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so sherlock did something awful to janine and she called him awful things and she lied and told the press he had a lot of sex with a beautiful woman and he called her awful things and then they said “we’re even” which is…..the most hilariously gay thing ive ever heard of

Title: Missed Connection
Character: Matt Murdock
A/n: I tweaked the request just a little bit because I liked the flow of this better.
Prompt: 26 - “Why shouldn’t I be so reckless?! You’re reckless all the time! Why can’t I be like you?”

You don’t necessarily remember how the argument started, but you knew that it was bound to happen at some point. You had grown suspicious of Matt’s behavior ever since Foggy told you how Matt was always showing up late to work and how he would just seem to disappear into thin air during times of crisis.

You tried to find a reasonable explanation for it at first, Matt was a sweet person and you couldn’t imagine him doing anything that awful. But after dozens of missed calls and a few trips to his apartment where no one answered the door, you began to worry.

Everytime you tried confronting him at the firm, asking if he was okay or where he’d been, Matt would just flash you that charming smile and insist he was fine, just had some business to attend to.

You saw right through it, you had always been good at sensing when something didn’t feel right.

But still, you went along with it, knowing you weren’t going to figure out anything if you came off as suspicious.

You grew up with four other siblings, so sneaking around was a natural skill.

Needless to say, when you found a masked guy who sounded an awful lot like Matt beating up some other dude who was apparently trying to take advantage of a drunken girl on the street.

You were able to put two and two together.

It took one hell of an explination from Matt at his apartment for you to understand it all.

He told you that what he did was dangerous, and that you couldn’t tell anyone for their own safety.

And you complied.

At first, you tried to offer him help. You weren’t a talented fighter like Matt, but that didn’t mean you couldn’t help him strategize and help him be more smart with how he handled his affairs.

But, of course, you were met with a simple, but stern.

“Absolutely not, I don’t want you to get more involved in this then you already are. Just let me take care of it.”

That wasn’t going to stop you from trying.

Some time had passed and one too many close calls on Matt’s life, you decided that enough was enough. He was going to accept your help weither he wanted it or not.

It was by no means your proudest moment. But you managed to follow Matt the next time he went out and ended up in an abandoned hotel on the outskirts of the city.

Matt never told you any of the details of his affairs with the bad people, but you did know that more often then not it ended in at least two people being severely injured.

You kept your distance though, knowing that if Matt saw you he might actually kill you, then proceed to give your corpse a five hour lecture about how he specifically told you not to get involved

One thing lead to another and you saw Matt was getting his ass kicked so you ripped the fire extinguisher from the wall and then snuck up behind the attacker while he was kicking Matt, who was on the ground.

There was a loud thud and both the man and the extinguisher came crashing down onto the ugly, green carpet of the hotel lobby.

Matt tore off the peice of black fabric that covered his eyes and took a minute to catch his breath before he pushed himself off the ground, leaning against the wall as he collected himself.

“I thought…I told you…to let me handle this.” Matt said, hands coming to clutch at his side as he moved to stand in front of you.

“You can’t be here.” Matt grabbed at your wrist and started dragging you away from the hotel, his focus slightly distracted by the adrenaline he could tell was coursing through you.

You both ended up at his apartment and that’s when all hell began to break loose.

“I cannot believe you would do something so stupid? I told you I had everything under control! There was no need for you to put yourself in danger like that.”

“What are you talking about? I helped you! You weren’t doing too well on your own so I decided to step in!”

“You shouldn’t have been there in the first place!”

You could see his face clearly, nothing was obstructed by a mask or glasses, but you could tell he was properly upset with you.

You sighed deeply, hands coming to tug at the lower hem of your cardigan. “Nothing absolutely terrible happened!

“It doesn’t matter! You can’t just saunter into dangerous situations you don’t understand anything about! It’s reckless and you could have gotten yourself killed!”

“Why shouldn’t I be so reckless?!” You said, harshly jabbing your finger into his chest. “You’re reckless, all the time! Why can’t I be like you?”

“Because I am not as breakable as you are, ever since you found out about this it’s been my responsibility to make sure you’re safe.”

You shook your head, and you could tell that your vision was turning watery. “I never asked you to.”

Matt’s brows lifted slightly when he heard how soft your voice had become, his hand reached out till it found yours and he instantly pulled you in for a hug. “I don’t know what I’d do with myself if you got hurt because of me, I don’t even want to think of that outcome.”

Your arms slowly came to wrap around his neck as the familiar feeling of security and warmth started to form. “Oh right, so I’m just supposed to let you get beaten up while I stand by and twiddle my thumbs.”

Matt chuckled, and his cheek nuzzled into your hair as he took in the feeling of you. Your hair was soft, and you felt nice to hold. “I’d prefer it if you didn’t have to see that part of my life at all.”

You held him tighter, the whole situation suddenly feeling very real. “I just don’t want you to get hurt. Well, that part’s inevitable, but just don’t die or anything, if you can manage it. Then I’ll be satisfied.”

Matt pulled back just enough so he could look at you, your noses barely touching one another and he could hear the sound of your steady breathing and fast heart rate. “Whatever you want.”

His voice came out as a whisper, and that was when you realized how how close he was and how intimate the whole moment felt.

Matt leaned down further and captured your lips with his, both of his hands came up to hold your face for a loving moment before he pulled away.

Your eyes had fluttered shut, but when you felt him leave, you subconsciously moved foward to graze his lips against yours again.

Matt smiled, his thumbs lightly brushing your cheeks as he felt your heart continue to beat at a fast rhythm.

But then, your eyes flew open and you pushed yourself from him.

“What’s wrong, are you alright?” Matt asked, trying to step towards you, but you moved away again.

“What?” You said with a dismissive laugh as you tried to brush it off. “Me? I-I’m fine, I just uh,” You looked back at him, a lot of emotions came flying at you at full speed. “Nothing, I’ll take your advice, keep myself in line more, nothing to worry about.”

Matt heard you shuffle about the apartment, knowing that you probably tripped over something due to the lack of light.


“I’ll see you tomorrow, I really have to go now. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight.” Matt tried to downplay the immense amount of hurt and rejection in his voice as he heard the door shut.


calum and his new obsession with face masks

{ insp. that picture he posted that got every girl in the world wEt }

You know what also made me laugh about Death Note ? How L always knew what Kira was up to and Light always had to change his plans. I don’t remember everything so I guess he always had another plan just in case but… Wow !

Here's an idea

Cloud playing with Sephiroth’s fingers.

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I had this thing in my head all day long: what if joe is like super the children's whisperer and is so cute with the kids of Taylor's friends. For example playing tea time with Dixie or playing hide and seek with Leo Thames when they're having dinner with Jaime & Kyle and it's super inappropriate but he just loves kids and can't help but make them laugh 😭 like, imagine him being almost closer to Leo than tay because the little boy loves him so much and OH GOD WHAT AM I DOING TO MYSELF 😭😭😭😭

Aw I just imagined him playing with Leo and my heart is a little weak wow


“What do you mean, Y/N?  I am confident,” Peter replied, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly.

“No, you’re not.  You let everyone walk over you, and you’re so shy,” you explain.

“I can’t help it, Y/N.”

“Maybe not, but I sure can.  I won’t give up on you, Peter,” you tell him with a determined look in your eyes.


okay but consider: noodle

Imagine Thorin recruiting Dwalin every time he has a surprise planned for Bilbo and Dwalin rolling his eyes and making gagging noises because what happened to his best friend, Thorin Oakenshield, who could take on an army by himself, who has now turned into the king under schmoop mountain