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Imagine sitting inbetween Harry's legs while he sits on the sofa, only wearing his black boxers. You kiss the fabric over his bulge and palm him, earning soft whimpers. You kiss his thighs, nibbling his skin and his hands creep in your hair and hold it in a ponytail. You peel off his boxers and start to kiss up his shaft, tracing your tongue on his vein. Wrapping your lips around him, you suckle his red sensitive tip and lick his slit. Harry closes his eyes and hisses, cursing under his breath.


Jesus fucking Christ……………… WHY CANT I DO THIS?!

When Harry first told you he was planning to release some of his own music, you automatically assumed you’d be a part of the process. After all, he shared everything with you, and he loved coming to you if he needed some feedback! The only problem was the fact that the only piece of information you managed to squeeze out of him was that he was going to be releasing something. Something. This meant you had to suffer and sympathize with the fans online - Everyone thought you knew all the juicy details, but they were very much wrong. 

You hummed to yourself as you mindlessly scrolled through your Instagram feed. It was just an average Sunday afternoon, and it wasn’t unlike of you to not have any tasks to deal with. Naturally, you thought it’d be sort of entertaining to see what was happening on Instagram even though you checked your feed less than ten minutes ago. And that’s when you noticed it. Three blank pictures, all posted by- 

Harry…?” You breathed out, sitting up straight as you rifled through your brain for some kind of explanation. He hadn’t told you anything about anything, so you didn’t have a clue as to what the hell he was trying to tell everyone with three white squares. And the last time you had seen these three white squares were just before his magazine covers suddenly appeared, and you knew he didn’t have any photoshoots coming up because you had checked his schedule earlier. (He left his laptop open and you just had to take a peek!)  

Quickly, you opened Safari on your phone, your fingers trembling as you typed in Harry Styles in the search bar, your eyes widening at the sight of what appeared to be a promo video. “What in the world…” You gasped, clicking on the thirty-second video right away. A drenched Harry made his way towards a door before his hand was reaching out to open it, bright light flooding the dark room. A close-up shot of his bright green eyes appeared soon after. 

april 7th

“Oh my god. Oh my god.” Your heart was racing as you untangled yourself from the bedsheets, the only thing on your mind being to confront Harry about what the fuck you had just witnessed. “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god,” Was the only thing leaving your mouth as you rushed down the stairs, nearly tripping over your feet. “Harry, Harry!” 

“Wha’s the matt-” Harry didn’t get a chance to finish asking his question before you tackled him on the couch, his arm wrapping around your waist to make sure you wouldn’t roll off and hit your head on the coffee table. “If you wanted to be on top you could always jus’ tell me, love.” He laughed lightly, reaching up to tuck a strand of hair behind your ear. 

“April?? April 7th??” You could really only get that out of your mouth, Harry’s brows furrowing in confusion before a look of ‘Ah, I see’ washed over his face. 

“What about April 7th? It’s jus’ another day.”  

“You can’t do this to me.” 

“I’m not doing anythi-” 

“You know what you’re doing. You’ve kept this from me for so long, and-” 

“I don’ know what you’re talking about.” 

“Do you not trust me? Is that it?” You knew he trusted you, but you were grasping at straws here - You wanted to know what was going to happen on the 7th! 

“Don’t pull that card out, Y/N. You know I trust you, but I want to see your genuine reaction when you hear it for the first time!” The sight of you lying on top of Harry while the two of you shared a serious conversation was probably a funny sight, but you couldn’t care less. 

“You could always get my genuine reaction right now!” You whined, clearly exasperated as you sat up, your hands pressed against Harry’s chest. God, Harry was frustrating. You loved him dearly, but the one thing he liked doing the most was teasing you. 

“No need for the pout.” Harry laughed lightly, sitting himself up before planting a kiss on your cheek. “C’mon now, get off me. I was in the middle of listening to the entire tracklist.” 



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One more chance

So here’s a bit drama one. I changed the plot a bit. Hope you guys like it! I thought I’d do it by tomorrow but was free so yeah completed todayu only. Send me asks babes. Ask me stuff. Harry talks are open. 

Feedbacks are appreciated :)

 You were hurt.

You were hurt when you saw Harry’s body rocking someone else’s.

You were hurt when you saw Harry’s lips moving around someone else’s.

You were hurt when the love which you both shared was shared between Harry and someone else.

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You look really tired

I didn’t plan on banging on my boyfriend’s door at 4 AM, smashed out of my mind, but as it was I had had way too many tequila shots and now the bar was closed and instead of going home I was at Harry’s house.

“Baby, wake up!” I yelled as I banged on the door, “I’m sorry! Let me in! Just wanna see you!”

It took about ten minutes of this, plus a few ignored calls to his cellphone before the door swung open and I was greeted by my very grumpy boyfriend. He was shirtless and his hair was all over the place as he glared at me. I reached up to trace the imprint of his pillow that was currently on his cheek and giggled, “You look really tired.”

He pushed my hand away, “Well, it’s 4 AM and I was sleeping before someone decided to create a ruckus outside my house.”

I giggled again, “Ruckus… What a fun word.” I kept laughing and ended up swaying, causing me to lose my balance.

“Easy!” Harry reached out and steadied me before sighing and pulling me inside. “How much did you drink tonight?”

I hiccuped. “Not sure. Lost track.”

“C’mon.” He guided me to the kitchen, stifling a yawn, “Let’s get you something to eat.”

I frowned as he sat me down at the table, “Aren’t you mad at me?”

“Yes.” He said without looking at me, rifling through the refrigerator. “But it would be very hard to be mad at you if I had to bring you to the hospital for alcohol poisoning.”

We had had a fight earlier in the evening, resulting in me storming off and getting drunk. It was a stupid argument, really. Well, not exactly stupid, I guess, depending on who’s side you were on.

He pours me a glass of water from the Brita pitcher and sets it in front of me. “Drink.”

I smirk, “Got any vodka?” He glares at me. “Kidding, jeez.” I murmur and roll my eyes before taking a sip of water. “What a grump.” He turned back to the fridge, “Harry, I’m really sorry. For what I said earlier.”

“That’s not the point.” He took out some bread and jam before turning to the cupboard and grabbing some peanut butter. My favorite drunk snack. “I don’t care that you said some… not nice things. I care that you made that decision without me after you told me you were doing the exact opposite.”

“It wasn’t your decision to make!”

“I’m not having this argument again.” He spread the peanut butter on the bread. “I’m too tired.”

“If you wanted a girl to follow you around wherever you went then you chose the wrong one.”

He pushed the sandwich over to me, “That’s never what I wanted and you know it. I just thought it’d be nice to spend the summer together and I’m worried about you. You’re working too hard. You need a break.”

I raised my eyebrows before taking a bite of the sandwich, “Me? I’m working too hard? That’s rich coming from you.”

He sighed, “Chew and swallow, love.” I listened, but glared at him the whole time. “Good girl.” He yawned again.

“I’m not a dog.” I muttered before taking another bite.

He shook his head and walked away from the table, “Come to bed when you’re done.”

“No, wait!”

He turned, “What?”

I put down the sandwich, “I don’t… I don’t want to go to bed mad at each other. S’why I came here instead of going home.”

“Sweetheart…” He walked back over to me and curled a piece of hair behind my ear before cupping my chin, “If we couldn’t settle this while you were sober I don’t think we’ll make much progress with you in your current state.”

I grabbed his hand and held it in my lap, playing with his fingers, “You didn’t come find me. You always come find me.”

He sat down in the seat next to me, “Didn’t think you wanted to be found, love. You made it very clear when you left you didn’t want to be around me.”

I smiled shyly at him, “I was lying.”

He gave me a small smile and gently ran the back of his knuckles across my cheek, “I think you’re going to wake up tomorrow and regret telling me all this.”

“I know I promised I’d spend the summer traveling with you, but I just… this is the biggest opportunity I’ve ever had. I’m never going to be offered a job like this again. I can’t turn it down.” I trailed off as I looked at him. He looked so sad, but there was also understanding somewhere in those eyes. “I’m sorry.”

He shrugged, “It’s fine, just wish you had told me sooner.” He lightly patted my thigh, “I am really proud of you, love. I hope you know that. I’m just selfish, want you all to myself.” He gave me a small smile, but I could see he was still upset.

“I get that you wanted to spend the summer with me, but this feels like there’s something else bothering you.”

He watched me for a moment, “You’re going to laugh at me.”

I shook my head, “Won’t, I promise.”

Harry sighed, “I’m just afraid… You’ll fall out of love with me if we don’t see each other over the summer.”

I stared at him, “Do you really have that little faith in our relationship?”

“Well… No… I just…” He started to smile, “I guess, when you put it like that, it does sound a bit silly.”

“Yeah.” I smiled, “Very silly.” I leaned in and kissed him.

“Mmm…” he pulled away, frowning in thought as he smacked his lips together, “Tequila?”

I laughed, Harry had a talent for guessing my drinks just from kissing me. “Correct.” I pressed another quick kiss to his mouth, “In all seriousness I am so ridiculously in love with you and nothing will ever change that. Okay?”

He nodded and pressed his lips to my forehead. “I’m sorry. I love you.”

“Next time tell me what’s really bothering you first so I don’t have to suffer through a hangover to figure it out.”

He laughed, “Good idea.“

#62 - You Go To His Concert

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I saw a pic that Harry had taken of his thigh (yes, it was the one from the y*cht) and all I'm now thinking is riding his thigh, on a yacht, just the two of us. Harry has his long messy curls and his blue hawaiian shirt is unbuttoned. He's bouncing his leg, giving me more friction. "Yeh like tha', pet? Huh? Yeh like riding daddy's thigh?" And maybe he'd pull out his camera and snap a few pictures for those nights, when he's all alone, and so.. fucking.. hard.

FUCK I NEED THIS, TOO. His eyes at half mass, getting so hard by watching you use his body to get off…

Up coming writing for the week

Note: Trying to keep things even is rather difficult because I couldn’t bring myself to write something decent I liked so this week is mainly Harry. Not that anyone will complain, but still. Sorry! 
P.S Feed back is welcome, I would like to know if you guys are actually enjoying the pieces or not. Xx

Subject to change. 


(Both gym related, sorry).

No Pain No Gain - Harry

I warned you - Shawn


Papa’s gonna buy you a mockingbird - Harry

Styles & Co Part 9. -Harry


I think I love you. - Shawn

Red Carpet Lace.- Harry (Smutty).


family blessing. - Niall


Unannounced writing.

PRESTA ATENÇÃO AQUI : Esse imagine não é um pedido (desculpa), mas eu venho me sentindo exatamente assim nesses tempos então precisei desabafar de alguma maneira (prometam não rir de mim) então me perdoem por estar tão simplesinho.

Segundo, boa leitura sz


Com as costas encostadas na parede e as pernas juntas ao seu corpo, S/n deixa com que as lágrimas finas e delicadas molhem seu rosto. Todas as luzes da casa estão apagadas, apenas um abajur na cômoda deixa algo iluminado.

Ela se sente tão tola por estar chorando daquela maneira por algo que muitos julgariam besteira, mas não é. Ela sente a dorzinha em seu peito ao analisar tudo que está ocorrendo ao seu redor, S/n se sente tão perdida e sozinha, todos ao seu lado sabem o que fazer, sabem como agir, sabem ser adultos.

- Eu não quero. - Ela sussurra baixo para ela mesma.

Enquanto isso, no andar de baixo, Harry acaba de entrar e sua feição confusa ganha seu rosto ao ver que tudo está extremamente silencioso. Ele acende a luz da sala e vê os pertences de S/n sobre o sofá e sorri com isso. Não é fácil passar o dia todo longe de quem ama. Mas Harry ainda está confuso por tudo estar silencioso, nesse horário geralmente S/n está assistindo seu talk show favorito.

Ele não dá muita importância, talvez ela deva estar dormindo depois de um dia longo. Com esse pensamento Harry vai para a cozinha para beber algo que molhe sua garganta que está seca.

Ao observar o balcão ele vê uma enorme panela na pia com rastros de que alguém vez um doce de chocolate e conter o sorriso é inevitável.

- O que será que ela aprontou dessa vez? -Ele questiona a si mesmo e abre a geladeira em busca de algo que contenha chocolate e ao ver um pote repleto dele não se segura e acaba pegando um pouco, mesmo sabendo que aquilo pode gerar um grande problema para ele mais tarde.

A canseira bate forte no corpo de Styles que resolve que já está mais do que na hora de tomar um bom banho.

Assim que vai subindo as escadas, por onde passa acende as luzes. Ele odeia a casa escura.

Ao chegar na parte superior da casa, vê que o último quarto o qual ele divide com S/n, emite uma luz fraca e em seguida seus ouvidos captam um soluço baixo, mas ainda sim captam. Imediatamente sua preocupação com a noiva vêm a tona. Ele caminha em seus passou lentos e ao chegar no quarto vê, assim como o restante da casa, que a luz principal está apagada e apenas o abajur está ligado.

- Amor. - Ele chama de forma calma e leva a mão no interruptor iluminando todo o quarto.

Seus olhos encontram o corpo de S/n encolhido no canto da parede e ao ver que ela realmente está chorando seu coração se aperta.

- Hey linda. - Harry chama carinhosamente enquanto seus pés o guiam para perto dela. Ele se abaixa em sua altura e de forma delicada acaricia ps longos fios. - Meu amor, o que aconteceu? - Pergunta preocupado, mas S/n apenas afunda mais seu rosto entre seus braços com vergonha dele por encontra-lá assim.

- Nada não. - Seu tom de voz é contraditório à suas palavras e ela se xinga por isso.

- Você quer conversar? - Ele tenta mais uma vez em uma tentativa de ajuda-la.

A cabeça de S/n então, entra em uma discussão entre falar e não falar o que está sentindo durante um tempo. Ela sente medo de se abrir e seu noivo acha-la uma idiota por pensar essas coisas que ela vêm pensando. Mas o que ela pode fazer? Ela não pode controlar seus pensamentos.

- Confia em mim. - Harry pede e isso foi apenas um pequeno espaço para que ela quisesse despejar tudo o que queria para fora.

- Promete não rir de mim? - Ela pede o encarando com o rosto um pouquinho inchado.

- Eu jamais faria isso meu amor. - Harry diz sério se sentando ao lado de S/n pronto para ouvi-la.

- Ok. - Ela passa a mão por debaixo dos olhos tentando conter as lágrimas e ao mesmo tempo encontrar as palavras certas. - Acho que estou tendo uma crise existencial. - Styles a encara confuso.

- Crise existencial?

- Eu não sei como chamar isso. - Seus ombros se balançam e ela respira fundo antes de continuar. - A uns tempos eu parei para observar tudo o que vêm acontecendo e isso está me sufocando. - Harry ainda não entende, mas não a interrompe. - Sabe, eu sempre gostei de curtir a vida, sempre gostei de viajar com você e os garotos em turnês, sempre gostei dos nossos trotes, das nossas diversões. - A cada palavra ela sentia como se pequenos nós fossem se amarrando e nem mesmo o carinho que Harry fazia em seus cabelos agora amenizavam isso. - Quando meu irmão me disse que havia conseguido entrar para uma banda eu fiquei imensamente feliz, isso sempre foi o sonho de Liam e vê-lo conquistar isso me satisfez. - Styles prestava atenção em cada palavra que saia de sua boca e tentava ligar aquilo a algo, mas ainda não tinha chegado a um resultado final. - Foi incrível, eu conheci você, conheci Louis, Niall, Zayn, Gemma, Lottie, a Lou e todos os outros que são importantes para mim agora. - Ela sorri se lembrando de todos que cruzaram seu caminho e agora fazem parte de sua família, assim como Harry Styles. - Mas desde o ano passado eu estou vendo as coisas mudarem e isso está mexendo comigo mais do que eu imaginei.

- Como assim? - Harry pergunta mais uma vez curioso vendo S/n sorrir de forma amarga.

- Bom, na verdade acho que isso começou quando Zayn saiu da banda, mas enfim. - Seu corpo se ajeita ao de Harry e ela recomeça. -Nós já estamos juntos como amigos a vários anos e sempre vivemos grandes coisas juntos, mas agora eu estou me sentindo perdida, eu estou vendo cada um tomar um rumo como realmente deve ser, mas eu não quero aceitar isso. - Sua voz se eleva um pouco. - Louis tevê um filho, meu irmão acabou de ter um também, Gemma está em um relacionamento bem sério, Niall tem seus próprios compromissos, quase não tenho tempo para falar com Zayn. Todos estão crescendo, mas eu não sei quero isso. Quer dizer, óbvio que eu preciso crescer também eu já tenho vinte e quatro anos, mas poxa Harry, eu ainda gosto das mesmas coisas que eu gostava quando tinha dezessete. Eu gosto de fazer bagunça em um quarto de hotel, eu gosto de assistir ensaios de uma turnê, eu ainda amo pedir pizza e comer no ônibus da banda. - Os nós que haviam se formado vão se desfazendo ao que sua voz se emite pelo quarto. - Mas apesar de tudo isso, eu também gosto de ter algumas responsabilidades, eu gosto de estar organizando meu casamento junto com o homem que eu amo, gosto de saber que sou eu mesma que pago minhas contas e não meus pais. Mas mesmo assim, não sei se quero crescer. - Ela concluí e encara o noivo que a olha de forma pensativa. - Você consegue me entender? - Pergunta com medo de estar parecendo uma menininha mimada.

Harry sorri fraco, ele achava que era o único a se sentir dessa maneira, apesar de parecer que era o único ali que não se importava.

- Eu te entendo completamente. - Ele diz se aconchegando a ela. - Eu paro para pensar nisso vez ou outra, mas sabe de uma coisa, eu até que estou gostando dessa mudança.

- Está? - Pergunta desacreditada.

- Um pouco, ter amadurecido fez com que eu tivesse um novo olhar sobre a vida, fez eu experimentar coisas novas e ver o que era o real amor que eu procurava. Te pedir em casamento faz parte disso e eu agradeço por isso. - O sorriso de S/n se alarga. - E não faz mal a saúde ser imaturo algumas vezes, nós ainda podemos nos reunir em um hotel, poderemos correr dos paparazzis em um dia qualquer, ainda podemos dar um baile nos seguranças. A idade não é somente um número S/n, isso aí é apenas uma data, nós não precisamos nos rotular vinte e quatro horas, a gente só precisa ser a gente! - A forma com que Harry fala passa uma enorme confiança para S/n que pensa com carinho nas palavras de Harry.

- Nós ainda podemos fazer as coisas de 2012? - Ela pergunta de forma engraçada fazendo Harry rir.

- Por que não? - Ele ri.

- Dança Take Me Home comigo. - Ela se levanta em um pulo animado e estende as mãos para mim.

- O álbum inteiro? - Ele pergunta assustado mas ainda divertido com a mudança de humor de S/n.

- Nós fazíamos isso em 2012! - Alega deixando Harry sem saída.

- Ok, você venceu. - Se rende levantando-se e acompanhando S/n que liga o som em seu álbum favorito.

Aquela noite sem dúvida seria longa…

Wedding Blues

So basically, Dad Harry had been blowing off my mind and need ideas for writings if you want more of dad Hazza. Plus, any potter heads here? I’m thinking of doing a Harry Potter ask day. If you are a potter head as well then send in anything related to them. I know it is dope but you uys rarely interact with me, so that’s all i can do:) .

Plus you can take this imagine as a second part of ‘Love me now

Hope you guys enjoy. Don’t forget to give me feedbacks.

From the moment Harry proposed you, you’ve been nervous. Not because you said yes, but because of the wedding planning and other work. You wanted everything to be perfect. Even though Harry assured you many times that he’ll manage to make everything perfect. You know it wasn’t possible to get everything done at the same time. But you wanted it to be done at the same time!

Harry proposed you on valentine’s day and you both decided to get married exactly two months after that. Which meant you’d be having your wedding on 14th of April. You and Harry both agreed to have it small and with all family members and few close friends in Verona, rather than having a grand, media attracting.

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