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You Guys Fight But Try To Hide It From Your Friends (pt. II preview)

because i’m a shit person and was lazy, and you guys are angels and patient, so this is a preview :)))

pt. i

“Go shoot that fucking film, Darcy and I can survive without you.”

After those words leave your mouth, it’s as if Harry transforms in front of you. Gone is the gentle, kind man you love as his features twist and harden into something cruel and malicious.
“Fine.” Is the last word that you expect him to say, but he does anyway. And he continues to do what you least expect, because he’s gathering up his coat and twisting open the front door. He takes one last long look at you, and for a short moment (although it seems to last forever), everything is silent.

A scene plays in your mind–a scene that you can easily recreate. You rush across the room and embrace Harry, begging him not to go, taking back your initial thoughts and words and offering to live in France with him and Darcy. Him smiling down at you and telling you he would love that. You can almost see it….how simple it would be to achieve that.

And you see how easy it would be for another scenario to occur. The one where Harry is the one slamming the door back shut and shrugging off his coat, getting down on his knees in front of you like it’s the very first time and taking all his words back.

But neither of those things happen, because you both are stubborn people. The whole room is still, and when you almost think Harry’s going to leave for certain, a voice cuts through his chest. “Woah, easy there girl. Don’t want your mommy and daddy getting mad at me for destroying their washroom.” It’s Louis, and it’s…Darcy. Laughing. Upstairs. Oblivious to what’s happening down here. Tears start to gather up in your eyes.
Harry’s head drops to the ground, and when you’re just about to open your mouth and tell him to stay, he’s already out the door. Liam looks at you with an apologetic stare, but you can’t move. Not until you hear Harry’s car start, and the gates closing signalling he has already driven away. And when that all happens, you collapse onto the ground, in a sea of tears and hair and bones.
Darcy is still laughing.

How much you would give to have Harry upstairs with her…

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A/N: This piece was written for @randomdancer17​ as it is her birthday today (go send her nice messages!!) … A while ago she mentioned how she wanted something that surrounded Perfect by Ed Sheeran so I hope it’s what you wanted Em!! 

This also matched a little with this request. Fair warning, I hadn’t edited this yet but leave some feedback here … Oh one more thing, this is the first installation to my “The Five Times Harry…” Series - this one is also called “The Five Times Harry Dances With You”  ♥

His foot always began to tap at the right song.

Even at a young age Harold would sway to every chime and bass that penetrated the walls of his home whenever his mum brought out her old vinyl player. He’d dash into the room grabbing at her hands as his weight would lift him up and down and up and down to the beat of the rhythm. He liked the way his mum would laugh at his dance moves, mimicking him to join the fun – which he had to admit felt rewarding since his sister would often complain about his pigeon-toed feet.

When little seven year old Harry found out he was going to his first wedding he was quite excited to say the least. His head nodded all the way through the church and into the reception hall. There’s a live band playing and he couldn’t wait to find the dance floor and pounce around with his mum.

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Kiwi - imagine

Hi Loves! Here’s quite a long imagine for ya. Its kind of my interpretation of the song, so a little bit different from the story the lyrics tell. Enjoy!

(for those who don’t know/aren’t familiar, the term “kiwi” is a term for people from New Zealand, kind of like “aussie” is for Australians)

Disclaimer: included swearing/cursing towards the end.

It was the call that hurt Harry the most. It was all the weeks, months and days you two had spent together, and it was all jumbled together in one crackly, long distance call. To be fair, the gap between you was very present. He was hard to track down, constantly travelling from place to place. And you were in New Zealand, just like you always had been.

When you first walked into the studio all those many months ago, Harry nearly fell off his chair. He was in New Zealand for a bit of time while he was on break. The small country attracted him, its peaceful serenity was calming in his hectic life. You were calming. Harry always said that it was your laugh that made him fall, literally and metaphorically. The minute you walked into the small box-like studio and saw the shocked faces from the several nearly 6 ft men, you just couldn’t help yourself. It was a cackle, and it made everyone who was near you light up. It was infectious. Harry was stunned, and his dimply grin broke forth. From that day on, he was undeniably infatuated. People thought he had been drugged. He had in a way. You were his drug, and he just couldn’t get enough of you.

His large hands were constantly running down the dip in your back or resting on your knee. His green eyes always followed you, and his mouth drank you up. You had never really thought you were pretty. Sure, being a social butterfly, people were always around. You like your hair, and your smile wasn’t shabby. But Harry was mesmerised, and everyone could see it.

New Zealand was your oyster. After weeks upon weeks cooped up in the tiny studio, working on a billion different songs, cabin fever was growing. So you and Harry loaded up your ageing Ford Focus and drove for as long as you could. His ringed fingers tapping along to the beat of the radio, and your voice singing to the mountains. It was a good life, Harry decided. The endless green hills and ocean went on and on, and cheesy as it may sound, so did your love.

They say that every relationship has a honeymoon period. At the time, you were both completely locked at this stage, But life goes on. You started to get tired of Harry coming back home at 4 in the morning, mumbling a “hey love” before collapsing on the queen sized bed in your apartment. You started to hate the paparazzi, their beady cameras scanning your body. You couldn’t even go to the supermarket anymore without being photographed. You started to despise how Harry’s days and nights were spent away. You hardly ever saw your boy anymore.

Harry knew you were upset with it all. He was always empathetic towards you, at times he really felt like he was living through you. But there was only so much his brain could hold. It seemed like he just didn’t have enough space for you anymore. The nights were either filled with shouting, or angry sex that neither of you enjoyed. The only time you could really look at Harry without wanting to argue was when he was sleeping. His eyes closed, dark lashes gently resting on his cheeks. Pink lips slightly parted, forehead smooth. It was the Harry you remember falling in love with.

You knew and Harry knew it was never gonna last. It was a Tuesday night, and the house was still echoing from your biggest fight yet. You lay curled up on the bed, staring at the ceiling, the words that rocked your world still vibrating in your ears.

“You are so fuckin annoying! I never have any peace anymore, you just nag nag nag at me every fuckin minute of every day!”

“Well, what the fuck do you want me to do Harry? I know shit all about what’s going on and I’m sick of it! You’re out all bloody day. It’s like you don’t give two shits anymore!”

He looked up at you sharply then. You had been sitting on the edge of the couch, and he had been lying on the floor by the TV. You remember his eyes flashing. They normally looked at you with so much love and emotion, but you couldn’t remember seeing any of that. There was just pure raw anger. He had got up and stormed into the kitchen. You just had to get off the couch and follow him. Looking back now, that was such a stupid fucking decision.

Harry had been pushing through the freezer before noticing you. He had straightened up, mouth set in a firm line. “You’re damn right. Maybe I don’t give two shits anymore. Maybe I want to be in England or LA right now with my friends, or loving some other girl and having the time of my life. But I’m here, aren’t I?” You lost it then. You always had a fiery temper at the best of times, but there was something about his words that made your voice come out quiet, cold and hard.

“There’s nothing stopping you ya know. It’s not like you have a girlfriend that loves you or cares about you. It’s not like you have a girlfriend that’s given up her whole fucking life to live with you. It’s not like you have a girlfriend that wants to marry you someday!”                                                                            There were tears streaming down your cheeks at this point. Fingernails cutting into your palms as you clenched your fists.                                                        “You were my fucking saviour Harry. I thought you were always gonna love me.”

Harry paced over to the front door of the apartment, grabbing his coat off the dining room table.

“Well, I guess you thought wrong then, didn’t ya love?”

With those dreaded words, the wooden door slammed. The bang clouding your ears as you had slid to the ground sobbing. After about 2 hours, you had gone the bedroom you shared with Harry. That’s where you were still, laying there, just breathing.

You expected Harry to come back. He expected himself to. And he tried. Every night he would let himself into the apartment, just to grab his things. At least that’s what he told himself. He always got stuck. Sometimes it would be because you had fallen asleep on the couch with the TV still blaring Call the Midwife. He would watch the light flicker over your face, before picking you up and placing you gently in bed. Sometimes it would be because you had fallen asleep in his walk-in wardrobe. Weird as is sounded, it was because you had been cuddling his colourful shirts, pretending they were him. At first, Harry laughed at this. But the more and more he found you asleep in the wardrobe, the more he found himself with tears running down his face. He missed you. So much. And it was always with regret that he left you, asleep in the quiet apartment.

You knew he came every night, but you never willed yourself to stay awake, and you didn’t quite know why. But the weeks went by, and Harry gradually stopped coming. It could have been he had retrieved all of his things. But you knew and he knew the crowded apartment was still filled with his belongings. It could have been the fact that his friends and family were getting fed up with his moping, and finally decided that it wasn’t healthy. And it could have been the fact that he had finally got over his kiwi.

You had seen the magazine articles. Harry was finally back in London and causing a raucous. You on the other hand, and found out about the baby a couple of weeks ago. Harry’s number stayed cemented in your phone. It took your mum to finally knock some sense into you, saying that maybe you should tell the father of the child that he actually is going to be a dad. So you called. When the ringing finally subsided, and Harry’s voice came over the speaker, telling you to “leave a message, I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks.” it almost broke you. But finally, after many coffees and pep talks, a message flowed from your lips.

“Hey Harry, it’s me. Been a while huh? Wasn’t going to call you at all, but Mum persuaded me. She’s always been a fan of yours. Charmed her right to the bone. Anyway, just thought you should know. I’m having your baby. It’s none of your business, but it is technically half of you, so best you know. You don’t need to care for the kid or send money or anything like that. We’re gonna be just fine without you. Just like I have been. So just leave it, ok?                                        So yea, kinda dropped a bomb there didn’t I? Have fun living your life being a rock star. Don’t call back. Bye”

It was those words that made Harry’s healing heart explode.

hOLY SHit! This has been sitting in my notebook for a while now, so it’s a bit overdue. I’m kinda thinking of doing a part 2, so pretty please let me know if I should! Lots of love xxx

Impatient H

“’S she going to come out yet?”


You shot your husband a look, raising your brows before chuckling on how he is.

“Are you feeling contractions?”

“Harry, we talked about this.”

“I know, I know.”

He motioned you to stand up very gently, with his finger, complying to what he requested and assisting you to by holding your arms, sitting on the spot you were sat on before carefully pulling you down to his lap.

Both Harry and you aren’t going to lie; this is your favorite. You sitting on his lap and leaning on his chest, his hands resting on top of your pregnant bumo and his chin resting on your shoulder.

“I already told you that it could take me 40 weeks; 10 months before I give birth.”

He whined, his lips brushing against your shoulder which you loved.

“But baby, you’re already 38 weeks along.”

“And you’re impatient, H.”

“I really want to see her already.”

Your hand stroked Harry’s hair out of habit and for his comfort, letting out a hum of appreciation go noticed.

“So do I, love. But we need to wait.”

There’s eagerness and joy in Harry’s voice that made you smile and laugh in an instant, making his cheeks warm up.

“There’s something about this day, love. I can feel it.”

“You said that yesterday.”

“Because maybe it’ll pressure your water to break already!” he exclaimed, smiling when he saw you laugh so giddily.

“How can you pressure my water to break?”

He grinned, his face nuzzled on your neck, a reply popping into his head, making him chuckle from thinking of it.

“Say that it’s a disgrace to it’s family and purified water all the way.”

“Oh my god,” you said in between your laughter, your cheeks reddening in whether how bad or good it is.

“It was good. Admit.”

“It’s good,” you complied, putting your hands on top of Harry’s.

“Do we have anything she needs that’s missing?”

“I think not.”

“Well we already have mittens, right? We bought newborn diapers a week ago, we have lots of onesies. What else?”

Harry inquired seriously which made you think, his finger drawing figures on your large bump.

“We have a crib. Bonnets, blankets, pillows. We agreed to not have pacifiers and teethers since they don’t help. Our mums told us not to too.”

“’S our bag ready?”

“I’m sure you packed it last night.”

“’S she coming out yet?”


“Fine,” he replied, knowing that he’s not going to give up on asking you, letting him massage your hands and press little kisses on your neck.

There’s comfortable silence at the moment, Harry’s inquired from what he heard, what he read, what you feel and what you saw making you think.

It made you think that you’re as eager to see your baby girl as Harry is. That how it differs from some having to give birth early and not, some having their water break before having contractions and not, some being dilated early.

“I know what we forgot.”

“What did we?” you chuckled from Harry’s excited tone.

“Baby shampoo.”

Your mouth fell slightly agape at the realization that the both of you genuinely forgot to get one.

“I’ll tell Gemma to get one now. She loves going to baby stores as much as we do.”

He pulled his phone out of the pocket of his sweatpants, a knowing look on his face.

“Love, sit on the other couch. I’m preventing you fron radiation as much as possible.”

You rolled your eyes, saying ‘fine’ before slowly standing from his lap, your hand on his knee as support before gently walking to the other couch, hearing Harry talk to Gemma who immediately answered the call.

As you did and maybe not coincidentially, you felt wetness on your lower torso, the water seamlessly coming down your legs with ease.

Your eyes widened on the fact that your water broke, turning around to a wide-eyed and paling Harry who looks like a mix of excitement and shock, mouth agape and phone lowered down on the fact that your water just broke.

“Holy shit.”


request:  1 & 2 plz!

hello loves! i’m sorry i didn’t post this yesterday, i was just not having any motivation or inspiration. but i’m posting today and still will be posting tomorrow. since i’ve done number 2 on the list like, three times, i’m only going to do number one on the list. keep sending in requests from this writing list or whatever you want! hope you enjoy!

You had been aware of the fact that Harry can close himself off. Plenty of people warned you. It started with Nick. You and Harry had been officially dating for three months when you met Nick. He asked you if he had been acting strange around you at all, and when you said no, he warned you that at certain times in his life, he can become closed off. You didn’t think much of his warning, just that he didn’t want you getting hurt.

About two months after that incident, Harry introduced you to Gemma. You both immediately hit it off and went out to lunch by yourselves. She asked you the same question as Nick, had he been acting strange around you yet, had he been avoiding you at all. When you said no again, Gemma explained in more detail. Apparently Harry had a history of closing himself off to girlfriends and they never found out the reason why. Just one day everything would be great, then the next, the relationship would be over. You may have not been dating Harry for that long, but you couldn’t imagine him acting like that.

But of course, Gemma and Nick turned out to be correct.

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I may have gotten a bit carried away with this prompt but I’ve been meaning to write something like this for a while. Thanks to everyone who requested something from the drabble challenge!


#142: “Hold my hand so he gets jealous.”

You’d been a bit skeptical when Harry invited you out to the bar so soon after your breakup. He’d always been a good friend, so you trusted him when he said it would be good for you to get out and have some fun.

It hadn’t been an easy breakup; you’d been completely invested in the relationship when your boyfriend decided to leave you without warning and get with another girl immediately. But Harry had been incredible. He let you stay at his house when you were feeling lonely, and cleared his schedule enough to have lots of movie nights or bring some dinner over to your place. So, you trusted him enough to go along with his plans for the night.

Your dress hugged your body in all the right places, and your heels did a nice job of showing off your legs. Harry’s eyebrows had shot up when he first got a look at you; it had been a while since he’d seen you in anything other than sweatpants or pajamas.

“You look lovely.” He smiled, taking your hand and helping you descend the few steps out of the house.

“You look handsome as well, Harry.”

It wasn’t long until you were pulling up to the bar, Harry sprinting to the other side of the car to open the door for you. The bar was nice; sophisticated but not overly crowded, exactly the way you liked it.

Harry managed to get you to drink a little, with the promise that he’d stay sober in order to get you home safely. You mostly stood out of the way with Harry, swaying to the music and talking a little.

You’d been there a while when a familiar figure came through the door on the other side of the bar, with some skinny blonde girl attached to his arm. You froze. Out of everyone at the bar tonight, the one person you were trying to get over had to show up. Harry had seen you tense, and he barely missed a beat before he leaned down to your ear to ask what was wrong.

“Everything okay, sweetheart?”

Your eyes remained set on the man on the other side of the bar; the one who had told you he loved you only a few short weeks ago and was now pressing kisses along another girl’s jaw. He suddenly stood up straighter, wrapping his arm around the girl and looking around the bar as if he could tell he was being watched. By you.

“Harry, quick, hold my hand so he gets jealous.

You didn’t wait for approval before you grabbed his hand tight. Harry looked at your face, clearly confused by the sudden change in your behavior. He followed your gaze, his eyes locking in on the man on the other side of the room, and his hand squeezed yours tighter as soon as he recognized him.

“Is that-”

You nodded quickly. Harry was clearly fuming by now; his hand was nearly cutting off the circulation in yours, and you had to hold him back as he tried to take a step forward and move toward your ex to have a little talk.

“Harry, don’t. It’s not worth it.”

You tugged Harry closer, as you were sure the two sets of eyes across the room had found their way to you. The uncomfortable feeling hit you like a ton of bricks. All of the sudden, you felt self conscious about absolutely everything; you didn’t think you looked nearly as good as the girl your ex had brought along and he was probably over there telling her about how pathetic you were. But Harry sensed it immediately.

“Would you feel better if we just leave?”

You hesitated, not wanting to ruin what was supposed to be a fun night out to make you forget about the very person who had managed to show up at the worst time. But you reluctantly nodded, and Harry was quick to hand some money to the bartender and pull you out of the building.

You were silent most of the way home. There was no way you wanted to talk about what happened, especially since the sick feeling in your stomach confirmed your suspicions that you weren’t any closer to getting over him.

“He’s an ass, you know that right?”

Harry’s voice pulled you from your thoughts, and you caught his eyes as he rolled up to a red light. You nodded slowly, looking down at your legs when you felt the waterworks coming.

His heart stopped when he saw the first tear fall down your cheek, wanting to reach out and pull you into the biggest hug until you felt better, but he opted for grabbing your hand instead. You pulled his hand farther into your lap, his warm palm anchoring you from getting lost in your own flood of emotions.

“He’s not a good person. He doesn’t deserve your tears, sweetheart. Good riddance.” He gave your hand a gentle squeeze, as you reached your hand up to wipe the tears.

“I just… I thought he loved me, and seeing him tonight, I don’t think he ever did…”

He was driving up to your house now, as you sniffled and tried to pull yourself together before you had to go inside.

“He didn’t deserve you. He was a shit person, but I promise, you’re going to find someone someday who will treat you so much better than he did. And you’re going to wonder why you ever loved someone like that fucking asshole.”

You swallowed hard, shooting Harry a small smile from across the dimly lit car.

“Thank you.”

His hand was still tight around yours, not willing to let go until he was sure you were okay. He wanted to be some kind of support for you; even though he’d much rather be holding you and kissing your tears away, he needed to just be your best friend for now until you were ready to move on. He’d wait.

He wasn’t oblivious to the fact that your hands fit comfortably together, and his hand was exactly where he wanted it. It wasn’t long before you found your front door staring you down as you resisted letting go of Harry’s hand. You didn’t want to be alone at home again, when it was supposed to be a fun night and make you feel better. You knew as soon as the door shut behind you, you’d break into tears if you didn’t have someone there to keep you preoccupied.

“Do you wanna come in? You can spend the night and we could just hang out.”

Reminding yourself how lucky you were to have an easygoing best friend like Harry, you smiled brightly when he  nodded. But you couldn’t help noticing when his hand latched onto yours after you got out of the car, and again once you got inside after unlocking the door. It wasn’t until you sat down on the couch, a bowl of popcorn on your lap and the remote in your free hand, that you decided to question it. His hand had once again found yours, and you certainly weren’t complaining, but it was a bit unusual for Harry to be this way. He was always cuddly, of course, but something about the stiff way he held your hand tightly was giving you an off feeling.

“Harry, is everything okay?”

He looked confused, as if he didn’t know why you were asking. You thought he’d know what you were referring to when you questioned if there may be something wrong, but it looked as if you were going to have to explain it to him, and you weren’t quite prepared for the awkwardness it might bring.

“You’ve been holding onto my hand all night. I mean, I don’t care, it’s just that you don’t usually act like this. Is there anything bothering you?”

He smiled, giving your hand a small squeeze nonchalantly.

“Everything’s fine. Just, you deserve a little extra love, you know?”

It was a bit of a weird thing to say, honestly. Very sweet that he thought this way, but still weird. So you slowly let go of his hand, scooting closer to him and letting his arm wrap around you instead.

“Your ex was a dick. And he managed to ruin the night I set aside for just us to have some fun. When someone hurts you like that, it hurts me too.”

He frowned. Your hand found his knee, squeezing gently over the torn black fabric where his skin poked through.

“I didn’t know it bothered you this much.” You whispered, staring down at the floor and becoming lost in your thoughts again as silence took over the room.

You knew what it was like to hurt for someone else. You’d felt it for Harry countless times, of course, but you also thought you felt a bit more for him than a friend should, so you always attributed it to that. It was such a feeling of helplessness, when you knew someone you loved was hurting for reasons beyond your control. You reminded yourself that Harry was an exceptionally caring and selfless person, so you stopped yourself from venturing too far into your own fantasies of how he may feel some attraction to you as well. Until he said something you didn’t think he would.

“I love you.”

He blurted it out before he could stop himself, holding his breath afterwards as he feared the repercussions of what he’d just admitted. The look in his eyes said it all; what he just told you was completely true and he was glad you knew it, even if you didn’t feel the same. You stared for a few minutes, both your hearts beating quickly as some of your pain washed away and you realized, maybe he’d been the one you’d been waiting for all this time. So you cuddled up to him, leaning your head on his shoulder and looking upwards to kiss his cheek. You’d need to talk about this situation eventually, but for now, you were content with the knowledge that he loved you and he was already beginning to make you feel more loved than you’d ever felt with your ex.

“I love you too.”

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tfln y/n thinks theres a ghost in the house while harry is gone but, instead of him comforting her, he teases her to scare her even more

Harry. Missus.

H, while you’re down there, could you make me some tea, pleeeease?

With a cherry on top.
I don’t mean put a cherry on top of the tea.

Please don’t do that again.


How am I supposed to make you tea when I’m not home, hm?

You’ll get your tea, give me like an hour. Still at Jeff’s.

Oh shut your little whore mouth, I hear you downstairs right now.

Why do you keep closing cabinets? Make up your mind.
Harry for the love of God, slam one more cabinet and I will shove my foot so far up your ass you’ll feel me for the next month.

Unless you’re into that.

Are you into that?

Christ, babe…

I’m at Jeff’s. On his couch.

I’m about to block you.

But you are home! I hear you! Your noisy ass footsteps walking down the hall.

I’m at Jeff’s!

Here, he took this of me because I keep ignoring him.

There’s a ghost in the house, Harold.

A mother fucking spirit lurking around our home.

He’s going to get me and drag me under the floorboards where I will become one with the house.

How are you so sure it’s a ‘he’, love?

Little bit sexist, don’t you think?

Not all ghosts are men.

No, but if this ghost is half as annoying as you then don’t doubt my judgement.

Hey, being pretty mean to the guy you want to make you tea.


Weren’t we watching that last night?

Just wanted to leave off where we stopped.



Why in gods name is the kettle going off…

Tea’s ready, love. Come and get it. x

“Harry, you know I love you-” 

“Obviously, otherwise you wouldn’t have married me, silly.” The obnoxious strumming of a guitar continued echoing in the bedroom, making you blindly reach over to grab another pillow and hold it over your head. It was about a week into yours and Harry’s honeymoon, and sure, you were still super lovey-dovey around each other… But he knew how much you hated mornings. 

“I know, but it’s only six in the morn-” 

“Jus’ in time t’ see the sun rise! C’mon, I haven’t posted anything on my Instagram for a while, we should totally take this opportunity!” Harry beamed, playing a cheerful little tune on the guitar while walking closer to the bed.

“We were up til three yesterday, I’d love you forever if you give me another hour to-” 

“You gave me your eternal love once ‘I do’ came outta your mouth, Mrs. Styles.” Harry quipped, setting the guitar down and climbing back onto the bed. You couldn’t help but groan at how irritating he was being, flopping onto your back to look at him with sleepy eyes. (He wasn’t being that irritating. It was just that you found everything irritating at six in the bloody morning.) 

“I’m not leaving this bed.” You said firmly, jolting when Harry suddenly ripped the blankets off you, goosebumps immediately rising on your skin from the sudden exposure to cool air. “Harry, I-” Harry crawled over and plopped himself down on top of you, a shit-eating grin plastered on his face. “I know what you’re doing and it’s not going to work.” 

“I’m not doing anything!” Harry smiled innocently, leaning down to bury his face into the crook of your neck. “Jus’ givin’ my wife a little loving. Is tha’ so wrong?” 

“It’s wrong when you’re asking her to get up at six in the morning to watch a big ball of fire rise in the sky.” You laughed lightly, twitching as you felt Harry nipping on your skin. You knew exactly what he was up to and you weren’t going to fall for it. You had fallen into his trap of seduction far too many times! First, he’d give you kisses and whisper sweet nothings into your ear, and once you agreed to do whatever it was he wanted to do, he’d bolt! (Truth be told, you were guilty of pulling the seduction trap out a couple times when you wanted something from him.) 

“I just wanna spend some time with yeh, Mrs. Styles..” Harry purred, hands trailing down to clasp your hips gently. 

“We spent plenty of time together yesterday night.” You sighed, swatting his hands away when they began sneaking into another region. 

“And the night before.” You took the opportunity to flip the two of you over, Harry smiling up at you as you adjusted yourself, your legs on either side of him. 

“And the night before before.” You pointed out, your own fingers beginning to wander down to the knot on his towel. “You know what I think would be a good idea? Another way for us to spend time that doesn’t involve getting outta bed?” You cooed, running your hands over Harry’s broad chest with a sly smirk on your face. 

“Tell me.” Harry shifted underneath you, sucking his bottom lip into his teeth. (You could feel him getting excited already, so you knew your plan was working effectively.) You leaned down, your lips hovering over his own before you planted a sweet kiss to the corner of his mouth. 

Sleeping.” You rolled yourself off of Harry, getting back into your comfortable fetal position and tugging the sheets back up to cover up. “Feel free to join me if you’d like. Or you can go take that Instagram picture. Or you can take care of your situation. In the bathroom, preferably. I’d like some peace and quiet so I can fall asleep again. ” 

“You’re a piece of shit, yeh know tha’?”

“That’s Mrs. Piece of shit, thank you very much. I’m a married woman now!” 


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162: How you approach the subject of using a condom.

Smut, smut and more smut! Contains sexual references.

Harry: Your legs wrap around him tightly as he carries you through his apartment. This had always been a regular occurrence and God, you had missed it so much. The few months you were separated was agony for both of you and no matter how many other girls he had fucked in an attempt to get you out of his head during your separation, they would never compare to you, and whilst you had stayed so pure during your break up, you had forgotten how easily he could have you trembling beneath him. You gasp for air as he pulls his lips away from yours, trying desperately to grind on him as he kicks the door shut before locking it behind him. “Take me to the bedroom” you almost beg, one hand curling round the back of his neck whist the other rests gently on his cheek, skimming it softly. Items of clothes that are in the way of accessing each other’s bodies quickly become discarded and he sets you down on the bed. Your knees are bent as he pushes them apart, his tall body between them as he hovers over you, one hand grasping yours, fingers interlocking, whilst the other delves into his back pocket and reveals the small shiny package. You shake your head, your hair splaying beneath you as you catch your breath. “Bare. I want you to take me bare” you plead. He rips the packaging open with his teeth, ignoring your pleas. “Fucked so many others, baby” he grunts as he unzips his jeans and lowers the waistband of his boxers. “Need t’ be tested. Can’t risk yeh catching anything” he murmurs, pulling away to reveal his length before covering it with the condom. “Need yeh t’ be safe.”

Liam: “You’re sure you’re ready?” he whispers softly as he wraps an arm around your waist. “There’s no time limit on this, you take as long as you need” he adds. The abuse you had suffered from a close relative years ago is something that will always live with you, but you trusted Liam and you wanted him to be your first consensual sexual partner. The trail of kisses you left along his collarbone and chest confirmed your answer and he allowed to you take control of his body. You lower your hand to his hips, and your lips to his abdomen, before trailing kisses to the waistband of his pants. You feel his hardness beneath you and he moans with pleasure as you expose his length. “You’re so beautiful” he murmurs softly, pressing a gentle hand to your face, cupping your cheek and skimming it with his thumb. Taking his erection in your hand, you hesitated, before reaching into the drawer next to the bed. “Babe?” he questions, as he identifies the packet of condoms in his peripheral vision. “You’re on the pill?” he murmurs his rhetorical question softly. You nod and take your bottom lip between your teeth. “I never got tested. I was always too scared” you shudder. “I don’t know what he could have given me. I don’t want to hurt you” you whisper softly. He gives you a reassuring and encouraging smile as you roll the condom down his hard length.

Louis: “I can make you feel better than he can” he gasps breathlessly as he supports your body against the wall. “You came here for me to fuck you properly” he murmurs against your ear. You squeeze your eyes shut and gasp as he grinds his length along your damp underwear, before you bite down on his collarbone; hard. “We should still be together, I can give ya all of this, he fucking can’t” he presses harder onto your body and you whimper in pleasure against him. “No” you gasp in agreement because you know Louis will always be the only one who can have you a quivering mess within seconds. “Fuck” you moan as Louis runs his fingers along the inside of your knickers, your wetness exposed to him. “Such a good girl fo’ me. Always so ready” he smirks, pressing rough kisses to your neck. “Condom?” you ask in a question-like statement. He shakes his head. “No, need to come inside you, properly” he moans. You shake your head and pull away slightly, catching your breath. “He fucks anything in a skirt, and then fucks me bare. I don’t know what he’s got, not hurting you though” your breath hitches, as you refer to your cheating boyfriend. Louis bites his lip. “You’re worth so much more baby girl. Condoms, they’re upstairs” he murmurs between kisses. “I want to fuck you in my bed. Not had anyone else in there since you left me” he adds, as he tightly wraps his hands around you and heads towards the bedroom.

Niall: “This isn’t a solution to the problem baby girl” he whispers softly into your ear as you straddle his hips and grind on his body. “I need you” you whimper as you lift the hem of his shirt to reveal his toned abdomen. “Need you to make me feel better” you murmur, referring to your recent loss only a few days ago, whilst your hands trail to his chest. He takes your face in his hands, peppering it with soft and delicate kisses. “I love you” he whispers softly. You bite your lip before fingering the waistband of his pants. You pull them down swiftly to expose his erection. He moans at your actions, trailing his fingertips along your thigh before rubbing his hand along your damp underwear. Hooking his fingers into the lacy material, he slowly removes them from your hips. You position yourself above his erection with a small smirk. “Wait” he murmurs, before reaching around for his discarded jeans. Without taking his eyes off of you, he reaches for the packaging. You shake your head, gesturing to the condom in his hand. “No more risks” he murmurs. “Doctors say yeh can’t get pregnant again so soon” he gives you a reassuring smile as he rolls the condom down his hard length. “Want t’ make love to yeh” he grunts as he rubs his throbbing erection against you.

Zayn: Your naked body beneath Zayn’s quivers with anticipation as his hands explore you, his touch sending pulses through you. Grabbing his hair and fisting it, you make your decision. “I need you in me, Zayn” you plead. He removes his fingers and gently holds your hips, grinding his body on yours, rocking back and forth. He can feel your dampness through his boxers as he peppers your neck with soft and delicate kisses, grasping your hand tightly and interlocking your fingers. “You’re ready, you’re sure you’re ready?” he asks, barely above a whisper when he catches his breath as you nod. “Mmm” you moan. “So ready, make love to me” you murmur. He kicks off his pants and delves into the drawer beside him, grabbing for the small box and a tube of liquid. “No” you whimper. “No condom. Come inside of me, please” you desperately beg as you buck your hips for as much friction and contact as possible. Zayn quickly shakes his head. “Need to be tested before I can do that, baby girl. Just in case” he adds. “Don’t want t’ give you anything. If I take yeh virginity, I need t’ do this properly.”

Harry Styles imagine #1

Harry is the type of boyfriend who would bring you breakfast to bed

You were still asleep but something woke you up.Someone was shuffling.You were lying, eyes closed, and pretending to be asleep. After a moment, the steps are heard and he left your bedroom. You growled a little and wrapped yourself in your white sheets to keep you warm. You were starting to falling asleep again, but Harry entered the bedroom and sat on your bed. 

The beautiful smell filled your nostrils. Waffles. 

“Love? Time to wake up.” You felt his warm hand on your naked thigh and then on your hip. Harry shook you a little bit. 

“Five minutes,” you growled and hid in sheets completely in an attempt to get rid of the beautiful smell of waffles.

“Five minutes and you’re without strawberries in chocolate,” Harry said and you were pretty sure he was smiling. You could hear it in his amused voice. 

“Did you say strawberries in chocolate?” you asked in surprise and sit immediately. 

A plate full of freshly done waffles was placed in front of you. There was a bowl filled with strawberries covered in chocolate like Harry said before. Two cups of hot chocolate sit next to the waffles and a stunning lily was placed on the plate too.

“Good mornin’ kitten,” Harry smiled and with one swift movement, you were between his legs, your back against his naked chest. 

“Good mornin’ to you too,” you kissed his jawline.


My first EVER imagine I’ve ever written. I’m sorry for any mistakes but English is not my native language. I had this concept in my mind for so long and I was not sure if I could write something like this. It’s short but whatever, hope you like it. Xx

Reading Louis’s interview is making me so sad. He is able to open up about his insecurities and I can’t believe the way he thinks about himself. He contributed so much to one direction but people took him for granted. He deserves nothing but the best. I’m happy that he has the confidence to release solo music, it’s going to show how much talent he has. This picture shows how strong he is by making his mother’s wish come true. I’m honestly in tears after reading the interview.

Meet Me -- Part 2.5

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The Finish Line

You sleepily opened your eyes, light dimly filtering through the half-shut curtains in your living room. It was quiet here, so much so that you could hear the birds chirping outside and the occasional car pass by on the street outside.

Tucked away against Harry’s chest, you were slowly waking up. He was still fast asleep, cheeks rosy from your shared warmth and his arm held you in close, hand squeezing your arm subconsciously every so often.

A knot in your neck was making itself known by way of a constant ache and you tried your best to move without waking him, but the quiet “ouch!” that slipped out of your mouth made him stir.

He hugged you close as he came to, blinking rapidly and then squinting, not quite used to the light. With a sigh, he sat up a little, wincing at a knot in his back. The two of you had fallen asleep late in the night and hadn’t moved since.

“Mornin’, y/n,” he spoke slowly, voice the most delicious mix of raspy and slightly smooth, “How’d yeh sleep?”

You were suddenly aware of what had gone on last night, and the confidence you’d once had quickly fizzled away, a nervous heart beat fluttering in your chest.

“Good,” you said with a yawn, hoping he wouldn’t sense the nerves.

His familiar dopey smile spread across his face as he looked down at you, brushing a stray hair away from your flushed cheeks. The two of you laid there for a while longer, taking in each other’s presence and waiting for the other to be the first one to get up. Neither of you wanted this to end.

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Dirty in Janitor's closet - H.S. ONE SHOT

°•°•Dirty in Janitor’s closet. Harry Styles ONE SHOT. 👀👅•°•°

CAUTION- smut!!

Your POV

He grabbed my wrist and I followed him inside. Light pouring through small holes around as I pressed my lips against his, fingers roaming through his curls.

Tugging them slightly, he let out a husky moan as I continued to kiss his mouth and slowly moving to his neck, sucking and biting area above his collarbone.

He grabbed my shoulders lightly and pushed me against the wall as he took the advantage . he yanked my panty down my skirt and legs and rubbed my clit slowly.

“Fucking tease..” I muttered lightly and fiddled with his belt, along with kissing his jawline.

He chuckled as he helped pulling the jeans down, along with his boxers.

Even though there was dim light, I can still make out the size of his wonderland.

“I would have loved to see your boobs but it’s kind of in a hurry so..” Harry trailed off, taking something out from his jeans.

Moments later I felt him rub against my entrance. I sucked in a breath , trying to be as quite as possible.

He pushed inside me, and I smashed my lips against his, trying to compress the moans in our mouth.

I slipped down a bit, making it a bit easier for him to push and pull. Harry pushed all the way inside before pulling out and smashing in with force. I let out a moan of pleasure in his mouth.

“Harry please..” He nodded and repeated it again, hitting my G-spot repeatedly making me closer to my orgarm.

He felt you twitching as he spoke, “hold it baby..” .

“Harry please, let me go!!” I spoke. as I try to control my orgarm.

“Let it go!” He breathed out, both of us pulling out of our orgarm together. My legs shook badly as I wore off my high .

“Didn’t know that it would be so bad..” He murmured, placing a kiss on my mouth. We both got dressed up and got out, but froze as soon as I saw our friend circle standing a few feet away . they all gazed up on you both and you blushed.

°•°•°• Question- What was the first album you bought? Mine was Up all night and MITAM