt your anxiety being lifted off your shoulders. He took the plush heart from you and winked at you. “Honestly you should have gotten advice. You almost killed me with the cringe.”

Love, Youngmi~

i’ll drop anchor in your heart (7/?)

summary: Single father Captain Hook and his daughter are whisked into a new kind of adventure when land calls to them in the form of the Princess of Misthaven and her son Henry.

word count: ~3000

also found on: ao3,

catch up here: first chapter, previous chapter


David’s mother Ruth lives in a small cottage on a farm a half a day’s travel from the castle. Killian rides with Elizabeth, Henry, and Emma. David claimed it would be best if they traveled this way, with he and the queen taking a separate carriage with Wilby.

Killian isn’t even sure why he’s coming along. The fact is- he isn’t needed on this trip at all. David had told him that it would be nice to have him there and Snow had justified it by suggesting that Lizzie would like to get out of the castle.

He’s not one to argue with the king and queen he now serves loyally, so Killian agreed and Elizabeth enthusiastically clapped her hands together when he told her they’d be going on a trip with Henry and Princess Emma.

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Love/Hate relationship

           Ring Ring Ring. Who the hell could be calling you at four in the morning? You rolled over to look at your phone, hoping to shut it up. After your eyes adjusted to the light, you saw that you had a missed call from Louis. What the hell was so important that it couldn’t wait until morning and by morning you meant noon. You didn’t have to wait long to find out because he called again. “Hey YN, whatcha doing?”

           “Scuba diving. What kinda question is that?”

           “No need to be snarky.”

           “Louis it’s four in the morning, get to the point.”

           “Well I was wondering if you wanted to go on tour with us? If you do then you need to be packed and at the airport at 7.”

           “Of course I want to go. Why are you just inviting me now? I have almost no time to pack!” You were wide awake now. Your mind was going a million miles a minute. You needed to make a list and get everything together. “Louis I gotta go if I’m gonna get ready in time.”

           “Well I didn’t tell you because I wanted you to go and not have time to change your mind. Alright see you at the airport.”

           It took a lot less time to pack than you actually thought. You were completely packed by 5:30, so now you were just sitting and waiting until it was time to leave for the airport. Your taxi pulled up right at six. You threw your bags in the trunk, slide into the back seat, and closed your eyes until you got to the airport.

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anonymous asked:

Do you do angst? If so… Reader has had a crush on Noctis for a while now, but accepts that he's only ever loved Luna. Now it's the night before he has to sacrifice himself, and they decide to ask him for one last dance…

I don’t like angst because it makes me cry! Why anon?!

(Listen to Love Me As Though There Were No Tomorrow by Nat King Cole. It suits the story.)

Reblog if you liked it!

It….wasn’t that it had gotten easier they would say.

But that they were simply used to feeling the way they did.

Since the day they realized their feelings for him. They had known they would suffer heartbreak before they ever had a chance.

It…wasn’t fine…but….

If it meant that he was happy, why should they stand in the way?

He only had a heart for one and she was everything they weren’t.

Lady Lunafreya was filled with limitless kindness, was beautiful, and was loved by all, yet they couldn’t help but be jealous, even though she didn’t deserve it.

Because she had his love. She always had it. Maybe even before they both realized.

But that didn’t stop the love they felt for him.

Noctis was sweet, was adorably awkward when talking to strangers, yet had a huge heart and was always willing to help, even when he didn’t always understand why they needed help.

He was a fishing fanatic, he hated vegetables with a passion, and loved sleep more then anyone would consider healthy.

And tomorrow would be the last day of his life.

It….scared them. To know that…come tomorrow, daylight will return….but at the cost of someone precious to them.

They couldn’t imagine how his closest friends must feel…waiting so long for his return, only to lose him again so fast and so soon.

They wanted to burst into tears, to cry and shout about how unfair this was.

But then….the gods were never fair.

People died to make sure he lived.

So why must he die when he deserved to live?

They didn’t know the answer, and they probably never will.

When they had heard from Noctis that he was to walk to his death, they would admit to simply turning and walking away, not wanting to hear more.

Their heart clenched tightly and it took so much will to not look at him when he called out.

They had returned to the room Ms. Cindy gave them and simply sat there, listening to the songs coming from the radio.

They tried to ignore the pain they felt, trying to distract their minds from the knowledge they received.

But it wasn’t easy.

It never was.


They looked up and saw the one on their mind stand in their doorway.

Nether one said anything, simply looking at one another before they looked away from Noctis and stared down at their hands.

He took that as a sign to walk into the room, sitting next to them on the bed.

For a few minutes, music was the only thing that was heard, each gathering their only thoughts, trying to say something.

“Listen…” Noctis finally said, breaking the strange calm that surrounded them. “I know-”

“You don’t.” They said immediately, still staring at their hands.

“You don’t know, you probably never really did.” They said with a bitter smile.


“I loved you.” They said to him, making him close his mouth.

“Always have,I still do, probably always will.” They took a shaky breath. “Even when it’s several years down the line and someone manages to get close to me, I’ll still love you. ” They turned to look at him.

“Even when your heart belongs to someone else. I will always still love you.” They closed their eyes at their admission.

“Even when I know I’ll never have a chance. Even then.” They whispered. “Especially then.”

“….why didn’t you tell me…” He finally asked and they couldn’t help but chuckle bitterly at him.

“Because I didn’t want you to.” They smirked sardonically. “Because even a blind, deaf dog could see you only loved me as a friend? I never wanted you to know, to be honest. I don’t even know why I told you now.”

But they did, they wanted him to know before it was too late, before he was lost forever.

Music surrounded them again. Just a voiceless melody that drifted into the air.

It gave them time to settle the lump in their throat.

But it didn’t prepare them for when a hand grabbed their own.

“I’m so sorry.” They looked up and saw grief filled in their friend’s face.

“I’m sorry for…” He looked down, trying to come up with the words he needed to say, they couldn’t help but smile at his attempt, knowing words were never his strong point.

“Why are you apologizing stupid?” They reached up and tugged on a lock of his hair.

“It’s not your fault that I fell in love.”

“But still….I should hav-”

“Should have what? Known? Said something? Face it, you never were good at words and you know it.” They managed to get a small laugh out of him, both of them knowing how true it was.

“Still.” He said, looking at them.

“If there’s anything you want within my power, here and now.” They stared at him. “It’s the least I can do for a friend.”

“Then stay here and don’t go tomorrow.”

“….you know I can’t…” They smiled sadly at him.

“Yeah…figured you couldn’t…” they stood up and moved to stand in front of him, holding a hand out, he looked at them in confusion.


“Dance with me.”


“You may not remember but I was always a sucker for dancing.” They blinked away tears at the memories that came to the front of their mind.

“I believe I was your dance partner in ballroom class at school.” He looked at them before taking their hand, allowing them to pull him up.

“So you were.” Was all he said.

The music had changed to a slow song, a man singing softly. It was strangely fitting.

They got into position and slowly started swaying to the music. They didn’t say a single word. Not once.

Yet some many things were said.

It was strange, honestly strange, they had danced with him so many times before in class, to many different songs, even when they realized how much they loved him.

But here…….in this very moment, in this tiny dirtied room, with nothing but a beat up radio and memories swirling in both their hearts.

It was so much more painful then they realized.

They rested their head on his shoulder, eyes closed, trying to hard to make this moment last longer then it should.

And if he tightened his hold on them, well, they didn’t say.

Before they both knew it, the song ended, and no other song came up. Filling this room with silence.

They pulled apart, still holding hands, neither wanting to speak, nether wanting to let go, neither wanting to break the spell the dance placed on them.

Yet they knew it would hurt the longer they continued, they slowly let go of his hands, their hands shaking as they did so.

They didn’t move, they couldn’t. They kept their eyes closed, not wanting to see the truth before them.

It was at that moment, Noctis placed his hands on their cheeks and pulled them forward.

It was only for a moment, a moment so quick they didn’t realize it until it was over, and by then Noctis had pulled away.

They were shaking, they knew they were shaking, but they couldn’t help it, it was something they had longed for, something they dreamt of for so longer.

Yet it was something they would have never asked for if it meant that it would be a final good bye.

They heard him slowly walk away. But they didn’t stop him.

Because they knew it would be so much harder if they did.

They heard him stop for a brief moment, as if hesitating, before taking the final steps and closing the door behind him.

It was only then that they opened their eyes.

They fought to keep silent, but every now and then a sob would escape them.

They pressed their fingers to their lips, trying to recall how it felt.

They slowly sat down on their bed, knowing that they would not see him off tomorrow.

They knew that he knew that as well.

It would just be more painful.

So they would stay awake until they were too exhausted to keep their eyes open, and when they fall asleep, he will be in Insomnia, and when they wake…..

Light will be restored…

And a part of them will die alongside him.

So they sat there, listening as the same song they had danced to replayed on the radio.

They listened silently, unmoving, and if they felt tears spill down their face.


…no one was there to see them fall.

Imagine cuddling with Percival Graves.

Fandom: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Word count: 765


Originally posted by colinfarrellfanpage

  • This would include so many different types of cuddling.
  • First of all, Percival was not very fond of any types of PDA and he got physical very rarely, even if no one could see the two of you, for example in his office. It didn’t mean he was ashamed of your relationship or didn’t want anyone to know about you. Percival just preferred to have his private and work life separated.
  • It would take him some time to start showing his emotions. He didn’t want to rush things or push you into something you didn’t want to or like.

  • He enjoyed the time the two of you spent though, and would look forward to the long, lazy evenings in your or his apartment, spent on the couch by the fireplace. It would often result in you sitting with your back to him, wrapped up in a blanket.
  • The first time you got the occasion to do that, he froze up for a moment, not saying anything, but checking on your reaction and what you were going to do next. He relaxed a bit when he noticed that you seemed comfortable and cosy, but it took him a few minutes to get used to it.
  • You were glad it didn’t come up as awkward and that he didn’t bring it up. The nerves paid with interest, because you had never imagined how warm and soft Graves could be. Sitting against him, you felt like completely melting. If it were up to you, you would have never left that spot.
  • What hit him hard was how small you had suddenly become and how soft you felt against him. He must have stopped himself from pressing you harder or touching you just to feel more of you. That intoxicating thought was on his mind for a much longer time than it should be, given that he was still a gentleman, but it wasn’t that easy to let go of it.

  • On the later stages of your relationship, you would often hug him from behind, resting your head on his shoulder. He seemed to like it too, although he tended to joke about how short you were, because you couldn’t reach higher. That’s what once made you mad at him so you tried tickling him.
  • He was very ticklish apparently and would immediately writhe away from you or catch your hands, refusing to let you go until you promised not to do that again, which you of course did a few moments later.
  • Graves would return the hug sometime later, and sometimes it could scare the living shit out you, because he often walked completely soundlessly just to appear behind you out of nowhere. One moment he was doing something a few feet away and the next one he was crushing you with that damned smirk on his.
  • Bear hugs. He was the king of bear hugs.
  • He liked the smell of your hair and loved the little squeak you made every time he kissed that one spot on your neck, which he was completely aware was driving you crazy. He would make it particularly hard for you to run away then.

  • Sometimes, when he was in an exceptionally good mood, he would let you lay on top of him, your head in the crook of his neck or on his chest.
  • Listening to his heartbeat lured you to sleep faster than you would ever admit, but feeling him underneath you, slowly stroking your hair or just playing with some loose strands made you black out embarrassingly quickly.
  • Of course he noticed. It may sound creepy, but he liked to watch you sleep, your face smooth and peaceful.
  • One of the weirder things was that he enjoyed putting an open hand on your back in a completely non-sexual way. Just an open palm, pressed to your back. He didn’t know himself why he kept doing that.

  • He would be the big spoon almost all the time, but on rare occasions he would let you take his place.
  • This happened usually after an excessively rough day at his work or after coming home from a dangerous mission that had him rethink everything about his life and values. He would just let you close him in your arms, brushing his hair in a soothing manner. His hair was softer than it looked like and he silently enjoyed it more than he would admit.
  • He would hold you tight at night, as if afraid you would leave or disappear.
BTS Seeing Their Child Out Of A One Night Stand

A/N: I’m sorry if this isn’t that well written since I didn’t really know what to write in the first place. I don’t really see BTS having a one night stand (especially when it comes to the point of the other person having a child) not a lot of inspiration came to me. I hope you enjoyed it though! 


He would probably be just walking out of a random store once he spots you out of the corner of his eye. Quickly taking steps towards he would eventually notice the tiny child that you are holding in your arms. He would probably be filled with tons of shock, since he didn’t expect this to happen after that night. 

(pls ignore the filter HAHa)

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Jin would probably spot you and the child at one of their fan signings, but since he is in front of the fans he wouldn’t react very strongly. Once you and the child reach him though he will be very affectionate towards the child, possibly apologizing in his mind to both you and the child. 

(ignore the person doing his hair lmao)

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He wouldn’t really react strongly either. He’ll recognize you and eventually the child that you were holding in your arms. He would probably ask you how it happened and just accept things the way that it happened. 

Originally posted by imonaworldtour


Hoseok would definitely have a ton of shock displayed on his face once he sees you with a child resting in your arms. You two would probably meet again in secret with him asking how it happened and you just explaining that it was from that night. He might even apologize and try to offer to help you. 

Originally posted by yourpinkpill


Jimin would probably end up apologizing a lot for what happened and genuinely have a concerned look on his face since he is probably imagining how tough it must be for you. He would also offer to help as much as he can. 

Originally posted by sosjimin


Taehyung would find the child very cute a smile probably appearing on his face once the child even makes eye contact with him. Probably plays with the child for a little before even properly registering whose child it was. He then would probably offer to help you take care of the child which he finds adorable. 

Originally posted by jimiyoong


Jungkook might feel very awkward, he didn’t intend for things to turn out this way and would apologize. Seeing the child in your arms would make him feel even more apologetic. He would over all be awkward about having a child with a person he only spent one night with. 

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IMAGINE old Kanan and Ezra couch crashing on Luke Skywalker’s island only to have an awkward encounter.

Luke Skywalker: Feel free to feed on the grass blades, Bridger, Jarrus.

Kanan: Um, thanks, but we brought our own ration sticks.

Ghost of Anakin: Hello.

Ezra: ACH!

Luke: It’s all right, it’s just my dad, he’s visiting.

Kanan: But, but

Ghost of Anakin: Hey, you must be my son’s not Jedi friends. How ya doing?

Ezra: But, but, Luke, this guy was Darth Vader.

Luke: No, he killed Darth Vader. My dad got killed by Darth Vader but then my dad killed Darth Vader so he’s my dad.

Ghost of Anakin: Oh, heh heh, um, I remember you. I remember how I Force-flung you around like rag dolls on Lothal and almost got you to decapitate yourself with your own lightsaber, chased you around in a tie-fighter, then loomed after you on Malachor… Oh how times have change. How are you doing?

Ezra: Goodbye, Darth Vader. I’m outta here.

Kanan: Ezra, contact Hera. We’re coach crashing on Lira San at Zeb’s place instead!

Luke: Daaaaaaad, you embarrassed me in front of my friends.

Jake Gyllenhaal Imagine

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You were on the set of your new movie, a movie you were so excited for. It was said that this one would ope up so many doors in your career and help you reach your goal to direct a movie one day. 

So when starting filming you only concentrated on making your part good, putting all your energy into it. You wanted to do go so badly, but some people didn’t see it the same way you did. Someone like Jake. When he heard that you got the part he was more then happy for you. He said he would help you if needed and that he would support you while filming, but since the filming has started, he has been nothing but grumpy and making rude comments about your co-star, Tom. He was playing your love interest in the movie, but to you just like Jake every time you play love interest with someone it’s just acting. You expected for him to understand but you were wrong.

As you were getting ready for the next scene Jake was sitting on the couch in your trailer. Tom then entered the trailer

“Hey (Y/N)” he said then looked at Jake “Hey man. Good to see you. So (Y/N) you ready for today, it’ll be fun today” he joked. you knew he was joking. Jake himself had told you to make jokes before things like this, just to make it less weird. You felt Jake watching you and Tam talk

“Gosh could you just get out already.” Jake said then realized he had said it out loud. Tom looked at him and then walked out.

“What the fuck was that?” you yelled out when the door was closed. “How could you do that?” you walked to him and panicked. You had to work with these people, how can you now look the in the eyes after that. Jake didn’t say anything just looked out the window.

“Jake talk to me” you could see his jaw clenching.

“Why don’t you talk to Tom. You two seem so lovely together so why not talk to him. It seems like you don’t need me anymore.” he got up but didn’t leave.

“I have no idea what’s happening right now” you said and continued to get ready but before you could finish Jake took away the clothes you had to wear for the love scene, Jake pulled them away from you.

“You’re not wearing that” He said and threw them across the room.

“What?” you looked at him in shock.

“You are not going to wear that slutty outfit. Not with him” he yelled and pointed to the door. “You’re not. Just not.”

“You do realize i’m not your property. And this is a movie.” you said in hop he would calm down.

“I know but..” he looked away from you

“But what?” time was running out. You had to be on the set on few minutes and even tho you wanted to find out what was the real problem you also didn’t want to lose your job.

“but what if i lose you? He is so much better then me, he’s just better. And if you do this scene you might fall i love with him” this was just to wrong to you.

“Jake are you crazy? I won’t. I love you. And you should now better then any one how it is to film these things. I’m scared out of my mind. You think I’m comfortable with this. You think I want to do this. No I don’t, but I have to do this.” Jake saw your true fear.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t even..babe i’m so sorry” he  came to hug me. “I didn’t even think about how you must feel. I’m really sorry. When I saw him I just got scares” we both stood there and talked. Right before you had to go out Jake and you made a deal: Jake wouldn’t watch you film the scene making it better for him and you two. After filming he took you out for dinner to apologize for his actions and to make you feel better after an awkward filming.

You’re All I Need: Part 2

Previous Part

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Prompt: Dean is a single dad, and his daughter, Charlie, wants to join the soccer team; he meets Y/N who’s daughter, Hael, and Charlie, become the best of friends.
Tags: AU: Domesticity, Domestic!Dean, Dad!Dean
Words: 1602
Note: Let me know what you think..? :))

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Whenever I’m feeling particularly glum, I imagine how awkward Thorin’s first kiss with Bilbo must have been and then I start to feel better.

Also; thinking of how Thorin would stare at Bilbo obviously and clumsily look away whenever Bilbo glanced up so it was weirdly obvious
Also pt.2; thinking of how Bilbo must had reddened when he noticed, trying to
figure out what Thorin’s problem was
Also pt.3; everyone in the company dying slowly from secondhand embarrassment of Thorin’s awkwardness

Unknown Feelings | Pt. 3

Taehyung Scenario/Imagine

Genre: school fluff ; slightly angsty ; cuteness everywhere

Blurb: You’re taking a summer class with your long time crush Taehyung. You’ve confessed your feelings, but he doesn’t feel the same way. Add in a flirtatious Jeon Jungkook and wonder how Taehyung would deal with seeing another guy all over you.

Word Count: 2,003

Reader x Taehyung

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 | FINAL PART

A/N: Yes, this was a product of my overactive imagination when I found out I was going to spend my entire summer with my own long time crush. DON’T JUDGE ME.

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Cameron Dallas - It’s going to be okay

Request: hello, can you do a Cameron imagine where he’s dating my best friend, but they broke up and he starts have feelings for me, so he admits that he loves me but first I wasn’t really okay because he dated my best friend, but then I admit that I have feelings for him too and we end up dating ? thank you so much!


“I need to tell you something,” my best friend rushed into my room.

“O-Okay, what is it?” I asked turning to her. I was about to do my homework, but I guess it could wait a bit more. She threw herself onto my bed and groaned in annoyance.

“We broke up,” he blurted out.

“You what?” I asked with wide eyes. She had been dating the Vine star, Cameron Dallas for a couple of months. The met at some event, since her mom was a famous stylist and got to work with a bunch of famous people.

Cameron was a sweet and funny guy, I always envied her that she was with such a good guy.

“Yeah, I guess it was time for it,” she said shrugging. Secretly I always wished I was the one Cameron dated. But of course I was happy for my best friend and I didn’t tell anyone that I liked Cameron.

“But why?” I asked curiously.

“I don’t know, it just wasn’t the same anymore,” she said shrugging again. “It was the best for both of us.” She didn’t seem to be quite sad about it, which made me think how much she really loved Cam. Because they always looked like those cute couples on Tumblr, all smiley and everything. But I guess it was all just the outside.

“Oh, I see,” I said furrowing my eyebrows and to be honest I was curious if Cam would still be friends with me. Was I a bad friend? I don’t know.

“Alright, I have to go to dance practice, I just came by to tell you the news. See ya tomorrow!”

This was so typical. She drops a bomb like it is nothing and then disappear.

The day went by as usual, except that something odd happened. After dinner my phone lit up signaling I had a new message. I thought it would be one of my classmates asking for the homework, but I was wrong. It was Cameron.

Do you already know it?

That was all he wrote. I wrote back quickly.

She came by today and told me. How are you?

I knew she was probably totally over it by the evening, but I didn’t know how Cameron felt about it.

Good, I guess. What are you doing?

Literally nothing. Why?

Mind if we talk a bit now?


I didn’t know how this all happened, and why he wanted to talk to me, but he did. We talked about random things and it was better than when he was my friend’s boyfriend. Back then it was a bit awkward, we didn’t really talk that much, I always got nervous around him, since I liked him. But now it was more delightful. It was almost midnight when we said goodbye, but in the morning he texted me again and we started to talk again.

In the next few days we talked more than ever. We always had something to discuss and he always made me smile, I felt so happy when I got a text from him, but on the other hand I felt a bit bad for keeping in touch with my friend’s ex-boyfriend. I didn’t tell her, because I thought she wouldn’t want to hear from Cameron, so I just kept it as a secret, but I didn’t know what I would do if something more serious would happen. And my fears were real, because a few days after their break up Cam asked me if we could meet. At first I was afraid of how this all would look, that I’m meeting my best friend’s ex, but then I wanted to meet him so badly, that I just didn’t give a shit about it. Anyways I saw her that day at school with a guy from the football team, they seemed really cozy but she didn’t mention anything about him to me.

Cam and I met at a KFC since he said he is starving and wanted chicken. When I got there he was already waiting for me.

“Hey!” he greeted me with a long hug. It was the first time we had ever hugged and it felt so warming and joyous.

“Hey, mister ‘I want chicken’,” I said laughing.

“Very funny, but I really desire chicken, so let’s go and get it.”

We went inside, he ordered and we sat down to a table. Before we could even start talking some fans came up to us asking Cameron for pictures. They all shot some suspicious looks towards me but didn’t ask anything. I wasn’t even sure the fans knew about the break up, so I was just sitting there in silence, waiting for them to go away.

Being with Cam was different than texting him. He saw it every time I blushed and I was always afraid I would do something stupid, even though I was sure he didn’t want anything from me than just being friends.

We talked about random things, just like when we were texting, it was weird how we agreed on so many things. I just wished he would look at me in a different way, not as his ex-girlfriend’s friend.

When he was done with eating we started to just walk around, not really knowing where to go.

“You know, I wish we spent more time together earlier,” he suddenly said when we were down the beach, walking in the sand.

“Yeah, but you know, you were with my best friend, we only met when she was there too,” I said.

“I know. But you are a really cool girl.” Ash he said it, his hand brushed against mine and it spent chills down my spine. I imagined how good it would be to hold his hand, and I felt myself blushing even from the thought.

“You are cool too, Cam, but I guess you already know it,” I said feeling a bit awkward.

“But it’s good to hear it from you,” he said smiling at me. I thought about how my friend would react if she saw us, and I felt bad again. But on the other hand it was so good to be with Cam. I enjoyed his company and I felt like a silly little girl with a crush on one of her friends.

He must had been thinking about the same thing.

“You know, I have to admit I really like you,” he suddenly said. “I mean, I have always thought that you are a beautiful girl and I have to admit that I thought about you sometimes when I was still in a relationship.”

That caught me a bit off guard. I never knew he thought about me earlier.

“I really like you too, Cam,” I admitted. “But I feel a bit bad about this… whole thing,” I said referring to the two of us.

“I know, but I… I don’t…” He was struggling with his words, and I was waiting for him to say what he was thinking about, but then suddenly he choose another way of expressing himself. “Oh, fuck it…” he said and just pulled me to him kissing me on the lips.

I was so surprised at first, I didn’t even know what to do, but then I put my arms around his neck and kissed him back. His lips felt so soft and feeling his hand on my waist was the best thing ever. He kissed me over and over again, we were like a couple of freshmen.

Then he slowly pulled away and looked at me right in the eyes.

“I’m sorry, I just had to do this,” he said, but he didn’t seem like he regretted it.

“Don’t be. But what will we say to the people? Your ex-girlfriend happened to be my best friend. Everyone will hate us, especially her!” I said feeling a bit worried.

“We will figure it out, okay? I promise, it’s going to be okay.”

Oddly, I believed him. He made me feel safe and I knew that as long as he was with me, everything was going to be alright.

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I just thought of this but imagine how uncomfortable it was for the other boys to always see Jeff everywhere? Harry brought him to 1D gigs, talk shows that they did, I know someone who joined the fandom in 2014 and thought he worked for the band lol and it's obvious they knew Harry was making connections for solo stuff, I feel bad that they had to see someone who had so much control over their "friend" on a daily basis :/ they must've had to bite their tongues a lot

and Jeff seems like such a ball of fun too, but yeah. Awkward.

#229 - You Get In A Fight (Part 2)

Harry: You had been downstairs on the couch for at least two hours. Neither you or Harry had made any attempt to make up, but now that it was nearly one in the morning, you figured that he had just given up and gone to sleep. The couch was more than uncomfortable that night. The thin blanket and cold leather was not doing anything to lull you to sleep. Quite the opposite actually. The thoughts of Harry and the less than luxurious sleeping arrangements had you up again at four, your stubbornness defeated. Trudging up the stairs, you got to the bedroom and peaked through the small crack. The illuminated light from the digital clock was the only thing you saw. “Harry…” you whispered into the darkness, holding onto the doorframe. “Are you asleep?” There was movement from the bed that made you jump. Growing quiet, you chewed the inside of your lip. “(Y/N)?” a groggy voice came from the dark room. “What are you doing up?” Harry asked, the small light going on. You winced, your eyes not used to the brightness. “I can’t sleep and…” you drifted off, playing with your fingers. “And what?” he urged, sitting up and rubbing his eyes. “And… I just want to say that I really am sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you the way I did and I truly hope you can forgive me…” A sigh fell from his lips and it almost sounded relieved. Harry pulled back the covers and stood up from his place. He walked over to you, his arms going around you snuggly. Almost immediately, you melted into him and pressed your face against his chest. “It’s okay love,” he whispered into your hair, his large hands pressed firmly into your lower back. You took a deep breath, kissing his warm skin gently. Swallowing your pride was hard, but turned out to be the best.

Liam: You sat in bed, a deep sigh coming from your lips when he left. You ran your hands over your face and kicked the covers back, swinging your legs over the side of the bed. Looking out of your bedroom window, the street lights radiated off the wet pavement. You felt awful for bringing it up, but you knew that you shouldn’t. It was genuinely bothering you that all these rumors were flying around. There were constantly pictures and articles, and it bothered you that the amount of times he was giving the paparazzi to make up these rumors was high. All you wanted to do was talk about it, but that clearly wasn’t going to work. You had finally managed to fall asleep, the fight behind you for now. The next morning, you got up as usual and went downstairs to get something to eat. You didn’t know he would be there already. You looked up, crossing your arms before going over to the fridge without a word. “Good morning,” he said quietly, leaning against the counter. You didn’t reply. “Did you sleep well?” he asked softly, watching as you kept your back to him. “(Y/N).” “Don’t talk to me Liam,” you sighed out, pushing past him to head back upstairs. “No.” He grasped your arm gently, stopping you in your tracks. “I’m sorry for snapping at you last night okay? I got defensive when you called me out…” he explained, shaking his head. “No kidding…” you mumbled, looking down at your glass of milk. “I’m just really sorry okay? I just wnt you to be able to trust me.” “I do trust you Liam, but there’s so many pictures and it hurts a little,” you spoke softly, biting your lip. “I’m so sorry…” he breathed out, looking into your eyes. You sat your glass down and leaned up to peck him softly. “Just be careful okay?” you asked, putting your arms around his neck. “Of course love. I love you.”

Niall: A few hours had gone by, and you had gone out to meet with one of your friends to take your mind off the little fight between you and Niall. You had just gotten home, and you felt ready to actually have a discussion with him. “Niall?” you called when you walked through the door. There was no answer, but you could hear the television, notifying you that that’s where he was. Walking in, you bit your lip softly when you saw him. He looked calm, but his eyes were slightly red. “Niall?” you repeated softly, walking over to sit on the other side of the couch slowly. “I don’t know how many times I have to say it (Y/N), but I’m really sorry for what I did…” he murmured, reaching for the remote and turning off the television. “You don’t have to say it anymore Niall… I should’ve listened the first time. I’m really sorry too.” Niall glanced over at you, a small smile on his lips before he looked back at his hands. “I would never hurt you, you know?” Nodding, you moved a little closer, reaching your hand out to gently rub his back. “I know you wouldn’t sweetheart,” you replied gently, a small smile on your face. He moved into your touch, draping his arm over your stomach and turning into you. You gently kissed the top of his head, and continued to rub his back soothingly. “I love you a lot Niall. One little fight isn’t even close to being enough to drive me away. You’re my prince, and I’m your princess, remember?” you spoke with such ease, your words coming out with the absolute truth laced into them. “I love you too,” he grinned softly, looking up at you. “More than anything in the whole world (Y/N), and I don’t want anything to put a wedge between us. You are my world, and I know no one else could give me what you do.” With a wide smile, you leaned down to press a soft kiss to his lips, showing him that he was yours.

Louis: You sat in your bedroom, wiping the tears from your eyes furiously. You were ashamed in your behavior tonight, and you knew what you had done had been very wrong. But Louis didn’t need to go off on you like that for you to know what you had done. There was a soft knock on the door, causing your head to shoot up. Louis appeared in the doorway, his eyes avoiding yours. “I just wanna get some clothes,” he mumbled, quickly walking in and going over to his drawers. You watched as he pulled out a t-shirt and some shorts before heading back to the door. “Wait, where are you going?” you asked quickly, furrowing your eyebrows together. “The couch?” he answered, turning around and raising an eyebrow. “No… you can sleep in here,” you answered again, pulling back the blankets for him. “I don’t think that’s a good idea…” A look of hurt flashed across your face when he said that. “Louis wait,” you stopped him again, standing up. “Remember when we had our first fight? We made a promise to each other after making up that we would never go to bed angry.” A flicker in his eye gave you the hope that he remembered. “Now, we don’t have to sleep in the same room tonight… but can we at least talk this out so you won’t be so angry at me?” Your voice was small, but it seemed to be getting the point across. With a nod, he came back over to your bed and sat on his side cross-legged. “Okay,” you started. “My behavior tonight was unacceptable, and I know what I did was wrong. But, at the same time, I felt that you going off on me when we got home wasn’t really… appropriate.” You kept your tone calm, not wanting him to think that you were picking on him. “I know… and I realized that once you went upstairs. I’m really sorry baby, I didn’t mean to go off on you,” he answered, nodding his head in agreement. “And I’m really sorry for the way I acted tonight. I can’t even imagine how embarrassing it must have been.” “Don’t worry about it okay?” he said gently. “What matters now is that we can put this behind us and that we’re okay now.” “Of course Lou, we’re okay.” 

Zayn: The car ride was long, and if you were being honest, kind of awkward. You never once tore your eyes away from the window, not wanting to look at Zayn at the moment. When you two finally pulled up in front of your flat, neither of you moved. “Are we going to talk about this?” he asked after a couple moments of silence. You could feel his eyes on the back of your head. “I don’t know. What is there to talk about?” you replied coldly, pursing your lips together. “A lot, actually.” “Well I don’t want to talk about it Zayn.” The silence took over again, but it wasn’t long before you were taking off your seatbelt and getting out of the vehicle. Pulling out your house keys, you went to unlock the door, but a hand stopped you. “Can you please try and understand why I did what I did?” Zayn asked softly again, turning you to face him. “Can you please try to understand that seeing another man do those things to you is absolutely awful? Please, try to imagine what you would do if you saw another girl doing those things to me,” he pleaded, chewing on his bottom lip. After a couple moments of thought, a defeated sigh left your mouth. “I would be absolutely pissed,” you admitted, relaxing when he took your hand. “Just like I was tonight…” he drifted off, his hand squeezing yours gently. You finally looked up at him, your gaze much kinder now. “I’m sorry for lashing out at you…” “And I’m sorry for punching the guy in the jaw.” A small giggle left your mouth, your eyes falling to your feet again. “It was pretty entertaining to watch,” you smiled softly, taking a step forwards so you could be against him. “I kinda thought so. The way he went flying back into the table?” The two of you began to laugh at how ridiculous the situation really was. “Gimme a kiss?” he asked with the goofy smile still on his face. Happily, you leaned up and molded your lips into his, putting the night behind you and just moving forward with him happily.

Daydreaming About You - Luke Hemmings “Smut”

Chapter 10


so I don’t feel good right now! It’s too warm. I have a fanfic idea for boxer!Luke. I still haven’t started writing Chapter 11. I can’t care!!!

Chapter 1 // Chapter 9

Since that night in the bar you have barely seen Luke and get more and more worried about him. Ashton’s behaviour towards you doesn’t change one bit and you two continue messaging each other like always.

You contemplated a lot whether or not you should walk over to Luke’s and ask him if he’s all right, but are not sure if you are in some place to ask questions about what goes on between him and Ashton. So you only wait for Luke to come to you, which after three days seems like you are waiting for a miracle.

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Imagine #7

Michael: You and Michael had spent the last couple of days inside, playing video games and watching movies. But today you guys thought it would be a good idea to go outside and get something to eat. 

You stretch, your shirt pulling up a bit. Michael smiled and rolled on to his stomach laying his head on your stomach. You felt the scruff off his beard on your tummy.
“Michael we have to get up”
“Mmm but I’m too comfy”
“but you promised me food” You say pouting.
He looks up at you and smiles. “I did didnt I… Alright! lets go get food!”
You both get up to go get dressed, you walking to the closet and Michael walking to the nearest mirrior to fix his currently purple/blue hair.
You laugh to yourself about his crazy hair.
You decide to put on a pair of jeans and one of Michaels jumpers and a pair of vans on.
Michael puts on a black t-shirt and black skinny jeans with a pair of black converse.
“Oh my gosh Mikey!” You say gesturing to his oufit.
“What?” he says looking down.
“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you wear so much color!” you say jokingly.
“Oh ha ha (Y/N) very funny” he says pinching your bum before you two head out the door.

When you get outside you take a deep breath. “How come we don’t go out for walks more often?” You ask sliping your hand into michaels.
“I don’t know, I didnt think you liked going out much”
“Well I do and I don’t… I just don’t like getting mobbed by fans”
“Don’t worry I wont let them hurt you” he said wrapping his arm around you.

“Can we get starbucks?” You ask.
“But I don’t like coffee”
“You know there’s drinks without caffine right”
“Good point”

While you guys waiting for your drinks you take a quick glace around the room and notice a group of girls staring at you with their phones up. Trying to be sneaky with their photo taking skills.
You smiled and look down. “There’s girls watching us” you say quietly enough for only Michael to hear.
“I know i saw them when we walked in…”
You grab michaels hand and lean into him.
“You okay?”
“Yeah, I just hope they havent tweeted anything yet” Just as the words left your mouth more and more girls started showing up.
“I know, were going right now” He grabbed your drinks and payed the cashiere as fast as possible and the two of you walked out of the store only to be mobbed by a large group of girls who started pushing and shoving.
“Just stop and take some pictures Michael they arent going to stop” you force a smile and take his drink away from him and step back a bit. It’s not that you didnt like his fans or anything you loved them and most of them are extremly nice it’s just hard to get alone time with him.
You look down at your feet and sigh. ‘I wish I had worn something better… If i had known all these girls with cameras were going to show up I would have made more of an effort’ you think to yourself.
“Hey (Y/N)” Michael says.
You look up and smile at your boyfriend.
“You look amazing right now, and I love you”
You bite your lip and blush. You knew he said that because he must have noticed how awkward you were feeling but it made you smile anyway.
“I love you to babe”
The fans all 'Awed’ and giggled as they caught a cute moment on tape.