imagine her telling him not to get in her way

please don’t imagine sherlock teaching rosie how to play the violin and one day when john gets home they sit him down and tell him they have a surprise for him and that he has to close his eyes, and when he opens them rosie is standing up rod straight and slowly makes her way through twinkle twinkle little star while sherlock kneels next to her and softly tells her to carry on when she gets a note wrong because she’s doing fantastically, and john has to look away and up at the ceiling for a moment because the picture in front of him is so perfect that he can feel tears in his eyes

during seventeen’s very nice performance kai was dancing along and mina was taking sneak peeks at him and would smile bc mina of twice is an exo-l and kai is her bias and now shes sitting behind them on an award show where her group won a daesang and if that doesnt tell you that dreams come true and life gets better than idk what does

Mr. Claus - Michael Clifford

Originally posted by labyrinth-8

“Babe! Come here!” Michael yelled from inside his bedroom, his girlfriend in the kitchen with a glass of wine waiting for her boyfriend to make his way in and tell her he was ready to leave. Calum and Ashton were having their yearly Christmas party and Ashton had specifically asked her to show up early to help him with the proposal for his girlfriend. They had been planning for over a month now and Michael was single handedly ruining everything. She had even started to get ready three hours ahead of time to make sure she was not the reason they would be late helping Ashton. Yet, here they were, still at their apartment.

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The Lewis Boy (Simon x Reader) Imagine

‘We need your help” Izzy said as she and the others walked into your house.

“Thanks for knocking by the way” you said sarcastically “What do you need my help with?”

“Well that new girl Clary I was telling you about brought her best friend with her when we went to the Silent Brothers, and I may have left him for just a few seconds.” Izzy was saying

“Yeah just enough time for him to be took by vampires” Clary yelled.

“It was a mistake” Izzy said to Clary “I told you that”

“You need my help getting him back”  you stated 

“Well you are a vampire” Alec said.

“You’re a vampire” Clary yelled, her face was blood red from anger ‘Why don’t you tell your blood sucking friends to bring my best friend back to me”

“One they aren’t my friends, they just happen to be vampires like me. And two why would I help you, I don’t even know you” you told Clary.

‘Make it flavor for us please Y/N” Jace begged. Wow if Jace Wayland was begging for you to help them they must be very desperated. How important was this random boy to them you thought.

“I’ll do it, when do you plan on going” you asked

“Tomorrow morning, since they can’t go outside” Izzy said.

“Okay great I’ll see you guys then”

“Aren’t you guys forgetting that Y/N is also a vamprie too?” Clary asked

“See this ring on my finger” you said as you pointed towards it, Clary nodded as you showed her. “This allows me to go out in the sunlight without anything happening to me”

“Does anyone else have one” she asked

“No it’s the only one of it’s kind. A old friend of mine give it to me years ago” you said. “So I’ll meet you guys in front of Hotel Dumort during sun raise?” you asked

“Yes we’’ll see you then” Jace said as they all turn to leave but not without Clary sending you one last death glare on her way out. What have you gotten yourself into you thought.

   Where were the others? It was a little bit passed sunraise and they still haven’t showed up. It wasn’t like shadowhunters to be late for anything.You didn’t want to wait any longer so you just went in on you own. You’re a vampire after all, your welcome here.

“Raphael” you called as you enter the hotel. It was changed since the last time you havd been here, everything about the place was more fancy.

“Madam Y/N what do I own for this lovely visit of yours” Raphael said as he enter the room with many other vampires behind him.

“I like what you did with the place since the last time I was here” you told him as you walked around the room.”Where Camille too?”

‘That’s why you’re here to see Camille, well trust me she has nothing to say to you” He said as he took a step towards you.

“As second in comman Raphael I thought you would know why I’m here” you also said while taking a step forward, you knew teasing him would pissed him off so why not have abit of fun.

“You’re here for that boy ” He stated “I got to asked why a vampire like yourself are dealing with shadowhunters”

“I could say the same thing, didn’t know you liked kidnapping young boys Raphael” you tease. “Where is he?’

“Get the boy” Raphael demanded. You two just stared at each other. You knew that Raphael wouldn’t just hand over the boy. And Raphael knew you woudn’t leave without him. Soon the other vampires returned with a young boy in hand. You assumed it was Simon. He had this nerd look about him. Maybe that’s why you smile when you saw him. You weren’t sure.

“Simon do you know this girl right here” Raphael asked. Simon looked at you, you knew that he would say no so you gave him one of your famous looks that could kill.

“Ye-Yeah” he strutted “She’s a friend of mine” Raphael said not seeing the look you gave Simon, was shocked that he knew you. He figuerd Simon was going to say no.

“Simon you can say what you are to me, there’s no need to be a shame. It’s not like Raphael still has feeling for me.” You said not looking away from Raphael. Please Simon you thought get what I’m trying to do here. If Simon didn’t, there was no way you guys would be leaving anytime soon without the shadowhunters. Simon looked confuse for moment but then said

“She’s my girlfriend”

“SHE YOUR WHAT” Raphael yelled breaking your guys stare to look over at the young boy.

“He’s my boyfriend, if you thought I was dealing with shadowhunters you really have change. If I won’t deal with my own kind I damn well won’t with them” you said moving passed Raphael to get to Simon.You looked at the two vampires holding him then back at Raphael.

“Let him go” Raphael said while rolling his eyes. You grabbed ahold of Simon and let him lean on you.

“Don’t make me come back here for my boyfriend again Raphael.” You stated as you left the hotel with Simon.

   “Who are you?” Simon questioned as he got off of you when you guys exited the hotel.

“I’m a friend of Izzy’s and theirs. We were all suppose to save you but they didn’t show up or not yet at least. I don’t like waiting so I just went in”

“Well thank you I guess” Simon said as he finally stood up on his own.Now that he was standing in front of you, you could tell that he was talller. His nerd look made him look cute. You shook your head trying not to think about how the boy looked.

“Y/N” You heard someone yelled. As you and Simon turned around you saw it was the others.

“You went in without us” Jace said as they walked up to you guys.

“SIMON” Clary shouted as she saw her best friend she ran up to hug him which made you step back so she wouldn’t hit you.

“You guys were late, I don’t like waiting” You said rolling your eyes.

“I got him anyway he fine”

“She told Raphael that I was her boyfriend and he just let me go” Simon said while he was still hugging Clary.

“Y/N” Izzy whisperd. She knew about your past with Raphael.

“Don’t worry, I’m alright” you told her. ‘Raphael has a soft spot for me. I knew that if I said I care about Simon in some way he wouldn’t hurt him.” You told the others.

“Come on guys let’s get back to the instuite before anyone knows were gone” Alec said while turning to head back. Everyone turned to head back but you. You were going the other way home.

“Aren’t you coming Y/N?” you turn to see Simon.

“I’m a vampire I’m not welcome there by many” you told him

“Oh umm well would you like to a maybe hung out with me sometime?” Simon asked nervously.

“I would like that” you said smiling which showed your fangs.”See you around” you called as you walked away. Leaving a smiling Simon standing there watching you as you walked away.

If all works out (which it looks like it will), Richard is going to be black and blue and Daryl will be accountable. So I’m really looking forward to a conversation between Daryl and Ezekiel, in which Daryl will probably express even more anger toward Richard for wanting to harm Carol.

Which is another reason why I think that Daryl admitting his feelings for Carol in episode 10 is inevitable.

Once he discovers that Richard wants to kill Carol, Daryl will get emotional and beat the shit out of him and threaten him. And I imagine that Daryl will most likely say something like, “you stay away from her” or “don’t you even think about hurting her” (followed by a threat to rip Richard’s throat out, probably). And that, to me, makes Daryl’s feelings clear, because I think he’ll sound like an angry, protective husband in this scene.

I firmly believe that Daryl will tell Carol - in his own way -  that he loves her, but I think his scene with Richard will also make it very clear. I think the whole episode will make it clear. :)

“Yes, I am your boyfriend.” (Nate Maloley Imagine)

Requested by anonymous: “Could you do a Nate imagine where he takes you to get your wisdom teeth out and on the way home you tell him weird things and he goes along with you and he takes care of you and is being really cute?”



“Are you nervous?” I asked (Y/N) as we pulled out of the driveway of our house. I was driving her to the dentist for her to have surgery.

She was getting her wisdom teeth removed.

“Hell yes, I’m nervous. I’ve never gotten any kind of surgery before.” She said. I placed my hand on her thigh and squeezed it tight.

“You’ll be fine, I promise.” I said softly. She smiled at me and kissed me on the cheek. We rode in silence the rest of the way to the dentist’s office. 

“Alright (Y/N), this is where I leave you. I’ll see you in about an hour. You’ll be okay, I promise.” I said, giving (Y/N) one last hug before she went into the operating room. The dentist took her off and I walked out to the waiting room. I found a chair close to the wall and made myself comfortable. I sat on my phone, then fell asleep shortly after. Once the hour was up, the nurse came out and got me from the waiting room.

“Are you Nate?” She asked, I nodded. “(Y/N) is just waking up. You can go in and see her.” She added. I got up and followed her to the operating room and saw (Y/N) sitting in the chair, swollen face and dry lips.

“Hey baby.” I said.

“Hi.” She said with a giggle. I laughed and turned to the nurse.

“Are we ready to go?” I asked.

“I just need to get some more information from you, and clean (Y/N)’s mouth once more, replace the gauze, then you’ll be good to go.” The nurse explained. I stood off to the side, my back to (Y/N) and she started poking my butt.

“(Y/N), stop.” I laughed, trying to push her hand away.

“But it’s so fun.” She said, poking my butt again.

“No, stop.” I said, holding her hand in mine. I gave the nurse the rest of the information she needed, she cleaned up (Y/N) and we went on our way. 

“C’mon, let’s get you home.” I said. I helped (Y/N) up from the chair and slung her arm around my shoulder.

“Are you my boyfriend?” She asked when we got to the car.

“Yes, I am your boyfriend.” I said.

“Seriously? I lucked out. You’re hot.” She said. I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Well, thank you.” I said. During the entire ride home, she kept touching my face, running her fingers up and down the edge of my scruff and my eyebrows.

“Eye. Brow. Goals.” She would say every time her fingers would brush over my eyebrows. 

“Okay, (Y/N), I’m trying to drive.” I said pushing her hands back over to her.

“I need some chapstick.” She said, touching her lips to realize how dry they were.

“There should be some in your purse.” I said. She fumbled with the zipper, trying to open it, but she couldn’t get a firm grip on it and kept knocking her purse onto the floorboard.

“Oh my god, cooperate with me.” She said picking it up. She finally got the bag open and dug around until she found her chapstick. “There you are little buddy.” She said when she found it. We were now parked in the drive way, so I watched as she tried to put on the chapstick. She rubbed it all over her face, since she couldn’t feel her lips to find them. “Oh no, I made a mess all over my face.” She whined, starting to cry.

“No, no, no, don’t cry.” I said. I got out of the car and walked over to the passengers side to help her out of the car. “Come inside. We’ll get you cleaned up.” I said. I helped her into the house and into bed. I grabbed a washcloth out of the restroom and cleaned the chapstick off of her face and reapplied it to just her lips. “There, as good as new.” I said. She had stopped crying, but her eyes were still puffy. “Are you tired?” I asked. She nodded.

“I am very tired.” She said.

“Why don’t you take a nap then.” I said. I helped her out of her into the bed and worked her shoes off so she would be comfortable.

“Come nap with me.” She said, grabbing my hand when I started to walk away.

“I’m right here baby. I’m not going anywhere.” I said. I climbed into the bed and kissed her on the temple. Shortly afterwards, I heard a faint snore coming from her. I wrapped my arm around her waist and hugged her tight, as I myself began to fall asleep.

Red started loosing it, before liz faked her death. When she was planning to marry Tom again, we saw him become sad and desperate. He knew he needed to stop Tom but had no good way to do it.
He knew if he killed Tom, Liz would ask him and he had vowed to never lie to her, so he knew he’d have to tell her the truth. That would cause her to hate him and he’d lose her forever.

For once, Red was helpless to do anything except stand back and watch the woman he loved more than life, marry another man…again!
Then, making matters worse, Liz faked her death to get away from Reds influence.

Can you imagine how you’d feel… love someone so deeply, watch them die, only to find out they staged it all and did it to get away from you?!
No wonder Reds a mess. It’s a miracle he’s held it together as well and as long as he has.
He’s in such a dark place right now. I hope Lizzy will have some compassion and be kind to him. I hope she will take Dembe’s concerns to heart and try to pull Red back.

When he shot Kate, I think he killed a big part of himself. They had a long history and a close bond. He’s been consumed with guilt and grief over that as well.
But he’s tried to forge on. I think he’s still somewhat suicidal. Even with Liz alive, she’s keeping him pushed out of her life. Without her, he has no hope, no reason to go on. If he gets killed, he really doesn’t care that much.







Legends of Tomorrow | 2.01 | Atomic Canary


Platonic Soulmates Shadow and Amy tho’.

Hear me out okay, because no one ever talks about the BrOTP aspect of them and the fandom likes to give Shadow and Sonic another reason to be rivals and that’s that shit I don’t like.

Which is why I’m here to defend one of my BrOTPs that just so happen to be of the opposite gender.


  • Shadow has shown his soft side to Cream and Rouge, so why not Amy as well? Imagine Amy finding him while he’s in his lonesome and doing everything she can to cheer him up and by the end of the day she may or may not have gotten a smile out of him.
  • Amy teaching Shadow how to cook and it soon turns into a bonding activity for them.
  • Amy being scared for Sonic and Shadow telling her that everything’s gonna be okay…But Rose if you don’t get your shit together I stg –
  • The surprise hugs and the way Shadow adorkably reciprocates them!
  • Shadow petting Amy’s head and ruffling her quills when she’s being cute or sad.
  • Shadow training Amy and she grows to enjoy sparring with him.
  • Comforting each other when thinking about Maria or the harsh words people say become too much sometimes.
  • Amy going shopping and making Shadow carry her bags.
  • Amy teaching Shadow how to dance and naturally pulling him to the dance-floor in public when he’s being stubborn about it and he’s actually a good dancer and will not hesitate to challenge Sonic to a dance-off.
  • Going! ! to each other! !for advice! ! ! about! ! ! ! Sonic and! ! ! Tikal! ! ! Shadow being awkward because he doesn’t know how to give advice too brutal and bluntly and bLUSHING IN EMBARRASSMENT BC AMY IS SO EXCITED AND HAPPY THAT HE CAME TO HER FOR ADVICE ABOUT WHAT HE SHOULD DO ABOUT HIS FEELINGS FOR TIKAL
  • Coming to Sonic’s aid when he needs help, and the badassness ensues.



Please imagine a world in which Lily Potter survived

Maybe before Voldemort attacked the Potters, it was decided they should separate and one of them be the decoy. James suggested it be him, but Lily said that would be too obvious and it ought to be her. They fight about it quietly but Lily gets her way. Its James’ sacrifice that sets off Harry’s protection from Voldemort. They don’t tell anyone but their main secret keeper which is how Voldemort doesn’t fall for the rouse.

Lily hears what happens, gets a premonition or something, and shows up in time to kick Snape’s ass halfway to Azkaban. Lily doesn’t know James switched secret keepers as an additional diversion. She’s prepared to hunt down Sirius too but she has to take care of Harry. Maybe if she had gone, she might have found out the truth. But maybe if she had gone, she might have died. Guilt still gets at her later.

But hey! Lily is alive and Harry isn’t being horribly neglected. She toys with raising him as a muggle until she hears about Dumbledore wanting to hire Snape as potions instructor. She sends Dumbledore a howler, goes to his office to yell at him in person, sends impassioned letters to the board of governors and the ministry of magic, and finally and most importantly talks to Slughorn, who has some say in who his replacement is. That’s how Lily becomes Hogwarts’ potion instructor.

So Harry basically grows up in Hogwarts. Lily never goes to Halloween celebrations. Those first few years she’s still upset and embarrassed and doesn’t reach out to Remus, even though she knows he must be suffering as much if not more. She sees him sometimes when they visit James’ or Peter’s grave, and they talk, but they don’t renew their friendship for several years. But eventually Harry gets introduced to Uncle Remus who is by far his Favorite Uncle not that there is much competition. He’s the best babysitter and he takes care of Harry’s elementary education. Its the longest job Remus has ever managed to hold down, and Harry gets extra weekends sometimes without knowing why. But hey this Wednesday is a weekend! Its cool.

Lily doesn’t want Harry to hang out with too many magical people and spends a lot of time bringing him on playdates with some of her muggle friends kids. She lives in Hogwarts itself until she reunites with Remus and he’s available to babysit Harry during the day. At that point she gets a small cottage in a gated community and puts an amount of protective spells on it that might amount to overkill. Being James’ widow she has the money to afford that kind of house, and also to pay Remus a living wage. At first Remus doesn’t want to take it but not only is he Harry’s babysitter, he’s also his teacher and bodyguard and Lily is justifiably paranoid.

This brings us into Harry’s years at Hogwarts where his mom is a teacher but I’m not going to write about them now because I’m at work and already wasted a lot of time on this.

Charles Xavier- “You’re only nineteen.”

@mm277me requested: Okey I want a request about Charles Xavier in x-men apocalyps. Where the reader is 19 and in love with her professor Charles, and he is too? But he is afraid of the age difference and say some harsh things to her, then he finds her crying and admits his real feelings?

Hey! Sorry, we’ve been a bit quiet lately as a whole but we’re finally getting on top of these requests! There’s still quite a few more to go but they are on their way. Also, I really struggled trying to remember a scene from Apocalypse for this imagine to take place in but it gave it a shot.

~Much love, Ive

You bounced on your heels feeling a little awkward. You had to do this. You were just going to walk into his office and tell him how you felt. You lifted a hand to knock on the door, hesitating slightly. Deciding that it was the best thing to do you let your fist give the door two light knocks.

“Come in.” Came Charles’ voice from the other side of the door. You stepped in the office and was greeted with that bright smile of his, he seemed to only do for you. “Oh, Y/N. Everything okay?”

“Yes, I um… I just wanted to talk to you.” You felt yourself chickening out of telling him.

“You can tell me anything.” He urged, offering you a seat. You didn’t take it.

“I’m in love with you.” You blurted out, figuring if you didn’t come straight out with it you’d never say it. For a split second you were sure you saw a smile spread across his face but it disappeared just as quickly.

“Y/N, you’re not in love with me.” He said sternly.

“I think I know how I feel-“ He cut you off.

“No, you’re only nineteen. You’re so young. You don’t love me you love the idea of me, if even.” He lost every little bit of softness about him.

“You… you don’t know how I feel.” You desperately tried to get him to listen to you.

“Y/N, you’re a student. This isn’t appropriate.” He was so close to yelling.

“I’m technically an adult. You’re not even my teacher, you don’t teach any of my classes!” You had no choice but to defend the way you felt.

“Y/N, it doesn’t matter how you feel becasue nothing can happen between us. Do you understand that? You’re a student.” He wheeled himself backwards in his chair. “Yet out of my office.” You turned and walked out of there keeping calm until the minute the door closed.

You pelted down the corridor with tears in your eyes. Blinking them back wasn’t working and the tears streaked down your face. You didn’t know what you thought. You were almost convinced the feelings were reciprocated. He was closer to you than all the other students, if that was really what you were to him. He also was physically closer to you, he didn’t seem to have any idea of personal boundaries when it came to you. The way he smiled at you was unlike anything else. How did he not have some feelings for you? How could he have said those things to you? As you ran down the corridor you could’ve sworn you saw Raven head towards his office but you decided you must have been mistaken. I made my way into my room and cried for much longer than I should have.

There was a knock at my door.

“Just a second.” I called in my shaky voice as I tried to hide any sign that I had been crying. The person on the other side of the door didn’t listen. I heard my door creak open and Charles looked straight at me. “What?”

“Y/N, I’ve just spoken with Raven.” He closed his eyes for a second, so you did see her down the corridor, “Look, there’s some stuff come up. Nothing you need to concern yourself with just yet but it does demand my attention.”

“Where are you going with this?” You blinked back the tears that were forming in your eyes again.

“After what you said to me in my office today, I couldn’t leave thinking that I’d hurt you.”The way he looked at you sent shivers down your spine, “I do love you, Y/N. I couldn’t leave without you knowing that.”

“But… but what did you say all that horrible stuff?” You stammered.

“Because I didn’t want to ruin your life. I’m in a wheelchair for crying out loud.” He laughed a little but there was a seriousness to his voice.

“You couldn’t ruin my life.” You stared right back at him. The tension between the two of you was building, you could feel it and you were positive Charles could feel it too. “You wouldn’t be mad if I kissed you right now, would you?” He didn’t respond with words but with a kiss, “I could leave knowing I never did that.”

“Come back soon and we can make this work.” You said going back in for another kiss.

What gets me every time about Daredevil is that Matt could tell Elektra was super fine by how her bangles clinked together, how she breathed, and how she drank her drink. 

Like, can you imagine him inserting that in how he flirts? I could see him saying something along the lines of, “Damn girl, by the way you tied your shoes and stamped your mail, I could tell you have the bluest of eyes.” 

The Intervention

A/N: Drabble about Stefan bonding with the kids and pampering them a little too much. 

She heard the commotion coming from the bedroom as she applied toothpaste on her brush. Sounded like the kids had sneaked back in for the third time that night. She shook her head and smiled.

Whatever worry she had that the kids would be unhappy with yet another change was quickly doused as soon as they had spent a day with Stefan at the boarding house. They had taken to both Stefan and the big house so well in fact that it was as if they were on vacation every time they were here. It had become rather difficult to get them to adhere to their usual sleep patterns with their overactive little imaginations telling them they were living in an enchanted castle. Stefan was no help whatsoever. He, to her surprise, indulged them in every way possible and they loved him for it.

She stepped into the room to find the kids jumping on her bed.

“Girls! We talked about this. Time for bed!”

“Stefan said we could stay for five more minutes” Josie said beaming.

“He did?” Caroline asked narrowing her eyes at Stefan.

He smiled at her sheepishly. “Well its just five more minutes”

“Stefan tell us about the for—forbidd-en room again” Lizzie demanded.

“The forbidden room?” Caroline asked.

“yeah it’s a room that you cant open never.” Josie said with her eyes wide open.

“Yeah you cant go in that room Mommy” Lizzie agreed with her sister shaking her head furiously.

“Hmmm.. well Stefan will have to tell you more tomorrow.” She said indicating that it was time for them to go back to bed.

“Five more minutes?” Josie asked, her eyes wide and pleading.

“No” Caroline answered quickly before Stefan could respond.

“Are you gonna tuck us in?” Lizzie asked Stefan.

“Sure” He said warmly.

“I wanna piggy –back. Josie got to piggy-back last time” Lizzie screamed.

“Alright then, all aboard” Stefan said as Lizzie climbed on his back. He lifted Josie with one hand and held her close to his chest. “LETS GO” He said as if they were going on a joy ride.

Caroline watched as her kids giggled all the way to their room. She wanted Stefan and her kids to get along, but never imagined he would love them so much.

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Dirk and Jane Headcanons

Jane tried to get all her friends to watch Parks and Rec. Dirk is the only one who did (at least entirely), mainly because she told him there was a little horse in it. They’d chat while marathoning episodes, and even though Dirk had access to the entire series, he’d wait until they aired relative to Jane’s time before watching them. He wrote Detective Pony for her around this time. 

In an effort to envision a normal life in the 21st century, he’d often ask Jane about her day and what kinds of things she did with her dad. At first, she couldn’t understand why he’d want to hear about trips to the grocery store in such detail. But she assumes it’s because his brother’s a celebrity and can’t do normal things, so she indulges him. She gets really good at telling stories because she has to find ways to make errands or piano lessons or just baking a cake with her dad interesting. Dirk spends embarrassing amounts of time imagining doing those things (or similar things) with his bro. 

After the game, they help each other through the guilt they both feel for how they treated Jake. Eventually, they’re able to forgive themselves (even though Jake already forgave them both forever ago), and they can all go back to being friends again without things being awkward. 

They talk about the last battle. Jane feels like a failure getting caught by the Batterwitch at a crucial moment. Dirk cheers her up telling her how he spent half the fight confused on his ass and getting the shit beat out of him; and his only contribution was letting his head get chopped off. “And need I remind you, I’d be a goner if not for you and your healing powers. Pretty sure that counted as a Just death for all that shitty fighting back there.” Jane is also the only person he’s ever told how it feels to be decapitated. 

Kind of related: During the fight with Caliborn, Gamzee was cut in half by Lil Seb for trying to attack Jane. 


submitted by: anonymous

Imagine: Jax giving his girl a killer smile after she tells him she tells him she loves him for the first time.

She could feel her heart wrenching in her chest as she sat in the kitchen for longer than it seemed like she needed to.

All she needed to do was get the beer for her and Jax, who was waiting so patiently out in the living room. With the way things have been recently, she wasn’t sure that the biker was still capable of patience.

Then again, she was Jax’s only serenity since this whole pile of shit had been piled on top of the club.

So maybe he felt obligated to show her kindness, since she had shown him it.

Regardless, with everything going on, maybe she shouldn’t unfold. Then again, maybe this is what he needed to hear after everything.

Maybe she would tell him she loved him.

She, after all, was very fond of the blonde biker. And he, after all, seemed to flirt with her consistently. And it never seemed to be joking.

“You doin’ okay?” she heard him say from the doorway, causing her to jump. 

“Uh, yeah. Just spaced out a bit,” she stated quickly, scrambling for the booze she had kept in her fridge.

When she had pulled the door open and grabbed the cold bottles, the urge to just turn around and confess ran down her heart like a truck. 

Thus, she acted.

She turned. “Jax? Can I tell you something?”

Jax blinked his blue hues for a second before nodded. “’Course.”

She inhaled sharply, biting her lip. “I.. I love you.”

Jax, seemingly unsure on how to react, just flashed one of his dashing smiles.

That alone was enough assurance for her. Because behind the attractive smile, there was emotion. There was love.

Sirius Black Imagine: “Definitely, Remus was going to kill him”

Can you do a marauders imagine with Sirius where the reader is very shy and quiet and never speaks to anyone though once day he hears her singing though had no idea that it was her until he catches her singing and tells her he had fallen in love with her voice? Then it gets all cute and fluffy and stuff? I love your account by the way .X

Requested by anon

Sirius Black was walking fast down the corridors to go to the library. He had to do an Arithmancy project with Remus and they had to meet at 17.30h. It was already 17.50h. He was entirely sure Remus was going to kill him. But then again, it wasn’t his fault he had fallen asleep in the common room, was it?

All of sudden, he heard someone singing. It was the most beautiful sound he had ever heard. As if hypnotized, he followed it until he reached an old classroom.

As silently as he could, he opened the door and stepped in. It was a y/house girl/boy. She/he was singing with a powerful yet sweet voice and looked like she/he was in her/his own world, unaware of his presence.

When the song finished, Sirius started to clap soundly. Startled, you turned around. When you saw who your spectator had been, your y/e/c eyes widened: Sirius Black, also known as your crush. You were doomed.

“Bloody hell! That was impressive!” he cried out.

You instantly blushed, but didn’t reply.

“Sing another one!” he exclaimed excitingly, completely forgetting about any homework.

Again, you didn’t even utter a word and shook your head.

You saw his expression turn into a frown.

“Why not? You certainly have a great voice. What’s your name?”

You weren’t surprised he didn’t even know your name for two reasons: one, you weren’t in the same year and two, and most importantly, you weren’t exactly the definition of a very social and outgoing person. Actually, you were quite shy, quiet and reserved. And of course, he was the opposite: he had good people’s skills, was the life of the party and one of the most popular Gryffindor students. There was an awkward pause.

“Cat got your tongue?” he smirked. “I’m Sirius” and he extended his hand. You shook his hand and finally said your name.

“Y/n? Beautiful name for a beautiful lady/boy”

Your cheeks were burning with embarrassment.

“Thanks” you muttered.

“So… Since when have you been singing? Are you in the choir?”

“I feel like I have been singing since I could talk, but it’s just a hobby. And no… I’m not in the choir club. It’s not for me”

“Well! I think that’s a pity. They would actually sound good with you”

You chuckled at his joke.

“Really, you are amazing” he repeated.

“I think you are exaggerating. I’m not that good at all”

“Are you kidding me? Everybody would fall in love with a voice like yours! Merlin knows I did!” he yelled.

You couldn’t believe your ears. Ok, he hadn’t said he was in love with you, but the sound of the word love coming out of his precious lips and directed at you felt like heaven.

“So… Are you going to make me the happiest guy in this school and sing another song?”

“No way!”

He rolled his eyes.

“You have to earn it!” you dared him.

“Playing hard to get, are we?”


Your heart was beating so fast. Was he flirting with you? And since when where you that impulsive? Bloody hormones.

“Are you going to tell me how can I earn it?” he inquired.

You gave it some thought and finally confessed: “The truth is that I don’t know you that well… I wouldn’t be comfortable singing to you just now. If you haven’t noticed, I’m quite shy. Perhaps, if we got to know each other better, I would do it”

When you saw his sly grin you quickly added: “But I’m not promising anything!”

“Seems legit. Hogsmeade tomorrow?”


“I think it’s pretty clear. I’m asking you out. Didn’t you want to get us to know each other? Last time I checked, dates were useful for that”

A date? With the most handsome guy of the school? Your cheeks turned a bright pink.

“If you’re not free we can go anoth…”

Before he finished his sentence you exclaimed: “Hogsmeade tomorrow sounds just fine”

“Brilliant! I’ll pick you up. See you tomorrow then, y/n”

Sirius winked at you and left. He looked at the time: 18h. Definitely, Remus was going to kill him.

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Imagine Oswald Cobblepot x You (Your first time, You thinking he won’t like your body)

Anon asked: Could you make a story with a dominant Oswald and a curvy reader that has a small breast,(that type that could fit in a champagne coupe)She’s very afraid to show her body to him, and avoids sex with him, and he has never seen her naked. He maybe gets very angry when he’s rejected for the umpteenth time so she(with a deep fear of rejection)finally tells him why. But he shows her how much he likes her in a sweet but also totally virile way and finally they have sex for the first time. Thank you<3

Dear Anon, I won’t specify the body type in this story, because so many girls (including me) are afraid to show themselves naked, because they doubt their beauty so much. And at the moment I feel like super ugly… 

A big thank you to @jokesterwrites for being my Beta Reader for this story! *^__^*

Warnings: (At first) Angry and annoyed Oswald Cobblepot, Insecure Reader, Oswald x Reader love making (Rated Mature)

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“I love you even more than who I thought you were before”

an au where Percy is missing for years instead of months and Annabeth has spent the entire time fighting to get him back

yet another collab with Rachel because that’s just what we do 

  • When she finally gets him back she’s not even sure how to feel.
  • She thought he was gone and never realized what a moral compass he was to her.
  • She has done so much that she’s not proud of. Every time she imagines telling him all the things she said and did in his absence, things she did trying to get him back, she can’t even fathom how he could ever look at her the same so instead she pulls away. Prefers the pain of holding herself back rather than watching him pull back from her.
  • Percy is shadowed but he’s still that happy boy and Annabeth can’t stand the fact that he is suddenly behind
  • They were supposed to do everything together. She’d left him behind in some ways and thrown herself into things that she’d never wanted to do without him. Sometimes even things she never wanted to do at all.
  • Percy sees her the same way he did before he was taken even though nobody else does
  • But it doesn’t feel like a chance to start over. It feels like a lie that tastes like bile on her tongue every time she kisses him.
  • She shudders under his gentle touch. Something that used to send shivers up her spine now makes her skin crawl.
  • She’s not the same fragile girl anymore. Hasn’t been for a long time. But gods does she want to be.
  • For Percy, but also for herself.
  • Wants to remember when the sun warming her skin and this boy warming her heart were enough to make her happy. Doesn’t want to have to associate warmth with the blood running down her skin, dripping from a blade that’s been pulled from someone’s throat.
  • Annabeth is the only subject on which Percy has ever considered himself an expert. He sees the way she winces under his touch; how she pulls away from a kiss as soon as she can; sees the emptiness in her eyes that wasn’t there when he left.
  • So he makes a choice. He dives into the new Annabeth, refusing to let her go. A metaphorical drop into Tartarus.
  • Kissing every scar she has from battling monsters and demigods alike. Memorizing every angry wrinkle etched into her face. Becoming someone darker in the process
  • He willingly gives in to some darkness so that he can bring her a little light. He doesn’t shy away from the gory details of her misadventures. Instead he watches with rapt attention, focusing on how her fingers twitch and her eyes darken as she recounts every slice and punch.
  • She feels him growing towards her, reaching like a plant in shade reaching for an ounce of the sun’s consideration.
  • And for the first time in years she feels a warmth in her chest that has nothing to do with watching the life drain out of something or someone else but everything to do with this boy who would give up everything, even his goodness, to love her.
  • Percy makes this active choice because she did this for him and when he sees the girl who isn’t his anymore, he wants her to be. It claws at him when he looks at her.
  • For the first time Annabeth understands the full extent of his fatal flaw.
  • Their friends try to stage an intervention for Percy like they once had done for Annabeth. They explain how they’re worried about him and the small ways they see the darkness creeping into him. They don’t want to repeat the last few years of watching Annabeth become someone they didn’t fully recognize.
  • He looks them all in the eyes and tell them he knows. Explains how he can’t and won’t abandon Annabeth no matter what the personal cost. He needs her just as much as she needs him. And he will be whatever version of himself that he needs to be to have her.
  • He embraces every horrible thought he’s had because all he wants is Annabeth.
  • They are all powerless as Percy drops, because he’s made the decision. And he is the only one who is in control of himself.
  • Percy plunges.

Imagine Bucky being upset that Steve didn’t tell him that you were joining them

Bucky: I’m gonna kill you.

Steve: Why?

Bucky: Y/N is coming on the mission.

Steve: So? She’s your other best friend. You love-

Bucky: I know I love her. You don’t need to tell me that. But its because of that why I’m pissed at you. There is no way I’m going to watch her even have the slightest chance of getting hurt. I don’t want her to get hurt, ever. And you put her on this damn mission.