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Restless Nights H.S

You and Harry have baby girl, but he’s gone on tour and you’re left alone with the baby. One night when she’s particularly restless, you Skype with Harry and brake down, wishing he was with you.

Your barely 7 month old baby sat on your lap sucking on her bottle while you sat in front of your laptop trying to FaceTime Harry. It only took a moment for him to answer and he smiled tiredly when he saw you, before realizing how late it was there.

“Y/N? Why are you awake? Isn’t it around 2 in the morning?” he asked, adjusting his monitor to see you better. You could see in the background that he was at his hotel and Niall was walking around in the background before plopping down on his own bed.

You gave a sarcastic laugh and shook your head. “Actually it’s closer to three. And I’m awake because your little angel wants to be awake and won’t actually drink her bottle.” A shaky sigh escaped your lips as you looked down at your daughter. She cooed at you before laughing and you rested your hand on her head, feeling her soft baby hair. You could only tell that she’d been crying due to the slight red that rimmed her eyes. That’s when she decided to throw her bottle back onto the ground and laughed, making you groan out of frustration. “Come on baby! You need to drink so you can go to sleep,” you told her even though she couldn’t really understand. “I think she’s got another tooth coming in, and as much as I understand it’s painful, I’m so tired. She hasn’t slept for a decent amount of time this whole week. Harry, I can’t do this by myself. I really can’t.”

Tears began falling down your face and your daughter began crying, or rather screaming, yet again. You propped her up against your shoulder and tried bouncing her up and down, but she just pushed away, crying harder. After a moment, you took a deep breath  and grabbed one of her teething toys that was on the dresser and handed it to her. You felt guilty for putting Harry in this position, but he had left when she was only two months old and had only been back twice to see you. It was hard being away from him in general, but adding a baby on top of that- it felt impossible.

“Love, I’m so sorry. I wish I could be there. You know I do. I’m missing everything; her first words, her first time crawling, when she stood up by herself. I would give anything to be with you two,” he said in a defeated tone.

“I know you would. I’m sorry for just putting this all on you,” you told him, wiping away a fallen tear. The two of you sat in silence for a moment and the only sounds being made were the soft baby noises as she chewed on her toy. Harry looked tired himself but he just smiled and waved at your daughter. You sat her up and told him, “She learned how to clap today. Can you clap for daddy?”

Your daughter giggled and threw her toy, again, and began clapping wildly. Her screeches could be heard throughout the empty house, but it made you smile. Harry’s smile widened and he laughed. His smile turned to a frown a moment later, but only for a moment before clapping back at your daughter.

“You should sing for her, Harry. I think it might calm her down a bit. Sing like you did when I was pregnant,” you suggested, leaning her back against your chest. Harry smiled and began to sing softly, his voice deep and full of emotion. It was a soft song, but it meant a lot. Your daughter’s eyes began flittering shut and open, so you began to say goodbye. "I’m gonna try to get her to finally fall asleep, okay? Come back soon. I love you, so much.“ You blew a kiss at him and grabbed your daughter’s wrist shaking her hand gently. "Say bye to daddy!”

“Okay. I love you both. Goodnight, Y/N. And I’ll come home as soon as I can,” he told you, sending a kiss back your way. The call ended and you shut your laptop, sitting in darkness. You went over to the rocker, and sure enough, only a moment later, your little baby was fast asleep. 

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Punishment (SMUT)

A/N: I’m actually not sure what you meant by burlap hat, but I’m just gonna assume it’s the newsboy/paddy hat (I honestly don’t know what kinda hat it is) he often wears. I apologise of this sounds kinda silly… I’ve actually been thinking on how to write this request the moment I received it XD I tried my best with this! Please don’t laugh!

Character: Niall

Warning(s): Smut

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He misses you. Harry’s eyes were a little bit off that day. The have been off for a whole month now. Like if he wasn’t feeling good, but he was good pretending. At the moment he was with his friends at a pub near the hotel they had managed to get out without being noticed. The music was loud and the girl next to him was trying to make him dance, but he just wanted her to leave, it was other girl the one he wanted next to him. His girl. Touring was one of his favorite things in life. The adrenaline, the people, singing, being with his mates. But right now he couldn’t get his love out of his head. Was she ok? Was she sleeping and eating well? Was she feeling ok? He was a completely wreck at the moment. He needed her like air. He missed her. He stood up out of nowhere and headed to the washroom, dialing her number. It was eight in the morning where she was. She was always up at seven. The weird thing? She wasn’t answering. Boredom was eating him alive, only she could bring happiness to his life. Accidentally he turned on the internet on his phone and his notifications became crazy-as always. He was about to shout it all out when a tweet caught his attention. “We’re sorry for your lost Harry.” And other one “#BESTRONGHARRY” and another one “DIRECTIONERSHEREFORHARRY” Fans would make everything worldwide trends, but that made him feel uneasy. He logged in and saw “RIPY/N” as the main trend and he felt his knees so weak that he almost fell of. He closed his eyes for a brief second as he tried to breath, and control his beating heart. There was not enough air in there for him. Fans could be confused. They can be wrong. Media can be wrong. He went to the roof for air and checked twitter again. There were pictures of her car involved in an accident, that was linked to CNN news. Reportedly, there were no survivors. That was definitely her car. He had personally bought her that car. He felt down to his knees, the air becoming too heavy to breath. Apparently the brakes of the car had broken down leaving her no change to react of do anything as a huge car approached her and hit her directly to her front. He imagined the whole scene. He could physically feel the pain. It was all too much to bear. He screamed. He screamed as loud as his vocal cords let him. Pain couldn’t describe how he felt. He tried to call her again with trembling hands and blurry vision but there was still no answer. Only her voicemail that allowed him to hear her sweet voice. He tried to call her mom but there was no answer either. Nor her best friend. He was fully sobbing and whimpering as it all hit him hard. He had lost his family. The love of his life and his baby. He could have done something, but he didn’t. He was miles away, he left her behind, he always left her behind. He felt as it all was his fault. He was going to figure out the gender of the baby in two weeks and now he had lost it all. Emptiness, emptiness is all he felt. Another loud scream left his mouth as he pulled his hair. His phone began to ring but he couldn’t hear it. He didn’t want to talk to anyone. Probably now people start to notice what’s going on and try to confort him however he didn’t want him to. That would only mean he had to accept the tragic truth. He was going to make it public, his secret marriage and his baby once he found out the gender. He had bought her a house near the beach as she had always wanted. That one was his last tour and only had three months left until he could be with her every single day. All the plans. All the things left to do. The things he wanted to teach his child. The first cry, the first day in school. All of that. He wanted it with her. He took the phone that couldn’t stop ringing and threw it to the other side. Standing up and running so he could be alone. Paps where on the entrance of the hotel room with flashes and their questions but he pushed them away, still running to his hotel room. Instead of taking the lift he ran all the twenty floors up. He wanted to feel something. Even if it was just tiredness. The door was fully opened before he could insert the key. There she was with her so radiant smile, her baby bump and her arms wide open so she could embrace him. Completely unaware of his pain until she saw his face. Puffy eyes, red nose, bloody hands like if he had punched something along the way, his skin so pale that it seemed like he would faint any moment. She became very worried about his condition. “Harry, love.” He stood there, not moving a single muscle. How was that possible? She… she was.. She touched his arm and he took a step back, and another and another one until he was sliding down the wall behind him. He had definitely lost his mind. Sobs leaving his mouth again. See kneeled next to him with some difficulty due to her baby bump but once she was down to his level she hugged him and traced draws on his back as she always would when he was having a hard time. “But you… you… the car accident… I… I lost you.” He closed his eyes at the thought of it. She only hugged him more, as tight as her bump let her to. She could feel slow movements inside of her that startled her. The baby was moving for the first time, at the sound of his voice, at the presence of love. She rapidly took his hand and placed it where the baby was moving. His eyes opened instantly, every cry stopping at the feeling of this baby moving under his hand. His little creation with the love of his life, moving, alive. “I’m alive harry. We are alive, whatever made you thing the opposite, it’s false. We are here and we love you.” Tears of joy streaming down the faces of the soon-to-be parents. “Oh my… thanks god. Kitten!” He let out a breath he didn’t know he was taking. She was right next to him, breathing, talking to him, with their baby kicking. “I love you. I love you. I love you. You guys are the best thing that could have ever happened to me. Marry me please, love.” She let out a loud laugh. “We are already married, Harry.” “I would still ask you a hundred times. I love you.” “I love you too, Hazz.“

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luckiest by far // n.h

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warnings: mentions of a car crash and some minor injuries but nothing too gory; domestic niall as a future father and amazing husband, cute stuff about clothes 

A/N: i said in the tags of this picture that i would write something about that damn shirt and it may have taken a little turn and become a oneshot but i wrote about that shirt, honestly it looks so good on him 

Being pregnant didn’t leave many options for fashionable clothes.

Maternity clothes were ridiculously expensive and you didn’t want to invest in a wardrobe you’d only get to wear when you were knocked up. So you bought some larger clothes and stole a lot of Niall’s clothes that he only wore occasionally. There were a few staples of his that you stole, his plain cotton shirts and a few pairs his bigger sweats and boxers. He never complained when you wore his clothes, in fact, he encouraged it most times. You were doing a simple grocery store run, something that hardly required a runway ready outfit, but you were finding it hard to get any sort of outfit together. The bedroom looked like a mess and you knew Niall would have a fit, but you were frustrated.

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